Greg Roman: “Don’t buy into the fact that we’re really doing that many more things. We’re probably doing less things.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is the transcript of Greg Roman’s Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department. Opening comments: “Good afternoon. First of all, congratulations to the Giants. What a game, huh? Some high drama there at the end. What they’ve done is pretty remarkable. I know the city’s just pretty excited, as well they should be. Here we are facing the Rams again, division opponent, very good…

October 30, 2014

Carlos Hyde: “In practice right now, you don’t get too many chances where you get to run somebody over.”

SANTA CLARA – Carlos Hyde was interviewed Saturday afternoon by Bay Area reporters outside of the 49ers’ locker room. Here is a transcript. Q: Are you excited to put the pads on today? HYDE: Yeah, I’m pretty excited. It has been a while since I’ve had the pads on. Well, I take that back. I just had the pads on when the rookies had to report. I had the pads…

July 26, 2014

Harbaugh: “We made some big plays in the passing game.”

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh spoke in the defensive meeting room Monday afternoon. Here’s what he said. Q: Any word on Ray McDonald’s injured bicep? HARBAUGH: Not yet, no. Q: Did anything strike you on film last night about the way your team played last night? HARBAUGH: There was a lot of good, good overall play. Very disciplined, evidenced by the penalties, three penalties and one was a delay of…

October 7, 2013

Vic Fangio names Eric Reid the 49ers’ starting free safety

SANTA CLARA – Vic Fangio spoke in the media tent Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said. FANGIO: I just want to let you guys know we’re going to miss Parys (Haralson) here. I want to laud his career here and his stay here. He was a great teammate, a great friend of the organization, a really good player and we’re all happy for him that he’s going to be able…

August 27, 2013

Tom Rathman on Frank Gore

SANTA CLARA – We were sitting in little school chairs facing each other, alone in the media tent, elbows resting on our wooden foldout desks. I asked the coach, “If I say Frank Gore is a player with a great heart, do you know what I mean by that?” The coach sat up in his chair, elbows off the desk now. He said, “Great heart?” as if he hadn’t heard…

September 19, 2012

49ers unsung heroes

We often talk about the same few guys around here – Jim Harbaugh, Trent Baalke, the Smiths. But for the most part, the entire organization is thriving, and many 49ers don’t get the credit they deserve. So let’s address that. Here are five unsung heroes. Joe Staley – He struggled at the beginning of last season, but so did the entire 49ers offensive line. They didn’t have an offseason, so…

July 3, 2012

Anthony Dixon: “Just trying to be perfect.”

SANTA CLARA – Last season, Anthony Dixon was the 49ers’ short-yardage running back. Now, he’s competing for that job with Brandon Jacobs, whom San Francisco signed to a one-year, $1.5 million contract in March. Dixon caught up with reporters today to talk about his mentality this offseason, the improvements he’s made to his game and his no-gain carry on third-and-one in the NFC championship game. Q: What specifically do you…

June 7, 2012

Rathman breaks down the Niners running backs

SANTA CLARA – 49ers running backs coach, Tom Rathman, spoke to a group of reporters after practice this afternoon. I transcribed the interview below. Here are Rathman’s main points: Brandon Jacobs “is a very physical runner” who “has the ability to pack it up inside and run over guys…If we want somebody to run outside, we’ll put somebody else in.” The Niners want to keep Frank Gore “fresh so he’s…

June 6, 2012

Frank Gore on his injury status for Sunday: “I’ll play. I’ll play good.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Frank Gore said in the locker room today. Q: You missed practice yesterday. Was that related to the knee or were you getting some midseason rest? GORE: Rest. Q: The knee’s fine? GORE: Yeah, it’s fine. Q: Are you going to practice today? GORE: Yeah, I’m going to practice today. Q: So you’re expecting to play Sunday? GORE: Yeah I’ll play. I’ll play good. Q:…

November 17, 2011

Tom Rathman on Bruce Miller: “I don’t know if I would consider him a bulldozer as a lead blocker.”

Running backs coach Tom Rathman spoke to a group of Bay Area reporters yesterday at the 49ers practice facility. I was on a plane during this interview, but the’s Sam Lam very generously passed the transcript along to all the writers. Thank you, Sam Lam. Here is Rathman for you reading pleasure. Q: What did you see from the scout film on Bruce Miller and what was it like…

November 8, 2011

Gore: “We’ve got to keep attacking, attacking, attacking as an offense.”

I was flying back from Washington D.C. this morning so I was not in Santa Clara. However, the Associated Press’ Janie McCauley was and she generously passed along a few transcripts of group interviews to me, so I pass them along to you. Here’s Frank Gore. Q: Do you know anything about Joe Perry? Ever speak to him? GORE: No, I don’t know much about him. Q: Are you going…

November 7, 2011

Bruce Miller on Frank Gore: “Before the ball is snapped we’ve already had a full conversation.”

SANTA CLARA – Bruce Miller spoke second this morning, just after Frank Gore. Here’s what Miller said. Q: How much has Frank Gore helped you? MILLER: I had very little knowledge of what to do and where to go. So especially early on he’s helped out a lot with different tips, reminders, alerts here and there. Q: Alerts? MILLER: That’s a big part – him alerting me of different things….

October 31, 2011

The 49ers’ five sure things

Thanks for your generous responses to my earlier post. Our discussion of the top 49er storylines turned into a lengthy list of concerns. Adam, among other readers, pointed out the defensive backfield and the offensive line as two more areas of anxiety for the 49ers. Thank you, Adam. Let’s look at the team from the opposite angle now. Injuries aside, what are the Niners’ locks? Where are they strong? What…

July 24, 2011