Harbaugh wants the 49ers “to make significant improvement this week.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is a transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference courtesy of the 49ers.


Anything going on with NT Ian Williams? What’s his prognosis?

“It looks like he’s going to be out for the year. Disappointing, he’ll have surgery today.”


It was a broken ankle?



After watching the play, any thoughts on just the block?

“No, an unfortunate play.”


How do you think DL Glenn Dorsey did?

“I thought Glenn played well. He had a lot of good snaps.”


Do you have to make a move at that position now? Are you comfortable with just one true nose tackle on the roster?

“Yeah, we’re looking through that right now and we’ll make a decision on that in the next day or two.”


But you can’t sign either NT Lamar Divens or DT Will Tukuafu?



What about S Eric Reid, what’s his, is he going through the protocol right now?

“Yeah, he’s going to go through the protocol, and the good news is he’s not symptomatic today. So that’s a positive.”


Anything on DT Ray McDonald?

“No, nothing to report there.”


And TE Vernon Davis?

“Yeah, being looked at today.”


Did you look at just the film what happened to you guys offensively? Anything you can put your finger on why you guys struggled so much to move the ball?

“In a lot of ways it was both offenses were struggling. Two good defenses out there playing. Yeah there’s things that we’ll put our finger on and try to make improvement, significant improvement this week. That’s something that the earlier part of the season you want to make the most of identifying where you can get better and make improvements and then you want to see those improvements made. I’m not going into every single detail, but we’re trying to put our finger on some things.”


One of QB Colin Kaepernick’s calling cards early in his career obviously has been the ability and willingness to go downfield, deep downfield with the ball, didn’t do much of that yesterday. What was happening downfield that was kind of interrupting that process?

“There was good coverage. There was pressure at times. I thought, when we go back and look at the tape Colin competed, was seeing the field, made plays, made the most amount of plays that we made on offense. And I’m not saying we made … we didn’t make enough, but I thought Colin competed and played hard and played well at times. He probably played the best, most productive person we had on offense.”


Do you think the decisions he made, whether it was to not throw the ball downfield for the most part were the right decisions?

“I do. I think he was seeing the field. I’m not disappointed in the way Colin played at all. I think he’s, he did what he could.”


Why do you think that the offensive line struggled to get, to open holes for RB Frank Gore in the running game in particular in these first two games?

“Again, I’m sure we could dissect it here right now. Maybe you’d like to do that, I’d prefer not to and look more at ourselves and identify what we can improve and then set out to make those three or four things significant improvement after this week.”


Is it a concern to you?

“You can use what word you want to use. We’re using this early part of the season to identify it and improve where we can.”


Is it more an issue of the offensive line or Frank Gore?

“Again, I’m not going to dive into the details of it.”


I’m just asking you to put your toe in, you don’t have to dive.

“I think I’m putting my toe in, I do. I think I’m being clear about how I want to say it. We’ll look to make some significant improvements. Again, Seattle’s got a very good defense. They played extremely well. As the game flowed, we don’t get points on the first drive. We come away with nothing after a good drive and then momentum plays were made by Seattle’s defense, that kind of the hole in the dyke got a little bigger, a little bigger and then finally caved in. But, I think what we do, look, again, where we can make improvements, zero in on that and see if we can’t come away with this week significant improvements in all those areas that you’re talking about.”


Of all the years you’ve watched, coached, played, college, pros, everything, does a game like that leave you in disbelief like how does this happen, or you’ve seen it all and anything can happen?

“Not to stack up, compare any other game in all the years that we’ve played or watched football. In a lot of ways, we’re like I just described. We were there, we had some chances. There were some missed opportunities and then some momentum plays that went against us. Now that’s on us, coaches, players. That’s also credit to what Seattle did.”


What are your thoughts on the hit from LB Ahmad Brooks on Seahawks QB Russell Wilson on the read-option?



What were your thoughts on Ahmad Brooks’ hit on Russell Wilson during the read-option?

“Well, I think you know how I feel about that. I’ve been pretty outspoken that they need to look at that rule.”


So did you think it was a penalty because it would have been a hit by saying it’s flawed and biased?

“Do I think it was a penalty? No. That’s the way the rule’s written right now. Let somebody else carry the water on that from now on. One voice isn’t enough there.”


Seahawks CB Richard Sherman was very physical near the line of scrimmage, a lot of clutching and grabbing. Do you think he was playing within the rules because it was in the five-yard window and how do you combat that to get open?

“Yeah, he did a very good job. The coverage was tight. He’s an excellent player.”


Any comment on the penalties? I think 23 in the past couple games. I don’t know if you want to use the word concern or whatever, but how would you identify  those and improve on it?

“It’s an obvious area that we need to improve on and hopefully we’ll see significant improve this week in that. But that’s something we’ll zero in on, yes.”


Sherman had some interesting comments after the game. What are your thoughts on his postgame interviews?

“I’m not aware of what his comments were.”


With Colts QB Andrew Luck coming this week, how do you game plan for that guy and I know you know him well but it’s been a couple years since you guys have spent day-after-day together.

“Yeah, he’s a terrific player and you see it on the tape. The ball comes out quicker than it looks like it comes out. The velocity on the throws is more than what it looks like. As good as he looks and as physical as he looks in the pocket and tough to bring down, he’s even harder to bring down than you think. He looks fast when he’s running with the ball and he’s out of the pocket and can make a throw on the run or run. But he’s faster than he looks. Third week in a row, we’re playing one of the top quarterbacks in the league.”


How do you describe that dynamic of for years putting together a game plan to take advantage of his strengths and now being on the other side trying to put together a game plan to exploit whatever weaknesses he might have?

“There’s not a lot of weaknesses that he has. He’s a top-notch player. We’re going to have to be very sound, very good. Again, a top-notch quarterback in the NFL. And hopefully we’ll be better for it as we play these top guys.”


You know that Seattle’s defense is obviously just talented, they’re very good players. Is part of their success, last night also, that they have a pretty good familiarity with you like any division team?

“Is it part of that? Yeah, could be.”


Seahawks head coach Carroll indicated that they really studied you guys very closely and felt confident about their plan?

“Yeah, don’t disagree with that. They had a good plan and executed it very well.”

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