Jed York: “I own this football team. You don’t dismiss owners.”


This is the transcript of Jed York’s third annual post-firing press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Opening comments:

“Good morning. My opening statement is going to be pretty short. I want to make sure that I get to your questions. First, I want to let the fans know that I apologize for a 2-14 season. I apologize for being back here again and making a change, but I think it’s very important that we reestablish a championship culture. We need to make sure that we move forward and find the right head coach and general manager, two guys that can work together and reestablish the level that we all expect and want for the San Francisco 49ers. I’m happy to take any questions you guys have.”


When nothing had changed throughout the entire season as far as former 49ers general manager Trent Baalke, why did you retain him as general manager and was he involved in the late season contract extensions?

“Sorry, can you say that again?”


The late season contract extensions that were taking place with general manager Trent Baalke. Why did you retain him through the entire season when it was clear early on that you guys would probably be moving in a different direction?

“Well, I mean, I think I said it last year that we were going to evaluate Trent. Trent had a very clear specific vision from me and clear, specific goals. But, I think when you looked at [TE] Vance [McDonald] and doing a contract extension, when you look at [LB] Ray-Ray [Armstrong] and doing a contract extension, I trust Trent’s evaluation and I wanted to make sure that the guys we have on this team are guys that are going to be here for a long time. Again, it was a team effort. We didn’t make a final decision until the very end of the season, but we still had to be professionals and we still had to do what was right for the San Francisco 49ers at any point in the year.”


ME: Why are you competent to lead a search for a general manager and possibly a head coach too?

“Nothing that I’m going to say is going to be a satisfactory answer. We need to make sure that our success speaks for itself. Our actions have to speak for itself. I’ve done it before. We’ve put together a team that has had three NFC Championship runs. That was in the past. I can’t live on the past. I need to make sure that anything that I do is backed up by the results that are on the field.”


When you say ‘We,’ who is going to be making these decisions and is there any thought that you’re going to bring in someone above a general manager and coach to oversee the football operations, a sort of president-type or a head of football ops?

“So, ultimately the decision will rest with me. I will look at people inside the building and continue to consult people outside of the building, folks that I trust, folks that are very well respected. But, our system and our structure is going to be a head coach and a general manager and ultimately that decision will rest with me.”


Is it specifically you hire the general manager first or are you looking for both at the same time? Could you hire a coach first? Could you give the coach all the power and have him hire the executive?

“I think we need to be open and flexible to structure. We need to make sure that the head coach and the general manager know each other, have a good understanding for each other. Doesn’t mean that they had to have worked together in the past, but they have to have a good respect for each other and a good understanding and know that they have similar visions and philosophies on building a football team. And, whatever structure is the best with the people that we’re interviewing is the structure that we’re going to go with.”


You dismissed your general manager and coach because they didn’t reach certain performance standards.

“That’s part of it.”


Okay, let’s stick to that part. Why shouldn’t you be dismissed or reassigned for the same reasons?

“Again, nothing I’m going to say is going to be satisfactory.”


Say something.

“Nothing I’m going to say is going to be satisfactory. Again, we are going to be judged on what we do and what we accomplish. We haven’t accomplished enough. I own this football team. You don’t dismiss owners. I’m sorry that that’s the facts and that’s the case, but that’s the fact. And, I’m going to do everything that I can to get this right. This isn’t about a business and running an operation to make money. We’re making sure that we’re doing everything that we can to reestablish this culture. It’s not an easy decision to dismiss a head coach and a general manager, especially people that have a lot of time left on their deals, but I think that’s the best thing for us and that’s what we need to do in order to get us back to where we want to be.”


Less than a year ago you said ‘Chip was going to be here for a long time, period.’ He inherited a 5-11 team which arguably had less talent this year. What were your expectations as far as wins and losses and ultimately can you say there were these two reasons or three reasons why Chip had to go?

“Obviously, your record speaks for itself, but I think there’s more to it than that and I think again if you’re going to reestablish a culture and you’re going to have everybody held accountable in the locker room, players accountable to each other, I think the best way to do that is a clean slate.”


After three coaches in the last three years, how do you sell this organization as a stable place for prospective coaches and GMs?

“Again, I think when you’re starting with a clean slate and you have two guys that are coming in to work together, two guys who are going to be fighting for each other and building what they see is necessary to get the 49ers back to where we need to be, that’s what we’re trying to put together. We’re going to have the opportunity with a lot of draft picks. We’re going to have the opportunity with a lot of salary cap room. There are some pieces here. I don’t think there are enough pieces here, but there are some pieces that we can build around. But, again, it’s got to be a partnership. It’s got to be a collaboration between me, the head coach, and the general manager so that we can get this thing right.”


We in the media, probably more than anyone, appreciate job security and longevity. How do you convince somebody coming in here that you’ll give them that chance?

“Again, I think this is a reestablishment of culture. And it’s a tough pill to swallow this year, but again, we need to make sure that when we’re working with a coach, when we’re working with a general manager, if they’re on the same page and they’re fighting for each other and they’re fighting together, and I think if you’ll talk to our coaches, if you’ll talk to the people that have been here, they know that I care about this team. I think our candidates know that I care about this team and that I’m going to do everything that we can to win. We’re going to spend the money to win, we’re going to do the right things culturally to win and we’re going to make sure that they have every piece necessary in their arsenal to win. Again, when I talk about winning a championship, it might not be realistic for us to be in the Super Bowl next year, but the decisions that we’re going to make are not going to be to have a quick fix, PR turnaround, go from a two-win team to an 8-8 team, but that’s going to falter and not get to where we need to go. We need to know that we’re going to build this thing and it’s going to be a step function and we’re getting our way back to a Super Bowl level. And, there are pieces that we need to build on the coaching staff and the roster and the personnel department. Everything across football ops, we need to make sure that we’re continuing to build that and we’re going to have a vision that’s going to last for a long period of time and they’re going to have the opportunity to do that and instill it.”


As you’re building this and you bring in the coach and the GM, are there things that you’re planning to do differently to make sure we’re not back here next year at this time, firing the fourth coach in four years?

“I need to make sure that we have the right communication between the general manager and the head coach and the head coach and his staff. And that’s why those two guys need to be on the same page and you need to have the right people on the staff and know that we’re going to continue to do everything that we can to get better. They’re going to have a very, very long leash in terms of making decisions. There are no sacred cows here, whether that’s in the personnel department, on the coaching staff, in the locker room. They need to be able to reestablish a championship culture and that’s going to take time to reestablish a championship culture. Again, I’m not doing this so we can get to 8-8, to get to 9-7 and say, ‘See, we turned it around. We’re good.’ My ultimate goal is to win a championship, win multiple championships, and that’s the foundation that we need to lay and that’s what we need to build for.”


Since you’re the guy that’s going to make this call, I’m interested in what you think went wrong here since you have to make, you know, obviously, you analyzed it and now you’re the guy that’s going to fix it. What do you think went wrong here?

“So, in my vision of Chip and Trent working together, I think it’s clear that Trent probably has more of a defensive mind. You know, pairing him with an offensive minded guy, having those guys be partners and working together and being able to scout players that fit Chip’s system and being able to do things that build a defense and have a championship-caliber defense which Trent has been a part of from building a roster since, I think, he started in 2005, wasn’t in that draft, but really 2005 until now, that’s sort of the vision that I saw. But, the marriage didn’t work and, you know, I should have probably seen it. It’s easy to play revisionist history, but we are where we are and that’s why we’re cleaning the slate and we’re reestablishing that culture.”


You just mentioned 2005. That year, you hired former San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Nolan and then he, in turn, hired former San Francisco 49ers and current Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan. Is that a possibility for this go-around where you have a strong head coach who hires a personnel guy?

“We need to be open to the right structure with the right people. We need to get the right people. And, it can’t be, you know, ‘I have the 53-man roster and you need to go back to your office.’ We can’t have that. It’s got to be these two guys on the same page and when we disagree on a player we need to know what to do when we disagree on a player and know how to move forward and move beyond it. That’s very important to me. So, whether the head coach is in control or the general manager is in control, they need to be accountable to each other. That’s the most important relationship in the building.”


You seem to be suggesting that those communication issues were not occurring this year. Is that the right read?

“We were 2-14. I think that speaks for itself. We didn’t do a lot of things right this year, but if we’re going to reset and reestablish, that’s where it starts is with the head coach and the general manager.”


Given what’s gone on since December 2014 and all the losses since 2014 and all the firings since December 2014, in retrospect, was it a mistake to fire former 49ers and current University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh?

“I can’t look backwards. We need to make sure that we’re looking forward and doing everything that we can to get this team back. It’s very easy to play revisionist history. I’m just not going to play that game.”


Couldn’t you just look back and say there was one place where you went wrong and you’ve learned from that? Can you even say that?

“Look, again, I think the most important thing is having the head coach and the general manager working together, battling for each other and being on the same page. I think that’s paramount. And I’ve certainly seen that in my time, and that’s my focus and that’s my goal is to make sure that those two are together, they’re working on the same page and they know that they have the opportunity to build this thing the right way, together.”


What’s the search at right now? Have you started doing it? What do the candidates look like for you and how deep of a pool do you think you have?

“I mean, obviously, for better or for worse, I know some of the candidates. I’ve certainly interviewed some of the candidates in previous years. We’ve got an opportunity to, you know, the rules of the NFL, the how you can interview people, we obviously can’t interview anybody that is in the playoffs until the second week, you can interview teams with a BYE the first week, but you have to go to them, and then anybody that’s out of the playoffs you can interview essentially whenever. So, it would be nice to be able to have a methodical way to go through and build the way you want, but some of this is these are the curveballs that exist in the NFL, so we need to make sure that we sit down and talk to the right people at the right times when they’re available.”


Last year, many fans were hoping that you would get rid of Trent before the season. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Was there a particular game this season, if you can date it backwards, where you thought to yourself, ‘This is not working. I’ve got to move forward?’

“I sat down with those guys at the midway point and told them that I wasn’t happy with where we were and I wanted to know what we were going to do to get better, what was the plan and ultimately I didn’t think that we had a good enough plan and a good enough structure. I was very clear last year about where Trent stood. I think Trent had done a lot of great things for this organization in the past. But, it was time to make a change.”


ME: You said you own this football team. A lot of owners don’t make football decisions. What’s your response to those who say you should remove yourself from football decisions and hire a president to run the show?

“We have a president. His name is [49ers President] Al Guido, and I don’t make football decisions.”


What is the single most important thing that you’re looking for in your next GM?

“I think with a GM, again, first and foremost it’s going to be a relationship between the head coach and the general manager. That’s paramount. I think I’ve said that and I’ll continue to say that. Characteristics that you’re looking for in a general manager, you need somebody that can evaluate talent. You need somebody that understands culture and can be accountable and can hold people accountable. You need somebody that can communicate well. And with a head coach, we need somebody that can set a culture. We need somebody that can communicate upstairs, downstairs, sideways, backwards, forwards. Make sure that you get to the first player on the roster and the 53rd player on the roster and figure out how we can continue to build and know that no roster in this league is perfect. You look at all 32 teams and the teams that we can all pick that we say that are going to be in Houston, there are deficiencies in those. How do we make sure that we identify our deficiencies and we can hide them as much as we can. How do we identify our strengths and make sure that we can do as much with those as we can. And again, that comes from having the right discussions with the head coach and the general manager and putting the right people together.”


How involved is chief strategy officer & executive vice president, football operations Paraag Marathe going to be in this search with you to find the coach and the general manager? Is assistant general manager Tom Gamble a candidate in-house for general manager and you talked about not sparing any expense, will you roll over your complete salary cap surplus from this year to next year?

“We’ve always rolled over the salary cap. So, that’s easy to say. And our general manager and head coach will have the opportunity to spend it however they wish to make sure that we can rebuild this roster. Paraag will be with me in the interviews. We’ve certainly done research together and will be moving forward. Tom is a very loyal employee. I think he’s one of the unsung heroes in sort of the scouting world and the professional world in the NFL. I have a ton of respect for Tom Gamble. But again, I think it’s time that we have two new people at the helm from the general manager and the head coach perspective.”


Why did Chip have to call you about his job Saturday night?

“I called Chip.”


Yeah. What was that all about?

“There was a report that said that he was going to be let go and I let him know, ‘Coach, I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’d like to sit down with you at the end of the game on Sunday. But, we are where we are with a two-win team. We’ve had those conversations. So, now I’d like to make sure that we sit down and give you an opportunity to discuss what you see with the team and what you see with our future.’ And we did that for about an hour and a half last night after the game.”


A lot of people think this is what’s wrong with this organization, the leaks coming out the night before. Do you understand and identify that as a problem?

“You have a two-win team that people have been speculating that there were going to be decisions that were made for the last month. I wish that it would have been cleaner, but I think it was evident that we were considering making changes. I wanted to give Chip every opportunity. And again, we sat down at the end of the game after Seattle. We had had conversations previously and we made a decision at the end of the game and I wish that Chip had a better opportunity and I think he’s going to have an opportunity to be a great head coach going forward wherever he decides to go. But, I’m not going to sit and say anything bad about him.”


Two questions; one, other than Paraag, specifically who will be advising you in this process? I think people are very interested in that. And two, a year ago at this time we asked you what you had learned from all this and you kind of just said, ‘Well, I basically want to stay of social media,’ is what you said. Is there anything more substantive that you’ve learned in this ensuing year?

“I stayed off of KNBR too. Again, I think the biggest thing is the relationship between the head coach and general manager. It is so hard to win football games in the National Football League. If you’re not completely on the same page within your organization, you give yourself no chance to win. I think it’s no secret that I’ve known Trent for a long time. Not an easy decision to get rid of somebody that I know, that I trust, that I respect, that I consider a friend. Had to be done. Chip, he’s a damn good football coach. You can say whatever you want about having one year. I didn’t see the future going the right way and I didn’t see us being able to reestablish that championship culture. You have to be willing to make those tough decisions. You have to make sure that everything that we do is to make sure that we communicate and collaborate internally and that’s what the focus is for us moving forward.”


Any advisor other than Paraag? Anybody specific?

“Obviously, my uncle is somebody that I talk to on a very regular basis. There are several other very well respected people, people that have been a part of this organization in the past, that have hired head coaches in that past, certainly coaches that I know that aren’t getting back into the game that have been Super Bowl winning coaches and Hall-of-Fame-caliber coaches and some of them are in the Hall of Fame. I’m not going to name people by names, but there are certainly enough people that I know and trust and respect that I think the world would trust and respect their opinion. I just want to give them the respect of their privacy and their anonymity.”


It would give people more confidence in you if you name a few names. It would because I think what Santa Rosa Press Democrat columnist Grant Cohn and KNBR host Bryan Murphy is getting at is that you have good intentions, but in the last three years, your intentions haven’t come to fruition and the feeling is among people who follow the team that maybe you’re not quite well enough connected and don’t have a former 49ers head coach Bill Walsh with you? Former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. had Bill. Eddie was not the expert. Bill was the expert.

“And I’m not the expect either, [Santa Rosa Press Democrat columnist] Lowell [Cohn].”


I understand–?

“And this isn’t a debate. If you want to sit down and have a conversation, we can.”


Who are the people that you can go to to help you to make your vision come true?

“I just addressed that question and out of respect to them, I’m not going to throw peoples’ names out there to use those peoples’ names. You talk about a Bill Walsh. There’s only one Bill Walsh. I wish that there was a Bill Walsh. There’s not. We need to find the right person and reestablish a championship culture. Not Bill’s culture. Not Jim Harbaugh’s culture and Trent Baalke’s culture. Not anybody else’s culture, but we need to make sure that we start fresh and start with a new culture between a general manager and a head coach and do everything that we can to get us back to that winning way.”


I have two questions and one is along those same lines. You have within a stone’s throw some of the greatest players that ever played in the NFL, who are 49ers. Many of them are successful businessmen, Raiders owner Mark Davis reached out to great people from the Raiders’ past and got advice from them. Are you doing the same thing?



I mean, former 49ers TE Brent Jones, former 49ers QB Steve Young, former OL Harris Barton, former 49ers S Ronnie Lott. Are you talking to them?

“There’s another four-time Super Bowl Champion you missed, but yes.”


Whose wife you used to sit on lap?

“She didn’t sit on my lap. I sat on her lap. Let’s make sure that that is clear.”


The other question is; are you embarrassed about the image of the 49ers?

“Absolutely. I am. I mean, this isn’t acceptable to me. It’s not. Our fans deserve better than this. I watched yesterday, I have the utmost respect for a guy like [T] Joe Staley who career-wise, whatever, had no business playing in that game. He wasn’t going to let his players down. He wasn’t going to let his teammates down. You look at our fans. There were 59,000 fans here yesterday for a game that certainly didn’t matter in the win-loss column. There were obviously a lot of reports before the game about people being here, not being here, but you still had 59,000 fans here yesterday because they cared about beating the Seahawks. I owe them so much more than what we’ve given them. And we will give it to them. People have questioned us in the past. I think we’ve tried to answer a lot of the questions. We certainly got close for a period of time, but we didn’t get to our ultimate goal. I’m embarrassed where we are now and I’m going to do everything that we can to get us back.”


You mentioned championship culture a fair amount. I guess, one, what was missing from this year’s team that made it not a championship culture and do you look out there as an example of, ‘That’s championship culture and we need that.’ How do you define it because it is a bit of a vague term?

“I think it’s different when you look at the teams that have had continued success. They’ve done it in different ways. So, you’re not going to just take a carbon copy of what New England has done or what Seattle has done or where the Dallas Cowboys are right now, a team that’s home field advantage throughout the playoffs. You can’t just take a carbon copy and say, ‘Well, it worked over there and that’s exactly what’s going to work here.’ You need to make sure that the right personalities are there. We go back to Bill Walsh. Bill Walsh hired [former 49ers vice president/director of football operations] John McVay and they worked together and they were a team. Whoever hires the other, whether it’s the general manager hiring the head coach, the head coach hiring the general manager, they need to be accountable to each other. They need to have a shared vision. They need to have a shared philosophy and they need to know that I’m going to do everything that I can to give them the resources to execute on that vision, execute on that philosophy. That’s what we’re trying to do. That’s what we’re trying to establish.”


So, Trent Baalke confirmed that he was fired on Friday and yet last night in the locker room the players hadn’t even heard that he had been fired yet. It seems somewhat dysfunctional. Can you explain the order of that happening?

“Yeah, I mean, I let Trent know and Trent went out and said something after the game. I think the game had started or was about to start. I gave him the heads up before the game that we were going to let him go and he knew that I was going to sit down and talk to Chip at the end of the game. And with the players, I sat down with the players today, gave them the opportunity to ask any questions that they had and anything that we address with the players, I’m certainly not going to share. If they want to share their opinions they are more than welcome to.”


Has anybody else been let go of their duties?



What is the status of the coaching staff?

“Nobody else has been let go. I talked to the coaches. I talked to as many of the scouts, certainly, that are internal. Obviously, we have some scouts that are on the road that aren’t in the building. I talked to football operations staff and I let them know that the new general manager and the new head coach are going to make the final decisions on who’s here and who’s not. Those folks are all under contract. They are going to have the ability to go somewhere else and there’s no tampering charges, they are free to talk to anybody else. There’s not going to be any concern of that. I want to make sure that their families are taken care of and whether they are here or whether they are somewhere else I wish them the best and I respect everything that they’ve done. It’s not an easy time. Those are the people that on a day like this are forgotten. We talk about the general manager, we talk about the head coach, but we don’t talk about the guys that are really in the trenches and I want to make sure that we do everything that we can to take care of them whether they are here or whether they’re not going forward.”


Just to clarify, everybody in the organization is free to get a job elsewhere at this point?



The timing, with the amount of jobs that are open, how fast do you want them in?

“We need to make sure that we get it right. So, I don’t expect it to happen tomorrow. But, when we find the right people and when we find the right connection and combination of people we’re going to make sure that they get hired.”

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    1. There’s something called eminent domain, where the government can seize a private asset for the good of the community. I think that needs to be used here. The 49ers are depressing people all over the bay area and that needs to be fixed. I call upon Governor Brown to employ eminent domain, seize the 49ers from the Yorks, resell the team to a competent ownership group, then use the proceeds to fairly compensate the Yorks, minus of course a 10% transaction fee and 9.25% sales tax.

      1. Seriously, get a damn grip. Just because a team hasn’t been successful does not mean the government needs to step in. You sound like a loon. This team owes you and I and everyone else nothing. If you don’t like the product shop elsewhere. Cry me a damn river.

        1. your the loon emjay!! first of all….there was a humorous tone that went right over your big head.

          second of all…….the 49ers belong to the 50 million die hard fans that call California home!! the yorks just hold the deed……in fact, they stole it from the Debartolos with the help of a jealous NFL……( Goodell didn’t step in and strip Jim Irsay of the colts after his embarrassing legal issues)

        2. The transaction fee for the sale of the 49ers will be used to compensate the parties damaged by the Yorks, including any PSL owner who wants out, the girl scouts, Santa Clara youth soccer, York’s neighbors in Los Altos, Tim Kawakami for dinner costs, and eastern side Levi’s stadium fans for sunscreen costs.

      2. I call on Gov Brown…..seize the 49ers from the Yorks….
        Yeah right, because this is Russia in 1920.
        And I call on Gov Brown to seize your property, raze your house so we can use the land as a collective garden for your neighbors. For the betterment of the many over the elitist few, like you and your family.
        Good lord man, think this stuff through. Clearly unconstitutional proposal and an abuse of the already-sketchy eminent domain laws.
        Don’t take my scolding too badly 7×7, you got off easy with me. JPN might have shredded you for that idea.

    2. +1

      the fact that the guy couldn’t even admit that the dismissal of Harbaugh was a mistake…….all the while repeating how ” the next coach and GM need to work together” about 100 times…….proves what a clown he is and still has no clue whats going!!
      The leaks prove the same point. With the history of this franchise and the lovely bay area……this should be the most attractive job available I the NFL right now………BY FAR!!
      but its not! because of jed York and the clowns in the front office!!!!!
      Jed York is a BOLD FACED LIAR!!! all the promises he makes at these pressers!!!! hes lied to the media and the fans so often its as if he thinks were all fast women at a bar…..that he is running game on!
      Combine that with all the childish leaks coming out of that despicable front office…….
      this franchise has become a bottom feeder! No quality candidates will come here and work for the clown York family…..PERIOD!
      all the great 49ers players of past wont even speak with Dork.

    3. #80, no matter what I am to you all, I want this team sold. I want the Yorks out of here. I want Kap out of here. So far, we have to pay for Harbaugh, Tomsula, and Kelly, and that totals 69 million or so according to Kawakami!

      1. We…you aren’t paying for anything…don’t act like you opened your wallet when the team parted ways with their coach.

  1. So he is after a GM and HC that know and understand each other. I would think that puts combos like the following in play:

    – Ballard/ Toub (thanks CfC)
    – Caserio/ McDaniels (hello Garoppolo)
    – Kirchner/ Bevell (or Bradley… or both in some capacity)
    – the two Shanny’s?

      1. Pioli went down in history as the worst GM in KC history. The only GM to produce a team so bad that they were the worst team in the NFL. His record as the KC GM makes Baalke look like Bill Walsh and harkens to the days of Joe Thomas.

        And yet you criticize York and ask those asinine questions like you’re the inquisition trying root out a heretic. Holy ****!

        Dunning-Kruger^2 on that one.

          1. You mean the guy who gave Cassel $60M with nearly $30 guaranteed. Let’s look at his coaching hires; Todd Haley, oof and Romeo Crennel, ouch! Here’s another gold nugget of his, passing on Orakpo, Cushing and Mathews to draft Tyson Jackson.

            1. And here are Pioli’s hits:
              Keanu Neal
              Deion Jones
              Vic Beasley
              Jalen Collins
              Tevin Coleman
              Devonta Freeman
              Dontari Poe
              Rodney Hudson
              Justin Houston
              Eric Berry

              1. If Pioli gets credit for the Falcons draft picks, does that mean Baalke should get credit for McCloughan’s while he was with the 49ers?

              2. How so? The Falcons had been drafting some decent players prior to Pioli getting there too. So can hardly give Pioli all the credit for the players they have taken since 2014.

              3. He rebuilt the defense and drafted two quality running backs and brought the team from 6-10 to 11-5.

              4. They were one season removed from the NFCCG when they hired Pioli, and had been to the playoffs three straight seasons. I think Dimitroff was doing a decent job.

              5. One season is a trend? Gee, if we had taken the previous year they were trending up, and the only way up from there was the SB.

              6. 4-12 after being 13-3 the year before.

                Pioli was part of the front office that helped rebuild the D. But you are giving him too much of the credit. Dimitroff is still the one making the final decisions, and he had just come off building a team that had gone 36-12 in the regular season the 3 years prior to going 4-12. Seems like he knows what he is doing.

              7. The Falcons had a down year; Pioli came on board; the Falcons improved; Pioli has to be solely responsible.

                Saying that over and over does nothing to inform, Grant. Can you offer any evidence, beyond Pioli’s presence in Atlanta? How do you know he was even primarily responsible for any of those picks? I’m not saying he wasn’t, just asking how you can be so certain?

                BTW, after being fired in KC, didn’t Pioli work in TV?

                Also, Middlekauff has said Riddick went to TV to make more money. They’re friends, so Midflekauff’s voracity on this may be in question.

                I don’t love LR as a GM candidate, but your attacks on him are below the belt.

            2. So hire him as a draft consultant because when it comes to hiring coaches or signing free agents he leaves a lot to be desired.

          2. Grant, am I correct that I sense Pioli/little Shanny is your favored GM/HC tandem, from the options available?

            By the way Grant, I agree with your recent assessment of Chip Kelly. Do you have a sense of whether it’s true that Chip agreed to make certain changes, or “adjustments” to his system when the Niners hired him, yet failed to make good on his promises?

            Also, what are the chances my boy CONNOR COOK gets the nod over McGloin this weekend? I feel like the ever-confident Cook gives the Raiders the best chance at knocking off the Texans. That kid has ice in his veins!

              1. Sounds like it’s unofficially official,, Cook is getting the start. Any predictions Grant?

                I’m taking the Raiders ATS, and the under!

              1. Seb, I’ll be jumping for joy if Cook is able to push the Raiders to cover the spread.

                Watch the game and look for the subtle things Cook does. Looking off the safety, pump fakes, that sort of thing. And try to get a feel for whether or not Cook has the respect of his teammates and can lead these young men. And then explain to me why Kevin Hogan, who was an early roster cut by the team that drafted him this year, has a better future than Cook.

              2. Seb, least the Raiders are going places with Jack Del Rio while Jed York still can’t hire a good coach. Chip Kelly was only a result when NOOOOOOOOOOOBODY wanted to take the job. Same thing could apply for GM and HC so don’t be surprised we get a couple of IDIOTS.

        1. Pioli whiffed on his first draft in KC, but did pretty well over the next 3. He got canned for the Coaches he picked failing more than the roster he put together. I’d be ok with Pioli as GM.

      2. Any way President Trump can make the NFL seize the 49ers, or Brown and Feinstein get up from their nap to take the team from York?

        1. I don’t get that feeling about Steve at all. I think he’s a worker. Not sure how much grunt work you think an NFL GM actually does but I’m sure he’s not hooking up new computers and cleaning the bathrooms.

        2. Maybe I’m wrong about what it takes to be a good GM. I’ve always assumed that it involved a lot of detailed organizational skills. I’m going to be reading Steve’s “My Life Behind The Spiral” which doesn’t sound much like a longing for a desk job coordinating scouts and the data that they collect.

          Maybe, like Bill Wash, Steve can assign the grunt work to his staff, and spot the occasional Jerry Rice on a hotel room TV far from home.

          I would surprised if Jed even talked to Steve, let alone interviewed him. Steve would probably make Jed uncomfortable, and Jed is very much into comfort. If Jed did offer him the job, I do believe that Steve is too smart to take it, and if he isn’t that smart, his wife would save him from himself.

    1. The more I read up on Dave Toub the more I think CfC’s idea of Ballard and Toub makes sense. Both are highly respected guys in NFL circles. And Toub sounds like a guy that really knows how to get the best out of his players. Really depends on who they can bring in on the coaching staff though. One thing that continues to be true is the consistently good teams have good coaching staffs.

      1. I’m not all that excited by Toub personally. I’d rather have an offense oriented HC. If he brought Matt Nagy along as OC I’d be more open to it.

        1. I think the idea of needing an offensive minded HC are overblown. The most important thing is to hire a good leader that is able to find good assistants.

          1. I have to agree. Belichick and great examples of coaches who are defensive minded but have very nice staffs on the offensive side of the ball.

            1. WRT to Toub, I don’t think being a STs coach should be considered a liability. There are a few very good HCs that come from STs backgrounds. John Harbaugh is the one everyone knows. But Marv Levy was primarily a STs coach too, while even Belichick spent a lot of his early NFL years as a STs coach.

              Its all about the coaches they surround themselves with.

          2. I would prefer a HC with an offensive background due to the fact the Niners will have to draft and develop a young QB(s) in the near future. The easiest way to screw up a young QB is by changing OC’s.

            Obviously a guy like Belichick is the exception, but Belichick by and large has been able to keep the same system in tact and a big part of it is because he has helped design it. Toub has been a good ST’s coach, but I don’t see any HC experience (not a requirement, but it helps) on his resume and few ST Coaches become successful HC’s. Even Harbaugh has had a revolving door of OC’s which has hurt Flacco’s career at times.

            Ultimately you want a strong leader, strategist and motivator so if they can find that great. I would just rather have one who comes from an offensive background.

    1. Caserio — the next Scott Pioli.

      McDaniels — Failure. One of the many OCs that set Bradford back. Blew it in Denver. Blew it with the Rams. Has only succeeded with Tom Brady & Bilicheck.

      McCoy — HC failure and formerly mediocre OC for the Broncos until Manning took over the offense in 2012 and people foolishly thought it was McCoy.

      Garoppolo — Matt Cassel Rev. 2.0

      It’s like you people never learn — only one executive or coach that has left Belichick has succeeded. He’s the Atlanta GM. Everyone else has failed and have clearly shown themselves to be second-tier. All the rest have been failures.

      As have most of the players he’s let go or traded. Very little talent leaves New England without be exposed as system products.

      Kind of like Walsh would take some bad QB, like Jeff Kemp, make him look good and trade him. Where Kemp went right back to being bad.

      1. So if Garoppolo is a system qb wouldn’t it make sense to bring him and his OC?
        You can bring up the past and certain players or coaches, but that doesn’t mean you’re right about any of these.
        There are folks out there who learn from those past mistakes, and since you want to bring up some negative moves that have happened in the past. Here’s a good part of Walsh you must have forgot. His coaching tree, if that was possible why couldn’t Billicheck have a successful one?

  2. “We in the media, probably more than anyone, appreciate job security and longevity.”

    Who hell made this statement and asked this bogus question? More than anyone? This joke sounds like Jed himself.

  3. Ha!
    “But,our system and our structure is going to be a HC and a GM and ultimately that decision will rest with me.”
    And thats all folks!

    1. Sure am glad that Lowell just got Jed to agree to a one on one interview.

      I would rather it be with Grant, but he already scooped everyone by getting Eddie.

        1. I have never ever called Prime a football genius. I have derided his football acumen as much as I can.

          Grant does need to hog the spotlight, and Jed directly addressed Lowell.

          I am perfectly confident that Lowell can eviscerate Jed. It would be child’s play considering his epic battles with Bill Walsh.

          1. Can someone who knows almost nothing about a subject be the judge if someone else is a genius in said subject?

            Seb, I think you need to go back Billy Madison style and get a lot more education on the game before making such calls.

            1. Em, I was just talking about what was said in the PC. I was not talking football strategy at all.

              Maybe you are not smart enough to call Bill Walsh a football genius, but I will call him one.

            2. And no, Prime, and everyone else on this site are not genius’ either. There are some very smart people, but genius I reserve for giants in their field. Like Walsh.

              I will sincerely say that Prime is the furthest thing from a genius that I know other than the trolls.

              1. I agree, I am not a genius but one thing I do know. Its that a one read running QB will never win in todays NFL!

  4. Well, Jed certainly prepped well. Bob did a good job.

    Jed should have never uttered a word about accountability.

    Cannot see any big names who will want to work under a Boss like Jed.

    The whole team does not either. When he asked for questions, the silence was deafening.

    I remember another presser when Jed said that if he found out who the leaker was, he would part ways with him.

    Jed, Paraag is the leaker, so now I hope you will part ways with him. If you rely on a slime ball like Paraag to help your search, and participate in the interviews, just expect good candidates to treat you like you have the bubonic plague.

    Sure am pleased that Grant, Lowell and Murph got to ask their questions. Tim even got in a zinger.

    Grant must be tickled pink. Jed just gave him reams of ammunition.

        1. Unless he’s not a fan of any of the Broncos QB’s and doesn’t want to be saddled with a player he doesn’t like. At least with SF, Shanny would get to pick the QB he develops.

    1. Maybe, but there is also the fact his father was unceremoniously dumped by the Broncos after a long run in Denver. He would be an obvious choice for them though considering he and Kubiak run the same system. I really wish the Niners were still running that type of system.

  5. Well, pretty much all the questions I’d listed in a previous post were answered. Thanks particularly to Lowell and Mindy. And my worst fears were confirmed …

  6. Making an assumption that the Niners are going to return to a more traditional offense I am all on board for getting Sean Mannion from the Rams. Would be much cheaper then Garoppolo with a much bigger arm and he is pocket ready.

    1. Mannion is a backup caliber QB at best imo. I’d really like to move on from that type of player and try to get some difference makers at the position in here.

  7. The biggest problem with firing Chip this year is that the 49ers are the least desirable team for a coach to choose. They are on a steep downward trend. I hated Chips offense and don’t think he is a good coach but if you keep him around and win, say, 5 or 6 games that puts the team in a positive trend. Maybe the best options of coaches would choose the 49ers. As of right now, Shannahan or McDaniels won’t pick this team. So the 49ers will be left with another Mike Nolan.

    1. And to add to this, a positive trend team can land a Harbaugh, not this year. The Niners are the Browns for appeal to coaches right now.

  8. “I don’t make football decisions.”
    “Ultimately, the decision will rest with me.”

    Once again Jed is setting himself up to take all the credit or none of the blame.

  9. ‘Ultimately the decision rests with me’ – ‘I dont make football decisions.’

    Is this like, ‘This is not just a business, we will spend every penny to get it right and win.’ – ‘ We will roll over the money.’ of the 43 Mil you did not spend. ?

    1. Seb you are just upset that the 49ers ditched the last life raft for your hero. Of course Jed has made many mistakes but now you have relegated him and the entire organization as never capable of getting it right? Sorry pruner, money talks and has a way of getting qualified people. This is the dream scenario job. 40 million in cap space, top 2 draft pick in every round and an owner whose been humbled and knows he must leave this up to the professionals. Instead you wanted them to keep Chip and Gamble and stay status quo. That’s a losers mentality.
      The difference is Jed will eventually make a hire that will get it right. Kaepernick will never become more than a one read running QB. You need to move on!

      1. Prime, go ahead and kiss Jed’s behind, I will not.

        I am just predicting the future. Shanahan and McDaniels will go to other teams who are a lot more attractive than the Niners, and the stench of Baalke still taints Paraag. Football people are a lot smarter than you, and will not touch Jed with a 10 foot pole.

        In the end, Jed may be happy with Gamble and Chip.

        1. Seb says:

          “I am just predicting the future.
          Yeah like another storm is coming? Kap would win 8 out of next 10?

          “Football people are a lot smarter than you, and will not touch Jed with a 10 foot pole.
          Are you sure? 20-30 million over 5 years says Ill take the job, hire my own coach, pick who ever I want draft wise and you will stay out of the way. Otherwise, next time, no one will ever really want to work for the 49ers.

          “In the end, Jed may be happy with Gamble and Chip”
          Are you stupid? No really, are you stupid or just trolling because how can he go back to Chip? And how can he go back to Tomsula after last year as you suggested? I think you are mental and need help!

          1. There you go again, I never outright predicted that they would win the next 8 out of 10, especially after seeing the first 6 games.

            Yes, it would be humiliating to go back to Chip, but Jed seems to absorb abuse like a sponge. It would please Jed just fine to not throw away more money on coaches, and since he is paying them anyways, he might go for it.

            Tomsula could very easily come back to the Niners, especially now that Baalke is gone. Chip does not have too big of an ego; that 13 game losing streak beat that out of him. If he did come back, he would be more interested in the offense, and would give Tomsula carte blanche on the defense.

            1. Chip just got fired. How would it look to the entire football world if Jed asked him back? Like I asked before: are you stupid? Or just trolling? I think you might have a problem in either case.

              1. When every other candidate respectfully declines to come work under Jed, Chip will be remembered as having the proper locker room dynamics, and the players will welcome him back with open arms.

            2. Seb, where do you come up with this garbage? You must mistake the 49ers for the Raiders when they hired Art Shell twice. Chip is not coming back. Even if everybody I predict is going to say no to the Yorks, they are not hiring your hero Chip or retaining your hero Kap. The JT O Sullivan era, Seb, is over as YOUR BOY is GONE! The 49ers are probably going hire a piece of garbage anyway, unless they go with Shanahan or Holmgren.

      2. Prime:”The difference is Jed will eventually make a hire that will get it right.”

        I am not a gambling man but I would bet you that Jed is not going to hire his first/second/third choice. The race for the HC/GM has started across the league and Jed is miles behind.

        It is not longer a matter of Jed hiring the “right” coach, the fact is that nobody wants to work for this clown. That was the case 2 years ago, that was the case last year…and again this year.

        1. Nobody wanted to work for Trent Baalke. People keep forgetting that Baalke was the result of Harbaugh leaving. Jed’s mistake was signing off on all Baalkes requests.
          At the end of the day we don’t know what Jed’s role is in all the day to day football operations and decisions. What it looks like to me is that he trusted Baalke too much. In turn Baalke made bad decisions. That’s all on Jed. Maybe with a smarter GM and coach who are on the same page, Jed wont have to sign off on poor decisions. Like signing a one trick pony in Torrey Smith. Or trading away Alex Smith. Whiffing on an entire 2012 draft. The list goes on.

          1. Prime Time— While it is true that Baalke was the major problem the 49er’s had, it was Jed who supported him for far too long. Probably because Baalke didn’t threaten him like others who understood football did. He was responsible. Now the fact that he seemed to be the last to catch on that Baalke was a major problem doesn’t bode well for his decision making in the future.

            The bottom line is that the Niner Organization is not a clean slate. Paarag and Jed are still here. The two guys most responsible for this mess. Even though Baalke the driver that wrecked the car, Jed and co. were responsible for giving him the keys. You don’t give a drunk the keys to the car. That is really bad judgement. You do not give an untested scout with OCD tendencies the power of GM. That displays horrible judgement as well. The fact that Jed was almost the last one to figure out the problem and take steps to fix it shows that he has an amazingly slow learning curve. He only took action when the situation became so obviously bad that even he could not help but see.

            I mean how long did it take him to recognize that a coach and GM need to be on the same page. Duh that is obvious. The issue is can he recognize which coach and which GM will get along? Probably not. Most owners are clueless when it comes to recognizing which personalities are compatible. The guy didn’t even figure out you don’t hire a guy with OCD tendencies as your GM.

  10. Left to Jed to hire a GM and coach the organization will fail. In my opinion Jed should interview football people such a Steve Young and others like him who aren’t tied to a specific organization but are around the “inside” of football and rely on their opinions on whom show promise of leadership. Perhaps even hire a football “consultant,” if such a person exists, then simply sign the checks and stay out of the way. He can’t do any worse.

  11. Jed’s a bumbling idiot apparently made of teflon. All we can hope for is he limits his and Paraag’s meddling ways once the new GM is hired and lets that man do his job without interference (assuming he hires the right man anyway). I won’t hold my breath though.

  12. “Couldn’t you just look back and say there was one place where you went wrong and you’ve learned from that? Can you even say that?”

  13. “What’s your response to those who say you should remove yourself from football decisions and hire a president to run the show?”
    Grant, we all know what you were asking, but you gave him a way out get to the point right away as in; What are your credentials to pick the next GM/coach?

      1. Grant …

        Now I realize .. Seb is the one the
        49er brass reads on these threads .. but ..
        when you asked the question .. DeePhiant
        just referenced …

        I just smiled …


      2. Grant,
        Were you not aware that the 49ers already had a president in Al Guido?
        Or has he been relieved of his duties as well?
        Seems to me that the entire FO personnel needs to be swept out – and that includes Joan in Accounting (lol).

      3. For the record Grant. You have been given the prestigious “thug life” award on YouTube. Now you’re a celebrity.

          1. Grant, why couldn’t you ask Jed York if his family would consider selling the team or letting the NFL take over the 49ers?

    1. Cassie …

      while it seems your dad is (now) in a position
      to finally get his bait shop …
      I .. (for one) … am glad
      you’re still around

      1. It’s been a long pull but I’m in a small condo off of Camden Ave in San Jose. Dad gave me $20K toward the down payment. I’m supposed to pay him back over 10 years. I’ll get a 25% discount on live bait when I visit him in Minnesota.

  14. Jed should read -Building a Champion, and follow his advice, especially about what to look for in a GM and the importance of locker room dynamics.

    Jed should fly to his uncle, admit he is a miserable failure, and beg Eddie to help him lead the search for for a new GM and HC. Then he should retire to his cabana and become a recluse. Eddie would have learned from all his mistakes and make the right choices.

    Maybe Eddie can choose the next Bill Walsh.

    1. Ah, you left out a major step…Jed must also read SunTzu. And, your posts on whatever site over the last few years. Only then would he be capable of aligning with the correct path…

      1. Cassie, Bill Walsh himself quotes Sun Tzu and discusses his strategies, so I just thought Jed would be more likely to read Bill Walsh than some book written 2400 years ago.

        Do not worry, Jed said himself that he reads my posts, and gets the message loud and clear.

  15. Isn’t it about time that the fans demanded to hear from Al Guido, the “president” of the 49ers?

    Structure, culture, blah blah blah blah

    The man is incapable of simple straight talk .. all this stuff about the GM and coach … isn’t he really saying that Baalke just couldn’t stand Harbaugh and so Jeddie fired the wrong guy? Just freakin’ come right out and say it.

    The other thing of course about all this BS about the GM job. Hey, most of it just comes down to getting BETTER PLAYERS than the OTHER teams have! That’s how you win in pro sports. I have absolutely NO clue at all as to who these guys being discussed for GM are, can they draft and evaluate and sign the better players? That’s REALLY all it comes down to. York will probably just promote Gamble because he doesn’t know what else to do. And Gamble will probably be mediocre.

    My suggestion? Hire whomever you can from the Cowboys who is running their personnel and offense.

  16. By the way, while most personnel guys would be thrilled to be moved up to GM and will take the first job offered, there will be COMPETITION for head coaches. Do you think McDaniels and Shanahan won’t have multiple offers? Not sure why they would choose the 49ers if they could go to the Rams or Saints (depending on where Payton is) and there will be other jobs available too like Denver, Buffalo, etc.

    Also BTW, as any coach or GM from the “Belichek tree” ever been successful anywhere else?

    1. I’ll answer that!!!! Ummm no. Crennel did ok at 1st in KC. And bill is doing decent in Houston. But what evidently what they all lacked, Tom Freaking Brady!

    1. And don’t give up any of this year’s picks. Myles Garrett, one of the ILB’s are crucial. Give them 2’s in 2018 and 2019 depending upon performance for Garoppolo.

      1. Question Seb? So what’s your agenda? Hoping nobody comes here so they will sell the team, or just hoping we suck from here on out? Enquiring minds!!!!

        1. Steele, I am just a old time die hard faithful Niner fan, who remembers the Glory Years and hungers for more rings.

          With Jed, just expect more misery and losing. Him wanting the GM and HC to be on the same page is just telling me that Baalke and Chip were both at each other’s throats. That is no way to try and regain winning with class. I blame Baalke because he is the kind of guy who enjoys cutting players on the team bus. Baalke whiffed on an entire draft class, and his ACL strategy dreamed up by Paraag’s anal lytics, backfired spectacularly. Baalke’s Free Agent history is even worse, because he actually re-signed DEVEY.

          Now I hear that Baalke was actively undermining Chip, when I could tell that he was micromanaging the roster and playing favorites. Baalke meddled with the coaching, and tried to make Chip the fall guy. The leak in the end was Baalke’s parting shot, with Paraag as the leaker.

          Now we will see competent candidates politely turning down requests for interviews. Ballard was the first, because he talked to Alex, who escaped the asylum. I am not driving them away, Jed is.

          I hope and pray that the Niners finally get smart and savvy football people and correct the easily correctable mistakes.
          However, Jed may be an impediment to success.

          If Denise loves her son, she will spare him more humiliation and pain. People are not mad at him, they are enraged at him. I must admit that Jed showed some courage to stand up and take all that abuse, but it must not be healthy. Jed should be able to go grocery shopping without some irate fan heaping vilification upon his head. Jed could become a hero by admitting his mistakes, and stepping down. He very easily could make a lateral move by taking over the operation of Levi’s, and backing away from football operations.

          Denise should allow Eddie to buy back into the Niners. Eddie, with his Hall of Fame induction, has erased any stigmas. Eddie should pass the torch to one of his daughters, who are smart enough to get smart football people to help them. Maybe not Lisa because of her controversial tweets, maybe Nikki and her husband.

          If Denise objects, maybe have it go to her other son, who hopefully does not have any skeletons in his closet. The important thing is to relieve Jed of the burden, and allow him to lead a happy prosperous life without any scorn and invective. She should hold Jed accountable and do what he told her to do.

          Jed does not deserve to lead the Niners because he has failed as the CEO, and as a man. His team set new records in futility. Instead of a world class organization, he let this once proud team fall into the gutter. Behave in a juvenile and immature manner, and suffer the consequences. JH was right to tell him the truth, even if it hurts.

          Denise is the true owner. She has the power to fix things. Jed will just keep reeling from one catastrophe to another. Heck, the Girl Scouts laid the wood to him. The FL was a farce. She should rescue Jed, as any loving mother would to a son she loves, and do it for her grand child(ren?).

          Baalke leaving was a good first step. Jed should fade away so the team can be put in capable hands. Jed has brought Disgrace and humiliation to a once proud and feared franchise. Now they only look upon the Niners with pity.

          So Steele, what is my agenda? I want the Niners to return to the Glory Days, where they are feared and respected.

          I am sorry, but as long as Jed is the CEO, he will thwart a return to relevance. He should step aside for the good of the team, it might save his happiness.

          It sure would make me happy, and hopeful for the future.

          Sorry about the length of the post, and many will have read it all before, but I just had to get it off of my chest.

          1. Denise York is a liar too…( where do you think jed gets it?)
            She once boldly claimed that if it ever got the point where people started to criticize her family ( due to jeds failure) then that would be it!!!!
            what a crock of BS!!! accountability means nothing to that family!

        2. His agenda is whatever he thinks it’ll take to keep Kaep on the team. Rehire Chip? Sure. Promote Gamble? Why not. Denise take Jed into the woodshed and demand he extends Kaep’s deal? Oh, be still Seb’s beating heart.

            1. Can’t win SB’s with limitations Seb! Let’s see what other teams value is of Kap this offseason. Maybe the Niners can bring him back and you both can pace the sidelines serving water?

    1. The Broncos have a SB defense. The only advantage we have over Denver is an opening at GM. Full Shanny or Pioli GM with big Shanny as an advisor.

    1. Would they hire Kyle as HC and then let Kyle bring in his father as the GM? That might be one of the situations the “troika” is envisioning.

      1. It’s possible but not necessarily probable. I’m not sure Shanny Jr wants his Dad to hang around. I’m not sold on Shanny Sr.’s eye for football talent. I wouldn’t be against the troika. It’s a substantial improvement from the troika of Baalke, Tomsula and Jed.

    1. Steelematic – Sorry, I didn’t see you posted earlier. Embarrassing a personnel man doesn’t even want your teams GM job. Not even a courtesy interview.

  17. Seemingly thoughtful and intelligent people are wasting their time, and their readers’ time with this ridiculously implausible crusade to get Jed to fire himself. Give it a rest boys and girls! YOU know it’s not going to happen as well as we do, quit insulting us with this drivel.
    Bay Area media folks have every right to criticize Jed; keep at it, he deserves it. Fans too. I’ll keep criticizing him as well, but please, give up the flying unicorns Jed is fired narrative!
    It’s like a little dog tearing up the mail as it comes through the slot in the door.

  18. Rapoport – “With a great situation in KC & an excellent relationship wih GM John Dorsey, Chiefs personnel man Chris Ballard won’t interview with 49ers”

  19. Fast forward to January 2019…Jed at a presser explaining why he fired ‘the coach’…on the heels of a 4-12 season. A failure to grow a winning culture.

  20. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 1m1 minute ago

    Big news: #Packers exec Eliot Wolf will be interviewing with the #49ers this week, source said.

  21. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 5m5 minutes ago

    49ers will interview Packers Director of college scouting Brian Gutekunst, per source. Also Packers exec Eliot Wolf, as @TomPelissero said.
    15 replies 83 retweets 100 likes

  22. If they can get Garoppolo, I’d then target Kaaya in the second round so he could be allowed to develop under McDaniels….

              1. Considering you were crowing while the Niners lost, that is your true feelings- Hate the team and hate the starting QB.

              2. He’s not starting anymore! Thank God! The best thing about all this is we won’t have to hear Kap should do this or that from you aka Gil Renard!

            1. You know who else won the Heisman…

              *Johnny Manziel
              *Tim Tebow
              *Troy Smith
              *Matt Leinart
              *Jason White
              *Eric Crouch
              *Chris Weinke
              *Danny Wuerffel
              *Charlie Ward
              *Gino Torretta
              *Ty Detmer
              *Andre Ware

              And those are just some of the QBs who have won who have yet to accomplish jack squat in the NFL….shall we run down the list of Heisman RBs…guys like Ron Dayne and Rasham Salaam, Reggie Bush.

              Winning the Heisman, since you need an education in football history, is actually something of a curse. Historically most Heisman winners never lived up to being the “best” player in college translated to the NFL. There are a handful, but you go back, especially the last 25 years and you will see only 1 Hall of Famer (Woodson) and maybe 5 guys who did anything of value in this league (E. George, R. Williams, Palmer, maybe Mark Ingram, and a year or two of Cam Newton). The rest are failures or have too small a sample size.

              So this idea that Jackson won the Heisman holds NO weight at all.

              1. Nice of you to cherry pick the list of Heisman winners.

                For all of those, I will counter with Roger Staubach, Jim Plunkett, Carson Palmer, Sam Bradford, Cam Newton, RGIII, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota and Lamar Jackson.

                Additionally, there was Paul Hornung, OJ, Archie Griffin, Tony Dorsett, Earl Campbell, Hershel Walker, Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, Tim Brown, Charles Woodson and Barry Sanders. Many of those are in the HOF.

                Yup, NO weight at all.

              2. Wow Seb…way to gloss over the part of where I mentioned Palmer and Newton, said as well that the others, like Winston and Mariota, have too small a resume.

                RG3 is a joke and will never be a commodity in the NFL, and for what Washington gave up to get him, should go down as a draft BUST.

                Palmer is one of the most overrated QBs in the nfl…he has won exactly 1 playoff game in his 13 year career. ONE! And he was the #1 overall pick.

                Lamar Jackson has played ZERO nfl snaps. Jesus are you dense!

                And like I said:

                There are a handful, but you go back, especially the last 25 years and you will see only 1 Hall of Famer (Woodson) and maybe 5 guys who did anything of value in this league (E. George, R. Williams, Palmer, maybe Mark Ingram, and a year or two of Cam Newton). The rest are failures or have too small a sample size.

                What part of “the last 25 years” do you not understand??

                And Archie Griffin…bahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaha. You really pulled out a guy that has 7 rushing TDs for 7 years in the NFL and a grand total of 2808 yards.

                Yeah, those are some great players you listed. But all but 1 of them was drafted in the last 25 years. You have to go back 29 years to find the next Hall of Famer. Carson Palmers’ making no HOF, neither is Bradford, Bob Griffin, and at this point in their careers, neither are Winston, Mariota, and Newton. Its more than likely that Carolina, Tampa and Tenn will be looking for a new QB in the next 4 to 6 years.

                Heisman has NO impact on quality of NFL player. REPEAT…Heisman has NO impact on quality of NFL player.

                Remind us how many Heisman’s Montana, Brady, and Bradshaw have won? How about Aikman and Unitas? Bart Starr…Steve Young…Brett Favre…Otto Graham? Emmitt Smith…Frank Gore…Adrian Peterson…Walter Payton….Jerry Rice…Terrell Owens…Randy Moss…Art Monk…Lawrence Taylor…Ronnie Lott?


                Archie Griffin….bahahahahhahahahahahaha

              3. Em, did not realize there was a 25 year cut off date for Heisman winners.

                Diss Archie Griffin all you want. He was hampered by injuries, but denigrating an injured player is just your style.

              4. Its called a sample size seb, one that is relevant to this era, but even still, the majority of Heisman winners have not been resounding success in the NFL, and definitely not worthy of a high draft pick except for a handful of them.

                And its not denigrating, its calling a spade a spade. The guy was in the league for 7 seasons and produced the equivalent of 2 seasons worth…and he played in the era where running was a much more prominent part of offenses and an era where rbs didn’t split the work load between 2 other guys.

                Who knew Daniel Tosh knew Seb:

                “That’s a perfect gauge for if we would ever hang out in a social setting. Know if you’ve ever said any form of this statement we would not, “uh, there is nothing funny about BLANK”. Any form of that know that I hate you to your core. Because I, along with some of you, respectfully disagree. You can accept that things are tragic and awful and still have a sense of humor about them. It doesn’t make you a bad person despite what some blog may say. ‘Oh there’s nothing funny about AIDS. There’s nothing funny about rape.’ Uh, yes there is if you write a good joke there’s funny things about it.”

      1. Not a good decision by Kaaya imo, but he could be good value on day two depending on how far he falls. He could have improved his draft stock with another year in College working on his pocket awareness but if given a chance to develop for a year or two he could work out ok for somebody.

        1. Don’t know much about the QB draft class, but the more QBs that declare , the better it is for the 49ers to snag one with the 34th pick or modest trade-up.

      1. We do need 2 qb’s… and he could be a solid backup or even average starter if put behind a very good Oline. He’s a bit to much of a front runner for my liking though.

  23. I forgot to mention I loved the questions you and Lowell directed at Jed today Grant. He still droned on with his canned responses but at least you got the point across and made him sweat a little.

    1. I read that this morning. Lots of tidbits to drop over the winter. My plan: read everything, believe nothing, form an opinion later from the aggregate of all the claims. Glazer has some of this right, but not quite everything imo.

        1. I think Kelly knew but I don’t think Chip was an angel. Both of them have probably been scheming behind the scenes, it’s what they’re known to do.

          Jed spoke about a HC/GM that would fight “for” each other. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Niner HQ had been a toxic environment for weeks. But yes, this is one sided article. I expect Trent to respond in kind.

          1. I agree that this take by Glazer, when taken in context with Jed’s remarks insinuates that there was strife. Jed kept coming back to ‘work together’ motif in his responses. A couple of puzzle pieces there….more to come.

          2. They said that Baalke did not even know the names of some of the assistant coaches, he was so distant from those coaches.

  24. The famous 3 stooges in suits each toting a rock..we all know that famous Chip intro shot…can someone creative out there photoshop that or make a GIF where they fumble simultaneously..cuz they all fumbled figuratively, might as well make it literally…I’m simply disgusted with Jed after this arrogant, entitled Son of an Owner’s presser…

  25. Let me translate what York said:
    Crickets chirp
    I have stock in Safeway
    I run the 49ers like Safeway
    I can’t be fired like the Safeway CEO
    Kap gave me a prayer rug
    (York holding his middle finger up at you), you don’t fire owners and I laugh at the NFL that won’t do a thing and neither can you fans.

    Well people, this is why i have said, though I say it like Michael savage, Chef Ramsey, don’t buy into York. Boycott the games. Boycott the events. Petition santa clara to take the stadium. Petition NFL to remove him. You people can do this. This is fact now, not trolling, FACT. You want a change, you boycott the 49ers. You boycott them until they get rid of Kap and then sell the team.

    Why else did the GS Warriors sell?

    1. Keep dreaming.

      >>Why else did the GS Warriors sell?

      It sure wasn’t due to fan “boycotts”.

      “But despite the long run of on-court struggles, Golden State has a passionate fan base that has helped pack Oracle Arena in recent years and made the team a desirable target for a new owner.”

      Perhaps you didn’t hear about the previous owners cash flow problems?

      “Cohan has had financial problems. In 2007, the Internal Revenue Service said he owed more than $160 million in back income taxes and penalties from the 1998 sale of a cable television company.”

      That is not the Yorks situation by any means. Educate yourself before posting garbage.

      So you don’t like clueless billionaires who run sports teams into the ground? You’re going to love your president-elect. Not only did he decimate the team he owned, he destroyed the entire league the team belonged to.

    1. I’m still glad Kelly got fired. He was clueless as Tomsula. firing him means Kap goes, don’t you want Kap to go? I do in the worse way.

      1. I am wondering how much of Kelly’s record was affected by Baalke sabotaging his coaching by bringing in wrong players or not bringing in any players. I was scratching my head at the draft and free agency moves and now some of those begin to make sense

  26. Jed says “Paraag will be with me in the interviews. We’ve certainly done research together”

    49ers are f#$ked – Enough said

  27. During the season I always think jed is such a fool but when i read his transcripts he sounds like he thinks things out. He will probably get it right on a long enough timescale. Unfortunately, I might be dead by the time he gets it right. Interesting tidbit, I saw Louis Riddick on sports center saying 49ers job is appealing because gm picks hc. Brown nosing?

    1. I often work in settings which involve very senior execs–most (certainly not all) come across as genuine, likable, articulate, reasonable, visionary, thoughtful, energetic. etc. A smaller number actually focus all that, and their organizations achieve at a consistently high level as a result. Others come up way, way short–appear competent and thoughtful, yet fail to come close to sustained positive outcomes.

      1. Cassie,

        In those board room meetings does anyone ever say, “Why are we listening to her, she’s a radio active fire breathing giant lizard, what does she know?”

    2. Jed will probably hire Riddick just for that comment…. That and all other GM interviews with York have yet to be confirmed by the other parties (see GB guys) as Maiocco put it… Maybe they’ll pull a Ballard too. We could very well end up with Riddick simply because no one else wants to work for one of the most dysfunctional orgs in the NFL.

  28. I could understand hiring a coach before hiring a GM if you were going hard for someone like David Shaw. But it doesn’t seem like they have a plan. They are interviewing coaches and GMs at the same time. I fear that good candidates will politely back away Jed will get nervous then he will find someone who says some kind things to him and we will have a new coach and a hamstrung GM. Then in three years – wash, rinse, spin – repeat.

    1. The coaches being interviewed are in the playoffs. This is why the process was moved up for them. That way if a GM were to name the coaches they wanted and one of them were in the playoffs, the brass would have a better idea of their vision. I consider these to only be preliminary interviews.

  29. Ratto had the best line….” Jed says culture so much. Give him a tub full of yogurt” … it was delivered in a very uncomplimentary way, as is deserved.

    But, Jed should not sorry about creating culture, The 9ers have culture…lose/fire-Repeat-lose/fire-Repeat-lose/fire….
    It’s a lose/fire Culture.

      1. When I heard culture repeated ad nauseum, all I could think was that slime mold is a culture, while looking at Jed.

  30. The perceived weakness at the quarterback position has fueled the early declarations by quarterbacks that aren’t ready, or so it seems….

  31. I am glad w the change……. happy to have learned it was Baalke who f’d up the Gase/Fangio tandem and not Jed interfering. I am optimistic that it will get turned around quickly and would like to see McDaniels or Shanahan get the HC job.

    Let’s not forget, we do have a lot of young talent on the team and the parity in the league is at its greatest level in years- we played Dallas and NE pretty well this year, and that may very well be the Super Bowl match up.

    I mock “The Faithful” anthems, as a season ticket holder and witnessing the 1/2 empty stadium, but I do believe w Baalke gone that it gets straightened out quickly and Jed will open the coffers to do so.

    1. Nick Fairly, Kawann Short and Brandon Williams should be targeted by the Niners. Do not think Poe will be available.

      Niners should also throw money at Zach Brown, Nick Perry and Eric Berry.

          1. Looking at their roster leads me to now believe Poe will be allowed to test free agency. I think Jones was drafted to replace Poe. I also think guys like Charles and Fisher could be released as well.

            1. Poe has and will continue to be my number one target in F/A. I loved Cris Jones and KC drafted him because they knew they would not be able to afford Dontari….

  32. I just want to go back to our west coast roots. Enough of trying to turn the 49ers into a California version of Bill Parcells coached New York Giants.

    Maybe Jed should go unconventional and bring in Joe Montana as the GM. If Elway can do it in Denver, why not Joe here. Joe knows exactly the kind of players would thrive in a west coast offense. Then Joe can hire a young, offensive minded coach who is from the Walsh tree and a solid defensive coordinator who will bring back the great defenses we had under Siefert.

    Jed did bring up Joe in a roundabout way in the press conference. Maybe he is leaning in that direction. Maybe…

    1. “..Jed did bring up Joe in a roundabout way in the press conference. Maybe he is leaning in that direction. Maybe…..”

      Wish in one hand …..(etc.)

    2. Some one tell me why Steve, Joe, Jeff G or any other former great player that has no real coaching (Jeff G) or personnel experience should be considered for any of these jobs?

      Just because Elway is making it work doesn’t man these guys will. I think we’re confusing on field talent with off field business football smarts. Great players aren’t guaranteed to make good coaches and GM’s. Jeff G’s desire doesn’t make him great either.

      1. In Elway’s case he apparently had done GM work in some prior capacity. I think it was some minor league team in a different sport.

  33. 49er Faithful…

    I have full faith that Jed York will continue to be the owner of the 49ers. Jed decreed it, and made it so.

    I have full faith that Jed York will continue to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars of sponsors’ money. Jed has the long term contracts to prove it.

    I have full faith that Jed York will continue to sell-out every game, even when no one shows up. Jed holds the locked in PSL contracts that say so.

    I have full faith that Jed York will continue to be held accountable to hire the worst possible GMs and HCs. Jed makes the list that says so.

    I have full faith that Jed York will continue to field a losing team. Because Jed’s understanding of class, excellence and winning was learned from a corporate P&L not a football field.

    I have full faith that Jed York will continue to hold two press conferences each year. One to hire a GM or HC and one to fire them.

    I have full faith that Jed York will continue to have a receding hair line and bald spot. Jed is really stressed out over those fly-by banners.

    ’nuff, said.

  34. BTW: The bit about rolling over the salary cap is a lie. Shame on the reporters for not following up.

    Each NFL year starts over with a new salary cap number for that year. Just because Jed did not spend 50 million worth of cap money in 2016 does not mean he gets to increase the 2017 salary cap by 50 million. The Salary cap for 2017 is whatever number the league comes up with and it is the same for every team. The 50 million not used in 2016 has already disappeared into Jed’s greedy pockets.

    There is a salary floor. Each team is required to spend 89% of the total salary cap over a ROLLING 4 year period. The salary floor might mean the 49ers have to spend a little bit extra in 2017, but it is not even close to the 50 million they could have spent in 2016 to improve the team. My understanding is that over the 4 year period ending in 2016 the 49ers are just about at the 89% level.

    Bottom line: The 49ers will have only the 2017 salary cap number available for next year. The 50 million from last year is gone.

  35. No your wrong. The 50 mil from last year will be carried over. They will have upwards to 90 mil in cap space especially after cutting Kaep, Brooks, Bethea. Now they are not gonna spend all 90 but there in a great situation for any new GM and coach to come on board. My wish for GM and coach is Louis Riddick and Josh McDaniel. Would love that combo.

    1. Thank you. I was looking at the CBA and I missed the part about teams being able to carryover all or some of the unspent money from a previous year. It looks like each team has a different cap number for the year based on declared carryovers and other adjustments and the 49ers should have a cap number of about 210 million for 2017 if they elect to carryover the entire 50 million from 2016.

      However, the 49ers are legally required to spend only the 89% of the basic cap number. Carrying over the unspent money from 2016 in only useful if they spend it in 2017 to improve the team. Jed’s history has been to just spend enough to meet the 89% threshold. Hopefully that will change in 2017.

      1. Why not?

        I’m not saying it’s true, but a stand alone “no” evokes thoughts of your dislike for Kelly and your assumed desire to diminish him in any way you can.

          1. He also followed that up with a lengthy explanation about how you don’t have to bring everybody in especially when certain players have connections to coaches that you know. He specifically detailed how he knows Dak’s coaches and that the QB coach was also familiar with him. He said that with that familiarity it allows you to not always bring in players that can tip your hand during draft day. He also pointed out how Seattle intentionally never brought in Wilson so that people wouldn’t know about their interest in him.

          2. “…You get 60 interviews or something at the Combine, so whoever was invited to that room. With Dak though, I think we’ve got a great understanding of Dak. Dak was coached by [Mississippi State University head football coach] Danny Mullen who is from my hometown. I’ve known Danny for 25 years, so sometimes when you’re meeting with someone it’s because you don’t have enough information on them. And actually Ryan Day, our quarterbacks coach who is actually from my hometown also, GA’d for Danny. So, he had a great relationship with him. A lot of times when you’re dealing with a prospect in the draft it’s do you have enough information on him. I’ve never, we never interviewed a kid in any of the draft meetings from Oregon because I already knew them. So, that’s a waste of time to bring in. ‘Hey, do you have to go meet with this guy?’ Well, no I don’t need to meet with that guy. I know him, recruited him, know his family background. I know all of those other things from him. I think sometimes when you look at that did you meet with somebody, that doesn’t really give an indication. There’s a great story if you look it up about [Seattle Seahawks general manager] John Schneider and [Seattle Seahawks QB] Russell Wilson, they never talked to him once and when Russell Wilson got the phone call, he was surprised as heck. Seattle said they didn’t want to tip their hand to anything, were hoping he was going to be there in whatever round they got him,”

      1. I don’t blame the media. It’s their job to report what they’re told. Everybody is trying to cover their rear ends and improve their stock after being fired. Happens every year.

        1. Rocket I wasn’t blaming the media just pointing out the desire for a hot story will lead to all kinds of unsubstantiated he said she said. Grant pointed out this was not true. So they can do a better job of substantiating it before publishing it. Its responsible journalism.

          To the other side some people use the press as a back door communication tool as well. I was saying we need to be prepared for this kind of stuff for a while.

    1. I do. I think Baalke took him off the Niner draft board because of his DUI. The Niner QB situation was in flux, so he was the next best QB on the board. It is entirely possible that some one wanted Dak, but Baalke nixed it because he would have been excoriated of he grabbed another red flag player.

      I wanted Hogan, but Baalke grabbed another red flagged player, RR.

    2. Doubtful, this stuff always comes out late… and is a ways for people to change the narrative.
      In Washington, at first Shanahan liked what he saw in RGIII and moved heaven and earth to get him… now The story goes he didn’t like RGIII and was forced to take him. So he protected himself by taking Cousins. Everyone in the NFL lies to push their agenda.

  36. This GM/HC search will be like a slow motion train wreck, so I am moving on to the draft.

    Niners should move back twice to get 2 additional second round picks. Now that the draft order is set, the Niners should trade the Number 2 pick to the Jets for their number 6 pick, and their second round pick. Jets will want to leapfrog the Bears to get the QB of their choice.

    The Niners should then trade back with Cleveland, and get their 12 overall pick and second round pick for the 6th pick. Cleveland might do that because they would have the first and 6th pick in the draft, so they could get 2 elite players.

    Then the Niners could get either Solomon Thomas, Reuben Foster, Taco Charlton or Derreck Barnett with that 12th pick. They could use one of their 3 second round picks to snag McCaffrey if he falls to the second round. Ryan Anderson, Takkarist Mckinley, Kizer, Chris Wormley, Carlos Walker or Njoku might also be good candidates in the second round.

    1. seb, forget it, the 49ers should NOT trade the 2nd pick for that’s when you get your QB like Phil did in trading up to the 2 spot. we need a QB TO GET YOUR HERO Kaperstink out of here.

  37. In the past I have always advocated for an offensive mind as a HC. I’m now going against everything I have advocated for in the past. The 49ers need a defensive mind as their new HC. Yesterday I posted that I believed the 9ers defensive roster was not that far off from being a solid defense (when fully healthy) I believe with one very good draft and an active FA signing period the current defensive roster could be turned into an “outstanding” defense. There biggest need is to hire great defensive teachers\coaches. My list of who they should hire is as follows.
    1. Vic Fangio (let bygones be bygones) He is a great teacher and would put together a great staff.
    2. Teryl Austin He plays the aggressive style of D that the young and athletic defensive players they have right now would flourish.
    3. Kris Richard Again I love the style of D he coaches.
    4. Dean Pees Its about time he gets a chance and with his experience he could put together a good staff.
    5. Vance Joesph
    Draft D sign FA D then teach D and watch Buckner and Armstead blow up.

    1. No to a defensive minded coach. Train wreck written all over that. Get Mcdaniels who can attract a good defensive coordinator like a Vrabel.

      1. Because his offense looks good with Brady running it? Or because he was such a motivator of men in his previous HC gig? There are plenty of questions about McD as a HC.

        1. There are plenty of questions about EVERYONE in the coaching industry. If Tom Brady says that he is one of the best coaches he has ever had and credits him for his development that I’m on board. Mcdaniels was extremely young when he took the Denver Broncos with Tim Tebow at QB to the playoffs. Now he was young and immature no question about that. I believe he is ready now.

          1. I agree. Stereo typing any Coach because of a history of failures by others on the same coaching tree is a great way to deplete the pool and increase the odds of a bad hire. Belichick failed on his first try too.

        1. The wise decision for him would be to pick the Niners over the Rams. He gets to work with a GM of his choice. Not one that’s already there. Plus who knows what he thinks of Goff. Plus he doesn’t have many draft picks to have with the Rams. Niners are actually a very attractive situation. Clean slate.

          1. In full agreement on that point. Everyone saying the Rams job is such a great opportunity, but as you point out, a GM in place, and how good is he? Also, an owner that is weird as heck. I’m not sure the ownership is any less bad there than here. Stay tuned, keep watching Kronke.

            1. Still think the Rams are a better landing spot. Stout D, Gurley and could lure Garappolo. Also, they won twice as many games than the Niners and beat the Seahawks and Cards.

              Kroenke would jettison his GM in a heartbeat to get McDaniels, and maybe sweeten the deal by accepting Casserio.

          2. The Rams have a better roster and Snead will likely be relieved of his duties if the new HC wants somebody else. There is a young QB and RB in place, some dominant defensive players and cap room. If the Rams can fix the Oline and get a #1 WR, they will be a playoff caliber team quickly imo.

            The Niners on the other hand feature no pro bowl caliber players, no QB, Oline problems, no pass rush, no #1 CB, poor depth chart overall and an ownership that is delusional.

            The Rams job is a lot more attractive at this point in time.

            1. Your young QB looks awful in limited play. There RB has terrible vision. They have no picks. A nice young D but nothing special. Niners are more attractive for a GM and coach.. Just my opinion though.

              1. The Cowboys showed how important a solid O line is to helping the running game. Gurley needs holes to run through, not walls.

                What if McDaniels brought Garappolo?

              2. Your young QB looks awful in limited play

                4 paragraph explanation why it’s not Goff’s fault in 3, 2, 1….

              3. Limited play behind a terrible OL which is a recipe for disaster. The running back with terrible vision was among the best in the league the previous season. They are missing a first round pick and possibly a 3rd this season but other than that have the rest and cap room. They are setup to be a playoff contender quickly with a small number of acquisitions. The Niners are a much bigger rebuild project.

                The Rams job isn’t just more attractive than the Niners job; it’s the most attractive one available.

              4. No need Razor. No one here wants to accept it so why bother? You guys can go with the belief that he’s a bust and we’ll see where things are at in a couple of years.

              5. Not from me. I always wanted Buckner over a QB, and thought that Goff needed to sit, study and get a lot stronger. He came from that college air raid system, so he needed to learn the pro system and taking snaps from under center.

    2. Here is my list:

      Kyle Shanahan
      Teryl Austin
      Anthony Lynn
      Vance Joseph
      Vice Fangio

      I prefer Fangio over the others, but there is no way he returns to the 49ers. Shanahan would be great, but the addition of his father in any capacity worries me. That leaves Lynn, Austin, and Joseph. Lynn is ideal, but I think the 49ers may need to with Austin or Joseph due to the young building blocks on defense, then find a good QB developing OC. Without further ado:

      GM: Elliott Wolf
      HC: Vance Joseph
      OC: Mike McCoy
      DC: Mike Vrabel

    3. OC – I agree.

      – I prefer an offensive oriented HC, but don’t ignore talent on the other side of the ball, especially if he’s a good all around leader.

      – I’m surprised people aren’t talking about Fangio more.

      – Would an offensive guru OC want to go to a team with literally no quarterbacks under contract. Is Ponder under contract?

      – There are 32 teams. How many teams have great quarterbacks at a given year? 6 to 8 max? Makes sense to capitalize pass defense and a physical the run game. Just do a better job choosing players.

      – Trubisky has not declared. Is it a sure thing he’ll be in the draft? Could be an offensive oriented HC candidate might wait till that’s clarified.

      1. Brodie:

        I brought up Fangio over a month ago – maybe two – and was resoundly rebuked since there is supposedly no way in hell that he would come back. With Baalke gone and given enough salary/bonuses, I think he would consider coming back.

    1. Kinda raw, with no NFL experience.

      Chris Peterson would be a better choice, since he has been a HC. Then he could bring in SM as the OC.

  38. Two random thoughts:
    > If there’d been a blogosphere back in 1980, wouldn’t it have been howling for Walsh’s head after 2-14 and 6-10 years? I think so. As it was Glenn Dickey called for his firing a few games into the 81-82 SB run.
    So, take fans and media with a grain of salt. Yes, of course that means my opinions are suspect too.
    > The Prodigal Tackle. The last time we heard from A.Davis he was pining for football but not for Trent or Chip’s OL coach. So does he reach out to the next GM and HC?
    Personally, I’m done with his hide and seek act. Last year I accepted that SF didn’t have the luxury of not welcoming him back, but how’d that go? He didn’t beat out a 2nd year guy, and then quit again. Reliability, availability are key. Next GM might play the fresh start card with him, but a mistake in my view.

    1. Niners should realize that AD is toxic to them because of Baalke and Jed, so they should reinstate him, then trade him to a team of his choice so they can get as high a draft choice as possible.

      Niners should trade AD, Bethea and Mike Davis to the Colts for their second round pick and Frank Gore.

  39. I respect your opinion Old Coach but I think the defense is further away from being good than you do. They’ve been at the bottom of the league in every meaningful measurement for the past two seasons and don’t have even one better than average pass rusher, although Buckner looks like he could become one soon. The secondary is full of question marks and the ILB position is among the worst I’ve seen since I’ve been following this team. Now that isn’t to say they can’t improve significantly with a great draft and FA as you pointed out, but expecting that will happen is a bit of a stretch, at least to me at this point in time.

    I think they need to go with an offense oriented HC because there needs to be a system put in place that will last for x number of years while they develop a young QB.

  40. From and article detailing the strengths and weakness’ of teams looking for a new Coach by Bill Barnwell of ESPN:

    Strength: running game. In his lone season in charge of the 49ers, Kelly was able to get some semblance of a rushing attack cooking with Carlos Hyde and Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers were 11th in rushing DVOA, which is useful given how they ranked 28th or worse in every other offensive or defensive component of DVOA. You also might assume that the 49ers didn’t run the ball very frequently by virtue of being behind the vast majority of the time, but their 458 carries in 2016 ranked fifth. They also averaged 4.95 yards per carry on first-and-10 rushes, which ranked sixth in the league, just behind the Cowboys.

    Weakness: the entire defense. You get the idea. To pick something specific, the 49ers were the worst team in the league against deep passes, which the NFL defines as throws traveling 16 yards or more in the air. Opposing passers went a combined 55-of-105 for 1,559 yards with 11 touchdowns and one pick on these throws, yielding league-worst figures in passer rating (128.8) and QBR (98.8).

    Coaching emphasis: hope. When 49ers CEO Jed York was quoted on Monday about how owners can’t be fired, he underlined just how difficult it will be for anybody to succeed in San Francisco right now. The 49ers will be hiring their fourth head coach in four seasons after letting Jim Harbaugh leave after losing a power struggle to Trent Baalke, who was fired this weekend. Then again, the last time the 49ers did something like this was between 1975 and 1979, when they actually had six coaches at the helm for at least seven games apiece during a five-year span. They eventually stumbled on the right guy, though, as the coach they settled on for that 1979 campaign was Bill Walsh. The 49ers can’t expect to hire another Hall of Famer, but a source of stability would be nice.

  41. While I am jumping for joy that Baalke is gone, I am Kinda sad that Chip was let go.

    Maybe Denise will be the grownup in the room, and tell Jed to hire Chip back, promote Gamble since every other candidate bails, and have Chip hire Helfrich and Don Brown as coordinators.

    While I like Fangio, he may take a look at Jed, and make a wise decision.

    1. Sebnynah,

      I read all your comments and occasionally you can make a cogent argument. But I challenge you to reread what you just wrote and if you do it with clear eyes and a focused mind you will acknowledge that it is drivel.

      Are you OK. Perhaps you are overdosing on all things Niners. Get out some, go for a walk, adjust your meds, take care of yourself.

      1. Leo, just expect more losing if you trust Jed to do the right thing.

        Niners need to make an intervention, to save the Niners from Jed. Denise has all the power to do it.

        Let’s see how this GM/HC search unfolds. There are 6 other teams who need a HC, so they will probably get the best candidates, and the Niners will be left with the dregs.

        I must admit I have been puffing up a storm once I heard Baalke was fired. I am stoked, and actually have hope again.

        1. Well seb,my only counter argument will be, is the GM is hired 1st,that GM will get his man. Or if we hire a headcoach 1st, he will be allowed to pick his own GM, meaning that guy will have just as much power as the gm Just my opinion.

          1. Don’t forget, the guy coming in is not working for Balkee. Jed is going to give them full power. So if the hires are right, it could prove great.

        2. Are you OK, Seb? how can you be happy when we still got that GOOF Kapernick around? WHen he’s tossed off the team, then I’ll be happy. When trump got elected, i was happy just like Kelly and Baalke gone makes me happy, but not like I was happy when Trump won. Get rid of Kap!

          1. Would you come back and work for a guy Seb that runs his organization the way Jed does his? I mean at this point you’re still getting paid without lifting a finger. I doubt any coach of the past 5 years will ever work for Jed again. Even if he begged.

  42. Some insight from Christian Ponder on the team:

    Have you seen a lack of professionalism among the players?

    I wouldn’t say there was a lack of professionalism, I think there were a few guys who could spend more time in the playbook. I think there were a lot of mental errors throughout the year that made it tough on us in certain positions. So you’d like some of the older guys to step up and kind of hold guys accountable. I think that will be a big key going forward is accountability with players.

    GM and coaches won’t be enough. There needs to be a nucleus of players that hold other players and themselves accountable.

    1. Getting rid of Gore, Boldin, Boone did not help.

      Niners should burn their Corn hole game and ping pong table.

      Get a dart board for the QBs.

      Put all of Bill Walsh’s chalkboard talks on several monitors and play them on continuous loop.

    2. I’m sure once the new staff comes in and goes over film and see the habits of the players, a big amount of these ungrateful guys will be gone. Because we have ample cap room, so there won’t be any cap casualties.

    3. The leadership thing is something I have been saying for awhile. They really need to add some hard nosed veteran leaders to the D in particular.

  43. Not a fan of the Louis Riddick option. Can’t imagine why someone who hasn’t been employed by an NFL team since 2013 is such a hot option to run one.

    1. I’m with you. What’s so “Hot” about an ESPN commentator that gives his opinions? Why not interview Trent Dilfer?

    2. Louis Riddick is very well respected in NFL circles. Has had numerous opportunities in the past for a GM job. Chose to work for ESPN and expand his connections across the NFL. He was the first one to declare Derek Carr as a franchise QB before the draft. He has a great eye for talent and is very well spoken. Niners would be lucky to get him.

      1. He left the NFL to work behind a camera to expand his connection across the NFL. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Don’t you think that working as a GM would have been the best way to expand his connections across the NFL? Especially since you say he’s had “numerous opportunities” although I can’t find a single link to him ever being offered a GM job by any team.

        Clearly a Rooney Rule interview.

      2. “well respected” What does being well respected by other billionairs have to do with eemploying millionairs to play for your? The millionaires don’t care if your respected by other billionaires. They want to know if you can lead a team from upstairs and put the right product around them. I never liked that statement.

  44. Why I don’t like college coaches without ample NFL experience
    Lou Holtz
    Steve Spurrier
    Bobby Petrino
    Nick Saban
    Dennis Erickson
    Butch Davis
    Mike Riley
    Rich Brooks
    Dan Devine

  45. Seb

    As often as I disagree with you, (@90%) I believe that you have merit on the possibility of elevating Gamble to GM and reinstating Çhip’ Kelly as HC. The statement ‘” …ÿou don’t dismiss owners”…was very poorly thought out, and about as arrogant as I can imagine an apologetic owner making. I think that Jed York has run himself into a corner with the callous manner that he dismissed Chip….his only thought seems to have been ” I can afford it’.
    I believe that all of the quality coaches that he would like to hire will avoid his calls. He might also consider that 31 other team owners can say Ï can afford it””.

    1. Ore, while I disagree on many of your posts, i still enjoy reading them.

      Guess we both agree on Chip, even though I think he could improve a lot.

    2. Oregon…. What was he supposed to say? There was nothing arrogant about that statement. In actuality, it’s the truth. You can’t dismiss owners. We will disagree on that. I thought it was perfectly put to whomever asked the question. He owns the team. Would you go to your boss and TEL him or her to relieve themselves of dutyy? I’m pretty sure they would tell you the same thing.

      1. Steel

        ‘Not disagreeing with you…but this is a meeting where he (Jed) is trying to clear the air, and could have parsed it better….No one is fooled into thinking that he would be fired…not only was he rather brusque in answering, but the questioner was clumsy in asking….’guess I could have been clearer myself…my bad…

  46. Many of us here have been begging for an experienced football guy at the top of the front office. It appears Al is solid in the PFO role, so our savvy vet must be at GM. So by definition, an experienced guy has worked before but is available now, implying he’s been fired. If they want experience then they can’t worry about the complaints of re-treads. Therefore Riddick makes sense as a legitimate candidate to me. Being automatically dismissive as merely Rooney Rule candidate veers towards an attitudinal slippery slope.
    I understand the team preference is someone with Head Coaching experience. If he has NFL HC experience, then he’s a re-tread also I guess. But some like McDaniels.

  47. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m excited about this. Trent is gone… It’s Time to start a new challenge. We might not make the playoffs this year or next, but I believe that the right 2 guys coming in can turn this thing around. As long as it’s not Donahue and Erickson.

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