Doctor Jim Harbaugh says Marcus Lattimore’s right ACL looks “really good.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Jim Harbaugh said to the media Friday afternoon.

Q: How did they look out there today?

HARBAUGH: Good. Excitement is in the air. Our team got bigger. There are more of us. These guys look really good. They look like football players.

Q: What kind of work will Lawrence Okoye do?

HARBAUGH: Everybody is starting with their first step. He’s right in there – defensive line, special teams right now. We’ve all got a long road ahead, a tough road of hope. We’ve got to be patient.

Q: How concerned are you that he’s never played a down of football in his life?

HARBAUGH: I’m excited about it. I know our coaches are. He was a rugby player until he was 18 years old, and then he just took up the discus. Two years later he’s throwing in the Olympics. That bodes well. That was a big shift in what he did. He picked that up and did very nicely.

Q: Have you sat down with Marcus Lattimore yet and talked about what your expectations are for him this year?

HARBAUGH: We did the extensive medical yesterday. That’s the first step of the process. Everything looks good structurally with all the guys we drafted. The ACL looks really good for Marcus. We’ve had to take a step back in terms of some of the cutting because we want the inside of the knee, the lateral side of the knee to heal fully. We’re good. We’ve talked. Our trainers are excited.

Q: Have you broached the topic with him of him not playing this season?

HARBAUGH: I don’t think it’s necessary to go through those hypotheticals. We’re very early in the process.

Q: Is Tank Carradine further along in his rehab than Lattimore?

HARBAUGH: Tank is further along, but they’re in the same process.

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