Jim Harbaugh: “We’re not going to be concerned about what other people think or point out.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Have you had a chance to talk to RB Marcus Lattimore about his future yet?

“He’s weighing his options and we’ll have an announcement about that, as we said yesterday. Still to come.”


Do you want to just give him space and let him have plenty of time to kind of sift through what he wants to do?

“He’s going to talk to his family. Awaiting the process of that right now.”


Has he had other points over his comeback, had doubts, has he ever come to you and expressed any doubts prior to now?

“That’s the information we have and when we have more information, exact information, we’ll release that.”


Going back on the game yesterday, what really stands out to you and what led to your guys’ demise?

“Didn’t win the football game. Tough loss for us. Several things that I really want to talk to our team, have everybody together, before we (discuss them publicly). Well, probably won’t. What we’re going to do is take action to improve and get on to the next ball game.”


Does that include any dramatic shifts in how you are going to coach this team?

“As always, we’re going to address the areas we need improvement and attack it.”


The offense had success with counter runs yesterday. Twenty-six rushing yards on three counter runs. Why not call more than three?

“Again, rather than pick through each thing publicly, I’d rather talk to our team about that.”


You guys haven’t scored a rushing touchdown in the last five games. That’s the longest stretch since you’ve been here. Is that concerning to you? Does that exemplify, is there something going wrong with the run philosophy with this team now?

“No. We’re going to attack where we need improvement. There’s a lot of fingers that I’m sure will be pointed. We’re not going to be concerned about what other people think or point out. It’s got to be the men that are in the room that have to address it and have to make the necessary improvements.”


Well, RB Frank Gore was one of those guys last night. He was concerned that this team needs to make its mind up about what it wants to do offensively. Is there a sense of confusion among the players of what you guys want to get accomplished?

“As I said earlier, I want to get with our ball club and address it.”


Are you satisfied with the job that offensive coordinator Greg Roman is doing as offensive coordinator?

“Yes. That’s when I say it’s up to the men in the room. Coaches, players, we’re the ones that have to make the improvements and attack the areas that we can.”


Last night, T Joe Staley said that there were some dumb penalties, some dumb techniques and some dumb scheme. Was that a fair assessment?

“I don’t have a comment on the talk until, I want to talk to our ball club and address it.”


With Lattimore, did he come to you or how did that go? And to see a guy who’s worked so hard to come back, unclear about whether he can continue playing, how hard is that to see?

“Rather than speculate and talk now about what the conversations have been or what the options are, I’m sure within the next day, two, we’ll have an official announcement.”


What was your opinion on some of those replay reviews and how they went down?

“How I saw it? Would have seen it differently. That’s probably understandable.”


The last play, upon looking at that replay, was it as inconclusive to you whether QB Colin Kaepernick had the ball or not? Because that’s what the league was ruling, that there was no visual evidence to overturn it.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen anything conclusive on the last play.”


Did the coach’s film show anything conclusive on any of those plays that were reviewed, anything different than what we saw on television?



They were all very close, close judgment type calls?

“Yeah, I think they’re opinion calls.”


Did you have any words with Colin after the game, in terms of just support or even with Frank, just have one-on-one chats with guys or was it just general with the team?

“It was with the team.”


And do you, I don’t know how much you are willing to reveal, but do you blow your stack after a game like that or is it, are you able to maintain your composure and just tell them to move on to the next one?

“I don’t have a way to define it or characterize it. What we will do is move on to the next game and attack improvements, doing the things that are going to help us win football games, eliminate the things that are not going to help us win football games.”


How was C Marcus Martin in his first game?

“I thought he handled his business well. There will be things to learn and grow from with that first start.”


Was there anything at issue with the exchange on that last offensive play that you guys had? Did he rush it? Did Colin rush it? What was the issue there with handling the ball?

“There seemed to be a bit of a bobble of the snap. But Colin got the ball back. And then, hard to tell exactly what made the ball come out the second time.”


Did they have any issues as far as the center-quarterback exchange during the week of practice?

“No. No. And I thought for the most part it was good. As you watch the tape, you see where we all have fingerprints on this from the offensive perspective.”


Obviously, the eight sacks allowed was a big story. It seemed like on, I’d say five to six of those, the Rams just won one-on-one matchups. Is that what you saw? Is that an accurate assessment?

“As I just said, we all had fingerprints on this. It wasn’t just one guy. It wasn’t just one player, wasn’t just one coach. That’s what I saw and that’s what we’ll attack, improvement.”


You’ve had the same coaching staff together four years, really the same core players together since you’ve been here. Is this performance kind of surprising to you to see, like you said, fingerprints across the board, because this team has been in some tough situations before, but it hasn’t really had a performance like that before?

“It’s a tough loss whether you characterize it as some guys are frustrated or surprised or we didn’t get the job done. That’s on the men in the room. That’s us.”


Do you typically watch that film afterward, night of or last night and again today or how’s that routine go?

“Yeah, the night of, afterwards, today.”


Just back to the last snap again, you said the botch on the snap, was there a chance that he had it and the ball got dislodged? It looked like Marcus got pushed back into him, may have dislodged it. Did the film show any evidence of that?

“I don’t know exactly what dislodged it.”


CB Tramaine Brock was active for the game against the Broncos and not two weeks later yesterday. Was he rushed back to soon? Did he sustain a setback in that game against the Broncos?

“We’ll continue to assess that.”


And how close was LB Patrick Willis? Was Willis literally a game-time decision or did you plan beforehand to not play him yesterday?

“We were monitoring it during the week and it wasn’t there for Sunday.”


Were either LB Dan Skuta or WR Brandon Lloyd’s injuries serious yesterday?

“We’re getting those looked at.”


You referenced wanting to talk to the team. Is that a standard meeting, a clear-the-air meeting?

“No, it’s the men in the room. That’s our responsibility. We discuss where we’re at, what we can learn from what we did and where we’re going.”


That’ll be tomorrow?



Anything on LB Aldon Smith?


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  1. Tremaine Brock… Did he sustain a setback in that game against the Broncos?

    “We’ll continue to assess that.”
    Follow up missed:Coach do your people work extra slow or does it normally take more then two weeks to “assess” this kind of thing? Any chance he was forced back into play before he was ready?

    1. Wouldn’t matter how you asked it or how many times. Harbaugh is not going to answer that type of question with a direct answer.

  2. How revealing.

    That was the most embarrassing performance I’ve witnessed in the Harbaugh era. They deserved that loss richly.

    There is time to turn this thing around, but it had better be a dramatic transformation at this point. I keep thinking of the ’88,’89 season when we lost to the Raiders at home in similar fashion. That team turned it around big time, but they had shown some greatness earlier in the season. I haven’t seen anything great out of this team all year long and this was a shockingly low level of performance. We’ll find out the true character of this team in the next few weeks.

  3. I think it’s highly probable they will be watching wildcard playoff games from home this season.

  4. Translate withput the ### words:

    Wish someone in the press corp would just step up to the plate call baloney on his comments. Guy is a serious tight-### who hides even more than M. “We’ll have to see the film before we comment” Singletary…

  5. Are you satisfied with the job that offensive coordinator Greg Roman is doing as offensive coordinator? “Yes”

    Un-Fing-Believable. We are one of the worst redzone teams in the NFL. Zero tds for Kap in the 4th quarter. no rushing tds in last 5 games. Limited production from TE position yet having a first and second round draft pick on roster.

    1. What dis you expect him to say? “No, he’s the worst OC that I have ever had. He over thinks things and is a useless pile of manure that would be a better fit for the Raiders.” C’mon man!

      1. Midwest,
        Lol. The reaction would be priceless if Harbaugh just went ape during the post game presser. “He is unarguably the steamiest pile of turd I have ever had coaching my offense. To call him a hot mess would be a gross understatement and a disservice to the underside of buses everywhere. If it were legal, I would have drowned him in the ice bath after the game. I thought about it…..but the two other steaming divots, Staley and Davis, were already in there. Apparently they had sore necks from watching defenders run past them. Speaking of steaming divots, some of Kaep’s passes caused a few of those on the new turf. Jed was upset about that. He said it felt like a dog popped on his grass. I think he meant it felt like a dog pooped on his parents lawn….but I digress.”

        1. Haha! I think that would cause every one of the members of the media to file out saying, “I know nothing. Nuting.”

      2. I think his answer is right here. Who else could he have a talking too with finger wagging?

        The offense had success with counter runs yesterday. Twenty-six rushing yards on three counter runs. Why not call more than three?

        “Again, rather than pick through each thing publicly, I’d rather talk to our team about that.”

    2. He is just protecting the most vulnerable guy in the building. The only thing that will keep Roman employed is winning and unless he does in the next 2-3 games, he will AND SHOULD be the scapegoat of he situation. Always someone.

  6. This was the most useless series of questions and responses I’ve seen…reminds me too much of “I have to go back and look at the tape…”

  7. For what it’s worth, PFF had Colin Kaepernick as the lowest rated offensive player of the game with a -6.8 overall grade, -4.2 pass and -2.7 run. Martin was second worst with a -4.1 and Gore was third worst with a -4.0. The defense played as well as they looked, only Justin Smith (-1.1) got a significant negative grade. Bethea (+4.3), Borland(+3.8), and Lynch(+2.2) we’re the best performers.

      1. Is Andy Lee your son or something? I’m sorry I dared to criticize the great Andy Lee for shanking a punt to give the Rams offense who couldn’t move the ball in the second half a free 3 points that they won the game with. Even when I said the offense deserved most of the blame for the loss and also criticized Dawson for missing the field goal.

  8. Compare this interview with a Bruce Bochy, regardless of outcome, you’d get it straight from Boch.
    Equally embarrassing is the one that Colin gave last night.
    No O line, weak on the D line, no plan on offense, This year is over!!!

    1. Yep. We’re the new Titanic. A 4-4 record is definitely the thing that makes this team pack it in and call it a lost season. Forget about momentum, adjustments, getting hot at the right time, etc. With a 4-4 record, why waste time hoping?


  9. Hairball is such a douche bag. I know this team has won with him, but there is nothing to like about the man. I still don’t know how he wins considering how bad he coaches on game day, and that his philosophy is so archaic. If he is gone after this season I don’t think many will miss him personally. We might miss the wins, but if he can’t make the necessary changes to bring this offense into the 21st century what is the point of him staying here?

    1. There’s all this talk that he lost the locker room, yet the defense is still playing pretty well and is one of the better squads, and they have half their key starters out, and have a brand new defensive background.
      The head scratcher is the offense, where he is supposed to be this guru or mastermind.

      Did the league catch up to Harbaugh and Roman, is it scheme, technique or players?
      Most will say it’s this year’s woes is all O-Line. We should go Spread, no wait, we need to run Gore more. But you can’t say anything bad about the QB, because some treat him like, “Kim Jong-un,” aka Supreme Leader.

      1. Fansince77: I and a lot of other people could easily point out the negatives and flaws in Kaeps game this week and past weeks as well. The difference is that you and certain others focus totally on any negative to farther your own agenda. Perhaps if you were more objective it would allow more of us to also be critical rather than having to spend most of our time countering your bias for the sake of objectivity. Don’t come here with that ” No one lets me criticize Kaep” BS. Your an opportunistic troll through and through. You are not even clever enough to try to disguise it.

      2. Fansince77:

        But you can’t say anything bad about the QB, because some treat him like, “Kim Jong-un,” aka Supreme Leader.

        We’ve been through this. Just because some commenters take an extreme nonobjective positive position on Kaepernick doesn’t mean you have to take an equally extreme nonobjective negative position to balance them out.

        1. Claude, I don’t know where you get your energy, man. I get tired just reading the same bs here over and over again. I’m glad you’re here though.

        2. Claude Balls: The Niner Offense is medicore all the way around. All parties involved have a hand in it.
          Yet some want to treat the QB like he’s off limits. Yes we’ve been through this before. QB touches the ball on almost every play. He fumbled the ball on the goal line. Had a chance to win the game and turned it over. Doesn’t matter if some thought he crossed the goal line, or he did, it goes in the record book as a TO and a loss.

      3. Not sure if anyone recalls it or not but last year after Seattle beat us in our first meeting he made a comment about the 49ers offense being simple. Something to the tune of us running only a few plays but constantly trying to confuse you with shifts and motions.
        I for one would like to see fewer formations specifically fewer no back sets.

        1. You nailed it. Causing confusion is what they’ve been missing. It seems that the opposition defense knows what’s coming.

    1. This yrs receiving class will be good. Maybe not a good as last yrs but I have zero faith in us drafting a baller WR. We still need size in the redzone IF we are going to throw it. Devante Parker out of UofL is another stud

  10. From ESPN.com:


    49ers QB Colin Kaepernick may have his 2015 base salary reduced by $2M if his play doesn’t improve. Kaepernick’s contract contains a de-escalator if he is not selected to the AP All NFL first- or second teams AND the 49ers fail to win the NFC Championship, league sources tell Adam Schefter.

    1. This contract of CK’s and the details within it we keep hearing keeps getting worse and worse. Did he even read it before signing? Wait a minute, he probably didn’t get past the 1st read and decided to run!

      1. I finally figured CK out! He doesn’t read, but he has everything translated to books on tape! That’s what he’s listening to on all those Beats By Dre!

        It all makes so much sense now.
        He did the same thing with his contract I bet.

        1. Fan all my football buddies keep asking me, what’s wrong with the Niners? They say the defense is great like it’s always been so what happened to the offense that just rode along. I tell them, the guy under centre now has complicated things with his athleticism and lack of football smarts. We have no identity because we don’t know what offense is right for him. Strong arm, no touch. Fast and elusive, but no anticipation of pressure. Tall, physical presence, but not able to see the whole field.
          On a QB sneak, rule #1 and 1 only, secure the snap then make the push. What does CK do? Starts his lunge forward while trying to secure the snap! WTF!!!!

          1. My football peeps in LA think CK is overrated. It doesn’t mean they’re right, it’s that that tend to be more unbiased and can see his strengths and weaknesses more objectively. Most say Smith was okay and not great, but think things worked out for him pretty good in KC.

            Cam Newton started out great but now is struggling. His coach says he’s trying too hard and takes losing way too hard.

            I don’t know what is in Kaep’s head, but the main difference between Cam and Kaep is that Cam has won wherever he went, has a national championship, #1 pick etc.
            Not sure what Kaep has won. Close doesn’t count! Coffee is for Closers and Close is for Losers!

            1. Kaep led a game winning drive against Cam’s Newton’s Panthers. They also had one of the top defenses in the NFL.

              1. Ok the 7 for 37 is great but the point is the regression in his game in critical situations. I’m not saying he is terrible. I’m saying his game has not been elevated when it needs to be.

              2. Prime: Actually the bad luck started in the Superbowl. Have not had too many calls go their way. Also they went from almost no injuries in 2011 to a succession of them til now. Unfortunately luck does play a big part in winning in the NFL. Especially when you consider the impact that refs calls have had on the game in the last few years.

                Primetime : As I told Fansince77, if you are going to be an agenda driven troll at least learn some subtlety? It is obvious that this team has problems being broken down in multiple area’s, but you and your troll friends still focus on Kaep.

              1. How this post got all the way down here is a puzzlement. It was in response to one of Fansince77’s earlier posts.

              2. Just because you disagree with me doesn’t make me a troll. Everyone here knows my issues. I’ve stated my case. Doesn’t make me right or wrong, more or less of a fan.
                If you think your Supreme Leader aka Kim Jon Un/Kaepernick is so great, more power to ya.

            2. Fansince You are beating a dead horse. You have made your point now move on. Does the word redundant mean anything to you? yes CK is not playing well lately and yes he has to take responsibilty for it but why do’nt you bring up the O line as much as you bring up the QB? there are 5 of them and together and individually they are playing worse than any other O line in the NFL and a QB’s performance is directly tied to the performance of his O line. I’ve seen mediocre QB’s win SB’s behind great O lines but i’ve never seen a great QB win a SB behind a mediocre O line. How bout a little balance in your posts, I promise you you will feel better. I will finish with my mantra Football games are won and lost in the trenches.

          2. Of course you told them that. While wearing a #11 jersey. And conveniently leave out the horrible offensive line play and lack of a running game. So how many “football buddies” do you talk to a day on Xbox live? Funny you were one of those people I mentioned earlier. But I’ll let you and your new found buddy 77 have your day. I can only hope this o-line starts playing like they’re capable of playing. Then you can get mad at the job the qb is doing. And I mean a good one. Have fun you two.

    2. I doubt there would be an argument from anyone outside his family that he is currently one of the NFL’s most overpaid quarterbacks.

  11. The only QBs that have a lower PFF grade than Kaepernick this season are either injured(Foles), rookies (Carr,Bortles), benched (Geno, Locker, Cousins, Manuel) or Vick. Wait and Austin Davis….. Not exactly the start that I had in mind.

        1. Block grades do not tell the whole story. Last year they line had good block grades but still was horrible in pass protection. You have five offensive linemen. One grade for run and the other for pass. Three or four lineman can have a good grade but if one lineman breaks down you have broken play. Rush LB’s and the lineman might have a good grade and the QB is still sacked. Does a lineman get a bad grade if he ends up blocking no one like has often happened this season? Does he get credit for giving up a sack, QB hit, or rush? Numbers do not tell the whole story. The eyeball test tells you more. If the QB runs out of the pocket and buys time with his athleticism that negates a potential negative number for a lineman as well.

          1. That wouldn’t prevent a negative grade for the lineman if the QB bailed from the pocket, unless he did it because he felt like it, as it would be counted as a hurry against the OL. I’m not saying PFF is perfect or anything, and I think Kaepernick is playing better than the grades show, most of his negative grade is attributable to yesterday’s game, but considering we were suppose to see growth and a better more productive offense with the weapons it’s disconcerting how poorly Kap has played at times.

            1. This game really knocked Kaps rating down and I’m guessing he was rated poorly due to the two fumbles more than anything. Like Claude, I question the criteria that goes into how PFF comes up with their ratings although they are usually pretty fair. The one I take exception with the most is Iupati’s positive grade in pass protection. I’m not sure what they were watching because Iupati was awful most of the day.

    1. I’d have more faith in the PFF ratings if I knew what went into them. But as long as PFF insists on giving them the black box treatment, I’m suspicious.

      FWIW, Kaepernick ranks 14th in terms of passer rating with a score of 94.8 (Alex Smith’s score also is rounded to 94.8, but he is ranked 13th; man those guys cannot get away from each other) and ranks 22nd in terms of ESPN’s total QBR with a score of 52.7.

  12. Coach Harbaw (new vocabulary / jargon)

    the men in the room.
    attack where we need improvement

    No rushing touchdowns in the last five games?
    Frank Gore wants to know: first and goal on the 5…
    What is the reason they don’t give me the rock?
    Coach Harbaw wanting to provide Colin with
    another chance to feel good and kiss his bicep…..???

    1. They tried Kaep because they have not had much luck with the R B’s on third and forth down plays all season. 0 for 4 in just the last couple in just the last few games. The type’s of running plays they have been successful with are not the type of play you run on short yardage when the other team knows it’s coming and will stack the entire team in the box. When Gore is successful on short yardage then he can ask for the rock. This offensive line provides little push and a had off works to the defensive teams advantage.

      Some of you people need to realize this is not the same team that used to run over other teams and dominate the line of scrimmage. It starts with the line. No dominant line — no dominance in the run game.

      1. They don’t have a real short yardage running back, they decided a couple seasons ago that they weren’t gonna use Gore down at the goal-line. People have short memories!
        They tried to take Dixon and convert him from a featured back in College to a short yardage specialist, and it was a failure at first. He was terrible that season, but he grew into the role. Now they do the same thing with Hyde, and he has struggled in his running so far. It really should be the fullback, but Miller doesn’t have a quick first step and isn’t really a power runner. Tukuafu wasn’t effective, nobody has been good at the goal line since Harbaugh came here.

  13. Kaepernick’s such a team player that he’s working on saving the team $2 mil in cap space for 2015……

    1. Yeah by playing terrible. Way to go CK! Don’t be an allstar and don’t win the NFCCG and we save 2 million! Yippie!

  14. speaking of “things to pick through”…
    Please assure us that Colin is watching
    Monday Night Football. Please.
    Andrew Luck has 350 yards passing.
    Six different receivers in double figures.
    (four individuals, each with a TD reception).
    Oh yeah – and no interceptions. Notice how
    Luck stands up in the pocket, checking down,
    unphased by the blitz… finding the open man.

    Colin, the key word here is poise, okay? P-O-I-S-E.

  15. You guys still think the players believe in Roman? Still think Harbaugh isn’t losing the locker room?
    Gore, ” the 49ers need to pick an offensive identity and stick with it. We’ve just got to make our minds up, do what we feel we’re good at, and go do it”

    Staley, “Penalties. Dumb blocks. Dumb techniques. Dumb schemes,” Staley said. Dumb schemes.

    When asked about it, Harbaugh didn’t even address it. When players make statements like that, they no longer believe. When they no longer believe, a coach is generally done. IMO, I saw the same thing happen at one point to Jimmy Ray.

    Now in fairness to the coaches, Staley sucks. Jonathan Martin is a better pass blocker than Staley and that’s sad….

    1. How many more late game blunders do you need to witness Lame before your bubble bursts and admit CK is not the franchise QB you envisioned?
      Time will tell but you keep pinning it on the coaches and Roman. But keep in mind Mexacali, Roman does botch snaps, make short throws, reads one side of the field.
      To quote your boyfriend, “Kap is Romo with muscles”
      But hey, that’s okay, average QB’s/game mangers can win SB’s too!

  16. Colin: Please note these two
    approximately 20-point losses…
    ______Broncos vs Patriots
    ______Giants vs Colts

    You like to talk about an ugly win being just a win;
    well, when can an ugly loss be a little less ugly…?

    Try and imagine people comparing you to
    Peyton and Eli Manning … this week;
    they will find your 3-point loss uglier.
    Do you have any idea why?

  17. Perhaps the recent signing of KHunt is a precursor to an announcement by Marcus Lattimore that he will end his pursue of playing in the NFL.

    The report that Latt felt some discomfort in his knee after working out a couple of days may have the turning point for him.
    Personally, I would love to see Lattimore continue his rehab by going on the IR for the rest of the season rather than his possible retirement, but obviously the decision is his and his alone.

    1. I agree with you. If everything is structurally fine there’s really nothing to worry about. He’s going to feel discomfort in that knee until it gets comfortable with the pounding of pushing off and cutting at full speed. One of his main concerns I believe is money. If he walks away he gets $1.3 million in tax free money from an insurance company. Not sure if you saw that article.

    1. How did Boone’s restructure look? Can we still cut him after this season? Starting to think we cut Iupati and Boone and just look for help in the draft and FA. Even though Iupati is still a monster in the run game his inability to pass block isn’t going to work considering where this offense is going in the future.

  18. Be interesting to see what happens with Roman if we lose to the Saints. The calls for his head are growing louder and unless we turn this around, will become impossible for Baalke to ignore…there is always a scapegoat in these situations. Just ask Harbaugh’s brother the year the won the SB and changed OC’s mid-season. Would not surprise me to see Roman gone within 3-4 games.

    1. Sorry, nothing personal, but I think that’s total bunk. Not going to happen during this season. Best we can do is a Gentlemen’s Bet, but I hearby offer to let you call me out as a Dumbass on the blog if it happens.

  19. Beginning of the season old Tom on the Patriots was viewed as shot. Patriots were going no where, right? This week the Broncos were going to kill them, that’s what the talking heads on NFL TV all said.


    I wouldn’t bury the Niners just yet.

    1. Overall the defense has played pretty well this year. The D can keep them in most games. The only team left with a really dynamic offense is the Saints. So this weekend will be the big test. Last year the Defense gave up 23 in a loss. The question is how many points can this offense get?
      Gore had 13 carries for 48 yards. CK was 17-31 for 127.
      This is make or break time!

    2. Ghost,
      Good call.
      Some people panic too easily around here after a couple of losses.
      The next two games will paint a more clear picture of our team.

  20. Stinker of a game pitched by the Offense; there can be no debate. Not news.
    Harbaugh is pissed and obviously not satisfied; the never-revealing JH is basically too pissed to talk about it, and, as always, not about to publicly vilify anybody. Not news.
    This room, predictably, has devolved to panicked hysteria. Bidnez as usual.

    1. “Harbaugh is pissed and obviously not satisfied”

      In 7 years of parsing Harb’s public statement, I do not recall seeing him this non-supportive of his team in public. He is seriously pissed off.

  21. Here’s the QB REPORT from ESPN.

    Discuss!!! (Or Disgusting depending on which way you like your wind to blow)


    The Rams blitzed Kaepernick on 51.2 percent of his dropbacks, well north of the previous high mark he had seen this season (40.9), but five of their eight sacks came with their standard four-man rush. (The Rams had a total of six sacks for the season entering the game.) In total, the sacks cost the 49ers 5.2 expected points, almost two points more than the previous high in Kaepernick’s career. Meanwhile, his troubles in the red zone continued. The 49ers failed to convert a touchdown on two trips; Kaepernick completed just one pass for 1 yard and lost a fumble on their final play of the game. For the season, Kaepernick’s QBR in the red zone is 44.9, ranking him No. 25 in the NFL. The 49ers’ touchdown percentage of 40 in the red zone is the NFL’s worst. The Rams limited Kaepernick’s downfield success, holding him to one completion on four passes that traveled at least 15 yards, and they bottled him up in the running game. He gained 14 yards on five attempts, including just 6 yards before contact — an indication that Kaepernick didn’t have much room to run.

    The sacks and the fumble left Kaepernick with a 13.4 QBR for the game, his worst since Week 10 last season. But whenever a quarterback takes eight sacks, it’s a group effort. It’s difficult to understand why the 49ers gave only 16 carries to their running backs while calling 41 dropbacks in a close game against an opponent that was consistently bringing pressure.

    1. This article goes against many of your arguments blaming the offensive performance on Kaep. The problem isn’t just this year, this team has always struggled to score TD’s in the redzone. Every since Harbaugh/Roman took over, they run the ball down the field, then get in shotgun in the redzone. I understand you argument about Kaep. These problems have been around for sometime. That means the coaches are not making the right adjustments to fix this issue.

      1. I didn’t write this. I’m just sharing what others have said. I didn’t say I agreed with all of this.

        1. But you did say this in an earlier post, so your agenda is as clear as daylight. Just come out of the closet and say you hate Kaepernick, you’ll feel a sense freedom (lol).

          November 3, 2014 at 5:16 pm
          “I finally figured CK out! He doesn’t read, but he has everything translated to books on tape! That’s what he’s listening to on all those Beats By Dre!
          It all makes so much sense now.
          He did the same thing with his contract I bet.”

  22. Since many believe we should draft another QB. What about Conner Halliday? Just got injured. We can “redshirt” and see how he develops.

    1. KY i agree we should draft a QB whether its a future starter or BU but you damn well better save some of those picks for O line men.

      1. Old Coach that made me laugh. Yes, we need to figure out the problem with the o-line ASAP. I think Gore hit on it best, they need to decide either we are a running, supplementing it with the pass or we are a passing team supplementing it with the run. We can’t be both.

        MW, I watch a lot of college football. I like it better than the pros. I do not think there are many QB’s in college that will give Kaep a run for his money. Unless you pray that Winston’s stock drops but that is not happening.

        1. KY,
          If Winston threw a TD pass to Crabs, would he stuff him down his pants and try to leave the stadium?

              1. BIG P, that was awesome.

                Brotha, I have no clue. I follow the kid. He’s yet to grasp the fact that he will never be that regular kid from Alabama. Many of his terrible choices are him just trying to fit in with the regular people. His father needs to let him know he gave that life up when he started playing QB for FSU.

          1. Most excellent BigP.

            I mostly agree KY, but I think there’s a couple that could challenge Kaep regardless.

        2. J. Winston is the perfect ethical (& practical?) test for NFL Teams. On the field he looks amazingly good, a hella talent and seems to be a Gamer. But will he be available, or distracted by social behavioral faux pas? Legal problems? Image problems for the team? Leadership in an NFL locker room?
          Serpant in The Garden.

  23. It seems to me that the 2014 season league wide has been one of flip-flops by teams; great games followed by cluster fx followed by rebounds.
    Broncos set records then get thumped. Chargers?
    Packers, Saints, Pats, Bears.
    Maybe SF can turn it on offensively down the backstretch, but it’s a bit of a leap of faith. Why haven’t they flipped the switch before now? It will be hard to win with an anemic offense relying on the defense if the ST units can’t perform better; ‘D’ alone won’t get it done. So we’ll hope Dr. Jeckel can keep Mr. Hyde off the pitch.

      1. I flashed on that same notion. Mediocre play early. Heartbreaking, flukey early season losses. Rumors of discord and an HC on thin ice. Squeaked into the playoffs, knocking off the Bears, then on to glory!

  24. I know everyone hate’s G-Ro right now, but how can you blame a guy with a severely limited QB?

    It’s sad to say but I think we already know what we have with him. Don’t see the elevator going up anymore.

    1. How can I blame Roman with a severely limited QB? Because we made it to the Super Bowl on the Legs of Gore and behind that line. Take the ball out of the QB’s hands and feed it to gore and Hyde. It’s simple. It’s called being an O Coordinator and strategizing.

  25. DeMarcus Dobbs released. Would expect Dorsey to take that spot eventually, but would they activate him this early in his window? From the sounds of it he hadn’t really tested his arm strength last week. Will be interesting to see who takes that spot this week.

  26. The only positive from the game was Borland dominating in the middle. Does he stay out there when Willis is back?

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