The DeVante Parker Question

Most of us agree wide receiver is the 49ers’ biggest need this offseason.

Amari Cooper and Kevin White are the top two wide receivers in the upcoming draft. They will get taken probably within the top-10 picks. DeVante Parker is the consensus No.3 receiver in the draft, and he probably will get taken after the 10th pick and before the 49ers pick at No.15.

Should the Niners trade up a few spots to draft Parker? Why or why not?

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  1. No.

    First it’s debatable that WR is in fact our biggest need and second even if it is that doesn’t mean we have to use our first draft choice on one and third if we do use our first draft pick there’s no reason to give up extra picks for anyone outside of Cooper.

      1. Glad to hear it.

        I thought it tried a little to hard at the end but overall it was solid. Anderson was captivating.

          1. Losing steam.

            The part about Spector embracing darkness was corny, but I liked the rest of the show. The last episode was excellent.

            1. If receiver is not our top concern thab what the hell is? Maybe head coach but we’re not going to find one of those in this draft. Corner isnt, we’ve proven that if we plug anyone in at that position, they seem to have moderate success. O-line isn’t, even if Iupati leaves, Brandon Thomas is very viable and nobody is taking a guard in the 1st round. TE ciuld be our biggest need but nobody ranks high enough. D-line… Jerod-Eddie and Tank Carradine are more than viable options… so what ciuld possibly be a bigger need than receiver?

              1. Health. That’s our number one issue.. And the receiver “issue” could be met in free agency. They are telling everyone they are running the ball. Baalke’ past in drafting wr is horrible. And with two free agents possibly leaving in the secondary Id say the cb position could be the biggest need.

              2. @Ninermd How could our WR issues be met in FA? They have no cash and need to pay their own 1st. There is a reason we can’t develop this past WR draft picks….because they keep bringing in old vets that take important snaps. No more crappy old vets and no more 4th rd “developmental” WRs. let’s get our future #1 in a strong WR class.

                As far as CB Baalke has shown he can find good value for that position through out the draft and FA (cheap).

              3. Marcus— It think a lot of posters on this site are a bit defense centric. You see this every time the draft is discussed. For years the emphasis has been on drafting either DB’s or DL. It appears that those posters understand the skills required for defensive players so they gravitate towards what they are more comfortable with. It was pretty evident last season when there were very few posters pushing drafting WR in a draft that was loaded with that position that ironically was the Niner’s greatest position of long term need. A generally reasonable poster advocating filling that position through free agency when the WR position is one of the most expensive to fill in that way and very little money to do so reflects that unreasonable mindset when it comes to that position.

            2. Justified isn’t believable anymore. Ity has really dropped off in my opinion. This has to be the last season.

              Just started watching Hell on Wheels… very good. I don’t think anything can ever replace Breaking Bad.

        1. NFL.COM ARTICLE:

          Offseason Forecast: San Francisco 49ers by Tyler Dragon

          This is a good read from a National Sports Journalist because it’s a barometer of how the 49ers are viewed Nationally.

          Google it as written Niner Fans.

          1. “Patrick Willis: It might be a move that triggers an earthquake in San Francisco; however, the Niners could part ways with the face of their franchise. Willis is owed more than $7 million next season and is in the final years of his prime. Chris Borland filled in admirably in the middle during his rookie campaign, but he’s no Willis.”

            BWHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! Oh yeah, they are going to drop Willis. That article is beyond comical. And before that “Tyler Dragon”, the author, suggests Culliver is the most fragile part of the secondary.

            Its worth the comedy of predicting the 9ers part ways with Willis though. Worth the belly laugh.

    1. IMO, I don’t think it’s possible to determine our biggest draft need because no one knows who Baalke will sign in free agency. What we can do is look at the positions who might lose their starters due to free agency: CB, DE (Jerod-Eddy), LG, RB, and WR. I doubt Jerod-Eddy is leaving and would say we have proven depth at CB. That leaves LG, RB, and WR, and since this team lives by the run, maybe Baalke’s focus will be LG and RB, with maybe a bias to LG since that helps the QB too. I am guessing it will be easier for him to fix LG and RB in free agency. So maybe those who say our first pick in the draft will be at WR might be right. But what if Baalke makes a play for Cobb? Really hard to say.

      1. Sign? SF has 1.59 million in cap space room. They need 5 million to sign rookies. That doesn’t account for their own FA (GORE,CRABTREE, YUIPATI) They aren’t signing anyone of value.

        1. Crabtree is gone plus NOT Worth Any Jack you throw at him his Attitude has Stuck from the Start but he was Great Value then NOT NOW & Lupati is Way too Expensive. GORE is Too Expensive & WAY TOO SLOW. Had Hunter or Hyde Broke Free on the Race too the Goal Line in the Super Bowl No One Would have Catch them & Pushes them Out at The 7-yard Line!!
          Speed has Killed the 49ers for Years RB & WR are the Slowest in the League!!! Why Cause Trent “Tiny-Draft Boss” Baalke is Stuck on Drafting Fast Midgets Who are Failures?
          Baalke never has drafted a go-to guy on offense. He has tried and failed 12 times. Check out the list: A.J. Jenkins, LaMichael James, Vance McDonald, Marcus Lattimore, Quinton Patton, Kendall Hunter, Carlos Hyde, Bruce Ellington, Anthony Dixon, Nate Byham, Kyle Williams and Ronald Johnson. Hence Suffering the Likes of Kyle Williams, Ted Ginn, A.J.”Absolutely Jinxed” Jenkins, Quinton “Quit Pretending” Patton, Bruce “Better Elsewhere” Ellington (Martavious Bryant 6′-5″ 4.42-40), when He Could of Had Those Following

    2. I dont think its debateable. WR is the #1 priority. White and Cooper are both worthy of moving up. Niners have a stacked roster and really only need 3-4 picks this year (WR, CB, DL, OL).

    3. Draft an offensive Lineman. This ground and pound offense is the only thing Baalke knows. A wide receiver would die stretching out over the middle for one of Kapernicks high, or behind the back passes or have a hand broken by one of his rocketballs on a five yard slant (Remember that happended to Randy Moss), or since Baalke only believes in simple pass routes, the receiver would get blown up by the safety reading the stupid route concepts and we would lose a draft pick anyway (How many times did DB’s jump routes for pick sixes or bat downs last year–I lost count!!). Baalke Made this offense about Running back, and since they rarely get 1st year players on the field, Gore can leverage his offer from the Cards or Pats against the 49ers, ask for 4 million an 4 million more in incentives. Baalke would have to pay because he’ll be fired without Frank having 10 men on the line of scrimmage thereforem making Kap’s reads easier.

    4. Draft an offensive lineman. Baalke made this about running. Gore can leverage him for 4 million plus 4 million in incentives against the offers from the Pats and Cards…Baalke would be forced to pay it because the 49ers rarely get first year players on the field. If Baalke refuses, he knows he’d be fired next year, because teams would not put 10 or 11 men on the line of scrimmage, making Kap’s reads easier.

    5. I disagree. We need an impact WR right away. We went to 3 straight NFCC games and a SB only to lose because we did not have any WR. And I’m not talking about small 5’9-6’1 WR’s. We need taller 6’2-6’3 WR’s. No more 4th rd WR’s either. Draft the best player on the 1st round board.

  2. There’s too much hype right after the Combine… I’d let the fuss die off a little, and then determine when these so-called top 3 WRs will potentially be drafted. Cooper should be drafted within top 10, but White might still be available between 10 to 15, but even if White is gone, that means Parker most likely will be available 15th. If these 3 WRs are drafted before the top 15, then so be it. That means there’s value in other positions, and you take the best available player. As in the stock market, if you sell in a panic, you’re destined to failed and lose big time; same goes for the NFL draft, if you buy in a panic, the same s%^* can happen. The better question would be if all these 3 top wideouts are gone, what are your plan B and plan C?

  3. If those top 3 recievers are gone i say stay put and take a hard look at tray wayans if hes there or shelton…i.could see a scenario in which he could drop to us…same goes for vic beasley…could you imagine a package where aldon lynch and beasley off comin off the edge and smith and carradine pushin up the middle! Man that would be sweet!

  4. Kevin White is going in the top 10 for sure. He’s this year’s Sammy Watkins. This is mostly gut feeling and some observation from the Combine, but I trust DGB to be a better pick than Parker. The way Parker ran the gauntlet showed little intensity which to me translates to his work ethic. Probably wrong about this but just sayin’.

    1. I couldn’t believe how slowly Parker ran the gauntlet. He ran it slower than anyone else I saw and he did that twice. Even the announcers were taken aback. I still don’t understand that. Was he injured?

      1. The gauntlet, the most thoroughly useless drill at the combine. I wouldn’t worry about how he looked doing something he’ll never have to do on a football field.

        He looked good in the other positional drills, which actually involved running routes.

        1. Scooter:

          You don’t think there is any reason to be concerned that he “half-assed” that drill (assuming he wasn’t injured), when no one else did (at least that I saw). Does he have a potential attitude problem?

          I was just looking at his “prospects” on

          One weakness they list is “He was not put on this earth to run block.” If true, wouldn’t that pretty much disqualify him from consideration by Baalke, et. al?

          1. He may well have an attitude problem. I don’t know. He didn’t come across well in his press conference either.

            Run blocking is certainly a weakness. He tends to do more watching than blocking on run plays. You could be right and it may be something that Baalke looks at and decides he doesn’t like. Though Randy Moss was a bit the same.

            He has a skill set as a receiver that would suit this team very well.

            1. What I will say regarding his attitude is, we would usually have heard something about it before now if he did have an attitude problem. The things I’ve read about him praise his work ethic and attitude.

        2. “The gauntlet, the most thoroughly useless drill at the combine.”

          I don’t think the combine “committee” (or whatever they call themselves) agrees with you. I believe this was the first year that they decided to add the gauntlet to the defensive backfield positional drills.

          1. Cubus, the next time during a game a WR needs to run in a straight line catching passes one after another, I’ll change my position.

            1. Well, it seems to me that the gauntlet might provide some insight into the reaction time of a receiver (i.e. how quickly can they get their hands up to a ball that is almost on top of them as they turn their head). Doesn’t seem to be a problem for the good WRs, but might help weed out those that should switch to CB.

              The gauntlet might actually be a better drill for DBs than WRs.

            2. How often does a guy streak straight down the field? Better toss out the 40 yard dash too. And in practice they better stop running through tires or ropes because their are NEVER tires or ropes on the field on game day.

        3. I think the gauntlet is one of the more important drills for WRs. It’s all about hand and eye coordination.

          1. So catching balls while running routes does not provide any indication of hand-eye coordination? I’d suggest it is far more useful seeing how the WRs go through those drills as not only do you see their route running skills, you also see them making catches in more difficult and varied situations.

            The gauntlet is one of the most entertaining drills at the combine. That is why it gets so much attention.

            1. All combine exercises or routines serve a purpose. The gauntlet (I agree) shows hand & eye coordination as well as catching ability and concentration.

              The deep route exercise is one of my favorites because it displays the WR’s ability to make the over-the-head catch which is a must.

              Some WR’s excel in the gauntlet but fail in catching the deep pass and visa-versa. This allows scouts to better ascertain where that WR fits if they are indeed interested in drafting him. I doubt that these WR’s are picked very high, but they could be a bargain on day 2-3.

              Obviously, the top WR’s (1st rd picks) should do well in all WR exercises. DeVante Parker did not look explosive on the gauntlet. There are no questions about his hands, but his lack of speed in the gauntlet was a little disappointing.

            2. If you don’t think catching a ball and then dropping it while a second ball is already in the air and catching that one too doesn’t test hand eye coordination you are dumb.

              Running a passing route and catching a pass doesn’t stress out the mental and physical agility of a player like the gauntlet does. Its not that complicated.

              1. “If you don’t think catching a ball and then dropping it while a second ball is already in the air and catching that one too doesn’t test hand eye coordination you are dumb.”

                That’s not what I said, genius. Comprehension an issue for you? Of course it tests hand-eye coordination.

                “Running a passing route and catching a pass doesn’t stress out the mental and physical agility of a player like the gauntlet does. Its not that complicated.”

                Are you saying that running a route full speed, then turning to locate the ball, focus on it, catch and secure the ball doesn’t test a player’s hand-eye coordination or stress a player out mentally and physically as much as the gauntlet? Ok, if you say so. Personally I believe that is far more informative as to how good a player is at catching passes than having QBs throw balls at you one after another while running in a straight line.

                The only thing the gauntlet does that running a pass pattern does not is show how well a player can drop a ball and move onto the next pass and how quick his reflexes are. The first thing is something you never want your players to do (drop the ball). They also never need to move onto the next play that quickly. And as for reflexes, if you need your WR to be catching balls that close to the LOS that super quick reflexes become an issue he isn’t doing his job right (and neither is the QB).

      2. I can I see it in his games,He does not possess the Football Field Speed to be nothing other then a Possession Wideout.This is why he is ALWAYS catching contested balls because he cannot seperate consistenly against DBs.

      3. No he `s not injured,that`s the way He plays in games,look at his games on film and you will get a better understanding of what type of player he is,barely gets separation against college cb`s,which leads to him catching a LOT of contested balls, that will not fly in the pros he will have tp step his game up or he will be riding the Bench.

    2. I agree I like DGB over Parker I just don’t know if we will draft him because of good ole Jed Yorks win with class statement which puts a lot of pressure on people. I like DGB over Parker because if you look at Parkers highlights a good amount of his TDs wouldn’t have been TDs in the NFL. He has a lot of one legged tappers vs. DGB just out jumping out powering dbs to get to the ball.

        1. If those three are gone, DGB would be a nice consolation prize to bring back to San Francisco….

  5. No because DGB will be ripe for the picking at 15, also I have this sneaky feeling that Jaelen Strong is going to have a late Odell Bekham-like ruse into the top 15.

  6. I like what Josh and Marcus sugested….I do believe that Green-Beckham will fall to us and I can’t see us losing with either he or Shelton. There are other needs for other teams, and I think that we need one of the top 4 WR’s, or save it for round 2.

    1. I think DGB might fall well past #15; politics. I’d be OK trading back and maybe still getting him. There are others worthy: CB, OL, a couple of DL, maybe an edge guy…

  7. If Cowboy retires, then no. If he comes back, then yes. It makes too much sense to get Parker. He’s a viable deep threat with a huge catching radius and there are less serious questions surrounding him than Beckham, who has serious character issue and demeanor issues. I also read on that one team representative questioned his football smarts after an interview with him.

      1. Could be, but I would still pass on him. The character red flags are too concerning to ignore.

        1. Well, is he Sapp, who put down the pipe and played long and well? Or is he Josh from Cleveland? I’d be tempted to roll the dice on him. idk

            1. Second Round now is it? Earlier in the week he was going to fall into the 3rd Round according to you. It’s simple. If you believe you need a wide receiver in the first round, there’s no need to trade up. Sit tight and if the big three are gone, entertain any offers to trade down and target DGB. If no trade offers, you can take DGB or go best player available. If you take best player available, there’s some quality receivers in the second round you could target. Agholor or Perriman should be available….

              1. Yep, I really changed my opinion by saying Beckham could be had late in the second round instead of the third round. :-p

                I do agree with the last part of your post saying there are quality WRs available in the second round. Agholor would be an excellent choice.

              2. Agholor would be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a slot/possession/No.3 receiver.

    1. Parker has injury issues….we already had that with Crabtree. DGB is a stud who has just scratched the surface. I like our new WR coach as well.

  8. No Parker just don`t do nothing for me,when I watch him in games He just don`t have the speed to be a guy who will take the top off in the Pros,He has the making of a Possession Wideout…..the 9ers need a Speedster Who can catch and Parker is not that guy.

  9. If the 49ers lose Culliver and Cox and don’t replace them, I’d contest that CB is actually the team’s biggest need. But no doubt that WR should be a position they target early in the draft.

    I’m a big fan of Parker, so if they trade up to get him (without spending a lot to do so) I’m all for it. But is Parker an elite talent? I don’t think he is. If its going to cost #15 and their 3rd to get him, you have to wonder if he’s worth that this year when the 49ers don’t have an abundance of picks like in 2013 and 2014.

    However, they will likely get some pretty handy comp picks in 2016. They could use maybe a 4th this year and a 4th or 3rd in 2016 knowing they could well get a 3rd or 4th back next year in a comp pick.

    However, at this point in time I think they shouldn’t worry about trading up for Parker (or White, or Cooper). If they are gone by #15, there will likely be another very good player available at a position they need (CB, OLB, DL). And the WR position is pretty deep again this year, so can likely get a WR that can help immediately in the 2nd round. I reserve the right to change my mind multiple times between now and the draft.

    1. I tend to agree. I think they’ll wait it out and go for BPA at several positions: CB, WR, OLB and DL.

    2. DL will depend on whether Smith comes back or not. Lynch and Aldon will be the two starting OLBs so I don’t see a need there until at least the second round. CB could be a possibility, but they could still get a good prospect there in the second round as well. That leaves WR and possibly OL as targets at 15. But like some on here, I expect Baalke to trade back if the top three WRs and CB are gone.

      1. I guess I’m the only one concerned about OLB depth, Mid. I’ve brought this up a number of times that if Skuta and Brooks are gone, we only have Lemonier. Given how feeble the pass rush was last year, what would happen if either Lynch or Aldon went down with an injury. We’ll be depending upon Lemonier and a 3rd or higher round rookie (we might find another Lynch, but odds are we won’t). My understanding is that the in a 3-4 defense, it’s the OLBs that generally make the sacks and not so much the DL. Maybe Mangini will blitz more with ILBs and DBs.

        1. No, I am worried about OLB depth as well Cubus, but that can be addressed after the first round and also probably in free agency before the draft. That would give the team the required four OLBs needed to aid in blitzing.

        2. I’m concerned about OLB depth, cubus. I’m also concerned about what happens after 2015 with Aldon.

          If one of the top edge players is available at #15, I certainly wouldn’t have any issues with the 49ers going that way.

          I do think DL is an area that needs addressing early too though. Especially is Justin Smith retires.

          1. Dl is one priority -Cowboy is either leaving or near the end (a great 49er!) RMac- gone, both our NT’s were knocked out last year:our CB’s squad needs bolstering;OL -we need a OT soon ;OLB is thin ;a RB seems in order;WR a deep threat guy is a need;QB either FA or later round pick.

          2. Given the trend of rule changes that favor the receivers, all but truly elite DBs are reduced to being escorts for receivers downfield. Pressuring the QB therefore becomes the key to slowing down an offense, so I’d be down with an edge rusher if top WRs are gone. It seems to me though that getting early pressure inside has been a glaring inability last year.

            1. Agreed Brotha. DL is being over looked as a need, but there is a possibility we could be replacing both our starting DEs and our NTs are both coming back from being on IR. While the OLBs are the ones that put up all the impressive stats, it all starts with the 3 guys up front doing the dirty work, stuffing the run, freeing up the LBs to do their thing, and generating some inside pressure.

              The question is whether there is a guy that will be available at #15 that really deserves to be drafted that high for a 3-4 front. I’m not sure there is.

    3. I think it all depends on the asking price but I certainly would not pay much to move up. The truth is, if all 3 of those guys go prior to the niners pick, it means that a top level prospect will drop. It’s also very likely that it will be at a position of need OL,CB, OLB, or DT.

      1. Yeah, I’ve been thinking along the same lines. After free agency and as we get closer to the draft, it should be possible to map out some realistic scenarios of who will be available when the 9ers draft at #15.

    4. Agree,right now I’m thinking Parker is very attractive to the Vikes and don’t think we should trade up in the first. Unless we trade down Trae Waynes would be a great first pick at PON.

        1. He does a great job of staying low in his backpedal, using his body to bump the receiver, and patience to not bite on fakes, that I don’t see his 3 cone drill time as anything to worry about.

          1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Baalke trades down and targets Marcus Peters instead. He seems to fit what Baalke generally prefers in a CB.

          2. Lateral movement is critical to a corner, and I’m going back to the film to try and see if that was an anomaly or if it translated to the field and I just didn’t notice it….

  10. It boils down to Baalke’s assessment if Parker’s worth it. I’m leaning towards trading down.

    Seems like pick 15 is just outside the range of my early favorites Beasley, Shelton, Kevin White, Scherff. Hate to keep harping on it, but there seems to be truth to the whole VG (Value Group) thing. BPA talent can be even for several picks, then a sudden drop off.

    – Picks 1 to 13 have a 74% of being a three year starter, a 44% change of making pro bowl.
    – Picks 14 to 40 have a 51% of being a three year starter, a 19% change of making pro bowl.

    49er pick 15 is in a terrible spot for BPA. A major plunge in pro-bowl potential.

    As for the round two pick…

    – Picks 41 to 66 have a 44% of being a three year starter, a 13% change of making pro bowl. T

    The 49er pick 46. Another poor value spot.

    I’m hoping the 49ers trade back in the first, up in the second to garner some value. If not the pundits will all scream “reach” and they might be right.

    1. Brodie:

      Is there any way to predict the range of each value group prior to the draft? I wouldn’t think so. It sounds like you really have to wait at least one year to determine what the “true” value group was for a draft year. I assume that picks 1 through 13 as VG1 and 14 through 40 as VG2 is a historical average over a number of years. It’s possible that VG1 this year could be 1 through 16 or 1 through 12 or 1 thru ??

        1. And isn’t there the unknown that a team drafting in let’s say the historical VG1 reaches for a player that really isn’t in the 1 to 13 group (it could be that they really need a player in a particular position and maybe there were only 1 or 2 of those players in the 1 to 13 group at the start of the draft – but they were taken prior to the team in question drafting). This could cause a “flexing” of the VG1 group. Since the niners draft at position #15, this type of flexing could readily occur. Since the niners have been known to draft BPA in the first round, this flexing scenario could result in the niners effectively drafting in VG1.

          1. In the past there have been VG 1 need “reaches”, but the three week delay till draft day seems to have evened out the draft boards (according to Baalke).

            Actually, I think the Baalke hedges toward need in the first, not caring of anyone screams “reach.” Jenkins, Ward and Reid. BPA on day two.

            That said… what the VGs don’t break down is groups by position. A running back drafted at pick 12 should have a better chance of making pro bowl then a QB drafted at pick 6, yet they are in the same VG. This might falsely inflate the value of pick 12.

            I’d love to know the 20-year VG breakdown on the receiver position.

        1. This whole notion of value (i.e. percentage of a pick being a 3 year starter relative to salary) must have been greatly affected by the rookie salary scale that was instituted in 2011 (or was it 2010). Given how low rookie salaries are now, I would think the idea of better value in the top of the 2nd round might not be as important as it was previously.

          Do you know if the historical VGs were adjusted in some manner for the rookie salary scale?

          1. That I don’t know. Good question. Paraag Marathe gave a long talk on that at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in 2013.

            Also affecting the rookie scale is the 5th year option for first rounders.

            Say you have someone you really like, and you pick at 30. You get an offer to trade back to the top of the 2nd round, and you feel confident that player will still be there in the second.

            My first instinct is to accept the trade, but that 5th year option would be lost if I chose that same player in the early 2nd.

            What has more value, the 5th year option, of the extra 4th rounder?

            5th year options aren’t cheap. I think you have to pay the average of the top 10 players at that position. Pricy, but cheaper than franchise tagging if the same player was chosen in the early 2nd.

          2. It might be that “3 year starter” was used simply because its a clearly measurable performance trait. Maybe not the best or most important performance trait… but it can be used as a clear, common baseline regardless of position.

            Pro Bowl is another clearly measurable performance property.

  11. Baalke said the late 2014 draft allowed less organized teams to “catch up” their draft boards. There were fewer day one fallers and dumb trades to take advantage of.

    This draft is late too. I’m not expecting any shake-ups that will cause Beasley, Shelton or Kevin White to fall within striking distance.

    I usually like trading up too, but with the huge demand for receivers, teams will demand (and get) way over chart value.

    Teams all know when there is a sudden talent drop off, and will make low-ball offers to offers to Baalke for trading back.

    As much as I want Baalke to trade up or back, I think he’ll stand pat and “reach” for a solid, if not spectacular player.

  12. Either take the biggest fastest receiver coming out after movin up to get him. Or forget about it. Baalke sucks at drafting wr. If he doesn’t take the obvious choice, chances are the wr will be a bust. No thx on Baalke’ wr draft pick.

  13. Many people are letting the combine get in the way of film. Listen guys the combines are a horse and pony show. Put on the film. I HIGHLY dislike the University of Louisville, I live in Louisville, and my girlfriend is a graduate. Teddy Bridgewater had a terrible pro day. Many people dismissed him, only for him to prove he may have been the best QB taken last year. Now some of you are trying to dismiss Parker because of the gauntlet. Parker single handily beat teams last year. His QB’s were terrible. The only way for a team to shut him down was to double team or bracket him. Even then he was still a threat. I understand his injuries may be of some concern but don’t let the gauntlet distract you from what happened on the field. If Parker is available, and white and cooper are gone, draft him. Or draft DGB. I have concerns about his character as much as the next man, but we need a deep threat. If we DO NOT get one, expect safeties to crowd the line and shut down the run.

  14. I don’t see a DT that will be there at 15 that is worth a top 15 pick. I’d be happy with grabbing DGB at 15 or Trey Waynes in the 1st and Devin Smith in the 2nd (might have to move up for Smith)…then going DL in the 3rd.

  15. I would just sit at 15 and take Dorial Green-Beckham. If we could move back another 5 to 10 spots and still get Dorial, I’d be in favor of that too.

    1. I like DGB too, and if that’s your guy, then you take him at 15 and don’t wait and risk someone else grabbing him. The Cowboys were laughed at when they took center Travis Frederick at no. 31 overall when the “experts” had him 2nd-3rd round. Since then, Frederick has made the all rookie team in 2013, Pro-Bowl in 2014, and was a second team All Pro in 2014.

      Dez Bryant had character issues coming out of OSU. He’s probably the 2nd or 3rd best WR in the NFL now. If DGB is there at 15, I’d take him.

  16. I think hiring an all pro wr coach, and having a guy like Boldin to mentor could be mitigating factors when deciding on DGB….

    1. Boldin will only be around for another year at the most. I don’t see the team trying to bring him back afterwards.

  17. With the current QB better to draft huge linemen like Dallas as throwing is not the 49ers strong suit as of now.

    1. Not all of that falls on the QB. Slow receivers who can’t get seperation, plus the number of dropped passes doesn’t help either. I hate when people complain about how hard Kaep throws the ball. A receivers job is to catch the ball. Turn the jugs machine to 80 MPH and get use to it.

  18. DGB was interviewed by the Niners at the Combine and has been working with Kap in AZ. Don’t blow this one…

    1. He will. He’ll go with Conley because he’s similar to Ellington and Patton. He’ll completely forget about the redzone struggles of the past few years.

  19. Im torn man to be honest. Id like to draft DGB and work out a side deal with him sort of like the Cardinals did Tyrann Mathieu. I think the Vikes will get Parker to reunite him with Bridgewater plus they need a deep threat receiver anyway. White and Cooper will obviously be gone. I say take DGB round one work out that deal with him. If we don’t go DGB then we have to go Trae Waens rd 1. D. Smith, P. Dorsett round 2 . Id go Darren Waller Rd 3. Eric Rowe rd 4. Lynden Trail Rd 5 Id go OL round 6 ( late round because we have a million of them). round 7 maybe take a chance on the JJ Nelsen kid that ran the fastest 40 he is short and his school is small so probably wont get good recognition. It all depends on what we take in the first round if we take DGB in rd 1 then Id go M. Peters in rd 2. If we take Trae Waens in rd 1 then we have to go to stretch the field receiver.

    1. 1st Rd. draft picks are a crap shoot. Both the teams in the Superbowl had no go to players that were drafted in the 1st round. We put a lot of stake in first round talent, when in reality many important players are drafted later. Take DGB if the first 3 are gone. We need a WR. We have to score TD’s in the redzone.

      Many people are talking about Justin Smith retiring, we have a platoon of guys who can step in. With our stud LB’s back there should not be a huge drop off if he is gone.

      1. Exactly KY49er I have no idea why people are saying Malcolm Brown because J. Smith might retire. Last I checked we still have Tank, Jerod Eddie, Ian Williams, Q. Dial Glenn Dorsey and hell the Colts let Ricky Jean go yesterday not to mention Lawrence Okoye might get his shot.

        1. I’m with you. The defense has proven they can hold their own. I’ll take them giving up a few more points, if that means our offense can scored a touchdown 80% of the time they reach the redzone. We need to score more points.

        1. Yeah but not for the Hawks, who only gave up a 4th to get him. so while he is a 1st rd talent the bills gave up on him and he was a retread

          1. That was smart of the Hawks. Running backs usually aren’t worth first round picks because they get hit so much, so if you can get a RB with first-round talent without giving up a first round pick, more power to you.

      2. Totally disagree. Where would the 49ers be without the following players: P Willis, V Davis, A Davis, M Iupati, J Staley, Aldon, Justin Smith, Glen D etc.? All first round picks and the core of this team for years. BTW – M Lynch, A FIRST ROUND PICK, was 1 bad play call away from being the Super Bowl MVP and the games Hero. Not sure which Super Bowl you were watching.

  20. Ok I don’t get much response on these but indulge me for a minute;Post Combine Mock#1-(1)(Not going DGB here but would be ok if we gamble on him)Vic Beasley-OLB looked formidable and fast ,will be a situational player but could pump more potency to our pass rush;(2) some will see him as a reach here but Breshad Perriman has run a 4.4 in college he’s big and has good hands and pursues the ball well, kind of a workingman’s version of Kevin White;(3) Ronald Darby CB he brought it to the combine good size fast really like him here;(4)Henry Anderson DE;(4b)Jeremy Langford RB Strong and fast with some shake and bake good hands out of backfield;(5)Tre Mcbride:;(6)Byron Jones;(7) Justin Manton K;(7a) QB Conner Halliday ,Injured last year late or could have been in early round pick!

    1. For you Scooter !

  21. I find it amazing after all the angst this past year (past few years really) about 49ers players behaving badly, and Baalke getting a lot of fan fury for drafting these guys, so many people want to take the risk on DGB. Especially when you consider the cases of Justin Blackmon and Josh Gordon, two similarly talented players with similar problems.

    People cite Dez Bryant and Randy Moss as why it is worth taking the risk. Seems to me people only want to take risks on the guys that work out. Wish all life could be played with such hindsight!

    1. IMO, Baalke is now on the clock. Right now he needs to bet big. If Parker, who I feel will be the third receiver off the board is gone, he needs to let those dice roll.

      1. I also didn’t mention it hasn’t worked out so well with Aldon Smith

        Every draft prospect provides a risk of not working out. Guys like DGB provide an enhanced risk of not working out even if they end up being good players.

        1. Enhanced risk comes with enhanced reward. Aldon Smith has rewarded the 49ers and he’s also hurt them. Sometimes the reward is worth the risk, ask the Buccaneers….

          1. Yes, sometimes it is. For a team that has been burned in recent times for taking some of those risks, do you honestly think they should do so again?

            1. I just told you they hit on Bowman and Brown. You win some and lose some. Nothings changed….

              1. What I do know is if the 49ers draft DGB I’ll be very excited! Its just my conservative nature telling me they shouldn’t go there.

              2. I highly doubt they do go there, but his ceiling really would justify the pick IF he signed the same contract as Mathieu and he cleared background checks and interviews….

  22. If the top 3 WRs are gone by #15, there are some good looking WRs that will still be available in the 2nd round. The problem is many fans won’t be happy, because the guys likely to be of interest to the 49ers in the second round aren’t 6’3+” behemoths that run like the wind.

    Personally I’d be very happy drafting Agholor or Lockett in the second round, after picking up a quality OLB, DL or CB in the first round.

    1. We don’t really need a WR who can run like the wind. We NEED a WR who give us the advantage in the Redzone. We NEED a WR who can make safeties feel uneasy. I’m okay with drafting defense but points have to be scored this year. Relying on the defense to hold teams to 10-14 points isn’t winning us games. One tall WR that puts fear in defenses will change our offense. Opens up underneath routes, opens up running lanes, it does many things that we have lacked for a couple of years.

      1. A receiver that know one is talking about that could be the niners target is jalen strong. Tested out better then DGB by a lot and has a clean back ground. He also has a very good tape. He also worked out with kaep in Arizona just like DGB did. I think they have there sights on him. They take him 15 cause KC could very well pull the trigger at 18.

        1. He doesn’t play up to the athletic ability he showed at the combine. He’s really more of a possession WR based on what he showed in college. Not really what the 49ers need.

      2. Niners need a future No.1 receiver. Good luck finding one after the first round in this draft.

          1. He ran a faster time than I expected. He’s a good athlete who has no finesse and lacks the art of move-making and getting open, sort of like Dwayne Bowe. A good No.2 receiver.

        1. DGB has the most potential of being a number one wide receiver, and according to MidWestNiner, he’ll be available in the 3rd Round because of the recent headlines concerning Gordons’ bad choices….

            1. Actually I’m the one formerly knowknown as MidWestNiner. I changed it so that MWNiner wouldn’t be confused with by others. So far the results have been mixed.

          1. His character flags make him a second round pick, and the continuing problems of Gordon push him into the third round.

            1. Baalke would be a fool to pass on that kind of talent if the top three receivers are gone. Red Zone solved and outside threat that has to be respected giving Kaepernick a huge target and catching radius with 4.4 speed. He’s exactly what this offense needs and if he’d played last year, he’d be the number one receiver bar none….

              1. Baalke would be a fool to pass on that kind of talent if the top three receivers are gone.

                Talent means nothing if your character result in you being suspended.

                He’s exactly what this offense needs and if he’d played last year, he’d be the number one receiver bar none….

                And why did he not play? Because of of his character issues.

              2. Its worth noting that for all his physical gifts, he’s still very raw as a WR. His route running is sub-par. And while I know a lot of people like to say that is something a WR can be taught, truth is that most guys that aren’t good route runners in college never become good route runners.

                His size and speed combination should mean he can contribute regardless of his poor route running, but even without his character concerns he’s no Calvin Johnson type prospect. Johnson was already a nicely refined WR coming out of college.

              3. It might be worth noting that Johnson played in a pro style offense. Sure he’s an unpolished route runner, but that’s not a concern for me with Coach Henry doing the polishing….

        2. Grant, do you have any favorites for first round WR?

          I had huge hopes for White. My heart sank when he ran that blazing 40. For the second draft in a row, the trade-up prices for top WRs will be obscene.

          1. Amari Cooper. He is by far the best offensive player in the draft. White and Parker also could become good No.1 receivers. Not sure about the rest.

            1. After (apparently) losing out on White, I just starter reviewing Parker’s footage.

              – Times his jumps perfectly.
              – Lots of red zone production.
              – Looks thin, but is a decent 209 lbs.
              – Looks like a good fit for new receiver coach Adam Henry’s high point, attack the ball style.

              Is he over his foot issues?

              Not a bad consolation prize.

          1. You need a go-to guy on offense to win a Super Bowl, and there is no running back or tight end who is worth a first-round pick this year.

            1. If Lockett had Amari Cooper’s size, he’d be in contention to be the first WR taken.

              If Agholor was 6’2+”, 210lbs, he’d be a lock to be a first round WR.

              The idea you can’t find excellent WRs after the first round in another deep WR draft sounds off to me. You just will struggle to find the prototype.

              1. Their skills and abilities. Smallish receivers who don’t play very fast, don’t win vertically outside the numbers and struggle against press coverage.

              2. I strongly disagree that these guys don’t play fast. They both have excellent quickness and agility. And both guys have shown they can win vertically in college.

              3. Ok. and I disagree with you.

       on Agholor: “Quicker than fast. Has some straight-line to him with just average fluidity through hips. Unable to blow by cornerbacks and create separation over the top. Play strength is below average. Had issues shaking Oregon State CB Steven Nelson. Will get stuck in low gear from time to time by long, press corners with strength. Lean frame. Worked well from bunch formations and might rely on pre-snap movement to free himself, depending on matchup.”


       on Lockett: “Very slightly built. Struggles with physical cornerbacks and can be redirected in his routes. Press coverage could be an issue for him on the next level. Scouts are concerned that he is too slightly built to be a full-time NFL kick returner. Likely relegated to the slot only in the NFL. Hands are inconsistent in traffic. Top-end speed in question. Got caught from behind more than once.”


              4. Well colour me convinced. There are also plenty of scouting reports out there that say both guys have good speed and excellent quickness.

                We went through this dance last year on smaller WRs.

              5. “Right off the bat, his draft value has a ceiling because he’s a slot receiver. At least that is how I see it. I don’t think he has the speed to get open outside. He’s a good value in the middle rounds, though, because of his return-game potential.” — NFC South scout on Agholor.

              6. Agree with you here though Grant. They don’t need another slot receiver they won’t use properly.

              7. Teams thinking like that are exactly why one team will get an excellent WR in the second round.

              8. He’s another one. Although I’m worried about his body catching.

                Its interesting though, he’s about the same size as Lockett, but slower, and smaller and slower than Agholor. Yet you rate him, not the other two.

              9. Greene plays faster, is a better route runner and has better hands than those two. Greene dropped just one of every 74 targets last season, and he can play outside and in the slot.

              10. All three of those guys play fast and are good route runners. Lockett is probably the best route runner of the three. While Agholor is the most fluid.

                You know I like Greene, so I’m not about to say you are wrong about him. But it makes no sense saying he can play outside and in the slot but saying the other two guys can’t.

              11. Greene was an excellent receiver outside the numbers in college. Agholor and Lockett were not, so why would they become effective receivers outside the numbers in the NFL?

              12. Both Agholor and Lockett lined up all over the field for their respective teams, and were successful at all positions.

              13. He has poor hands, a small catch radius and he can’t beat press coverage. That’s a slot receiver in the NFL.

              14. We’ll see Grant. Even if all he ends up is a slot WR, he’ll likely be a good one as he’s an excellent route runner.

              15. Lockette’s drop at the goalline against FSU was possibly the biggest moment of the game. Cost them any chance at points.

            2. A go-to guy can be on of the “good”. It doesn’t need to be a featured N1 WR. Like NE did with Edelman and like Seattle did with nobody. Actually Seattle doesn’t have a go-to guy. And they won it.

              1. Seattle has Lynch. New England has Gronkowski. A go-to guy is one of the best at his position in the NFL.

            3. I can argue that Edelman is NE’s go-to guy and not Gronkowski. Lynch in Seattle is a RB and then a WR. Its a matter of fact that Seattle doesn’t have a go-to guy. Actually the go-to guy there is Wilson to himself. You’re getting confused. You started from saying that we need a N1 WR and is visible that you don’t to win a SB. You just need a bunch of good guys and a QB and a coach that can scheme and exploit match ups. Who says that Ellington can’t become out go-to guy? But you need the proper QB to exploit it and a coach to scheme. There are many variables.

              1. A go-to guy is a skill position player opposing defenses worry about and gameplay to stop first and foremost. That’s not Edelman.

              2. actually, you misread what Grant posted. he clearly posts that the N1 WR is b/c there are no go-to TE’s or RB’s in the 1st round.

                Edelman’s success is predicated on teams having to game plan around Gronk (and Brady’s quick decision making). It’s just like a star in basketball. Andris Biedrins got paid b/c Baron Davis got him easy shots.

                Colin needs receivers with a great hands and a huge catch radius who can get clear separation. A deep threat would play into his big arm and allow for room to scramble were the opposing DL to abandon their lanes.

              1. I definitely would not spend a first round pick on Gurley. I’d spend a first round pick on a running back only if he’s Bo Jackson.

          2. that doesn’t mean that we can’t win the SB next year with them and we have to draft a WR in the first

      3. Are you suggesting that last year when we had two 6’1″ WRs and a 6’2″ WR as our main 3 guys, plus TEs no smaller than 6’3″, we didn’t have enough size to be relevant in the red zone?

        Sorry, I’m not buying that. The issues in the red zone weren’t that our WRs were too small. We lacked creativity, executed poorly, and could have done with some more quickness in the team to stretch opponents horizontally. Could a 6’3+” WR help in the red zone? Sure, he probably would, but I don’t see the size of our WRs last year as being the main issue for our lack of red zone success.

        I agree we need a WR that teams fear getting deep on them. That guy doesn’t need to be 6’3+”. If he is then great, but its not a necessity.

        1. All of those guys have lost a step. They weren’t running past anyone, nor were they getting separation from anyone. Ellington & Patton were supposed to be the speedsters. Ellington showed us a little bit but obviously they weren’t doing anything in practice to get on the field. We talk about Kaep needing some competition, this WR core needs some competition.

          1. Yes, they aren’t deep threat WRs. Thus the reason we need a deep threat WR, as I said. They do however have the size to be effective in the red zone.

            Where did I suggest the WR position doesn’t need competition?

            I just don’t believe the 49ers need to be locked into drafting a big WR. Just get a good one, doesn’t matter how big he is.

        2. This offense needs speed. Period. No one scares anybody. An outside threat, whether he’s 5′-9″ or 6′-5, it doesn’t really matter. Red Zone is a combination of creativity and Kaepernick learning how to throw the corner fade. I will say this, when you have a mismatch like we saw with Ward on Marshall, it makes it easier on the quarterback down there when you have that kind of advantage….

          1. …and confidence comes along with that. One of the weaknesses it is said that Jaelin has, separation issues. Do we really need another guy like this?

            1. Oh yeah. He’s easily my second favourite WR in this draft after Cooper. I think he’d be an excellent fit for the 49ers.

              1. Would it surprise you if White goes first and then DGB next, followed by Parker, with Cooper sliding to the Niners?

              2. Very much so razor.

                If Cooper slides to the 49ers then that will be one of the best Draftmas gifts of all time.

              3. So was Mr. Crabs. Cooper pretty much is at his ceiling in my opinion. White and DGB project better careers in the NFL imho….

              4. As I say every year it seems, people discount what being a polished WR at the college level really means.

                The fact he has an excellent all round game coming out of college shows this guy just gets what being a WR is all about. He’s naturally football smart as well as being a very athletic WR. And he also clearly is willing to work hard to be the best. Those are intangibles that often get overlooked.

                Also, despite being well polished, he will indeed continue to improve once in the NFL. Just like Odell Beckham will.

              5. I think you can improve until you hit your ceiling, and then you refine. Cooper would be drafted well after Watkins, Evans and OBJr….

        3. @Scooter….It’s the 6’4 5/8″ guy that’s throwing the ball that makes a first round WR a wasted pick. Our WR’s were good enough for 3 more W’s in ’14. If we do not pick up a FA QB and draft a QB, it’s De Javu all over again (Thanks Yogi)

        4. when you’re talking red zone, unless you can run against goal line d’s, it’s all about the QB.

          everything is more compressed. windows are tighter, reads must be faster b/c plays happen faster, play action fakes must garner more than a step, and ball placement more important. Colin is still growing in those areas. Hopefully, he makes a huge leap this season.

          it does happen, but my guess would be that creative plays winning in the red zone probably account for less than 10% of red zone TDs.

          agreed on the tall receiver point.

    2. I don’t see the problem with drafting Green-Beckham…remember Boone? Big Alex had more than a couple ‘dings’ for toking…hell, they couldn’t even get him down of the car. Now, he’s one of the best Olinemen on the team. If DGB can show us half of that potential, it’s worth the risk. I don’t think that AJJ had any risky behavior, and he couldn’t get CK to acknowledge that he was on the field….Give him the chance…no Boy Scouts here….

      1. As a lover of uncomfortable press conferences I hope they draft him. Also he can play football, and he’s not even close to his ceiling.

        All that being said DGB had a very rough childhood and is gonna need help. Hopefully the 49ers(or whoever drafts him) are classy enough to provide him the support he needs.

  23. NFL calendar to May 11th.

    February 28: NFL Regional Combine, Under Armour Performance Center, Owings Mills, Maryland.

    March 2: Prior to 1:00 p.m., PT, deadline for clubs to designate Franchise or Transition Players.

    March 7: NFL Regional Combine, Halas Hall, Lake Forest, Illinois.

    March 7-10: Clubs are permitted to contact, and enter into contract negotiations with the certified agents of players who will become Unrestricted Free Agents upon the expiration of their 2014 contracts at 1:00 p.m., PT, on March 10. However, a contract cannot be executed with a new club until 1:00 p.m., PT, on March 10.

    March 10: Prior to 1:00 p.m., PT, clubs must exercise options for 2015 on all players who have option clauses in their 2014 contracts.

    •Prior to 1:00 p.m., PT, clubs must submit qualifying offers to their Restricted Free Agents with expiring contracts and to whom they desire to retain a Right of First Refusal/Compensation.
    • Prior to 1:00 p.m., PT, clubs must submit a Minimum Salary Tender to retain exclusive negotiating rights to their players with expiring 2014 contracts and who have fewer than three accrued seasons of free agency credit.
    • Top-51 Begins. All clubs must be under the 2015 salary cap prior to 1:00 p.m., PT.
    • All 2014 player contracts expire at 1:00 p.m., PT.
    • The 2015 league year and free agency period begin at 1:00 p.m., PT. The first day of the 2015 league year will end at 8:59:59 p.m., PT, on March 10. Clubs will receive a personnel notice that will include all transactions submitted to the league office during the period between 1:00 p.m., PT, and 8:59:59 p.m., PT, on March 10.
    • Trading period for 2015 begins at 1:00 p.m., PT, after expiration of all 2014 contracts.

    March 19-21: NFL Career Development Symposium, Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix, Arizona.

    March 21-22: Super Regional Combine, Arizona Cardinals Training Facility, Phoenix, Arizona.

    March 22-25: Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona.

    April 6: Clubs that hired a new head coach after the end of the 2014 regular season may begin offseason workout programs.

    April 20: Clubs with returning head coaches may begin offseason workout programs.

    April 24: Deadline for Restricted Free Agents to sign offer sheets.

    April 29: Deadline for prior club to exercise Right of First Refusal to Restricted Free Agents.

    April 30-May 2: 2014 NFL Draft, Chicago, Illinois.

    May 8-11: First weekend after the NFL Draft: clubs may elect to hold their three-day post-draft rookie minicamp from Friday through Sunday or Saturday through Monday.

  24. Jordy Nelson on Dorsett:

    Jordy Nelson
    Jan 1, 2015
    Somebody is gonna get a major steal with this kid. If he gets in the right situation with the right QB, sky’s the limit for Dorsett. Could be a true game changer from the slot. Has big play ability. A threat to house it any time he touches it. Nobody in the NFL will catch this kid in the open field. I’d love him in Green Bay but he’s not needed cause Cobb will be resigned, but think Carolina with Cam Newton would be an ideal fit for him. Give Cam the slot guy to go with the big guy Kelvin. Give him a Hurricane to go with his Seminole.

  25. Maiocco in his chat today made this confident statement:
    “As for the quarterback question, yes, the 49ers will definitely sign someone in free agency and they’ll add a rookie, too. That could be a draft pick or an undrafted player.”
    Any speculations?
    Maiocco also thinks that there’s a better chance of the Niners resigning Cox than Culliver.

    1. They need arms for camp and backup competition. It’ll be an unimpressive FA and UDFA because that’s what’s available.

    1. Thanks cubus. I posted that above, but it got lost in the shuffle.

      Baalke generally goes BPA, but tilts toward “Need” in the first round.

      Day 1 Need
      Day 2 Trade to accumulate more picks, grab BPA
      Day 3 (try to) trade, grab BPAs and NFIs

      1. Oops, sorry Brodie. I checked all of the posts before I posted, but missed it (now I see it was posted at 1:32 PM). I thought it was a good article and provided a nice overview of Baalke’s performance since he became responsible for the roster.

        So, if Baalke is tilting towards need in the first round, does that change who you think he will go after; I suppose I should ask that question after free agency, but what the hell.

        1. NP cubus. I buried the post way up there. I miss those all the time.

          re: “Baalke is tilting towards need in the first round, does that change who you think he will go after?”

          Yes. If not for receiver need, I think Baalke would take advantage of the deep class of offensive and defensive linemen and pass rushers at 15.

          But once Baalke “reaches” for Parker to secure the “need”, he’ll spend the rest of the draft playing trade kung-fu, grabbing BPA all over the place. That’s been the pattern the last three drafts.

          Now… lets say for some odd reason Vic Beasley fell to 15… then the “need first, BPA later” model goes out the window. Don’t see it happening though.

    1. If we can get this kid, it will really be a homerun. I went to his first game back from injury, he could not be stopped. They were playing NCSU. I went to a few other games but the most notable was FSU. As an FSU fan I just knew coordinators were smart to double team him, I was wrong. He abuses any CB that has him in 1 on 1 coverage. Zone is pointless to run, he will get open. To make matters worse, his QB’s were bad real bad. Everyone in the world knew the ball was going to Parker, no one could stop him. He’s good – real good.

  26. Scooter:

    I want to digress for a moment and ask you a question about the nickel/dime defense that the 49ers play. It’s my understanding that when the niners go to a nickel defense, they substitute a DB for the nose tackle. Isn’t this unusual. Don’t most teams substitute a DB for a linebacker. So the niners do this because of how good the ILBs are?

    If this is true, it would seem that the niners would be more vulnerable to the run since they have now removed a big run stuffer. Vulnerable is a relative term because Willis and Bowman are so good, but it might result in a few extra yards than if the nose tackle were still in the game. If anyone else wants to chime in please do. Thanks.

    1. The 49ers change their front when they go nickel. The two OLBs become DEs, the two DEs become DTs.

      This is pretty common for 3-4 teams.

      1. Two three techs and two 5 techs? If so, doesn’t that leave the middle (over the center) pretty open and the gaps around the center would have to be filled in by the ILBs. But I guess the odds are very high that the offense will pass. Still I can imagine there is that borderline yardage that the offense needs for a first down, where it might be difficult to decide between base and nickel.

        1. It varies, but usually a 3-tech (e.g., J. Smith), a 1-tech (e.g., Ray McDonald), and the DEs playing 6 through 9 tech (i.e., outside the OTs/ TE).

          1. Ok, but where I’m headed is that there is going to be a gap that won’t be covered. This makes sense to me and seems to explain why when a team is faced with say 3rd and 15 or greater, running the ball will often result in 7 to 8 or more yards. But although they pick up a fair amount of yardage by running, they don’t usually pick up the first down by running. So, going to the nickel may give up run yards but often doesn’t result in a 1st down from running.

      1. Thanks for the responses. So does this effectively put the niners in more of a 4-3 defense up front?

  27. A name Grant mentioned back in early February:

    Meet the Unknown (Bryan Bennett) QB Flying Up Draft Boards After Stellar 2015 NFL Combine.

    Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were the marquee attractions during the quarterback portion of the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine, but there is no consensus among draft experts on who the No. 3 quarterback in the class is.

    Which unheralded signal-caller deserves consideration for that third spot? Can a small-school product shine in this year’s class?

    Watch as Adam Lefkoe and Bleacher Report NFL Analyst Chris Simms discuss the mystery quarterback who could be flying up draft boards come April.

    1. Cam Tech….You might just check out AUSTIN DODGE of the NAIA national champion Southern Oregon University Raiders who just broke all of the NAIA national passing records on their way to winning the national championship. We in Oregon get dissed a lot, Marcus Marriota had to win the Heisman just to get U of O any recognition even though we played for the championship….this with 5 former ‘Ducks’ QB’s on NFL rosters, and OSU has about two for Sean Mannion to join this year. They can still play QB even if they don’t go to Cal or Stanford.

      1. “We in Oregon get dissed a lot, Marcus Marriota had to win the Heisman just to get U of O any recognition even though we played for the championship….”

        Oregon’s poor performance in the national championship game is the reason. They look good against West Coast teams.

        1. KY 49er…If I remember correctly, you were a Florida State fan…isn’t that correct? I do remember that FSU is on the EAST coast, and that Marriota and the’Ducks’ beat them by 40 (FORTY) points in the semi finals with J Winston at the FSU controls. You might also check your history books to remind me of the last U of Kentucky to beat a Pac 12 team….? Also I remember that chickenpoop display of sportsmanship when Ohio State, with a 15 point lead ran their first team 4 straight plays inside the 1 yard line with 1 minute remaining, to score a meaninless TD. yeah, I’ll remember Urban Myer for that.

      1. I think so too. His deal with the Colts was for $22 million over 4 years. I don’t see the 49ers coming close to that deal. He turned 28 last November.

  28. In an attack of over-confidence and youthful exuberance, D. Funchess predicted he’d run a 4.33 40 at The Combine. So I and many others smirked when he (predictably) ran a 4.7. I haven’t forgotten though that Alshon Jeffrey ran something like a 4.68 and Brandon Marshall ran in the mid 4.7’s. So while he isn’t that good a fit for SF, he’ll be some kind of OW for somebody.

    1. Jeffery ran a 4.48, Brotha.

      The number of WRs that run slower than a 4.65 and make it in the NFL is pretty small. And the ones that do are typically very savvy WRs that know how to get themselves open through excellent route running and body/ hand use.

      Funchess doesn’t have speed and he doesn’t get himself open very well. While anything is possible, I just don’t like his chances of panning out as a WR.

    2. @Brotha Tuna…please excuse me if I’m repeating someone else’s post, but has it been suggested that we could draft and use DGB almost like a TE and duplicate VD from a size and speed perspective as a WR? With Boldin at the other WR, wouldn’t that be a picnic for patton or Ellington frOM THE SLOT?

  29. Next rambling thought:
    In all the attention paid to the two top QB prospects 3 thoughts come to mind.
    – both were smart to throw imo
    – Winston’s charisma was obvious and reminded me a bit of Cam Newton’s.
    – my most favorable impression of JW is that the coaches raved about his football smarts. Good trait for all, but especially a QB.
    Others will have to investigate and make judgements about the negative off-field stuff. I’m still not at peace on the rape case. No criminal charges sought by DA, but Civil case to follow with lower standards to convince a jury. As an Owner or GM, I’d want my lawyers to speculate on the merits and prospects for the plaintiff’s case. Time bomb or just distraction?

  30. Here’s my understanding of how releasing Brooks will affect the 49ers in free agency and beyond. According to, a post June 1 release will result in about $4.7 million in savings; pre-June 1 savings appear to only be about $1.5 million.

    $4.7 million in savings by releasing Brooks after June 1st won’t help the 49ers sign players when free agency starts on March 10th. He would still be on the roster and count against the top 51. According to the event schedule posted by UnderCenter at 3:41 PM yesterday – March 10th Top-51 Begins. All clubs must be under the 2015 salary cap prior to 1:00 p.m., PT.

    So, in effect, it seems to me that the savings from cutting Brooks after June 1st will only help with signing the rookie class (typically about $4 million to $5 million), but won’t help with signing any free agents during the month of March (other less talented players could be signed after June 1st). If the 49ers want to sign free agents in March, they’ll have to free up cap space another way. To date, I’ve heard nothing about any current players being restructured.

    1. As I’m doing some more research, it looks like teams can designate up to two players as June 1 cuts EVEN if they cut the players before June 1st. This information is from a 2013 article. Assuming it’s still true, then the 49ers would want to designate Brooks as a June 1st cut and cut him soon so that they have additional cap space for March free agency.

        1. Oh, I imagine he’ll try, but if we trade him prior to June 1st, then the savings is probably only the 1.5 million. I don’t know if a “trade” as opposed to a cut can be designated as a post June 1st transaction, thus freeing up $4.7 million instead. Of course we would presumably get a draft pick for the trade, but other teams might not want to take on Brooks’ salary in light of the problems he caused at the end of last year. I would think that a key consideration here is to free up as much as possible of Brook’s cap hit now so that the money can be used to sign a free agent at or near the start of free agency. But I really don’t know.

          1. I’ve not looked at Brooks’ contract in detail, but if the 49ers traded him they would only be on the hook for whatever pro-rated portion is remaining of his signing bonus.

            1. Just found the following on


              “You can also designate a player a June 1 cut prior to June 1. In this case you will maintain the full cap charge for the player, even though he has been released, until June 1 at which point just the prorated money for the year remains with the balance being charged to the following league year. This is done to allow you to avoid guarantees or roster and workout bonus money that you might be obligated to pay if the player actually remains on the roster until June 1. But in terms of helping with free agency it really does not give you any benefit due to the benefit coming long after players are signed.”

              This would seem to indicate that designating Brooks as a June 1st cut while releasing him earlier would NOT save the full amount of $4.7 million which could then be used for March free agency. It looks like he would be due $1.2 million in roster bonus and $0.1 million in workout bonus, which I guess would be saved prior to June 1st, with the remainder saved after June 1st.

    2. I’d suspect Brooks has some trade value to other teams even with his current contract. Cutting him would seem extravagant to me and not Baalke’s method.

  31. Jacoby jones just got released from the Ravens. Great kick off returner and would bring a nice element of speed. I would prefer him to ginn.

    1. Elite – Sorry bro…I actually looked to see if anyone posted the story and still didn’t see your post. (Blind bat)……We need Jacoby (like I need cold IPA’s every Saturday night).

  32. Attention Baalke!!….This is your late round draft steal. DE “Frank Clark” Michigan…..Yes he has had off field issues (domestic violence) etc….I know we just had the same issue with Ray McDonald but so what, lightning won’t strike twice (knock on wood).
    My 2 favorite college football teams are Michigan (#1) and UCLA (#2) so I watched Clark play several games before he was booted from the team. Ex loser sissy-coach Brady Hoke hated Clark but when Clark was on the field he stood out and looked NFL ready….Just give him some guidance and he’ll make you proud one day Baalke.
    Clark probably would be a 3rd round pick (IMO) if he stayed out of trouble. He put up great numbers at the combine too (story below).

  33. CB, CB and a CB. Lets lock down the opposing WRs and put a little less stress on the LB and DLs. thank you.. We can pick up value WRs later in the draft.

  34. I saw Devante Parker press conference and all he was doing was mumbling a bunch of words and not really answering or seem to be understanding some questions. He didn’t seem to be there. He also walked through the gauntlet, he seems a bit slow. I can’t be the only one who is seeing this. I believe he’s gonna drop and I don’t want my team to be the one to catch him. I didn’t think he was 1st round worthy in the first place.

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