Eric Reid: “I’m going to try to get on the field, and when I am I don’t want to have any downfalls.”

Here’s what the 49ers’ No.1 pick, Eric Reid, said to reporters Friday afternoon on the side of the practice field.

Q: What’s the biggest message you’ve gotten from Harbaugh so far?

REID: Just get on the field. I’ve had my plays, I’ve studied, so now it’s just doing it, make my checks, do my job. Play football.

Q: Have you watched any tape of Dashon Goldson from last year and seen how he played in this defense?

REID: I watched a little bit. I see why they lost him to free agency. He’s a great player. I’m going to try to get on the field, and when I am I don’t want to have any downfalls.

Q: What’s your first impression of how your game compares to his?

REID: I think we’re pretty similar. We almost have identical body types, it’s kind of weird. Same height, almost the same weight, almost the same person I guess. But I still have to prove myself. He’s very proven. He’s a veteran and I’m a rookie. Hopefully it works out for me.

Q: Do you think you’re ready as far as conditioning?

REID: I do think I’m ready as far as conditioning. I worked out with the team at LSU during the dead period after the draft. I’m just looking forward to doing my job. The NFL is fast. They motion or change the play. You’ve got to be quick. I think that’s going to be the hardest part.

Q: Did it help you to study the play book before the mini-camp?

REID: Definitely. I was ahead of the curve a little bit. The calls were familiar. The checks were familiar. Now it’s doing it with speed. When something happens, you’ve got to do it right now. You can’t sit and think about it. That’s the biggest transition.

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