Delanie Walker — Don’t call him Hubert

Here’s something you never knew about Delanie Walker. His first name isn’t Delanie. It’s Hubert.

“They put it in the program one year, what somebody doesn’t know about you.”

So, should we call him Hubert?

“No.” His voice was emphatic, although he was laughing in a good-natured way.

Is Hubert not a tough enough name?

“Actually, for a tight end that’s a good name. It’s strong. But Hughie, Baby Hughie. They used to call me that back in the day. Cause I was always bigger than everybody.”

When did he start going by Delanie?

“When I was like in the third grade, when the teacher would call me Hubert the kids would laugh. So I would get mad and my mom used to have to go and change it to Delanie. No one knew my name was Hubert as I got older.

Was Delanie his middle name?


There you have it — Hubert Delanie Walker. Delanie to you.

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