Grading the 49ers third-round pick: WR Jalen Hurd

Baylor wide receiver Jalen Hurd (5) during the second half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018, in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers just drafted Baylor wide receiver Jalen Hurd with the third pick in Round 3. Let’s break down the positives and negatives of this pick.


  • Tall (6’4″) and explosive (35.5″ vertical jump).
  • Potential to become a receiving threat in the red zone.
  • Experience playing running back (rushed for 2,844 yards and 23 touchdowns in college).


  • Only one year of experience at wide receiver.
  • Poor hands (nine drops in 2018).
  • Rudimentary route-runner.
  • Slow (4.66 40-yard dash).
  • Tweener. Doesn’t have a true position. A slot-receiver-running-back-tight-end hybrid.
  • Redundant after taking a wide receiver in Round 2. Doesn’t address the needs in the secondary.
  • Lack of durability (concussion in 2016 which caused him to switch from running back to wide receiver. Also had two shoulder surgeries, plus a knee surgery last December. Still recovering from the knee surgery).


The 49ers continue their pattern of taking players and changing their positions. In 2017, they took Solomon Thomas, a defensive tackle, and made him a defensive end. In 2018, they took Tarvarius Moore, a safety, and made him a cornerback. And now, they take Hurd, a running back, and are making him a wide receiver. Or a tight end. The 49ers aren’t really sure. Hurd is a project, and a luxury for a team that has serious needs in the defensive backfield. He could become a weapon in the red zone if he stays healthy and improves as a receiver. Otherwise, this pick is a waste. The 49ers should have taken Auburn cornerback Jamel Dean instead.

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  1. He’s a better athlete than those testing numbers. He was still dealing with a knee injury.

    I understand not liking the pick, but I really like the player. Very clear that the 49ers are focused on getting Shanahan his guys, creating mismatches and getting that offense humming.

    1. He doesn’t want Jimmy standing around waiting on someone to get open anymore. Only Grant would blame him for that….

  2. I’m not going to grade it because I think grades shouldn’t come out for at least 2 or 3 years (what was your grade for the Kittle pick then? What would it be now?).

    Speaking of Kittle tho, I think Hurd is someone that might transition to a move type TE. He may not be able to block as well as Celek, but he’s certainly better than him in every other aspect right out of the gates.

    1. Don’t put much stock on his testing numbers, he was dealing with a knee injury. He’s a better athlete than that.

    2. I just finished watching some video that highlighted his running. He’s good at it. Accelerates very quickly, cuts easily, and is unafraid of contact. Very interesting combination of skills, and gives 110%. Zierlin projected him in the 3rd round and said:

      “Hurd was used as big slot but he might need to transition into a role outside to take advantage of his potential to stretch the field as a downfield ball-winner. He’s still learning the nuances of the position, but he has outstanding traits, a great work ethic and an ability to get much better very quickly. While Hurd will be an NFL receiver, he offers a unique option of becoming a short-yardage banger near the goal line. His best days are in front of him.”

      1. I watched some film as well and he is intriguing. It’s just that I can’t remember the last RB who was 6’4″ to 6’5″. I think it’s going to be fun to watch him as an OW.

        1. Cubus,
          We had Brandon Jacobs who came in for a cup of coffee. He was listed as 6’4″ and around 260 lbs.
          Believe he had some issues with coaching and was chased out of town.

  3. It’s so funny to me that Grant doesn’t understand why the Niners haven’t gone corner. It’s quite simple. They committed to Verett for this year. Second they like Witherspoon and Moore for the future. They believe you cannot truthfully judge a secondary without a pass rush. You would think you would understand that. Do people not remember the outcast of players the Niners secondary had under JH. Rodgers, Witner, T Brown and Dashon Goldston. Those guys were all average at best. 2 of them Rodgers and Witner were considered busts on there previous teams. But they came to SF and turned there career around because of the front 7 that made them look good. That’s the truth!

    Niners needed talent at Wr. They achieved that. Now there Wr room is set. There RB room is set. Work on some more depth and with some injury luck this team challenges the Rams for the division. Book it!

    1. Amen Rebuild. +1000
      You could install the backfield from the late 80’s Super Bowl teams on the recent Niner teams and they’d struggle. Contrary to some who believe you build a defense from the back to the front, it’s just the opposite. Games are won and lost in the trenches, and in the pass happy NFL of today, you HAVE to have a dominant pass rush, period. You build your defense from front to back. Lynch is doing that. It all starts up front.

      1. And now they are building it on the outside with the skilled players. McKinnon, Kittle, Deebo, Hurd, and Pettis.
        People doubted the rebuild plan but now it looks like it’s right on track.
        1.Establish a culture
        2. Get a QB
        3. Build the trenches
        4.Insert playmakers
        5.Win games.

        1. Prime is right, Seb-

          They have 6 picks-that’s it. However, if their secondary is still horrible after 3 games……….Lynch is blind.

          (Also, your just pissed cuz their not doing anything you ordered them to do. Their not listening to this blog, Seb-they never were.)

          1. So, you are happy they got a player with a bum knee and concussion issues? Good for you.
            My mock had them resulting in 13 picks, but I guess you think 6 is the superior option.

      2. So, if the game is won in the trenches, why no O linemen? By trading back, they could have gotten players like Chris Lindstrom and Erik McCoy. The interior O line struggled last season.

        1. They don’t have a pressing need at oline.
          I thought you followed the team? The one thing about you Seb that I’ll never miss is how you think the 49ers should build their team. Instead they are doing the opposite and it’s working. Slowly but still working.
          It started by letting your hero walk and now we are seeing the rebuild come to fruition.

        2. No pressing need at O line? Did you watch the games? Their grades were not scintillating, either.
          On defense, Pete Carroll’s system worked because he had Earl Thomas. The system does not work if the team lacks that elite single high safety.
          The Niners lacked that type of player. Case in point, the first pass of Rosen in the Cards game. TD, in 14 seconds.
          It started with not retaining veteran talent and leadership. It had a 9 game losing streak and CJB with a 1-9 record. You may be happy with that, since you are such a loser, but I want improvement.

        3. Mike and Kyle Shanahan do not draft IOL very highly. Here is a list of Mike’s IOL draftees, we’re still waiting on Kyle to draft one.
          1999 Den Lennie Friedman 2 61
          1997 Den Dan Neil 3 67
          2012 Wash Josh LeRibeus 3 71
          2008 Den Kory Lichtensteiger 4 108
          2000 Den Cooper Carlisle 4 112
          2001 Den Ben Hamilton 4 113
          2012 Wash Adam Gettis 5 141
          2003 Den Ben Claxton 5 157
          2006 Den Chris Kuper 5 161
          1995 Den Fritz Fequiere 6 182
          2004 Den Josh Sewell 6 190
          2006 Den Greg Eslinger 6 198
          2005 Den Chris Myers 6 200
          1998 Den Trey Teague 7 200
          2011 Wash Maurice Hurt 7 217
          1996 Den Chris Banks 7 226
          2010 Wash Erik Cook 7 229

    2. The main reason our DB’s sucked is that we have had zero pass rush. None. That has been clearly addressed this offseason. We now have proven CB’s in Sherman (who had a very good year) and Varrett (when healthy, pro bowler). We also have several young guys with talent that may take the next step. Our bigger issue is at safety. Probably could have grabbed one of the top three, BUT they ALL fell for a reason. Why? Probably because none of them are elite. This was not considered a stellar S or CB class.

  4. I agree with making him a tight end. At 6’5” he would be a great red zone target like Gronk. Obviously he has the ability to convert. Amazing athlete.

  5. The more I read about this pick, the more I like it. I trust Shanahan to scheme the wheels off this guy, and there can be no doubt that he’s a legit red-zone target. I do believe he would have still been there in the 4th round, but if you really like a guy, you go get him. They must have REALLY not liked Hakeem Butler.

  6. Hurd played Wide Receiver for Baylor. He was a running back for Tennessee back in 2015 and 2016. He got injured and requested to make a position change. Tennessee denied him so he transferred to Baylor. He sat for a year in 2017 to learn the WR position. He played WR in 2018.

    He’s basically a slot receiver/receiving TE (H-Back) that can run really well with the ball. We’ve all been complaining about the 49er’s lack of red zone targets. Well, here’s a 6’4″ 220 lb receiver that can also run with the ball.

    You think going from a slot receiver to H-Back #2 receiving TE is that much of a stretch for him? If so, please explain why?

    I think your negative grade is an over reaction

      1. It wasn’t an overreach, he had a 3rd round grade, but was it the right position with all the other needs we had? That’s the question. Again dont like the pick myself, but I see what Shanny is doing. Right now we have a team getting a lot stronger in certain areas and staying weak in others. Let’s see how this plays out.

        1. maybe the idea is that the increase in pass rush should be the new component to help out the secondary. so resources can be used to strengthen the receiving corp.

          1. Oh gotcha. Yea wasnt to excited about it myself, but hey if we can make the QB play from his back all day, get some better coaching for our DBs, and get some legitimate weapons for Jimmy, why not. I hope they address OL or DB in the 4th.

        2. WF had him as a 5 round or later prospect. CBS had him as their 29th ranked WR 196 overall which is a 6th round pick. DraftTek had him as their 28th receiver 303 overall.

          Outside of the 49ers who do you know had a 3rd round grade on him?

  7. Right now, there are no wasted picks at WR until you have an definitive #1, sorry. it’s THAT vital to their ceiling this season.

  8. I was actually hoping to land David Long from Michigan. However, I am intrigued by Hurd. I think the Deebo selection was a slam dunk

  9. I don’t understand how Grant could rate this a C-. He was a 5 star recruit who rushed for over 1200 yards as a sophomore at a major university and almost 1000 yards receiving in his one year at Baylor. He’s proven himself at running back and receiver and his potential at tight end should be obvious to Grant. But then he gave the no. 1 rated player in the draft a B- so I shouldn’t be surprised.

  10. = CJ Beathard
    = Joe Williams

    Kyle gets a crush and then he reaches. Hurd would be fine in the 6th round or even a reach in the 4th round. At the top of the third, this is horrid. It doesn’t even matter if he turns out to be a good player. This is a horrible reach at this point in the draft.

    1. We have depth at WR. Not great depth, but after Deebo, not an area of need.
    2. We lack talent at S and CB. There were players on the board who could have helped at those positions
    3. A reach in terms of value. At least trade down and pick up a fifth. He would have still been there later in the round. Not the end of the world if he is not. Take a risk
    4. Seems like there were better WRs on the board, OR trade up for one of the better refined WRs who just went a few picks earlier.
    5. Or trade up for one of the quality safeties (Adderley, Thornhill, Rapp) who went only a few picks earlier. Would not have cost much, or at least better value than what they did.
    6. Another injury player

    The worst thing about this team (Kyle) is lack of discipline with their draft crushes. It is OK to fall in love with someone, but don’t believe that everyone else is just as smitten. Trade down and maximize your pick.

    1. Hurd wouldn’t have lasted until round 4. I had a round 3 grade on him just because of his versatility and upside.

    2. You want a safety who is the best in this class but has red flags but can be had at the top of the 4th. Deionte Thompson! Would be a massive steal whoever takes him at this point.

    3. I agree, this is another KS draft. This may be another Joe Williams situation.
      Gets such a bad concussion, he asks to change position, he quit on his team, and had knee surgery.
      A trifecta of red flags.

      1. He may be the avante garde of the new football player you want, Sebs-touches the football and falls down immediately! If not, why not?

        Clearly, his body type would be more productive as some kind of receiver/tight end. Your just pissed, Sebs. Nothings going the way you ordered, their using their own minds and defying you!……..And thats why your having a real pisser right now….

        1. Saw, I want the RB to fall down after initial contact, so he does not struggle upright for every inch, getting gang tackled and stripped of the ball.
          I want a WR to run past the sticks, catch the ball over the middle, and fall down so the safety cannot unload upon him, thus separating him from the football and/or incurring an injury. Gaining a first down while avoiding an injury is a good strategy, since they have been struggling with injuries these past 2 seasons.
          While I think they could have done better, I sure am glad they did not pull a Gettleman. They are waving torches and pitchforks in NY.

          1. sebnynah says:
            April 26, 2019 at 10:40 pm
            Saw, I want the RB to fall down after initial contact, so he does not struggle upright for every inch, getting gang tackled and stripped of the ball.
            I want a WR to run past the sticks, catch the ball over the middle, and fall down so the safety cannot unload upon him, thus separating him from the football and/or incurring an injury. Gaining a first down while avoiding an injury is a good strategy, since they have been struggling with injuries these past 2 seasons.
            While I think they could have done better, I sure am glad they did not pull a Gettleman. They are waving torches and pitchforks in NY.

            Then buy your own team then.

          2. Okay professional tackle football players should voluntarily fall down. I thought this theory was idiotic when you said it months ago and here you are doubling down. For Christs Sake I cant ever seem to figure out who is a bigger idiot, you or Grant. One thing i know for sure if there was a MORON draft You guys would go 1-2

    4. Facts! Thanks for saying this perfectly,
      some people think you’re a hater if you say they overreached for a player. It’s not the player that doesn’t make sense, it’s the definitive priority and value at that particular pick in the draft.

    5. Facts! Thanks for saying this perfectly,
      some people assume you’re a hater if you say they overreached for a player. The whole point of getting draft picks and positioning is so you can take advantage of immediate needs and prioritize them as value. In terms of Hurd, it’s not the player that doesn’t make sense-he seems versatile and could end up being great- it’s the idea that we might not have needed to grab him so early or maybe there were other creative ways (trades) we could’ve exploited to get him later at a reasonable spot. Even with the Greenlaw pick, we acquired a 5th pick to snag a guy who was projected to go undrafted and realistically is a special teams/camp body. It makes no sense when there are more talented guys who can make an immediate impact.

  11. This guy sounds like he’s going to be a guy who can be to Kittle what Aaron Hernandez was to Rob Gronkowski.

    1. I think Hurd could be more versatile than Hernandez was with his ball running ability and experience in the backfield. He’s likely not going to have a home in the backfield but he does provide that kind of versatility. as he’s an option as a short yardage power runner.

        1. yeah. or like Marcel Reese…who was a wide out that became a receiving fullback. I don’t see Hurd becoming a lead blocker but I can see him used in place of a lead blocker sealing off a defender in space on the edge. I think he can be used as a short yardage runner and receiver out of the backfield as well as a slot receiver.

          1. was that comparison simply because of the WR to TE conversion?

            Hurd is 3″ taller and was a running back before he was a receiver.

          2. Athletically, I don’t think that’s an apt comparison. He is more athletic than either Fant or Kittle. Go watch his TN and Baylor tape. Quick and fast (4.47 40)

            Quote from a few years ago…

            “He wouldn’t have been in the discussion with (Leonard) Fournette and (Christian) McCaffrey at the top of that draft,” said an AFC scout. “But he’s such a good athlete for his size, he would have been right there on that next tier.”

            That tier included Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, Kareem Hunt, James Conner, and the very player some Tennessee players wanted over Hurd in the Vols backfield: Alvin Kamara. That ability shows up on tape.

  12. Just as Lynch and Shanahan said, he can play almost anywhere, including TE. We need another TE to stretch the seams. He can add 10 more lbs and be like walker was for us. Jack of all trades. Great pick that will pay off down the line. Not immediately, but in two years.

    Btw, he had visit with Pats right before draft. Promise you, they saw same thing.

      1. HAha!!! Sebs is having a real pisser!!!!!!!! Sebby…………..Kellen Winslow was NEVER known for his blocking!

        Haha! Your ready to bust a gut!

          1. You know what I’m talking about, Sebs-But, instead you try your pivot move. Wont work!

            You were talking about blocking and I addressed THAT. U knew this, of course–but tried a little “Sun Zoo” tactic that failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              1. He’s not comparing him, he’s stating a fact. Many of the TE2 in this league can’t block. They are a basically just a large WR. Started with the Pats grabbing Gronk and Hernandez in the same draft. Gronk was the guy who could shift down and become an inline blocker. Before the draft, Lynch, and Shanahan made it clear they were looking for another TE, I believe they plan on putting another 10 lbs on this guy and moving him to that position (Hernandez role). He is far more athletic than any of the other TE’s in this draft, including Fant. If he can make the transition and learn to run routes better, he’s a steal at 3.

      2. He doesn’t need to block. Nor did the Pats expect Hernandez to block. Different role That was Gronks role as the inline TE. Hernandez was there to stretch the middle of the field with his size/speed ratio. You watch, in three years Hurd will be one of the most versatile chess pieces in the NFL. Similar to what Walker was as an H-back/TE. In many ways, this pick offers more than Samuels. We have WR’s, we do not have someone who we can line up with Kittle to create mismatches against LB’s and S over the middle. Shanahan in drooling over those possibilities. By the way, go watch his TN tape as RB, dynamic with ball in hands. He was nearly 240 lbs. then.

  13. Unusual pick but I am not ready to hit panic button.

    1. First and foremost, I dont buy the “drops” stat
    1a. I also dont buy the missed tackle stat.
    2. Rob Lowder : Jalen Hurd is an intriguing matchup weapon for Kyle Shanahan. He’s 6-foot-4, 225 pounds and can play any skill position. Rushed for over 1,200 yards in ‘15 and nearly eclipsed 1,000 yards receiving in ‘18. 33 total TDs in four seasons.
    2a. 33 TDs is significant.
    2b. Just noticed Grant gave him 23 TD in college . Typo ?
    3. Perhaps coaches have received info that Verrett recovery is progressing ahead of schedule.
    4. Perhaps Tavarius Moore returns to safety.
    5. My concern is who is whose boss. Does Lynch report to KS? Who has the final veto on draft picks ?
    6. Lots of Bay Area sports tonight.

    1. Imo Kyle’s the boss. I believe the story was that Lynch called him and asked for the job. The result is that we have two guys who have never done this before. If we emerge on the top, it will be a small miracle. But I like what they did in free agency this year, and so far I think it’s been a productive draft. Sure would be nice if they could find some good linemen. Has become the weakest position group imo, which is a big flaw.

      1. Yes. Exactly. After KS was selected , Lynch called KS and volunteered to be GM. I have never heard of a first time head coach getting to select his GM who turns out to be a first time GM. Of course our clueless, hapless owner just goes along with everything.

  14. I agree. C- is generous. Hurd was ranked 313, which is a huge reach.
    If they wanted a tall pass catcher, they should have selected Josh Oliver TE, who was taken 2 picks later.
    Oliver weighs 23 more pounds, and is faster. He is also way better blocker.

    1. Oliver is not faster than Hurd. Oliver’s 40 time was 4.63. Hurd with an injured knee was 4.61.

      Oliver may be a more experienced blocker but he’s not considered a great blocker. H-Backs as blockers aren’t huge skills to develop. They just have to move well (because they’re in space) and get on their man and get in his way. They’re not inline TEs that have to block tackles and on the ball linebackers. It’s a different skill set.

      Hurd provides more flexibility in his ability to line up inside, outside or in the backfield. His ability to run after the catch or simply run the ball is a big match up advantage.

      1. I sure hope Hurd turns out well, but I can also be a little skeptical. I just went off of what Grant wrote, he said 4.66. Oliver out weighs him by 23 lbs,too. Houston says he quit on his team, and he had such a bad concussion, he wanted to change positions.
        I feel perfectly fine calling it a reach, since he was ranked 313 on the Draftek big board, and was selected at 67.

        1. Oh, no doubt it’s a reach. But I don’t think it’s an egregious reach. I’m not sure how far Hurd would have lasted into the 4th round.

          I really like Oliver. I see some Brent Jones in him. I think he’ll make a good solid Pro TE.

          But I think the skills that Hurd brings makes him more valuable as a versatile weapon in the slot, the backfield or even out wide. Plus I’ve been wanting a power runner on this team for a while. Hurd is a good runner who can pound it inside or run around the edge. I’m not saying I think he’ll be regularly featured in the backfield. But I think he’ll be good for a play or two a game that catches the defense off guard and will keep the defense on their toes having to watch out where he lines up.

          I guess quitting on your team is one way to look at it. But if you really want to play another position you gotta go where you can play. To be fair I will throw in one more bit of info that is a knock on Hurd, I think he had a knee injury near the end of the season? I don’t remember the details.

          1. In another post I called it a trifecta. Concussion so bad he asked to change positions, changing teams, and knee surgery. Do not think it was an ACL, since he had surgery in December, but could be wrong.
            That said, since he is a 49er, I hope he helps the team win games, and I will cheer every TD he makes.
            I will acknowledge that he is versatile, and I am sure KS can devise plays that utilize his skillsets.

    2. Hurd, when healthy, ran a 4.37 – 40 yard dash while a freshman at UT. As a standout track & field athlete, Hurd ran the 300m hurdles (41.15 seconds) and 200m dash (23.34). Those are solid times. Not Olympic class hopeful times, but really solid, going to be in the regional/state finals times.

      So, yeah, he was ‘slow’ as he was still dealing with his knee issue. But at least he had the balls to compete and take the hit. And that’s cool. Crapping on him because you’re too lazy to do more than look at one tiny aspect of his athletic career while following yet another of Grant’s silly takes isn’t.

  15. another offensive weapon! I like it! the FO knew FOR A FACT it needed to improve the pass rush and the Wr position!!
    they not only got D.Ford……..they got Bosa too! Then they not only get a younger, tough, possession Wr……they also go get a weapon! The guy has the skills of a rb with the ball in his hands and can line up at any skill position! Those rb skills will make him a red zone threat just like Deebo’s toughness will make him one as well.
    The FO has been aggressive, and I like that! they wasted no time replacing Foster w KA….

    again, they knew the pass rush and wr’s stunk……they did something about it! we have 3 guys and one spot to fill at Cb……its not as pressing as grant makes it out to be! every year grants freaking out about corner backs! its his weird fetish

  16. and as much as I like are Wr’s now…..MG,JM,TT and DP have all missed serious time! there likely gonna miss games , similar to the rb room……the depth is needed. Part of this teams recent problems have been lack of depth….FO trying to correct that. Bourne likely gone.

  17. Saw his vid and like him better than Deebo but that was before I knew about his injuries.

    1. BIG NINER

      Is Miles Boykin still on the board…? He’s a big Swiss Army knife…Who’s the smartest guy in the room now..?

  18. Funny; on Grant’s blog post about his appearance on Larry Krueger’s radio show, I wrote a long screed about positions the Niners would be concentrating on, and some players they could consider. For receiver, my dark horse candidate was Jalen Hurds (I did think he would not go until the 6th round).

    However, the reason I had Hurds listed as a dark horse was because there is something there with him. Gives 100% every time out. Athletic ability, starting as a running back and then becoming a receiver (and actually, was a really good and explosive running back at Tennessee). Knew he was new to the receiver position, so would be rough in regard to route running ability. But man, has the grit and talent to definitely show in the NFL. Has great size, can shield off defenders with his body, and knows what to do with the ball after the catch based on his running back experience. Definitely could see him as a Big Slot for the Niners, or split wide in the red zone for jump balls for touchdowns.

    The thing we should have all picked up is what I commented on leading up to the draft: the Niners did not meet or have private workouts with a lot of defensive backs that had 1st or 2nd round grades (only a couple; the Niners did meet with a lot of defensive backs with 6th, 7th, and undrafted free agent grades), but did spend a lot of time with a lot of different receivers. In other words, receiver was going to be a point of emphasis, and the FO and coaches were content enough with their defensive backfield depth chart to believe they only need bodies to fill out the roster and possibly hit at the back of the draft.

  19. Grant, once again, making a 100% wrong call on a player. At this point (article POV) Hurd, a FIVE-STAR, TOP-10 recruit, was a freshman at UT.

    “Jalen Hurd, Tennessee — Like Fournette, Hurd’s massive frame belies his blinding speed. At 6-foot-3 and more than 220 pounds, there aren’t a lot of running backs built like Hurd. There aren’t many that run like him, either. Before enrolling at Tennessee, he reportedly clocked a 4.37-second 40-yard dash. Hurd still runs a bit too upright like a track star, but as he improves his form he’ll become an even scarier force.”

    That’s from “Speed kills: The fastest running backs in the SEC”

    Yes, his pro-day wasn’t spectacular. But he was still not 100% healthy coming off a knee injury. That he had the balls to run and take the hit, despite being faster than that, is pretty cool. That Grant used it as ammunition without, as usual, doing the slightest amount of background research on the draftee is is NOT cool.

    Why people read Grant’s stuff, but for laughs, is beyond me.

  20. Putting a grade on any of the WR’s, S, CB’s in this class is unfair at this point. By and large, this is not a strong class in any of those areas. Which is why so many fell into the late 2nd and third rd. Deep, but all about the same talent level. We could have taken Brown just as easily as Samuels. There was no sure-fire 5 star at any of those positions. There is no Derwin James or Minkah or Denzel Ward or Mike Evans, etc. Instead, you have a draft where you can find guys that can do specific things for you, in the middle to late rounds. Guys that can possibly start and contribute, definitely compete and make your roster stronger. The quality of this draft is at DL and LB.

    1. Personally, I think anyone who grades before Year 3 is an idiot. You get hot starts that fade dramatically (RGIII, Steve Slaton, Michael Clayton, etc.). You get slow starts that turn into HOF beasts (like Michael Strahan, Kevin Greene, Jerry Rice & Terrell Owens).

      1. Rice went 49 receptions for 927 yards and 4 td’s as a rookie. That is phenomenal rookie numbers especially back then. 18.9 a clip is beast mode.

  21. every grant moron analysis is




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    blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

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