Gore: “When we watch the film we see eight, nine men in the box. That’s one of the biggest things.”

SANTA CLARA – Frank Gore spoke at his locker Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: You haven’t had much production the first two games. Are you frustrated about that?

GORE: I’m frustrated about the loss, really. We’ve got to get better in the running game. We’ve got to get it done. A lot of teams are playing us with eight or nine men in the box. We’ve still got to find a way to get it done.

Q: Is there anything you can put your finger on why it hasn’t been there the first two games?

GORE: I can’t. Like I said, they’re playing the run hard. They know in the past years we have run the ball. Now when we watch the film we see eight, nine men in the box. That’s one of the biggest things, but we’ve got to find a way.

Q: Are the Seahawks unique because they have such a good secondary they can get away with stuffing the box like that?

GORE: They’ve got a good secondary. They kept 31 (Kam Chancellor) in the box the whole game. They didn’t want me or Kap to run. We’ve got to get it going. We know we can do it we’ve just got to do it.

Q: Most teams can’t get away with that?

GORE: Uh uh. They’ve got good corners. Sherman, he’s a good corner. The other guy was playing well.

Q: Overall it seems from talking to players the execution in the run game has been off. Is that what you’ve been seeing?

GORE: We’ve got to get better but people also are playing it real hard with a safety in the box. It’s tough.

Q: It seems your role these first two games has been more as a blocker than as a runner.

GORE: If they’re playing eight men in the box we’re bound to throw it. I’m a team guy. I’m going to do whatever it takes to win. That’s what we’re about in this locker room. If we can win passing, I’m happy with it. If it’s running, I’m happy with that, too.

Q: Do the Colts have the ability to stuff the box?

GORE: I don’t really care what they do. It’s about us. We have to get better.

Q: Two years ago you got off to a slow start and we were all asking you what the problem was and then you have five-straight 100-yard games. Does that give you hope?

GORE: I know we can. We’ve just got to do it on the field. We’ll do it.

ME: How do your legs feel?

GORE: Good, man. I’m good.

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