Fangio: “It’d be great for Jimmie to earn a spot in the nickel package.”

SANTA CLARA — Vic Fangio was interviewed in the 49ers’ auditorium Tuesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.

What did you like from what you saw out at practice?

“Not as much as I had been seeing. We messed up too many things today, I think, and I need to go look at it and see exactly what it was. A couple of them, I’m not sure what it was. But, we had some critical offside penalties. Gave up a deep ball that was, I think, related to the front more than secondary. And got to go take a look at it.”


Was that because you’re missing a few normal guys that would be out there in your starting unit? You didn’t have CB Tramaine Brock, or CB Chris Culliver, or DT Ray McDonald or DT Justin Smith?

“It shouldn’t be. No, basically what I’m talking about had no relevance to those guys not being there.”


The deep ball, are you talking about the one that WR Michael Crabtree I think the slot corner blitzed on that play? Was he, was DB Jimmie Ward, was that his responsibility?

“Yeah. To blitz?”


Well, no, was he on Crabtree on that?

“No, he wasn’t on him there.”


Are Culliver and Brock’s injuries, would you call that serious?

“I don’t think so. No, just little nicks that in their leg area that they’re giving them a day or two rest it’s going to take to get better.”


Is Justin kind of having vet days off? Or is that still kind of related to his shoulder? Or a little of both?

“I think it’s more of a little of both and eventually he’ll get back out there.”


Why is Ray McDonald, why hasn’t he been active?

“He’s got a little leg injury that he’s nursing. So, just being prudent with it right now that he doesn’t aggravate it and make it worse.”


What have you seen out of rookie cornerback Dontae Johnson and how he’s playing? He looked pretty tight, pretty big.

“He looked a little tight?”


No, like he was playing tight coverage pretty good.

“He’s doing fine. Like a lot of rookies, he’s got a little tentativeness in his play right now, not always sure exactly what to do. But, I think he’ll get there. He’s got good size. We feel he’s got good enough speed. Just keep waiting for him to feel the urgency and really turn it up. And I don’t think he’s quite there yet. I think he’s still feeling his way through knowing what to do, the NFL game, etc. But, hopefully he’ll kick it up a notch here in the next three weeks at some point.”


Do any of those elements apply to Jimmie Ward? His tentativeness until he gets the hang of it?

“No, it does, but not quite as much.”


CB Chris Cook had an interception today.

“Yeah, he had a nice interception. Went up and caught the ball at the high point there and made a nice catch.”


You see he’s been working on that obviously, interceptions are an issue over his career. Do you see progress in locating the ball, turning his head, that sort of thing?

“I think so. That was a nice play by him today. The receiver did not go up and compete with him. I don’t think the receiver thought the ball was being thrown to him. So, it ended up being a little bit easier play than maybe normal. But, the fact remains that he did go up and get it, and caught it and that’s always a good thing.”


How much have you worked on his ball skills?

“A lot. [Secondary coach] Ed [Donatell] and [assistant secondary coach] Greg [Jackson] have worked with him a lot in that area in individual drills and trying to create game-like situations as much as you can in an individual period. We’ve asked the quarterbacks to throw to him. So, I think they’ve done most of everything they can to help him along, and they’ll continue to.”


The last few years, you’ve had guys that have played together for a while. With all the new pieces, I know they’re working on the communication and chemistry. Where are you in that process? And how realistic to expect it by Week One that they’ll be clicking that way?

“I think it’s realistic. The guys that you’re alluding to, [S] Antoine Bethea, is a very smart player. He’s picking up our system nicely. I think by then he’ll be seamlessly in there. Culliver and Brock have both played a lot of football around here. They should be in there seamlessly at some point. We’re still looking to figure out our inside linebacker position to replace [LB] NaVorro [Bowman] while he’s out. That one may be a little slower coming along than the other ones in comparison. So, I think we’ll be there.”


Another on the rookie tentativeness, is LB Chris Borland in that same category, or is he [inaudible]?

“No, he’s not being tentative. He’s kind of being over, not sure what he’s seeing all the time. He’s got really good instincts. And sometimes he thinks his instincts are taking him to a play and he’s aborting his own assignment, and he’s gotten burnt on that a few times. So, he’s got to learn that the quarterbacks in this league can be looking here and quickly come back here. And, he’s been burnt on that few times.”


How do you deal with that? You obviously want a guy like that who has good instincts, you want him to trust those, but?

“Yeah, he’s got to learn the line is tighter in the NFL to be instinctive and abort your assignment, go make a play, than to stay with your assignments. And that just comes through repetitions and playing, and going against quality offenses, quality quarterbacks.”


What about another inside LB Nick Moody, how does he look this year versus his rookie year a year ago?

“Well, he’s looked a whole lot better than he did as a rookie, just from an assignments standpoint. But, he’s still got to fight to be more consistent. He’s got to get the inconsistency out of his play.”


Do you see his background as a safety in his play? Is he ahead of the other guys in terms of covering a tight end, or a receiver, or a running back?

“No, I don’t think his background as a safety really helps him a whole lot because he’s lining up as a linebacker all the time, so that’s totally different. I don’t see there being a lot of carryover there.”


Do you have plans for Jimmie, obviously he covers the slot, big place for the safety as well, sort of what you did with LB Aldon Smith in his rookie year and just bring him in in certain situations get him used to maybe just covering the slot receiver in this league and then bring him in at safety when you need him?

“Yeah, that’s a possibility. We hope he gets to that point. If you remember when Aldon was a rookie, and Aldon that year was the year of the lockout, so he had no offseason work. He didn’t really earn his spot in the nickel package until after the last preseason game. And it’d be great for Jimmie to earn a spot in the nickel package.”

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  1. why all of the questions with a leading answer? Ask the question and allow the coach to respond as opposed to giving him an easy out with part of a response in the question. More often than not, the coach anwered with the response provided by the reporter asking the question. Not good Q&A skills demonstrated by the scribes!

    1. @Mike

      You & I could do much better in asking intelligent questions.

      Love when the Media ask this Line of Questioning……

      “How important is it to get NaVorro Bowman back?”

      With the Captain Obvious answer back.

      1. Haha…. here’s another one: “How important is Justin Smith to this defense?”

    2. Common place now on the brutal Q&A. Radio interviews are the worst (this is Tom Tolbert 101). It’s really a reporter, who already knows what he wants to write, and is asking a question that fits in with his overall copy.

      It also doesn’t help that so many of these coaches don’t say anything interesting…so they do have to prod them a bit.

  2. Sounds to me like Fangio sees Ward as our slot nickel CB. This draft class may be our best since 85

    1. That’s what it sounds like to me, and you could be proven right about this draft class….

      1. Razor I’ve been away from this site for the most part for the last couple of months. I thought I would start taking part again since camp opened, is it me or are the amount of posters here way down. There just doesn’t seem to be near as many people taking part in the conversation.

        1. I was glad to see you back yesterday Old Coach. Summer and people are busy, but I expect it to ramp up here in the next few weeks….

        2. OldCoach – Nice to see you back. I was wondering where you were.

          I also think the number of posters are down. I still think the late draft made people cranky. The crankiness may have lingered after the draft.

        3. One might suspect that some of the posters are tired of the blogger and his attitude and have gone elsewhere

    2. I agree old coach, I think Fangio already has Ward marked out as taking over the nickel CB role by the time the season starts.

      And I sure hope you are right about the quality of this draft class!

    3. Its looking like a good draft class… and wait till we hear about Marcus Martin and Bruce Ellington. Then Brandon Thomas comes in next year.

      This class should have an early impact, with Ward and Hyde getting lots of reps, and perhaps Marcus Martin later.

      Anyone know if Ward or Ellington played ST gunner in college?

    4. It’s only the 2nd week of training camp and your dropping “best since 85” on them? That’s alot of pressure for guys who are still trying to figure out where the cafeteria is. I’d like to see them play a little bit before I get excited.

      1. A level of optimism unknown to mankind!
        C’mon, it’s summertime, there are 32 teams contending for the Super Bowl. Every team is undefeated. Hope springs eternal, ….and all that stuff.

  3. Grant I don’t think I’ve read a single post here or on either of the Matts sites regarding Aaron Lynch. Has he done anything to catch your eye so far positive or negative?

    1. Coach – Glad someone asked about Lynch.
      Coach – You are a very solid contributor In here…..I’m a fan of your posts. Thank you!

  4. I’ve got to believe the Brooks restructure is an attempt to get Mr. Crabs locked up….

    1. Razor, I was thinking same thing myself.. If they fail to sign crab I believe they restructure Davis by adding years!

      1. Dorsey is an interesting prospect, but I’m thinking with the depth on the defensive line, they may believe Dial can take over and man that spot if indeed Williams can’t get healthy….

  5. “Yeah, he had a nice interception. Went up and caught the ball at the high point there and made a nice catch.”
    Probably because the receiver broke the wrong way or the QB through it to an open spot.

  6. So much for the Kory Faulkner era. Dropped today in favor of another Miami lineman. Not sure I understand the move unless there is something about one of the current 40 offensive lineman we have we don’t know about.

    1. Sounded like Faulkner was struggling to get any reps anyway. They are effectively replacing Faulkner with Alphonso Smith. The OL they’ve signed replaces the guy they waived/injured earlier to sign Smith.

      1. Why let Faulkner go who you can stash on the PS and keep retreading Josh Johnson who has no present or future on this team ??

  7. “@RealPeterson21: Happy to announce my 5 year extension with @AZCardinals! $70M and $48M Guaranteed!”

    1. $14M per annum average. That’s a lot of money for a guy that is very good, but not truly a shut down CB. Makes me kind of happy the 49ers don’t put a premium on the CB position.

      1. No doubt scooter….I know that has and will save us a lot of money down the line. Its pays to be old school sometimes.

      2. As long as we have Michael Crabtree, and as long as Crabtree continues to beat Peterson as he has to date, I’ll be thrilled that the Cards are giving him that much money.

    2. Amazing that Crabtree’s bitch got that much. Peterson still struggles against great route runners. Love how AZ is using up that cap.

  8. Inferring from Fangio’s comments, it sounds like Wilhoite has the inside track at ILB.

    Moody needs more consistency accordingly to Fangio and Borland:

    “.. sometimes he thinks his instincts are taking him to a play and he’s aborting his own assignment, and he’s gotten burnt on that a few times.”.

    Regarding ILB position in general, Fangio stated “one may be a little slower coming along than the other ones in comparison.“.

    I wonder who he’s referring to.

    1. I was thinking the same thing Nick. I wish someone would have asked about Wilhoite. Fangio’s answers are pretty direct and transparent, so he probably would have given some pretty good insight.

      The only thing that concerns me about Wilhoite is when he was discussing how he likes to ask advice from Borland. I mean the guy has been in this position a few years in the NFL, what could a rookie possibly teach him at this point. But it does show humility, which is always good.

  9. Grant what is emerging between the battle between Quinton Pattton and Brandon Lloyd? Is this not the premiere battle within the offense?

  10. Like everyone, I want Alex Boone to come back. But it’s possible he’s looking for legit starting OT money, the way he filled in for Staley. In fact, he could be looking for MORE than Staley. Is it time to deal him? I think his trade value could be high considering his age, versatility, and the number of teams that need talented lineman.

    1. I’m confident they could get a 2nd Round pick for him, but trading him would set a bad precedent for future blackmailers who are under contract. If he thinks he’s more important than Frank, Kap, Joe and VD, then he’s the one that should wear Looney on his back…..

      1. Looking ahead, if no one budges, he has to return at some point in order to keep the clock ticking on his contract. If it comes to that, what do you think they do? They have to pay him but I don’t think they will play him. In fact, if the rules allow, they might ask him to “work at home.” Is that too far fetched?

        1. It all depends on how Looney or somebody else is playing at the time George. If they hold up and are playing well, I’d guess Boone returns after 10 games and takes a seat on the bench. If there is an injury or somebody is struggling, he probably gets his old job back as soon as he shows he’s in game shape.

          I’m not sure what Boone is thinking though. He has to know the team won’t budge if he holds out, while at the same time seeing the quality of depth there is behind him, not to mention he really didn’t play that well last year.

          Mike Silver mentioned the team offered him a contract a few months ago that would have put him in the top 15 salary wise for OG’s, so he obviously wants more than the team wants to pay. This is starting to look like a stalemate that won’t end until Boone is playing somewhere else.

        2. My take is if/when he returns its all hugs, no ‘time out’ on the bench, even if he holds out to Game#10. I just don’t see the team holding a grudge and not playing him. By that late in the season though he’d have to earn his starting job back, but they’d let him compete. It lends legitimacy to competition (Harbs’ ethos) and to the FO saying “work with us and we’ll work with you.” It reinforces that message to the whole team. Just my guess.

          1. BT,

            I don’t think there would be much if any animosity between him and the Coaches and certainly not his teammates. My point is, if his replacement is performing well and the team is doing well, I doubt they make a change.

            I don’t think it gets stressed enough that Boone really didn’t play well last year which is part of why I don’t understand the holdout at this time.

    2. Actually, what I like is I’m not hearing (reading) from Boone or SF’s FO right now; nothing. Its not being played out in the media. Hopefully communication lines remain open. Sometimes silence means there are things being worked on, but at the least it means no hyperbolic statements by either side that create bad feelings. If Alex has to cave and come in, or if some agreement is reached, we don’t want Alex to be all resentful and looking to leave at the first opportunity.
      The new CBA rules on holdouts are soooooo punitive that I can’t see how Boonie can withstand it. The discussions about M.Lynch have detailed them. As I understand it, its $30k per day plus a lost Game Check for any PreSeason games missed. So he’s at $270k today plus whatever for the mandatories. Pricey.

      1. BT,

        A report is going around this AM that the team reached out to Boone but that he isn’t budging. Looking at what his agents have done previously, he could very well hold out for the first 10 games of the season. The irony is, doing that will guarantee he makes virtually nothing after all the fines are levied and game checks are missed. Playing 6 games and playoffs for free doesn’t strike me as a great move on his part.

        1. I’m getting a strong sense that he doesn’t want to play guard. He wants to play right or preferably left tackle…..

          1. I was thinking that too originally Razor, but Barrows reported that multiple sources have said that isn’t the case. Apparently he wants to stay with the Niners and continue to play RG. The issue truly seems to be money and money only.

          2. Baalke’s (unofficial?) policy is never negotiate with hold outs.
            Boone’s agent is famous for encouraging clients to hold out.

            This is bad.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers are eager to renegotiate a new contract. Boone provides huge value backing up guard and both tackle spots. This saves a precious roster space for a developmental (and rookie contract cheap) player.

            The issue seems to be Boone’s agent more then Boone.

      2. Tuna:

        For some reason I’m not worried about MLynch. But I do hate all this drama right b/4 preseason . . .

        1. He doesn’t need the work. He can (probably) report on a Monday and play on Sunday. I doubt ML returns before Preseason Week 3 at the very earliest.
          Boonie should be working with the new Center right now. Oh well, I wouldn’t let Alex tell me how to invest my money, so he doesn’t need my advice.
          PS: I REALLY wouldn’t take investment advice from Vernon, bless his heart.

    3. Sullyball:

      If the 49ers are inclined to trade Boone, I think they’ll be patient. His trade value will only increase with training camp/preseason injuries to o-linemen on other teams.

      1. True, but it also declines a bit because he’s obviously not going to be in football shape when he is traded.

        1. Yeah, and more importantly, whichever team (city) trades for him will never name a rhinoceros after him, so there’s that.

  11. Here is my take on the receiver situation. Lloyd is the best wideout after Crabs. I am not counting Boldin, because he isn’t a receiver, he’s a bully. A bully that helps set the tone. A bully that catches the ball and punishes people.
    I think the front office knows that between Lloyd and Johnson, Lloyd is the better receiver, but they also know he is 33 years old. My impression is that they want Stevie Johnson longer term. Lloyd is around because the front office is going to use him as a bargaining piece to get Stevie to renegotiate his salary. We will see how this plays out. I also to a degree think that Stevie is being used by the organization to somewhat soften Crabtree’s salary demands. The game within the game within the game.
    Unfortunately the one that will suffer is Patton. Patton could and will end up being the best #3 we have. Unfortunately we won’t see him get much opportunity this year unless there are injuries to Lloyd or Johnson. The silver lining is that if Patton is patient, he can learn a ton from Lloyd especially.

    1. How can a guy who was out of football last year be better than a guy like Johnson? Your perception of football is really odd to say the least. I appreciate your speculation on the front office thinking but again, its odd to think you know the inner workings of management. Kinda like your idea of how the way crowds cheer in the Bayarea and jersey sales dictate personnel moves. Weird dude.

      1. Lloyd is the best route runner of all the WR’s. He also has the best hands of ALL the WR on the team. However he is selfish. All about him.

        He is also unfocused. Doesn’t know if he wants to act, or be a rapper, or be a football player. Right now he is back, because he wants a ring. And for now, he is focused on football because he knows it may be his last chance.

        Stevie is a nice receiver. He also has a big drop rate. Stevie IMO brings nothing different to the table than Patton except worse hands and some experience. Stevie will be expendable. Playing Johnson over Patton is detrimental to Patton’s immediate growth. Sort of like what bringing in Iguodala did to Barnes.

        FDM, you always have to sling an insult. You should just shut your pie hole and learn.

        1. You have always been a little sensitive when people question your opinion. I’m not insulting you, just stating your football perception is very left field.
          To state you think a guy is better than another simply because you think the front office thinks that, which by the way, you have no clue, makes it very odd.
          Lloyd ran/runs good routes, but he was/is very undisciplined in the types of routes he runs. He also like you said, has been a unknown his entire career. Some games stellar, most very lazy.
          The only reason Lloyd was brought in was to create competition and be a measuring stick for the young guys like Ellington and Patton. I’m calling it right now, he wont make the opening day roster.

          1. Lloyd has better hands than Crabtree? Runs better routes than Boldin?
            Bay does the summer heat make you mentally irregular?

    2. Bay,
      Every WR (except for Crabtree and Boldin) in TC has the opportunity to show what they can do for the next month.

      Lloyd, Johnson. Patton and Ellington will have their chances to put their best foot forward.

      I don’t believe that the coaches have concluded who the #3 WR is at this stage. All these WR’s may be in contention for the #3 spot until the final pre-season game.
      Too early for any locks at #3 right now.

  12. good stuff, Grant, thank you.

    I’m worried about this team this year…ok, i always worry this time of year, but the holdouts and the continued lack of a downfield threat, plus another year of age on some key players has me particularly concerned…defenses age in dog years…but, nice to hear about the young ‘uns on the way up.

  13. @ Grant
    As a member of the UCLA Alumni, can you please call your alma mater and tell them to shut off their lawn sprinklers; they’re over watering like mad! There’s a drought; it’s been in all the papers!
    ; >)

  14. On a different note, it is my opinion that Lynch was the biggest 49er killer last year. 5 TD’s in three meetings. Consistently moved the sticks.

    Does it strike you as odd that the Seahawks are so easily letting him hold out and ready to move on? Does it strike you as odd that he is talking retirement? Something is being concealed.

    Lynch has got an injury……

    1. You might be right, but if it’s an injury, wouldn’t he just report and have them put him on the PUP list?

    2. Could be injury or… Seattle feels good about their (much praised) running back depth, or maybe Lynch (being a veteran) was due for a light training camp anyway so don’t start worrying until the last preseason game.

      1. Lynch led the league in broken tackles by a wide margin. Seattle should really think about this.

        1. As long as he’s in the lineup when the 49ers kick their @sses. I don’t want to hear any excuses from their fan base….

        2. If ML is injured, you may see Hawks bring in someone else, although I believe someone here said the pickings were slim . . .

            1. Thanks Bay — Seahawk fans don’t really agonize over this kind of stuff. And I can’t really imagine PC and JS making a misstep at this stage of the game. Marshawn wants to retire a Seahawk, had trouble learning our offense and speaking in front of strangers — I just don’t see it happening. If anything there will be a compromise.

    3. Not really. They need to save $ for their QB, and Lynch is getting up there in age.

    1. About time! I’ve been scratching my head as to how NFL players are taught to tackle. Leading with the head is not only dangerous, it also isn’t the most effective way to bring a guy down. As Carroll said, tackling with the shoulder like they do in rugby is not only safer, it is the most effective way to tackle as it gives you far more ability to drive through the player with the ball (as you can employ better leverage), and good ability to wrap up a player.

      The only reasons I have been able to think of why NFL players are taught to tackle head on is that you don’t duck your head as much, which means you are less likely to be fooled by a late side step, and you also won’t be “giving the offensive player a shoulder” which provides the guy with the ball half a body width extra space. Still, the safer and more effective technique is the one I would employ. There is no way someone could try tackling NFL style in rugby – they’d be unconscious or have a broken neck in no time.

      1. I really don’t see anything unique about what Caroll is presenting. We were doing this stuff back when I was playing and coaching. No one that I’ve known ever taught using the head to tackle.

        1. Its not so much the torpedo, head-first tackle I’m referring to, but the square up, tackle with the centre of your chest type tackles that I see that make no sense to me. You are effectively leading with your head/ chest, and because you are doing this you can’t get as low to create leverage (as you would be exposing your head and neck to downward, crushing force). Using the shoulder as the point of impact is far more effective and allows you to get lower.

          Its not all the time, and not every player/ team. I don’t know whether this is how it is taught or not, but I see LBs in particular try this more often than any other position when defending a running play and I can only assume it is because it doesn’t give a RB an exposed shoulder to try and get around the defender. But I know in rugby you wouldn’t see that type of tackle very often as the player wouldn’t last long.

          1. I get that Scooter. That’s not how it’s taught, but when you are going full speed with bodies flying around you’re not going to always end up in the perfect form tackle position.

            Forgive my ignorance, but aren’t most rugby tackles more in the open, away from the scrum?

            1. Rugby Union you’ll either have massive gang tackles as the forwards try to pile through or around the ruck, or more open field, one-on-ones when the spread it wide. In Rugby League (my preferred) the tackles tend to be more front-on, full head of steam type tackles (similar to the NFL) on typical one or two off the ruck hit ups, and a mix of open field tackles or front on form tackles when the ball is spread wider (depending on how stretched the defense has become, and whether a defender jams in hard to stop the play).

              For both codes, most tackles will be made relatively close to the ruck (ruck, btw, is where the previous tackle was made, so similar to where the ball is snapped). In general it is about trying to power run your way through the defense to get the defense moving backwards, then spread it wider to take advantage.

  15. Off subject a bit but Grant – What do you think of Gabbert so far? Has he looked significantly better than McCoy was at this point last year?

    1. Funny stuff. Part of a short film “leaked” by the production company French Mustache.

      “I’m covered in seaweed. My only weakness.”

  16. Way off topic so some may want to scroll past:
    Speaking of things we can’t do anything about, like Boone’s holdout, wtf is up with the weather this year?!? Last summer was a bit odd, this one is very unusual. The current weather pattern in Cal hasn’t been seen since 1977, and the news from around the country is all about summer flooding and even twisters in Boston.
    We have folks on this blog from all over the country and the world, for those who wish to play, what’s your take on unusual weather where you are?
    I’m not opening up a debate on the causes of climate change, that can be like religion, a dangerous topic. I just want to know how odd it is where you are.
    Scooter, howzit down under?
    DClark, Europe weather weird?
    Reb? Down south?
    BO’S, Rocket, Mid, Razor, Prime…..?

    1. I’m in SF. The seasons here are always strange but I feel like they are shifting even more. It doesn’t help that we’re getting next to 0 precipitation.

      I took a class in college called “our endangered planet”. Basically all we(humans) are doing to the planet(over-population, pollution, consumption of natural resources) is making it unlivable for ourselves. We have yet to see the complete results of the damage we continue to do.

      Besides that, the planet is an ever-evolving entity and undergoes changes regardless, so gradual climate shifts are to be expected. What’s going on now, however, seems noticeably rapid.

      1. Yeah, new to our lifetimes. There is no “Normal”, but we’ve gotten used to patterns that now seem to be changing. This drought cycle is more severe than 76-77, but a similar tropical stream like we’re having preceded the El Niño of Winter 78. This year’s El Niño seems weak. So, variations even within cycles.
        There’s evidence of a 500 year drought in the Four Corners area that closed out the Anazazi culture. Anything can happen.

        1. Speaking of weather and droughts, San Francisco is in the midst of a 20 year drought. It’s so bad that a strange monkey population has begun to sprout. Meanwhile, they had flooding down in LA yesterday.

    2. I’m in in the hills just west of Healdsburg. I was born in Marin, grew up in Santa Rosa. That’s why I know who “Pepper the Town Marshal” is (I still type with a Santa Rosa accent).

      I remember the terrible 3-year drought in the 70’s. People let lawns die. Businesses closed. If it was yellow, we let it mellow. The average northern California water user cut back 60%. (In SoCal, 10%… and Johnny Carson had the nerve to complain about the inconvenience of keeping a brick in his toilet tank. Another reason to hate the LA Rams).

      The snow season was so short, a skinny Nevada kid named Greg Lemond had less time for his #1 hobby… cross country skiing. This game him more time to bike train. Turned out well.

      This drought worries me more. In the 70’s winter was dry, but still cold and crisp. The hills greened up in December. This season we had a deep freeze in the fall with high winds, then a strangely warm winter. Summer wasps came out in February. It was eerie how balmy it was. The hills stayed brown until March. The spring rain helped, but not much water settled into the ground. At my house, leaves on the outsides of Oak, Bay, Buckeye trees are yellowing and dying back.

      Even in wetter years, the rains have been arriving late. Except for one year, most of the past 9 years January rains started coming in late February. They ended late too, making it hard for farmers to harvest spring vegetables.

    3. Seems like normal weather to me, although I do live in Kansas where it can be a scorcher one day and below freezing the next. And that’s during winter.

      1. What’s wrong with what she said?

        Cowboys just signed their RT Smith for 8 yrs….almost 100 mil.

        Pretty big contract to me.

        1. @Leo:

          I can’t speak for Spaceborn, but “Cowboy” is Justin Smith’s nickname; a 49ers’ fan could find Mary’s comment misleading.

          1. Exactly, Claude. Marty didn’t say “a” cowboy, she said, “Cowboy” which would mean Justin Smith. Leo should have noticed that as well.

            1. I know, I apologize for my obsessive interest interest in the NFL. It’s the only sport I follow. But I do think it’s kind of sexy and I have always found men men more interesting than women. And in case you’ve wondered, I’m as straight as an arrow.

              1. After watching Jared Leto in Dallas Buyer’s Club, I have come to the opinion that you just never know, lol.

        2. I figured that actually, but I saw that article

          I can see the reason for the confusion.

          Mary – Please add an “s” at the end of that sentence or just leave. No Seahawk fan shall use his name in vain.

          1. I’m wondering if it’s time to press my imaginary “Ignore” button on Marty? I think some of us already have.

  17. As per M.Maiocco:
    In lieu of filing criminal charges, the hearing is administered by members of the City Attorney’s office in which all parties are scheduled to attend to give their account of the incident, according to Frank Mateljan of the City Attorney’s office.

    “The individuals are their admonished about the applicable laws and given suggestions on how to avoid similar incidents in the future,” Mateljan said via email. “While the City Attorney reserves the right to file charges up to one year following the incident, no further action is scheduled beyond the office hearing.”

    Aldon Smith is in LA today meeting with the city attorney for a slap on the wrist. Hopefully he let’s his reps do most of the speaking given the fact that charges could still be filed if Aldon says something stupid.
    My guess is that he’s learned his lesson.

    1. I wish a reporter would call the LA City Attorney’s Office on their nonsense. This is not a hearing. A hearing require there be a decision maker capable of handing down a final resolution on a matter. Not only will this not be the case here, it would be a separation of powers issue if the city attorney tried to do such a thing.

      This meeting is just typical prosecutorial hyperbolic BS (not the most sophisticated term, but the best one for this). By law, Smith does not even have to appear for his scolding as the city attorney’s office has no subpoena power. They blackmail people into these meaningless meetings by threatening to renew prosecution if the suspect does not attend, and then they report it as a successful criminal justice intervention as if they did something more than admonish a person who should be a presumed innocent for doing things for which he/she has not ever been convicted. It is pointless, ineffective, and extra-judicial, and they get away with it because people would rather let some peacock of a prosecutor tell them how bad they are and treat them like misbehaving grade school students rather than take the time and effort to fight.

      I have not even ever been a criminal defense attorney, and this garbage they pull annoys the hell out of me. Sorry for the rant. Back to football.

      Go Niners, and such.

      1. @JPN001:

        Well stated. Tell the Man where he can stick it! Fight the power!

        Sorry, your comment got me riled up.

  18. That Tyron Smith contract is not going to help the Alex Boone hold out, ya think?

    1. George:

      I would think it depends on whether Boone is looking to be paid as a guard or as a tackle.

      1. He has demonstrated he can do a good job at both right guard and left tackle. This contract raised the value of all left tackles, IMHO.

          1. Claude, I’m just speculating, is all. About the Barrow’s report, it might be true but I find it hard to believe. There’s also a report that they have already offered to pay him as a top-15 guard, or something like that. If that’s true and he really wants to be paid just as a guard, why do something so dramatic as boycot TC?

            1. George:

              We’re all speculating. That’s all we can do because the parties aren’t negotiating publicly (which is a good thing).

    1. Sounds awesome. He’s a guy I’m really interested in also. If he does well I could see this maybe being Brooks last year.

      1. @Leo:

        If he does well I could see this maybe being Brooks last year.

        I don’t think the team would have restructured Brooks’s contract if it planned on getting rid of him after this season.

      2. So you think they’re going to let him play out that contract? Those are some pretty big numbers for a 30+ year old OLB don’t you think?

        I wonder what kind of dead money they’re looking at if they cut him.

            1. Crab:

              You’re handing out compliments like you’re running for office, but I’ll take any compliment I can get. Thanks.

  19. If we are talking about the change remaining
    in the Niners’ hands after they buy a Super Bowl ring,
    then all is well and good. Any other discussion
    (use of the terminology) is worse than meaningless.

    Only one big purchase/acquisition matters this year:
    … Lombardi trophy #6. That’s it.

    I am the Super Bowl monkey….
    (still on Coach Harbaw’s back, okay?)

  20. I wonder if Baalke is moving contracts around in an effort to build up the roll-over for next year’s cap.

    1. Jack:

      That’s possible, but the Brooks’ restructuring seems like an odd way to do it.

  21. Is LB Aldon Smith here today?

    He’s in Los Angeles?
    “What’s that?”

    He’s in Los Angeles for his meeting there?
    “He’s not here today.”

    You can’t say where he is?
    “No. Is that my responsibility to tell you where he is?”

    You’re the head coach of the football team.
    “Yeah, OK. Well you seem to already know. He’s going through a process.”

    Then there’s a couple of places he could be. New York being one of them, Los Angeles being the other. He’s in the latter.
    “OK. I don’t know if that was a question or a statement?”

    Exchange between Harbaugh and the media today regarding Aldon Smith from PFT.

    1. Looks like Harbaugh already is in regular season form when dealing with the media.

  22. With the restructuring of contracts that has taken place the 49ers could have Desean Jackson on the roster and still have a few million in cap room.

  23. Razor,
    This is a lengthy read by this guy, but he brought up an interesting thought that if Lloyd makes the team that it will likely come at the expense of Osgood. Osgood is not only one of our best ST’s players but perhaps one of the best in the entire league. I’d really hate to lose Osgood if it means creating a spot for Lloyd.

    Brandon Lloyd’s role with the 49ers
    Bay Area Sports Guy July 30, 2014

    Brandon Lloyd 2014 49ers

    “As I wrote in yesterday’s practice report, I don’t see Brandon Lloyd earning a spot on the 49ers 53-man roster. Not with Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, Stevie Johnson already locked in.

    But isn’t he a unique receiver who provides the kind of “deep threat” option the 49ers are looking for? Sounds enticing, but keeping such a niche player on the off chance he makes a 30-yard grab once every four games seems far-fetched.
    Unless Johnson is a total bust during training camp, he’s ahead of Lloyd because he’s younger and stronger.
    Lloyd would get very few snaps as a No. 4 WR who doesn’t play special teams.
    The 49ers aren’t cutting Quinton Patton or Bruce Ellington.
    If they carry six receivers, I’d bet the sixth ends up being Kassim Osgood.

    So why is Lloyd in camp? He says he hoped to rejoin his first NFL team, but only when the time was right.

    “I’ve always wanted to explore my options to come back and play for San Francisco. The first time I was here, the team wasn’t winning like the teams in the past that made people fall in love with the 49ers. When I was younger, I was in love with the winning attitude, culture that the team had. When I was finally able to play for the team, it no longer had that. Now the team does have that and San Francisco has always held a special place in my heart. So I didn’t explore any other options. I wanted to return to San Francisco and maybe bring a certain amount of closure to my career,” said Lloyd.

    Today Jim Harbaugh raved about Lloyd’s eccentric meeting habits.

    “Brandon Lloyd and I, we made friends right off the bat. Allies right off the bat. He’s the kind of guy I connect with. I enjoy the heck out of him. He does this thing in meetings I have not seen before. Go through his route, and all the sudden he goes through his swim move. And sometimes he’ll stand up, and do a jab step,” said Harbaugh, while mimicking Lloyd’s movements.

    “I’ve never seen a guy at any level go through a meeting like that. It makes me giggle, giddy to watch him doing that. That’s awesome. I wish I could’ve seen that earlier in my career and adopted that into my meeting game.”

    But Lloyd’s job isn’t to dazzle Harbaugh with meeting weirdness. So if he isn’t there to entertain the fellas, and the 49ers aren’t going to completely alter their offense to throw multiple sideline passes to a third or fourth receiver whose style leans decidedly toward the finesse side of things, there’s got to be some reason.

    I’m going to give it a shot.

    He’s there to improve the secondary.

    The 49ers’ top three receivers aren’t carbon copies of each other, but they’re strong, possession-type receivers. Most teams don’t count a tight end as their main deep threat. The 49ers have a ton of young corners in camp, players who could use some experience against receivers who aren’t like Crabtree, Boldin and Stevie Johnson.

    Yesterday rookie cornerback Dontae Johnson said Lloyd is the toughest cover of any receiver on the team.

    “I feel like going against him allows me to be more patient in route recognition and understanding what receivers really are trying to do to a DB to try to get open in certain situations … Just understanding his tempo and demeanor coming off the ball has really helped me to relax and be patient,” Johnson said.

    “I haven’t played in the league, but I promise you he’s probably the best in the league at doing that. Just from practice and just watching film, he’s very consistent with his short, intermediate and deep routes — he runs them all the same. He makes them look the same and runs them at a great, great tempo.”

    Lloyd didn’t sign with the 49ers to tutor young corners. He wants a job, and he’s been very productive throughout the offseason workouts and practices. However, it sounds like he knows he’s there to provide a service no one else on the roster probably can.

    “Going against the defensive backs and there not being a lot of dialogue about what we do technically, the best thing I can do is be consistent with them and then they can pick up on that and improve on that,” Lloyd said.

    “When I came in and was talking with Chris Cook, I told him I would throw everything I have at him and we’ll all get better as we move.”

    If one of the top five receivers goes down with a significant injury, Lloyd will almost certainly make the team. But if things go according to plan, the 49ers would get more out of Lloyd’s presence during training camp than they ever could when the games count.”

  24. Interesting take. If Lloyd changes their minds, maybe they can keep both by Ward covering the backup Safety position, thereby freeing up a roster spot at the expense of Dahl….

    1. Brotha,
      If I had (was in position) chose between Osgood or Lloyd it would be a tough decision but I would go with Osgood.
      Unless Lloyd earns the #3 WR spot, his opportunities (barring injury to one of our starters) will be few.

      S.Johnson had a rough practice today but I still see him as the #3 WR this season.
      With Crabtree, Boldin, VD, VMac and perhaps more swing passes to our RB’s as Roman intimated, and if Johnson wins the 3 spot I don’t see Lloyd making as much as a contribution as would Osgood.
      Again, it would be a tough choice, but I have to go with Os.

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