Colin Kaepernick: “I think our offense was getting into a rhythm in large part due to our offensive line playing so well.”

This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

What challenges does this Steelers defense hold for you guys?

“There a fast, physical defense. Their defense is something they’ve always taken pride in.”


You guys have been so good on the road, especially in the Eastern Time Zone, in the past four years. What do you attribute that to? What do you think is the secret to that success?

“I think the biggest thing would be our preparation. Making sure that throughout the week, we’re on top of all of our assignments, on top of our fundamentals and techniques to allow us to go out and execute and play well.”


In the game on Monday, particularly a couple of passes to TE Garrett Celek, you were sort of throwing away from the defender, a little bit behind him. Is that something that you’re trying to do just to protect him? And is that something that you’re developing more of as you progress as a quarterback?

“It’s something that you naturally do as a quarterback, and Garrett’s someone that has had a great feel for defenses and where the air pockets are and how to get open. So, he’s someone we have confidence in as far as getting him the ball and allowing him to adjust to it.”


RB Carlos Hyde’s spin move, what was your description of that and have you ever seen him do anything similar to that in practice?

“I haven’t seen anything quite like that from him, but it was an amazing play by him. He got us that first touchdown and really got us the momentum for the rest of the game.”


How quickly did it register for you that probably when you handed it off, you’d think you’d be out of the play. Now you’ve got to get back in there and run some interference?

“Yeah, I wasn’t thinking that at the start of the play by any means. But, whether I was there or not, Carlos was going to get in. So, I was a little more of a distraction than anything.”


How was his approach going throughout the game? Was he wanting the ball more and more? Was he getting into rhythm? Could you see it?

“Yeah, I think our offense was getting into a rhythm, in large part due to our offensive line playing so well. Carlos running the ball well was a huge part of that as well. But, he’s not someone that’s asking for the ball. He wants to play within the offense. And the running game was working, so we kept giving him the ball.”


What was your impression of RB Jarryd Hayne’s mindset after he dropped that first punt and then being force to play offense with RB Reggie Bush’s injury? How do you think he, mentally, approached that part of that game?

“To me, he didn’t blink. It didn’t faze him. He moved on to the next play. Was ready to play offense and help this team win.”


Did you have to say anything to him? Any words of encouragement?

“No. He was ready to go. There wasn’t anything that needed to be said to him. He’s someone that we have confidence in as far as being a running back and being a playmaker on this team.”


You’re were one of the first guys to probably get to meet him in Arizona. Just how far has he come just mentally picking up the game and what’s being asked of him without the ball as a running back?

“He’s come leaps and bounds. It’s something that, it’s really hard to describe because it’s such a unique situation. If I went over and tried to play rugby, I’d probably be lost. So, him coming over, being able to pick up football and the schemes that we have and what we’re trying to ask him to do in such a short period of time has really been amazing.”


The blitz pickup often is talked about, kind of, the most complex thing for a running back. Where is he in that?

“He’s on top of it. He doesn’t miss blitzes. Everything he’s seeing, he’s seeing the same way that I am, the coaches are and the rest of the running backs are. So, that’s really a credit to his ability to pick up on things and learn a completely new thing.”


After the Vikings game, you gave head coach Jim Tomsula the game ball. What went into that and maybe what was the reaction or feeling like getting that ball for him?

“It was something he deserved. He’s the one that’s really kind of pulled everything together, brought this coaching staff together, and set the tone for this team as far as the mentality and the vibe that’s going to be in this building. And I think that showed Week 1.”


He’s going to be going to his hometown this weekend. Do you sense anything different in him as he’s preparing for his first ever road game as head coach?

“No. It’s another week of preparation as usual. For us, we’re going to stay on our routine. We’re going to make sure we’re handling our business.”

Was that hit you took on the sideline, do you think that was the hardest hit you’ve taken as a 49er?



Does another one come to mind?

“I got hit, I want to say it was my second year here against Buffalo on the sideline. Got hit by a linebacker that I didn’t see coming.”


Coach Tomsula said he sat WR Bruce Ellington down to talk about taking better care of his body. Carlos said he learned from Indianapolis Colts RB Frank Gore about taking care of his body. Have you seen both of those two young guys make a shift in how much they’re doing to stay on the field, stay healthy and taking care of themselves before and after practice?

“Most definitely. I think, not only them but this entire team. It’s something that coaches constantly talk to us about. If you’re not healthy and you can’t play, you can’t help this team win. And you’re here for a reason, to help this team win. So, we need you healthy. And taking caring of your body is a huge aspect of that because you have six days to get your body back to 100% or as close as you can.”


What was it like watching, maybe, Carlos learn from Frank last year or did you observe any of that and maybe what he gave?

“As far as?”


Just playing next to one of the great running backs every single day and learning from him?

“Yeah. Frank was someone that always talked to him and helped him any way that he could. He would talk to him about different things he sees on plays, things like that. And [running backs] coach [Tom] Rathman is also a phenomenal coach. He covers every detail in that room. So, he’s also someone that is a huge help to our running back corp.”


What kind of aspects do you have to prepare for defensively for the Steelers attack as opposed to Minnesota in Week 1?

“It’s a odd base defense, odd front team versus a four-down team in Minnesota. It’s a completely different scheme.”

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  1. Seb,

    You have asked for my prediction in week 2…If Kap has a good game in the pocket, 49ers win…If he has a poor game, 49ers lose.

    1. I also believe that the 49ers should run a package of plays with Mike Davis and Carols Hyde in the same backfield, with B. Ellington, DeAndrew White, and Torrey Smith at wide outs.
      In this way, linebackers will have to stay at home, respecting the swing pass in either direction, or, the way th OL has been blocking, respect the run, because Davis has the ability to take it to the house on one of those enormous holes, like the ones on Monday Night.

      1. All the World is Human. 6, you tube…

        Type this in and it’s a learning tool about all of us from people who can teach the humanities, and a follow up to Grant’s 49er violent fan video.

        1. All the world is Human. 6 (produced by Michael Wood) if you care to watch 1-5 regarding culture relationships. It’s very instructive.

            1. TrollD, you may as well find a new thread to spew your righteous, race-bating foolishness. The Niner fans on this thread have you figured out. Nobody cares what you have to say anymore. Nobody takes you seriously. You are a troll, probably a SeaChickens fan, and your not nearly as intellectual as you apparently think you are. You have been schooled on this website for months now. You must be a glutton for punishment because you are no match for most of the posters on this thread.

              Take my advice: Cut your losses, and go find another blog.

              1. Cabesa de Vaca’s book is in the Library.
                All the World is Human 1-6, by Michael Grant, History major, Orent College, Oxford.

              2. Anyone with rote memory can read a book and regurgitate it’s content. That does not quantify their ability to reason. A lot of people who read and quote books do so because they have no thoughts of their own.

          1. Soooo a Latino Native American and white male needs to learn about cultural relationships? If you live in Sacramento I’ll invite you over and you can explain to my diverse CROWD of friends how I need that fought to me. Lol
            Is it that some of you really think you know other posters personally? My goodness the age of social media. Smh!
            I didn’t think anyone could be more dumb than onelame quoting a hack actress with one of her idiotic uniformed quotes. But you my friend just did. Congrats you’re the troll of the week! Now that convo on 9ers beating someone is on another page. So I’ll stop with this opionated topic and stick to 49er football! Have at it chief!

            1. Cabeza de Vaca’s book in the library
              All the World is human, 1-6, videos are on YouTube, by Michael Wood, History major, Orient College, Oxford, England

              1. Native Americans Helped produce this film…So I know you’re not, or you would not disparage their words in this film.

    2. TrollD, still engaging me? Why are you a glutton for punishment? Kaep for Tebow. 0-52. Yawn, goodbye.

      1. You asked for my prediction…But a memory 5 min. long and purposely misleading the blogsite does not mention all the facts:

        1. There’s now film on the 49ers.
        2.Pittsburg will review the film.
        3. Pittsburg’s conclusion will be to stop the run, sell out, by stacking the box so Kap or the running game hits a brick wall.
        4. Pittsburgh will force Kap to stay in the pocket and carry the team…Can Kap be a pocket passer this weekend?

    1. I don’t like that decision. I like Hayne a lot. But the best pure runner left is Mike Davis. Can’t use his rookie year because hayne is a rookie also. I think if it was roman and harbaughs between the tackle running scheme hayne would be very successful. I think mike Davis’ quickness and background would fit better with the new zone scheme.
      I’d take the old wishbone for a couple of plays with bush or Davis, Hyde and hayne. That would be interesting for a couple of plays. Lol

      1. My concern was Hayne’s blocking, apparently he is doing good at that. That’s probably the reason he gets the nod over Davis.

        1. Maybe, but miller is an excellent blocker too though. Unless they plan on passing and running ck more this game, I just can’t see why he would be a #2 over a pure runner. I guessing we will see more and more 3 tight end sets. Until it stops working. I just hope this staff doesn’t wear things that work out. Eh em like the last staff.
          I’m thinking I should stick with the wishbone. Ha ha

        1. However, this hopefully is a ruse, and Mike Davis will surprise all of us with his superior offensive fire power, striking fear into the Steeler defense!

          1. Hey guys, do us all a favor and ignore this ignorant fool. TrollD doesn’t belong on this thread. He brings no intellect whatsoever to the football conversation and his righteous world views are even more pathetic.

            Just ignore this fool, and keep the faith. Sooner or later, he’ll take his shallow world view and lack of football knowledge somewhere else.

            1. TomD

              September 18, 2015 at 8:45 am

              Cabesa de Vaca’s book is in the Library.
              All the World is Human 1-6, by Michael Grant, History major, Orent College, Oxford.

            2. Your advise to ignore a troll is wise, but on the other hand, name calling is food for a troll. Just don’t post troll complaints and you will be better off.

              1. Who doen’t like a good sub with the ball game and dial up some Buffalo hot wings while we’re at it.

        2. “…we thought offensively he kind of settled down just like any rookie and by the second half he was kind of executing and being himself and we didn’t really back off of anything on the call-sheet simply because it was Jarryd out there.”
          -Geep Chryst

        3. I still don’t understand why people are down on Hayne’s performance at RB against the Vikings. How would Davis have done a better job on Hayne’s runs? There is little you can do if the blocking doesn’t create holes. On his short runs the Vikings did a good job of bottling up the right side of the OL, and backside DE did a good job of filling the cut back. He took what he could get, it appeared to me.

          If anything, Hayne probably did a better job than what Davis might have done on the 9 yard run where he broke some tackles, and the 7 yard catch where he did well to evade the first tackle. And he did a good job in pass protection.

          1. I agree Scooter. Aside from the muffed punt, I thought he played well for his first game. I didn’t really think about his pass protection ability too much partly because those uniforms made it so difficult to tell who was who especially during the action. But I’m glad to hear he’s doing well in this area. M. Davis will also be active so I’m not sure I get what the issue is. I wouldn’t count on Hayne getting more RB action than Davis or vice versa. There’s little film on M. Davis, so who knows, he might spell Hyde the most.

          2. If you’re talking about me “being down on Hyde” I’m actually not. I wanted him to make the team. Why I think mike Davis would be a better back is because he’s quicker and cuts better. Hayne is a bulldozer and this scheme needs outside speed also. Hayne is no slowpoke but he isn’t a speed demon on the edge either. That 9 yard run was very nice. I think he would be the best power runner we have. But if the scheme has changed why wouldn’t you want the best runner that fits that scheme in?
            I would really like to see hayne in the goaline formations in the redzone. I think he would help those woes big time. That’s my 2 cents.

            1. I actually think ZBS is a perfect system fit for a runner like Hayne. He’s a good one cut runner. He’s then also got the strength and elusiveness to make guys miss tackles. I think as he gets more experience we’ll see a guy that is a good all round runner for the ZBS, equally capable of running inside or outside.

              1. If I understand correctly, a ZBS wouldn’t necessarily “require” a runner to run with a low pad level whereas the man blocking system usually does. Thus another reason why Hayne would fit better in a ZBS system.

              2. The ZBS is a little more forgiving, but it’s always better to stay low as a runner. Until you’re sprinting to the endzone.

              3. He is a good one cut runner, but better than Davis or Hyde? He doesn’t have their quickness after cuts. He’s basically north and south runner with decent moves. I haven’t seen him make moves like Hyde did in ZBS. I would think “from what I’ve seen” in pre season he’d be the third best in that system. Not to say he sucks, but I think our rb group is that good. But to be honest we haven’t seen Davis in the real games yet. So this is strictly opinion based without observation.
                I know he’s your boy Scoot…. Lol

              4. One thing this staff is doing well is tailoring the personnel to the scheme.
                Something Harbaugh was reluctant and or stubborn in doing!

              5. I noticed that Hayne has been running with a lower pad level. A back does not have to lower his pads through out his entire run. Only when he is facing contact from the front and is in the process of being taken down. Thats when you also tend to lean forward for yardage. A lot of excellent backs have run high. Hyde is one of those as well.

            2. It could also be that Davis isn’t as good as the other running backs in pass protection. A work in progress as “they” say.

          3. If Coach Rathman feels more comfortable with Hayne as backup RB, I am fine with it. I have no idea why anyone would think they are better qualified than Rathman to judge the relative readiness of these two players in going against NFL starters.

            1. It’s opinions. Who’s to say Rathman thinks that?
              This couldn’t be a smoke screen so Pitt doesn’t have an idea?
              Nobody called out the coaches. Just putting out what we may like to see. Take it easy!

              1. No offense intended or irritation expressed, Ninermd. I assumed that if Geep announced that Haynes is the backup, the final say came from the position coach. But it could all be a smoke screen and Davis could be the backup.

              2. Someone plz give ninermd a tampon. Before he bleeds all over the blog

                Cmon. Give me one reference to Alex.

            2. Mood- A lot of people have opinions based not on a players NFL experience but what they did in college. I want to see what they do in the NFL before I start giving them star status. Where all this praise for Davis who hasn’t shown much yet is coming from is beyond my comprehension. It’s not like he lit it up in the preseason games. I believe the coach’s feel that Hayne is a better multipurpose back. Also a better change of pace from Hyde. With Bush out he serves that purpose better than Davis.

          4. Scooter,
            I’m not down on Hayne. The muffed punt was going to be a difficult catch because the trajectory was low and the ball was moving fast.
            I looked to me like JH miss timed the speed and quick drop of the ball causing him to make a desperate dive attempt.

            I’d prefer to see Hayne on kick-offs rather than punt returns because he is given a little more time and space to get to full speed.
            I would prefer Ellington on punts because he seems to more adept at using his quickness in smaller spaces.

            I believe that Hayne is going to be a good player for us and will make some big plays to help improve our chances at winning with each passing game.

            1. I want Hayne to field punts, and let DWhite and/or Ellington take Kick offs. Hayne had his mulligan, and I hope he learns to catch with his hands instead of cradling it against his body. Hayne seems electric on punts, and several times I saw him make more than one player miss. The others have more speed, so they are more liable to go all the way on KOs.

            2. AES- The ball got hung up in the swirling wind that changed it’s trajectory. You are totally mistaken in respect to what Hayne needs. He actually needs less space to make his cuts. You are sterotyping him with other big power backs. He always seem to make that first guy miss. He recognizes holes quickly. He is better with less reaction time than the speed burners. They would do better on Kickoffs.
              With certain players you can not stereotype them. Hayne is one of them.

          5. Yesterday, I thought Davis would back up Hyde because I didn’t think Hayne was ready for that task, but if they think he is, that’s wonderful, because I think Davis is a heck of a runner. I tip my hat to Hayne for coming so far in so short a time.

            1. Seb, you are reading into things too much. Nobody said Hayne wasn’t dangerous. We all were surprised that he’s ready to pass block in the NFL and thought it would take more time. I trust Rathman on this. Its one reason LMJ never played.

              1. Well, Coach Tomsula has this weapon, and if he does not use it, he will never know if Hayne will succeed. Hayne can also catch the ball, so he could surprise everybody with a short pass and long run.

          6. Some of the ex-players who commentate like to watch what a player does after a bad play; they draw a mental toughness conclusion from that. It seems as though Jarryd passed that test. Geep was fairly complimentary of him, and it didn’t seem to me like just positive lip service.

    2. Blitz pickup is very important for Rathman. No rookie RB gets to play a snap until Rathman is satisfied with his pass blocking. Some of us remember Phillips missing a block resulting in Steve Young’s career-ending concussion.

      If Haynes is picking up blitz pickup that quickly he must also be picking up the playbook pretty well, too. I won’t be surprised if he shares backup duties with Bush when the latter returns.

      1. If that’s why hayne is 2… I can’t argue that. So the question now is.
        If he’s in there for blocking reasons. Are they turning ck’s arm loose and cutting down on the running plays?
        Can’t wait to see the offensive game plan on Sunday

        1. I want to see Hayne line up as the RB to spell Hyde, and accept a quick pitch. He will draw the defense to his side, then lateral the ball back to Kaep, for a long strike downfield.
          Tomsula must use all his weapons if he wants to win.

      2. I am from OZ.I only know the basics of your game.I dont know rugby.
        But have watched both games and soccer for 40 years. Haynes is a
        brute of a man with speed(Should be rated at 275 lb)).But accelerates and slows down in finding holes.
        He gets it.Very hard to tackle.Great straight arm.He is confident.One bad play is forgotten.He learns.
        As a OZ newspaper article on his former superstar team mate said
        He texted me and said.’Once I learn rule book and plays,BOOM,game over.

        1. Olly-
          The greatest NFL wide receiver of all time, Jerry Rice, called Jarryd an exceptional talent. “Takes one to know one” is an American idiom. Mr. Rice may in fact be the greatest NFL player of all time. This Yank looks forward to big results from Jarryd soon and in the future.

    3. Geep when asked if Davis would make his debut if Bush wasn’t good to go?

      “He’s the most natural guy, right? And again, we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.”

      Maybe its not as clear as its been reported or there’s some chicanery going on.

  2. Why are all the Steelers columnist predicting us to lose? Here is what I got,
    –Kaepernick will fold when they make him throw
    –49ers will score mostly field goals, not touchdowns
    –49ers defense get pressure on them without blitzing
    —If they blitz, tight ends will make them pay
    I think none of this will happen and 49ers win :) Your thoughts??

    1. Those are all considerable points.
      The thing that sacres me about this game is. We’re the Vikings that bad or was the SF defense that good.
      Bridgewater folded to pressure of the blitz. Big Ben does not fold to blitz pressure. And on top of that he sheds defenders that have hands on him and arms around him like its freshman vs varsity football.
      I don’t know how he did vs NE with blitzes but he is either 1-3 in killing blitzing teams. The part that really scares me is I didn’t seem like SF got much pressure on TB without blitzing. Pitt still has talent at wr and rb. This will truly test the secondary and coverage skills of the lb’s.
      I still can’t predict the outcome. Because they started 1-0 last year and beat a high powered offense in game 1 and laid an egg in game 2.
      I believe min. Isn’t that good and we weren’t as bad as everyone thought.
      First 4 games will test every part of this team. After 4 games if still healthy in key spots. I’m betting we will see what this teams about.

      As a fan I’ll say NINERS win a close road game, as a fan with bad memories of last year and this offseason, I’d say game one was a fluke and Pitt roles and we end up 1-3 in our first four.
      Coin toss. Imo! :-/

      1. I agree that Big Ben will do better against our defense, and specifically the blitz.
        I don’t think they can run on our 7 front defense which will help our pass defense.
        I am looking for Aaron Lynch to have another big game but with sacks to show for it.
        Also looking for tank or eli to step up on passing downs so we don’t have to blitz

        1. I hope so. Do we send in the safeties for sacks? If they do they better be very efficient at wrapping up and making the play. He is very strong and can get away from smaller tacklers.

          1. Good point but if we can get pressure without blitzing than the times we blitz will be even better.
            I think it all starts and ends with us stopping the run with our front 7. Ian Williams will eat up the steelers center

    2. Niners will bludgeon them, and if they leave VD wide open like they did Gronk, he will have 2 TDs.

      1. I was a Kendall Hunter fan in college and actually had the 49ers selecting him in one of my pre-draft mocks.
        I’m saddened that he could not stay healthy to show his true value over time here, but hopefully he gets a chance with another team…and who knows?

        God speed, KHunt!

    1. I think those achilles are harder to come back from than ACL injuries. Crab has never regained his burst compared to pre injury. KH had both.
      Wish him well, and hopes he heals fully so he can continue his career.

    1. Final sentence in that article:

      “The front seven will face a tougher test against running back Carlos Hyde and an extremely physical San Francisco 49ers’ offensive line in Week 2. It will be interesting to see if the Steelers’ young defense can match their tenacity.”

      1. Tenacity and uptempo physicality.
        Minn defense was breathing pretty hard. A young defense will fold quickly with uptempo offenses coming at them. I hope SF continues to keep it fast

      2. Yep. But I think the same is true in reverse. The 49ers will face a tougher test running against the Steelers front 7. I think play action will be key.

        1. Concur. The key matchup will be Shazier Vs Kaep. He will spy on Kaep, so Kaep needs to occupy him while getting the ball to Hyde, then the Play action bomb to TS or a seam route to VD finish them off.

    2. Thanks for linking articles like these Grimey. Its a good way to get a read on the up-coming opposition.

      They make a good point about the Steelers front 7. The DL is underrated and they have a lot of talent at LB. Jarvis Jones doesn’t put up big numbers in terms of sacks, but as you saw in this article he does a lot of little things very well that helps other guys make plays. And Shazier has the speed to take advantage of Jones’ work next to him. The left side of the 49ers offense won’t have as easy a time creating room for Hyde to run this week.

      The Steelers also have a good OLB rotation, so can keep their pass rush fresh. Play action and quick hitters will be important to slow up the Steelers rush some, so they can take advantage of the Steelers suspect DBs.

      One area not touched on in these articles is the the NT for the Steelers. He’s a weak link (McLendon). It might be a good idea for the 49ers to use some of their old power runs up the middle this week.

  3. They can’t even play football anymore. Watching this den/KC game and a penalty for a “blindside block high?” And of course the Brady rule was called.
    And I see the same old Alex smith missing a wide open receiver for his first read that went nowhere. Smh

  4. It might be possible that Denver has the best d-line in the game and the worst O line.
    Yikes this is forming into a 3-0 game.

  5. Have you guys watched this?

    It was good to watch and remember how dominant that defense was. Our new D is good but not like this older team. Alex Smith played really well and made smart throws. The play calling was good in this game. Also watch what Hunter looked like as a rookie. He was impressive. There’s a killer hit in there on Brown but Grant.

    1. Why was Reid calling a pass play anyways? And just like that 14-0 lead turns into a 14-14 tie. 1:43 to score 2 td’s ouch!

        1. I know but being aggressive with 80 yards to go and no timeouts for the Broncos is ridiculous. Not the time to be aggressive. He’s been that way for years. That’s why he’s never won a super bowl

    1. Did you guys see Grant picked up on Geep’s statement “he seems like the most natural guy right?”

      Grant even predicts he runs it 10 times. I am not as convinced Hayne is the #2 back.

    2. My hunches for Sunday…

      – Davis will be Hyde’s primary backup Sunday.

      – Mangini will blitz, but not as often as Monday night.

      – The TE stunt will be unleashed Sunday. I saw a wicked one involving Harold in preseason.

      – Hayne will have a role. Just not sure what. I still think his skills are well suited to for kickoff returns

      – Purcell will suit up

      – Pittsburgh has a really fast linebacker in Ryan Shazier. They think he will be able to cover Vernon Davis. Big mistake.

    3. 100+ for Torrey Smith??? Grant, considering one of your big gripes has been the Kaep-Smith misconnection, that is pretty bold. Well done!

      1. Don’t you think he’s just toying with us? Overly negative the first week and overly positive the second week? Seb could have written this except he’s have Hayne scoring 2 td’s off laterals and Lemonier with 2 sacks.

    4. I don’t see Smith hitting over a 100 just yet. Him and Kap need to build chemistry throughout the season. Not to say he won’t have a few big plays in the game.

      I think we’ll still see heavy TE sets since we can run so well out of those and still threaten to pass as well. I think it’ll be similar game plan but more WRs involved.

  6. Grant seems to be doubling down.
    Hayne will be more involved in the offense, and I hope he fields punts. If he can get more than 10 touches, he may score.
    Hyde will carry less because they will light up the secondary.
    Davis may not even be activated. De Andrew White is more important for ST. The Niners will go with 4 receiver sets to exploit the secondary, so they need more WRs.
    Vernon will get wide open like Gronk, so he could have 2 TDs.
    Torrey may get 100, but I think Kaep will spread it around and TS may score a TD, but not reach 100.

    1. Can u please stop saying Davis may not be activated. This is a run first team. You can’t be a run-centric team with only 2 rbs active, and one is a rugby player. Seriously dude the things you say.

        1. Seriously guys, does it really matter what Grant is predicting. Grant is simply throwing things against a barn door and hoping some of it sticks. The guy is in a funk, to say the least. That’s what happens when you let your emotions control your analysis.

          “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then””

          1. 49reasons, our comments are meant to be taken with the same grains of salt we take Grant’s (and just about every prognosticators ) predictions with. All in good fun.

  7. Need some help from the statisticians;
    has Kaepernick ever, ever, ever managed to
    lead the Denver Broncos with 40 seconds left
    and then either win or lose? If not, then guess what?
    he sucks eggs and I nominate
    Alex Smith for President.
    (time to start measuring the Niners against the elite)
    Translation: those who possess a Super Bowl ring.

    1. Smith stared down Talib and got owned on that first pick. He got toyed with. Peyton’s pick 6 was worse!

      1. Getting intercepted with under two minutes left at the half isn’t a good int. when you’re one dimensional it’s not hard to jump route and pick him off. Saw a stat last night where last year he was the worst at YPA over 20 yards 3 for 37 or something like that. Same old Alex smith. Cpt check down. Let the running game and defense do the rest. And the first fumble could have been avoided had he actually surveyed the field for a second and seen a wide open player in the end zone! Those pesky hot reads. Lol

        1. They were talking on the radio about how the Pats running a similar dink and dunk offense, but they attack the seams with Gronk and get more yards. Brady is also a way better QB.

          Alex Smith is also similar to Kaep, in my opinion, they are teases. Every now and then Alex makes a really nice pass with accuracy. Or has a high percentage of completions, And then he farts the bed. At some point, this is who he is, Andy Reid is who he is, and Kaep has a chance to add some stripes but if he doesn’t figure it out, then it’s who he is.

          FYI – My current mancrush is Mariotta.

          I bet yours is Jameis Winston!

          1. He made a nice 40 yarder last night. That’s when they popped up that horrible stat on over 20 yards throwing.

    2. Alex smith continues to set the bed vs playoff teams. When he takes them to the second rd of the playoffs then talk.

    1. He can only see things one way its not worth your time. That was a terrible call by the refs. He broke the plane then fumbled which is a TD. The replays were pretty clear. But its spilled milk at this point.

      1. You can’t rewrite history. You can’t accept that he fumbled. They even reviewed it.
        Did the ball hit Kyle Williams’ leg in the NFCCG? I don’t think so but history says otherwise.
        How about this, did Kaep throw a pick in the NFCCG to end the title hopes? Did that not count? In sports there are no do-overs.
        Stop apologizing for Kaep. Admit his short comings and hope he works on them so he can be better, because then the team will be better.

        1. I’m not disputing that it was called a fumble. There was no video evidence of a fumble. The first time you could see the Rams with the ball is when Lauranitis came out of the back of the pile (five yards deep in the end zone,mind you). Terrible call.

  8. Grant pointed out that the Steelers Brown may own the 49ers CB’s. Acker did an admirable job with Brock out on DT in Denver who’s listed just below Brown on the top 10 WR’s list. They also played well against Wallace who was supposed to torch them. Ben is a better QB now than either Teddy or Peyton. How do you think they’ll hold up against the Steeler’s passing game?

    1. It will be more difficult to stop pittsburgh’s passing game than it was to stifle Minnesota’s.

      Having said that, Bridgewster finished last year on fire. Could it be the Bridgewster’s poor play was imposed by the 49ers defense, at least in part? I think it was.

      I don’t believe the Steelers offense will be rolling up and down the field on the 49ers defense. They’ll get their yards, but they will be hard earned.

    2. My main concern is how the 49ers defend plays that break down. I don’t think they’ll be able to hold up against the Steelers receivers on broken plays.

      1. Scooter,

        That could be a problem. Roethlisberger is very good at extending plays, and creating big plays while doing so.

        Even so, I still think the game will be won or lost depending more on what the offense does, rather than the defense.

        1. Agreed, but in close, physical games those big plays out of nothing can win the game. Wilson and Roethlisberger are the two best QBs in the NFL when it comes to extending a play, and making things happen playing ad lib football on broken plays.

  9. There are not very many comments on Kap’s interview itself, which is too bad. I think this is one of his most thoughtful and informative during the season interviews to date.

    1. I am happy. Usually if they comment, it is about how terse and surly Kaep is. Kaep is answering all the questions in a complete and thoughtful manner. Kaep has made big strides in his interview skills, and is showing me good leadership.

    2. +1. In fact, of the inteviews that Grant posted, Kap’s was the only one that I felt like I understood everything he was saying. He’s starting to accept the responsibility of being a team leader.

  10. Steelers now have game film on 49ers

    1. Pitt will review the film concluding that they need to stack the box (8-9 men boxes)
    2. This will force Kap to stay in the pocket, and carry the team.
    3. Can Kap carry a team this weekend?

  11. When Kap replaced Alex 3 seasons ago, some of us wished for a QB who would be a combination of Kap’s athleticism and arm strength and Alex’s cerebral game management skills. It seems to me that Kap is finally headed that way. His decision making in the pocket are slowly improving, as is his ability to make a wider range of throws. It will take longer for him to fix his mechanics in the pocket under duress. But the arrows are up.

    1. Mood you are right, the arrow is up but it can quickly go down if another solid performance is not had this weekend. Every week will be a test for Colin Kaepernick. I think what Geep Chryst is doing with this offense is perfect for him. The play calling Monday was awesome and the balance of run to pass kept Colin Kaepernick from trying to do too much.
      A road win in a hostile environment in Pitt could go a long way for him gaining more confidence.
      Niners squeak one out, 20-16

      1. FDM,

        Niners will lose games, that’s for sure. Hopefully, they won’t lose games through gross incompetence and brain cramps. But Kap has to continue his development through the losses. As Kevin Lynch pointed out, Kap did not have a single straight drop back in the Monday night game (all out of shotgun or roll outs). Clearly Chyrst is not loading his plate too much at one time. I expect the Steelers to put a lot of pressure on him in the passing game this Sunday. Maybe we’ll see screens and slant passes with him getting rid of the ball more quickly.

        1. Good points Mood. I think a road win and playing well for Kaepernick will go a long way for him confidence wise. He is being asked to change a lot of things from a technical perspective. Now executing and winning would do a lot for his belief that the work he did and what he is being asked to do is worth it. Im expecting another solid performance.
          The Niners still need to ride their defense, and a little help from special teams would be great on the road as well.

          1. Keys to victory Sunday:

            1.Attack the Steelers secondary
            2.Get turnovers
            3.At least get one huge play on special teams.
            4.Stop the run
            5.Confuse Big Ben. Force him to check down.

            1. I’ll add another key – don’t let Roethlisberger extend plays. When the 49ers have a shot at him, they have to take him down. He’s excellent when it becomes a scramble drill.

              1. His scrambling doesn’t scare me, it’s the extra 2 seconds when he sheds that does. Usually he’s finding someone open and they’re usually deep. Wrap up and tackle that big sum *itch

      1. I’m curious to see the comparison of Kaep’s development with the QBs that were drafted in his year, and the following years. I know he had a revenge tour of beating the QBs drafted ahead of him, but the comparison is strictly to chart his development. Cosell will probably say Kaep’s behind, some will say he’s where he should be coming from the pistol.

        Do you think he would be better if he reworked his delivery, which may take a little off his fastball, but give him better accuracy? Some of these passed in the all-22 look for sporadic.
        Don’t read this as hate,it’s just observation.

        1. I read that Logan advised Gabbert to throw at about 80 to 85% of his previous velocity. Although many don’t like Gabbert, his accuracy was quite good during the preseason. Might work for Kap as well, but Neumann sees his footwork as the big problem. In looking at the gifs that Neumann provided in his article, it seems like Kap hops (low hops) quite a bit while looking for where to throw. I hadn’t noticed this before and am now wondering if some of the top QBs do this as well. Did he learn this during the offseason? Has he been doing this all along and I only noticed it today? I think Manning tends to do something similar, but I’m going to make a point of watching Rodgers, Brees and Brady to see what they do.

          For me, the biggest practical improvement is Kap’s willingness to now pass when he takes off to run (or it looks like he is going to run). Before he would just run and the defense could count on that with a very high probability. But now, Kap can freeze the second line defenders until he crosses the LOS.

          1. Yeah i think he’s actually getting better coaching now. They’re trying to expand his instincts. If we can agree that he’s still a work in progress, then that we’ve found common ground!

            Let’s tell Grant! He would be proud!

              1. That’s partly it Willtalk. All I kept hearing was people referencing he was elite because of the MNF game against the Bears and up in Foxboro against the Pats.
                Well that was 2 years ago and can now anyone say he has improved since then? Honestly?

            1. No, now you all admit he is a work in progress. Last year all I kept hearing was that I was being overly critical of Kaep.

              But hey why dwell in the past?

              1. I only remember ever responding to one of your posts, Fan. It was during the offseason when you came back after not having posted for some time. Your post indicated that you were willing to start the year out fresh and give CK a chance. I responded welcoming that attitude.

    2. We agree on this. He’s headed that way. The question is how far will he go in this direction and how long will it take before he starts to decline? I think he has these two seasons to really start to figure it out.

    1. That is bold but the way Tomsula speaks of Reggie and his ability to be a valuable check down for Kaepernick, Id say they keep him at least til the end of the year. Why trade him when the return will be next to nothing and cutting him would open up a roster spot but why not just put him on injury reserve if he cant play?

    2. The only way they get rid of Bush this year is if he continues to get hurt. I think he adds value on passing downs. Bush is a great route runner from the RB position. Seems to be explosive still as well.

      1. Until Davis or Hyde prove they can be a check down in the passing game, Bush will remain on the roster. Bush brings a unique element in the passing game, when healthy he is a valuable asset. Can’t see them cutting him this year. Cutting a vet is bad business in the NFL unless he is injured and can’t get healthy.

        1. Vets get cut all the time. Usually it’s before week 1 and their salaries are fully guaranteed, however.

            1. They never are Prime. I am willing to bet every contract in the NFL allows a team to cut a player without paying out the term on the contract. Signing bonus is fully guaranteed, but salary, never.

            2. If a vested veteran(like Bush) is on your roster week 1 his entire salary(excluding negotiated bonuses) is guaranteed for the year, So if you cut him you still have to pay his entire base salary for the year.

            3. Yep, what Grimey said.

              You can also have salaries (or part thereof) fully guaranteed as part of the contract language. For example, Kaep’s $10.4 million salary for 2015 became fully guaranteed on April 1. Same will happen again in 2016 and 2017 – if he’s on the roster come April 1 of those years his salary for that year will become fully guaranteed. This is quite common.

        2. Davis has been a check down back in college and would be perfect for this role.
          The niners know what they have and should play him

    1. Dres Anderson and DeAndrew White would stretch the Steeler defense, along with Vernon ifEKllington can’t go.
      Along with a dual threat of Hyde and Davis in the same backfield it would give the Steelers a potent look.

  12. With Bush out and Ellington dinged (again), looks like we’ll have an opportunity to get a better read on Hayne as a PR and RB.

  13. A couple of point….

    It’s early in the season, so I don’t see the short week being of much impact. Especially with the recent excitement of winning the opener.

    We have the number 1 rushing offense and number 4 overall defense. We escaped the first game not showing Pittsburgh anything since we were able to win with such a basic game plan. If Pittsburgh sells out to stop the run, I’ll be very curious to see what Geep responds with. Pittsburgh’s defense is awful. We will win the physicality war with them too.

    On defense the task is to stop a 34 year old DeAngelo, put a safety over the top of Antonio and make someone else beat you. One item to note, Heath Miller only had one good game versus good defenses last year. We should look at film to see how the Browns and the Bengals play him. They always do well against him.

    Pittsburgh’s only chance IMO is to get out to a fast start. Otherwise our run game and fast tempo tire them in the second half. Prediction 27-20 Niners.

  14. I am a huge fan of Hayne as I have played rugby all my life and quite playing football in college when I realized I was not big, fast, or skilled to play at that level. Hayne has showed some talent. But why is he the first one in after Bush was injured? I pay pretty close attention but maybe I did not notice that Hunter got cut? And I would figure that Mike Davis would be more NFL prepared than Hayne at this point. Please someone enlighten me.

  15. Everyone acts like (ZBS) is some wonder tool sent by the football gods….It’s not. Fangio used to defeat it all the, which is why I say Pittsuburgh will do the same. (ZBS) call for an overload on one side, AKA,, 8-9 men in the box.

    This forces a one system game. You shut down the run to play pass. At that point, the defense is putting the game in the QB’s hands, basically saying, beat us if you can.

    The question is not whether the Steelers will employ this defense. It’s a matter of how much application is necessary…A smart defensive team applies it periodically to see if Kap can audible out of a run play to pass. Kap usually does not. If not, then apply a little more, and stop, mix in blitzes to that side, and go back and forth. Of course, if Kap never changes the play you keep the overloaded side in play always, until kap forces you to change.

    1. Nobody acts like its s wonder tool. You just can’t give credit to a winning week. You spent all off season demeaning this team. You couldn’t wait til Monday night to try and be proven right. Only problem is, you were proven wrong. Get over it, move on

    2. Oh and p.s, Mr. Know it all, if kap sees he needs to adjust, he will. Not saying they will win but I’m pretty sure Kap knows how to run that playbook and huddle more than tomd. Just my opinion

        1. And, Steel,

          It’s just one win. How do you know the Vikes are not overrated playing a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. ie., A football team without a QB, just a running game.
          Greg Cosell said the Niners hid Kap. Wait til Kap faces the Steelers now that film has been available on the Niners for a week..
          Careful what you wish for, because here it comes. The Steelers will force Kap to Pass to beat them and shut Hyde down

          1. I know its just one win. But you were the one high and mighty on this team being garbage, and it blew up on you. Now it’s because the Vikings suck? Make up your mind my man, can’t have it both ways

  16. I’m getting worried, haven’t heard from Sebby for awhile? Possibly my Steeler’s strategy has him worried about Sunday?

        1. Sorry,

          But I need an answer by someone who follows 49er football, and can logically come up with the 49er game plan vs. this specific defense

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