Grant’s final 49ers mock draft of 2019

San Fansisco 49ers general manager John Lynch speaks during a press conference at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019. Purdue won 73-56. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)

These are the picks I would make if I were the 49ers general manager and I couldn’t trade up or down.

Note: The 49ers should do everything in their power to trade down in Round 1.

Round 1, pick 2: Josh Allen, LB, Kentucky.

The 49ers don’t need another defensive lineman — they already have four first-round picks who are defensive linemen, and are spending more than $43 million of their cap space on that position, fifth-most in the NFL. Nick Bosa and Quinnen Williams are defensive linemen. They would affect only one level of the 49ers defense, their strongest level — the front line. Allen would affect two levels. He can play linebacker in the base defense, and edge-rusher in the nickel defense. He’s a fantastic, versatile player.

Round 2, pick 4: Juan Thornhill, FS, Virginia.

The 49ers set a record last season by intercepting only two passes — a new single-season low for an NFL defense. The 49ers also ranked last in pass breakups. Which means secondary is the weakest position group on the 49ers. They need players who have a history of breaking up and intercepting passes. Thornhill intercepted 13 passes and broke up 26 the past three seasons. He has great instincts, terrific hands and experience playing cornerback, which is good for a free safety in the 49ers’ defensive scheme.

Round 3, pick 3: Joejuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt.

Williams is better right now than Ahkello Witherspoon, who has intercepted just five passes since high school. Williams intercepted four passes just last season. He also recorded 13 pass breakups. And he was just a junior. He’s improving. Plus, he’s just as productive and athletic as the top corners in this draft, and he’s 6’4″. He’s the second coming of Brandon Browner. And he would be the fourth variation of the name “Juan” on the 49ers defense, along with Juan Thornhill, K’Waun Williams and Kwon Alexander. You never can have too many players whose names rhyme with Juan, as I always say.

Round 4, pick 2: Gary Jennings Jr., WR, West Virginia.

The 49ers need a possession receiver to play flanker and replace Pierre Garcon. Jennings can be a possession receiver — he caught 75 percent of his targets and 54 percent of his contested targets last season. He’s also a big-play threat — he averaged 17 yards per catch in 2018 and ran a 4.42 at the Combine. He is one the most well-rounded receivers in the draft. No idea why draft pundits aren’t higher on him.

Round 6, pick 3: Malik Wilson, WR/KR, North Carolina A&T.

This is my draft sleeper. You probably haven’t heard of him, but the NFL has — scouts from 13 teams were at his Pro Day. Wilson is an electric player who is similar to Tyreek Hill, Tarik Cohen and De’Anthony Thomas. In college last season, Wilson returned four kickoffs for touchdowns. He can return kicks and run jet sweeps right away, and develop as a receiver. He runs a 4.3.

Round 6, pick 39: Paul Adams, OT, Missouri.

The 49ers need someone to compete with Shon Coleman for the swing-tackle job, and potentially replace Joe Staley in the starting lineup in 2020. Adams is a good candidate — he started 38 games at right tackle in the SEC. He is a developmental tackle prospect who needs to get stronger. The 49ers also need a punter and possibly a kicker, but I would rather sign those players than draft them.

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  1. In another 3+ days we’ll know what went down. I suspect a trade back or two, and possibly a trade up. Next to impossible to forecast those moves in advance–Sebbie not withstanding. The fun comes when we can pull your mock (anyone’s mock) out of the archives four or five years later and have a giggle or two.

    1. We need a true DE. WHO will put sacks, and pressure on the QB with the #2 we can get them you say trade for what potential we don’t have time for potential that will get you fired trade A.A and S.

  2. I took a look at 8 lists of prospect rankings. Williams averages out at 96. I would take the risk that he would fall to 104. He is a reach imo at 67.

    Jennings averaged out at 184, meaning there is a decent chance he would be available at the beginning of round 6.

    You have to take risks to maximize value. Draft an OL, WR, or TE (Sternberger) at 67 and hope Willilams and Jennings drop to you later.

      1. No. I am saying that you should maximize value. That involves taking risks. Williams is projected closer to our 4th pick than our 3rd pick. One of the biggest failures of GMs is falling in love with their guy = BJ Beathard & Joe Williams. I already acknowledge that he might be gone, but it is the correct risk to take.

  3. Why spend our 2nd rounder to draft Thornhill, who would likely enter week 1 third on the FS depth chart behind Ward/AC, when we could get a starting WR in AJ Brown (optimistic) or Deebo Samuel (realistic)? Also, you don’t see a need to add depth at TE, Mike/Will LB? Thanks for sharing your take.

    1. I think Thornhill and Williams would start right away. And I like Elijah Lee as a backup linebacker. The team can always sign a blocking tight end as an undrafted free agent.

      1. I know what the perception is, but Safety is our second deepest group behind RB (Ward/AC/Reed/Exum/Tartt in a pinch…). I’d hate to see us use a 2nd rounder there when we have other glaring holes. I agree on Lee, but I think we could have a stronger TE draft strategy than picking up another Logan Paulsen in FA.

          1. Reed as a backup to Williams at nickel, yes, but he’s still depth at Safety and it’s still our second deepest group. Not sure how expending a young and growing AC makes us better.

            And unfortunately, last year Celek played like he was undrafted.

            1. Having a deep group of below average NFL players is not really the definition of depth.

              If we do take a safety, round two is the place to do it. Taking a WR in round two is also a win. It will be hard for the Niners to screw up their second pick.

              1. It will be hard for the Niners to screw up their second pick.

                Where there’s a will — or no will — there’s a way.

        1. Safety position may be deep in numbers but brutally shallow in talent. You have to have players at safety, not just numbers!!!!

          1. The point I’m making is that the Saftey group is not shallow in talent relative to other areas on or team (e.g. WR, TE, etc.)

  4. I’m a big Allen fan as well but the only way we take him is if we trade down first. Ive heard OAK loves Bosa so 4 and 27 for 2? That’ll allow us to snag Allen at 4, a WR at 27(Harry would be my choice) then Thornhill(also a big fan) at 36. Our 3 most pressing needs filled with ideal fits. The word on the street is that the Jets will take Oliver so Allen should slip to 4.

    1. Phillip, I could see the Raiders making this trade and the Niners still might be able to get Quinnen Williams at 4 if NYC really likes Ed Oliver.

      I could see them also trading the latter first round pick to a team that would want to move back up into the first round. Getting another 2nd and a 4th would be ideal.

      But if either of the Browns are available latter in the first, I’d take either one at WR.

    2. Philip if NY doesn’t grab him. He’s to good on the edge for them to pass up. Unless they really like Oliver that much.

  5. You’re soft Cohn. You banned me haha. You talked about bosa being soft for blocking you. You are so full of it. Similar to Tyreke hill? Hill might be the most unique player in the nfl. You are so funny. The nice thing about you is that when Malik Wilson amounts to nothing, you won’t turn off your ego. You will still think you’re the smartest guy in the room.

    How is joe Williams big guy?

    1. Good point about Joe Williams, but I didn’t trade up for him. Kyle Shanahan did that. He certainly is the smartest guy in the room. I’m just learning.

      1. Shanahan is considered to be at the every least a top 5 offensive play caller in the entire national football league. You are no where near the top 5 in the world in anything you do. You need to humble yourself big time bro.

        How is coby fleener bro?

        1. I covered Jim Harbaugh. Kyle Shanahan is no Jim Harbaugh.

          Fleener had a better career than the guy the 49ers drafted instead of him.

          1. You’ve got an out for everything don’t you? You swore fleener was the second coming of Rob Gronkowski.

            You’re hilarious Harbaugh hated you too. Harbaugh is definitely overrated as a coach. He runs an offense from the 1800’s and always loses to Pete Carroll and urban Meyer. Harbaugh lucked into an insanely talented roster begging for someone who is not an idiot to take it over. Mcvay came into a similar situation with the rams. The jury is still out on Shanahan but he has managed to keep the locker extremely close knit in-spite of all the losing. He took over a roster that was going through turnover and did not have clear leaders or stars in either side of the hall. He has done wonders with garbage qbs like cj beathard and nick Mullens. Look up the advanced passing stats and tell me how much of their success and was not due strictly to scheme. His record with Jimmy Garoppolo speaks to his football acumen.

            Finally, Shanahan is well respected in the football community. You compare yourself with Shanahan and put him down with ease but nobody in the media respects you. Stop comparing yourself with Shanahan, check your ego, and you might become competent rather than being the spoilt kid who gotta job because of daddy.

            1. Harbaugh and I keep in touch. If Harbaugh is overrated as a head coach, and he might be, what does that make Shanahan? Just a loser?

              1. I doubt that considering how dismissive he was of you and how much he hated the media, but I won’t argue that with you.

                I don’t know why you want to put Shanahan down so much. You’re the kid who makes a mistake, but instead of accepting your mistake you point out someone else’s flaws. Sure I will admit Shanahan is a loser but that doesn’t make you good are bad at your job. Facts are regardless of Shanahan being good or bad you are an awful reporter. You are a glorified fan who gotta a job cuz of daddy. Humble yourself and read good writers like zack Lowe in the nba for example and learn how to write. Break one story and then we can put Shanahan down together.

              2. Harbaugh wasn’t dismissive of me. He liked a challenge. He hated softball questions.

                I don’t know why you want to be Shanahan’s cheerleader so badly. Let him win a few games first.

              3. I am not going to argue Harbaugh with you because frankly I don’t believe you. You’re track record doesn’t present any reason to believe that either.

                I just told you I think Shanahan is a loser. How am I being a cheerleader? By putting Shanahan down you seem to get this satisfaction that you are good at what you do. Shanahan has nothing to do with the fact that you are not a very good reporter or writer. I simply gave some context to Shanahan a guy that you hate because he put you in your place for not knowing anything about football.

                At the end of the day again, if you want to compare yourself with Shanahan he’s miles more respected and successful in comparison to you,but that’s not the point at all.

                Regardless of Shanahan you have a lot to work on.

                FYI if you want to read an article of a young writer with real talent read Vignesh venketraman. He writes about the warriors for the mercury news blog team. I know him from my Stanford days. He works full time at a software startup and still manages to provide more statistical analysis than you. He writes with real voice and shows a clear command of the English language. He doesn’t consistently have spelling and grammatical errors in his articles. Humble yourself and learn something from him. He didn’t have daddy to get him that job he earned it.

              4. You know I cannot ask them. How does their private opinion of you somehow make you a good writer? You have been publicly blasted multiple coaches.

                Ill put like this, I work at google. If I am doing a poor job and my coworkers consistently bust me up, I’m not gonna tell them go ask Steve Jobs about me. Do you realize how asinine you sound? Maybe you should cover Eddie and Carmen. You might break a story or give actual insight for once. Oh wait no one cares about them any more.

                How was Carmen with the browns by the way?

              5. You can tweet at Harbaugh. Give it a try. He might respond.

                I wouldn’t be doing my job if Chip Kelly liked me. I’m proud he doesn’t like me.

              6. Grant it does not matter if Harbaugh thinks highly of you. For the sake of your ego, let us say he does. He still is not working for the 49ers. How does that make you a good writer? Even with this so called relationship with Harbaugh you broke zero stories and offered no insight when he was the coach.

              1. Gimmicks like that and who’s got it better than us impressed the locker room, what? 2…3 years tops?

  6. Josh Allen is who I’m hoping for. We need a SAM backer. Allen has gotten better each year AND stayed healthy! Bosa has had 2 season ending injuries. Williams has had only 1 excellent season.

  7. Lots of names I like in there. I’m perfectly Ok with Allen although I still believe Williams would be a better pick. I would take Jennings in the third because I don’t think he makes it to the 4th and then I would take Iman Marshall with the 4th rounder.

    1. I’m fine with taking Jennings in the third. In that case, Marshall would be a good pick. I also would consider Jamel Dean.

  8. Scooter’s one and only mock for 2019.

    Rd 1, pick 2: Nick Bosa. As much as I would like the team to trade back, I really doubt any decent offers come in. I prefer Williams as a prospect, but Bosa’s not far off and is a better fit given current roster needs.

    Rd 2, pick 36: trade back to mid-2nd for a 4th and mid round pick in 2020.

    Rd 2, mid-round pick: Andy Isabella. Not the Z WR I think most would expect, but is a guy I think Shanahan would get a lot of value out of. Has long speed and short area quickness, dominated in college.

    Rd 3, pick 67: Sean Bunting. Everyone expects the team to target a safety, but the 49ers haven’t spent much time with safeties this offseason. I think they will look to add a mid round CB before safety. Bunting is an excellent athlete, just the type of guy they look for.

    Rd 4, pick 104: Gary Jennings. Grant has said everything that needs saying on this guy. He’s their long term Z. Can really see the 49ers adding two WRs this year.

    Rd 4, from earlier trade in Rd 2: Sheldrick Redwine. Looks the part, excellent athlete and has versatility. All things the 49ers like in the secondary.

    Rd 6, pick 176: Mitch Hyatt. Looks a good fit for a ZBS. Smart, tough, experienced and part of a successful program.

    Rd 6, pick 212: Sutton Smith. Highly productive edge in college, but too small to play there full time in the NFL. I don’t care. The kid is a playmaker and works his tail off. Move him to LB and he can also be part of the rotation at edge on 3rd down.

      1. I hope Nick is sitting pretty right at 2 and it takes 2 secs to turn his name in. I’ll be LMAO thinking about you, nepotism boy.

      1. Wrs would probably be Pettis, the 2 rookies, Goodwin, Taylor or James, and Bourne or Matthews. The guys that don’t make the roster won’t be missed.

        Other than Pettis, none of the other WRs are locks to make the roster. The two most accomplished (Goodwin and Matthews) have significant durability issues, and even when healthy are just competent starters, nothing special. Bourne is highly overrated by some 49er fans, he’s just a guy. Taylor and James haven’t done enough yet to suggest they aren’t more than just guys either.

  9. Good thing Cohn isn’t the niners GM.. not saying John Lynch is John Mcvay or these mock drafts mean much of anything but good lord Cohn this is bad, real bad.

    1. Ask Carmen, Eddy, and Harbaugh about him. If Carmen and Eddy were still running the niners he would be the gm and Harbaugh would never fight with him.

    2. I usually rather like Grant’s mock drafts, but I’ll throw my remote through my TV if this is what the Niners end up with! For sure!

      I like yours much, much better Scooter, but I’m not sure I’d be trading back from #36, and I can’t believe nobody has Safety Gardner-Johnson to the Niners! That’s a head scratcher!

  10. The Mockness Monster Draft:

    #2. Nick “The Bosa Constrictor” Bosa, DE, Ohio St.~Last season’s game vs. the Raiders accounted for 20% of the 49ers sacks all year. That weakness now becomes a strength.~

    #36. **TRADE** The Patriots send pick #56 + #73 to the 49ers for their #36. Will Grier, QB, West Virginia is New England’s target.

    #56. Tytus Howard, OT, Alabama St. ~Has all the traits to be one of Jimmy’s future bookends when Staley retires.~

    #67. Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia~Routes, body control, hands aren’t as sexy as speed but they’re good for 1st downs.~

    #73. Joejuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt~Prototypical size and length Saleh covets. Plays like a python in coverage.~

    #104. Marquise Blair, S, Utah~Lynch has been smitten with the aggressive safety since last year.~

    #176. Drew Lewis, LB, Colorado~NFL DNA with speed that will immediately upgrade special teams.~

    #212. Scott Miller, KR/PR/Slot WR, Bowling Green~Double dip late for some sexy 4.3 speed and 6.97 (3)Cone.~

    Priority F/A’s: Dalton Hall, P/K, Tuskegee

  11. So I was at Bosa before last season started……then Allen made more sense on team……I was one of those that thought it would be crazy to draft a DL again, so Williams was never an option……then back to Bosa, dude is just a top notch talent…..but with all the character flaws……back to Allen….

    Then I thought what if we had Williams and Buckner man the DL for the long future…..That is not a bad look……..Armstead would be offered more in FA, becuz they are not going to Fr him…..Thomas is best inside and a long term backup player…..bottomline Armstead could be playing his last season as a 49er

    Then Grant wrote….”Allen would affect two levels. He can play linebacker in the base defense, and edge-rusher in the nickel defense. ”

    How can anyone argue with that?

    1. Talking about staying in your own lane.
      Character flaws? Typical!
      You can’t even evaluate a mediocre QB or the difference between an NHL gave 7 convo vs an NBA game.

      Keep it real. You don’t want Bosa because he doesn’t see eye to eye with you politically. It’s pretty pathetic.

      The fact that Allen is a two tier player has been posted on here for weeks now.
      You didn’t think of it until now?
      Yeah Guy…… stay in your lane!

  12. FINAL MOCK DRAFT (what I would do, what I think the Niners will do based on the Fanspeak simulation as to who is available):
    Round 1, pick 2:
    WHAT I WOULD DO: Trade back. Unfortunately for all those thinking Raiders or Giants, I don’t think either of them will trade up (Raiders actually are looking to get a pick between 36 and 105 since they don’t have any there, and the Giants are locked into Daniel Jones, who they don’t need to trade up to #2 to get. The Giants, again, know nothing about football if they think Jones is the answer). The answer, thanks to the craziness that is Daniel Snyder, is the Redskins (who are apparently trying to get into the Top 5 for Dwayne Haskins). 49ers trade #2 to the Redskins for #15, #46, #96, and the Redskins’ 2020 1st round pick. With the 15th pick, the Niners take Brian Burns, Edge Florida State. He will play SAM in the base defense (Armstead, Buckner, DJ Jones, and Ford along the line; Alexander, Warner, and Burns at linebacker), and then in nickel and Wide-9 moves down to end (Burns, Thomas, Buckner, and Ford on the line).
    WHAT I THINK THE NINERS WILL DO: Nick Bosa, DE Ohio State. Niners will not get an offer for #2 that wows them (indeed, I am underselling #2 a little bit to move, but that speaks to the Niners’ need for extra picks, and what I think is not as big a difference between Bosa and Burns as others do).

    Round 2, pick 36:
    WHAT I WOULD DO: Darnell Savage, Maryland. Per my prior comments, Ward, Colbert, Exum, and Reed are pennies (though I have hope for Reed).
    WHAT I THINK THE NINERS WILL DO: N’Keal Henry, WR Arizona State. My favorite, AJ Brown, will be long gone. Henry doesn’t possess great speed or create optimal separation, but he makes the tough catches, will go over the middle, and knows how to high point the ball and shield defenders with his body. Let Goodwin and Pettis take the top off the defense; Henry will fill the role Garcon was supposed to provide, and that Anquan Boldin did (the 10 yard catch when it’s 3rd and 8 and you need the first). Shanahan loves this pick.

    Round 2, pick 46:
    WHAT I WOULD DO: Chris Lindstrom, G Boston College. If Lindstrom lasts this long, I will have to acknowledge sebnyah’s draft knowledge; I will have no problem doing this because it means the Niners get to replace Mike Person immediately with a 12 year starter that can fit in the outside zone scheme.
    WHAT I THINK THE NINERS WILL DO: Nothing, since they don’t make the trade with the Redskins.

    Round 3, pick 67:
    WHAT I WOULD DO: Isaiah Johnson, CB Houston. I miss Rock-Ya Sin out of Temple by 5 picks in the simulation (in reality, I think Sin goes no later than the top of Round 2). But Johnson is 6’2″, 208 with 4.4 speed, and can play press corner. He had 14 pass breakups and 4 interceptions in his two years at Corner, and he is only going to get better given he has only played 2 years at the position.
    WHAT I THINK THE NINERS WILL DO: Jace Sternberger, TE Texas A&M. Niners brought him in for a private workout, and honestly among the people they met with he is the best rates at this pick. For those thinking defensive backfield, a lot of the individuals the Niners met with privately are really 6th round/7th round types (besides those going in the first round).

    Round 3, pick 96:
    WHAT I WOULD DO: Miles Boykin, WR Notre Dame. Unfortunately, all the top receivers are gone at this point in the simulation (Brown, Henry, Samuel, and even Riley Ridley). Boykin will play though; 6’4″, 220 and a 4.42 40. Normally, I would avoid a player with such limited college production and such maddening inconsistencies on tape; however, I believe that the inconsistencies are a result of coaching (Notre Dame does not coach up the pass game well), and I think Shanahan and Wes Welker can address the issues.

    Roud 4, pick 104:
    WHAT I WOULD DO: Foster Moreau, TE LSU. The replacement for Celek. Better in-line blocker, and someone who can be taught up on proper route running to be able to beat out linebacker coverage, and most safety coverage (he currently struggles even with linebackers covering him, often too content to allow for minimal separation). Hockenson, Fant, Smith, Sternberger, Warring, and Knox are all off the board at this point.
    WHAT I THINK THE NINERS WILL DO: A linebacker. The Niners worked out a lot of linebackers during the lead up to the draft, which makes me think they recognize the lack of depth they have at the position (Coyle having been released and retired). At this point in the draft, it is between Bobby Okerele, Stanford, Drew Lewis, Colorado, or Terez Hall, Missouri among inside linebackers. I love Jahlani Tavai from Hawaii, but he is now being projected as late 2nd, early 3rd round; I think it will be Okerele.

    Round 6, pick 176:
    WHAT I WOULD DO: Jahlani Tavai, LB Hawaii. Because Fanspeak still had him available. Unrealistic, but I’ll take advantage of it. Given he will probably not be available at 176, then Drue Tranquill, LB Notre Dame. Two time team captain, good production, 4.56 speed due to fact was former safety. Major negatives for Tranquill: two ACL injuries (I know, Baalke like), and needs better form given the number of missed tackles. But it’s the 6th round, where you take fliers on those that produced in college despite injury concerns.
    WHAT I THINK THE NINERS WILL DO: Cornerback. The Niners’ workouts with cornerbacks have been with late round types. I’ll say Blessuan Austin, CB Rutgers. 6’1″, 198; Niners met with him at his pro day and had a private workout with him. Would fall into the “not another player coming off an injury” pick that we always harangue the Niners for making (in fact, had an ACL tear his junior year, and a different knee injury his senior year. If Niners look to a slot cornerback (assuming they will keep Reed at FS), then Jimmy Moreland, CB from James Madison.

    Round 6, pick 212:
    WHAT I WOULD DO: I will subscribe to the Bill Walsh theory of taking a Quarterback every year, and say Jarrett Stidham, QB Auburn. I believe the Niners will follow the Belichek example of having quarterbacks show ability during the preseason to entice teams as potential trade bait for draft picks. Stidham has potential, and showed some great traits in 2017. 2018 was a mess (but 2018 was a mess for the entire Auburn team). I think with proper coaching, he comes back to that 2017 level.
    WHAT I THINK THE NINERS WILL DO: Jake Bailey, P Stanford. I know many here realize we can get a punter and/or kicker as an undrafted free agent, but the Niners have invested too much time and travel by their Special Teams coaches not to think where there is smoke, there is fire. A punter will be selected.

    1. Amazing job Pot…Kettle. Well written and great analysis. You already should be writing for the Santa Rosa press democrat :)

      1. Niners: I enjoy Grant’s efforts, even when I strongly disagree. Everyone has opinions, and everyone is entitled to their opinions; which is the whole point of being on a Niners blog. And especially with his video work, Grant shows he has more than a passing knowledge of football.

        Besides, as a UCLA grad myself, I think highly of his alma mater.

    2. Pot, I hope your draft plays out the way you think it will, because Chris Lindstrom falls into the second round, and I will be waiting patiently. ;p
      I also intend on a trade back with Washington, but after an earlier trade back, so the cost will not be so much for the Skins. Washington will NEVER give up their 2020 first round pick with Tua, Herbert and Fromm being available.

      1. Would be fine with a Receiver at 36, given so many of the ones I would target are gone by the 3rd round. This means pick 46 would become Juan Thornhill, and we take a Guard off the board, though I really believe Tomlinson and Person are well below average starters.

    3. Dude. You wrote all that for nothing. Burns as a SAM? Clearly you never have watched any of these prospects if you think that is in line with his skill set. I stopped there.

      Not bad Grant. A little too logical tho, Niners need to swing for the fences. Also I like Q at 2 alot better than Allen. Not sure Allen is going to have much success rushing the QB in the pros, seasoned tackles will take his bread and butter away.

  13. Niners, get a life! There is nothing more pathetic than some loser with no credentials trolling someone who is actually paid to have an opinion. And, before you go down the nepotism road, welcome to life where people use their connections to the best advantage. I have never particularly cared for Lowell as a sports writer. However, while I don’t agree with all of his opinions, I do think that Grant does a respectable job of expressing them. Keep in mind that all sports media is just educated guesses at best and out on a limb opinions at worst. At least Grant is willing to put his name behind his opinions and not hide behind some weak tag like Niners.

    1. Zack James I certainly respect your opinion. I do agree that to his credit Grant does put his name on his opinions and stands by them. The issue I have is that Grant talks as if he knows more football than people in the NFL.

      You are contradicting everything grant does with the line,”There is nothing more pathetic than some loser with no credentials trolling someone who is actually paid.” Grant is that loser with the Shanahan. He knows nothing about football, but sits here and questions every coach and players football acumen. I am simply giving him a taste of his own medicine.

      I certainly do not mind you taking shots at me, but before you say loser understand that I am a Stanford graduate with a degree in computer science and I work at google. I am proud of those credentials and I have worked for them. I do not consider myself a loser.

      1. “I’m a Stanford Grad”……………..La de dah! Aren’t you special!!

        But what kind of a human being are you? Is the world better for you being in it?

    2. Niners you are a loser even if you went to Stanford which I doubt but it doesn’t matter you patting yourself on the back. You do need to get a life!..You need medicine, Grant knows football and does a good job. He doesn’t question every coach and players acumen.

  14. Grant – Wanted to say thank you for some of the insights you provide. Two recent examples are when you pointed out that Ford took advantage of KC stadium noise and may not register so many sacks for 49ers, and your comments about New England focusing on building/paying the defense from back to front, as opposed to 49ers and as opposed to the front to back that was more prevalent prior to 2011 or so.

  15. Bosa comes with a skill set that is perfect for a DE and a DE only! He cannot drop into coverage and will be lost once he has responsibilities past rushing the QB. I think he’ll be a good pro and may make a ProBowl or two in his career, but his injury history scares me. I love Josh Allen as an overall superior athlete to Bosa who continues to improve every year.
    Best case scenario (dream) is Bosa going #1 to the Cardinals.
    Raiders are in love with Murray and trade us their #4 and #24 for the #2 pick.
    Jets draft Quinnen Williams at #3.
    Niners draft Allen at #4, AJ Brown from Ole Miss at #24 and Nasir Adderly from Delaware at #36.
    Pick up a CB in Round 3 and an OT in Round 4.
    Round 6 picks – kicker and best available athlete

      1. Ha! Is there a team so in love with Bosa with draft capital (Giants, maybe?) that we could trade back and make it worth it? Of the second-tier DEs (Sweat, Burns, Ferrell, Gary), which do you think will have the most impact?

        1. I think the Raiders and Giants are the teams most likely to offer the Niners a trade for the No.2 pick.

          Burns will have the most impact, followed by Sweat, Ferrell and Gary. Gary seems like a Solomon-Thomas-level bust. Rushes straight into blockers and tries to bench press them. That’s his move.

          Burns is the total package as an edge rusher. Speed, explosion, length and the ability to dip like a speed skater and make a quick 90 degree turn.

          1. The Gary comment earns you a plus. Well done! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Raiders or Giants come calling tomorrow. Enjoy the draft and enjoy the Dubs’ game tonight!

      1. Jay…. that’s what I’m worried about if this dream trade happened.
        I hear they really like Allen, but they really like Williamson too if he falls.
        Damn it why did we have to win that Seattle game.

        Razor… I think some are thinking Aldon Smith.
        With the way the rams run those passes to RB’s and Wilson’s scrambling ability to get outside the pocket Allen would be the perfect fit for this division.

    1. I don’t know why in the Euck you’d want a quarterback hunter hunting in coverage. You want him hunting quarterbacks outside, inside out! Our Nascar package will be Bosa/Thomas/Buckner/Ford.

    2. That’s my exact dream scenario also Harp…
      well the first two picks. I haven’t thought about anything past the 3rd pick.
      Fingers crossed. Long shot but hey…. so was the Sharks comeback.

  16. Draft day 1994

    “We spent first round picks on Ted Washington in 1991 and Dana Stubblefield in 1993. Now you want to use a first round pick on another defensive tackle?

    I don’t care how good this Bryant Young dude is, draft a different position.”

  17. Here is my final 2019 mock draft.

    PICK 2:  DT/NT Quinnen Williams

    PICK 36:  DE Montez Sweat

    PICK 67:  WR Marquise Brown

    PICK 105:  CB Isaiah Johnson

    PICK 177:  P Jake Bailey
    PICK 214:  TE Zach Gentry

      1. The teams tend to let players with health risks fall in the draft. His talent is worthy of a top ten pick though.

  18. Grant (if you’re here at the moment)

    Thanks for the mock.

    Who do you think Lynch will take at 2 and 36.

  19. 2. Want Williams. Like Allen too.
    36. Want savage, but I think Seattle takes him at 29. Thornhill good.
    67. Joejuan Williams good. Considering OT Tytus Howard too

  20. Niners, still no name loser, Richard Sherman went to Stanford and that didn’t stop him from acting like an idiot while with the Seahawks. Your claims about school, degree, and employment are unverifiable due to your anonymity. Even if they are true, which I doubt, they don’t qualify as credentials for sharing sports knowledge or insights that anyone actually cares about. Regardless of qualifications, you don’t contribute anything to the discussion. You’re just tilting at windmills you fool. A sportswriter who expresses opinions that are critical of coaches and players, the horror! That’s his job you idiot. Just go away you insignificant little troll.

    1. …”A sportswriter who expresses opinions that are critical of coaches and players, the horror! That’s his job." True

    2. Not only that Zack, but who cares if Grant’s job was somehow connected to his dad. Seriously, if someone is given an opportunity and makes the most of it, in any line of work, good for him or her. And Grant has made the most of it IMO. So stop it, Niners, with that tired line.

      Back to the draft. I still don’t see much in the way of trades if Murray goes #1, but the whole Snyder play with Washington is intriguing. I don’t know if they will need to go as high as 2 to get their QB though. Maybe DET moves down if Haskins is still on the board.

      BTW, great job Grant and to some of the other posters with their mocks.

  21. One and only Juan Mock. I bet I get more right than Seb. Remember Seb, only your last and final mock counts. You can’t make the ridiculous claim that you mocked a player when you’ve probably mocked every player from here to the moon. Good luck.

    You don’t pass up a “game changer”. You don’t pass up the “best football” player in the draft. I don’t care if the Niners have 20 defensive linemen. They don’t have a dominant pass rusher from the edge. They haven’t for years. They’ll take Bosa, unless they do something really stupid and start trading back, at least with that pick, and pick players that won’t start on opening day, if at all. Numbers don’t win championships. Great players do. Welcome to the Niners, Nick.

    2. Nick Bosa EDGE Ohio St. (no brainer)
    36. Juan Thornhill, S Virginia (It’s all in the name)
    67. Emanuel Hall WRF Missouri (Finally, a deep threat. Way better than Wilson)
    104. Max Scharping OT Northern Illinois (heir to the Staley throne)
    176. Michael Jackson CB Miami (FL) (he can moon walk)
    212. Mitch Wishnowsky P Utah (Ray Guy 2.0)

    All six of my picks will be in the starting lineup by mid season.

    1. Juan, you got Nick Bosa and Juan Thornhill.
      I got Clelin Ferrell, AJ Brown, Chris Lindstrom, Erik McCoy AND Juan Thornhill.
      Is Nick Bosa worth 4 players? Maybe, maybe not.

  22. Mock draft 20, hopefully the last one before the draft. However, I reserve the right to formulate a new one if trades are made ahead of time that changes everything.
    Niners trade back with the Raiders, because Gruden wants the replacement for Mack, and thinks Bosa is the best pass rusher in the draft.
    Niners give up their number 2 overall pick to the Raiders, who give up their first, second and 4th round picks (4, 35, 106), plus a 2020 third round pick. This balances out on the TVC if the Raiders pick 20th in 2020.
    Niners do a big trade back with the Packers. Niners trade the number 4 pick to the Packers , for their first round picks (12, 30). It adds up to within 20 points on the TVC. Packers are almost guaranteed either Josh Allen, Quinnen Williams , Ed Oliver, Montez Sweat or even Duane Haskins. Niners trade back, but get 2 first round picks.
    Niners do a trade with Washington, who wants to leapfrog in front of Miami, to get the best QB left. They get the 12th pick for their first, third and fifth round picks (15, 96, 153). It misses balancing out in the TVC, by 4.2 points.
    The Niners do a bundle trade. They trade Nick Mullens and Ahkello Witherspoon to the Broncos, for their second round pick (41). The Broncos benefit by getting 2 players in positions of need, for only one pick, and both were starters last season. Scangarello loves Mullens. The Niners get another second round pick in the sweet spot of the draft, where the players could be instant starters. Accumulating second round picks in this draft will accelerate the rebuild.
    Niners do a final trade back with GB. Niners give up pick number 35 for GB’s second, 4th and fifth round picks (44, 118, 150). GB wants to move up to get players like DeAndre Baker CB (34), Deionte Thompson S (35), Jaylon Ferguson EDGE (36), Kaleb McGary OT (37), Brian Burns EDGE (38) or N’Keal Harry WR (39). Niners move back 9 spots and get 2 additional picks.
    The Niners make 6 trades, and end up with pick numbers- 15, 30, 36, 41, 44, 67, 104, 106, 118, 150, 153, 176, 212, and a 2020 third round pick. They move back 13 spots in the first round, trade away Mullens and Witherspoon, and have 14 picks total.
    Changing things up, I will use the CBS Draft Big Board, and try to pick within 5 of each number. The Niners could select-
    15 – Clelin Ferrell EDGE.
    30 – AJ Brown WR.
    36 – Chris Lindstrom OG.
    41 – Erik McCoy OC.
    44 – Juan Thornhill S.
    67 – Amani Oruwariye CB.
    104 – Tre Lamar ILB.
    106 – Josh Oliver TE.
    118 – Jalen Jelks EDGE.
    150 – Myles Gaskin RB.
    153 – Chase Hansen LB.
    176 – Oli Udoh OT
    212 – Keelan Doss WR.
    2 EDGE, 2 WR, OG, OC, S, CB, ILB, TE, RB, LB, OT. This is a boatload of picks, and the sheer numbers make this mock superior to many 6 player mocks.
    Sign as UDFAs- Trace McSoreley QB, Cole Tracy K, Mitch Wishnowski P, Nick Brosette RB, Johnnie Dixon WR, Corbin Kaufusi DL, Ulysees Gilbert III LB and Khari Willis S.

  23. My prediction is that the niners will not choose any of the players Grant is saying they should. This to be followed shortly thereafter with classic Grant style vilification. And maybe not without merit.

    My hope is they trade down. And don’t reach. Hope they have done their homework.

  24. Surprised you keep throwing this Josh Allen nonsense out. They will not take him at 2. Period. You don’t draft for the need at 2. The GIants didn’t need Barkley, they took the BPA. That’s what you always do. Drafting need in top 5 gets you in trouble. Only two option: Bosa or Williams. Allen is not a transcendent player, the other two are.

    1. 🤣Cardinals are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.🤣We’re in the catbird seat and we aren’t moving until the little red birdie goes, chirp, chirp!

  25. I have to hope that the change in DB coaches will help a lot.
    Ahkello wasn’t this bad in college. He had 19 pass breakups as a senior which means he was able to locate the ball at that time. Yet, when he became a niner he suddenly forgot to turn and find the ball? Right now it would seem that the secondary staff in Colorado was superior to the niner’s staff.

  26. Grant,
    I hope the 49ers follow your example and draft D,D and D in the first 3 rounds. I would flip flop rounds 2 and 3 and draft a CB in the 2nd with a S in the 3rd other than a trade back (which I see as a very slim chance) I like your draft.

  27. Saftey round 2? Not sold on tart and Colbert? Wouldn’t u rather a big wr Hakeem butler?
    Love joejuan Williams though.

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