Bowman on the Colts’ offense: “It’s really just No.12, man. He pretty much runs everything.”

SANTA CLARA – NaVorro Bowman spoke in the media tent Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: It’s the third straight week your defense faces one of the top quarterbacks in the league. Any thoughts on that?

BOWMAN: Yeah, I’m excited to face a good quarterback, one of Coach Harbaugh’s protégés. Just excited to bounce back from this loss. If you face the best early in the season then it leaves room for you to improve later on in the season. I’m looking at it that way, for us to get better and also do a great job when we have to face them.

Q: Harbaugh was talking about how Andrew has good escapability as well. You just faced Russell Wilson. Do you see similarities between those two guys?

BOWMAN: No. I think Andrew looks to pass the ball first more than run. He’s more of a pocket passer but he does have the ability to scramble and extend plays. We’re definitely preparing for that.

Q: It’s kind of obscured because of the loss but you guys did a much better job against Russell Wilson this time around than you did in December. Overall are you pleased with the way you contained him?

BOWMAN: Yeah, I think we did a good job. Just one of those games where both phases of the team aren’t working at the same time. I felt like we were clicking early in the game and in the second half the offense came along. That’s what you have to do, you have to start off fast and play together, be on the same page. We’ll try to get that done this week.

Q: What other talent on that offense catches your eye on the video?

BOWMAN: It’s really just No.12, man. I feel like they feed off of him. He runs pretty much everything. We know that he likes to get our looks early before the ball is snapped, so we’re going to have to do a good job of holding our coverages and our disguises. That’s pretty much the challenge for us playing with Andrew, making sure he doesn’t know what we’re in before he throws the ball.

Q: How did Glenn Dorsey play on Sunday?

BOWMAN: Man, Glenn played well. He’s a savvy veteran. For him to come in when we needed him, he did a great job and made some plays also.

Q: With Fangio’s familiarity with Andrew Luck and the Colts’ offensive scheme, are there more details brought to your attention this week or is it pretty similar?

BOWMAN: Yeah, it’s pretty similar. We’re just going about it as a normal week. Any tips or anything that we get, we’ll try to utilize those things but as far as anything specific, no. We’re just preparing for them as if they’re a normal team.

Q: You mentioned Luck surveying the defense. The way he plays does he seem more like a veteran than a second-year guy?

BOWMAN: He’s smart, man. You don’t really get too many guys that are able to do what he’s able to do at the line as a young guy. They’re benefitting from that. We as veterans, we understand that.

Q: You said you need to disguise your coverages. How fast can he read them?

BOWMAN: It’s simple Football 101. He looks at the safeties and if there are two back there then he knows we’re probably in a Cover 2 shell or something like that. If it’s one (safety), then we’re probably in man. We have to do a good job of being patient.

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