Different schools of thought

As you know, I’ve criticized offensive coordinator Greg Roman for Vernon Davis’ disappearance from the 49ers passing attack three-of-the-last-four games.

Many of you have argued on Roman’s behalf, praising the way he’s used Davis to open up other players on the offense.

I guess I just come from a different school of thought.

In baseball, for example, you can intentionally walk or pitch around a batter, and there is not much the batter can do because there is nothing in the strike zone at which to swing.

However, in football, you can create methods and schemes to get a receiver open. Now, of course, he has to run a good route and the protection has to hold up, etc., but at least you are making a concerted effort to get him involved in the game plan.

Another example – if the 49ers’ opponent played eight or nine defenders in the box whenever possible and played zero coverage (no safety in the post), would the 49ers concede there is no way for Gore to run; therefore, call no runs, or would they adjust their blocking schemes and re-mike the defenses to give their front-five and tight ends a chance to block the most dangerous of the defenders to give Gore a chance to run the ball?

I guess it all boils down to philosophies and game design and creativity.

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