Colin Kaepernick: “We’ve been able to run the ball very well. So, I think that will be a strength for us.”

This is the transcript of quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s Tuesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

How are you gaging the progress of the offense at this point in the preseason?

“It’s going well. Working hard. Making sure everybody’s doing what they need to do to get ready for this season.”


What’s happening that we don’t see? We don’t know the game plan. We don’t know anything. What’s happening that’s good that you guys are seeing?

“Well, there’s a lot of good things that are happening and you guys don’t know for a reason. So, we keep everything in house. We’re working to make sure we’re ready for that first game.”


Do you think you’ll get a lot of time Thursday or no?

“It’ll depend on what the coaches think. They haven’t told us anything yet.”


Would you like to play a lot in that last game or no?

“I’m always willing to step on that field.”


What have been your early impressions of your new starting right guard?

“He’s been phenomenal. Done very well since he’s been here. Picked up everything quickly. Went in and played well for us this past game. So, excited to see what he can do.”


Did you pick up on anything with him on that two-minute drill at the end of the first half? Like how he was playing or his composure or anything?

“Yeah. He was very composed and like I said on Saturday, the two scrambles that I had, he allowed me to step up through the pocket and make those plays. Our interior, both our guards, our center, did a great job and our tackles ran the ends past. So, excited to see what they can do.”


Is it kind of the nature of the preseason that you guys don’t have a specific game plan? Sometimes you’re trying to work on things and that may be contrary to what you’re seeing across the way. Is that why sometimes it just doesn’t look anything like it does during the regular season?

“Yeah, that’s part of it. We’re focused on us and what we need to do to get ready. So, what defenses are doing in preseason, we don’t worry about too much. We’re more focused on how we’re executing our plays.”


OL Jordan Devey brings a veteran presence to that offensive line now that he’s officially been named starting right guard. What have you seen just in the short time he’s been here?

“Just covered that, but he’s been great. Picked up everything quickly. Did a great job for us so far since he’s been here.”


It’s been early yet, he still has to gel, but with a new center, right tackle, right guard, just what’s that early strength you’re seeing from that group of five?

“Well, even through the preseason with the different combinations we’ve had out there, we’ve been able to run the ball very well. So, I think that will be a strength for us and when they were in the game on Saturday together they did a great job for us during that two-minute drill. So, moving forward, I think everyone’s confident with what we have there.”


What kind of progress do you want to see on Thursday from your offensive unit?

“To execute. That’s the biggest thing. We need to go out and make sure we run our plays well and doing what we’re supposed to do out there.”


Do you have anything to say about this smiling guy to left right over here?

“My man [G/C] Dillon [Farrell]. You know, he’s been working hard. I don’t approve of the thong flip flops, but he’s tatted up so I give him a thumbs up.”

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  1. I’m getting the distinct impression that Tomsula is going to release the Kaepernick, and he’s going to be running wild and running free for close to 800 yards….

      1. Definitely designed running plays, but maybe also designed blocking schemes within the passing game that will open the flood gates to his scrambling prowess…..

        1. Only runs when the field is wide open and he can get out of bounds or slide feet first.
          Kaep should be a mobile QB that gets the ball in the hands of his playmakers. He does not need to be the RB.
          Ideally, he should not be touched so he can stay fresh and healthy for the playoffs, THEN he can run wild.

          1. I agree with you. Kaep is a most effective runner when he does not have to run and he just takes advantage of when the lanes open up. If you have to run under pressure he should just run to avoid sacks and get first downs when applicable. His long runs usually happen when he has protection not when the protection breaks down. When those lanes open he should take them.

    1. Yes. I’m anticipating more designed roll-outs and play action gouge passes.

      I know I keep harping on this, but I think Staley/Boone left means Chryst will mix in gap scheme runs left, zone runs right. To change things up a little more, he will pull Boone right once in a while.

  2. I like that first question: how are you gaging the offense?

    The offense is certainly gaging me.

  3. I would love for once in my life before I croak to here a player any player actually keep
    It real and tell
    It like it is. I understand you have to build your teammates up and fluff the flat pillow.
    But just once. :-)

    1. Why? The idea is to win. How it happens shouldn’t matter, unless the process or Status Que is more important to you than the result.

      1. Just because the defense anticipates a Run and open up the passing lanes doesn’t mean that our QB can deliver……

  4. Colin Kaepernick TRADED!!!

    No, but seriously, is anyone else flabbergasted that Kaep remains on this team? Can’t imagine that Baalke, with his enormous ego and the public perception that he didn’t want Kaep, but that Harbaugh essentially strong-armed him into drafting him, wants Kaep to succeed, so why even keep him around?

    Maybe to use 2015 as another “lost” season by sabotaging the QB position by allowing the OL to fall into ruins for a year?

  5. Grant


    Did you proofread this before submitting it? Hopefully the print edition has a professional editor, right?

    1. This is a repeat of a prior discussion on the same word. ‘Judgement’, while usually considered “wrong” in American English, is used interchangeably with ‘judgment’ in British English, with about 50% using each variant. Maybe Grant was just channeling his inner Brit?

      1. Publication in a U.S. forum requires U.S. spelling custom be followed. Grant’s professionalism is always subject to review, irregardless of past instances of review.

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