Colin Kaepernick: “The system of oppression is what I have an issue with.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Week-11 Tuesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

What did you see Sunday that seems encouraging? It seems like the rhythm, kind of the continuity of the offense, has been as good as it’s been recently.

“Yeah. We have a lot of things we can build on this week and moving forward. We had good offensive line play. Our receivers made plays. We had an opportunity to win the game at the end and our defense did a great job for us as well, getting turnovers, giving us an opportunity to score more points and that’s something we have to do a better job of on offense is making those turnovers convert into points and more touchdowns than field goals.”


How about for you personally? Is it fair to say that you had to be a little rusty after all that time off, that you’re starting to get your rhythm back and starting to feel like you’re a little bit more a part of everything.

“Yeah, it is. As much as I’d like to think I can jump right back in and be 100-percent on top of my game, it was something that took a little bit to get into a rhythm, get comfortable with everything that’s happening within the offense and it’s coming more and more every week that I feel comfortable with what’s going on, why we’re calling plays, how we’re trying to get things done and being able to build on those.”


Why is that important to know why the play is called?

“It’s like anything. If you do it and don’t know the intention of why you’re doing it, you really don’t have a purpose. You don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. So, having that complete understanding of we’re calling this play to try to get this done is very helpful. It helps you get through progressions quicker and also helps you play with a clear mind.”


Are you talking about how this play sets up another play or how this play was set up by something previously? Is that what you’re talking about?

“It can be both and depending on what the coverage is also dictates what those things are. So, there’s a lot of things that go into that and getting more reps, getting more comfortable with those things is something that’s always an advantage, always a plus.”


Does that happen in the classroom for a large part or is it on the field? Where does that happen?

“It happens on both. Part of it is the studying, being on top of those things but being able to translate that onto the field and having everybody understand that on offense of what we’re trying to get done on this play and who we’re trying to affect, things of that nature. Having everybody on that same page, thinking the same way is very important on the offensive side of the ball.”


Head coach Chip Kelly said after the game he needed to do a better job calling plays in the third quarter and second half to put you in better position. Anything you can put your finger on why completion percentages goes way down in the second half for you?

“No, I can’t say one thing or another. I know offensively, there’s just times where we get a little bit out of rhythm and those are things that we have to do a good job of staying on track, staying on rhythm and continuing to get first downs.”


What are your memories, I think it was your fourth career start, when you went to New England and you had that shootout with New England Patriots QB Tom Brady? What are your memories when that game is brought up?

“I remember being up a lot and having them come rushing back. It was a great feeling to go up there, get that victory, especially against a team like that. It was huge and it was another confidence builder for our team, for myself at that point in time, that we were playing one of the best teams in the league and went there on the road, I want to say it was in December, and won. So, I think we have a similar opportunity this week to play a very good Patriots team and go out and get a victory.”


Do you remember anything Brady said to you after that game?

“No. That was so long ago. I don’t remember.”


Obviously, your record is not where you would want it to be at this point, but what can you do in these remaining seven weeks to kind of take positive things and find positive things to work on from this point moving forward?

“We have seven opportunities to win football games and that’s where our focus is starting this week with the Patriots and we have to do everything we can this week to go out and get a win.”


There’s been so much uncertainty and speculation about you. Is this kind of an auditioning process for you with this organization these last seven weeks?

“For me, it’s another opportunity to win football games. Focusing on the Patriots this week, what we can do to try and go out there and get a win, break this losing streak and get back on track.”


You were asked about not voting on Sunday. Did you think about voting, maybe not voting for just president and voting for maybe some of the local stuff?

“I thought a lot of different things about the process and what I could and couldn’t do. Once again, the system of oppression is what I have an issue with.”


It’s been reported that you’ve never registered to vote. Is that just because you haven’t–?

“Once again, I addressed that and continue to address that. I don’t agree with the system of oppression and that’s something that I will continue to not agree with.”


A lot of guys your age, especially people of color, feel the same way. Do you think that’s one of the reasons why a lot of young people didn’t vote this last election?

“I can’t say. You would have to ask them that. I don’t want to speak for anybody or put anybody in a situation where I’m not representing them properly. So, I really can’t say.”


I’ve asked you this before. Do you want more plays schemed up to be thrown deep down the field? It just seems like that’s your best skill.

“It depends on the opportunities, whether they are there or not. We had an opportunity this last game and [WR] Quinton [Patton] did a great job going and getting the deep ball that put us in a position to score. So, when the opportunities are there, we have to be able to take advantage.”


ME: Was that a play you practiced during the week and saved specifically for the second half?

“It was a play that came in that was a part of our offense. We always have plays we can bring in here or there depending on looks were getting. We had a great opportunity there. He did a great job going and getting that ball. Our offensive line did a great job with protection.”


How much one-on-one coaching does Chip do with you? Does he pull you to the side and just you two?

“It’s hard to say how much one-on-one. We talk about plays when they come up, things we want to correct, things we need to get done and also what his thinking is on plays.”


As far as your health and post-surgeries, are you feeling better now than you have and even before the surgeries years prior to that when that knee injury first came up?

“Yeah. I’m feeling better and better every week. I feel like I’m starting to get some of my wiggle back, some of the movement, starting to feel very comfortable with where my health is, how my body’s moving, those things.”


Weight-wise, are you back to where you were pre-surgery at this point?

“Yeah. I’m right around that same area weight-wise.”


And you’ve made progress health-wise since you’ve started starting again since that Buffalo game?



When you first were starting, first got the starting job, you didn’t seem to like talking to the media. You kind of were terse and sometimes maybe even a little rude. What’s going on through your head now and why are you more open now, you think?

“I’m comfortable with everything that I’m saying, what I represent and who I am. At that point in time, there was a situation where I didn’t feel comfortable talking because I didn’t want my words used against me and now I know if I represent my words properly, what my stance is, who I am properly, that those words can’t be used against me.”


So, these issues were in your mind even when you were first starting, you were thinking through these things?

“Not thinking through them, it’s just things that I’ve seen. Watching what’s happened, who’s saying what, things like that. Those are things that as a young person, OK, why am I going to speak on those? And as I’ve gotten older, it’s being able to be true to what I believe in, who I am and regardless of how people want to take that, that’s on them, that’s not a reflection of who I am.”


When do you think you got to that point where you were comfortable saying these things?

“It’s hard to say specifically when. It’s a constant evolution. It’s a constant growth being able to become a better man.”


Do you think you’re more open with your teammates now too?

“I think I’ve always been open with my teammates. I’ve never had issues talking with them or being open with them.”


When you scored the tying touchdown in Arizona, how badly did this team need that euphoric feeling and just how was that after these last couple of months?

“It was great to go down and get that game-tying touchdown to give us the opportunity to go into overtime. I think more importantly it was huge that [LB] Gerald [Hodges] got the interception that allowed us that opportunity. Those are things that we’re going to have to be able to do as a team to win football games. Defense create turnovers, offense capitalize on those and putting points on the board and playing a complete football game.”


I have another voting question. I understand what you said and I get that. People will respond or have responded and said, but you want to, you’re advocating for change and one way to do that is to vote. There are measures that effect communities and that is one way to effect change. What would you say to that?

“There’s more than one way to create change.”

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  1. Kap has every right not to vote. North Korea and Saddam’s Iraq always had a huge turnout. I don’t get why he isn’t registered though. There are more things to vote for than just president.

    I haven’t trusted the two major parties since I was 13ish. On my 18th birthday I registered to vote and for the draft.

    I think Kap is an attention wh0re. Anyone who wears a Castro shirt while speaking against racial oppression is an uninformed idiot.

      1. Yup, Che admitted to being racist when he was younger. I’ve never understood why some leftists romanticize dictators like Mao, Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Stalin.

        1. I am hoping we all learn from history, and repudiate the far left and far right.

          Someday, we can evolve and grow to become an even greater America.

          Kaep is within his rights to refrain from supporting a broken system. He should have just asked back if the top vote getter won the election.

          Still, his message would gain more power to have him involved in fixing the whole system, and that will require voting for change.

              1. I’ll take George Washington, James Madison, Abe Lincoln and Joe Montana against anybody you got, Seb!;>)

          1. True, Seb-
            Kap is within his right to not vote for a broken system, of which in the final analysis we as citizens will be held accountable by historians for letting pro politicians get away with it-for being self indulgent and being asleep at the switch
            But in this country probably more than others, having the right to do something is not the same as doing the right thing. Throughout history, much blood has been shed to afford him that right……….and he has NEVER voted! Suffice it to say, Kap should look up and familiarize himself with the word “hypocrite”.
            He is part of the problem, not the solution.

              1. The constitution never would have been ratified in the first place if not for the electoral college. It’s an essential part of this republic.

              2. Grant, please. We are in the age of computers and instantaneous communication. Back then, they had to travel by horse, and the electoral college was an expediency.

                Did not know that you advocate a minority rules system.

                Guess you think that the three fifths rules apply.

              3. Smaller states like Vermont and Delaware would have had zero incentive to join a union without an electoral college. They would have lost all power and been forced to do whatever Virginia and New York wanted. That still applies today. Without the electoral college, California would rule the country and the U.S. would be even more divided. I say this as someone who voted for Clinton.

              4. Just STOP, Grant! Don’t bring realism to this discussion, because in the realm of Sports…..oh, yeah…We shouldn’t be talking political theory…..but…….you’re right.
                Unfortunately, we’ve reached a point where no one’s listening, everyone’s lecturing. Haven’t heard a convincing ‘side’ in a while. Nothing recent. Nothing cogent. Nothing new.

              5. NOTHING Grant said espoused minority rule. nada. zip.
                You’re Joe McCarthy putting words in peoples’ mouths. You try to be a bully, but you don’t have the gravitas to pull it off.

              6. You know why, Seb–your just overflowing with sour grapes.

                The system is rigged? Your right! Just ask Bernie Sanders…..

              7. Grant, my premise is that things evolve. We used to have selected senators, now it is determined by popular vote.

                You are right, the electoral college did establish a system where the smaller states have a say.

                Sometimes it is an unfair system where tiny Rhode island has as many votes (2) as California, which is the 6th largest economy in the world.

                However, the genius of the founders also included proportional redistricting and a House of Representatives to counter that.

                I just want the candidate that garnered over 2 million more votes than her opponent to emerge victorious.

                At least he cannot claim a mandate.

              8. She garnered more votes because she won California overwhelmingly. Better for one big state to not get what it wants than 30 smaller states to not get what they want. That would dissolve the union.

              9. Saw, the election sure was rigged. Bernie was played like a violin to create dissension and division.

                The GOP led voter suppression was also a key factor in the vote.

                Trump’s advisers probably read The Art of War, because they used many of its concepts.

              10. Grant, the electoral college served its purpose in helping persuade the smaller states to ratify the constitution, but maybe there is too much power given to the smaller states.

                California, seeing its will thwarted, may think that they do not need a flawed unfair system, and could vote to secede, too. It could go that way, too.

              11. We are in the age of computers and instantaneous communication. Back then, they had to travel by horse, and the electoral college was an expediency.

                You are absolutely foolish if you think like that. The electoral college exists so that everyone can have a say. Without it, you would have the bigger states having the only true say in a election. You really want to whine about something? Start with the Democratic party nominating a flawed candidate, rigging their primaries, failing to take their opponent seriously, and trying to shove their own ideology down the throats of every voter instead of listening to the voters. Crying over the electoral college is nothing but a lousy cop out.

              12. I know, I am a unionist. Was just countering your point. Thankfully, we live in a country where civil disagreements can be respectfully discussed.

              13. Mid, when the will of the majority is thwarted, there is lots of blame to go around. Jill Stein has cemented her legacy as another Ralph Nader.

                I agree Hillary was a flawed candidate, but I did not worry that she may cause WWIII, and go nuclear.

                I will abide by the results because the Democrats did this to themselves. I am feeling the bern. However, I also trust in the separation of powers, so Trump may not get his way all the time. He has inherited a mess, and I look forward to his plans to fight ISIS.

              14. seb,

                Jill is another Nader. She should take that as a compliment. As a Stein voter I never once considered voting for Clinton. Bernie supporters might have voted for Clinton if they weren’t cheated by the DNC. You didn’t mention Gary Johnson who took votes from Trump. Stein supporters would vote for themselves before they would vote for Clinton.

                I’ve said before that Clinton wants regime change in Syria, that could lead to a conflict with Russia and start WW3.

                The Clintons are a disgusting crime family. Even Chelsea used Clinton Foundation money for her wedding. Look what the Clintons did to Haiti.

                Look how the corrupt Obama administration sometimes with Clinton destabilized countries by funding “rebels” to overthrow governments and replace them with radical Muslims who support Sharia Law.

                But my main point is that Clinton didn’t lose votes because of Stein. Clinton never had our votes and never will.

              15. 80, hope you are happy with Trump.

                Hillary would not get bogged down in Syria. I expect trump to be tested with a provocation.

                Did not know that it was a crime to have a foundation that helped stop the spread of aids.

                Haiti? Clintons have done praiseworthy deeds to help the people of Haiti. Wonder how much the Trump Foundation gave to help the less fortunate.

              16. seb,



                The rich got richer. Clinton donors got richer. Hugh Rodham got richer. The people got shoddy housing that made them sick.

                I wouldn’t have posted any of this if you didn’t call out Stein. I think you’re a good guy and we probably agree on 90% of the issues, but Clinton is no angel, the lesser of two evils is still evil. I think we can do better.

                Peace to all.

              17. 80, wow. That Syria article has Israel and Saudi Arabia conspiring together, then says Kennedy was assassinated because of peace overtures to the Soviet Union.

                As a history buff, I can firmly say that Israel and Saudi Arabia may have a common enemy, but Saudi Arabia has questioned Israel’s right to exist. The whole Mid East quagmire evolved when Bush destabilized the whole region when he invaded Iraq. The pushback against Assad happened when he decided to slaughter his own people.

                The Bay of Pigs was a CIA action, and was a pretext to get the US involved. They were furious when Kennedy refused to commit troops. When Vietnam started unraveling with the CIA inspired coup that toppled and killed Diem, the US wanted to commit more advisors, but Kennedy balked. He was eliminated and then the Gulf of Tonkin incident resulted in a war that had half a million US troops fighting an unwinnable war with 58,000 deaths. After 5 million casualties, the North won and the US finally lost a war, although they will call it a strategic withdrawal.

                Kennedy was no lover of the Soviet Union. Remember the Cuban Missile crisis? He stood them down, and that was a profile in courage.

                Clinton was not the evil Secretary of State that caused the Syrian crisis. She worked with the UN to try and solve the problem, and history shows that Assad is another megalomaniac who would rather destroy his country than cede power.

                Haiti is another example of revisionist history. Clinton did send aid to that country, but to blame her for shoddy construction is snark. After any major disaster, there are unscrupulous contractors who cut corners and try to maximize profits by gouging. Look what happened after Hurricane Katrina. She did send aid, which is a lot more than many others, but gets ripped because she taken advantage of due to lack of oversight.

                Jill Stein helped elect Trump. She will have to live with that. I hope you will learn from the lesson that- United we stand, divided we fall. Now we will have a HOR that will gerrymander more districts. The GOP may have cemented their dominance in political power for the next decade.

                Defend Stein all you want. When this whole thing blows up, remember her role in the genesis.
                I do not think you are a bad person for supporting her, and I truly pray that we survive Trump, but please do not send links that have egregious errors and call them proof that Clinton is evil. She is not evil. She is a patriot who loves her country and would have served with distinction.

                She would have been a way better president than Trump, and now we have the prospect of swinging the Supreme Court even more right and women may lose most of all.

                OK, I have gotten down from my soapbox, and hope we can talk more about the Niners.

                Jed sure is a piece of work…..

              18. BT, the electoral college allows for the minority vote getter to win, and it has happened 3 times in our history.

                I see you have ascribed to Prime’s method of communicating with all the name calling.

                I thought you were better than that, but I guess not.

              19. Seb cannot speak for anyone else but the reason you get called names is because you are an idiot. There is no other way to sugar coat it. You truly are a moron in every sense. I am sorry that sounds harsh but look at your history on here. It fits the description. Sorry, but true!

              20. Prime, that comment about you having the football IQ of a mosquito really must have upset you.

                Morons are the ones who name call because they cannot form cogent thought.

              21. Seb if we were to poll the blog about IQ, I’m pretty sure idiotic comments would be the result describing your presence here. I know it stings to hear that but someone has to tell you!

              22. seb.

                I made sure to post links that couldn’t be considered right wing. You didn’t acknowledge that Clinton has and still supports regime change in Syria. You rightly rip Bush but you are OK with nation building when it is done by your own party. Question, why are you OK with pushback against Syria but not Iraq? Asaad and Saddam both gassed their own people. Why are you against North and Iran Contra but not Amb. Stevens in Bengazzi. War crimes are war crimes regardless of party.

                Again the rich got richer in Haiti. Most of the contracts went to Clinton donors ans Hills brother made 1 million dollars. Do you remember the FEMA trailers after Katrina and how they made people sick? The Clintons made several trips to Haiti and did nothing about it.

                For the last time, Nobody that voted for Stein would have voted for Hillary under any circumstances. Once again you blame Stein but Gov Johnson got more votes than her. The Johnson voters are mostly never Trumpers.

          2. Who cares what he says ir feels he is nobody to look up to he is no where close to Montana or young class guys he is a liw down gutter punk that runied the great franchise that was always been what’s going on with this franchise its like the rapping days fet rid of everything and everybody there start over hi school kids could beat them

          1. Freekin Seb………

            Because Grant schooled your massive ego, the word “hate” is right on the tip of your tongue……….after 240 years, your not likely to improve on what the founders wrote up, Seb.

            1. Saw, I think I could have been a lot harsher. Hate is not an appropriate adjective.

              Schooled? We were disagreeing, and I conceded points, but I also study American History, so you may claim victory in a battle, I will just call it a skirmish.

              I am not the only one who is claiming the electoral college to be obsolete. Just ask Al Gore.

              That document written over 240 years ago also included a means to amend it to stay current with the times.

              Since you say that a document written over 240 years ago is sacrosanct and immutable, maybe you will give credence to something written almost 2400 years ago. That Sun Tzu was a sharp cookie.

              1. Seb

                Just like the 49ers, you have just cherry-picked history to fit your silly agenda….trade Kaep…and Hillery too….

              2. Hillary just retired, but Kaep has years to play. He cant be traded, and unless a miracle occurs, he will leave as a free agent.

              3. Sorry, Prime, I am a die hard faithful Niner fan. I might just haunt your posts like you do to me, but expect me to post a lot, especially if Baalke is retained.

                Kaep may leave, and I wish him well, but the Niners are my team for life.

              4. Sorry, Prime, but since I watched since 79 at the Stick and witnessed the Glory Years, I am a fan for life. Kaep has only recently played, and you may get your wish. I will wish him well where ever he goes like many Alex fans did for him, but you and the Niners are stuck with me.

              5. Seb-

                Unlike the extremists appointed to the Supreme Court, the vast majority of Americans do NOT see the Constitution as “a living, breathing” document. There are amendments, and they are relatively few-and they are a bitch to get the consensus to pass them-for good reason.
                It certainly was noted by all that you really did not have much to say about Billary and Benghazi-and all of the the American deaths there as Hillary left them there to die for her and Bummers political gain. Whats that?? Someone in S. Cal. made a video that caused all this to happen? And reasonably intelligent people are supposed to believe that? And then she lied to the Mother?
                Neither one of these parties serves a national purpose, other than garnering more power and money for themselves………

    1. The guy just does what others tell him to do. He was very nice and proper when he first got to SF (his parents being the major impact on his life). Once harbs took over and started molding him he became Mr. One Note, grump, standoff. Now its his gf that is completely dictating everything he does and how he thinks. He’s clay, soft and easy to mold, unfortunately crumbles under pressure.

  2. I’m sorry, when we have a black man as the president of this country, the most powerful man in the world, this idea of a system of oppression is just, for lack of a better word, white noise. Life is hard for everyone. You make crap decisions, you suffer the penalties. You don’t want to face 5 to 10, don’t rob that liquor store. Do some people get crapped on more than others, sure, but there is no reason why anyone in this country can’t do anything they want, get anywhere they want, with hard work, dedication.

    If he wants to see oppression, he should go to North Korea, many middle eastern countries, or Russia and try pulling his “taking a knee” stunt and see where that gets him. Probably a body bag.

    1. eMJay,

      Life is hard for everyone? Seriously? Everyone has problems, but there are far different degrees of problems. Unless you are living in other peoples shoes, you aren’t qualified to tell somebody their life isn’t harder than someone else’s.

      You are talking from the point of view of someone who doesn’t face racism. Don’t rob that liquor store? You think everything is just fine for minorities as long as they behave? Are you truly that ignorant to reality? There are many obstacles to all races in being able to do whatever they want, but it’s ten fold for minorities.

      Your comment about North Korea is just another example of not dealing with the problem. Instead you choose to bring up a horrible situation in another part of the world to try and diminish the issue. That’s exactly what many have done in regards to the anthem demonstration. Who care’s what he’s trying to say by doing it right? He’s just an ungrateful jerk who can move his ass somewhere else if he doesn’t like it here.

      The biggest problem in America is not accepting there is a problem in America.

      1. Rocket-
        For not seeing it your way, I’ll have to plead ignorance.
        Like so many people, I used to hire many people to staff Assisted Living Facilities-a real drag. I hired a few black folks and one of the best employee ‘s I hired was a black gal. She did the work of 1 1/2 people and the residents loved her. She’s in the top three of anyone I ever hired.
        What she had in common with all winners was her attitude. She worked very hard, typically had a smile on her face and was always positive.
        I simply do not see this 1850’s racism every where, every place.
        It exists, i’m quite sure, here and there. But I experienced a great deal of it in East Oakland. I just don’t think Sackorpick is qualified to be lecturing any one on this subject. Because that door swings both ways.

        I’m not trying to be contrary-I just really, honestly dont see this oppression everywhere. Have a positive attitude and carry your weight and I’ll hire anyone-don’t care if they come from Mars. Come in snarling about the sins of the past, have a sense of entitlement………there’s the door.

        1. Saw,

          I’m not a social justice warrior going around trying to correct people. That comment I responded to was just so off base I felt I had to say something. The underlying point I wanted to get across is that you can’t put yourself in someone else’s position and give an opinion. You aren’t them and haven’t dealt with the same issues they have. People of color continue to face racism in this country. It’s a sad fact, but it’s true. Instead of dealing with it and trying to find a solution, many want to pretend that it’s not too bad or it doesn’t exist and that is why Kap came forward in the first place. This whole credibility argument over not voting is just another attempt to skirt the issue. If people want to be mad he didn’t vote, fine be mad, but don’t lose sight of the message, which is valid whether he voted or not.

          1. Really…so whats the point of studying world cultures or history…we aren’t them so we couldn’t possibly understand them, their lives their hardships, nor could we give an opinion. Lunacy.

            Yes, like I said some people get crapped on more than others. But its not only one group, its situational, regional. Every ethnic group has to deal with racism in some form or another in this country. The mindset that one group gets it worse than another is just another form of segregation. Until everyone stops letting the color of their skin define them, rule them, we will all be held back from greatness.

            If Colin really truly cared about POC lives (both how they are lived and how they are ended), he should focus his attention on making sure the POC youth don’t continue down the violent path that they’ve been on now almost 30 years with gangs and violent crime. Change and progress in that area would be much more beneficial to everyone, but especially those POC.

          2. Rocket-
            Thx for a thoughtful response, appreciate it. I do believe there are problems of this kind in the U.S.-really, in the world. I just don’t think its anywhere near as bad as Kap says. I don’t think he knows enough about it, the specific incidents. That Angela Davis haircut and wearing shirts that honor dictators……..I don’t think he’d last 5 minutes on this blog, let alone with people who run these police dpts., many of them being black.
            I suppose the best we can do is confront that evil whenever it try’s to pop up. I think it exists, but I also believe there’s a whole lot of bearing false witness……………I hope I’ve made some sense here.

    2. Absolutely true.

      He’s so incredibly uneducated in that if he lived with these Dictators that he seems to admire and pulled this kind of crap, he would simply disappear.

      1. Let’s see, living under republican presidents we got-

        Tricky Dick and Watergate

        Reagans Iran- Contra where we sold Missiles to Iran and used the money to fund the Contra terrorists who kidnapped villagers and used them as mules and sex slaves.

        Bush 1 and Desert storm.

        Bush 2 and the Iraq War that birthed ISIS.

        Now with Trump, what could possibly go wrong?

        Kaep is trying to stop injustices. He does not have to go to some dictatorship to get shot in the back. In fact, over here, they shoot people who are lying on their back with their hands in the air.

        1. Seb-

          do you always have to bring in your up-tite Berzerkly-ite political rubbish? Just stick with your Lombardi…….Brown…….Walsh…….Shula…..SEB……. fantasies, and stay with football. You know it, your knowledgeable at it–leave the politics out, please.

          1. Saw, the 1-8 Niners are so bad, the radio people are discussing politics with their guests so they can avoid talking about the team.

            You know me, I love talking about the Niners, but when you start discussing politics, and attacking me, I feel perfectly fine defending my positions, and responding to your jibes.

            Getting back to football, I hope the Niners do the unexpected. They should pass when they could run, and run when they show pass.

            Play action passes for third down bombs, and draw plays may catch them off guard.

            1. For what its worth, I completely agree-they SHOULD do those things-at least some of the time!
              But the foundation of this team is built on rotten timbers-York and Bulky- and their judgements are currently the worst, perhaps in all of pro sports, let alone the NFL. With these people at the helm, I see no hope-just more penny pinching and more ACL’s in next years draft. But they are turning a profit…………………….

  3. Grant,

    I don’t know how you feel about gotcha questions but you could ask Kap why he supports Casto and his oppressive system.

    Castro used language I don’t care to repeat. It’s in the link. He declared that racism in Cuba was over and made it illegal to say or write otherwise. Cuba has a system of oppression far worse than America.

    1. That is one of the problems with Kaepernick. He keeps talking about oppression, but frankly I do not believe he knows what actual oppression is; if he did, then he would not wear a symbol of it. He is free to wear whatever he wants, but saying one and wearing or doing something that contradict the message is nothing but a double standard that shows you do not know what you are talking about. It would be similar to someone saying they care about rights of the Native American but wears something with or idolizes Andrew Jackson.

      1. Since the subject today is politics I’ll go with the flow. Remember how when Hillary’s emails were leaked? The Dems just changed the subject and said, The Russians did it. So now we get Kaep’s press conference and he changes the subject from what a crappy quarterback he is to our bad politics. I don’t know what he thinks he is going to be doing for a living soon but he sounds like he'[s couple of tacos short of a combo plate to me. Also, if he’s going to go into politics, he better go to another country or quit calling his female companion “his woman”.

      2. You have this problem with Kaep talking about oppression. Do you have the same problem with Tea Partiers talking about tyranny? Do you think *they* know what actual tyranny is?

          1. >>They are talking about Govt tyranny-which is where it typically comes from. Seldom from individuals…

            So? Do they, do you, know what true tyranny is? And no, having a portion of your taxes going to subsidize others health insurance does not meet the definition.

      1. I remember wrestling with my cousins and on occasion, holding them down and letting saliva form a long string right above their faces. Told me anything I wanted to know. I guess you could say I invented waterboarding…;>)

        1. I remember the first time I beat my brother in a match. He had a couple of years and about 50 LBs on me but I made him tap out. We had a belt made out of several pieces of construction paper. I guess you could say that I was a paper champion.

          I improvised my submission move, haven’t seen anything like it in pro wrestling. After the match I called the move “The Title Taker”

  4. I wouldn’t worry about Romo coming to S.F. I’m pretty sure the Jets will pretty much do whatever it takes to get him.

        1. No, it’s not. We do see lot of rock-and-fire in the NFL, but not because offenses are becoming college spreads. NFL offensive coordinators are obsessed with getting five elligibles into every pattern, which allows the defense to blitz and force the quarterback to throw hot.

          1. Yep, you want to air it out downfield, you’d better max protect or you’ll end up complicit in murdering your quarterback. Either that, or do it on 1st downs….

            1. Maybe they should put the TE in motion to pinch in the DE and allow Kaep to roll out to that side. He can buy time with his legs, and allow the receivers to get far downfield.

        2. It’s also in response to the way defenses are playing. So many times corners are playing so far off it’s an easy 5-7 yard gain if you run a bubble screen. If a defense lines up in man and the corners press, you see more throws downfield. We saw a lot of that in the NE-Seattle game Sunday night.

  5. Do y’all think that the Santa Clara 49ers can challenge the 26 in a row lost by the Bucs? (That would be beautiful but unlikely … law of averages and just plain luck … probably beat the Pats and screw up the streak)

  6. LOL, I gotta laugh. Dilfer today was talking about how the Niners should run new, previously unseen plays like the screens, reverses and misdirections. All he had to do was add the Statue of Liberty, and he could have just cut and pasted my post.

    Last night, I proposed copying plays that were successful that the Seahawks had run against the Patriots. Maybe he wanted to differ from me by proposing brand new, unseen plays. Still think my Idea should be implemented, because those are plays that worked, whereas he is proposing new things that have not been tested yet.

    1. Seb-

      What makes you think Dilfer knows anything about you? Because you see a lot of the things that many other people see?

      Whens your book coming out? Holy Cow, maybe you should have been a pro politician. Im sorry, Seb, but-you-are-something-else……………..

      1. Literary license. You sure get bent out of shape over it.

        Grant did the same thing. Why don’t you rag on him? Why, because you are afraid of him, and I am controversial.

  7. I’m sure Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks would certainly commend Colin Kaepernick for not registering and voting during his adult life…. fight that oppression, Colin.

    1. Lighten up .. red …

      I once wore the uniform to protect the right
      to choose to vote ..
      (or not) … but .. back then
      the flag I served under .. had the star-field
      in the upper left corner …

      (I dunno who’s flag the current GIs are serving)

  8. Does someone actually think any defense would take the 9ers offense seriously going play action on 3rd and long. That makes about as much sense as play action on a Hail Mary. DCoordinators would howl if they saw 9ers play action 3rd and long…on top of that, play action to who, Carlos Hide?

    1. Chris Harper, Jeremy Kerley, Quinton Patton, Torrey Smith, if he plays.

      See, they would never believe the Niners would do that. Perfect time to do it. Totally unexpected.

      Yes, the Third Down Bomb is like a Hail Mary. If intercepted, it would be like a 60 yard punt. However, they cannot interfere with the catch, so a pass interference would be as good as a catch.

    2. The play action on third and long would not be taken seriously. The RB would not be taken seriously just due to the nature of down and distance.

      As to Seb’s statement that they should consider deep balls occasionally on third and long, I have no issue with it. It shouldn’t be run against every Defense due to the potential for big plays going the other way, but that is only against certain coverage’s and these should be fairly easy to recognize

      1. Shoup, I do not know where you got the impression that I advocated they should do the play action pass on third and long. I want them to do the play action pass on second and short.

        1. Ah, I re read my posts, and can see how some may think I advocated play action on third down, but I did not say third and long.

  9. Oppression when even illegal immigrants vote. If you take that minimum 3 million out the landslide is even greater.

    Keep following Kaep & youll continue to be disappointed.

    Kaep move to the newly opened communist Cuba where even buying the tennis shoes on your uniform are only sold by the Government to its citizens.

  10. WARNING NO FOOTBALL TALK HERE: Without getting into the philosophical weeds, if Kaep wants to exert “real” power on the “oppressive system” he should register to vote- vote a straight race-gender ballot. Using his newly formed civil rights platform, Kaep should share his voting methodology with the press. People might believe Kaep supports his words with deeds and is solid on the issue just not giving it lip service leaving the heavy lift for those on the street taking direct action. Instead I am left with the impression Kaep is being duplicitous. One could argue Kaep does not vote because he has never registered maybe voting is for other people.

      1. Seeing what teams are picking in the top half of that draft would have been unthinkable at the outset of this season. Carolina. Arizona. Pittsburgh. Green Bay. Cincinnati. NYJ. OK maybe NY, but they were supposed to build on last year.

    1. I think the Browns would go Garrett over Allen, I also wouldn’t rule out Fournette.

      I still think Allen is the best pick for us atm in the first.

          1. A trade down is great too, but hard to pull off. I’m basing it on if we stay put and make the pick. It’s either Garrett or Allen for me if we are drafting second overall.

            1. Defense will be better by the simple subtraction of the DC.
              This offense has holes at all the key positions. We are in no position to draft best player available. We have needs, specifically at QB,WR and RB. Don’t see how taking yet another defensive player helps that cause!

              1. If they are picking at #2 overall they can’t reach Prime. That’s how you wind up with a roster full of mediocre players. If the best player is a DL then so be it. I’d prefer not to take one either, but I’d rather do that than reach for a lesser player at another position. I don’t see anyone comparable to Allen or Garrett at our other biggest need positons – QB, WR – so taking one that high would be a mistake imo.

              2. It’s not reaching because we already have a roster full of mediocrity. Taking another dlinemen at #2 makes no sense. We have to start addressing the offense.
                Trubinsky, Kizer, Fournette would not be reaches. Those are all good players and address immediate needs.
                We are a bad team and best player available has hurt our roster the last 3 drafts. If I’m the 49ers I am scouting my arse off at those three positions and leaving round one with a combination of WR,QB, or RB via trade down or trade up.
                Addressing best player available should be done via free agency.
                Normally I’d agree with BPA, but not this draft.

              3. If the Browns pass on Kizer, shame on them. Grab him! He won’t cost a boatload of draft picks, and he’s a better prospect than Goff!

        1. If Garrett is gone I agree with you. Even if they stay with a 3-4, he’s the best available.

          Every profile that I have read on Allen has indicated that it would be a bad idea to stick him in a 3-4.

            1. We need offense!

              Amen! Quarterback is the top priority, followed by receiver. Take Kizer and then grab Corey Davis WR 6′ 3″ 205 from Western Michigan. No more smallish receivers. We need huuuuge catch radius and superb route running….

          1. While it should be, I do not think the position can be ruled out if the best player available on their draft board is a DB.

              1. And what if the other position is similar to a DB, being the best option but not necessarily a need?

              2. If that’s the case, sure, take BPA.

                This was more in response to razor’s idea that they need to take a safety. A DB should be low on the priority list.

              3. Scooter, I said they need an enforcer back there and the position is deep. The Seahawks found Chancellor in the 5th. Maybe Steelhammer in the 6th might make sense….

              1. I was looking at this kid, Weston Steelhammer. Look at the hands. Lott watch with some hard hits. Could be had late 6th, perhaps….

              2. He will need to learn to not lead with the crown of his helmet.

                Reid can teach him that, and then they can trade him.

  11. This is an open letter to Kaep. It may seem incongruous since many have accused me of being a Kaepologist, but I just want him to learn and grow.

    Dear Kaep, I hope you become better informed and start thinking of overall strategies and consider the repercussions of your actions.

    Please stop shooting yourself in the foot. Please do not borrow trouble. Please choose your battles wisely.

    While protesting is your right, the message is skewed and negated when the pushback from your actions is counter productive.

    I also decry the wanton slaughter of innocent Americans, but your protest has lost its impact, and is negatively affecting the team. The NFL is pretty conservative, and if you think the officiating is going to be totally fair when they are salivating over throwing flags for any slight miscue, just to punish you, you will be sadly mistaken.

    You should realize that they have marginalized your protest, and refuse to show you kneeling. They are acting like you are holding your breath, and the end result is for you to turn blue, but then have to draw a breath. They will ignore your protest, but take out their ire on you and the team. That is just borrowing trouble, and makes it harder to win.

    You should just declare that you made a difference, and cite the police officer who refrained from shooting, even though she was attacked and injured. If your protest saved that one life, it was worth it, but now you need to change tactics. You will do more good if you spend your time and energy fighting for justice, without angering a sizable portion of fans and the league.

    Your message is being negated by your admission of not voting. In America, the best way to effect meaningful change is through the ballot box. I hope you study more and read about the black experience pertaining to the struggles to get the right to vote. By not voting, you are making their sacrifices moot. It means a lot to many people, so they will dismiss you and your message if you do not vote. Many say you have the right not to vote, but they also know that you will not vote the way they do, so they are glad you are not voting. Choose your battles wisely.

    I, too, am disgusted with the whole system, but social advocacy requires playing by the rules. Face it, you just gave them another reason to attack you, and attack your message by not voting.

    Please register to vote, and participate fully if you want to affect meaningful change. You may think that your vote does not count, but this election was won by the thinnest of margins. Voting is easy to do, but you cannot expect people to listen to you if you do not vote.

    Back to football. I hope you practice facing one way while looking in another direction. Please stop staring down the receivers. You may make it easier to complete passes if you are more deceptive. I actually saw you do a pump fake, so I hope you do that more. It might freeze the safeties. Being more deceptive will help win games.

    I am glad to see you roll out more, and think you are more dangerous on the move. Kerley was wide open because they freaked out over the fact that you might run.

    Please do not fret over winning and losing. Just concentrate on making first downs and scoring TDs. Make a goal of scoring at least 7 times per game. If you score enough, winning will follow.

    I hope that by some miracle, you stay with the team and help them win multiple rings, but totally understand if you want to flee this dysfunctional dumpster fire. I will wish you well, but please note there are some fans who want you to stay, like your skillsets and can see your potential. If Chip can convince you to stay, I will jump for joy.

    Signed, a die hard faithful Niner fan.

        1. Please stop talking altogether! You think anyone, especially old wind up is gonna read that verbal diarrhea?
          Instead of writing long winded non-sense, make a difference, go mow your neighbors lawn!

  12. Reporter: “Colin, How do you feel about Dr. Pepper?”

    Colin: “Once again, I addressed that and continue to address that. I don’t agree with the system of oppression and that’s something that I will continue to not agree with.”

    Reporter: “What the f#%& are you talking about?”

    1. He’ll catch the same number of passes whether he plays or not. To the experts: Is it possible for a decoy to get injured?

    1. This organization is about making money, not winning football games!

      It’s tragic how bad this roster is and you are telling me Michael would not help? Baalke!

  13. Personally I do not see what he is talking about. As a person who was raised in a white family and now enjoys the benefits of a multimillion dollar NFL career he has no experience whit what he is talking about. Maybe if he voted he has a right to complain. He did not participate in one of the freedoms living in the United States affords him. As such he should stop complaining since he is part of his perceived problem for non-participation.

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