Gore: “We’ve got to keep attacking, attacking, attacking as an offense.”

I was flying back from Washington D.C. this morning so I was not in Santa Clara. However, the Associated Press’ Janie McCauley was and she generously passed along a few transcripts of group interviews to me, so I pass them along to you.

Here’s Frank Gore.

Q: Do you know anything about Joe Perry? Ever speak to him?

GORE: No, I don’t know much about him.

Q: Are you going to study up on him?

GORE: Nah.

Q: You guys are honoring him with the helmet decals?

GORE: Yeah, we are. He had to be a great player. He had a lot of yards here. I respect that. With me right now, it’s not about the record right now. Going into Sunday, we’re going against a good team with the Giants and we want to do whatever it takes to get a win against the Giants.

Q: Did you have an X-ray?

GORE: Nah.

Q: Oh, somebody saw you coming out of the X-ray room…

GORE: I’ll be all right. I’m cool. Just checking up some things on my body. Yeah, I’ll be all right.

Q: Will you be able to practice?

GORE: I think I will be. I feel all right right now.

Q: Five-game division lead, if you beat the Giants this weekend you could do a lot for a first-round bye … you ready to take care of all that stuff?

GORE: If we beat the Giants and can get it, we’d be glad to have it. Like I said, we think about one week at a time, one game at a time. The Giants this week, they’re a great team and they’re coming here and we’ll try to do whatever it takes to get a win.

Q: Do you notice a change in Alex’s personality? He’s definitely more businesslike with us…

GORE: Oh yeah? He’s playing great ball, I’m happy about that. I’m happy he’s having success. He’s had a tough career here. I think his whole career wasn’t fair. He had different coordinators every year. Now he’s got some coaches in here who he believes in and they’ve done a great job with us. I think that’s why he’s been successful this year.

Q: Do you think he sounds like Jim Harbaugh the way he’s talking?

GORE: I don’t know.

Q: When did the you get into the groove with the blocking system you guys run?

GORE: I just feel like run the ball and God blessed me with the talent and just seeing it out there. As long as my guys keep doing what they’re doing, I’m going to find a hole. They’re doing a great job up front. As long as they continue doing that, we’ll be fine.

Q: Are there areas that need to be improved?

GORE: We’ve still got room to grow everywhere, offensive side of the ball we’ve got a lot of room. We still haven’t hit that stride where we want to be at yet. I think that’s good. Halfway through the season, we’re still winning and we’ve still have room to grow – that’s big on our side of the ball.

Q: Braylon said you guys haven’t come close to reaching your potential – what would you like to see?

GORE: I just think we’ve just got to keep attacking, attacking, attacking as an offense. When we’ve got a team down, just finish them and we’ll be fine. We’re doing a great job and we’re getting wins. When, like Braylon and I feel, hit that peak, it’s going to be scary.

Q: For Bruce Miller to be a seventh-round pick and make the switch, what do you think of him?

GORE: I know he really wants to do it. He works hard every day. Coach Tom is doing a great job with him and he loves what he does. It’s a challenge to him, moving from defense to offense. He’s proving people wrong that he can’t do it. Bruce, he’s helping the offense out a lot, how athletic he is. To be in running situations and to do a pass to him, that helps us a lot. To be a rookie and just to come in and step in – him and Kendall – and do the job they’re doing it’s great for our team.

Q: Are you guys nastier this year?

GORE: It’s being a football player. I always thought we had a group of guys that had a lot of toughness in them, we’ve just never been in the situation we’re in. In Detroit, then yesterday when they jump on our guy we’re going to defend and protect our guy. I feel like we’ve always had tough guys on our team.

Q: What would it mean to wrap up a division title in November?

GORE: That would be big. That would be real big. Especially for a lot of guys in here, we’ve never made it and never been in a situation like that. That would be real big to wrap up, to get that playoff spot, but we’re just going to worry about the Giants this week. They’ve got a great team, they’re playing great ball. It should be a good game on Sunday.

Q: Have you even allowed yourself to think about the magnitude of Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh yet?

GORE: When that week comes, that’s when it will happen. Right now it’s all about the Giants. All right.

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