Draft day live blog: Day 1 (second try)

SANTA CLARA — Comments have been disabled on the first live blog for some reason. So here’s another live blog. Leave your comments here.

6:22 The Titans take Taylor Lewan with the eleventh pick.

6:26 It would be interesting if the 49ers traded up and both Odell Beckham and Darqueze Dennard was available.

6:27 Forget that scenario. The Giants draft Odell Beckham. I don’t like the pick for the Giants. Their offense ranked 30th in the red zone last season. Beckham won’t help in that area.

6:31 The Rams take Aaron Donald with the thirteenth pick. All of a sudden, the Rams have really talented offensive and defensive lines.

6:41 The Bears take Kyle Fuller with the 14th pick.  The 49ers may have to trade up right now with the Steelers if the Niners want Darqueze Dennard.

6:44 The Steelers take Ryan Shazier with the fifteenth pick. Dennard still on the board. I doubt the Cowboys take him with pick No.16.

6:53 The Cowboys take Zack Martin with the sixteenth pick. Will any team take Manziel in Round 1? Dallas remains committed to fielding the worst defense in the NFL.

6:58 No way the Ravens take Dennard with the seventeenth pick. Dennard should be available at pick No.18 unless another team trades up with the Ravens for him.

6:59 The Ravens take C.J. Mosley with the seventeenth pick. The Jets are on the clock. Good spot for the Niners to trade up to.

7:07 The Jets take Calvin Pryor with the eighteenth pick. How far will Dennard fall?

7:18 The Dolphins take Ja’Wuan James with the nineteenth pick.

7:19 The Cardinals trade the twentieth pick to the Saints.

7:21 The Saints take Brandin Cooks with the twentieth pick. Good pick. Drew Brees and Sean Payton will get the most out of Cooks.

7:33 The Packers take Ha Ha Clinton-Dix with the twenty-first pick. The Eagles are on the clock. I predict they take Cody Lattimer.

7:40 The Eagles trade the twenty-second pick to the Browns.

7:42 The Browns take Johnny Manziel with the twenty-second pick. Of course he lands in Cleveland. Good luck, Johnny.

7:43 The Chiefs are on the clock. Good spot for a 49er trade up.

7:50 Pick is in. No trade up for the 49ers.

7:51 The Chiefs take Dee Ford with the twenty-third pick. The Bengals are on the clock. If the 49ers don’t trade up for this pick, Cincinnati probably will take Dennard.

7:55 The Bengals take Dennard with the twenty-fourth pick, and the 49ers miss out on the top-three cornerbacks in the draft. Which corner do you think Trent Baalke is targeting? Bradley Roby?

7:59 The Chargers take Jason Verrett with the twenty-fifth pick. The Eagles are on the clock.

8:08 The Eagles take Marcus Smith with the twenty-sixth pick. Two players from Louisville get picked before Teddy Bridgewater.

8:15 The Cardinals take Deone Bucannon with the twenty-seventh pick.

8:19 The Panthers take Kelvin Benjamin with the twenty-eighth pick. Marqise Lee, Cody Lattimer and Bradley Roby are still available.

8:23 The Patriots take Dominique Easley with the twenty-ninth pick. Will the 49ers take someone other than a wide receiver or cornerback?

8:24 I would take Lee right now.

8:29 The 49ers take safety Jimmie Ward with the thirtieth pick.

8:33 Ward probably will be the 49ers’ slot cornerback next season.

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  1. Lewan to the Titans is a strange pick. Surely other needs were more pressing?

    1. i guess the best way to help the passing game and defense is to double down on the O-line (a position of strength) and control the clock and score more???

  2. I hope Johnny bench warmer gets picked soon so they stop moaning and gurgling about him.

    1. Good situation for him to go into. Manning loves to throw, and no more Nicks on the roster.

    1. D’oh! :-P

      Well, I’ll take solace in the fact at least the guys that do this for a living also think he’s going to be pretty darn good.

      1. Gilbert, Barr, and now Beckham are off the board.
        Barr and Beckham were strong possibilities (imo), but now if we go WR its B.Cooks or Marqise Lee.
        I go with M.Lee (if we pick WR with our 1st).

  3. The Giants ranked 30th in red zone offense last season. Beckham won’t help that.

      1. Beckham couldn’t find a way to score in the red zone during college.

        1. And yet, he was selected 12th Overall by a professional staff. Maybe Coughlin doesn’t read your stuff Grant. Or perhaps you under rated this prospect.

          1. True, every time a team has taken a WR in the top-15 picks the WR has exceeded expectations.

            1. I’m with Grant here. He’s not a Redzone solution.
              He even got outproduced by Jarvis Landry at college.

  4. Haha Odell says it’s time to bring home a super bowl. Gotta crawl before youwalk son.

  5. Pete Prisco – “I might be in the minority on this pick, but I like it. He will be better than Mike Evans. They need a receiver to go with Victor Cruz.”

    I agree Pete!

  6. well, the way this draft is shaking out, I don’t feel too bad for not knowing much and following this blog for the last two months. ;)

    Thanks for all of the insight though guys- crazy how much knowledge you guys have on the players coming out.

    How many of you guys liked Mack more than Clowney? I think I side with Ray Lewis from what I have seen.

  7. Well the 3 WR’s the 9ers were rumored to like are gone and one CB is also gone. How many of you still see them trading up? Staying put? Trading back?

    1. I say pass rusher if the trade up.. Ryan Shazier… Or hell, Maybe bradin cooks

    1. Are u guys getting picks early. I live in kentucky and im just gettingthe kyle fuller pick

  8. Love the amount of talent in this year’s draft. Reminds me of 2011, can’t imagine how Niners can go wrong this year.

    1. It will be interesting to see how the niners rate the remaining receivers vs cornerbacks.

  9. You don’t draft a WR when you need CBs. Look for 49ers to draft multiple CBs and pass rushers.

  10. wow, i was just spit balling earlier today a couple of posts ago:

    i think the consensus opinion on Shazier is that while he’s very fast, athletic and a tackling machine; he’s undersized and will need to be protected. So a team that has space eating defensive linemen would make sense as a fit for Shazier. The Steelers have had what most would consider undersized rush OLBs in recent years but then they have space eating down linemen too.

  11. I kind of like the way this draft is skaking out so far… but wish more teams would take a Qb.

  12. Damn I was hoping Big D would pick Johnny… that could have given me years of Joy.

  13. Interesting the Browns make a good deal, the Raiders make a smart pick and now Dallas makes a good pick as well… maybe death and taxes are not so certain.

    1. I saw this guy Mosely interviewed and I came away with a very positive impression.

    1. unless they want to mimic the Hawks… no safeties off the board.
      If one falls it might not be a bad Idea to pick one of them to pair with Reid.

        1. We signed a safety that is older and was not as good in coverage as Whitner was… there is a lot to be desired there.

          1. A safety in the first round …..really?…..you are not making any sense

  14. OK, most of the good players of 49ers need are gone. Watch them take a center or an equipment man.

    1. I’m tellin ya, they’re taking an equipment man. Gotta get the gatorade on the field on time!

  15. So much for the Jets not taking secondary help and taking a wide receiver, hey Grant?

      1. You said they’d go wide receiver and not secondary twice in a row….

    1. Not really a good draft for WRs, no matter what the experts say. Very little value left at any position. The 49ers should just turn in their cards and skip the draft. There is nothing left at any position of need.

  16. Sure, this is a deep draft but I wonder who the Niners targeted? The top 2-3 at just about every position, except for RB and S, are gone. Is there first round value at pick 30? I don’t think so.

    1. Agreed, They should trade 30 for something next year and a high 2nd this year. No value left in the first round.

  17. At this point the niners should probably stay put and double down in db’s and wideouts.

    1. What wideouts and dbs would you suggest? All the good ones at positions of need for the 49ers in this draft are gone. They should fold. Nothing left to waste cap space on.

  18. I think Pryor was Baalke’s 1st pick, he wasn’t expecting him to go so high.

  19. Grant, you really got to get rid of this new format, the old one worked.
    this one doesn’t

    1. Fail- finally someone else see’s the light. TB has totally the wrong personality traits to be a good GM.

      1. It’s not his personality, it’s his picks. Other than Reid, who has he drafted? Even Kaep was a third-rounder they took too high.

      1. Why don’t you just go ahead and boycott them now? Baalke is a moron? Child, please.

    1. They have someone in mind unless they already their top pick(s)
      If not Dennard now then who?

    1. Scooter: Ha Ha is a great player but I think that the pressing need was WR. The Niners should have moved for a top WR. They needed a top WR to revive their anemic passing game.

    1. Why? There’s nobody left in this round that’s first round value. They should trade back.

  20. I’m surprised from the lack of movement so far. Can the 49ers really be making all of their picks? Hmm anyone have a feed of the draft room in Santa Clara?

  21. I absolutely love the strategy by Balls of Steel Baalke. I like the idea of staying put in a deeper than deep draft, and let it come to you……

    1. You, sir, make no sense. Baalke has utterly failed the team in the first around.

      1. Yes, major fail. EXCEPT THAT HE HASN’T PICKED YET SO YOU HAVE NO F IDEA! Are you a 10 year old FF fan?

    2. This is what I was hoping for and they take Kony Ealy with this pick. I really hope they don’t take a M Lee or J Varrett

      Let’s all just remember the 2012 draft class. Probably one of the worst ever. We need bigger and stronger guys…

  22. Razor,
    I have the 49ers drafting Lee, but if he’s gone and we still want a WR with our 1st pick it may very be Cody Latimer or Kevin Benjamin.

    1. I want Lee so bad, but if it’s down to KB or Latimer, I’ll have Latimer, but not in the first….

    2. Latimer and Benjamin are second-round quality, the 49ers would be wise to pass into the second round, now.

  23. So much for us trading…. Like i said months ago, nobody can ever predicy a balkee draft. Every so called expert knew he was gonn trade up but oh well, balkee said last week his board was set, guess Kelvin and Dee ford are still there at 30

    1. Ford?!! That would be a terrible selection…even worst than AJ, in my “expert” opinion ;-)
      It is not a need area, and he’s certainly not a 1st round pick.

  24. Big fail so far…….no way 4-5 rookies make the roster talk less of 7…..

    We should have traded up for an impact player

    1. Browns gave up a 3rd round to move up to 22. It is becoming clear that as the draft evolved, Baalke decided to stay put at 30th. They have the ammo to trade up, but there is not one player the Niners wanted from the 10th-15th on up.

  25. M Lee and Dennard are still alive. Could Grant’s vision be realized!?

  26. Didn’t Cleveland do the same ring a few years ago with Brady Quinn the wonder boy out of ND.

    Anyway I ain’t a hater Johnny hope you prove them wrong.

    Niners blew it. They can’t keep all these Rookies.

    1. I guess I can see Niners making a lot of moves in rounds 2 – 4 b/c of a deep draft. Also maybe stock some picks for the 2015 draft.

  27. This is a deep draft. 3rd rounders are 1st rounders, if they don’t use the higher ones this year, trade them for 1st’s and 2nds next year.

    1. I think they should take a powder on the whole thing, fire Baalke and start over with someone who’s proactive. This passive crap is bullsh*t.

  28. Ford to KC? Didn’t see that coming. Conversion to LB take time? Situational pass rusher this season.

  29. Dee Ford? What the heck were the Chiefs thinking? Is one of Houston of Hali about to get done for drugs or something?

  30. if we dont move up in round one, looks like Baalke is gonna stock pile picks in next years draft

    1. Won’t help the team this year. Waiting another year is a year too late, the window will be closed.

  31. Very pleased with Baalke waiting for the value range of picks 30-50. Clearly, the FO blew some smoke at the beat writers about trading up to a substantially high pick. They still could trade up a few spots but will have to give up only a little.

    1. Not a smokescreen
      Only common sense
      Why have all those picks
      If only a few will actually make the team…

  32. All the “top” corners off the board now. Niners gotta go Verrett if he makes it past SD

  33. In answer to Grant’s question – he isn’t targeting a CB in the first round.

      1. Grant: good value for Lattimer at 30th..but they can get him in the early 2nd round.

      2. Latimer is an option.

        My guess is one of Lee, Tuitt, Lawrence or Easley.

        1. Scooter: At this point, a DL will do fine. There’s been a run on everything but DL.

  34. Someone wake up baalke…
    We couldve had dennard
    And all it would’ve cost is a 3rd….
    Feeling annoyed

  35. At this point do you see the niners moving up for anyone? Looks like they are gonna stand pat or trade down.

  36. Ok is the FO sleeping? They watched all the starting caliber Cbs go off the board. Of the 12 picks we have maybe 3 will make the 53. What the hell are you waiting for

  37. Matt Millen said Marquisse Lee was special… so please stay away from this kid. I liked him until that point. But if their is one thing I know… If Matt Millen likes a player, dont draft him!!!

  38. If the niners trade out if the first, it’ll be like getting all worked up for 5 months awaiting release only to be interrupted by your baby crying. ….

  39. They’ll get some stick for it, but Marcus Smith is a good pick by the Eagles.

      1. I’m sure some will believe so. I had him as the 33rd best player on my Big Board.

  40. Seems like Pilly could have taken Marcus Smith in a trade back to 30… does this mean Baalke is not trying to move up to secure Lee?

  41. Lee is small, I think he should trade back, it the Pats don’t do it first. Pick up another second and a fourth.

    1. Don’t like that pick at all.

      Actually, not true – I love the pick because it was the Cardinals!

  42. Cards’ D gets better. Will continue to be tough for Niners to score on the road at Phoenix.

  43. Who is Baalke waiting for? At this point they should trade down for a team who wants Carr or Bridgewater…

  44. GEEZ I would have liked Benjamin. Our redzone offense could have used him.

  45. Benjamin is the biggest bust risk in the first round among receivers.

  46. Benjamin fills a major void in our offense, red zone threat. Throw the ball up, he’s coming down with it.

  47. Lee and Roby left. Will Cheatin Peat jump ahead in a trade? Does NE need a WR?

  48. Benjamin would have filled a major void in our offense, red zone threat. Throw the ball up, he’s coming down with it.

  49. Wow, what a deep draft in Niners’ areas of interest. The best I’ve seen for a while.

    Niners now on the clock.

    Tomorrow is when Baalke will be active with his reserve picks.

  50. Whoa! I said they might look at Jimmie Ward to play slot CB!

    I actually like the pick. Bethea’s eventual replacement.

    1. Yea, I forget who first brought that idea up, but I said it was bloody brilliant at the time…..

      1. Yeah, I mentioned it a month or so ago when we talking about Verrett – I thought they’d be more likely to take Ward than Verrett at #30 and have him play CB. Someone else brought it up again a couple weeks back.

    2. Yea, I forget who first brought up that plan, but I said it was bloody brilliant at the time. Great call Scooter!

  51. Highly recruited Parade All-American who starred as an all-purpose football player, basketball player and track competitor as a California prep. Also competed as a sprinter and long jumper for the USC track team. Made an immediate impact as a true freshman in 2011, when he was named Pac-12 Freshman Offensive Co-Player of the Year; started 8 of 12 games and produced 73 receptions for 1,143 yards (15.7-yard average) and 11 touchdowns with 10 kickoff returns for 285 yards (28.5), including an 88-yard score against Washington. Teaming with Robert Woods (2013 second-round pick by Buffalo) for the second year, totaled 118 catches for 1,721 yards (14.6) and 14 TDs in 13 starts, garnering the Biletnikoff Award, Paul Warfield Award and Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year. Was the Trojans’ leading receiver for the second year in a row in 2013, when he managed 57 catches for 791 yards (13.9) and four TDs; 10 kickoff returns for 164 yards (16.4) and eight punt returns for 46 yards (5.8). Did not play against Arizona, Utah and Colorado because of knee and shin injuries. Also had 24 career rushes for 146 yards (5.5) and no touchdowns. Owns or shares 24 USC records and three conference records. Team captain.

    1. Average size and run strength. Does not break many tackles. Was slowed by nagging injuries, and body is not built to withstand a lot of punishment. Can do a better job securing the ball through traffic — has shown a tendency to flag the ball. Long-term durability could become an issue.

  52. What a let down. It is an area of need..but he’d been there in the early 2nd round.

  53. Decent pick. Better than the Pats picking a second-rounder with injuries in the first round.

  54. Like i said, with balkee, expect the unexpected!!!!! This has aj jenkings written all over it. The defensive version

    1. Not that he’s a bad pick, but we could have done traded back for him, just like Aj

      1. I watched this guy play because I am from Illinois. He is big time. He is a mixture of Earl Thomas and Charles Woodson. He and Eric Reid will be great. Great Scouting BALKE

  55. I’m BUMMED. I know it’s a need. But like everyone has said I’m sure he would have been around in the 2nd round. Maybe we take Martavious Bryant out of Clemson.

  56. Don’t know enough about him to express an opinion. I’m sure he will play CB. I see them trading up in the 2nd for a WR

    1. They should have traded for a WR in this round…..why trade for the 7th-10th on up best WR on the board? Just wait and see who is available at your spot.

  57. Whoa! Y’all tripping. This kid can play. Never heard of him? Didn’t do your homework. Yeah, projected late 2nd……in November! Peeps looked at tape and his stock rose. Is this a little high? Maybe, but I’m ok with it. He had lots of buzz in the last 3 weeks, been moving up.

  58. Well Baalke better step it up big time tomorrow. He already has two strikes on him (the last two drafts), three strikes and you are out (or should be). What a profoundly underwhelming pick, hope it turns out to be good.

  59. This is someone’s opinion….., but I think Jimmie Ward is being over-hyped in a safety poor market. He strikes me as a sure bet as a special teams player, and depth at safety. But if you look closely at how he tackles, you’ll get the sneaking suspicion he won’t be playing long; or at the very least is destined for a lot of time spent on Injured Reserve lists. His style of play at the college level is fine, but in the NFL I think he’ll be chewed up. If he’s ever isolated against a big receiver – like Brandon Marshal or Calvin Johnson – quarterbacks will begin to drool. I’m not saying he couldn’t contribute in run support, which is obviously his strong point. It’s the limited skill set I see in Ward that makes me think he’ll be over-draft. He’s a 3rd round player at best, and a Day 3 guy at worst, but I predict he’ll be snagged by a team in the middle to bottom of the 2nd round. He’d be a good safety depth player

  60. That’s an A pick for Baalke, Ward was the best cover safety in the draft and can easily play nickel next year. I had a feeling it could happen after Verrett went off the board

  61. I think it would have been Roby had he not gotten in trouble, and the 49ers woes lingering from the headlines…

    1. Razor: Roby is a head-case. I am glad the Niners stayed away from him.

  62. For those that are seeing this as a reach, he was the 33rd rated player on CBS’ Big Board. Perfect fit as the slot CB that will eventually take over at SS.

    1. Scooter: I agree…but don’t you think that the Niners have bigger needs than to try to fit a S as a CB?

      They have lots of picks will not make the team. They should have traded their high picks to move up on the first round for a top CB/WR. It is a waste to use those picks to trade up in the 2nd or 3rd round for second/third tier players when they could have used them to move up in the draft at 10-15 and have a top pick at WR/CB.

      1. Nope. Their biggest need coming into the draft was slot corner. Once again Baalke went for need in round 1. He’s done it every year. Now it’s up to Ward to live up to the draft slot.

        1. Trent also gets blinders when he locks in on a player. That’s one of his shortcomings. He easily loses perspective. He did that with Jenkins which is why he reached when he could have been had farther down the draft. Like many of you see red flags and potential weaknesses in players, I see those same type of personality flaws in Trent. I compare him to Williams as a punt returner. Williams was only able to focus on one aspect of returning punts at a time. He could not multitask. When he focused on catching the ball he couldn’t simultaniously focus on the defenders positions on the field. Which is why he had so many fair catches early in the season. Because when he focus on the defenders closing on him he lost focus on the ball- ergo the fumbles. That is why he muffed his punts. TB has that same problem except it is in relation to various aspects of his role as GM. I don’t believe he is capable of integrating the many facets required and necessary for a GM to be functional.

      2. I think the guys they wanted to trade up for were either Beckham or Fuller, but both were gone by pick #15 which is where I think they would have started getting reasonable trade up options.

        I know a lot of people think they should have traded up for Lee (didn’t need to in the end, and they still passed on him which should tell you what they think of him), Cooks (they don’t use small slot WRs effectively, so why bother) or Dennard, but Ward is a good fit for what they want. Excellent cover skills and instincts, not afraid to be physical and make the tackle. And he has the skills to move to SS long term.

        They’ll likely move up for a WR in round 2 now.

          1. Im convinced Fuller was their target but I don’t think either they expected him to go that soon or they couldn’t find a trade partner in that range that would take what they were offering.

            1. Yeah, I’m still convinced they wanted Beckham. I said it way back in February – if Baalke liked Jenkins he’s going to fall in love with Beckham.

              Good for Beckham though – the Giants are a much better fit for him than the 49ers would have been.

        1. Couldn’t agree more. Solid pick…don’t forget that the Seahawks needed a slot cb too and mysteriously bailed after we grabbed Ward. Just sayin’

    2. Ya, I remember when you brought his name up. I think you’re right. I was high on Varrett but I think this guy when you think of slot corner, is a better choice. Good call!

  63. “In analyzing Northern Illinois’ Jimmie Ward, I get the sense he really doesn’t fit either position mold entirely. Good, but not great speed. Nice ball instincts, but not great. Tackles well, and sells his body for big hits; yet he gets his bell rung quite a bit too. So where would he truly fit in at the NFL level, regardless of whether he’s a strong or free safety? In this NFL Draft, the number of teams searching for help a safety is HUGE! Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Calvin Pryor are in a class by themselves as pure, talented free safeties. But there’s going to be teams who look for players like Jimmie Ward that can be a hybrid of both positions. I just don’t see Ward as anything other than a strong safety, so the chance he’s incorrectly drafted is rather high.”. ……

    Sounds like a slot cb….with good special teams play……I like the pick…..

    1. Really, 4.4 speed is not great. His tape is not great. My son showed me his tape a month ago and said, “dad this is the best cover guy I watched so far”. I’m like, whatever, Jimmie who? He’s right, I watched it tonight and the guy is a ballhawk. He is exactly what Tyrann Mathieu is for the Cardinals. He is interchangeable, can play slot corner, safety…playmaker…we just added a playmaker on defense. 49ers and Seahawks are just smarter and better at drafting than other teams. Interesting that the Seahawks immediately bailed out. They need a slot corner too.

      1. meant to say, “Really, 4.4 speed is not great? His tape is not great? It is!!!

    2. I like Ward’s film more than Dix’s or Pryor’s. Neither of the latter guys have Ward’s movement in coverage, which kind of matters in a passing league.

  64. Baalke is an idot. When he talks he sound like a stupid idot.

    I predict the niners will get the first pick next year

    both baalke and harbough will be gone

    1. “Baalke is an idot”

      You know… You can at least TRY to hide being a troll.

  65. Would of been nice to trade back instead of Seattle. I wonder if that trade was there?

  66. Im good with Ward. Slots covered.

    But most importantly Lee is still on the board!

    Trade up please!

    1. Exactly Leo.I would have grabbed him in the first but I’m just a fan.

  67. Will the 49ers convert Ward to slot corner? His youtubes show some nifty balls skills.

    1. Yeah. He’ll take Carlos Rodgers spot. He plays the ball well, kinda like the honey badger.

  68. My computer is down, anyone got the height weight combine stuff for Ward handy?

  69. For people that thought Ward was a reach, you haven’t been paying attention. Seen a lot of mocks that had him as high as the teens.

  70. Decent pick. Good slot corner conversion. Better than Roby.
    I would like to see us move up and get Ealy and Lee. Lee can take over for LMJ as a punt returner. Ealy provides DE/OLB backup. Then you can go big WR with the Titans 3rd(Bryant, Matthews) and developmental CB, like Desir or Breedland with the second third.

  71. I have a friend that’s a die hard saints fan. This is what he told me some people think about how we draft:

    “Someone said the other day, “at this point, the 9ers are drafting for other teams”. Meaning, you have to good a roster for 14 rookies to make it and you are picking guys to cut them then get picked up by weaker teams”

  72. So far the summary on ward is he can play safety or corner, he makes plays and hits.

  73. Everyone is saying that we should have bundled some picks to move up in the draft. What if they tried but the teams were trying to rob them blind. Remember, it takes two teams to execute a trade. I wonder if other gm’s don’t realize the niners needs. Of course they do. The problem with the 1st Rd is not too many teams reached, therfore making it more difficult to get your guy. Picking 30 isn’t fun. Tomorrow will be huge because we’ll have leverage with multiple picks to deal with.
    Ward… not a bad pick. He’ll play the slot and nickel. Tomorrow we get our wr, dt, and guard. Then pull a rb and trade the rest for next year.

    1. Totally agree. Moving up to the middle of the first gives them a better prospect, but too expensive. I say this like I can evaluate prospects professionally. Smh.

    2. I don’t think Ward will be a bad player either. Not anything like AJ, but still TB doesn’t seem to be able to make the most effective uses of the picks he has acquired. It seems that he has more picks than he can effectively use. The same thing that happened last year when he stated that they just couldn’t find trade partners. Then why did he lose two players the Niners could have used badly on waivers when all he got for their spots on the roster was a seventh rounder apiece. I mean draft picks can be valuable but their comes a point when the become like fruit. If you don’t use them they will spoil and be wasted.

  74. Ward is a good player, he’s very active in the game and makes lots of tough plays. He’ll fit right in the style of D the Niners play. I take back what I said earlier:-) Ward is not a bad selection. He has the intangibles that the Niners top D players have.

    Lots of great players left on the board. A 2nd round mock draft anyone?

    1. This is an interesting pick, if we can move cheaply up the second round, maybe for a fifth, Lee would be a great value pick. Then go big WR with the second if Matthews or Allen are there. Solves both problems. Also could go Bryant.

      1. I don’t think Ward was that bad of a pick but what are they going to do with all of those picks. They will not have the spots for them if the use them all. That is unless they draft more players to put on the IR for next year. I think that they wanted to move up in the draft but miscalculated and the players they targeted were not there any longer so they went to their next guy on the list and that was Ward. Now they will really have to scurry to do something with the picks they have left.

  75. Did I read someone say that Ward has 4.4 speed? Sorry again my computer is down and this is one of few websites that works well on my phone.

  76. Pat Kirwin projected him to go #17. Pat is a pretty smart NFL guy. He is our answer to Tyrann Matheiu…which proved to be a genius pick by Cardinals…interchangeable guy. Classic “I am smarter than you” Baalke pick. We are fortunate to have him running this team.

    Baltimore Ravens | #17
    I had a coach tell me Ward is his favorite defensive back in the draft because he can play safety or corner and he hits.

    Player Overview
    A Jim Thorpe Award semifinalist as a senior, Ward was all over the field in 2013, leading the team in tackles with 92, including a whopping 62 solo stops. He was also one of the nation’s best ball-hawking safeties with seven interceptions and 10 pass break-ups.

    What separates Ward from other undersized prospects is his versatile skill set and training to play any position in the defensive backfield. His versatility should be highly appealing to NFL teams and may even draw higher grades for Ward than expected.

    1. Daniner: It seems that Ward can really ‘drop the hammer’ on the wide-outs. A lot more physical that Honeybadger and much more disruptive too. That blitz and crushing hit on Jamison in the Florida State game is beautiful.

      I hope the Niners get a top C in the 2nd round. The Rams and Cards are beefing up their O lines. The Niners need a monster C/G.

  77. NFL network needs to flush the entire draft coverage crew, they dreadful tonight.

    The Network’s and Rich Eisen’s lovefest with Manziel was completely shameless. Eisen insisted on somehow making every pick be about Johnny Manziel or when he would get taken. It not only was annoying to us but clearly Mayock was wishing he could kick Eisen under the table especially when he started answering Rich every time he’d ask if it was a potential landing spot with “i’ve been asked this already a thousand times this week” hint hint Rich, shut the hell up already about it. It got to the point that Eisen was even pointing out that half of the tweets he was receiving were people complaining about him talking about Manziel too much but clearly that didn’t stop him. When he was finally drafted I thought thank gawd but then the network continued to cover him, do they do that with other prospects? Did we need to watch Manziel backstage after the pick talk on his phone for 8 minutes? It was pathetic.

    You could have muted Mariucci’s microphone and I don’t think anyone would have noticed.

    All Irvin was good for was to agree with how good a player Mayock thinks he is unless it was a receiver and then suddenly he was in love with him. Speaking of which what was the over/under on how many times Mayock uttered the phrase “this is one of my favorite players in the draft” or “this kid is special.” Not only that but he was totally unwilling to commit to a single pick every time he was asked. He’s supposed to be their draft expert/analyst yet he could only offer up 2-4 picks at each slot and would never actually put his name on any one player until the commissioner was walking up to the stage which means he’d probably already heard it on his ear piece or twitter.

    Faulk had a hard time actually speaking in complete sentences, what did he add to the coverage in anyway?

    The phone promo’s were uncomfortable and clearly unrehearsed. They couldn’t fill the slow time with anything meaningful so Eisen usually took the opportunity to bring back up Manziel. What a train wreck the entire broadcast was. I truly hope the reviews are bad enough for them to shake things up for next years coverage.

    1. Coffee: Imagine if Dallas or Houston had drafted him? Gosh…ESPN would have covered every minute of his life for the next 10 years!

      I am tired of hearing about the dude…

      1. If Dallas had drafted him I’m pretty sure it would have been the last pick covered for the night as the network would have shifted all of their coverage to the fall out and what it means for Tony Romo.

    2. It was all about Johnny Football on ESPN too. I turned the sound off after awhile.

    3. “Mayock….would never actually put his name on any one player until the commissioner was walking up to the stage”

      I noticed that too. For the most part I followed through Twitter and it was pretty clear that he didn’t start to single a guy out until after the pick was already known. Weak sauce.

      1. At times it almost sounded like Eisen was badgering Mayock to actually come up with a solid guess, he’d repeatedly ask “So who do you think it’s going to be?” Mayock would list a couple different options and Eisen would repeat again, “OK, who do you think the pick is?” Mayock would never answer with a single name.

        1. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but a couple of years ago the league put a gag order on the draft analysts tipping off picks before they were announced.

      2. Yeah, Jason La Canfora is heaps better. First off he’s willing to put forward his thoughts on who a team will take, second of all he’s wired in and calling many of the picks as soon as they are known, while NFL Network are still a pick behind waiting for the Commish to announce the pick.

  78. Got to hand it to Baalke. He’s an original, and I mean that in a good way. It was pretty exciting waiting for his pick, because he thinks outside the box. With Ward you have a slot corner who provides depth at safety. Remember what happened when Reid went down last year? Do you really want Dahl on the field for more than a few plays? Compared to Bethea, Reid’s the more likely to miss games, and Ward is more a FS than SS. Someone above said that Ward is Bethea’s ultimate replacement, but from what I’ve read it seems more likely Reid moves over and Ward takes his place.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  79. Liked the videos of Pryor S, Lowan OT, and Cooks WR. Walter Football has Jimmie Ward #3 S, and he tackles good and has good football sense and can play CB. I think they had him upper 2nd.

    Day 2 Rds. 2 and 3 – Let’s wheel and deal and get a DT, WR, a CB. and maybe a C, IL, or OG….where the best bang for the bucks are.

  80. The only negative thing I could say about this pick is that they probably could have traded out of the first and picked him up with a high 2nd, but that is nitpicking. You have to have someone willing to trade up and then you take the risk that somebody could take him before he gets to you.

    This was not a reach. Ward has consistently been graded as a high second round pick and some had him in the bottom of the first. John Clayton predicted Ward and Buchanon would go in the first and he was right.

    For those of you who wanted Mathieu last year and have lamented the fact the team didn’t get him, you just got a similar player with better speed. He will be a very good slot CB and Safety. I like the pick although seeing Roby go one pick later was tough.

    I didn’t think Marquise Lee would fall out of the first but he did and somebody is going to get the bargain of the draft in the second round.

    1. My objection was that they had the draft capital to move up twice moving up high enough with their second pick moved up hig to lock out the Seahawks from getting Ward. Instead they now have 10 picks left and who is to say they will find trade partners to get proper value for them on the second day. You can not keep looking to the future. It almost seems like he wants to make it difficult for Harbaugh by not giving him what he needs now by deferring present assets to the future. That’s one way to get rid of someone you have issues with..

  81. I absolutely LOVED the Ward pick! I was so nervous we would draft Bradley “garbage” Roby. Thank God…dodged a bullet there, big time.

    Ward is very underrated. I’m happy we got him at 30, although I wish we would have traded up for Dennard.

    1. LSX: I was nervous that the Niners were going to draft Lee or Easley in the first round….

      1. correction: Not Lee…but Ford. Ford was taken by KC, talk about a reach.

        I want to see Marqise Lee in a Niners uniform..but as a 2nd rounder.

  82. The Ward pick goes against Baalke’s draft tendencies by having a slighter frame then the 49er mold.

    The Ward pick goes along with Baalke tendencies in that he has an athletically unique combination of agility and power hitting… could play a different position then he did in college… has natural football instincts… passion for the game… and was a first round “reach.” Total Baalke.

    1. Ward benched pressed 9 reps. He beat AJ Jenkins by 2 reps…but still weak and the worst among safeties in this draft.

  83. This is a copycat league. Making SF strong up the back-end middle copies the Seachickens. He’ll be used similar to Tyrann Mathieu in AZ. This is a make-up pick to correct last year’s mistake of passing on the Honey Badger. Eventually, it’ll be Reid and Ward up the middle full time and SF can have two ballhawks who can really cover at S when they used to have none. Truthfully, I still wanted Kelvin Benjamin and this team is DESPERATE to land a big red zone target, which does not exist in SF.

  84. The only thing doubt about Ward is his size. A couple of inches taller and twenty pounds heavier would be better, but the guy can play.

    1. He’s 5″11 and 193. Earl Thomas is 5″10 and 202. He’ll likely be playing at around 200 a few months in.

  85. Wasn’t sure about this pick until I started looking at the various draft sites. Ward is a very good ball player; fast, fluid hips, smart and a hard hitter. His coverage of slot receivers is highly rated which is very important in the NFC West. He was very impressive at the Senior Bowl.
    He was thought to be drafted any where from mid 1st to early second, so it appears he was not a reach.
    A good beginning for the Niners

  86. Note to Coach Harbaw;
    Safety Jimmie Ward may be your ticket
    to Lombardi trophy #6. If so, then please
    give credit where credit is due.
    If on the other hand the 49ers again manage
    to crash and burn in the post season, then
    you have only yourself to blame.

    I am the Super Bowl monkey (still on your back)
    and I approve of this message.

  87. If the rams can get just an average offense going i think their defense is going to be knock your socks off snot bubbling type defense

    this division is clearly the black and blue division

    1. SI is good at swimsuit editions, if you’re relying on them for NFL insight good luck.

  88. Baalke – Step into my office….cuz you’re f’n fired! Trade down fool!! We wait 3 hours for you to draft a potential 3rd round starter in 2016? Basically, a JC player from North Illinois?? Are you kiddin me Trent? Jimmie Crack Corn….Ward Cleaver no-namer!!!
    I haven’t felt this grotesque since the first OJ trial. Pete is laughin his ass off Trent!

    1. I guess the Niners knew better than to trade down…I have a feeling Pete had his eye on Ward. This is also an area of need for them. The Seahawks traded fairly fast out of their spot, for almost nothing.

      1. I guarantee Pete did not fantasize about Jim Ward. Most people in here probably never heard of this dude. If they say they did, they are liars.
        Chess GM – Who have you ever hit in any sport beyond 8th grade?

    2. F minus minus……..disf’ngusting!!! A slow 5-10 guy at a position we don’t need help in.

      Antoine Bethea, Antoine Bethea, Antoine Bethea Baalke!! Were you thinking or drinking Baalke?
      And YOU young silver-spoon Jed, you were just a useless living-dead corpse tonight. No input what so ever.

          1. I might know football but I don’t pretend to know it better then those that are actually employed by the league. I like not trading up and still getting a player that can potentially fill the same need as someone that we might have given up picks for. I like still having a ton of picks in the second and third round of this draft. It’s not out of the question that we take another CB tomorrow and maybe it’ll even be one that you approve of.

            I think it’s a good bet that we are picking early tomorrow.

            1. Marqise Lee was right in our grasp. Mike Mayock had Jim Ward ranked 54th on his top 100 list. Mayock knows his stuff. He had Roby #25, Marqise Lee #28 and Stanley Jean-Baptiste at #30. All were available…smh

      1. He ran a 4.47 40, so he’s not slow and they drafted him to play in the slot which was arguably their biggest position of need.

        1. He sucks…..Horrible pick Jack, don’t sugar coat it. This is an A.J. Jenkins pick.
          Deal with it.

          1. LOL…Go have another one Crab, and throw one this way while you’re at it.

            1. I drink on the weekends bro. Believe me, I’ll be killin it a happy hour tmrw.
              I’m still in shock over that humiliating Jim Ward pick.
              Some of you act like this no-namer is Ronnie Lott or Troy Polamalu. LOL

              1. Those guys are safeties. That’s not the role they are looking to use him in.

              2. As long as he’s a faster version of Carlos Rogers I’m happy.

    3. Crab,

      Do yourself a favor and go find some info on him. NFL Draftscout had him rated 33 overall and Rob Rang had him going to Baltimore at #30 after a trade with the Niners.

      He’s not a typical safety and is really a lot like Mathieu and Earl Thomas in his ability to cover and tackle. Don’t let the small school fool you. This kid is a baller and will likely be the starting Nickel Corner in short order.

        1. Forget the beer, I need a bed sheet like that Ariel Castro evil-monster used on himself.

  89. I am going to guess that Baalke had Jimmie Ward rated high in second and might have traded out of first if opportunity would have arisen. Maybe hawks offered a better deal to the QB desperate Vikes.
    But there is another more likely scenerio and that is that Ward’s status was rising recently and Baalke may have not even wanted to take the risk.

    I like this pick of a second round sleeper. Ward is a proven player who fell back mostly because of lighter than ideal safety weight and a slow 40 (4.59) due to a foot injury.

    But here is the good on him:

    Lindy rated him as the third best Safety (free and strong) in the draft. They listed him as the prototypical at man coverage and said this “arguably the most well rounded safety in the class; smooth with lateral agility to run with running backs and recievers.”

    USA Today Sports Weekly had him as the 3rd best Safety also saying this; “He’s a second round talent who could be taken in the first round.”

    SI had him going to the Steelers at the 46 pick as a replacement for none other than Troy Palamalue.

    In 2013 he had “a whopping” 62 solo tackles, 7 interceptions and 10 break ups.

      1. Interesting. Puts a whole new spin on why the Hawks traded out …. they lost their guy.

      1. He does not suck…watch him(matt barrows site) on tape. he plays almost every position in the secondary.

        He is always active on the field He will fit perfectly into our defense

        He is our slot cb. And he plays special teams.

  90. Wow, Crab, have you been following any draft big boards? Jimmie Ward has been talked about as a late first or second round pick since the Senior Bowl. I can assure you most regular posters on this blog have heard of the guy, and most have been talking highly of him for a while. Prior to free agency quite a lot of people (myself included) were suggesting him as the 49ers pick to play SS, but then they took Bethea. But he’s got the cover skills to play the slot.

    Calm down dude, its not the terrible pick you think it is.

    1. I’m keeping a list of the “Jim Ward lovers club.” I just saved it in a “word file.”
      I was right about A.J. Jenkins, I doubt I’m wrong here either. …..TBD

      1. What exactly are you basing your dislike of the player on? Film? Or that you hadn’t heard him talked about much?

          1. You’re saying Ward is a 3rd-4th round guy. But CBSportsline has him rated #33 overall. So I assume it’s Ward’s film that’s worrying you.

    2. Ward provides depth at two roster spots and is a special teams standout.

      In 2014 the 49ers play 2 games vs Harvin, 2 games vs Tavon Austin, 1 game vs Wes Welker. Then there is the playoffs. Someone who can play both slot corner and lurk safety has alot of value in the NFC West. The 49er defensive backfield just got alot faster.

  91. From Matt Barrows:

    In the run-up to the draft, there was a buzz that the 49ers, like last year, would trade up in the first round and that LSU receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. was their likely target. Baalke acknowledged that the team liked Beckham, whom the Giants selected at pick No. 12, but said “the price of doing business … near the Top 10 became too steep.”

    If Beckham fell just a few more spots he’d be a 49er.

    1. Yep you were all over that one Scooter. Well done. I think we may see 2 WR’s taken tomorrow.

    2. “We certainly like him(Beckham) as a football player,” that quote is supposed to be the proof that they were targeting him in a trade up? ““the price of doing business … near the Top 10 became too steep.” That doesn’t imply or suggest any one particular player. It sounds like he was asked if Beckham was a “possible” option for a trade up and Baalke gave the standard response when asked about a player. If the person asking the question had mentioned Fuller I bet he would have given the same reponse.

      1. You are a cynic CfC… :-P

        It does lend some credence to the notion, even if it isn’t definitive proof.

        1. What it tells me is that they made some calls and then decided that the player they were considering moving up for wasn’t worth the picks, to me it suggests that they weren’t all that in love with the player to begin with otherwise I have to think Baalke would have made a move. Bekcham and Fuller went fairly close to each other so it’s hard to say but I believe they only had one player that high on their board which is why when they couldn’t make a deal they sat on their hands until #30.

          1. Beckham is a fantastic runner. But on film he lets DBs outcompete him for the ball. I’m happy we stayed pat and added a coverage-first DB who is also a willing tackler.

            1. I’m happy with how it turned out too. They would have had to give up too much for Beckham.

              But Beckham is going to be an excellent receiver for the Giants.

      2. TB is too tight with his draft picks. If you like a player and need that position filled it doesn’t hurt to pay the price. What is he going to do with all the draft picks he has acquired. It’s like the talk coming out of NO. The Niner’s draft for other teams to pick up players of their waiver wire.

    1. If you watch some of his other tape you’ll also see that not only is he ‘sticky’ in coverage, but his ball skills are top-notch. Very instinctive in coverage, and makes plays on the ball.

      He also has very good tackling form for the most part.

  92. I get the feeling seafcks wuld have picked him up. With them set @ safety, he would be a good backup to them. Denver also just retooled their secondary. They could have picked him.

  93. Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks 2h
    Love Jimmie Ward…one of the best nickel cover guys in the draft. Poor man’s Earl Thomas coming out of Texas.

    1. Oneniner,
      Don’t you just love it. Tomorrow is a very good day for Niner Nation.

  94. Am I the only one who is thrilled with what the Niners have done so far. This is what I wished Baalke would do. He played to what the draft gave him this year.
    This is a draft weak in the first and heavy in the middle or in other words not much qualitative separation between the first round and the next two. So he broke tradition and started with a page out of the Belichick draft strategy.

    The Niners are wealthy where it counts in those rich mid rounds. This was smart to hold onto that wealth and not give it all up running after a single shooting star in the first. Now they can go after a bevy of players to fill a number of holes and build for the future. They will find at least one good CB. And they will find a good WR. Most Defensive tackles are still on the board. Guard / centers are on the board. Running backs are on the board.

    In addition, one of those have nots is going to want in. Baalke will likely capitalize on that, slide back and get an additional pick or two for next year.
    To me Jimmy Ward was simply Baalke’s early start to that mid round gold rush for the 49ers.
    Thanks for the patience Trent ’cause tomorrow is going to be a flippin blast!!!

    1. Once Beckham and Fuller were gone early then Baalke made the smart choice which was standing pat and seeing which guys were available at #30. You can make an argument for moving up to get Dennard once he fall into the 20s, but clearly they didn’t believe he was worth it.

      Five picks tomorrow is a bonanza. I’d be surprised if that didn’t end up as four picks though – trade up and/ or possibly a trade to pick up an extra pick in 2015.

  95. The 56+77 or 56+94 would get them right into the sweet spot of round two with players the pundits thought the 49ers would draft at 30… like Lee, .Nix, Ealy, Latimer, Hageman, Tuitt, Roby… and some interesting BPAs like Kouandjio, Jernigan for the taking.

    1. Brodie, I think Baalke can do better than that. Cleveland traded a 3rd to move up on middle of the first round. Niners can throw in a lower pick, 4th or lower.

      1. Too many people are just in love with TB. They think he is smarter than he actually is. They don’t seem to see the opportunities he misses on. He has had a huge amount of draft Capital to work with and hasn’t been able to utilize it very effectively. He seems entirely too obsessed with acquiring the Capital and maintaining it than he does with utilizing it for maximum efficiency. We are not that privy to the deals on and off the table during the draft so it is difficult to make an accurate assessment that is not just based on conjecture. However, the move were he put Cooper and Gray on waivers to open their slots for the time to work out trades for seventh rounders is simply a stupid stupid move. That was just another obvious example. I think he exemplifies the Peter Principle.

        1. Will,

          You are basing your stance on a deal you think he should have made and that’s fine but think about it from the Niner side for a minute.

          Their biggest need going into the draft was CB hands down. That does not mean you draft one no matter what if the value isn’t there, but that was the need. Any WR taken this year is being viewed as the future and likely won’t have a big role this season considering the Niners rarely go to 3 WR formations. So if that is the case then what kind of logic dictates you give up 2 or 3 prime picks to move up and secure a player that won’t have a large impact on your team this year and who will cost you other quality players in the 2nd and 3rd round?

          If you feel that Beckham is AJ Green or Julio Jones, then a case can be made, but Beckham is not on that level and the price would have been commiserate with players of that quality. Sometimes the best thing you can do is let the draft come to you and that’s what they did.

  96. “And although he lacks the size teams usually like in safeties, Ward may be the one with the most potential of the bunch. He’s fast, explosive and aggressive, and he was very productive in college. He should make a good 49ers defense better.”.

  97. I think the strategy behind our 1st pick is excellent. I’ve been begging for a coverage-first safety for forever. Ward’s film from 2014 is extremely promising. And CBSportsline had him rated #33 overall–so I don’t think we lost anything from a value standpoint. By far our best move of the offseason.

    1. “I’ve been begging for a coverage-first safety for forever.”

      Aren’t you the one that was saying we were doomed after we signed Bethea… who is known as a good coverage safety?

      1. The thing with this guy is he likes to mix it up too. I could see him used like Woodson was used early on in his career with the Raiders. Slot type close to the box. You can blitz him off the edge or drop him in coverage.

    2. Ward was as other people have also surmised was a fall back pick. If he was truly a fall back second option pick it can not be considered brilliant since the first choice failed. It was a choice dictated by convenience. It seems like the failure of the 2012, and the mediocre ond of 2013 draft has created a sense of lowered expectations among fans. Well lets see what happens tomorrow. Ward being a good value for the position he was taken is not necessarily a sign that the first day went well. It’s not only what you end up with but what opportunities were missed that should be considered.

      1. Based on that premise pretty much every team that doesn’t take the best player at a position group hasn’t had a good draft. If the guy you want to trade up for costs a ridiculous amount of draft capital to get a team to bite is it still worth it? Does it make taking your “fall back” option a bad pick?

        The notion that the 49ers should only be taking a handful of players this year due to their stacked roster is bogus. The idea you can easily find a trade partner willing to play ball without giving up the farm is equally bogus. Sometimes you can, like last year. Sometimes you can’t, which is what Baalke indicated after the pick. It doesn’t make the pick of Ward unworthy of being considered very good. And having 5 picks still in hand for day 2 shouldn’t be considered a waste.

      2. Will,

        Ward was as other people have also surmised was a fall back pick If he was truly a fall back second option pick it can not be considered brilliant since the first choice failed.

        Other people surmise a lot of things that have no basis in reality. If they had truly coveted Beckham and thought he was a must get, they would have done it. You don’t go into the draft with one strategy and if you do, you are destined to fail. You have to be able to adapt on the fly and that is what they did. You may not like Ward, but the pick is getting rave reviews from most draft analysts and he fills the biggest hole this team had coming in. I’d say they did really well on day one.

        Also as Scooter said, this idea that they don’t have room for many rookies is complete nonsense. They have players, but they aren’t all high quality, and the whole idea of the draft is to improve the quality of your roster.

        There is room for 2 CB’s, 2 WR’s, ILB, OLB, DL, C, OG. Heck we had 3 slots filled last year with guys who don’t play anything other than ST’s. If they can replace the ST’s players with guys who can contribute in other areas as well as ST’s, that alone is worth having the extra picks.

        1. My guess is Kyle Fuller was the 49ers’ No.1 target, but they weren’t willing to trade into the top 15 for him. Just a guess.

  98. I’ve done some research on Ward this morning. I feel pretty good about him. I blame a good portion of our loss to Seattle in the NFCCG on our secondary. He seems to able to correct some of the issues we had. My biggest question for those who know more about him than I, is he getting significant playing time on opening day? I feel first round pics should be people ready to contribute. Is he ready?

    1. I’d say so. Considering the players we lost and little roster spots, I think so.

  99. I like ward. He a poor man’s earl Thomas but taller. He ran 4.45 40 at his pro day, can tackle, cover and likes to hit. They’re going to use him in the slot and nickel instead of Carlos Rodgers. He wasn’t the sexy pick people were expecting but you won’t get that at number 30. They’d have to trade up for that.
    Today will say a lot. We have 2 seconds and 3 thirds to maneuver. This is where our meat and potatoes are. No one has as many picks as we do today. We’ll be the chip holders at the big table today.

  100. Agreed, though I tend to run a bit optimistic when it comes to niners draft day(s).

    We got the nickel corner we needed for this year and didn’t have to trade up. There are still some great WR’s on the board, and we have plenty of picks to address weaknesses elsewhere, even if they aren’t day 1 starters. Why not pick up a center, another guard (Snyder/Kilgore/Looney aren’t fantastic), a developmental corner (Jean Baptiste?), a DE, TE, and a QB. We should be able to use late rd picks to trade up today. Go Niners!

  101. So far it seems that this blog likes the J. Ward pick. According to the poll results he grades out at just about a B+ overall. Lets be honest though the only grade that really matters is his grade 2 yrs from now.

  102. Grant you are asking us for a grade on Ward, what grade do you give the pick?

    1. Good for them I think. Carr gets a little flinchy under pressure though.

  103. Please post the pics. I’m at work. ….late tonight smdh. Trying to sneak this in. Anyone know of a live feed I can sneak at work ? :p

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