Harbaugh: “There’s a good chance that there will be some new active guys on Sunday.”

Jim Harbaugh was asked Monday afternoon if A.J. Jenkins and LaMichael James will play against the Rams. Here’s what Harbaugh said, courtesy of the 49ers.


Getting into injuries, specifically the positions, is there a good chance that WR A.J Jenkins and RB LaMichael James could see some active duty on Sunday?

“There’s a good chance that there will be some new active guys on Sunday. Going to send that message to some of our young guys, some of our inactive guys that the opportunity is coming. And you say that every week to them, that you’ve got to just be prepared, be prepared. You’d rather be prepared for your opportunity and have it not come than have your opportunity come and not be prepared. To both those youngsters credit, and others who have been working extremely hard for their opportunity, you feel good and excited that a couple of youngsters will get that opportunity.”


Speaking about those guys, how ready are they? How ready is LaMichael James to return kicks on a reasonably full-time basis if he had to? How ready is A.J. Jenkins to really take a load as far you can tell?

“I know what you just asked, but I was so mesmerized and dazzled by your voice right there. You have got a great voice. I lost my train of thought.”


How ready are the young fellas, LaMichael James, I know we’ve seen him in preseason returning kicks and had some varying degrees of success catching the ball and all that. Do you feel comfortable if you had to put him back there to return those kicks, do you feel good about where he is with that? And A.J. Jenkins, do you feel good about his ability to contribute if he’s thrown in there?

“I do. I do and I feel good about both those guys and a couple others that may get a shot as well.”

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