Gore’s first impression of Bowman

SANTA CLARA — A reporter asked Frank Gore about NaVorro Bowman this afternoon. Here is a transcript:

Q: When the 49ers drafted Bowman in the third round of the 2010 draft, did you see something that told you he would be this good?

GORE: I was training with NaVorro before he got here. When he came out and we were training, I used to always mess with him, “You better hope that we pick you because if you face me, I’m going to kill you.” (Laughs). I’m happy that he’s on our team. He’s a beast. One of the best linebackers in the game, him and Patrick (Willis).

Q: Where were you two working out?

GORE: In Miami.

Q: And you knew he was good early on?

GORE: Even in training camp and OTAs. I just saw how fast he was and how he could read and get to the ball. We have the same agent. I called him and said, “You’ve got you somebody right here, that’s a good pickup.” He’s a great player.