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    1. Why is it that the SF 49er beat writers hardly ever seem to report these scoops first?
      Always seems to be Adam Schechner, Ian Rappaport, or someone outside the
      immediate 49ers beat reporter crew. Anyway, not an auspicious start to a Super
      Bowl season or the Harbaugh contract renewal process.

      1. The reason is that the agents of the players or team officials go to the National reporters then the local guys.

      2. It’s also because the local guys write more negative things about the team and players in opinion pieces that are masqueraded as reporting on the team’s goings on. Just look at the things Grant chooses to report on…

        If the local writers would spend an equal amount of time writing on the positive side of the team they’d probably get more allies on the team and in the locker room and would therefore be able to get more scoops.

  1. Wow. I feel bad for Kendal. I believe he was poised to have a good year. We’ll miss his play, but I’m just sad he faces this surgery and rehab. As he found out with his previous injury, it becomes a two year setback; year of rehab and the next year gradually building confidence but not quite at full potential. So he may not be 100% until 2016; bummer. It will hurt his earning power in the short term as this was a contract year, wasn’t it?
    This now is an opportunity for LMJ to get more offensive reps, but probably not as the #2.
    Rathman better get with Hyde on his protections. Get well Marcus. Hang in there KH.

  2. That decision to go RB in the second round is looking smarter all the time. This really sucks for unfortunate, unlucky Kendall Hunter. I was about to type “poor guy can’t catch a break” then I realized how punny that sounded. So I typed it anyway. I think Carlos Hyde is going to have a big rookie year splitting carries 60/40 with Frank Gore.

  3. Damn I feel bad for the guy. Two major injuries in a span of 2 years. I hope Lattimore is able to contribute. They’re going to need him now.

  4. Bad break for KH and the team. Does anyone know what the rule is re his contract status next year? Do the Niners get another year or is he a free agent?

    1. No he was injured while practicing so it’s an accrued season. He will be a FA after the season.

  5. Mr. Hyde prides himself on blitz pick ups, and Mr. Wrathman will have this young man ready to roll……

    1. I’m sorry about Hunter, but this could be one of those blessings in disguise. I’m with you on Hyde.

  6. Damn. This kid can’t catch a break. I’d say see you next season, but I don’t see him ever wearing an sf jersey again. So I will say good luck in the future ad get well soon.

  7. Craaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!!

    I was looking forward to KHunt having a great year behind FG.
    Is it any wonder why football players seek the big pay day?
    Get well soon KHunt.

    Let the C.Hyde era (for the time being behind FG) begin.

    1. Leo did too. I take full responsibility for misuse of my power. I just wanted a draft pick for the guy. Sorry KHunt.

      1. Ive come to term with it and i forgive you Rocket. Let this be a lesson for you sir.

        But this really does suck. I really thought he may have had his biggest year. LMJ better be ready.

  8. On a side note. I am not happy with the new stadium. At least the tour. What a waste of time. The stadium is beautiful, BUT for those who pay that much money for season tickets should have been treated a lot better than yesterday.
    My ups….
    Great looking stadium

    It’s going to be interesting to place orders through an app, and even the day before.

    My seats are great.

    Easier access to your seats. Everything seems to be split so you’re not walking around half the stadium behind 1000’s of people to get to your seats.

    Food stands everywhere, looks to cut down line time.

    The downs……….

    The traffic will be a nightmare still.

    The prices of the food and drinks are absolutely outrageous. (Thank God for tailgating) although some beer will have to be bought inside. :-(

    I question the fan base that will be there, seems way to corporate.

    Idk where and how tailgating will take place.

    I don’t like their neighbors. They make it very clear not to park there, to where it’s a cattle stampede outside.

    If you’re thinking of taking the tour, be prepared for chaos. It’s not planned well at all. And most of the stadium is shut down. The museum is cool, but that’s all you get to see. No lockeroom pass, no suite pass, no lounge pass. Wasn’t happy about the tour, and their email the send you, that pumps it up, didn’t help. It was nothing like they say it will be. Not even a guide for the tour.
    Thumbs down!

    1. Ninermd,
      Hope your game experience is much better.
      Keep rooting hard bro, don’t let those stoic corporate types govern how real 49ers fans bring it!
      All good

      1. I’m hoping the game day experience will still be about the same. But man a lot of those seats are corporate owned, that means anyone can buy them. And I don’t want to see a bunch of Seahak, packer, and cowboy fans like I did in the late 90’s and 2000’s. I think the novelty will wear off in a couple of years and is faithful will make it our own. Can’t wait for week 2.

        1. Yes sir Ninermd, it’s going to be a great year.

          Will season ticket holders get first crack at 2016 Superbowl tickets?

          1. AES! From my understanding we have first crack at every event they have.

            Crab15… Lol naaa bro. Rolled them over and I split price with my bro in law.

            Bay…. Sec 110.

    2. Damn MD…..I didn’t know you had swollen pockets. Did you marry into all that dough? :-)
      Thanks for the report bro!

    3. Ditto on every point. Where are your seats MD? I did get a little emotional though. Attended with my dad. My first game at stick also with my pop. Did you get to hear the fog horn?

  9. I called it yesterday. I could tell from the descriptions it was an ACL. Wishing I wasn’t right.

  10. This is the worst news for Hunter. Its a contract year, so this has a devastating affect on his life long earning power. Even if he can play in 2016, he won’t have a sterling 2014 season to use as contract bait. His next contract (good knee or not) will be a fraction of what it could have been. I really feel for him.

    I had hopes Kendall would return to his 2012 pre injury form of 5.3 YPC. He was my sleeper choice for a breakout season. I expected him to have about the same carries as Gore.

  11. Depth charts can blow up at any time. Last season we had Crabs, Boldin and a slew of glowing training camp reports about promising young WRs.

    By mid season is it was “Boldin and the Lilliputians.”

    If Lattimore’s rehab comes slower then hoped, not only will we see more of LMJ, but possibly even Jewel Hampton this year.

    I’ve been part of the trade brigade when it comes to LMJ (and sometimes Boone), but its good to get through preseason in case injuries make these players less expendable.

  12. rocket,
    Agreed, LMJ just had his 49er ticket punched (for this season) the moment the Org found out the extent of KHunt’ injury.

    I also expect LMJ to be the change of pace RB that KHunt was bringing to the table.
    LMJ may prove to be the type of player we thought we were getting when he was drafted out of Oregon.
    Hopefully he takes full advantage of being the next man up.

  13. Sad to hear thag about the new stadium..Im not a season ticket holder but got tickets for the Bears game.I was hoping it wouldnt happen but I think we will not have any home field advantage due to the corporate seats..Have a feeling were gonna see alot of Seahawk fans there..Hopefully Im wrong…Thanks for the breakdown of the stadium.

    1. NCMafia,
      Maybe the Silicon CEO’ can have a special “cheering course 101” for their corporate buddies who will mop-up a good chunk of the game tickets.
      Who knows, after a few cold ones these guys/women may be the most vocal crowd in the stadium (lol).

    1. Not going to happen. He has 2 yrs left on contract, and the Niners are the last place they would trade him too.

  14. Grant: do you, or anyone, remember which side Hunters torn Achilles was on? If memory serves it was the left ??

    1. NCM: Pete the cheat says Robert Turbin, and Christine
      Michael can do the job!! They lose the first 2-3 games
      and the Seahags will be throwing money at Lynch to come

  15. LaMicheal James, next man up. Good thing we never traded him this offseason to the Eagles.
    Feel bad for Kendall. It could be over for him as an NFLer coming off two major injuries.

  16. Well the obvious comment is a great opportunity for LMJ. Also, its a testament to Baalke that the RB position has some depth to address this kind of loss.

    But what a bummer for Kendall Hunter. I was rooting for him to have a nice year even if it meant he would likely have to go elsewhere to get a decent contract. Also a bummer that even a non-contact practice can result in a blown ACL. Just the worst part of sports.

    1. Poor guy can’t catch a break. I don’t see Hunter in the NFL next season.
      It looks like Hyde is up, although I would prefer a committee of Hyde and Lattimore if the latter can get his legs back underneath him.

    1. True Scooter but I still don’t believe he was ever in jeopardy. He’s their only real option on Punt returns.

  17. Hey Grant. What’s going on with the site? I post in one area and it goes to another area. It doesn’t matter whether or not I am replying to someone on here or just putting up a new message.

      1. Accidentally hit the post button. Here’s the rest:

        is my 2:25 P.M. post. I scrolled to the bottom of the page, inputted what I wanted to say, and then hit the post button. My post should have been a new thread, but it instead went underneath another person’s post as a reply.

          1. I haven’t noticed any waiting periods or ‘My way or the highway’ when I run into the problem.

  18. That sucks bad. Great news for Hyde. Dudes a load. He will not be easy to bring down. Not the same frame but the same punishing style as Lacy. We get all OSU games in KY.

    I think people are sleeping on Lattimore. I don’t know how his knee feels but I know mentally he bounced after his first knee surgery. Look for him to make a statement this yr.

    LMJ. Probably the most versatile player on the team other than Kaep. They have to find a way to use him. Get him in space. If they line him up in an offset I and expect him to run through the line – I will assume they are setting him up for failure. Flares, outs, and jet sweeps. Anything that gets him in space.

  19. “LMJ. Probably the most versatile player on the team other than Kaep. They have to find a way to use him. Get him in space. If they line him up in an offset I and expect him to run through the line – I will assume they are setting him up for failure. Flares, outs, and jet sweeps. Anything that gets him in space.”

    We’ve been waiting for them to try “anything that gets him in space” for two years now. unfortunately I don’t see them suddenly deciding to try it now. I still don’t understand why they would spend a 2nd round draft pick on an RB and never try to design plays to utilize his best attributes. There’s a LOT of irritating stubbornness in the Harbaugh/Roman mindset.

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