Frank Gore: “When you’re watching the film, it’s just not us. It’s not us at all.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Frank Gore’s Wednesday interview.

Q: What do you make of the offense’s recent struggles?

GORE: We’ve got to do better as a group. Everybody, we’ve got to do better.

Q: What about more Frank Gore?

GORE: It’s a team. We have great players all around. Receivers. The backs. As a group, we’ve got to be more consistent. It always will be one player here, one player there. In this league, that can’t happen. Just can’t happen. You ain’t going to win games when everybody isn’t clicking together.

Q: When this team goes away from you, do you understand why? Does it make sense to you?

GORE: I feel like whatever Coach calls, it’s a great chance it will work no matter what. We have other great guys on this team. Whatever the coach calls, I feel like we together, doing the right thing, it can work.

Q: The play that Kaepernick threw away before the sneak, it looked like you had pretty good position and could have made the play at the pylon.

GORE: Kap’s the quarterback, he probably saw something. He threw it away to be more safe. That’s what it was.

Q: This team has always run really well. Should you do what you do well and run even if the defense has 8 in the box?

GORE: This past Sunday, as an offense we never got into a rhythm, never got into a flow. When we got going, something happened that put us back behind the 8 ball and throws us off. It was just a sloppy game on the offensive side of the ball. We’ve got to look at ourselves. When you’re watching the film, it’s just not us. It’s not us at all.

Q: Why is the offense struggling?

GORE: It’s always one person here or one person there. As an offense in the NFL, that’s just not going to work. We’ve got to be real with ourselves, go back to everybody taking care of their job and we’ll be fine.

Q: You’ve gone through seasons where you guys haven’t gone to the playoffs and you’ve been frustrated….

GORE: We’re going to the playoffs.

Q: Does that make this start so frustrating knowing what kind of team you have?

GORE: It’s real frustrating. We’ve got so many weapons on the offensive side of the ball, the most we’ve ever had since I’ve been here. When you see things not clicking for us, you get, like, “Wow.” Then you watch the film, it’s just one person here, or if this person would have gotten that block or if I would have did this. Like I said, it’s just not going to happen for our offense. Once we just look at ourselves and take care of our jobs, one-on-one battles, we should be fine.

Q: What makes you so sure you’re going to the playoffs.

GORE: We’re going to do it. We’ve got great coaches. We’ve got great guys. The past few years we’ve been spoiled. We know where we want to go. That’s our goal, to get to the postseason. Once everyone takes care of their jobs, we should have a great shot.

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  1. Frank Gore is very observant and I have loads of respect for the man. From what he’s saying, the problems are fixable and most of the breakdowns are from losing one-on-one battles or somebody missing an assignment. Let’s clean things up and try to get a win in NO.

    1. Sounds like what he’s really saying is the team (read: players) aren’t buying in anymore. The focus and intensity isn’t there and it points to a lack of respect for the coaches, the main one in particular.

      1. How exactly did you come to that conclusion Fourth? On second thought, I don’t want to know.

        Spot on Nick.

        1. You’re failing to see the writing on the wall. When Harbaugh is gone next season let’s talk about your shortsightedness.

      2. All you “quick to fire” harbaugh were praising him 3 years ago. The guy has been nothing short of good, as a fan, I am happy because I remember the mike singletary days. It could be a lot worse, look at ATL. Atleast we still have a chance at playoffs.

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