Harbaugh: “You tell me what you want me to tell you and I’ll help you out. We’ll save each other both time.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s a transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Where is CB Chris Culliver in the protocol?

“Right on schedule. Should be good to go.”


Has he gone through the —






So, would CB Perrish Cox be the starter on the other side?

“Well, no sense to say exactly what our next plan would be.”


Do you a sense a difference in Perrish Cox this year versus previous years?

“He is always somebody that is excited about football. He’s one of the guys that stands out the most to me, whether it’s in practice and especially in games. A guy on the sideline who is most excited, most like it’s he’s on the playground. Excited to play the game of football. It jumps into my mind like that, like it’s recess, playground, you know, really fun to play the game of football for him. He’s very excited about.”


He obviously bounced around various rosters last year and he said he didn’t want to do that anymore and that’s why he went into this season with a renewed focus. Has that been apparent to you guys this year?

“Well, he’s just always been a guy, everybody likes him. Everybody likes Perrish. All players like him. All coaches like him. He’s been a real good individual and good teammate. And what you’re talking about, he’s playing really well. He’s done that all through training camp and practicing very well right now and that’s a good thing.”


You guys have had some run-throughs but this is the first real trial in the new Levi’s Stadium. This is it, the first big game. How are you guys feeling about it? Do you feel like the energy of the new stadium is going to be a boost to the team?

“Very excited about it.”


Give me a little more.

“What would you like me to give you? You tell me what you want me to tell you and I’ll help you out. We’ll save each other both time.”

Sure, no, just, I mean, how are you feeling about it? You know, this is the first, the big day?

“Very excited. Very excited about it.”

What about the grass?

“Good. And we’re going to take [Bay Area News Group writer] Cam Inman’s suggestion, as he so astutely pointed out, gives us this opportunity to go practice on it tomorrow. We’re going to hold a practice in the new stadium tomorrow.”

You guys don’t usually practice at stadiums the day before.

“No, we do sometimes, but it’s not a habit to. We didn’t at Candlestick. That was a lot farther away. We changed the routine quite a bit. And we never did. We never did practice at Candlestick the day before the game. Sometimes, on road games we had practice at stadiums. The majority of the time, though, we’ve not. I don’t know what that says.”

K Phil Dawson and P Andy Lee have been over here practicing, obviously, a lot since training camp.

“And we had three practices in the stadium and two preseason games.”

Have they had a chance to kick off this new grass since it’s been installed?


And the reports back were?


Noticeably better than the old turf here?

“Their reports were positive.”

You talked about [inaudible] CB Dontae Johnson when you were recruiting him. Is he kind of the same guy once he got here? Is he the same guy you remember?

“No, I mean, that was four years ago. Certainly got that now that I’m with him daily, so now I feel like I really know him now compared to when we were going through the recruiting process. There’s nothing not to like about Dontae. Noticed that, a very smart, young man, good heart. I like being around him. There’s just nothing not to like about him. And now, being with him every day, could say that’s who he is.”

Were you relatively confident he could handle that situation he was thrown into last week?

“Relatively confident? I was confident in him, yes.”

LB NaVorro Bowman said that he’s been sprinting now for a couple days. Have you been watching him?


What do you feel about how he’s progressed since that surgery he had in February?

“Good. I must admit that maybe there’s a time I’ll look out the peripheral vision and see them doing their workouts on the turf over there. It looked like he was moving pretty good, so that was very positive. His attitude is great. Every time you ask him about it, he feels like it’s progressing well.”


How have you been handling this issue, the domestic violence issue, all the conversations that have been going on with the NFL? How have you been handling it with the team?

“We’ve been working on football. And how we handle … what our conversations are … I don’t think is for public consumption. I think everybody is learning. Everybody is more aware. Is taking the opportunity to be aware of domestic violence. Just how many people it affects. Just see what we can do to grow and learn. And that’s really what the conversations have been about. Hopefully we’ll be better for it not just as a football team but as a society.”

Question about DL Lawrence Okoye. Do you still view him as solely a defensive lineman or is your mind wide open to maybe switching him over to the offensive line?

“It’s wide open. The objective is more football for Lawrence, and he’s taking reps as an offensive lineman and as a defensive lineman. So, he’s really doubled his work in practice and I think that’s a real positive thing. His attitude has been open about it. Just more is more. That philosophy that more is more, is what we’re applying here, that belief. I’m excited about it. I’m excited about the way he’s attacking it as well. I think it’s got a chance, it’s got a chance. If there’s a chance, why not try to investigate that?

What do you mean by he’s got a chance? He’s got a chance at the one specific–?

“He’s got a chance to work. He’s got a chance to work. And if it does then you want to see if it can be given a chance. And also he’s playing more football. As a defensive lineman, he’s learning what an offensive lineman has to do and vice versa. It seems like a good idea. It seems fundamental to give it a chance and we’ll see how it goes. As I said, I like the way he’s approaching it. His approach on it, his angle of approach, his attitude toward it has been very good and positive.”

What’d you see from C Daniel Kilgore in his first start? What were the pleasing signs from his performance?

“Some very good play. Athletic. A couple of very physical plays. He was mentally … that’s the first thing that you look at with the center just in terms of just making calls and assignments and communication is so important. And I think he did very well. And now going into his second game there are things that he can grow from, too, and make improvement. That’s another of our objectives this week. But very pleased with the way he played.”

Is G/T Alex Boone ready to go back into the starting lineup?

“The team’s had a very good week of practice this week. I feel like they’ve really, they’re attitude, their angle of approach this week has been A-plus-plus. And then you hope that transpires to the game. But it usually does. More times than not that how you play in practice is how you play in the games. Accurate in practice, accurate in the games. Fundamentally sound in the practice, fundamentally sound in the games.”

Does that mean Alex Boone’s practiced well?

“I’m talking more of a big picture team perspective. I sense I’m disappointing you now. After I mentioned how I used your idea and everything and thanked you for the use of your idea. Leaving as a disappointment I can tell. Guess this is probably the time to end it, huh?”

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    1. Nah, he’s just sick of being asked about RMac and being asked to reveal personnel and game tactics.

      1. You beat me to it. He’s not going to talk about RM nor is he going to talk about game tactics. I don’t know why reporters don’t just watch practice and report that. Report what happened. JH has been around long enough for the beat writers to know talking to him is a waste of time. Talk to players. Talk to position coaches or coordinators. They might give you something, JH will give nothing. He’s as stubborn as Belichick. Won’t waste a word and is smart enough to blow off questions he doesn’t want to answer.

        1. You know what they say slightly above average minds think alike?

          Isn’t practice closed to reporters except for a few minutes? Grant?

      1. Yeah for sure and the media around here asks some pretty dumb questions but he should be able to answer a little more about the new stadium or the grass.That was more what I was referring to..

    2. I think he is annoyed that he does his work as a coach and the reporters show up asking lame questions that don’t matter.

      I don’t know if head coaches should be as available to the media. I think they have more important things to do than answer how is the turf.

    3. Guys here’s what’s up with JH: remember that GC wrote an extreme and total b.s. article on the handling of the Ray McDonald situation by Jed York (the guy who gives JH his paychecks!!). And it rightfully it is on JH’s mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is on the entire teams’ mind. Actually I think JH was “biting his tongue” and holding back his words a little bit. York is actually doing the best job he can and doing better than a lot of other owners; just check out his track record at his young age. GCs remarks were uncalled for and hurtful to York and the entire 49ers organization.

  1. Media: Tell us how you feel about winning the Super Bowl.
    Jim Harbaugh: It was a good win.
    Media: Umm…yeah, we know that, but tell us about how you feel about winning the big one after just missing out on it previously.
    Jim Harbaugh: It was a good win.
    M: But how do you feel about it?
    JH: What exactly are you looking for?
    M: Oh I don’t know. Emotion prehaps?
    JH: That’s gobble gobble turkey jive.
    M: ….Where’s Kaepernick? Maybe we can get a better answer out of him.
    JH: My session’s not over yet.
    M: …Nice weather we’re having today, isn’t it?
    JH: What exactly are you implying? Hey, why are you guys leaving?

  2. I think he doesn’t want to answer reporters’ questions, so he’s giving out bullsh*t answers to annoy the reporters. Certainly, the questions were extraordinarily stupid. But they always are, most sportswriters are dumber than the athletes they cover and I get the impression JH has no appreciation for BS.

  3. OMG! These are the best questions that can be asked to an NFL head coach? Do your homework media!…….Sounds like the media is just trying to poke around intentionally to try and get a rise out of Harbaugh…….Pathetic reporting!!

    1. Since Smith’s suspension is because of his personal conduct and the results of him drinking alcohol, I’d say slim to none. And that’s being optimistic.

      1. I could be wrong but it seems like he got 4 games for DUI and 5 for the misconduct stuff. It would only seem logical and consistent that they reduce the DUI to 2 games making it 7. But the NFL isn’t always logical since Ray Rice got an indefinite ban a week after Goodell announced 6 games for first time offenders in DV.

        You could be right, but it sure would be nice.

    2. A two-game suspension without pay is the new DUI standard, but “the commissioner can impose increased discipline under aggravating circumstances” like
      – Extreme intoxication (BAC of .015% or more)
      – Property damage
      – Prior drug or alcohol-related misconduct

  4. This caught my eye: ” Lawrence, and he’s taking reps as an offensive lineman and as a defensive lineman” –

    He is taking on too much, no? I wonder if the coaching staff thinks, now that they’ve evaluated him for a full season and a few more pre-season games, that he would be better at G/T than on the D-line?

    1. The Niners often think outside the box, and I think that this is one of those instances. They are not stretching their resources in having LO practice on the oline, and it might accelerate the process of him becoming a better dlineman. Pretty smart in my opinion.

      1. Reps. He hasn’t played the game. He needs reps and more reps like most people, but he’s playing catch up.
        But also, if Dobbs and Tuke and Ice could be a Jumbo guy, how about an athlete like Okoye?

      2. Exactly! You learn learn what your opponent will do by doing them yourself so then you can counter those moves. Almost included that yesterday in our exchange about Okoye on the offensive line. I think if it works out they could have a player who could fill in at both positions. Now that would be a versatile player. Open up another roster spot.

    2. I think more is being made of this than there really is in the story. If you read or listen to Fangio’s presser you’ll see that a few of the guys on the PS end up getting reps on both sides of the ball. They are the scout team guys, and they fill in as needed. 49ers needed an extra body on the OL for the scout team, so Okoye has been getting reps there. He’s still playing DL too.

      1. Scooter-The thing is that the reason they put Okoye on the defensive line to begin with was not because he was suited better for that spot but because they felt it was the easiest position to learn for a player who was starting from scratch . In a normal situation position he was suited to would have been decided a long before he got to the NBA. Players have often changed from offense to defense and visa versa through out their careers. While he may not make the change, it is possible that he would be better suited to the offensive line than the defensive line due to his body type and bull rushing strength. That would translate very well to the offensive line.

        1. “I still think his best future is with the D-line.” – Vic Fangio, from yesterday’s presser. And Fangio is one guy on this team that tells it straight.

          He was put on the DL because they thought that was where he would be best suited. Fangio still thinks that is the case. Doesn’t mean that is where he will ultimately end up, but that is still where they currently see his future lying.

  5. Grant I’m curious why you chose the quote you did for this article title? The subject and question that preceded that comment wasn’t particularly meaningful nor was there much follow up on it so Im really curious why you chose this quote as your subject title if you will.

      1. I think it’s a good quote because it pretty much sums up the attitude of all hyper-controlling CEO types.

      2. It doesn’t really pertain to anything other then once again illustrate that Harbaugh has no patience for reporters, stop the presses there’s something I didn’t know.

        1. Despite the tone Im not trying to beat you up over the choice I just feel like it was intended to shine an unpleasant light on the coach.

        2. The first thing I’d want to do as a beat reporter with an opportunity to question Coach Harbaugh, would be to earn his respect. My questions would demonstrate that I’ve done my homework, and I’d never waste his time with a ridiculous question. Plenty of other reporters to get the answers to those…..

      3. I think the quote is awesome! JH being a little more direct. You be nice to someone and then they try to take advantage of your patience.

        1. It was a good quote but not in the context in which it was used. The person simply wanted JH to elaborate a bit more on the answer and instead was given the quote we’re discussing. It was unnecessary and as I noted earlier it was another example of how Harbaugh needs to grow the F up and just do his job which he gets paid millions of dollars to do and that involves not being a total prick when reporters make simple requests.

          However I still believe the intent when the quote was chosen as the title was to show illustrate the point I just made about the coach and that clearly unveils what I might question a be a bit of an agenda.

          BTW I didn’t agree with your Dad’s take on the Robinson/McDonald team reaction/action. In one situation you have a person who is still only accused of something and in the other you have someone who clearly said something wrong, there is no question of guilt in the second case.

  6. Aldon Smith’s suspension has to be reduced by 2 games. He is only subject to a two game suspension for a DUI conviction.
    That would be effective immediately like the Josh Gordon suspension being reduced to ten games.

      1. I think the first DUI was reduced to reckless driving. That being said, punishment can only be enacted after a plea deal or a conviction. So, by that language, he only has 1 DUI and 1 reckless driving.
        He should be able to get it reduced. His agent needs to earn that 5% fee on this one.

  7. On Lawrence Okoye:

    Would love to know Harbaugh/Roman’s thoughts on using him as a ball carrier. Any chance this ground has already been ploughed?

    1. it’s not out of the realm of possibilities, E …

      After all … who woulda thunk.. Joe Staley catching a pass ?

        1. Okoye had a promising career as a winger in rugby union, a role that includes toting the oblong.

          Also, at 6’6″-306lbs., he ran the 40 in 4.74 seconds, faster than Bruce Miller.

  8. I wouldn’t count on Okoye carrying the ball on a consistent
    basis .. unless it’s a trick play … or …

    … like Iron Mike Ditka used The Fridge …
    (on the goal line) …

    come to think about it …
    I’d love to see that vs the SeaChickens, though

  9. If I had one question to ask Harbaugh, it would be “can you give me an example of a good football question?”

  10. On the news tonight I saw pictures of the marks Adrian Peterson left on his son’s body. Gruesome. Reminded me of a caning. I think the level of abuse was similar to that seen in the Rice video, although in the son’s case, he wasn’t knocked out with one blow, he was hit repeatedly. Must have been extremely painful. If the league banned Rice, I think they are going to have to ban Peterson. At least a wife can walk away from a bad relationship. A child is a prisoner.

    1. The pictures of that kid are extremely disturbing. The kid is only 4 years old. I’m not familiar with all the derails, but if A.Peterson perpetrated that, he needs to kicked out of the league.

    1. First I will say, Peterson did go too far. Banned from the league, no way. Ray Rice shouldn’t be banned either. Especially since you have people playing in the league who have killed people.

      Without getting too political there’s a gift and a curse to being a black child/man in America. If a black kid ends up like Trayvon Martin or Michael brown – he was a thug. His parents let him do whatever he want etc etc. On the flip side, you have Adrien disciplining yes his 4 yr old with hopes he doesn’t get labeled later a thug and end up dead bc his pants were too baggy.

      As I said, he did go too far. Banned, jailed, whatever is crazy talk. If more kids these days where disciplined it there would be a lot less craziness going on in America.

      1. This takes the cake as the most outlandish and far fetched post since this site was created. What F#$&%ING 4 year old is on the road to becoming a thug?
        I came from a school where paddling was allowed. (KY in 1986) In fact, I was the most paddled 1st grader in that school. The paddling didn’t do anything to redirect my energy into something positive. It took away from my education.
        Secondly, George you have paraded due process up and down this blog. Now all of a sudden you are ready to crucify someone without due process? Give me a break. The hypocrisy here is outlandish. Can you just keep it to football?

          1. He did go too far. My girlfriend and I had this conversation. She made a good point, “you should whoop a kid in the heat of the moment bc you can go too far.” With that being said discipline does start at a young age. If a baby continues to touch an outlet you may smack them on the hand to let them know you do not do that. As I’ve said, he did go too far but I’m sure his intentions were to teach him you don’t do something.

            1. No, if a baby touches an outlet, I sternly say, “No”, have outlet plugs, and interact with the child. I provide a rare thing these days. It is known as “Parental Supervision.” You do not need to inflict pain to teach a child something is inappropriate.
              Defensive cuts to the hands is beyond too far. I don’t think AP has a place in the NFL any longer. I would be disappointed if the NFL took a weaker stance. As George said, “A child is a prisoner.”
              There isn’t anything in this world more important than the safety of a child. Anything less sends a deafening blow to kids in similar situations. You can stop hoping for an end. We value sports and a 60 minute game on Sunday more than we value your innocence.

              1. You must have missed where I said AP was wrong. So if AP and Ray Rice doesn’t belong in the NFL, what do we say about the guys with manslaughter charges?

              2. Are you one of those parents that thinks they can reason with a 2 year old? Sit him down have a 20 minute discussion on the importance of outlet safety. Good luck with that. I believe in spanking, but it has to be done in the right way. Without anger, and the point should never be to hurt the child, but rather to teach him.

                What AP did was not disciplining, that was abuse period. He crossed the line by far. Poor kid.

            2. KY49er
              I agree discipline with kids is necessary and gives them the tools later for self-discipline. But corporal punishment isn’t needed to impose discipline, and has no positive effect in learning self-discipline. We are all products of our own childhoods and perhaps AP was subject to that. I got the belt once or twice but never considered it appropriate as a parent. I slapped my daughter’s butt once, and I don’t think it ‘worked’ as well as using a teaching moment, perhaps with some disincentive like Time Out. A parent needs to keep some simple truths about child development in mind; like that a 4 year old isn’t quite ready to see something from another kid’s point of view, that’s a specific rung on the development ladder, and so needs to be taught (more than once) this idea before being held accountable.
              This NFL season sucks with this crud all around. The news has lead us to Dr. Phill Show discussions and of course I’ve participated. I’d rather be talking about fade routes and fly sweeps and combo coverages.
              A lot of these players come from disadvantaged backgrounds and suddenly find themselves with wealth and power and freedoms with which they’re unpracticed. Some don’t handle it well, some hit & miss, and some do OK. My comments are not intended to be racist or cultural or classist.
              If, on my return from VN in my early 20’s I’d had $M I’m sure I might have flirted with trouble. Also, living in the north bay now, I see a lot of kids from Marin who have grown up around money and they don’t seem to handle it very well either.

              1. Awesome post well spoken. Thank you for your service.
                Now I am I interested on your opinion on how the Niners will stop forte

              2. @ Matt
                Good question. If I really knew I might have value to an NFL staff, but here I sit in my kitchen, LOL!
                I think the Niners may have the horses to clog him up in the run game, although missed/broken tackles will be killers. I’m thinking stopping him as a receiver may be the biggest challenge; sound tackling even more important here as less help nearby in the flat and short routes. PW and Wilhoite can run a bit. I think Vic’s team defense concept will be the key to containing him, everybody doing their job and supporting each other. As usual, pressure up the middle messes with a passer.

          2. My opinion is pretty obvious from previous posts. I believe due process only applies to the judicial process. That means giving an individual a right to a fair trial, an opportunity for bail, and the right to confront the evidence. I don’t believe it applies to public opinion or suspensions in the workplace.

            Now the PR spin will be this is how he was brought up. It’s all he knows. His race will become a factor. It won’t be about the victim here, but rather AP and his upbringing. AP had the means and the opportunity to better himself. He should have directed $120 of his multimillion dollar salary to a parenting class. He should have used a minute amount of that money to better himself as an individual. There are no excuses for the inexcusable. He has been out of the “ghetto” for long enough to afford himself an opportunity to provide better for his offspring.

            My opinion on AP is that I wish sports agencies and news agencies focused on the victims instead of making the accused a victim himself.
            Now while I believe you posted the pictures to anchor your comments, I didn’t disagree with what you said. I just disagreed with your hypocrisy. Thank you for the link. Let’s hope this incident brings more light to exactly what you wrote. Children are prisoners.

            1. Matt you’re right. He did make it out of the “ghetto” and for the most part has stayed out of trouble. So regardless of his race, why would he think how he was raised is wrong? To him, it worked for him. Usually what you BELIEVED work for you, you will use in the future.

              1. “To him, it worked for him. Usually what you BELIEVED work for you, you will use in the future.”

                Which I would despairingly agree with had his other son not been murder by a child abuser. The moment that happens, a general individual would look at the way discipline is used and make adjustments as appropriately necessary.

                AP said this was a normal spanking.

                The child also said AP had put leaves in his mouth when he was being struck and that his pants were down.

                Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/09/12/adrian-peterson-indicted-for-child-abuse/#ixzz3DDJL9pii

                I think that statement from the child is enough. I don’t see any reason to defend AP for what he has done. But by your logic, we should expect the children of serial killers to commit murders. We should expect the children of rapist to commit rapes, and we should expect the children of excusers to continue to make excuses for the suspects and not support the victims.

              2. Because “normal behavior and normal spankings” need to be hidden. He put leaves in the child’s mouth so no one heard his screams. It seems to me that normal behavior doesn’t need to be hidden.
                That leaves comment is as damning as the pictures. You can victimize the offender all you want. A child was savagely abused and it was hidden.

        1. As far as the 4yr old becoming a thug. Who knows what he may turn out to be. But disciplining kids while young, teaches them to respect authority. If you will disrespect your parents, you most definitely will disrespect someone outside of the household. As I said, he went too far but I’m sure the intentions were not to do that type of damage

      2. KY49er, thanks for your post. Here is a link showing the marks on the boy. I think you will acknowledge that, if Peterson did this, it was more than discipline.

        Regarding whether players should be banned, I will say this without doing any moralizing: If a jury says that Peterson did this and he comes back to play, I for one will turn off any game he is in, even if it’s against the Niners. I will do the same if Rice comes back to play. Whether or not there are/were players who have killed people doesn’t matter to me. When Ray Lewis is on a broadcast, I turn it off.

        1. He’s already admitted it. I’m for disciplining kids. I feel that’s what’s wrong with today’s society. No one disciplines their kids anymore. BUT what AP did was excessive. My question for you George is why did y

        2. He’s already admitted it. I’m for disciplining kids. I feel that’s what’s wrong with today’s society. No one disciplines their kids anymore. BUT what AP did was excessive. My question for you George is why did you watch the cowboys game? The employ a man who killed his teammate.

        1. A BIG role. AP’s comments gave me the impression that he’s sorry for leaving marks and recognizes that’s too much, but that he may still subscribe to “Spare the rod, spoil the child” concept. My guess is he learned that at home. So, imo, that’s a reason, not an excuse.

          1. I agree with Brotha Tuna. I think it played a major role. I’m sure he has learned and knew immediately after he went too far.

          2. Of course it’s not an excuse Brotha. Didn’t mean it that way. Hopefully he’ll learn from this, and his boy is ok.

            1. All good. I never meant to put anything on you. More of a general point about reasons not being excuses.

  11. All these cases of spousal abuse has robbed me the use of an old ditty I often used to use in jest. “A dog, a wife and a walnut tree- they more you beat em the better they be.” It appears the degree that this sort of thing exists takes away any appropriate joking about the subject anymore. I mean you had Vick and then Rice.

  12. standoffish… annoyed… we know the feeling.
    Help us out, Coach Harbaw, and bring home the bacon.

    You tell us that you are “working on football”…and
    when it comes to domestic violence you are having
    team conversations which are not for public consumption.
    You go on: sometime about “grow & learn” and being
    better as a society. How does all of that play in Coronado?

    Here is one message/theme/goal for public consumption:
    … you need to win the Super Bowl soon, fella… real soon.

  13. The use of the word “marks” in relation to the extensive bruises and cuts on the body of a four year child is disgusting. One of those “marks” included a cut on the FOUR year old child’s testicles.

  14. No 49er is named Adrian. The league’s going to have to use a little more creativity deciding which unlucky 49er to punish due to Mr. Peterson’s disgusting actions.

    There are nine 49ers on the roster with first names starting with the letter A. That’s a good place to begin.

    All the NFL has to do now is consult a few sports radio yacks, and the SF Board of Supervisors to decide with member of the Red and Gold gets the axe… their reputations ruined… and a sizable percentage of their life long earnings seized.

    This will be proof the NFL is serious about [bad thing on TV this week].

    1. Perfect. As I was typing the above, a KNBR yack just mentioned child abuse and Ray (not Rice, not Raven) McDonald in the same breath.

      I suppose KNBR was getting a little tired of Ray Rice=Ray McDonald lizard brain juxtaposition, and needed to take it up a notch.

  15. After watching the NFL blunder its way through these oddly related scandals, another thought struck me. Not only should the NFL be on trial, but so should the media. The media continues to attack our civil liberties, promoting this perspective that we are all guilty until proven innocent. It is a case in which, the media lies, manipulates and crafts perception into their reality. The truth is something completely different from what they are feeding us. Without an alternative, it simply becomes reality. At some point, this country is going to need to fight back against this monster, called the media. Along with FoxNews, MSNBC, CNN, GC remains a shining example of this abuse. None of it reporting the news.

    1. +1 … The media’s outrage at actions (or inaction) of their #1 business partner leaves me cold. Its like an outrage arms race, each outlet trying to out do the other.

      Add to that a strange demand that private entities create policies as if they were civil authorities.

      Why didn’t the NFL have a clear domestic abuse policy? Because its a gol-danged entertainment company. Anyone know the domestic abuse policy of their grocer, favorite burger stand, cafe, newspaper or radio station?

      Lets be careful what we wish for. We could wind up with Government by Popsicle Stand…

      And on the “careful what we wish for” note, the (ever sensitive to women’s issues) business partner of the NFL FoxNews is clamoring for Condoleezza Rice to replace Goodell. It just gets better and better.

    2. While I’m not about to go all 1984 conspiracy theory, lets face it, the media has been controlling the narrative on public perception for a very long time. It goes with the territory. Its not just news outlets either, its all media.

      The problem comes when news gets lost in trying to make a profit. Rightly or wrongly, most news outlets have a bottom line they need to worry about, and that means they have an agenda of trying to get people’s attention. Sensationalism is one of the best ways to get people’s attention. Opinion-based pieces is another, where they can appeal to our conscience, morals and ideals. Reporting facts often isn’t sexy enough to grab people’s attention.

      1. Well said. Really, when Roone Arledge was promoted from head of ABC Sports to head ABC News Division we should have known the age of infotainment and truthiness was upon us. Buyer beware.

        1. What often gets lost in this, is that it is the audience that dictates the type of information they get. If people stopped consuming tabloid style “news”, the media would stop producing it. Same as in any type of competitive market.

  16. Bears have brought up 3 guys from their PS today – 2 WRs and an OL. Bringing up 2 WRs would seem to suggest they expect at least one of Marshall or Jeffery to miss tomorrow’s game.

  17. Why isn’t the Peterson case considered domestic violence? He’s now been convicted. Given NFL’s policy, shouldn’t he be out for 6 weeks?

    1. Parents in Texas have the right to discipline their children in any way they see fit if it doesn’t exceed “community standards,” what ever that means. In this case the Grand Jury took a very long time to decide that there is probable cause that Peterson exceeded those standards.

      The NFL will have the doctor’s pictures and report of the injuries to Peterson’s child. The NFL probably won’t claim that they haven’t seen them.

      “A Texas prosecutor said Saturday that Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson exceeded Texas community standards for reasonable discipline …”

      Peterson has been charged with child abuse. Domestic violence is usually between two adults.

  18. Shows all this peruball pandering was just a csn hand jobber buying time for a guy that does not offer anything to anyone that pays for a ticket….except for wins..,I should mention Wins. Since really that’s all that matters

  19. Some individuals never transcend their environment, rather they continue the same dysfunctional cycle they were raised in. A person who was beaten as a child unfortunately usually repeats that pattern with their own children. Sometimes detesting this sort of discipline but knowing no other alternative they over indulge and raise their children with no discipline at all and we as a society end up paying the price.

    It might certainly be true that Peterson had no malicious intent but just didn’t know any other way of dealing with his son. I believe that is what his statement was in regards to the charges. That’s the way he was raised. I personally abhor physical punishment but I am not as judgmental of those that do not possess the tools for dealing with their children in alternative ways and find themselves over their heads in respect to discipline. I think the answer in this case is education and giving them other options. Of course their will always be individuals who are just cruel by nature and just use the opportunity to justify their cruelty. Those are the ones that need a*sses kicked and children removed.

  20. Why are the world’s biggest sinners
    Always saints when they’re gone?
    It’s all about losers and winners
    Not about who’s right and who is wrong

    Who’s the thief, who’s the traitor?
    Who’s the one to save the day?
    And who will be in the spotlight
    While the good ones fade away

    Yes I realize it’s just a fact of life
    Nothing’s ever really free
    And if I have to I will gladly pay the price
    We can’t escape our destiny

    It’s the curse of being good
    The curse of doing right
    It’s the curse of being good
    The curse of doing right
    The price we pay for our honour

    No more Mr Nice Guy
    No more Mr Right
    Should I be like all the others?
    Should I give up the good fight?

    This never-ending struggle
    Has been part of me so long
    Is it a curse is it a blessing?
    We know who’s right, who is wrong

    I’m not complaining this is how I lived my life
    I(‘ll) keep my pride my dignity
    And if I have to I will gladly pay the price
    You can’t cheat your destiny

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