Geep Chryst on Blaine Gabbert: “There’s been moments where he’s gotten into rhythm.”

This is the transcript of Geep Chryst’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Opening comments:

“We just got done with practice. Obviously, we’re excited about Arizona. Feel like we have a good game plan, but they’re a good team. All three phases are playing at a pretty high level for them. But, we like our chances so we’ll see what happensSunday.”


What do you like about your chances? What are you seeing?

“You know, we’re starting to develop some continuity. This is [QB] Blaine’s [Gabbert] third consecutive start. So, he can start to see the field, find some rhythm within the game. In the game’s he’s played, there’s been moments where he’s gotten into rhythm. You can feel the offense moving and I think that’s something that you’re seeing on the practice field as well. So, that’s what excites us. But, it’s a formidable foe, another good defense we’re seeing. So, we’ve got to match whatever it is we’re doing with what it is they’re trying to stop us from doing.”


He had looked good in the preseason. I assume he looked pretty good in practice. But, has he surprised you at all that he’s done it in the regular season?

“We probably forget how long it had been since he was taking snaps. So, how will it turn out? I thought not many people go 92-yards for a drive right before the end of the half and get seven, which was good. And then we came out at the start of the second half and found some rhythm as well. In the Atlanta game, I don’t want to say it was a slow start, but it picked up as the game went on. Even in the second half in the Atlanta game, we were getting first downs from backed up territory. So, you felt like there was an efficiency. A couple balls, one was a drop that turned into an interception. Another interception where you didn’t even feel like that was the situation with Seattle. So, can he continue to improve, ramp up and take that next step.”


Is part of that step maybe being more aggressive with some of his throws, particularly in the red zone?

“Yeah. First off, we had some calls that were shots down field in the first half, to [WR] Bruce Ellington, one. The tough assignment in the protection, trying to move the different protections was [FB] Bruce Miller had a tough matchup on 56 [Seahawks DE Cliff Avril] in the Seattle game. But, we were taking our shots in the first half there. Also, on a third-and-three we took a shot. In terms of the red zone, he’s actually played at a fairly high level. We wanted to get touchdowns. So, anytime you want to get something and you don’t come up with it, it feels like a failure. The second drive of the second half where we took the false start penalty, those things hurt in the red zone. But, the things we weren’t doing earlier, for example, that was a penalty but we’re the fourth fewest penalized team in the National Football League offensively and we’d cleaned up a lot of the holding penalties that plagued us in the Minnesota game and the Pittsburgh game in the red zone. So, in the second half also, we got into the red zone with some chunk plays, maybe those plays that we didn’t hit in the first half. We hit [TE] Garrett Celek on kind of a scheme play. We also hit [TE] Vance McDonald on a straight vertical route as well. So, we were hitting the plays to get down there, but you want to come away with seven. And anytime you get three against a good team, it feels like you come up empty.”


Did you go into the Seahawks game thinking that G Andrew Tiller would play the whole game or was it was wait and see how he does and then he played well?

“I think it’s see how he does, and he was playing well. We know the way that the game played out the first time here, we had some matchup problems. Plus, we want to give him a chance to get into a rhythm and improve himself. And I think he is improving out on the practice field. He is improving in games. He still is who he is, but I think he’s earned the right to take another series or in this case, get another start.”


And what about G/C Daniel Kilgore? Any thought of elevating him to the 53-man?

“Oh, we’re trying like crazy to get him up, but you know we’ve got to be realistic for him. Last week we were joking around “How did the third day of training camp feel?” because he was going through some of that soreness and some of the natural ramp up. When all the guys are thinking that he’s got the fresh legs, he’s feeling like he’s only getting seaworthy. So, he’s on the boat, probably feeling a little bit of seasickness while everyone else is used to rocking and rolling in the waves. But, we’ll see. He’s such a great guy and we miss him. So, you want to have him up. Now, realistically, remember when [Denver Broncos TE] Vernon [Davis] came back and we put him on a pitch count? Realistically, you’d love to have him dressed but then how much playing time will he get. And you definitely don’t want to feel like he’s going to be playing 78, 83 snaps but you want him to feel like he’s on that natural path to getting back and playing full time. And that next step would be what, get a uniform on game day.”


With RB Carlos Hyde out for the third or fourth straight game, RB Shaun Draughn your starter, what do you see and expecting out of him?

“First off, he had one of the greatest plays we’ve seen this year where he was helping in protection, and if you remember the play sequence, Blaine had scrambled for a first down to midfield. We had a hold called on Tiller. The very next play, Blaine scrambles again but now has his eyes up and finds [WR Anquan] Boldin for a catch and a first down, kind of back to where we were. But, when you watch the play, Shaun Draughn not only made a block in the protection, he ran downfield and I think he was beating the Seattle defenders to the pursuit of the ball and got a block for Anquan. So, things like that. A running threat, a receiving threat and willing to do the dirty work. I think he’s now coming into his own and we’re really happy to have him on our team.”


What was your reaction when you saw Arizona Cardinals S Tyrann Mathieu’s comments this week about the differences between Blaine and QB Colin Kaepernick?

“You know, there’s probably enough game tape now for Blaine when you combine the preseason along with the last two regular season games that I wouldn’t be surprised that there’d be some comparison, apples to oranges as opposed to apples to apples. I don’t know, I wasn’t in their meeting what they thought of Kap before the first game when they were making their commentary. But, they’re a good defense. He’s a good player. A couple of our coaches that have come from LSU think highly of his playmaking ability, his football instincts. So, you give credit to what he had to say, knowing that he’s trying to make some type of comparison. But, we’re concentrating more on what are we going to do as opposed to what the opponent is saying about us. But, the more successful plays you have, the better off you feel about yourself independent of what the opponent may be saying about you.”


One of the things he said was his defense was able to pick up on Colin’s tendencies. Did that factor into making the decision to go with Blaine?

“Not really. I think Blaine was playing well. I think that he’s provided an offensive spark. I think that he’s providing confidence for the offensive unit and we hope that he takes that next step in terms of that consistent play. But, he’s done some nice things and deserves the opportunity to go out and test his game against the Cardinals.”


Regarding Draughn, he’d been with like eight teams or whatever, so it seems like he comes in off the street. Has he surprised you by what he’s been able to do?

“Yeah. You don’t want to have too high a bar. We were joking around that you’re trying to carpet 10,000 square feet with carpet remnants sometimes and you might not have what you’re looking for just kind of waiting outside the door to come in. But, he’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for in terms of coming in the door and helping out. We didn’t want this as part of our formula. The backs that we had in training camp, we didn’t expect that we’d have to go down this path, but we’re thrilled that we have Shaun and he’s been a nice fit for us. And we hope that his game continues to improve as he’s gotten in the mix, kind of again, got his sea legs and I’m excited to see him play against the Cardinals again this Sunday.”

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  1. Between the reports of Gabbert’s extra study time and praise laden assessments by the opponent, I’m excited to see Blaine perform surgery on their secondary Sunday afternoon….

      1. @timkawakami does jed have any professional pride? Does he want to field a winning team? Or is it strictly money for him?

        Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 23h23 hours ago

        Tim Kawakami Retweeted Emerson Hoff
        Jed believes HIS way is how the 49ers will win. Convinced of this.

        1. @timkawakami How do John and Denise factor into the equation? Are they absent or are they really pulling the strings?

          Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 23h23 hours ago

          Tim Kawakami Retweeted Erik
          Jed got the stadium built, guaranteeing $100M+ annual profits for years. Parents are just fine with his tenure.

          Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 23h23 hours ago
          The 49ers mgmt flip-out has done great things… for the Chicago Bears.

          Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 23h23 hours ago
          Vic Fangio + Adam Gase… or Jim Tomsula + Geep Chryst? The 49ers made that call last January and oops, oops, …

          @timkawakami I will never get over the stupidity of this decision

          Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 23h23 hours ago

          Tim Kawakami Retweeted Amir Talai
          It’s never difficult to figure out York/Baalke/Marathe if you realize this whole thing is built on power + neuroses


          1. Fan’s,

            Almost anyone who adds 100 million/year to their family fortunes due to building a new stadium would have an ego, Jed’s no exception…

            1. Then Tomsula’s team plays John Fox, Vic Fangio and Adam Gase’s team in Chicago next Sunday–when Chicago will have several extra days to prepare for the 49ers. Uh-oh.

    1. Gabbert (26) is almost exactly two years younger than Kaepernick, yet no one’s calling him “Young” Blain Gabbert.”

      Gabbert was a tender 21 when he started for Jacksonville. According to wiki (I know, its only wiki), he eventually became the youngest QB in NFL history to start 14 games in a season.

      Best case scenario (not that I’m expecting it)… Is it possible his struggles in Jacksonville were a maturity + bad roster issue, and he might turn out to be pretty good?

  2. Wow, the best thing Draughn did was make a block. Yippee, calloo calay. Happy days are here again.

    1. Wrong. 2/3 of his yards he got on his own. Not many, but he improvised as best he could. Be sure to re-watch, don’t rely on your in game impressions.

      1. Wrong? Please tell Chryst. He said that. I guess he reads these posts because I ripped Draughn for missing two thirds of his blocks before. Therefore, he had to counter my criticism by praising an element of the RB that was deficient, but way less important than actually running with the ball to gain yardage. Do people gush over the fact that Rawls blocked well?
        Roman said he was not verbose. I felt that he was talking to me. Chryst did the same thing by talking about a block that showed he wanted to counter my arguments.

  3. B2W,
    Gabbert was thrust into just as bad a situation in Jacksonville as Alex Smith was in San Francisco.
    Both were inserted in the starting lineup with miserable teams and incompetent coaching.

    Alex has had fresh start in KC and hoping that Gabbert can do the same as a 49er.
    He has 6 more games to show his mettle against some good teams (well, minus the Browns).
    The FO and fans alike will be watching Gabby with keen interest because his performance going forward will determine drafting a QB in the 1st rd or wait until the second day to find one or two.

    I’m hoping that Gabbert can get his groove back so we can fill other needs in the draft with our high picks on the OL and Defense.
    So far, Gabbert has fared well but we’ll have a better sample by the end of January 3rd.

    1. There’s no opportunity like catastrophe. Its pretty much a consensus among my 49er group the rest of the season should be used to evaluate the roster. QB included.

      We don’t want is dead end prospects tying up roster space. It took three years and four training camps for Baalke to realize Joe Looney wasn’t better than scrap heap OGs. That sucks.

      Better to know sooner rather than later. I’m not saying fry-n-die the new kids expecting them all to play great right off the bat, but we need to know how they react in game situations.

        1. and in doing so, prevent Baalke from finding another candidate for the long term OG spot?

          Seriously, I can’t figure out how Looney (who wasn’t terrible subbing for Iupati last year) isn’t better than Devey or Tiller.

        2. How is his knee?

          Are they reshaping his body?

          It wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t get enough playing time this year to prove anything.

          1. I can almost guarantee that Looney would not be as bad as Martin at center, because Martin has graded out as dead last among centers in the league.

            1. Over the whole year, Martin has been putrid, but I think I read that he had a positive grade from PFF against the Seahawks. Maybe I was hallucinating…

              1. Maybe it was because Devey did not play, so Tiller played well enough to mask Martin’s deficiencies.

          2. From what I saw of Brandon Thomas’ combine I thought that his foot work was slow and staggered. He was slow off the block and his reaction time to engage the defender was lacking.
            Another Baalke whiff!

            1. But didn’t Thomas have long arms?

              College prospects that don’t want to play for the 49ers should wear shirts with sleeve that are too long.

              1. Or damage Kaepernicks car, drive away from the scene and returned smashed when the police are there.

    2. When Gabbert started in ATL, expectations were so low. All he had to do was be better then the guy he replaced.
      We always talk about Kaep’s physical tools, his athletic ability, but then we overlook Gabbert’s quick release and mobility.

      At a cheap 2 million, Gabbert is a keeper and he may turn into a franchise QB. He was a first round pick for a reason. He just has to live up the potential. I think he’s going to turn out to be better the Alex Smith.

      1. Not sure about the franchise label but what we know of B.Gabbert is that he can hold down the fort while we draft and develop and a QB in next years draft.
        I would still draft 2 QB’s in the first 4 rounds next year in addition to 2 offensive linemen. Best player available is usually what I would go with but this team has many holes but very specific and key position. My draft order:

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        1. Proof of a true cult band. 70s-90s LA band. “Little Feat”. Blues/Country fusion. “Rock & Roll Doctor” a stand out tune.

            1. Ahhhhhh, Sailin’ Shoes!
              “I’ll be the doctor until the doctor comes.”
              “Love Is A Perfect Imperfection,..”
              I saw ’em at The Mystic about 6 years ago. Central Market dinner. Their opening act flaked, so they did 3 outstanding sets. My boyyz.
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              To be movin’……

              1. Change-up:
                Hey Razor, did you ever check out “Re-Licked” by James Williamson?
                Search it, and tell me what you think. Then I’ll tell you why I, curious.
                BTW, happy Thanksgiving.

              2. If you took the different musicians age, genre and style and mixed it in a blender, this is what you’d like it to come out as; raw, powerful, especially Carolyn Wonderland….

              3. Razor-
                Carolyn Wonderland is a favorite of mine. She’s a powerhouse! James’ album is great. He’s my brother in law is why I mentioned it, plus you like heavy sounds. He plays good Uke and Lap Steel too.

  5. Is BAM DAVIS trolling Joe Staley on Twitter? Is he saying that he bailed because his body was softened by years with Harbaugh, or that the Tom Shuler 49ers play a soft brand of football on the OL?

    If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. Fascinating stuff. Been waiting for him to start pontificating again. Is he starting his own “whisper campaign” to force the 49ers into trading him? If he and Staley are at odds, and he thinks Tomsula is soft, then he can’t last long.

    1. No 300lb tackle should ever get blown up by a safety like that. Staley trolled himself on that one. That whole O-line has been playing soft all year. They badly need Davis’ attitude on that team.

  6. In a previous post, I warned the Niners that Iupati probably gave the Niners salient intel on the Niner playbook, and he could describe the tendencies and preferences of Kaep and the Niner coaches, so they should throw away the playbook and do something totally different. Of course, many posters scoffed at my idea, and said it was preposterous to assume such a fairy tale.
    However, TM just stated clearly that they knew the Niner playbook so well that they anticipated passes and jumped routes. That previous game, they had 2 pick sixes on the first 2 passes. and basically destroyed the Niner offense. I warned exactly what could happen, but the Niner coaches blithely did not make a single adjustment.
    Now, after TM boasted how they knew the Niner playbook so well that they could jump routes, Chryst flatly stated that he did not care about what TM said.
    I said that Roman was an ignoramus last year because the Niners were way too predictable. This year I will say that Chryst is a doddering imbecile because he has no clue about what to do, even when warned beforehand. TM has flatly stated that they know that Gabbert likes to roll out, so they will try to contain him in the pocket. I have adamantly and emphatically warned what might happen, so the Niners should put a TE in motion to pinch in the DE so Gabbert can safely roll out to that side. Why a man in motion? because a MIM has an inherent advantage over a player standing still.
    The Niners should run the no huddle with quick snaps to negate the home crowd noise, hopefully catch them off guard and prevent them from substituting. Gabbert should turn his head one way, and look the other way out of the corner of his eye. This is called looking off the safeties. Kaep stared down his receiver, so they knew where he was going to throw the ball. Many have scoffed at this simple tactic, but it could mean the difference between winning and losing.
    Hopefully, the Niners will have learned from their mistakes and will ditch the playbook. They need to run more counters, reverses and misdirections. Gabbert should work on his fakes. If I see him do a pump fake, I will be so surprised, I may fall off the couch. They should shut down Hyde because he is injured, elevate Hayne and utilize his skills.They should sit Pears and elevate Brown. If they did that, I would at least say they are trying to win.
    They should be bold, and go for it. If they settle for field goals, I will just call them cowards.
    They should remember Bill Walsh, take his advice, and beat them to the punch.
    If they are unpredictable, innovative and stop shooting themselves in the foot, they might have a chance. If they do not heed the warnings, and keep doing what they have been doing, they deserve to lose.

    1. I thought TM said that they knew CK’s tendencies, rather than the playbook. Everything I read from the Cardinals side indicated it was on field experience and film study that showed them how to defend CK.

      I have to ask, Seb, do you think that the 49ers are A) getting your suggestions and ignoring them, B) should be reading them here (or elsewhere) and say, “Where has this guy been, he’s a genius,” or C) this is some kind of Andy Kauffman-esque schtick, on your part?

      If it’s “C”, then are you going to be doing any shows in SoCal? If not, you should get yourself fitted for a tin foil hat.

      1. I guess you think the person who touches the ball every snap is not using the Niner playbook to run plays.
        The good thing about these blogs is that they have an archive, so everything I wrote is written down in black and white. I wrote before the 2013 NFCCG that Kaep should face one way and look in another direction. Too bad Kaep did not do that, because if he did, he would have seen 2 players wide open, and they would have gone back to the SB. I guess you also think that it was unimportant.
        I do not claim to be a genius. Bill Walsh was a genius, and most coaches pale in comparison. I am just an ordinary, long suffering Faithful Niner fan, who wants the Niners to succeed and get many more rings.
        I do think they read these posts, even though they deny it, because Roman ended a PC by stating that he was not verbose. Who else on this blog site have you ever heard a person claim he is verbose? Moi.
        So Cal? I detest that southern wasteland. I spent a few years driving a truck down there, and the only place I liked was the original Trader Joes in Pasadena. I would load up on beer and pistachios and escape from LA, thankful to get out of that smog choked hell hole. I take it back. the beaches were nice, too.

        1. Seb, you have done everything humanly possible for the 49ers players, coaches, and administrators. It’s on them if they disregard you.

    2. Your going to stick to this claim Seb? Iupati wasn’t on the team for any of the installation of the 9ers new passing scheme using more TE’s or their new zone blocking scheme so he doesn’t know their new playbook. They may have kept some concepts and the players are the same so he knows a few things. Sure TM knew tendencies of players and coaches but that’s all from watching film. It doesn’t validate your claim. Your grasping to try and back your claim. This team doesn’t have the coaching or the talent to do any of the things you are suggesting.

      1. They still yell out 3-89 before the snap. Sounds like they have not changed much. They also still run the same old plays.Maybe you did not notice, but they are still running that bunch set with 2 TEs.
        I whole heartedly agree. The loss of talent coupled with the brain dead coaching, just make them maddeningly boring and predictable. I would jump to my feet and cheer wildly when they would actually do a screen, they were so uncommon.

        1. Manning still yelled Hurry Hurry in a completely new Kubiak offense Seb. QB’s have phrases they like. Everyone in the NFL uses 2 TE sets. It was the addition of the 3TE sets that was new to the passing game if you hadn’t noticed and the ZBS. You can say this till your blue in the face, none of it proves Iupati shared the playbook with them. He could share what he knew with them but that’s not why they knew. I am done on this, you’re determined you’re right with just speculation.

          1. I am glad you are done with this, because even with proof like the whole game, you refuse to consider any possible reason why they lost.
            We must be watching different games, because how many other games have you watched 2 pick sixes on the 2 first passes?

            1. Seb keep coming up with your crazy theories and then posting that you’re dismissed because the rest of us don’t believe you. We lost the game because we suck. We wouldn’t have won even if Kaep hadn’t thrown 2 pick 6’s. You can have your opinion, but don’t confuse that for the truth and you won’t recognize the facts that Iupati wasn’t on the team for the new playbook but keep saying it and one day it still won’t be true.

      2. My proof? They jumped the route for a pick six on his first 2 passes. Amazing coincidence? I think not.

        1. That can be done by watching film which is what TM said. You have no proof, you’re just speculating and interpreting what happened as proof. The offense was simplified and they sat on the routes from the film they saw. You can’t possibly prove your point unless you interviewed Iupati and he said he shared the playbook.

          1. My gosh, you actually think that Iupati did not spill his guts over every facet of the Niner Offense? He probably memorized the old playbook frontwards and backwards. My proof is that they stomped the Niners, and made it look easy.
            Don’t believe me, listen to TM. He said exactly what I warned against, and the Niners made no adjustments.

            1. Seb don’t try and be patronizing, it doesn’t suit you. They’ll stomp the 49ers this week too. I don’t believe you because this is just speculation no matter how clear you want it to be in your head.

              1. I am hoping that the coaches change things up so they do not repeat history. You on the other hand, are resigned to another stomping. I am trying to help the Niners win. You seem to accept their losing ways.

              2. Wilson, if you do not think my ideas have merit, how would YOU game plan to help the Niners win? If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

              3. Now you’re taking a page out of Fan’s playbook telling me what I believe. Stop its stupid. You’re delusional if you think you’re trying to help the 49ers win. So far has any of your help influenced the 49ers to win? I didn’t think so.

                I want the 49ers to win, that won’t happen with this GM, coaching staff and current group of players we have. We don’t match up well with the Cardinals and they’ll exploit our DB’s and without Dorsey Johnson may have another career day against us. No amount of wishful thinking is going to magically make us beat one of the best teams in the NFC.

              4. Seb you’re the Michael Scott of this board throwing around cliche’s that have no meaning. Yep I am the problem and the cause of all the 49ers losing ways. So sorry guys its my fault we’re losing this season.

                The Offense has to be perfect and score more than 25 points. The defense has to cover Fitz and get pressure on Palmer. If they cover Fitz what about Floyd and Brown? Then there’s Chris Johnson. Outside of Palmer getting injured I don’t see away we can beat them no matter what suggestions you make.

              5. Seb,
                1. stop playing the results. Just because the 49ers lost doesn’t prove your point.
                2. No suggestions made here or on any other forum will be taken seriously by the 49ers. It is impossible for any of us to be part of the problem or the solution.
                3. Hope in one hand and crap in the other, then see which one fills up faster.

              6. Well. I do not claim to be the only opinion on this site, but this is a results driven business. If I opine, and it comes true, I feel that I have perfect justification to crow about it. Just like when I am proven wrong, and must eat crow.
                If Bob Lange does not monitor the Niner sites, he should be fired. They may not claim to read these posts, but I remember the posters on another site who got into it hot and heavy about if Roman is calling the plays. Some were saying that Roman did not have the authority and others were calling the plays. Finally, the Niners issued a clarification that Roman did call the plays. Why did they issue a clarification if they were ignoring the posts?
                I also think that some posters are anonymous media types, who are trolling for scoops. It would not surprise me if some posters have connections with the Niners, and monitor these sites to gain a pulse on what the Niner fans are thinking.
                Of course, it is idle speculation, but some posters seem to think that I cannot have an opinion because it is not certified by the courts. I never invalidate their posts(Except for TrollD) , because everyone has their right to an opinion. I will, however contest and argue against an opinion if I really think it is misguided, or flat out wrong. I like lively and stimulating debate, but some resent it and just want to prattle on about inane natercisms.
                This season has proved to be a huge disappointment. I refuse to say platitudes when they deserve scathing criticisms. I see major deficiencies in the FO and coaching. The players do have talent, but it is misused, wasted and inefficiently applied.
                It is a game of attrition, but it is also a game of luck, and lucky things happen when preparation meets opportunity.This team is unprepared and not in position to take advantage of the opportunities. That is all on the Coaching.

              7. You have every right to state your opinion, just don’t fool yourself into thinking it makes a difference. Even if Bob Lange and his PR crew are reading, what makes you think they have any sway with how the coaching staff game plans? As Bill Parcells says, “if you listen to the fans, pretty soon you’ll be sitting with them.”

              8. Wilson, how am I telling you what to do when I am asking what ideas you could think of to help the team? I write in response to what you wrote. You are telling me the Niners have no chance. That sounds defeatist to me.You SEEM to be, not you ARE. That is my opinion.
                I will give you this, Fan and my argumentative style have a lot in common. At least he articulates well. Of course, we are diametrically opposed, but I respect his arguments because they are well thought out.
                I too have digressed and have made personal asides, but I try to confine my ammo for the FO and coaches, not the posters.

              9. Oh how original. Calling me delusional. I would rather be bold and delusional than timid and resigned.

              10. Grimey, you may not realize it, but I am verbose. I have written terms like accentuate their strengths and forcing to be only a pocket passer. Words like surmise, problematic schadenfreude emblematic ephemeral induction deduction and other multi syllabic words have permeated the dialog. Maybe I am not diligent enough in perusing the various Niner posts, but after I have written many words, I see others also using them. Maybe they have come up with those words all by themselves, but I postulate that they are just parroting what they see. I wrote about more efficient time management, and was heartened to hear Tomsula yell Tempo a million times. I wrote about more efficient game management and am gratified to see them considering time outs to be precious and saved for the last 2 minutes of each half. Maybe they do not have any connection at all, but when my advice coincides with actions, I feel good about it. When Tomsula said in his first PC they wanted to accentuate their strengths, i felt as though he read my posts. Maybe they are reading only half my posts, because I wanted Devey AND Pears to sit, but they only benched Devey and kept Pears.
                Grimey, you may feel helpless and impotent, I just do not want to go down that road.

            2. See you actually think they read maybe even half your posts?

              “i felt as though he read my posts. Maybe they are reading only half my posts, because I wanted Devey AND Pears to sit, but they only benched Devey and kept Pears.”

              No one from the 49ers organization comes here to look for suggestions. They only talk to Grant at press conferences because they have to. You also have to realize everyone in the NFL from commentators, to players and fans were calling for Devey and Pears to sit as well as an up tempo offense. I think Grime’s post below about Byron Scott says it all. You don’t look for solutions from fans.

              You can have your opinion, just state it as such and don’t insist its truth. If you said “I feel like or my opinion is that Iupati shared the playbook” we’d all be fine. We may challenge it. Its my opinion Iupati’s knowledge of the play book has very little to do with our loss. I think you’ll see the same thing this week.

              Our defense plays better at home, so they could have a better game this week. I don’t see much hope for us winning. Crazy stuff happens in the NFL. Maybe Gabbert has a breakout week and scores 35pts. Maybe our defense holds the Cardinals to 25? It could happen but its not likely.

              Also these teams don’t draw up plays in the dirt. They hardly change the play book after TC. What they have is what they have except when they are forced to change it. Like the loss of a key player.

        2. Seb, that isn’t proof. At best it is evidence, though weak evidence at that. Counter-evidence is, as I pointed out below, that other teams with no ex-49ers players were also able to defeat Kaep easily. Clearly other factors must be at play too.

          1. Scooter,

            No, no, no! Clearly Iupati supplied a copy of the 49ers playbook to the Steelers, Packers, Rams and Seahawks, as well. Come on, Scooter, try to keep up.

    3. Seb, teams may learn some things from “intel” of players changing teams, but the vast majority comes from film study. And this is shown from how teams that have no recent 49ers players (Steelers, Packers, Rams) have had just as much success beating up on the 49ers as teams with ex-49ers players (Cards, Seahawks).

      The Cards and Seahawks have good Ds. That is why they had success against Kaepernick.

      1. Scooter, I may have a wild imagination, but when Seattle keeps grabbing Niner rejects like BJ Daniels, Ricardo Lockette, Demarcus Dobbs, Will Tukuafu, and most recently, Nick Moody, they have an agenda. Also, with those players, they have dominated the Niners. You and many others may chalk it up as another amazing coincidence, I feel otherwise.

      2. There is nothing better than getting it from the horse’s mouth. As a horseman, you may understand that quote.;p

        1. So how do you explain other teams also being able to stop Kaep? Was that ‘an amazing coincidence’?

          1. It coincides with the article from ESPN I posted during the offseason. Teams knew how to play against effectively against Kaepernick.

  7. The sense I get from Chryst is Gabbert gives the entire coaching staff a far better opportunity to improve the teams overall performance. Its very possible if Gabbert is injured Thompson will do as well or better than QB7 so retrograding from the revamped QB position is limited if at all. Please keep in mind to date the 49ers are near or at the bottom of most statistical categories. Slight performance improvements will make everyone better in the long term by allowing the players to organically exploit their intelligence, athleticism and intangibles. The few times this year we saw this happen the team displayed 8-8 promise.

    1. 8-8 promise? This defense hasn’t shown they can win on the road. They blew the game against the Giants, Rams and Steelers. Even without Kaep’s 2 pick 6’s we would still have lost to the Cardinals. If Gabbert plays in GB we score 13-16 but still lose. Some of you guys have to get over that Kaepernick was only 1 of this team’s problems. Gabbert has scored 3TD’s and has 2 picks. He’s playing more efficiently and not making the gigantic mistakes but in the end he’s only slightly better and as HT quoted Walsh “he plays good enough to get us beat.” He’s not good enough to carry the game without the defense.

      After seeing this Defense on the road our only chance to win is Cleveland and maybe St. Louis. I think Stafford is starting to find his grove and Cutler will pick us a part on the road. If Stafford is really bad we could win there too. This isn’t an 8-8 team even with Gabbert.

    2. Organically? I agree. they need to show more heart and display some guts.
      To me, it is hard to stomach.

  8. “Feel like we have a good game plan, but they’re a good team. All three phases are playing at a pretty high level for them. But, we like our chances so we’ll see what happens Sunday.”
    I think this guy alone might be reason enough to give Colin another chance because if this is who he has teaching him then how can you hold it against him(Colin) that he’s terrible.

    1. I thought Roman was the problem, but Chryst was the QB coach. I am at the stage where I would be happy just for them to get a play off in time, and not waste time outs or incur delay of game penalties.
      Wasting time by letting the play clock run down to 1 second is frustrating. When they do it while behind in the score, I just grind my teeth.The coaching is obtuse.

  9. Anthony Davis vs Joe Staley? Anyone know what’s going on?

    No way should Kam be winning this contact with the head of steam Joe Staley is rolling in on

    Other related AD tweets:
    “The safety shouldn’t be setting the edge against the run. Period. That’s almost disrespectful.”

    Q: why you gotta do Joe like that? “Do Joe like what? Hold him accountable? Every time. Someone has to be comfortable being uncomfortable in there. ”

    @BamDavis_ at least he’s still out there trying. “They don’t pay us millions to “try” ”

    “Cant be soft playing Oline, disrespecting the game. Im preparing my body to play my brand of football. Couldn’t just go thru the motions.”

    1. A. Davis on the offense: “To assume I knew the 9ers would be trash this year is a slap in the face to the organization. I believed they would plug in a decent RT n go.”

    2. My favorite thing about Davis’ twitter is that he’s helping shed light on America’s race problem.

      As far as the 49ers go, they need him back badly. They probably need a slap in the face as well.

        1. Torrey Smith is awesome. I’m really glad he’s so honest and open. More athletes should be like that. Of course, I don’t agree with him on everything, but that’s the beauty of life and diversity.

    3. Davis’ tweets seem to serve two purposes.

      1) Documents his intention to return in 2016
      2) Makes it harder for the 49ers to accept him back

      A strange combination. He’s treating the 49ers like the proverbial Dog Named Stay.

      I have no idea about the contractual issues and CBA. Is it possible he might have to pay back less guaranteed money if he makes noise about returning (and the 49ers say no thanks)?

      1. If the 49ers say no thanks, he gets to keep his SB. I know he says things that may piss off the org/team, but that’s probably what they’re missing in the locker room. Some peer to peer accountability, or as Davis says, “someone has to be comfortable being uncomfortable.”

    4. Who’s going to hold AD accountable when he gives up a sack the first time someone runs an inside move on him? At this moment in history AD is just another disgruntled fan watching the game. Maybe he should stfu and cowboy up. Do it, dude, THEN brag it up.
      AD has ALWAYS run his mouth (Twitter) too much.

  10. This is a perfect example of how coaches and players think:

    Lakers coach Byron Scott on “noise” from fans: “I block it out. The one thing I’ve always said, and a great old coach told me this a long time ago, ‘If you start listening to the fans, you’re going to be sitting with them next.’ So I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to fans because fans are fans. Fans aren’t at practice every day. They don’t know the preparation. They don’t know what goes into it. They just see the end product. So they have no idea. They all have their own opinions. But, yeah, I don’t put a lot of stock into it.”

    1. When a team is 3-7, they should be looking EVERYWHERE for answers to their problems. To continue to ignore everyone else just puts them alone on an island.
      Hmm, where did I hear that before….

      1. Ridiculous, so why should coaches listen to people in the stands who’ve probably never even put pads on? I think we’ve been over this before. They spend every waking moment looking at film, studying strategy, working on advantages. What we have is a group of coaches who don’t have what it takes at this level to win.

  11. Seb,

    And his understanding of Sun Tzu, studying it (The Art of War) and wringing out every meaning is useless against an opponent who uses modern techniques; too bad you’ve neglected Freud, Jung, Pythagoras, Archimedes and Einstein, however, I am Flattered that you still quote TrollDimedes.

    1. Seb, understanding the Art of War, but not realizing the psychology has advanced since then.

      I never invalidate their posts(Except for TrollD) , because everyone has their


      November 28, 2015 at 12:07 pm

  12. Urban Meyer just administered
    a thorough old fashioned butt-whipping
    to Coach Harbaw. Yowzer..!!!!

    Just the way Pete Carroll used to do.
    Maybe it is time for him to give it up
    with the khaki tutu, huh ???

  13. Paxton Lynch had 7 TD’s on 9 completions with 14 attempts. Clearly the defense played horrendously but those are still crazy stats.

    1. Yikes. Did you watch the TDs? One good fade throw for a TD and one ok fade throw that also ended up a TD (though he underthrew the ball – good adjustment by the WR), but the others were all just rubbish D. Two TDs on guys with nobody within 10 yards of them when they caught the ball, and three short catch and runs with defenders missing tackles.

      1. Connor Cook is the guy. The 49ers would be set at QB for the next 10 years if they draft him!

      2. Ok, whatever I guess you feel like everything is a comparison to Goff and felt like you had to critique the performance. I was just appreciating the accomplishment, a lot of great QB’s have faced some pretty horrendous defenses over the course of college football’s history and I don’t know the exact number but I bet it’s pretty low on how many QB’s have thrown 7 TD’s in the first half and only on 14 passes.

        1. That’s not at all how I intended it. It was obviously a great performance to score 7 TDs on 9 throws. But seriously, did you watch the D? Yikes!

          1. My apologies then. I did watch it, yea it was as bad as you would think a team that gave up 7 TD’s in the first half would look.

            To your point it does bring up one thing that will haunt Lynch until he steps onto an NFL field and proves people wrong or doesn’t and that is; he’s faced mediocre competition versus his peers in this draft.

            Either way I’m staying on the side of the fence that doesn’t want to draft a QB in the first round so if I have my way someone else will find out those answers about Paxton.

            1. All good.

              I’m also on the fence with all these QBs. I currently prefer Goff, but Lynch does a lot of good things, as does Cook. I reserve the right to change my mind over the next few months! But like you, I’d prefer to draft another position in the first if the 49ers can find a QB elsewhere (or Gabbert plays well enough the rest of the year to earn the job).

              Lynch might well have the highest upside.

  14. FYI read an interesting article on Yarbarker concerning comments by Bill Romanowski on QB7’s study habits.The 49ers track the amount of time players use their ipads to watch game film. Gabbert watched 4-5 times the film QB7 did. Kurt Warner recognized QB7’s lack of drive and tried to cover his tail by distancing himself.

  15. Just watched the Stanford -ND game. It was interesting to watch Stanford put a man in motion and run flea flickers and end arounds. They also rolled out, drew the defense towards the ball, then threw back across the field to a wide open receiver.Just like I envisioned and described it in previous posts.
    If Shaw can do that with this Niner team, I hope Jed throws a ton of money in his direction to lure him away from Stanford. That sort of innovation is exactly what the Niners need.
    Maybe if the Niners draft Hogan, Shaw would come here.

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