Jim Harbaugh: “I definitely get happier and happier as that new opportunity approaches.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of what could be Jim Harbaugh’s final Monday press conference with the 49ers, courtesy of the 49ers’ p.r. department.

Do you have any update on S Eric Reid and how he’s feeling?

“He’s going to see the neurologist tomorrow and have an update by then.”


Is there added concern just because of the issues he had last year with a couple concussions as well?

“Yes. I believe this is his third. Again, that’s in the hands of the doctors, et cetera. Concerned? Yes.”


You guys had so many injuries on Saturday. Will you have to make some roster moves just to get out there and play Sundayagainst the Cardinals?

“Yeah, it’s possible.”


Anything you can share from that yet?

“No. We’ll hold off on what those will be. But that’s very possible.”


Did CB Perrish Cox, did he sustain a shoulder injury of some sort?

“Yeah, he had something with the AC (joint).”


Is he going to be available or is he — ?

“We’ll see. I know we can go through quite a list here of guys. We’ll see how it’s progressing today and tomorrow. We’ve kept the doctors busy.”


When you look at the film – you talked about the competitiveness – did you see that on the film? The guys are still playing hard, the effort is still there?

“Oh, gosh, yeah, you stand with them. There’s warriors out there. You stand with them. Great fight. They continue to do that. Very competitive in the game no matter what the circumstances are. Playing a team that’s really peaking at a very good time in the Chargers and the week before that the Seahawks. Heartbreaking to lose the last game. That was, as we said afterwards, not a lot to say about it. There really was a lot to say about it when you watched the game and watched the film of the game. Guys were playing all out.”


I know you want to win every game, but what, in your mind, is the difference between an 8-8 season, to just be .500, then be below .500 and finish the season under .500?

“It’s the holiday season. Let’s hug our families and go get a win here. Have that opportunity to do that. Win the football game, that’s a great opportunity.”


You guys had 28 points at halftime and you only scored seven afterwards. You’ve scored 40 points after halftime in the last nine games. Lot of people point to that and say, ‘These guys are not making proper halftime adjustments,’ pointing to their coaching. Is that a fair critique?

“Any critique or criticism, we don’t deflect it. It’s not what we’re interested in doing. I was proud of the team. We didn’t finish the game. We ran out of a little bit of gas. But, no. I’m not saying it’s an unfair critique or a fair critique. It’s a critique.”


You had T Anthony Davis back and it led to a big game on the ground. What does his presence do for that offensive line? Does he give that group a little bit more attitude out there with his physicality?

“You know, he did a good job. I thought our offensive line as a whole really played well. I saw that with the way they were coming off the ball and the holes that were being opened up and protection was improved. So, yeah I think Anthony definitely played a part in that.”


This is your only season with the 49ers where you won’t have a winning record. Do you have any thoughts or feelings about that?

“That’s football [Santa Rosa Press Democrat columnist] Lowell [Cohn]. It’s not always going to be sunny and happy. That’s the game of football that I know. But, that’s chins up and you’re attacking this week, enjoying this week and enjoying the opportunity that we have to play this game.”


We’ve asked you a lot about your job situation. Yesterday, FOX Sports reporter Jay Glazer put a timeframe on it, said 24-48 hours after your final game. I know you only talk about the job you have, but did the 49ers come to you and say that Michigan has made contact with them and ask you if you were interested?

“As you know, I have not participated in any of the speculation, the unnamed sources, the rumors. I would ask you to have Jay Glazer go back and ask his source for more clarification. But, I haven’t participated and I don’t intend to now. This has been a good 12 months of this kind of thing, so no reason to start now. Does that answer your question?”


Well, the question was did the 49ers, somebody with the 49ers management or ownership come to you and say, “Michigan has officially made contact with us, is that something that you’re interested in?”

“What will happen, will happen. What won’t happen, won’t happen. I work at the pleasure of the organization and I will let them have the floor on that.”


Do you have the sense though, can you say that this is your final game as head coach of the 49ers?

“Like I said, what will happen, will happen, what won’t happen, won’t happen. Like the players, like the coaches, we are dedicated to doing our job. Finish what you start and that’s the mindset.”


As far as timing goes, would you like it to be – get through this week, get through getaway day on Monday and then on Tuesdaystart approaching these what-happens-next type of scenarios?

“I’m not into the speculation or really ever have been.”


Is this a strange week for you with all of this? Perhaps you might be coaching these guys for the final week and without a playoff game in sight.

“Talked about that earlier and we’ll attack it.”


Tomorrow’s your birthday. Anything planned for that?

“Practice. Great day of meetings and practice. I’d like those to be the best of the year. Best meetings, the best practice of the entire year, that’d be great. That’d be a great present.”


There are some players that may also be in their final year, time with this team. RB Frank Gore probably most notable. Is there anything as a head coach for you to do differently this week to kind of recognize any of those players? I know this is kind of new territory not going to the postseason and ending so early?

“Well, again, not to speculate on what your question is there, but definitely this is…We know this is going to be the last week of the season and I’m going to enjoy them. I’m going to enjoy all the players, enjoy the coaches, enjoy the staff, enjoy all the people in the building that I really love and enjoy being around, trainers and front office people. The entire organization. Spend time with the scouts that are in town. Just everybody. Just enjoy it.”


Do you feel happy these days?

“Not happy. Football is not fun when you lose. That’s a heartbreaking thing. Then there’s a new week and a new opportunity and I definitely get happier and happier as that new opportunity approaches. So, win the next game. That’s our mindset.”


I didn’t only mean football. Please bear with me a moment. Like if someone said to me, ‘Lowell, are you feeling happy?’ I would think – am I happy in my life this week, this month, the way things are going. I kind of meant that.

“OK. Well, I can answer that.”


I’d love you to.

“I am so proud to report to you that I have the best wife, Sarah Harbaugh, and six wonderful children and proud to report that my future will always be bright with the family that I have.”


You mentioned a year of this reporting unnamed sources, whatever. Have you had to resist, and I can say, yeah, you have not participated in any of it, has it been hard to resist maybe shooting back a little bit?

“That’s a good question. That’s a very good question.”


And go ahead if you want to.

“The high road’s the only road I know. I’ll just keep on that one.”


Have you told your family members or your agent or anybody, have you told them let’s just stay out of it? I’d imagine they’re not thrilled with it.

“Yeah, I think we’ve covered the ground pretty well, pretty thorough here. And I’m going to enjoy you too.”


I was waiting for that.

“Yeah.” [Laughter]


One more injury, LB Aldon Smith did not have a concussion in the game?

“As we talked about the other day, or did we talk about this after the game? Yeah, he came off, was evaluated, and was cleared to go back in the game.”


OK, so he’s good to go for the Cardinals game?

“To answer your question, they wouldn’t have put him back in the game if he had a concussion, no. He was evaluated without a concussion.”


But you don’t know if he has any symptoms that have surfaced since?

“No, I don’t.”


What brought former NFL RB Franco Harris in?

“I don’t know. I don’t know. [Former 49ers LS] Brian Jennings was the one that told me Franco was here and he talked to him up in the box, but I’m not aware of the reason.”

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    1. This choice of headline may have been Grant’s best journalistic work in the past several weeks ;-)

      1. My count is that all Grant has produced is two grades columns and numerous reposted interview transcripts since December 10th. I guess the Niners aren’t the only ones who quit on this season. All the headline does is confirm Grant’s lack of journalistic integrity.

  1. I will be so thankful when this season is over because it means that these incessant questions about what one or more sources say about Harbaugh’s tenure here will be over.

    1. I just hope they hold onto him as long as possible to make sure we get a pick or something incase he goes to another NFL team. If not, then Jed and company are even dumber than I thought. Their best way out would be for him to return to college. My question is; if he leaves on his own to go to college, will the 49ers still have his rights for one more season if he returned to the NFL?

      1. Big Niner – Good question bro. I know Nick Saban had 3 years remaining on his Dolphin contract when he accepted the Alabama offer.

  2. Well Baalke has something else (or already is) to worry about. I am telling you one of the reasons Ray Mac was cut is it looks as though he was also a bad influence on Aldon. I live in the area where McDonald lives and the street Aldon had hit a tree on when he was busted for DUI is very close to Ray McDonalds home. Those other issues Baalke alluded to may have had something to do with McDonald and Aldon.


    1. Wow! If Aldon was drinking, the Niners truly are a team in “disarray.”

      I felt pretty good after the Seattle game because the defensive subs played so well. The defensive depth (seemed) formidable enough to ensure the 49ers would be contenders in the near future.

      After Saturday’s game I’m no so confident. If Reid’s chronically concussion prone, that’s it for his career. Now it looks like having Aldon in for one more year isn’t the sure thing I thought it was.

      Before the season I thought 2015 draft needs were:
      – Fast edge WR
      – Depth at strong safety
      – Depth at O-line

      Now the 49ers 2015 draft needs are:
      – Quarterback
      – Edge pass rusher
      – Free safety
      – Depth at strong safety
      – Fast edge WR
      – Running back
      – Tight End

      The long term personnel outlook has dropped dramatically.

        1. What draft pick do you think the 49ers get for a player with only one year left on his contract, and a 50% chance of getting suspended?

          Kaepernick, with his extremely “team friendly” contract would be better draft pick bait at this point.

  3. William Shatner should put Harbaugh’s press conference statements beat poetry, accompanied by bongos and base cello.

    ““What will happen, will happen. What won’t happen, won’t happen “

  4. Raise your hand if you picked the Niners to win 11 or more games this season. Let’s see those hands.

      1. But nobody could predict this many injuries and this many guys going on the IR. Is this a single season record for the 49ers?

    1. How many games did Kaep give away? There’s your answer!
      They should have went 11-3 or 12-4 based on the schedule.

      Losses should have been to:

      Instead we have additional losses to DA Bears — Thanks Kaep and your 4 turnovers!
      Rams — Thanks for the fumble at the goal line!
      Seattle at home! — Thanks for missing wide open wrs!
      Raiders! — Thanks for abandoning the first play from scrimmage and throwing a pick!

      There you have it folks — your 2014 San Francisco 49ers! But hey! they beat the Chiefs and Alex Smith!

      1. Fan777- No thanks to you for being such a stupid Tool with your continual, repetitive and ceaseless droning.

        1. Oh by the way. Payton Manning threw 4 picks today. Two of them in a row towards the end of the game. The last one was a pick six that closed the door on any chance the Bronco’s had.

          Payton needs to learn to read defenses and quit telegraphing his throws. He had that a deer in the headlights look in his eyes. They should just give up and trade him he because he will never develop into an elite QB. He just doesn’t have the football IQ.

    2. I predicted 11-5. Without these many injuries and a slightly better O line play would have got them to that record.– Kap’s regression notwithstanding.

        1. How the cards doing these days? The freaking 24.5ers will probably beat them in the 1st half. Then find a way to blow the game in the final minutes again.

        2. Basically without Carson Palmer. Just goes to show how much distractions, injuries and poor QB play can derail a season.

          1. Basically Palmer plus John Abraham, Andre Ellington, Darnell Dockett, Troy Niklas, Daryl Washington and Jonathan Dwyer.

              1. Caldwell. If the Lions beat the pack. Would that be the Lions first division title since 1993? But they won’t so it will not matter.

          2. F*@k the Cardinals. They’re choking as expected. 49ers will pound their arse next week.

            Prime, you really are stupid even by Canadian standards.

        3. No Grant. Tge cardinals had a lot of injuries. We had a TON of injuries to both sides of the ball. Multiple injuries.

      1. I’m surprised the 49ers squeaked out 7 wins considering…
        – An all star injury list
        – Vernon’s evil twin Skippy taking his place at TE
        – 7 different offensive line combinations
        – Another hell schedule
        – Crabtree playing like an actual sea crustacean
        – The Turlock Tursenado regressing to junior high play

        At the start of season’s everyone makes their predictions based mainly on roster talent. At season’s end, many of those very same people say “injuries don’t matter. Next man up.”

        Players matter

            1. Davis was the Niners’ most explosive receiver this past Saturday and Roman called only one play for him. Roman has done things like that for four years.

            2. Horsepoop

              There’s nothing wrong with Vernon Davis that a QB who will throw him the ball can’t fix. Damn! you people are making me look smart……….

      2. II called for 9-7 or 8-8 if certain things happened….they didn’t . Every team has injuries, it’s how you deal with them….If you play your starters into the 4th quarter , they will be too exhausted by the 9th or 10th game….you need to use your bench…we didn’t… until players started going down. That’s just poor game management coach….

    3. I picked 10 or 11, but I assumed 10-6 would get a Wild Card spot. I knew Az was up-&-coming and that Rams could be spoilers so I thought the NFCWest would give up some wins to each other.

    4. “Let’s see those hands.”
      I will say that at this moment in history that that’s a better wording choice than:
      “Hands up!”
      : >)

      Too soon? Hope not.

    5. I thought 10 wins was about right, but I saved your prediction just in case they did better than that.

      “When Aldon Smith finally comes back, the 49ers probably will be 5-4 with two games still to go against the Seahawks. The Niners also have to play the Chargers Week 16 and the Cardinals Week 17.

      10-6 is the best-case scenario for the 49ers this season, and 9-7 and 8-8 are realistic outcomes, too. Please don’t blame me. I’m merely doing the math.

      Missing the playoffs for the first time in the Jim Harbaugh Era is another possible outcome.

      You can’t blame it all on Aldon Smith. But he didn’t help.

      All based on last years numbers, and nothing based on an evaluation of the current team on it’s own merits. They cna only maintain a 10 and 6 record if they win at least one divisional game against Seattle or Arizona.

      Walshe’s last Superbowl win came after a 10 and 6 season. ”

      You nailed it, and now Aldon Smith may be gone, gone, gone.

    6. I us losing to the Saints,Broncos,splitting with Arizona and Seattle and losing one of either the Eagles,Rams,Bears or Cowboys.so I guess I had us at 11 and 5

    7. Guilty as charged.
      I had them at 11-5 or 10-6 with a shot at a SB appearance.
      Arrrrggghhhh! What the heck happened!

    8. Didn’t predict the # of wins…but I REEEEEALY thought this would be the year they went all the way.
      This is like BizarroWorld…the 49ers can’t win and the Warriors can’t lose.

  5. From an article by Matt Barrows regarding Aldon Smith:

    “Terms of the probation include not drinking alcohol or going to a liquor store. At the time of his sentencing, a judge warned Smith that breaking the terms would result in jail time.”

    Can I just click my heels together and make it all go away.

    1. Only if it allows you to turn back the clock, find Smith, and take a 9 iron to his head so that he won’t be such an idiot.

        1. You should. One time I let go of a 9 iron I was using and almost took out one of my friends in the process.

    2. If Aldon went to rehab, then he’s an addict and relapse is common and expected. This is probably not the first time, just the first time he got caught. The 49ers were great to support him, but they’re also enabling him as well.

      1. It looks as though Ray McDonald was the enabler. Also if Aldon is Baalke’s boy and he has been on record protecting him, then he as well is an enabler.

        I bet that has a lot to do with any type of locker room issues that have been reported. Other players especially the vets would have a big issue with the coddling on Aldon.

    1. The burden of proof and presumptions of innocense seem to me (as an amateur observer) to be somewhat lesser in Court for Probation Violations. I don’t think its a guarantee or required that you be represented by legal counsel; pretty much they call your name and send you to sentence, but in every one of those cases I saw was an arresting authority making the charge, not a witness to a peripheral case. Not sure this case automatically triggers the justice system to react.
      Perhaps JPN or someone with hands on knowledge can offer an informed perspective on that.

  6. I believe I predicted we’d be lucky to finish 9-7. And that’s mostly because of Kaep. I understand the injuries argument. But Denver and New England were decimated by injuries last year and both teams still made the AFC Championship. That’s the difference real QBs make. When your QB can’t get it done, it’s a snowball effect. The whole team starts to crumble. Everyone gets discouraged. Players, coaches, fans.

    Looking forward to 2015.

    1. Sully:

      Looks like that discussion we had yesterday regarding a possible Aldon trade was prescient.

  7. The date reported as the “night of drinking” at McDonald’s house is Dec. 14th. Seems a bit odd since that was the day of the Seattle game in Seattle. I guess these young whipper snappers can party all night long even after a hard game and flight back to the Bay Area.

  8. Just saw on the news Harbaugh got permission to leave. Who is gonna replace him? Who are we gonna get as Offensive coordinator? Think we will be able to keep Vic Fangio?

  9. New name to throw on the rumor pile:

    John Middlekauff @JohnMiddlekauff · 9h 9 hours ago
    One name I’ve heard to keep an eye on for SF is Jimbo Fisher. An very bright offensive mind, Baalke has drafted his players.

    John Middlekauff @JohnMiddlekauff · 9h 9 hours ago
    Obviously if Fisher wins the Rose Bowl, would make things complicated, but if he loses I’d expect Baalke/York to interview

    John Middlekauff @JohnMiddlekauff · 9h 9 hours ago
    Also been hearing that if Tomsula is the next coach in SF, it would be very unlikely that Vic Fangio would stay.

    1. Jimbo Fisher is someone I hadn’t considered, but the idea is intriguing. If Fisher gets an interview, why not Malzahn? As for Fangio, that’s not a surprise….

    2. If Fisher was HC, and Winston declares, would be interesting to see if the 49ers looked to draft him.

        1. His off field dramas and less than stellar season will likely mean he falls a bit, I think. 49ers might still need to trade up a bit, but that should be a little easier this year given where they’ll be picking.

          1. Boy oh boy, if they drafted a first round quarterback that happened to be the new head coaches guy, they would almost certainly move Kaepernick….

            1. Yes, you’d imagine so.

              For the record I don’t think they will hire Fisher or draft Winston.

              1. I don’t know a whole lot about him. He’s got a great record, you have to be impressed by that. But he’s also had some elite talent to work with.

                From what I understand he’s got a reputation as a meticulous planner, is well liked by the players, but is kind of a nervous, twitchy type of character.

                In short, I’m not sure what to think of him.

              2. He replaced a legend in Bowden as well. No easy task. Could he replace the phenomena that is Harbaugh? I actually think he could….

            2. Maybe, but I doubt it will happen. Fisher would probably be like a kid in a candy store if he had Kaep as his QB.

              1. Looks like the 49ers will need a plan b at free safety as well. Reid is not going to last much longer….

              2. Has anyone been able to identify how he got concussed? His last play was on Cox’s INT, and he didn’t appear to be hit on that play. Maybe something happened in back play?

              3. I didn’t see it, but clearly there’s a problem there. Each ensuing concussion seems to increase the susceptibility, which tells me retirement will be sooner rather than later….

              4. I didn’t see it, but clearly there’s a problem there. Each ensuing concussion seems to increase the susceptibility, which tells me retirement will be sooner rather than later….

              5. I had mentioned something about that after the game. Who do you guys think could replace him?

              6. Ward would be the obvious choice, if Reid continues to have concussion issues in the future.

              7. I’ll consider it an issue if he injures the foot again. I believe pre-draft was the first time he ever had a serious foot injury, and the screw that was inserted in his foot during the first surgery was bent during the Saints game and needed to be replaced. According to Ward they’ve inserted a more heavy duty screw this time.

              8. I’d rather see Ward stay at NCB primarily because I think his skill set is better suited at that position and only be utilized as an emergency option at S.

                Kurtis Drummond looks like he could be a find in the middle rounds.

              9. So the the problem with Ward was that he had a ‘Screw loose?’ lol.

                I had a bad feeling about Reed when they drafted him. Didn’t think he was a bad pick as a player just that he was a bad choice. My gut feelings usually turn out right. Thought I was wrong because of his first season play, but as Razor points out he may not last that long. I also suspect that his decline this season is probably due to him playing cautiously because he is trying to protect himself from concussions.

              10. “I also suspect that his decline this season is probably due to him playing cautiously because he is trying to protect himself from concussions.”

                You clearly aren’t watching him play. He sure doesn’t play like he’s trying to protect himself from concussions.

              11. Scooter- Not his last couple of games Ward was playing like a beast. But in the early part of the season he was timid. Ergo his play recently resulted in another concussion.

    3. No thanks. He can’t even keep his current QB in line, so how exactly would he keep someone like Smith in line?

    4. I’d support Fisher. Although I’d be sad to see him leave FSU. HE’d most definitely need a good d coordinator. His defense was #1 until his defensive coordinator left and went to the university of KY

  10. Preliminary favorites for 2014 All Pro team

    QB: Aaron Rodgers
    RB: Marshawn Lynch, DeMarco Murray
    FB: Ryan Hewitt
    TE: Rob Gronkowski
    WR: Antonio Brown, Dez Bryant
    T: Joe Thomas, Jason Peters, Tyron Smith, Jason Veldheer
    G: Marshal Yanda, Josh Sitton, Zack Martin, Joel Bitonio
    C: Nick Mangold, Travis Frederick
    DE: J.J. Watt, Ziggy Ansah
    DT: Ndamukong Suh, Sheldon Richardson, Kyle Williams
    OLB: Von Miller, Justin Houston
    ILB: Dont’a Hightower, C.J. Mosley
    CB: Richard Sherman, Darrelle Revis, Vontae Davis
    S: Earl Thomas, Eric Weddle

          1. No, they do not have similar stats. Bell has 77 receptions for 774 yards (10.1 ypc) to go with his 1,341 yards on the ground (4.8 ypc).

            He’s the best dual threat RB in the NFL right now.

            1. Yes, similar stats. Lynch is averaging 4.7 ypc and 9.7 ypr. The touchdowns are the difference. Plus Lynch is the best player on his team. Bell isn’t even the second best player on the Steelers’ offense.

              1. Different offenses, different players. Seahawks use Lynch a lot in the red zone because he’s an excellent power back. Bell is more of a finesse runner, and the Steelers pass more.

                Both are excellent players, but Bell is the Steelers ground attack and is also the Steelers second leading receiver, while Lynch hasn’t even accounted for half his team’s rushing yards and is not used anywhere near as much in the passing game.

      1. Agreed. I’d replace Marshawn Lynch with Bell, he has been huge this year as a dual threat. I’d also take Julio Jones or Demaryius Thomas over Dez Bryant.

        Branden Albert has been on IR since Nov. 10, would be something of a surprise for a guy that only played 9 games to make the all pro squad, no matter how well he played in those 9 games.

          1. Dez Bryant is obviously a good candidate. But has the luxury of playing on a team that is doing well, moving the ball consistently, with the best running game in the NFL. Jones has been a shining light on offense for the Falcons.

    1. You’ve got two guys that I had in my 2014 mock draft up there. Nice.

      Does Denver win in New England in January?

    1. They may live to regret it, but if the relationship has completely soured and is beyond repair it’s best that both parties move on.

      Side note: Interesting that Franco Harris was in attendance as revealed by the local media. Could a possible Bill Cowher sighting be in the offing as well? Hmmm.

    1. Claude, barrows just tweeted that Aldon did nothing wrong.. His probation states he can drink just not drive drunk.. We are good..

        1. Claude, I don’t know about you but this might be a perfect time to trade Aldon.. For example if niners make a splash signing like jimbo fisher(I don’t see it) they can package Aldon and lets say the 15th pick to move up for Winston… Your thoughts? Trade CK for a second to the eagles maybe.

            1. I second staying away from Winston. You don’t want your team’s leader to be its biggest criminal.

      1. We’re good and yet we’re not. If Smith was drinking, then that is a problem in itself given his history.

  11. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is Peyton Manning’s last year. His arm looks weak and his play has been declining. Would he be available as an OC?

  12. Nice pick up. The article Barrows wrote said he could not drink or go to a liquor store. Looks like he was wrong.

  13. Halftime of Monday Night Game:

    Schefter is reporting that Harbaugh’s choices have essentially been narrowed down to Michigan and the Raiders. Says pendulum is swinging towards Michigan.

      1. Does anyone believe Michigan has deep enough pockets to compete with a NFL team or that Harbaugh would signal an admonition that he can’t hang with the big boys? C’mon man! I’m starting to think that Harbaugh got to finish these games on the condition he gives the team a third or fourth round draft pick when he chooses the Raiders. What I don’t understand is why York would let the lion loose in his own backyard? Foolish….

        1. Wolverines have very deep pockets and will probably match any NFL team dollar for dollar to restore that historic program.

      2. More $ for Jim = more $ for Dunn
        Its step-up time for Dunn; Agent’s Playoff Time. Or should that be Pay off?

    1. RayDuhs haven’t had an opportunity to even make an opening pitch yet. Still 3rdQ.
      Sara will like LA; Jennifer does. Just kidding.

  14. I hope Trent considers the Bengals DC + OC. That team is seriously prepared for tonight’s game.
    I bet Peyton goes to more Hurry-Up in 2nd Half.

      1. What was the outcome of that game? So they’re still worth a look……(shrug)
        I haven’t been real excited about the candidate names I’ve heard and read about. If Jed signs Jim Mora we’ll hear the laughter in Seattle all the way down here.
        But let’s focus on my last sentence of that comment; I got that right. : >)

        1. If Mora is signed this blog and every other 49ers blog will blow up. I’m hoping that the very real possibility that the new stadium could turn into an albatross around the 49ers’ and NFL’s necks, will force the FO to select a coach that has a proven track record.

              1. They don’t call it the “Andy Dalton Line” for nothing. He’s the quintessential borderline starting QB. He’s the yard stick, the guy that if your QB is worse than him, then you definitely need a new QB.

              2. Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, you can’t be confident that Dalton is going to up his game.

                Better the devil you know.

              1. Daltons has not been great, maybe worse than CK. But his game has merit. CK has so many things to overcome to be a bonafide starter in the NFL long term

            1. If dalton had wet the bed in the playoffs in a 49er uniform like he has for the bungles he would be treated like the red headed step child.

              1. Jesus Bald Headed Christ! Your not comparing Dalton’s playoff record to Kaepernicks are you? I’m way to tired to waste energy defending our current bum.

          1. Well, that’s not what I intended to write. Dalton’s playoff performances to date leave me wary of him.

              1. Wait a minute; no I don’t. I wrote it correctly. The subject (Playoff performances) is plural.

        1. I know your not asking me but….
          Even though I have lost faith in Kaepernick I would still take him over Dalton.

  15. Jed York is a no class punk. The York Family ownership has been the curse of this franchise. They built an overpriced stadium with a lousy lawn, alienated their fan base, and lost one of the best coaches in their history. Get ready for a long dearth and another revolving door of mediocre coaches. Wouldn’t it be great if we could fire the damn ownership. The 2014 season was a goner not because of coaching or players. It was this pathetic ownership and their kiss butt management that doomed this season.

    1. Bad tackling technique. Can’t cover or get a pass rush. Too small and slow. Hasn’t got a clue on reading coverages. Yup, Jed sucks.

    2. Jed hit the jackpot with the Harbaugh hiring. Now his cheapness is showing. He’s seeing $$$ and will run a successful coach out of town. He won’t be so lucky this time around. Any successful, self respecting coach will have second thoughts to come work for these stooges. This pathetic Dan Snyder wannabe is ruining the 49ers.

  16. Grant – Is there anyway we can go back to the old format?…..I know it’s been about 2 yrs now but I think most of us like the old one better…..Take a poll to see if I’m right……Why did it change anyways bro? Was it the blog masters idea?

      1. Dee Phiant – I always did think you were one of the smarter regulars in here. :-)……I dig the new avatar.

  17. 4 notes:

    1.G Ro should have been gone after Super Bowl loss.

    2. The window symbolically closed with Bowman’s injury in Seattle.

    3. Jed York blows as a leader.

    4. Draft some guys that can pass protect

  18. I’m gonna miss comments like this;
    “The high road’s the only road I know. I’ll just keep on that one.”
    “Like I said, what will happen, will happen, what won’t happen, won’t happen.”

    Grant can you do a poll or column on the Harbaurisms when he goes?

    “I’m going with the hot hand”

    1. You beat me to it. Mid…
      I was thumbing through some comments and was a little shocked to read some of them saying trade him with no proof he was drinking. And some were ones who had Mcdonalds back when he was going through it the first time.

      No way you can prove he was drinking that night. And if he’s tested twice a week he would have been popped, an we would have heard about it.
      This is a girl who slipped and bumped her head and can’t really remember if she was raped.
      Shame on you hypocrites who said trade him before any proof, although he would be hard to believe. You still have to wait for the proof. Shame on you Mary’s. Lol

      1. MD – How bout those fools in Ferguson Missouri…Ignoring all clear evidence… .This 6-5 300 lb Brown dude was an undisputed thief, midget store owner bully, stoner and a disrespectful thug…..I dislike a majority of cops but this Wilson cop did no wrong IMO…You punch a cop in the face and charge him, after you strong-arm rob a liquor store…You will most likely die….No matter what color you are……Happy Birthday Harbs and to myself (Up late celibrating with my wife) Cold IPA’s are flowing……Have a good day fellas.

        1. I agree with everything you said there crabs….
          But where the heck did that come from? Lol

            1. Crab15-Maybe our phones & computers should have Breathalyzer Locks that kick in between 11pm-3am.

              1. Bro T – That’s hilarious!…..
                Hey Harbs is 51 today and yours truly is 50 today….Have a cold one for my birthday :-)……I’m not too far away from getting a Denny’s senior citizen discount….Lol

              2. I thought I had a few buddies in here. Aloha means goodbye. I still love you all. I wish you the best in the future…Take care……Go Niners

        2. Perfect example of an agenda driven mob mentality that ignores facts and circumstances in order to reinforce their own predetermined objectives. Sort of parallels certain posters takes on the the reasons for the 49ers demise.

          1. Really Willtalk?
            I’ve never robbed a store or burned down a business.
            Yet I believe that major changes need to take place at 4949 Centennial Way.

            1. AES—What ever changes that need to take place need to be motivated by actual facts or examples of such and not fabricated stories that those that promote their political agenda’s manufacture for their own purposes. The masses in general are easily fooled and manipulated by those that convince them to jump out of someone else’s frying pan and into their fire.

              I am probably more politically radical that most of you, but the causes and agenda’s that most people see as solutions are nothing but ” Trojan Horses” by individuals that want to overthrow a power structure not because they really care about the ignorant people who buy into their BS, but because they want to erect another structure only with them as the masters. Usually the system that replaces the first is much worse than what it replaced.

        3. Not really crab. Jim Kelly’s son was just arrested for kicking and punching a cop. Nothing but an arrest and charges were brought against him.

      2. I don’t care what he was drinking. Trade Aldon Smith even if he was drinking sarsaparillas that day. The dude is a ticking time bomb of dumb ass with an entire offseason ahead of him.

      3. MD: your team’s imploding for all kinds of reasons, and character issues is just one of them. So why don’t you accept that with grace. FO is housecleaning. News flash y’all thought you should have won more games. Me too and maybe if ASmith hadn’t been MIA you would have. And where was he, oh yeah on suspension for 11 weeks for probation for drugs, firearms. And some of you guys want to defend their rights when they are destroying your team. McDonald’s third investigation for this type of problem and your upset b/c they let him go. Welcome to the dumb dumb party, I guess you’re getting what you deserve.

        1. I just heard on the radio that McDonald filled out an affidavit saying Aldon Smith was drinking with him. Why would a teammate do that to another teammate. Maybe McDonald said they went to the liquor store together. Unbelievable.

    2. My thinking is that if he violated probation they should cut him. It looks like that may not be the case now, but I’m still concerned if it’s true that he was drinking. I don’t see how the team can trust him going forward if he’s drinking. They’ve supported this kid through a lot of off field problems and there has to be a point where you cut the chord.

      1. If he wast drinking he wasn’t drinking. Because his teammate may have made a bad choice doesn’t mean he should be punished. Maybe pick better friends to hangout with. His stay was said to be a half hour.

          1. 9ers are wayyyyy down my list, LOL!
            The Banks, Defence Contractors and BigAgriBiz and BigEnergy are more my worry. And I expect to have ZERO effect on them in my lifetime.
            Corporate salaries and and golden parachutes, well, I can’t say much printable, so, I dunno, Fugg it!

  19. I made no prediction what so ever. There are entirely to many unpredictable and unforeseeable circumstances that can happen every season. This season seemed to bring them all into play. Too many uncontrollable variables for me to even want to have ventured a guess.

  20. So, is our plan to let Harbs walk for no compensation? I understand that if he’s going to Michigan. But if he does decide to coach in the pros…wow. In that case I would have rather we made him the highest paid coach in the league and fired Baalke.

    1. I don’t think compensation was ever going to be easy to get. Harbaugh can nix any trade, wait for them to fire him, and then sign with any team. Maybe a trade that involves Vernon and/or Aldon going with Harbaugh would be satisfactory to Harbaugh – especially if it is a team which has a lot of cap space (Oakland). He might go for a trade where Oakland gives up a 2nd round pick for him and Aldon/Vernon or some other player(s). Just speculation of course.

      Also, if Glazer is right that the Harbaugh situation will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours after the season ends, then I’m not sure there would be enough time for the other team to satisfy the Rooney rule. As I understand it, the rule has to be satisfied before a trade can happen.

      1. Looking at that article the cap isn’t going to be an issue. There’s many ways to free up room and releasing/retiring players is likely to happen as well.

    1. Did you read the article? Replace Kaepernick! I know I’ve been saying this all year and it’s not like I get joy from repeating this — other then the image of Bay Area making his big pouty face.

      The offense was vanilla, because Kaep had to make throws and couldn’t throw with his reads.
      The team has only 3 TD in the 4th quarter ALL YEAR! Kaep hasn’t throw a TD pass in the 4th at all. That’s when winners show up.

      The alternative is to send him to Tiber to live with monks and open up his mind.

      1. Replace Kaepernick with who? Give us all a true replacement that can do what Kaepernick has done in the past 2 and a half years.

        1. Exactly Rocket. This isn’t like when everybody knew that Peyton Manning was going to be available. There’s absolutely no immediate upgrade anywhere this off season.

          1. This team has too many needs and holes to fill to waste too much capital on a replacement QB at this point in time. Those were the holes that should have been filled in the last three drafts when the picks and capital was available. It will be really hard from now on.

        2. From the mouth of Cosell. Someone the non supporters of Kaepernick like to quote:

          “I don’t know what people expect with these guys(referring to Colin),” Cosell explained. “They are coming into the NFL from offenses that are not really NFL-specific … you’re now asking guys how to play quarterback in the NFL, in the NFL. That takes time. That’s hard to do.”

          I thought it would take Kaepernick at least 2 years just to see the field, and another year to positively function on it. He may be at the crossroads, but I don’t think he needs to make a deal with the devil to improve. He just needs an offensive mind that can exorcise his demons….

          1. I don’t think an offensive mind will exorcise all of his demons Razor. Some of them have to be dealt with by working on his craft.

          2. Razor- All that was made triplely difficult by all the problems this team was having both this season and last. It’s a chore even under optimum conditions.

      1. Ha! Yea. I keep telling myself he’ll be gone, but he keeps hanging around….after the play is over.

  21. I find it funny that you guys are really trying to find ways to get Harbaugh to agree to a trade. If it’s one thing you guys should have learned is the man goes to the beat of his own drum. He’s not going to allow the niners to benefit from letting him go. Why would he?

    The niners have set themselves up for failure. They better have his replacement there asap. Or else, this turns into a slippery slope.

    1. Agree that the possibility of Harbaugh agreeing to a trade is remote. But he might accept a package deal if it included players from the 49ers that he really wants and, of course, the 49ers are willing to move on from.

    2. I am a dreamer, and I dream big, but I doubt Harbaugh is going to go to any NFL team. I doubt he’s going to approve any trade regardless of who is involved. He’s going to make the niners suffer just like he does all of his enemies.

        1. I don’t see how you can say that. He’ll be moving on to somewhere he’s wanted and getting paid for it.

          His “enemies” not only have to replace him but hope they can duplicate his success.

  22. 2015 Prediction… If Kaep is still starting QB, we finish 6-10 at best, and come in last in the NFC West.

  23. the only reason i support a new coach is because he will have no problem telling #7 what he is doing wrong and probably call him out in public…..I believe JH is too soft or blind on #7 flaws, can’t really blame him after the brief success they had together..

    1. Publicly scolding a player benefits no one. I know you’d like the pleasure of seeing a coach dog Kaep, but very few good coaches scold players publicly. Ex: Pete Carroll/Marshawn Lynch

      1. KY I don’t anything about PC scolding Lynch. If Lynch got a scolding from PC, he probably deserved it. Kaep has an entirely different temperament and does everything to please his coach, I’m sure. He knows when he’s screwed up.

        But Carroll did call out Alvin Bailey yesterday on the radio about his weight. Both he and Carpenter came into Camp overweight and out of shape. And said that’s when injuries happen. PC said he’d had several convers. with Bailey and he needs to drop 25 lbs. Thing is I believe he has the ability to be a really good tackle but he’s undisciplined and is going to blow it.

        1. I was saying Pete Carroll doesn’t scold his players publicly. When he was getting peppered with questions about Lynch’s attitude and how he didn’t go into the game at halftime of the Chiefs game, he never scolded lynch. If he does scold his players its in private. That’s where that needs to take place. As far as people showing up to camp overweight and out of shape, mentioning that publicly isn’t bad. He didn’t say anything negative. My point is you don’t scold player publicly. Nothing is accomplished by embarrassing someone.

          1. Thanks KY: I heard another tidbit on the radio. It was conjecture by Brock I think relating to Lynch not starting until after the 1st qt. PC had his interview with them and said the standard “Lynch had an upset stomach and just could get going.” Salk said and I don’t know how he came up with this, “that there had been some “problem” and Cable sat him for a qtr.

            But PC just went on and on about that run like a kid. And and the way he flopped on his back — does he really have back probs. But maybe the adrenalin takes over. Anyway, its going to be interesting to see if he will be here in 2015

            1. The Hawks are in a very tough spot with Lynch. Pay him and you risk the return of an unmotivated past his prime type player for the duration of his contract. He is and always was a head case.
              Or you get the Beast at his prime for another 1, maybe 2 more years.
              The problem is he will want term and at his age, it’s tough to determine how long his shelf life will be.
              He is however the lifeblood of that offense and Wilson’s safety blanket.

              1. Lynch is under contract to the Hawks for another year. They don’t have to re-sign him to a long term deal.

  24. Trade Kaepernick/”Harbaugh’s Revenge” to the Browns. Immediately. Trade Harbaugh to the Raiders. Trade Aldon Smith if you can.

    1. Sully, I know but Lynch will want another deal and you know it. Hell I think he deserves it. And Prime you’re right I’m beginning to think he really is a headcase. But he made a commitment to the team and even though he held out he worked out in his gym in Oakland, lost 25 lbs and was fit and looked and played better than ever. BTW I was pretty impressed with Turbin.

  25. Frank Gore is averaging 2.7 yards per carry against the NFC West and 4.7 yards per carry against the rest of the NFL this season.

    1. Contribute some of that to the coaching staff having a phobia of running the ball in some of those games, like the one against the Cardinals for example.

    2. Is there a metric for how all runners do vs NFC West and vs rest of League? Maybe its game planning and play calling, but the division has built its rosters to be tough against the run. Likely all of the above I’d guess.

  26. Raiders would be very lucky to land Coach Harbaugh. I presume that kind of deal would include more say in personnel decisions.That team needs plenty, however Coach would have what appears to me to be a young budding star at QB (and he can wear black…eh Coach not really 49er colors!) Best of luck to a real hardass football man-and a winner!

  27. Happy Birthday to one of my lifelong mates, Mr. Dave Murray! 57 years and shredding. Still have his wristband that he threw to my wife, yea!@;

    1. Happy B’day to another shredder too; James Williamson. He’s got a new release: Relicked.

      1. OK Miss Mary
        You & I sqwat a lot at each other, but that thar’s funny.
        I am totally a Jazz&Blues guy, but James is my brother-in-law, and his current old-dude-with-various-artists project is darned good. Lil bitty club celebritory extravaganza in LA in January. I’ll be there.

        1. Oh Tuna do you pick on me from time-to-time — I never noticed. Merry Christmas BTW to you and everyone. Enjoy your extravaganza — sounds like fun event.

    1. The comments to that article point out some apparent contradictions. I don’t know, but I don’t put much credence to this one. Not much here.

    2. Boy everyone is really reaching for anything to stir the waters. Very interesting something like this comes. IF it is true in any form it sure looks like the battle lines are drawn in the front office and “Little York” has lost control of the situation. This puts most if not all the leverage in Harbaugh’s lap.

    3. Considering many other reports have indicated Marathe is one of the front office execs that Harbaugh doesn’t get along with, I find this hard to believe.

  28. With the OC from Michigan going to UF that should open the door for Greg Roman IF Harbaugh goes.

  29. Man its hard to sort through all the noise and try to guess at the truthiness. e.g.
    Trent hates Jim
    Jed hates Jim
    Paraag hates Jim. Trent was Jim’s last advocate
    No, Paraag might go with Jim
    or the conflicting accounts & statements regarding the accusations against McDonald: Aldon was drinking. No he wasn’t. He went to the liquor store with Ray and the woman. No, he just stopped by for half an hour on his way to a charity event.
    JFC!!! How do you tell? Can’t count on the news media because they repeat everything with namely-pamby little disclaimers but without vetting anything.
    So, if you want to know what’s going to happen you’re better off throwing the bones or reading tea leaves or using a Ouija Board or believing your fortune cookie strip.
    ‘Oh Great 8-Ball, what’s going to happen with Harbaugh?’
    “Unclear. Ask again later.”

    1. I predict that it will be a low offer, and Frank will take more money and/or a better chance at getting to the Superbowl somewhere else.

      1. I suspect you are right – a low/ mid range 1 year deal (maybe $2M – $3M) and an understanding he would probably share the carries with Hyde. He’ll likely get a better offer elsewhere, and take it.

        1. Scooter:

          I saw a free agent list somewhere recently (maybe you pointed us towards it), and I remember thinking that the salaries of the free agent running backs did not exceed $3 million or so.

          I’m not sure why you think anyone will offer Frank more. While he may be “legendary” to us, I doubt others see him that way. What they probably see is an aging RB who can still contribute but can no longer be the workhorse.

          1. A team that needs a starting RB may be willing to pay a little more for a guy like Gore for 1 or 2 years, and such a team could offer him an undisputed starting role/ lions share of the snaps.

            With the 49ers I would not be surprised if they let him know Hyde will be taking a large share of his snaps next year, or at least that they would want Hyde to start taking over his role if he proves capable in TC next year.

            1. As usual, ScooterMcNiner takes a level headed approach to managing a team’s value and opportunities with the roster. Alas I feel compelled to resist his trade suggestion, and thereby expose myself as a hopeless Homer. If Gore wants to come back on a one year deal & understands he’ll be losing some reps, then I think they should keep him here. Right here. It’s a totally emotionally partisan driven HomerFanBoy mentality on my part, but I won’t apologize. In life I’ve found attitude, on one level or another, IS the difference in competitive situations; business, sports, military. Frank has a personal impact on the team that (in my addled mind) transcends actuarial analysis. Long Live The Lion, LOL!!!

              1. I’d love to see Frank the Tank back next year, but I wouldn’t pay over the odds to keep him. At some point you need to let the youngsters have their chance, and the salary cap needs to be managed.

                Off the top of my head, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Colts have some interest in him (though I don’t know what their cap situation is like), and if Harbaugh goes to the Raiders then Gore could follow him.

        1. Thought it was a part time gig. If he worked with him through training camp only, he needs a whole offseason then.

    1. I’m okay with it. Bring on the Ducks. Now we can only speculate who the Niners plan to replace Harbaugh with.

  30. Maiocco just asked Kaepernick about the possibility of working with a QB Guru a couple of hours ago. He said he seemed to be open to the idea. In fact, he made it sound as if he’s doing the research on which QB guru with whom he wants to work with this offseason. Excellent!

    1. Kaep doesn’t seem like the person who thinks he’s too good to learn. I think him not being open with the media, leaves fans and everyone else to fill in the blanks. Which we usually get wrong. I believe it will be a mistake not to give him a few more years to develope.

      1. I believe it will be a mistake not to give him a few more years to develope.

        That’s a little much KY. A few years would put Kaep at 30 or older.

        1. He was behind Alex Smith. It’s not like he was behind Brett Farve or Drew Bledsoe. QB’s play almost until 40. He doesn’t take hits. If there’s a chance to get a sure fire QB – get them. But he’s better than most in the league now.

          1. But he shouldn’t take a few more years to develop. Two more at the most maybe, but even that is pushing it. And it’s not guaranteed that he will play until he is forty.

            1. Two is fine. Only issue is who do we replace him with. Most of the players that have been named still have to prove themselves. As terrible as this season was, we could possibly be right back in the NFCCG next season. Barring offseason – off the field troubles. And finding an offensive identity.

              1. Trade for someone that be a capable backup (or starter if need be) and draft another that can sit for a year or two.

              2. MW,

                I am all about winning. I Like Kaep. There’s nothing to not like about him in my opinion. He doesn’t get in trouble, he respects his coaches, teammates, etc. With that said, I’m a niners fan first. All I want to do is win. They need to figure out what they are going to to do. Kaep needs to be committed to putting in his 10,000 hrs. i think he gets back on track next year. Will his numbers be off the charts, I doubt. I do think he will perform better this year than last.

              3. Not arguing that point KY, but having some competition at the QB position wouldn’t be a bad thing either. It could maybe even help Kaep to realize his potential as an NFL QB.

          1. My statement is the opposite of whining. Whining is, for example, when you blame the refs for losing a game, or suggest the league is out to get you when they hand down a punishment, or that the Hawks stadium noise is unfair. Saying you won’t watch a game with a certain QB behind center is simply taking a stand. I understand it won’t change anything on the Niners’ end. But at least I won’t have to get an ulcer screaming at the TV all year. I consider that the better option.

            1. Whining is complaining in a petulant or feeble manner. For example, I’m taking my toys and going home if I don’t get my way….

            2. Sully – Once everyone knows who’s going and staying in 2015 and the draft begins the team will be much more stable and be looking towards the future.

      1. C’mon Sully –
        What’s it going to be then, soccer? The only thing with less scoring than a GRo Offense. Or perhaps the RayDuhs? That should be satisfying.
        I’ll be watching. Some years its steak and some years its spam. I’m not the guy that kicks the dog or yells at my wife when they lose.

      1. Wasn’t that more of an internship? Most internships I’ve seen are more for the intern than the company/team. He probably had some small, relatively insignificant, project to work on.

      2. From what Grant was saying during camp it didn’t sound like he was focusing on Kaep specifically. An offseason working with a QB coach I imagine would be different, more focused.

      3. You should have better knowledge than that Jack. He was in intern and was there to learn, not teach.

  31. Will you still post here if you are not going to watch the games?

    Just kidding. I bet you will be watching next year even if Kaep is still the QB.

    I agree Colin has not progressed as I had hoped, but I stil don’t think he is the only reason the team lost this year. Here’s another way of looking at things. How many losses were mainly Colin’s fault. I would say, Chicago, Seattle (1), and the Raiders. He certainly played well enough in the Cardinal, Chargers, and the Second Seattle loss. The Denver loss was a team wide meltdown, The Ram loss was mainly the fault of center Marcus Martin.

    With the injuries to the O line, the lack of pass rush, Bowman and Willis missing, lack of depth at the cornerback position, and the season long drama over Harbaugh, I don’t think even Joe Montana could have won this year.

    The only way they replace Kap is if the team starts out 0-8 next year. Not gonna happen! The Niners will be back in the playoffs next year. Book it.

    Keep the faith brothers. Go Niners.

  32. Iupati and Staley named to the Pro Bowl. Bethea, Gore, Boone, Borland, and J. Smith named as alternates.

      1. Boone struggled the first few weeks, but since week 6 he’s been playing at a very high level.

  33. Sullyball December 23, 2014 at 4:10 pm
    Until Kaep is replaced I will not watch another Niner game.


    The lie detector determined…..
    That was a lie

  34. I will most likely still post re: our offseason and the draft. And my hope is that Kaep is not behind center Week 1.

    1. I hope you keep posting. Your self defense above didn’t come across as whiney, but I hope you can see how your first one was taken that way. I hear (read) a passionate fan. I share your affliction.

    2. Sully:

      I think at times you post some very interesting ideas. Don’t go dark yet, wait until the offseason is finished. Who knows how you’ll feel in 9 months.

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