Former 49ers Pro Bowl Quarterback: “Brock Purdy is that guy.”

Brock Purdy was one of the best stories in the NFL during the 2022 season. Purdy went from Mr. Irrelevant, the moniker given to the final pick in the draft, to nearly being named offensive rookie of the year.

Despite the high level of play demonstrated by Purdy, the offseason has led some fans and media members to question his ability to keep it going.

Former 49ers Pro Bowl quarterback Jeff Garcia spoke with KHTK 1140AM in Sacramento recently about what he sees from the young 49ers quarterback.

“The thing about Brock Purdy, he knew where to go with the football. He didn’t take a lot of sacks. He didn’t make a lot of mistakes. When things broke down around him, he lengthened the field with his feet,” said Garcia. “He became a threat as a runner. I’m not going to say those were certain things that reminded him of me, but there were things out there like that. Hey, he’s a smaller stature guy but that doesn’t matter. He understands the game. He understood the defensive coverages. He understood what was going on offensively and where to go with the football and that was impressive.”

When discussing the 49ers current options at quarterback, the weapons at Purdy’s disposal during his eight-game win streak are often brought up. Garcia sees the way Purdy took advantage of the talent around him as a positive, again drawing parallels to his own situation when taking over for Steve Young.

“You know, up until the point when Brock Purdy stepped on the field, even with Jimmy (Garpppolo) out there, why was George Kittle not being targeted,” asked Garcia. “If I had George Kittle on my team, I’m trying to get him the ball. Just like a T.O. (Terrell Owens), you’re trying to get him the ball 10 times a game because when he gets the ball in his hands great things happen. Whether it’s catching the ball in the flat, a 10-yard hook over the middle. That’s one of your most dangerous weapons on the field and you’re not utilizing him.

All of a sudden, Brock Purdy steps on the field, the ball starts getting spread around. Kittle becomes more involved. How many touchdowns did he have in the second half of the season? He would have probably been All Pro with those stats throughout the season which he’s an All-Pro caliber tight end.”

Kittle’s numbers took off once Purdy took over. In their five starts together to end the regular season Kittle recorded seven touchdowns, more than any prior season of the tight ends career.

Purdy has not participated in any of the 49ers organized team activities as he continues to rehab from surgery to repair the torn UCL in his throwing elbow. This week, the quarterback began working through his throwing progression. According to several sources Purdy has already progressed to throwing full size footballs.

The 49ers are optimistic about Purdy’s chances of returning for training camp. When he does return, Purdy will find himself in a quarterback competition with Trey Lance. Garcia, who had to go to the CFL before getting his shot with the 49ers, sees the competition between the two as a good thing.

“The competition is going to be good with Trey Lance. Hey, you can’t eliminate anybody. I think that’s the unfortunate part of the quarterback position in the National Football League,” said Garcia. “Organizations do not want to ruffle feathers. They’re too concerned about ‘oh he’s our starter. We don’t want to make him worry about his job.” But every other position is open to the best talent available to the best talent available. Why isn’t the quarterback position like that? You’ve got to have the best guy on the field.”

How does Garcia expect the competition to play out?

“You start the guy who’s going to take you down the field, put points on the board, eliminate mistakes, do the right things for your team, get your athletes involved and be a leader in the locker room. And right now, Brock Purdy is that guy.”

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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  1. Purdy has always reminded me of Garcia except a little slower. Garcia was never able to get to the SB but if he had played with the talent this team has I think he might have won a couple. My two biggest concerns about Lance are will he be able to adjust to the defensive adjustments that DCs around the league are preparing for him right now. Secondly last year he had a # of ints dropped and a # of passes that were very close to being interceptions. I believe he was lucky as well as good. I hope we don’t see a large uptick in Ints. imho

    1. OC:

      I agree with your take on the # of ints dropped. I’m hopeful that Griese can continue to coach those mistakes out of Purdy’s play. It seemed like Jimmy was less error prone last year and I attribute that to Griese’s coaching. Heck, he might even get Darnold to start playing “error-free” football and that could be a big boost to the team.

      1. I’m always curious where this Narrative that he had a lot of ints dropped comes from? His turnover worthy play rate was actually really good. And it’s not like he hit many defenders in the chest when throwing cleanly.
        He doesn’t throw a lot errant passes ala Jimmy, but does throw some 50/50 balls which tbh SF wide outs are not good at coming down with.
        That said his arm strength does scare me because his outside throws and deeper 30+ yrds tended to hang but that can also be improved with timing.

    2. I remember the Garcia Days..he always looked like somebody hurt his puppy….and Owens aways treated him like sheet..went to a few preseason games and he played well but you could always see the indicissions in his face.
      I remember one game and he came out of the tunnel and i knew we were losing that game just by the look on his face.. that forelorn look of doom he had…like he was gonna cry at any sec.

      1. Per, Pro Football History
        “National Football League
        San Francisco 49ers
        In 1999, Walsh returned to the San Francisco 49ers as the general manager and signed Garcia to join the team as the backup quarterback. In Week 4 of the 1999 season, Garcia replaced an injured Steve Young. While he struggled during the his first NFL season, by the second season with the 49ers he had been voted to the Pro Bowl. During his five year tenure with the 49ers, Garcia was voted to three Pro Bowls, led the team to the playoffs twice. He was released after the 2003 season.”

        I would respectfully pump the brakes regarding your comment.
        I believe that a healthy Purdy is the 49ers starter going forward, but he has yet to put together a full season that can match Garcia.

        Statistically, Purdy had a good rookie season. If he can continue this over a span of seasons, he will deserve the right to be better than Garcia.
        Purdy isn’t there, yet.

    3. Purdy does remind me of Garcia, but Jeff had a good sense of pocket awareness, and never got blindsided. Purdy also did not make it to a SB, but with this talented team, has a good chance to achieve their Quest for SIX !!!!!!
      Garcia could have won a SB, but the 49er DBs were the weak link. Purdy had benefited from a number one defense.
      I am glad that Griese said that Purdy could improve. Like you say, there were some dangerous balls thrown that could have been picked off, and the first couple passes in his playoff games were clunkers.
      Some think that Purdy can come back strong and easily regain the starting job. I think that Lance will be strong competition, and may be hard to supplant.
      Purdy may be best served by bringing him back slowly and carefully. It may be better for Lance to start, yet still win games, so the 49ers have the luxury to work back Purdy slowly, with cameo appearances. It will give Purdy more time to fully heal and get into game shape, while not subjecting his surgically repaired elbow to possible injury.
      The best scenario would be for Lance to start the first 6 games, win them all, which will make KS have to make a hard decision. Eventually Purdy can start, build up a 2 score lead, then let Lance finish out games by bleeding the clock with several long sustained drives.
      Both Lance and Purdy can help the 49ers win. KS is clever enough to be able to utilize them both to win games. Having 2 competent QBs will force the opposition to have to game plan for both, which will stress the defense.

      1. One of them will be better than the other. So far this has been Purdy. There is no chance that KS will do a platoon system. They’ve made it very clear that Purdy is their choice. There is nothing to indicate that he won’t be ready for week 1.

        1. It might be in Purdy’s best interests to not subject his arm to 17 games. If he can play in half the games, he will have half as much wear and tear. He will have half as much risk for injury.
          KS certainly can be competent enough to utilize both QBs. In 2021, Jimmy G and Lance played well together, winning games.
          It might be ideal if Lance starts the first 6 games, and wins them all. The 49ers will have the luxury of bringing back Purdy slowly and carefully. Towards the end of the season, if Purdy builds up a 2 score lead, Lance could come in and finish out the game.
          Purdy may be able to throw, but will he be able to take a hit and bounce back? Being cautious and patient, may be the prudent course of action.

          1. There is nothing wrong with Purdy. He is healed. He just needs to build back his arm strength. KS has made it clear, that if Purdy is ready and he will be, he will start. I don’t understand the wild speculation with nothing to back it up. Some things never change.

            1. Felix,
              Injuries are not healed until they are 100% healed and Purdy is not yet 100%. Everything seems to be going in the right direction but until he is released from Drs care he could have a set back. If you have had a sports injury you would understand. imho

            2. ‘There is nothing wrong with Purdy. He is healed.’
              If he is healed, can he throw 60 yard bombs?
              Purdy is rehabbing from surgery. He has a long prognosis and needs to adhere to the process.
              If they rush him back too soon, he may suffer a setback. Embracing a conservative approach may be the best course of action for the long run.
              This team is so talented, Lance may be able to lead the team to victory, merely by avoiding the unforced errors.
              ‘KS has made it clear, that if Purdy is ready and he will be, he will start.’ IF he is ready. There is no guarantee that he will be ready. Purdy has already suffered a setback, due to the swelling that made them postpone the surgery.
              There may be mitigating circumstances. His accuracy may be affected, and certainly, his arm strength is poor, and need improving, because there is atrophy due to the brace he was put in after the surgery.
              I think it is wild speculation to declare that everything will go perfectly, with no setbacks. Even if he is fully recovered, is it wise to force him to play 17 games on his surgically repaired arm?
              Purdy may be ready, but is he game ready? Will he be battle tested and battle hardened?

              1. The biggest danger with Purdy playing too soon is his drive. He’s a gung-ho guy that was born ready. Doctor’s assessment is in large part based on what a patient tells them. If Purdy says there is no pain, than that becomes the baseline.
                It’s his throwing arm that got injured and I would like to see him take more time to heal than necessary since we have 2 backups that hopefully will prove themselves.

      2. Brock Purdy was also a rookie. It is kinda hard to hold it against him that he didn’t make it to the Superbowl. If he did take 49ers to the Superbowl he would have been the first rookie QB in NFL history to do it. Let’s see what Purdy can do with a full season. I think the future is really bright.

  2. Purdy now has Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, and Kurt Warner saying that he should start. His advanced passing metrics of efficiency per play have him second behind Mahomes. I couldn’t find the exact number of dropped INT’s, but it was either 2 or 3. Dak Prescott had 3 vs the 49ers in the playoffs. Some bum named Peyton Manning threw 28 his rookie season, or 4.9% compared to Brock’s 2.4%. Of Purdy’s 4 INT’s, the first was against KC in desperation time in the 4th quarter with KC playing 6 DB’s, and another was a ball that the receiver should have caught but tipped to a defender.

    Purdy came in and immediately put up 9 more points per game than Jimmy G. The 49ers points extrapolated over a 16 game (not 17) season with Purdy would rank 17th all time, and all but 7 points were on offense.

    It’s like in the WSOP, if it’s really luck, then why are there always so many familiar faces at the final table?

  3. Thing with Lance that had him torn up playing the teams i think they kept Jimmy out of them on fragile in those stuck statue plays he would have been dragged like he always was against great teams..and bad ones. JIMMY WAS ALEX SMITH to a tee….Lance had to play the TOUGHEST of the tough teams those weeks he played and the play calling..up the gut 50 times was an abomination. My guy is Purdy..but Lance was screwed from the gitgo by crappy play calling…and Shanihan took a verbal beating from the fans and press over it.
    And since Lance got some extra coaching on his style..hes gonna be tough to beat. But having 2 great QBs on the team has always been the Niners trademark. Why stop now.

  4. I think Bradshaw was 1-15 his first season…throwing Lance to the wolves wasnt a great idea considering their was that big clash of players already hating the guy because he wasnt the NICE GUY jimmy they all protected..for some reason ..Jimmy was a way overpaid hack that should have been Dumped his first year..when NE doesn’t think youre good enough to cover for a 43 year old player of theres….you suk.

    1. Your comments are so outrageous that you loose all credibility. Your opinions are not backed up by anything so completely irrelevant.

          1. I’m so sorry you have to put up with that crap it is so immature. I know all of the rest of us have enjoyed your posts. Stick around Seb. Your input is quality. I have a feeling Jack needs posters so whoever is doing this troll stuff is just hurting Jack and lets remember he is the guy who saved this place.

            1. OldCoach, I respect you so much, I will try to post here when I see an article or comment that I may have something interesting to say about, but this troll catfish account is still infecting this site.

          2. Oh my. Seb still has his entourage.
            At least he’s not using the same picture or maybe he’s insinuating that this is not his first rodeo…

            1. Dee,
              I am no ones entourage. I just try to be kind and civil to all posters and I truly believe that if we want to keep this site open we need as many posters as possible.

              1. OC, I wasn’t referring to you but rather to Seb’s fanbase that shows appreciation through plagiarism.
                We’ve had a few rumbles in the past but all in good jest. I hope he’s not still sore that I beat him at his own game!
                Seb is a welcome addition in my book!

              2. ‘I hope he’s not still sore that I beat him at his own game!’
                Please try harder. ;p

              3. Pshaw, I have taken on a whole blog site without working up a sweat.
                Your defiance is …… Special.

              4. Oh. Now I see.
                So you left with your tail between your legs because you didn’t work up a sweat?
                I’m glad to see that I’m special to you!

            2. Naw, I left because they had some part time blogger replace Iggy, and this place was desolate. Found a nice blog at NN that actually can stop the trolls and catfishing. Even there, I have my gadflies, but they seem to have toned it down once I took on the whole blog site and was proven right about Jimmy G coming back. Many still ridicule my opinions, but I have rhinoceros hide.
              Glad to see quality content being produced by Jack Hammer, and I do miss some of the regular posters. I am content, being able to comment about a team I love, and certainly hope they can achieve their Quest for SIX !!!!!! this upcoming season.
              Yes, you are truly….. Special.

              1. Thanks for making me Special, that’s a real honor coming from someone like you who’s able to take on a blog all by himself!
                I wouldn’t know where to begin at such a great undertaking!
                I’m jealous though about your relationship with Lowell. The fact that both of you can call Grant , Iggy, is very endearing. Not even Jack gets to call him that!
                I think you’re Special too!

  5. As you can see . I’m still POed these so called pundit QBs of old had torn Kap a new one but he brought us to a SB that ALEX NEVER could or WOULD HAVE..Kap had a WINNING aditude and was really a sweet kid until they..Debartalo went after him with a vegence…and got the fans to hate him..seriously ripped him up for throwing a TD pass in 2 plays down field ..”CUZ HE DIDNT GIVE THE D A CHANCE TO REST”
    . They wrecked Kap as a person and professionally…just to get back at Jim Harbaugh..and it still pisses me off they got away with it.

    1. “Kap had a WINNING aditude and was really a sweet kid until they..Debartalo went after him with a vegence…and got the fans to hate.”

      That’s very interesting. Especially, given the FACT that DeBartolo sold the 49ers to his sister Denise York in 2000.

    2. It’s not working, Bay…’ve changed your name and your style…but you can’t change your spots

  6. It’s not so much of what he did that let’s us know that it was for real as it was how he did it he made most of the veteran QBs look like scared rabbits in comparison! There’s only been one other QB in a 49ers uniform that had the cool head under the most crushing pressure that Brock has shown since the first pass he threw against the Dolphins and when you factor in his really good accuracy and ability to extend a play well after the pocket collapses and you have a really good, borderline great QB that gives the 49ers an unbeatable team that will be hoisting the Lombardi trophy!!!

    1. David,
      We just might have that great QB of which you speak, he just needs to put a full season together to prove it. imho

  7. I watched Purdy play for 4 years at Iowa State. This guy is for real. I still don’t understand how he was so clearly misjudged by so many scouts going into the draft. Purdy was obviously the best player left on the draft board since the end of the first round. All ISU fans knew that. So much for expert talent evaluators! Purdy won’t be flashy, but he’ll win games.

    1. My guess is his physical stature was [their] main concern. But today I’m quite happy that that is how it went down. I am thrilled that it is my 9’ers team which fortunately ended up with Brock Purdy. I can remember another QB from 49’ers days of lore, to me he is “The GOAT”, and he didn’t come off as a particular tough guy either.

    2. The Draft God truly bestowed a gift on Jed York in saving Brock Richard Purdy for the final pick of the 2022 NFL Draft. If we’re lucky, this will turn out to be the greatest draft pick of all time. Imagine that possibility.

        1. Seb, welcome back. I agree what you say about the job they did in the 2023 draft. I think it might be one of their best. Sure, you have to give them credit for picking Brock last year. But if they really thought he could be this good, it was extremely risky waiting so long. They just got lucky, in the extreme.

          1. I agree. All credit to the Niners. I believe that when they picked him, they believed he had a credible chance to make the roster and once in the team, they could see what they had. That’s not luck.

            1. Felix, they probably targeted him as a practice squad qb3 and drafted him when they did so they wouldn’t have to compete for him as an UDFA. All I’m saying is that they had no idea about him other than that, so I don’t credit the scouts for much. This isn’t to disparage the scouts. They’ve done a terrific job for this. This year getting Bell, Graham and Willis in the 7th is a real coup.

              1. I disagree to a point. Obviously they didn’t know he was as good as he’s turned out to be so far, but they did draft him when 31 others did not and didn’t want to take the chance some other team would get him in free agency. That says to me they actually wanted him and thought he had potential.

          2. I hope your ticker is going strong. I have had to deal with similar issues, but managed to hike the Camino De Santiago with my son last year.
            I will also agree that the 49ers were extremely lucky.

  8. Garcia said what we all could see: “All of a sudden, Brock Purdy steps on the field, the ball starts getting spread around.” Or, “The thing about Brock Purdy, he knew where to go with the football.” Perhaps that’s the system and Brock just knew how to use it. But Jimmy and Trey didn’t do that. So imo you have to ask yourself, is it more the system or is it more the qb. I tend to think the latter. Put Brock on, say, KC or Philly, I think you’d get similar results. We’ll just have to see how Sam does, as a test, so to speak. Or Trey, now that he seems to know how to throw the football. . .

    1. Hi George.
      I will respectfully disagree. Purdy certainly benefited from Jimmy G’s mentorship. He inherited a number one defense that gave him good field position with 16 takeaways. The O line finally gelled into a cohesive unit, and the team improved every game CMC played in.
      Jimmy G did not fail due to talent, he unfortunately became injured. Jimmy G led the 49ers on a 4 game win streak that propelled them into the division lead. If healthy, he could have won it all. I sure wish KS had activated Jimmy G for the NFCC Game. Even while injured, he has led this team to victory. Jimmy G was profusely praised by Lance for his leadership, expertise and wisdom in the QB room.
      Purdy also could have led this team to the SB, but unfortunately, he suffered the same fate as Jimmy G, and was injured.
      I think Sam should be content being the backup, and he should worry more about competition from Allen, than from Lance.

  9. I just hope the 9ers do something about their O-line. Four QBs taken out with season ending injuries in a year is too much.

    1. Of course, as Jack has pointed out, none of the injuries were the fault of the O line.

  10. Wow, this place is jumping. Almost like the old days. I guess a good old fashion QB controversy is all we needed. For the first time ever I don’t have a favorite. I have as much faith as doubt in all of the candidates. I just hope one of them ends up being the next great one.

  11. I have read that the 49ers moved their mini camp to this Tues and Wed. I hope media is allowed both days. Moving it up makes even a longer time till camp opens. Does anyone have the full camp opening date?

    1. Both days of mini-camp will be open to media. Training camp should open around July 28.

  12. I like Brock Purdy. His story from being Mr. Irrelevant to saving the 49ers season is a great story. BUT I want to see him do it over another season before I anoint him “that guy.” If Colin Kaepernick taught 49er fans anything, it should be to be wary of flashes in the pan. One good season does not a “Guy” make. I just want there to be a legitimate QB competition in camp so these guys battle it out and see who is best. If that is Lance, Darnold, or Purdy then I’m fine with whatever the coaches decide.

    Oh, and Grant Cohn is an idiot. Unless his Twitter got hacked, he’s out there suggesting Kyle Shanahan doesn’t want a good QB because it will take credit away from him. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in sports. Like Elon, I’m a free speech absolutist so Cohn can say what he wants. And I’m free to say he’s an idiot.

    1. Cohn is clickbait, carrot and stick and you fell for it.
      Please don’t defile this blog with his nonsense.

    2. Does Cohn actually believe the stuff he posts??? Sometimes, many time in fact, it seems it’s way off in left field.

    3. Brock Purdy demonstrated that he can adjust to defense by beating a solid Seahawks team twice. I think the biggest thing with Cap is that he had problems adjusting to defenses and teams were starting to figure out his game. I just feel Purdy has the ability to adjust imho but we’ll see. Looking forward to the upcoming season.

  13. I don’t think he truly believes what he posts. I have seen him back down on his youtube posts when he has a guest with better knowledge. I have seen L. Krueger gently back him down many times. Krueger has real football experience. G. Cohn is very successful at what he does. From what he says he is making great money since he left the PD. I think what he shows is a persona at least for his sake I hope so.

    1. His dad used to have provocative statements too here and there. ( he admitted it as it being one of his regrets in his career on the Cohn Zone)
      He was shunned by many in the locker room.
      A chip off the old block?

      1. I did enjoy dad and son in the Cohn Zone.
        Don’t know if he still does it.
        I don’t follow GC

    2. Grant and I came to a head one day on this blog. We had been disagreeing on topics for some time leading up to this day. Anyway, out of anger, I told him that this blog had succeeded over the years “in spite on him.”
      Things went south immediately after that.

      But, today I’m actually happy for his success, although I still don’t agree with him.

      1. You know me. I used to be his biggest defender on this site.
        However, when he went to SI, he was surrounded by clueless minions, who think that the hot take click bait route is the recipe for success.
        I lost respect for Iggy when he trolled Kinlaw. Javon Kinlaw is not a sophisticated person, he is lucky to be alive. Iggy knew of his past history, but still trolled him unmercifully, just to get him upset.
        If Iggy wants to improve, he needs to be right about things, instead of being so wrong all the time. There are no winners and losers in the OTAs. There is no QB controversy. He called Jimmy G a loser for throwing 5 picks in a row in a practice, but Jimmy G then went on to lead his team to the SB.

  14. Per, Albert Breer.
    “The 49ers’ expected starting quarterback should, well, continue to be expected to start for the team,” Breer wrote. “He’s on a very controlled throwing program now, and this week’s minicamp in Santa Clara should provide more answers. As it stands? Purdy is throwing without pain, and he’s passed every test the Niners have thrown at him.”

    These reports seem to point towards Purdy starting the first week of the season. The fact that Purdy (although on a light and limited regiment) is throwing without pain is a very positive sign. With the season opener about 3 months away, the progress he’s making may give him a chance at starting on day one.

    Personally, I would like for him to start, but only if he at the very least plays the final preseason game.

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