Dontae Johnson says Brandon Lloyd is the most difficult 49ers’ receiver to cover

SANTA CLARA — Rookie cornerback Dontae Johnson was interviewed by Bay Area reporters Tuesday afternoon outside of the 49ers’ locker room. Here’s what he said about the 49ers’ wide receivers.

Q: Which receiver do you find the most difficult to cover?

JOHNSON: I would say Brandon Lloyd. I feel like going against him allows me to be more patient in route recognition and understanding what receivers really are trying to do to a DB to try to get open in certain situations. With his route running — he runs great routes, excellent short, intermediate and deep routes. So, just understanding his tempo and demeanor coming off the ball has really helped me to relax and be patient.

Q: Is he good at not tipping off the route he’s running?

JOHNSON: Absolutely. I haven’t played in the league, but I promise you he’s probably the best in the league at doing that. Just from practice and just watching film, he’s very consistent with his short, intermediate and deep routes — he runs them all the same. He makes them look the same and runs them at a great, great tempo.

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  1. good to see Brandon is back.. and hope he makes the team..

    Got a feeling he’s gonna be difficult to cover..
    even for the “Legion of Doofuses”

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