Sunday matchup: Dolphins offense vs. 49ers defense

I think the Dolphins will struggle dramatically on offense, especially in the passing game. They do not possess a wide receiver who can stretch the field.

They basically have a “chains” or “sticks” passing game – it doesn’t extend beyond ten yards. They have not demonstrated the capacity to design “double move” routes for any of their wide receivers or tight ends to get deep.

Anthony Fasano has the speed of a tackle, but, unfortunately, he is a tight end; therefore, he really does not threaten any strong safety. He can be covered by a linebacker, freeing up the strong safety to double the wide receivers.

The running game for the Fish is not bad, and Reggie Bush can sting you for a big play if you are not conscious of the cut back and the occasional outside run.

With Pro Bowl LT Jake Long out, it will be a little more difficult for the Dolphins to run to their left and to hold up in pass protection.

QB Ryan Tannnehill is not bad for a rookie but he is not Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck or even Russell Wilson in Seattle in terms of being a multi-faceted playmaker.  Tannehill does have some pocket movement skills and shows some ability to extend the play, but he is not as fast as Griffin or Colin Kaepernick.

Advantage: 49ers

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