Colin Kaepernick vs. Alex Smith: Which QB will have the better season?

Which quarterback will have a better 2013 season – Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith?

On the one hand, Kaepernick is the superior physical talent and it isn’t close.

On the other hand, Smith had the superior passer rating last season – 104.1 to Kaepernick’s 98.3.

This season, Smith will have the younger and better running back (27-year-old Jamaal Charles vs. 30-year-old Frank Gore), and the younger and better No.1 wide receiver (29-year-old Dwayne Bowe vs. 33-year-old Anquan Boldin).

Kaepernick probably has the better offensive line, but the Chiefs spent the first pick in the draft on tackle Eric Fisher. Smith will have a good offensive line, too.

Kaepernick has the better tight end – Vernon Davis – but Kaepernick completed just 27 passes to Davis in 10 games last season.

Predict Kaepernick and Smith’s 2013 stats and explain your predictions.

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