Jason Cole says the 49ers are “leaning towards keeping (Jim Tomsula) at this time.”

What do you think  of this report from Jason Cole?

Cole: “The San Francisco 49ers and their management would prefer that coach Jim Tomsula survive this season despite the fact that they’re on a 4-10 season and have gone backwards significantly over the year, not only with the roster with so many defections on the roster, but also on the coaching staff with the loss of Jim Harbaugh. Despite all of that, management wants to have some type of continuity.

“However, there are concerns within this organization, and specifically in the locker room, about the ability of Tomsula to control the locker room and get guys focused on playing hard week in and week out. This team gave up over 200 yards rushing against Cleveland recently, and was out of the game on Sunday against Cincinnati in the second quarter with a litany of turnovers.

“Finally, one of the other big concerns for Tomsula as he goes into his second year, and assuming he makes it, is whether he is going to be able to bring assistant coaches in to bolster the assistant coach staff. Is he going to be able to attract top-level people even though the interpretation of the situation if he returns is that he may only have one year left?

“There is lots of concern here for the 49ers about their future. And, while they haven’t made a final decision on Tomsula, and he might ultimately be fired, they’re leaning towards keeping him at this point in time. That my not be the best solution for the 49ers long term.”

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  1. We all know that Tomsula is nothing more than a interim coach until someone better comes along. Also, bear in mind that if tomsula is fired there are in house solutions like mangini already on the team

  2. I think that this quote shows that the front office is still completely clueless and tone deaf.

    1. We are leaning towards keeping JT bc defections, injuries blah blah blah.
    2. We realize that keeping him is making him a lame duck which could screw up 2016 too. Who would want to work for him only to be fired with him after 2016?
    3. We’re concerned about him already losing the team.
    4. But we’re leaning towards keeping him!
    5. Best yet we’re leaking all of this for the world to hear including the locker room and Tomsula to hear. Bet that will motivate them.


    1. I don’t get the leaking part. Don’t they realize this ownership and front office is the laughing stock of the NFL with their “leaks”.
      Everyone knows who is doing it, but they persist with their heads firmly stuck up their collective backsides.

      That is the part that is so discouraging – their insistence on their cheap, vindictive, useless methods that everyone else can see thru.

  3. So what is it? Is he gone because he is a lousy coach and cannot attract top personnel or because Jed York does not want to go through the hiring process?

  4. 49ers Cheapness has hit Legendary Proportions:


    Since 1970, the year I started following 49er football have I witnessed this purposeful cheapness, now, accepted by media as a 49er upper management strategy while running their uber wealthy 7-11 store, aka–Levis Stadium…But soon the York’s will lose those corportate luxury box funds as even the rich have their limits when choosing where to spend 80,000 dollars.

    As a gambler I have to look at trends–very important. Currently, the trend for the York’s is cheapness, and cheapness was the trend for the 12 years prior to Harbaugh with coach hires. 12 +1 =13 years of cheapness, and I present the following report about Agents and players saying the same thing.

    Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole.

    “It’s not going to be (Mike) Shanahan. He’s not going to do that. Geep Chryst? I’m lost on this one.
    “It’s not going to be (Mike) Shanahan. He’s not going to do that. Geep Chryst? I’m lost on this one.
    that they’re going on the cheap on the assistant coaching staff,” said Cole, who was on top of the Jim Harbaugh-to-Michigan story several hours before it was confirmed by CSN Bay Area’s Dave Feldman.


    December 22, 2015 at 3:48 pm


    As a gambler I have to look at trends–very important. Currently, the trend for the York’s is cheapness, and cheapness was the trend for the 12 years prior to Harbaugh with coach hires. 12 +1 =13 years of cheapness, and I present the following report about Agents and players saying the same thing.

    Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole.

    “It’s not going to be (Mike) Shanahan. He’s not going to do that. Geep Chryst? I’m lost on this one.
    “It’s not going to be (Mike) Shanahan. He’s not going to do that. Geep Chryst? I’m lost on this one.
    that they’re going on the cheap on the assistant coaching staff,” said Cole, who was on top of the Jim Harbaugh-to-Michigan story several hours before it was confirmed by CSN Bay Area’s Dave Feldman.
    “They don’t believe in paying coaches right now. The word around the league in talking to people who are both coaches and who represent coaches, San Francisco is not the place to go to make money.”
    “In talking to three players, including two guys on offense, basically they were dismayed by this hiring and were disgusted in certain ways because they believe that this is a sign that management has chosen to go incredibly cheap in terms of replacing the coaches that left.”



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    1. Darren Rovell ‏@darrenrovell · 7 Aug 2014
      Most expensive item in 49ers new stadium: An 8 oz Kagoshima rib cap for $336 (H/T @RosenbergMerc)

      Leon Louie
      ‏@LLJR12 @darrenrovell @RosenbergMerc thats the rib cap! looks like you should eat it with your hands.

    2. Again some of your “facts” are not facts.

      “But soon the York’s will lose those corportate luxury box funds as even the rich have their limits when choosing where to spend 80,000 dollars.”

      The good people of Santa Clara are the ones who will wind up with “bad paper” if masses of license holders fail to make good on their ten year payment plans. The 49ers already have the money and spent it on the stadium.

  5. York needs to own it, fix it and move on. Tomsula is Richie Kotite 2.0, and when he’s eventually sacked, he’ll dissipate into oblivion….

    1. Razor: Exactly! That’s what I thought the moment he was hired: He is Rich Kotite, the most unprepared man in the land to coach a pro NFL team. He is so much like Kotite: awful coach, idiotic statements, losing records all around, the fans want him gone, and the owner likes him.

  6. Ownership is really screwed. They have two individuals that they can’t decide between and they’ve put themselves in a position that you can’t just let one of them go. How can you possibly justify only firing Tomsula and letting Baalke keep his job. They also know that any new G.M. would fire or insist on firing Tomsula. So if they change one they have to change both and they just can’t accept that and are paralyzed in the decision.

    1. If they replace Baalke with Gamble, then I can imagine Gamble would be willing to keep Tomsula for another year.

      1. this seems like the right thing to do…… no way should Baalke escape this debacle unscathed, and its really not fair to Jim T for him to get the axe while Trent keeps his gig. Seems like they could save a little face with this type of move basically give Tomsula another year to see what he has, and get someones to to work on rebuilding this roster.

      2. It’s certainly possible Cubus in fact I would take it a step further to say that if the team was to tell any possible G.M. candidate that Tomsula has to stay but is on a short leash that more would be willing to consider the position.

  7. Looks like Cole has been reading this board. The only thing different from a number of comments made on here is that he cites “sources”

    1. Hey Jack,

      Weren’t you an early proponent of Jim Bob if I recall correctly? You boy has turned things around since Joe Lombardi was fired:

      “In early November, the Lions were 1-7. And the NFL Network reported Stafford’s future with the Lions was “very much in doubt.”
      In the past six games since the bye week – and with the appointment of Jim Bob Cooter to replace Joe Lombardi as offensive coordinator – Stafford has generated a 106.9 passer rating. Now, there’s no talk about Stafford’s future being doubt.”

      Whould Jim Bob succeed Jim Tom after another season of futility?

      1. That should read “Your boy (if you were the one who brought him up in this blog) has has turned things around since Joe Lombardi was fired”.

        More on Jim Bob:
        ” In 2009, Cooter was hit with an aggravated burglary charge after he “climbed through a woman’s window, stripped down to his underwear and got into bed with the woman,” according to WVLT-TV in Knoxville.”
        Here’s an adventurous risk-taker! Niners have not won with class, and Jim Bob hasn’t won with lass. What’s not to like of him as a HC?!

      2. The 49ers tried to interview Cooter for their OC position in the offseason but were denied permission by Detroit. He was obviously on their radar.

  8. Posters may cry for his head, but they do not think it through. if JT is fired, who would replace Him? Mangenius? Dont make me laugh.

    1. That’s right, we’re stuck with Tomsula until he dies and afterwards the team will just shut down because, who would coach them?

      1. Coaches are generally, pretty smart fellows. Why would one of them want to destroy his career coming to this dung heap?

        1. Seb: quite a few turned this job down when JH left. I bet not many in the NFL would want to work with Jeb. Harbaugh didn’t….

    2. Mangenious? Somehow, I suspect no one will ever characterize Jimmy T as Tomgenious… I’ve thought it through. Thank Tomsula at the close of the season and let him go. Find another HC–there will be talent out there. Question is does Jeb go cheap with a wallflower, controllable HC, or get some real talent, pay him, and get out of the way.

      1. I use the genius label as a pejorative. I consider Bill Walsh as a genius who changed the game. All others pale in comparison. Mangini is no genius if he allows the Browns to carve up his defense like a spitted goose.

    3. How do know it’s Mangini’s coaching and not Tomsula’s poor
      Coaching and coddling that keeps the defense inept? I’d take Mangini over JT any day of the week. JT hopeless as a HC

      1. Wilson: Mangini is an improvement over Tomsula, but I am curious why wasn’t he offered the HC position last year?

        In any case, even with Mangini as HC, it is still a case of the ending with the worst coaching staff in the division, not to mention the league.

  9. This organization is doomed for next year at the very least. What continuity about Tomsula and his staff inspires confidence?
    Enjoy the empty stands Jed, next year is going to be as ugly as this one.

  10. Smh. They want to keep Tomsula for continuity? Continuity of what? Terrible football? Incompetent Coaching? The last thing they should want is any remaining links to this disaster. I think Cole is just jumping on the story from Sunday regarding Guido the Killer Pimps remarks to Jay Feely, but if there is truly a belief that there is value in keeping Tomsula for continuity, this team is done for the foreseeable future. Not just because Tomsula is a lousy HC, but because any Coach worth a damn will want no part of this knowing he’s going to get canned next year. It’s like the ownership and FO think nobody is paying attention…maybe because they aren’t.

    1. Rocket: it is not as if they hired Tomsula with the idea of building a championship team. Whoever thinks that Tomsula was hired to bring championships and greatness to this team is out of their mind.

  11. They will keep Tomsula for a least one more year hoping against hope that he will turn things around. He won’t. There are two main reasons they will keep him. First is that he comes cheap and they owe him at least three more years. They will not want to eat too much of his contract. They are cheap billionaires. Second, in their insecurity they will not want to publicly admit that they made a huge mistake in hiring Tomsula and his dismal staff. Their recent hiring and firing debacle has held them up to national scorn and they will want to pretend that their long term plan is working. It is not.

    When they decide to keep him. It will be painful trying to watch Tomsula hire a competent Offensive Coordinator. He won’t be able to. We will be stuck with Chyrst or some other dude and they will pretend to be excited about the hire.

    Complicating the situation is that Baalke does not want a strong head coach. He likes to be able to call all the shots, evidenced by reports of his coaching at practice. If Tomsula had balls he would make him watch the practice from a distance.

    For things to turn around there must be a complete house cleaning and for that to happen things must get much worse before Jed will consider any change. It is going to be a painful ride.

  12. Off topic:

    They better extend Ian Williams right now. If he hits free agency he will be gone, the front office will be caught flat footed once again and the defense will take two steps back next year. Which is kind of frightening.

      1. Ian Williams is a fireplug and is invaluable to that defense.
        PAY DA MAN. NOW.
        Do not try to lowball him by not even offering a contract.

    1. For all we know they have tried and he simply doesn’t want to sign a new deal with the 49ers, but would prefer to see what he can get (and where he can go) in FA.

  13. Tomsula is a mess, sure. He should have no part of the long-term vision for our team (if an actual and reasonable vision does even exist).

    With that said, until there’s some stability and obvious signs of promise for the team, recruiting a better talent to run this team will be next to impossible. For that reason, I’d almost (gasp! can’t believe I’m saying this) rather see them replace Chryst (along with OL coach, WR coach, and ST coach) for someone who can turn things around on that side of the ball.

    Managini has shown that some progress can be had—and some player development can happen—under poor head coaching. If someone can do similar things and then some with our offense, all the sudden there’s some traction with our young core of players. There’s a bit of continuity and upward trajectory. Then, after next year, recruitment becomes a little easier and we can find the right HC to take a young, developing team to the next level. I don’t think we can find that right now given the current circumstances.

    As for Mangini as a replacement at HC, I’m not ready to anoint him yet. I like what he’s shown at times, and I think he’s got a better mind to “out-strategize” other coaches (and even himself at times) than Tomsula, but the consistency of his product is not quite there. I’d like to see him have another year to see his vision for the defense through. And if he succeeds, maybe he proves he’s ready for a return to head coaching.

    Another thing about getting an up-and-coming OC…maybe he’s good enough and can offer the potential for two in-house candidates (with Mangini) to make a run at HC in 2017. A little friendly competition?

    1. The problem with your plan is that Tomsula is not able to attract a good OC candidate both because he’s a poor HC and the fact his future is bleak. The team couldn’t get some of their preferred candidates to take an interview last year, never mind after a season like this.

      Imo, the best way forward is to clean house, hire a President or head of football operations that has some ties around the league, and let him hire a new GM and HC. The team has some young talent, a likely top 5-7 pick and a ton of cap space. That is a pretty good position for a new FO and Coaching staff to start from. They could attract some quality people with a package like that.

      I know I’m dreaming and there is no way they will eat that much money, but it’s preferable to accepting what is likely to happen.

      1. Rocket: Looking at a more realistic/likely event – If Mangini were to become HC, do you think he could attract better quality coordinators? His network might be better/sufficient based on his previous stints as DC and HC. I understand that it has been awhile, though.

        1. I’d have to think Mangini is way more connected in the league than Tomsula. And probably has more respect, too.

          That alone makes him a viable option. However, I’d still like to see him prove to be a successful coordinator first. He’s gained some traction on the defense, yes, but if he can’t turn it into a top unit, I’d have my reservations with him taking over as HC. I’d like to see him make more progress with another year first.

        2. Cubus,

          Mangini would be a step up from Tomsula and he has a greater network to access from, but he hasn’t exactly had much success as a HC either, so I don’t think that would be much of an improvement, at least not to the level we all hope the team can reach again down the road.

      2. I can’t dispute that, rocket. What you’re saying makes sense.

        I suppose I’m working from the assumption that York won’t bring in someone else who could yield additional power in the organization (thus taking away from his own). Yes, it would be the best way forward, but I also have a hard time seeing them cleaning house to the extent the team needs.

        1. Your view is more realistic than mine, no doubt about that. I just don’t see any way this team improves to the level of a contender without drastic changes. Mangini is a decent Coach, but he hasn’t had much success as a HC or DC for that matter. They will probably fire Chryst and hire some retread with no other options to replace him and my guess is we are right back in the same position a year from now wondering where the next HC and OC are coming from.

          1. … or really hit it lucky and hire some unknown who makes the offense sing only to lose him to a head coaching job the next year in Green Bay.

        2. I agree with your comment about mutually parting with the OC ST and O line coaches since they have failed so badly.
          The Niners need to target College OCs who are innovative and hungry. Many college coaches would not want to leave their tenured positions to only get fired after one year. Those OCs will have to get a substantial raise from their college compensation, so Jed needs to stop being so cheap and pay for quality.


    STEP 1) Get rid of winning coach when you haven’t been able to find one in a decade
    STEP 2) Allow key core players to retire and leave in free agency
    STEP 3) Install a head coach who has never been trusted to even be a coordinator
    STEP 4) Don’t replace core players or offensive linemen through draft or free agency
    STEP 5) Blame your QB who is running for his life because his line can’t block
    STEP 6) Keep all the cap money for management instead of spending on the team
    STEP 7) Tell the fans to hold you accountable and then go 4-10 so no one wants to either play, coach your team, or pay for tickets.
    STEP 8) Blame everyone else for your ridiculous failure when everyone saw it coming in the off season.
    STEP 9) Give the failing head coach another year to continue his continuity of mediocrity and losing.
    STEP 10) Allow your GM to keep drafting injured players of which the vast majority never pan out.

    It’s clean slate time Jed. Everyone but you knows it. When your blueprint isn’t working you change the things you can change, not keep the status quo. All successful people know this, but since you’ve never had to work for anything in life and the PSL money is already committed you think you can take a few years off. This is not the 49er way. Please for the love of god hire a real GM with football experience or sell the team!

    1. The only exception I take from your post is the “continuity of mediocracy.” I wished they were just mediocre. This is a train wreck.

  15. It seems like they desperately want to keep Tomsula around, but they might not have a choice. They’re stuck in the middle. They seem to have legit concerns: Tomsula’s ability to get guys to play hard and attract competent assistants. Fine, fair enough. That’s painfully obvious to all of us. That’s more than enough to fire him right? But then comes the “continuity” part, which I don’t understand. It’s not like those concerns will magically vanish because of continuity. Somebody should give them a hint that you only want continuity if there’s something to build of off, aka not now.

    Given the concerns they seem to have shouldn’t the decision be easy? The Browns game alone gave them all the justification they need to fire him. Kind of troubling that they seem to be really struggling with the idea of letting Tomsula go.

  16. Question for the blog, have no contract extensions been offered because the owner is going to axe the GM and coach?

  17. With regards to Tomsula’s deal: how do we know that he will be paid the full amount if they let him go? I’ve seen posters say that this is usually the case for coaching contracts. But Tomsula has never even been a coordinator before. I think it is just as likely, in his case, that they have an out clause just like they do with Kap. And given Tomsula’s position as a DL coach, I see no reason why he wouldn’t have accepted a contract containing an “out” clause. He had little to no leverage and if he wanted to make the big leap from DL coach to HC he would have accepted it in my opinion and his agent would not have stopped him.

    1. Cubus, I’ve been wondering the same thing for a while now. Coaches do not have a union so their contracts would be what ever the coach in question would accept. I can’t see Tomsula demanding anything of significance and getting it. Tomsula even accepts Baalke coaching Baalke’s favorite defensive backs.

      1. 1. Coaches have agents. They know as soon as the contract is signed the clock is ticking, so guaranteed contracts are the norm. There are usually offsets though, so the coach can’t get double pay if he gets another gig.
        2. Coaches don’t have a salary cap. There’s no dead money to worry about. At one point the Lakers were paying three coaches at the same time. They might still be.

        1. Understand all of that. Still doesn’t preclude an unknown from accepting an out clause so that he can make a big move up the ladder. I don’t think an agent would tell him to turn down a job that likely pays close to ten time what the old job paid. Would you?

          1. It’s possible, but if I’m going to assume something, it’s not gonna be the thing that’s outside of the norm. Also no good agent tells his client to take less than the standard that everyone else gets.

            1. Yeah, I’m just trying to establish that this is possible in Tomsula’s case and given the way the Niner’s FO works might be likely (see Kap). This all goes back to the notion that having to pay Tomsula’s entire contract if they dump him makes it tough to dump him. I’m just saying that there is hope (and a logical argument to support that hope) that that might not be a problem. I know if it were me and I could make ten times what I do now, I’d do it. Even if the plan was not to resign me as a DL coach (say after 4 years) or to dump me as a HC after one year, I’d still come out way ahead (I’m assuming a ten-fold increase in salary). And if Tomsula gets dumped as a HC, it’s highly likely he’ll get a job somewhere as a DL coach.

              1. The norm is a tricky concept. In this case we also have to include the Paraag “norm” in contract negotiations.

                Another norm might be that the norm for head coaches who accept a contract with limits on guaranteed money is that they keep that information to them selves.

                Then there is the norm for agents leaking beneficial unverified contract information.

                Finally it’s the norm that we won’t have any verified information on Tomsula’s contract, and it’s the York’s norm to wait at least until the second year to start leaking negative information about their head coach.

  18. There are many posters who are rooting for a high draft choice, but they are not thinking it through. If the Niners lose their next 2 games, they could get a good draft position, but that is no guarantee for success. Losing will drive away good potential FAs, so winning must be the main goal, no matter what. What is left are players like Dockett, Cook, Wright, and Pears.
    Niners could have obtained Mathis, but Baalke wanted to save 13 mil.
    It may not matter if the Niners get a high draft choice. Baalke will just select more players like AJ Jenkins and Aldon, when Watt was available.

    1. The next two games will have no bearing on how attractive the team is to potential FA’s. FA’s will sign with the highest bidder or with a team that looks like a SB contender if they are late in their career. A higher pick gives them more options to choose from which lowers the risk of drafting a bust.

      1. Many good FAs have toiled with little chance for a ring, and after a lucrative career, they want a higher goal. They want glory.
        In the glory years, the Niners would attract aging pro bowl players who would accept a lot less just for an opportunity to get a ring. No decent FA would want to come to a 4-10 team even for more money because losing lowers his worth.

        1. Read what I said. There will be no difference in how FA’s view signing here whether they win 4 or 6.

            1. How will 2 wins over losing teams in meaningless games show signs of hope? Was the win over the Bears a sign of hope? If the Lions and Rams play like crap and hand wins to the Niners like the Bears did, is it a sign of hope? Nothing that happens in these final two games will have an affect on possible FA signings. These games mean nothing other than a possible excuse for the FO to leave things status quo if they win. It’s likely moot anyway as the Lions should beat them with relative ease and the Rams looked a lot better last week as well.

              1. If the Yorks actually bring in a brain with power to clean house and run the football operations, higher draft picks would be nice. Go Lions! Go Rams!

          1. FA’s are all about that chedda. If a good team is willing to overpay them it’s a bonus. Most good teams don’t overpay or have the salary cap space for FA’s. Bad teams do, which is why they are bad.

            Big offseason contract for FA’s:

            -Demarco Murray $18 million guaranteed, 3rd string and a bad fit.
            -Byron Maxwell $23 million guaranteed, smells like burnt toast and a bad fit.
            -Julius Thomas $21 million guaranteed, 431 yards and a bad fit.
            -Greg Hardy $11.3 million, one year contract and a absolute moron.

            All disasters. It’s the same thing every year with a few exceptions. Teams rarely let great players walk away. Think of Nate Clements, Gabe Wilkins and Antonio Langham for the 49ers. Justin Smith was the rare exception even though his contract was viewed as excessive and desperate at the time for a DE without big sack totals.

            1. BigP, I recognize the fact that FAs are hit or miss, but for every bust, there are the same number of quality players who solved a problem for a team. They are also battle hardened experienced and proven proficient.
              Ideally, a team may be built like GB who never pay for FAs, yet are in the playoffs. Niners have way too many holes and tons of cap space.

              1. Those holes are on Baalke. It’s not like he hasn’t had a ton of picks over the last 5-6 years. You build your roster through the draft and supplement it with free agency pickups. He has failed at building through the draft and has made some very questionable free agent signings. They are better off rolling that cap space forward until they have solidified the base of their roster through the draft. I don’t think Baalke is the man to do that but using cap space just because you have it will lead to disaster. They paid Shareece Wright over $2 million this year for absolutely nothing and overpaid for Torrey Smith, who is a glorified Ted Ginn Jr. The funny thing is Ginn has more catches, more yards and seven more touchdowns than Smith.

              2. Hey, I am not going to defend Baalke. He has failed badly. Look at his FAs. Dockett, Cook, Wright, Bush have disappeared. Pears is hurting the team by playing.

            2. Julius Thomas has been more injury-prone rather than being a bad fit. He and Bortles have also had a good rhythm here of late.

        2. Yes, they came because the 9ers were always contending–because of…COMPETENT coaching and SOLID ownership…

      2. Relax, the Niners are guaranteed a top 10 pick, and the cream of the crop, cant miss candidates is about 15 in this draft.

          1. Right. There are eighteen teams with six or fewer wins at this moment. If the 49ers win two and join that group they would draft after all or almost all of those teams who don’t reach seven wins over the next two weeks.

      3. You are right rocket. The time for showing signs of hope for the future are over. It is clear now this team is a mess, especially on offense. Winning the next two games will do nothing to change that.

    2. Umm… Crappy ownership and incompetent coaching drive quality FAs away… Not just the won-loss record.

      1. Walsh had no trouble getting (trading of signing) some veterans for his first Superbowl season.

    1. That’s especially true if that defensive minded coach had no NFL experience beyond the defensive line.

  19. This is what York continuity looks like:


    They fired Mariucci, who was hired by Eddie D, after a playoff season. Harbaugh was gone after three NFCCG’s and a SB appearance in four years. They appear to be allergic to NFL success. Yes men seem to be their medication.

  20. Keeping Tomsula beyond this season makes no sense. What exactly does York want to “continue?” What from this season does York want to take into next year that gives him confidence that the Niners are going to “win the super bowl?” If he’s afraid that by firing Tomsula he’s essentially admitting he made a mistake, the rain of fire he will find himself under halfway through next season when the Niners are 2-6 will be far worse.

    York has to be the most delusional owner in football. This is what happens when you haven’t worked for and earned the power you’ve been given. And everyone else you hire will ultimately share your delusions. The only coach in Yorks’ reign that wasn’t an underaualified delusional nutcase (Erickson, Nolan, Singletary) was harbaugh who actually brought stability, consistency and success to this team. And they let him go because of “philosophical differences.” That’s straight from the horse’s mouth. If that’s not a tell tale sign that York’s philosophy is based in delusion and grandiose, then I don’t know what is.

    York put himself in this lose-lose predicament and he has no one and nothing to blame but himself. Which of course he will never do. No qualified head coach that has another offer will want to coach under York. And the only reason Harbaugh came here is because there was a Super Bowl caliber team already in place. Niners are doomed whatever they do with Tomsula. Plain and simple.

    1. Grant: firing Tomsula will indicate that the Yorks made a mistake in firing Harbaugh, and they don’t want to do that. As bad as Tomsula is now, the Yorks will let this go for another couple of years until the shadow of JH is gone from the sidelines.

      Rich Kotite got 4 years with the Eagles, and a 4-28 record. Tomsula will get 3-4 years.

  21. It time for Mommy and Daddy to take the keys from baby dork. Time to hire a real President and a real GM, one that does not drafts college players that had recent ACL surgery and time to fire Tomfoola. Let’s make baby dork, the director of special events.

    1. It’s not like Papa and Mama York did a great job themselves, when they were running the team.
      Incompetence seems to run in the family.

  22. If history is any indication, the York’s do love to hire from within. So as much as I dislike the idea, it is plausible that Mangini could be the next in line. Think about it:

    GM Change: McCloughan —> Baalke
    HC Change: Mike Nolan –> Mike Singletary
    HC Change: Jim Harbaugh —> Jim Tomsula
    OC Change: Roman –> Chryst
    DC Change: Fangio –> Mangini
    OC Change (2007): Norv Turner –> Jim Hostler

    It’s possible that this could be design, but it definitely shows a trend for promoting from within.

  23. Kid York might as well hand over the reigns to Tom Gamble and stick to signing checks… Gamble is a good talent evaluator who’s easier to get along with than Baalke. York needs to prove he’s willing to change his sheisty ways and make changes at the top if he wants any chance at landing a decent HC. Then again we are talking about the Yorks who have hired ONE successful HC during their 16 years of ownership… And yet they couldn’t wait to get rid of Harbaugh much like Mariucci. Ugh… If Tomsula is retained as HC it just further proves the Yorks are content with losing as long as they keep making that money within their comfy bubble of insecurity…

  24. Here’s an idea for a Geico Insurance ad… The Yorks, shattering an iconic NFL franchise, it’s what they do…

  25. Ok, here is another whopper. Jed will get henpecked by his wife who wants to be a first lady, so Jed admits he has made mistakes, apologizes for his failings, holds himself accountable and steps down to become team president. His wife instantly becomes a wife of a president, so she becomes a first lady. Happy wife, happy life.
    Denise wants to bury the hatchet, and totally reconcile with her brother, and solve all the problems. The profit line is lowering.
    A winning team makes big profits. A SB winning team is gold.
    Denise should graciously accept Jed’s magnanimous move. He will still be associated with the team. They will give him the 7th pick of each draft, so he will feel involved, and can show his acumen by picking a low risk player who turns into a valuable player.
    Denise should shake things up. She should appoint Nikki Debartolo as CEO. It would bring Eddie on board and give him back a part of his heart that helped define him. Eddie would be a great adviser, and I am sure he would want his daughter to succeed. He could still be involved in his grandchildren’s lives, while becoming a weekend warrior.
    Nikki should start clean. She should fire everyone, appoint Mike Holmgren the GM. Holmgren will attract Shaw from Stanford with a 6 year no cut deal. He will double his salary. They draft Hogan and the rest is history.

  26. I have never rooted for the niners to lose. I have always thought that losing for draft position only teaches one thing: losing. However, I am worried that there will be glimpses of good play in the final two games and these false positives will give York/Baalke the cover they need to keep Tomsula for another year. I don’t care about our draft position the same way some of you do, I do care that we get a competent coaching staff in place. One that is not an embarrassment. If we have to lose I would like it to be blow outs that show the true nature of this team and it coaching staff.

    1. Get the young guys on film for the next two weeks so there will be some way to evaluate them other than practice. Get Bolden his 1,000 receptions and sit him. Do the same with all the older guys like Staley. Let the wins or losses fall where they may with as many young guys playing as possible.

      Concentrating on wining to avoid learning to lose is an old wives (coaches) tale.

      Enjoy the tryouts!

  27. Its amazing how some decent O line play will make the offense a lot better.
    A better running game will allow for third and short instead of third and long. Hayne needs to be elevated or they have given up.
    The coaching needs to play like there is no tomorrow. Go all out. Go for it. Be bold.

    1. Yes, elevate Hayne…just as in Young Frankenstein…

      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Well, dear, are you ready?
      Inga: Yes, Doctor.
      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Elevate me.
      Inga: Now? Right here?

  28. If the 49ers FO already have serious doubts about Tomsula, and are worried about his ability to attract quality assistant coaches due to (a) it being Tomsula and (b) the uncertainty surrounding his status long term, they need to bite the bullet and let him go at the end of this season and start anew. Otherwise they are just delaying the inevitable.

    1. That’s so York. We’re leaning towards keeping him even though we have no confidence in him. This just screams fired in week 6.

      1. Well, that would at least mean my prediction from a few months ago would be right. My guess was/ is he’ll be fired after week 6 next season.

    1. Did you purchase a seat license? My understanding is that those who bought seat licenses must buy tickets to all eight home games every year. If they don’t, then the seats can be taken from them and a seat license sold to someone else. Is that correct?

      1. Yep!
        And by selling them I mean to opposing fans for face value.
        I’m in for 5 years after that I can sell the license or walk away.
        You’ve got 4 years JED!! Lol

        1. I don’t know if Levi will ever hold up to the stick. Maybe it’s because I had so many memories and good times before the games.
          Or the new stadium smells of corporate yuppies! :-/

            1. Ht, it was not that bad. Oakland had the sewage problems. Granted, the parking lot turned into a lake when it rained, but I loved the Stick, warts and all.

            2. Yeah but it was our toilet. Andi mean us fans.
              And it also smelled of SF 49er football. Something the new spot doesn’t have the smallest scent of yet.

              1. One thing I remember about the Stick was..
                you never took a bathroom break ..
                if ..
                you had holes in your shoes !

                I got misty-eyed.. when the last section
                came down ..

                The end of an era …

                Merry Christmas to all .. and to Grant ..
                have a Happy Hanukah, bro !
                MidWest …
                We got snow on Christmas Eve ..!!
                How ’bout you ?

              2. I pitied the women. They needed two times more facilities for them. The mens toilets were poorly designed. Still, I remembered The Catch. One of the happiest days of my life.
                That moment will sustain me through this drek.

              3. Took my wife to The Stick for our first date. 49ers vs Cardinals, Oct 24 1993.

                Miss seeing that place when making the turn on 101 North by Brisbane. No matter where I was going I always looked over to see it. Too many memories to list from that place.

              4. Looked up that game. That was the one where John Taylor threw a pass to Jerry Rice for 41 yards. Maybe the Niner coaches could do the same thing with Bell and Torrey.

              5. Jack, I took my wife to be to Kezar one time before we were married, but I don’t remember the game. Then I took her to the Stick one time, and I’ll never forget that game. On the way into the Stick, we heard the Immaculate Reception from Pittsburgh, and when the 49ers fumbled the on side kick at the end of our game, she turned to me and said, “We’re going to lose this game.” Damned by Roger Stauback, our gassed defense, and a second string receiver.

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