Jim Harbaugh: “I’m going to finish this until the end.”

Here is the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ p.r. department.

How’s the running back situation looking at this time?

“[RB] Frank [Gore] practiced today. [RB] Alphonso Smith has had a good week. And we have a new back that has worked in very nicely. Anticipate him being ready for the game and contributing at running back and special teams.”


So, RB Phillip Tanner, you expect to be in uniform?



With Frank, is he moving along as far as the protocol goes and on pace to play?



The decision on former 49ers DT Ray McDonald, I know general manager Trent Baalke talked about it yesterday, but how simple a decision was that for you? Was it pretty clear-cut in your mind that he had to be released?

“Well, it was a discussion, and we made the decision as an organization. Contributed to it and in agreement with it.”


Did the organization consider releasing him even before this incident at any time?

“I’m not going to get into the discussions that took place before. Really, I thought Trent laid it out yesterday. What the organization felt and why they made this decision, and I support it.”


Does this team have a code of conduct that you can point to?

“It does. The league does. And we’ll just say that.”


Without Ray, the defensive line only has four guys right now. Is that what you’re going to go into this game with or this there a chance you call up DL Lawrence Okoye?

“[NT] Mike Purcell would be the next option.”


Are you going to do that?

“I think so, yeah. He’s been good. He’ll do a good job.”


Can he play all the spots?

“Mainly nose, but he’s done a nice job. He’s ready to go and feel very confident that he’ll do a good job.”


LB Aldon Smith said yesterday not everything he does is all about sack numbers, and he feels like he’s done OK pressuring the quarterback. What’s your take on his abbreviated year and what he’s been able to do?

“Well, it’s true. There’s a lot more to the job than just sacks. He’s setting an edge, drops into coverage, physical against the run and the tackles. I think he’s done a very good job. It’s been good for everybody to have him back out there.”


Have you been offered a contract by the University of Michigan?

“As you know, l only talk about the job that I have. We’ve been together a long time and it’s a long-standing policy.”


I have to ask you. Trent mentioned that you and he talked briefly this week to say that you would sit down and talk after the season is over. Was that something that you asked for or how did that agreement become that you would talk at the end of the season?

“As you know, Trent and I have discussions every day.”


You’ve said in the offseason that your intention was to coach out this contract. Is that still your intention?

“Yeah. I’ve said that I’m going to finish this until the end. My focus is the same as the players’ focus, same as the coaches’ focus, the focus on the practice field, the focus in meetings, by our players, by our coaches and by me. That is our focus – this football game against the San Diego Chargers and playing well to win it. That’s where our energy and focus is.”


Can you imagine DT Tony Jerod-Eddie starting in McDonald’s spot?



Offensive coordinator Greg Roman was just saying that, in his opinion, these last couple of games are scrutinized more as far as player evaluation than other ones are earlier in the season when things might be going well. See how somebody reacts when things might not be going well. Do you agree with that? Who are you looking forward to watching, evaluating, these last couple weeks?

“I think you’re always evaluated and somebody’s always watching. Especially, you’re known by your effort, by your execution, by your talent. Those three things are how you’re known as a football player. Somebody’s always watching that.”


So many times that you’ve mentioned when you thought you had players who deserved Pro Bowl candidacies. Who would you say this year, would you say among your players really deserves to be looked at as a Pro Bowl candidate?

“I think there’s several. I don’t want to comment on that right now and leave somebody out. I think we do have that.”


I asked Greg this question, so I’ll ask you, too. In terms of coaching up QB Colin Kaepernick this year, he’s obviously had a different year than past years. Did you and your staff have to work with him more, or not have to, but did you work with him more in terms of trying to get him out of that stretch that you were talking about earlier?

“Yeah, that’s an ongoing thing we’re always working at all positions. As you know, I believe very strongly in Colin Kaepernick and his talent, his effort, his execution. We’ve gone through some years here where we’re maybe one play away and now we’re not in that same situation. This business, I think you tend to look at like what’s happened the last weeks, the last game or the last four quarters. It’s not a profession where you look at things in totality. So, I think the quarterback a lot of times gets the scrutiny, but we’re a team. This is all of us and we’re all working to get it right.”


Greg Roman said Frank Gore’s been unflappable through a season that’s not been easy for anybody. What has Frank shown you this year and at this stage in his career, even with maybe a slightly smaller workload?

“He’s an unwavering professional in everything that he does. Great to be around. Loved by his teammates and coaches. He’s a joy to be around every day.”


Are you sensing that given this is the last year of his contract that he wants to be out there perhaps more than usual in these last two games coming back from the concussion, too?

“He’s always motivated to play. Boy, he’s the most or as motivated as any player I’ve ever been around to play the game. I think back to 2011 when he had the ankle injury and we were playing against the Eagles. He really wasn’t able to walk on it all week and then went out and rushed for over a hundred yards. It’s special.”


I know you’re not big on stories or anecdotes or whatever, but was there a moment before that Eagles game where you kind of knew what Frank was all about? Where you just got a sense of, OK this is, as you would say, a ‘football player’, this is a guy that I’m going to really like?

“Yeah, I mean [laughter].”


You don’t have a story, right?

“I don’t have a story, right. That’s a good way to say it. Just from being around him. Just watching him in practice and we had played games by that game, that was the third game of the season. But, his history, the injuries that he’s overcome. His desire to play doesn’t get any better. Who’s ever shown that they’re more unwavering to play the game of football than Frank Gore?”


I’ll try one more. It has been mentioned, obviously, you have history with Michigan, is there a special affinity that you have with that school that might supersede all other loyalties at this point?

“Again, I really don’t want to … I don’t talk about any other job than the one I have or talk about anyone else’s process.”


One more Ray McDonald question, which is do you think that his termination sends a message to other players? Whether that’s intentional or not, do you think it does?

“It could. I notice you want to compare. I’ve seen it even written comparing other situations and, really, there’s a lot of different situations. This was the decision by the organization. They have the right to employ who they want to employ.”


I know this wasn’t already in this decision, but you did bring up due process yourself very sharply. Why didn’t due process figure into this decision since it was very quickly after his last incident?

“I think Trent, again, framed it well yesterday. The circumstances dictated the decision.”


You mentioned as far as NFL quarterbacks totality of their career, what they’ve done is not taking to account. Are head coaches in the same boat?

“I think that’s the profession we’re in, yes [laughter].”

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  1. Harbaugh’s agent leaking a fake $$ amount from Michigan?

    “@BruceFeldmanCFB: I was told by sources the reports on the $8M per offer by #Michigan to Jim Harbaugh are not accurate.”

    I thought all the leaks in this deal were supposed to be coming from 4949 Centennial Blvd. Oh well, another theory shot down in flames.

    1. I guess that the past year made you think that Harbaugh’s camp never leaks.

      The only leaks coming out of Jed’s office are the ones that make firing a coach that’s taken his team to three consecutive NFC Championship games and one Superbowl look better. They started with first trade leak back in February.

      This is a different time, and the negotiations about Harbaugh’s future will be on going for several more weeks.

      I doubt that either you or Grant have much of an ability to evaluate leaks. On the other hand, Lowell and Tim have a lot of resources. Take the off season to define who you really want to be Jack. I think you do best when you evaluate the game tapes. Enjoy.

      1. htwaits,

        Perhaps you missed the piece Kawakami did about all of the information leaks coming from the FO and not Harbaugh’s camp.

        Oh well. Enjoy.

        1. No I didn’t miss either Lowell’s or Tim’s comments about the “get rid of the coach” publicity campaign coming from Jed since February. Now it’s December, and more games are afoot. Jed’s campaign probably ended with the Thanksgiving “apology”.

          Both sides are in an endgame phase now. You are a person with knowledge of football, how does it work to undermine a coach before, and during the season? According to Steve Young, perception is what determines who you are in the NFL. Jed York has attempted to redefine the perception of who Jim Harbaugh in. He may have defined who he is instead.

          1. We know who Jed is: an inexperienced owner who benefited from nepotism. Now he’s trying his best to become Dan Snyder West. The funny part is that he doesn’t realize he’s being played by Baalke and Parag.

  2. I imagine if they are going to fire Harbaugh that would come immediately after the season. I can’t see this dragging out long at all.

    1. If the sun comes up tomorrow morning they are going to part ways with Jim Harbaugh as soon as the season is over, and they have attempted to get something in return for the remaining year on his contract. That’s the end game. Firing him is one of the ways to get it done. What they are not going to be able to do is dictate terms to Harbaugh.

      1. If Jed fires Jim Harbaugh, he is no better than his father in running the team….which makes everything we’ve said about his dad in the past 100% true….like father like son….who the hell is he gonna get that can bring a staff with him, then produce results that we all expect??
        From where I sit, the biggest mistake made by Jim Harbaugh was giving #7 the keys to the car….unfortunately, in doing so, he’s cost the team a few $$$…..CK will never be a traditional NFL pocket QB, so if the 49ers are going to have a somewhat balanced offensive attack, something
        has to give….CK looks to be the odd man out……I really believe that they could have struck a deal with Indy before the draft for the rights to Andrew Luck….they blew it, and we’re stuck with #7 next season, then who knows who after that….

    1. Imagine yourself with Jim Harbaugh’s immediate future, and his opportunities. What would you do with that question?

    1. The price will be high in addition to how much money it will take. If anyone knows who has been undermining Harbaugh this year it’s Harbaugh.

      How do you start planing to get rid of a coach who has just been to three consecutive NFC Championship games, carry out those plans for ten months, and then sign him to a significant extension. To make that kind of change of direction would even give Jed a major backache.

    2. Prime slime,

      How dumb can you be. Harbaugh won’t be back because Jed knows we need a head coach that knows how to coach up a young quarterback. He had CK and did absolutely nothing with him…..

      1. #7 needs to watch and learn how pro QB’s prepare and play the game….I really don’t believe that he has the mental wear-with-all to be that guy, and can’t be coached into the NFL scheme off pocket passing….time to look for a QB as well

  3. Good riddance. Time to hire a real coach that will allow Colin to maximize his potential….

      1. Nick thanks for recognizing the stupidity of my double poster. Neither of those posts is mine.

        Not even the one calling the Canadian prime slime….

        Maybe the double poster is Grant.

    1. Real Bay Fanatic —

      Which coach would you suggest? You need someone with a lot of patience. It’s okay if the the team god 2-14 for a couple of years while Colin learns how to not fumble the ball across the goal line, and how not to get delay of game penalties, how to throw a football within 5 feet of a receiver.

      I think they should hire Coach Tayler from Friday Night Lights. He coached up Vince Howard!!!

      1. Fansince I believe there is about a 85% chance CK will be back next year [with a high rd pick backing him up] if so who do you think the next 9er HC should be?

        1. Old coach –Even though the new HC may have CK as a QB, it’s no guarantee he’s going to want to coach him up.
          Jack brought up a good point that Alex was already starting to play well before Harbaugh got here. The new coach will mostly have open competition. All of the issues with CK’s play has been well documented before he was drafted.

          I would like CK to be the Niner QB, but we cannot accept or tolerate this level of play and to make excuses for him.

          1. “I would like CK to be the Niner QB, but we cannot accept or tolerate this level of play and to make excuses for him”

            I feel the same……..

    2. Good athletes with good arms don’t necessarily make a pro QB….time to admit the mikstake and move on…….again

  4. Over the past year, the 49ers have become more consumed with making money than winning football games.

    For years, the Yorks were penny pinching their way through the worse era in 49er history. Then Jed took over, opened up his wallet, and signed Jim Harbaugh. To me, that signaled a refreshing change. However, signs began to appear that Jed was not much different from Papa – after all, an apple doesn’t fall far from a tree.

    First came the ribbon cutting ceremony incident. Jed got pissed off that JH prioritized practice over the ceremony. Check: York’s priority revealed. Then came time to negotiate a new contract for a coach who had taken his team to 3 straight NFCCGs. The talks stalled. Check, York’s priority revealed. What followed next is baffling … a series of front office leaks to the media to undermine the coach.

    The Yorks are all about making money. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it should NOT take priority over winning. I’ve been saying for a long time now. This organization is doomed with the Yorks as owners.

    1. Excellent post Nick. The York family only seems interested in money, which is why I think the fan base is fixing to go through another dark age.

    2. Winning football games and championships = big $$$….evidently they don’t teach that in Business School at Notre Dame….who’da thunk?

  5. Realistically next year could be our year. The only coach that needs to be replaced is Roman. Next, contracts on the offensive side of the ball need to be handled. Even if that means letting go of some people. Then they need to focus on rebuilding our offense. O-Line and WR’s. Our defense will be healthy. The off season will be long. There will be plenty of time to re-establish our identity. Players will come back fresh and contracts should be done. Last but not least, we all need to pray there are no off field issue during the offseason.

    1. KY49ER “realistically” I believe you are correct. The problem is our owner little boy Jed does’nt live in the real world. imho

      1. You’ve been a fan longer than I but it sounds like history is about to repeat itself. And I agree with you.

      2. In the spirit of the season, the owner ‘The Little “Dumber Boy”…..kinda fits in this circumstance..

  6. Good article by David Neumann regarding the decline of the 49ers’ passing game. I liked this statement:

    “Most successful passing games feature a diverse group of targets for the quarterback to throw to; three or four players with differing skill sets, each presenting a different problem for the defense and allowing the unit to be greater than the sum of its parts. The 49ers have the exact opposite — a group of clones playing receiver that have brought down the performance of the entire passing game.”

    Don’t worry Fan and others – he sticks it to Kaepernick as well.

    “Compounding matters have been the struggles of Kaepernick that are independent (as much as a quarterback can be) of what’s happening around him. Accuracy, and to a greater extent decision making, are aspects of a quarterback’s play that can get very subjective, very quickly. That considered, there are a number of plays where Kaepernick forced a pass down the field, often passing up an open receiver underneath that would’ve been enough to keep the chains moving.”

    1. Cubus,

      Thanks for posting that. The comment “a group of clones playing receiver ” is a direct shot at Baalke. If Baalke remains the GM, which is highly likely, he better improve that situation in the offseason. In last year’s draft, he seemed more concerned about covering his arse than doing what was best for the team.

      1. If you couple the article’s critique with Kaepernick’s early struggles and his prove em wrong mentality, I believe the picture is very clear.
        Kaepernick took the harder throw instead of the underneath to prove his nay sayers wrong. He wanted and needed to make the perfect throw to silence the critics.
        It’s a degenerate mentality. Losing gamblers just bet more on the next hand trying to recover previous loses. This spirals into an eventual demise.
        In order to fix Kaepernick, he needs to learn patience. Harbaugh recognized his QB’S degeneration and tried to fix it by complimenting him through the press.
        Instead, Kaepernick needs to find his own inner peace. He needs to find comfort in himself. Coaches tried to help him remember the game is 60 minutes. ( I.e. long drives late in fourth quarter)
        Most coaches teach this by setting up easy dump off passes. As the article points out, defenses took that away and Kaepernick stubbornly insisted on attempting the perfect throw.
        Singletary could fix that. He did with Vernon Davis. Harbough doesn’t like that style. Perhaps Ditka is the reason. It’s how Ditka dressed him down in Chicago.
        Much like a spanked child, either you endorse the punishment with your own children or you turn away from it altogether. The latter is Harbaugh.

        1. What do you know Matt? Are you a professional QB coach? You’re just jealous because Colin is way more handsome than you. I am so sick of everyone badmouthing our stud quarterback. …

          1. I think you should slow down and reread what was written. This was an assessment. Try looking that word up. Secondly, I’m no body but a fan. Thanks for the feedback.

            1. Gotta apologize Matt. I’ve been dealing with a douchebag that thinks it’s funny to hijack my name and avatar. Grant could do the room a favor and expose them….. Grant won’t do it though. He’s enjoying it I think….

      2. Cubus, its interesting, that is exactly what Grant said at the beginning of the year and most people, myself included, said he was wrong, that the trio of Boldin, Crabtree and Johnson could work.

        Fact is, the article (and Grant) are right – you need diversity in the skill positions. Or, if your players are similar, they need to have diversity to their game (i.e., effectively be something of complete packages as players). Boldin, Crabtree and Johnson are good players in their own right, but are not complete players, and all offer pretty much the same thing. All are effective in the short to intermediate areas of the field, but don’t offer much of anything as deep threats, and are not particularly quick so as to create a lot of separation on shorter routes and put stress on defenders in coverage through speed/ quickness.

        1. I disagree. The article is about how the deep passing game fell off, but in a lot of ways it really speaks to their passing offense as a whole.

          For a passing offense to go you need a QB who can consistently hit open receivers. Kaepernick has failed to do that repeatedly this season, whether it was because he passed up an open receiver underneath for the deep throw or if it was because he took off running instead of delivering the ball from the pocket.

          1. No doubt the QB plays a large part.

            But the 49ers receivers don’t help open up the field a whole lot. Provide a legitimate deep threat, you help both the running game by taking a defender or two out of the box and open things up underneath for either short throws (which Kaep wouldn’t make) or for Kaep scrambling (which he would do).

            1. Scooter,

              A competent passing game would open things up for the run. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a deep threat.

              Right now teams are saying, “just keep everything in front of you and force him to beat us by consistently making the underneath throws.”

              1. You don’t think a WR like, for instance, Odell Beckham wouldn’t help? A guy that if you play him tight can create separation deep, if you play off him is good at eating up the cushion quickly, turning the DBs hips then creating separation to give the QB an easy throw on the comeback?

                To me that is one of the things Kaep could really use right now. A WR that is adept at creating separation and giving the QB easy throws with big windows. And yes, I appreciate that is something of an indictment on Kaep.

              2. No, and I didn’t mean to imply it was. I’m not debating that if the QB is playing poorly the offense will tend to struggle, regardless.

                But this offense would be well served having a WR with some speed that offers a different skillset to that of Boldin, Crabtree and Johnson. Doesn’t have to be a flat out burner, but someone that DBs need to respect their ability to stretch the defense. And I’m not suggesting just any WR with speed will help – I’m not a fan of WRs that all they can do is run. The guy has to be a capable WR.

                The hope was the Lloyd would be that guy this year. But he has struggled to create much separation downfield.

              3. I hear you Scooter. I just think that even with a guy like Beckham we wouldn’t see much difference. The reason I say this is that defenses are playing soft already and forcing things underneath. This is part of why we see Davis not getting open deep any longer.

                Teams have started to realize that by forcing the 49ers offense to work its way down the field they are going to be successful more often than not.

              4. Interesting. I’ve not seen defenses playing them soft, per se. If they are, a guy like Beckham that is good at eating up space quickly, selling the go route and making the DB flip his hips would still be very useful.

            2. Legitamate deep threat??? So #7 can overthrow him, or worse, underthrow him? #7 doesn’t understand the NFL passing game, and until he does, the offense will stagnate…

  7. Nick,

    “In last year’s draft, he seemed more concerned about covering his arse than doing what was best for the team.”

    What in your opinion would have been best for the team?

    1. Jack,

      Baalke took the safe route and drafted defense in the first round. With his past failures at drafting skilled offensive players (AJ Jenkins, LaMichael James, Vance McDonald), he did what he knows best, that is draft a defensive player, cover his arse, and not risk another flop.

      WRs drafted after the 49ers pick at 30th: Marqise Lee, Jordan Matthews, Paul Richardson, Davante Adams

      WRs drafted ahead of the 49ers pick at 30 that could have been had by moving up: Brandin Cooks, Kelvin Benjamin

      WR was an area of need – and top priority – going into the draft. Yet Baalke played it safe. Even by picking Jimmie Ward, I believe Baalke made a mistake. It’s too early to make that call, but here are some facts.

      CBs drafted ahead of the 49ers pick at 30 that could have been had by moving up: Darqueze Dennard

      CBs drafted after the 49ers pick at 30: Bradley Roby

      2014 draft was loaded at CB with Verrett, Gilbert, Fuller, and the ones named above. The 49ers needed a CB, yet Baalke went with an undersized, injury prone safety.

      1. Nick,

        So I take it that you wanted them to go WR. I don’t agree that was a top priority, especially with the Johnson trade.

        You point to a few past failures at the skill positions, do those include Colin Kaepernick, Bruce Miller, Kendall Hunter, Carlos Hyde?

        Darqueze Dennard? He played 41 snaps this season.

        Bradley Roby? He’s been ok, but has given up 6 touchdowns this season all in consecutive weeks. Ward was beat up against Chicago, but gave up only 1 TD after that.

        Verrett has been injured and played fewer snaps than Ward.

        Gilbert has been replaced by an UDFA.

        Fuller had two good games against SF and NY Jets the next week, but since then has not been good.

        1. I didn’t see Colin Kaepernick as a certain keeper after the 2013 season and wished they would draft Carr. Given the dynamics, I knew it wouldn’t happen but I just didn’t see the consistency of a top quarterback out of him. I’ve seen his type too many times in the past. If you look at the stats of 3rd year quarterbacks they usually project the future success of the QB. Kaepernick will probably be gone by the time (if ever) he develops into the type of quarterback most teams want.

      2. Jack summed it up very nicely, so I won’t reiterate his points.

        But I will say this – I find it very hard to believe that Baalke, who has been in the business of scouting and finding players for a very long time, is about to get gun-shy on particular position groups due to a couple of picks that haven’t panned out. He’ll have seen a lot players in those position groups he really liked, and played a hand in drafting some of them, that have been highly successful through to complete busts. That is the way it goes in scouting. But after however long he has been in the business, he will know what attributes he likes at each position, and what value he places on each position/ player.

  8. The 2011 draft yielded two players that were on Mike Mayock’s Top 5 by position draft ranking – Aldon Smith and Kendall Hunter.

    The disasterous 2012 draft yielded 1 player that was on Mike Mayock’s Top 5 by position draft ranking – LaMichael James.

    In contrast, the top 6 selections by the 49ers in 2013 were on Mike Mayock’s Top 5 by position draft ranking.

    Also, the top 4 selections by the 49ers in 2014 were on Mike Mayock’s Top 5 by position draft ranking.

    After the 2012 draft, is it a coincidence that Baalke’s top selections were on Mayock’s list or a sign that Baalke had lost some confidence in his ability (including his advisors) to identify top performing draft picks.

    1. Cubus,
      I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make. If Mike Mayock were so good, he’d be a GM and not a talking head.

      1. Not necessarily making a point that Mayock is good. Just perhaps suggesting that Baalke and company have lost confidence in their ability to ferret out draft picks on their own – so they might be looking at the picks by acknowledged experts (which Mayock is).

        AJ Jenkins wasn’t on anybody’s list. Post 2012, Baalke can say that his top picks were on the top five list by position of a top analyst.

    2. @cubus

      I think that it would be impossible to be a ‘fantastic’ GM in Baalke’s shoes working with a coach like Harbaugh. You can choose and draft good players , and they ALL have talent, but if the HC won’t play them, do they automatically become ‘Busts’ ? Baalkes first round selection of ’12 (AJJ) had one pass thrown to him, and got traded. I think that it was vindictiveness that Harbaugh drafted LaMichael James and then benched him and only used him as a punt returner. I guess that’s one way to get back at the guy who almost single-handedly kicked Harbaughs Stanford team twice. As I have stated before, these guys are still playing in the NFL…but for teams with coaches who saw value in them….not us who drafted them. 2012 was not a disaster.

      1. Re: “As I have stated before, these guys are still playing in the NFL”

        LaMichael James: 2014 Season…..2 attempts 0 yards……

        AJ Jenkins……. 9 receptions ……. 93 yards…… 0TD

        OREGONINER, do you look anything up before you post? Do you work for Baalke or are you just an idiot?

        1. @Hey Mike

          I guess I’m just an idiot….LaMichael James 2 attempts…0 yards

          AJ Jenkins ….9 receptions….93 yards ….0 TDs

          LaMichael James got signed onto the Dolphins practice squad for 6 weeks and was then promoted to the ’53’ about 3-4 weeks ago…we’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the future maybe as soon as Sunday….Do you think that 2 carries is a fair assessment for a running back…? Did you check that his punt returns were around the top in the league? Look at our present Punt returner…who? We just picked up a RB off the street and he’s going to play this Sunday .

          AJ Jenkins only has 9 receptions for 93 yards…Did you check that is averaging over 10 yards per carry….Who on the 49ers is averaging more…?Only Brandon LLoyd, and we’re not playing him. Thanks for the post, Mike…you only give more credence to mine….Does that make you an idiot too…? Watch the game ding-dong

          1. Oregon – we both know that James can carry the ball. It was a bad draft choice on the Niners not because of skill but because of scheme. I have a hunch Kelly goes after him. I also have a hunch Eagles may go after Mariotta much like the Redskins did with Griffin.

            1. @Undercenter

              You could very well be right on LaMike; I think that Marcus is going to be gone long before Chip has a chance…but wouldn’t that something?!!

          2. Oregon
            AJJ is putting up those numbers on a team with a 7th rd draft pick in hemingway and some UFA named bobby wade playing ahead of him, its not like KC is stacked with WR and AJJ cant break through. In fact if ever there was a time for him to break through it would have been this year but as was written 9 rec for 93 yards is not producing when you have chances.

            As for LaMike, there was a reason that he was on the PS all year even for a team that lost its starting back early on (moreno) and has had two bums (miller and 49er pre season HOFer thomas) toting the rock. If he was any good he would have gotten the opportunity with a depleted depth chart ahead of him, but he hasn’t. Sure he is good at returning punts (better than our guy) but we didnt draft him in the 2nd rd to be a PR

          3. @ OREGONINER: You sure count your chickens before they hatch. Too bad there isn’t a betting line on how those two players pan out. LaMichael is a big question mark leaning toward the word “bust”. As far as A.J.,if you think 93 yards in nearly a full season is something for a receiver to brag in his 3rd season then you really are an idiot.

            No offense…..but you really are one. LOL

            1. @Mike

              O.K. dipstick, How many targets did AJJ have? Was it 9 receptions for 9 targets (100%)….you seem to like operating with half a deck, so as long as that suffices, what do stats matter? Unless you have CK as your QB, someone has to throw the ball TO YOU. A big question mark…? Read the niner stats, how many or our receivers have LESS than 9 receptions in their 3rd year and beyond. Why did you bother to repost? you didn’t clarify anything. Go flatten the bill on your cap…this is a waste of time….

      2. Where did you get the idea that Harbaugh has selected any players other than Kaepernick for the 49ers to draft? And, in addition to total control of the draft, Baalke has total control of the 53 man roster. Baalke is the one who cuts players.

        As far as I know, LaMichael James it still waiting for a chance to make an NFL impression.

    3. I just posted a response to Nick above, but it would probably be more suitable here. Basically, I find it very hard to believe that someone that has been in the business of scouting and drafting for as long as Baalke is about to change the way they go about it, or get gun-shy. He knows what he is about, and knows what he likes.

    1. Davis could be traded to Miami or KC. His agent would prefer he goes to NO. I suspect we’ll see remnants of the TO deal and the organization will want him out of the conference

      1. You maybe right Matt. I think the league is gonna tell Vernon what he’s worth and Vernon and his “brand” are not gonna like it.
        Just saw a stat. Martellus Bennett on the Bears had 112 targets and 7 drops. Vernon has 46 targets and 6 drops…

    2. I don’t see Davis going anywhere after this season. The upcoming TE class is terrible and our owner, who would willingly challenge a sumo wrestler for a dropped penny, isn’t going to spend more on the better alternatives in FA.

      1. The cap limits what they spend in free agency, not York.

        What TE do you want them to go after in FA?

        1. That’s not exactly what I said Jack. I’m referring to the possibility that York won’t be willing to spend on a TE no matter how much cap space is available.

          If Davis was traded or released, then I would like to see the team go after Jordan Cameron in free agency.

          1. It’s not like the York’s have balked at big $$ for players. Davis is among the highest paid players at his position.

            I don’t see where “cheap” applies with regards to players.

            1. True, but as Nick pointed out in an earlier post, Jed is starting to act more like his father and less like his uncle. It wouldn’t exactly surprise me if York closes the purse strings this off-season.

              1. I think the new stadium complicates things. I believe the Yorks aren’t personally liable, but if Jed allows the team to sink to the Nolan/Singletary depths, the ill will towards the Yorks will increase exponentially. A large decline in stadium attendance will lead to finger pointing regarding the albatross in Santa Clara. It wouldn’t just be bad for the 49ers but for the NFL as well. I would hope Jed would make the right decisions without worrying too much about the cost as long as that cost isn’t way outside the norms.

              2. One of the “right” decisions I would like Jed to make is to bring in Sean Payton despite his high salary, if he becomes available.

      2. I don’t understand the current rhetoric around Jed not being willing to spend. When Harbaugh was hired he was on a pretty lucrative deal for a HC out of college, he authorised Fangio to get a nice pay rise to make him one of the highest paid coordinators in the NFL and keep him on the books through next year, he’s pushed through the new stadium, and he’s the one opening the wallet to retain or sign key free agents. End of the day though, they need to operate within a salary cap, so he can’t pay over the odds for everyone like you used to be able to do.

        I can only assume it is because people believe if he was willing to spend money he’d extend Harbaugh’s deal, whatever it takes. I honestly don’t think money has anything to do with whether or not the 49ers and Harbaugh will part ways.

        1. It will definitely be a point on negotiations. If Harbaugh wants Carroll money, and with the offer on the table with Michigan, money will be a huge component.
          The second thing will be control over personnel. This I believe is what has caused friction between Baalke and Harbaugh.
          Harbaugh’s next stop will be somewhere where he has both on his terms.
          If Jed is smart, hire Tom Gamble as his GM and extend Harbaugh for same money another year. Let’s let the best coach we’ve had bring in his own guy in the personnel department and let them have at it.
          Baalke is a glorified scout, not a general manager. He is expendable, Harbaugh isn’t.

          1. First off, Harbaugh has never said he wants more power, and in fact has said the opposite, that he just wants to coach. I’m not convinced he wants more power over personnel decisions, and if he does, it would likely be more around final roster decisions.

            Second, you make a good point about bringing in guys that Harbaugh is more adept at working with. That is something Bill Parcells used to do – clean house and put in place hand picked guys throughout the organisation. Harbaugh is much like Bill Parcells – great at making massive changes to turn a team around, but he’s abrasive and creates drama, and ultimately is probably best in short doses. Because of that, agreeing to re-make the front office to suit Harbaugh is a dangerous game.

            Third, with Gamble it was much easier for him to get along with Harbaugh when he was just an intermediary between Baalke and Harbaugh, not the one that had to make decisions. If he was made GM, what happens when Gamble feels strongly about something that Harbaugh disagrees with, who’s say goes? End of the day the GM is the one that makes the decisions, not the coach, and he’s got to be strong enough to stand up to the HC. Would Gamble? Or would Harbaugh effectively be the pseudo GM, the one in charge? Most coaches don’t make good GM’s.

          2. Prime:

            Help me reconcile your displeasure with CK and your desire to keep Harbaugh and let him select the personnel. After all, CK is Harbaugh’s guy, so I’m surprised you would support Harbaugh to the point of actually giving him the power to make decisions on football personnel.

  9. Cliff Avril just signed 4 year deal $28M. This is under market. Apparently he didn’t want to be a Jared Allen. K.J. Wright signed yesterday.

  10. Hey you guys! Does anybody want to read news about Seahawks players and their contracts?
    Me neither.

  11. ‘Hawks continue to be annoying. They re-sign Avril again for below market rate after re-signing Wright to a reasonable deal. Geez.

    1. It’s sad that people think they know Kaep’s real personality based off of post game interviews. Hats off to him and Harbaugh. Prayers for that family. The little guy is in Heaven now rushing to open the pearly gates.

    1. Surprised at Roman calling out Looney. Easy scapegoat, I guess — doesn’t want to call out any vet. This is a backup guard starting at center for the first time. I certainly didn’t expect him to be mistake-free.

      A related interesting article from Mike Tanier mentions how the play of the centers (or lack thereof) has affected good teams this season.
      “San Francisco allowed aging center Jonathan Goodwin to leave as a free agent in the offseason, re-signing and promoting backup Daniel Kilgore as his replacement. Kilgore played well at the start of the season, but a broken leg against the Broncos exposed the 49ers’ lack of depth at center.

      Third-round pick Marcus Martin replaced Kilgore, but Martin was less prepared than most rookies: He was a one-year starter at center for USC (he played guard early in his collegiate career), he missed some camp time with a knee injury, and most startlingly, he was just 20 years old when he entered the lineup.

      Watch 49ers film from the team’s recent downfall, and you will notice just how many hard-to-handle shotgun snaps Colin Kaepernick has hauled in. The offense had enough problems without unpredictable snaps throwing off the timings of plays. Martin’s lack of polish is obvious, and his inexperience shows when blocking for Kaepernick, whose constant motion requires linemen to think and react quickly.

      When a knee injury kept Martin out of Sunday’s Seahawks loss, reserve guard Joe Looney slid to center. Looney did as well as could be expected, but he missed a few blocks and drifted about 10 yards downfield on a fourth-quarter rollout pass, a sign of a lineman who is not very familiar with his position and responsibilities. It was a bad-to-worse situation for a desperate team that just months ago prided itself on great offensive line play.

      The Chargers and 49ers have dealt with numerous other issues and injuries this season. But their seasons would certainly have turned out much better if they did not have to rely on centers who were so inexperienced at their position that one of them could not even legally buy a beer.”

      1. Mood, thanks for the Tanier. Always learn from him. I found Roman’s comments about Roman mean-spirited. For him to say this in public and with two games to go suggests to me he already has one leg out of here.

        1. Roman has one foot out door, and probably should have dismissed about 5 games ago if not for Harbaugh.

          It almost sounds as if Roman is deflecting some of the attention his offense is getting onto someone else.
          Unfortunately, I doubt that he can wash his hands of the down spiral the offense took this year by placing attention on a player.

    2. George,

      What should Roman say? He played a good game when he didn’t. Doesn’t help Looney any.

      PeteC’s Words: (On how Alvin Bailey played in the second half of SF) He made it through it. He had some good plays and some bad plays. He did some good things. He struggled a little bit too. He wasn’t on his best game but he made it through it and managed to get through the game. It will be a lot better, if he’s going to play this week, to get the whole week of preparation – getting all the reps and all that. He’s done okay in the past for us at tackle so we’re going to count on him to do that – if he’s called on to play.

      This is straight lose 25 lbs move faster be better OR . . .

    1. Takes two teams to tango, and we have been absent. It is a little too early to write off the rivalry.

    2. The rivalry will take a bigger hit if Arizona wins the SB this year.

      Superbowl prediction:
      New England vs Arizona
      31 – 17
      Brady makes one last stand and wins the big Kahuna.

          1. Mary,

            I’m sure you already know this, but if Seattle can knock off Arizona and their 3rd string QB on Sunday they will be in the drivers seat for home field.

              1. Reports here in Phx say that Stanton is out 3 weeks. Az is not beating anyone outside of the NFC south in the playoffs with or without Stanton. I’d like to see a Seattle New England SB. I’d like Belichick to show the NFL how to exploit Seattle.

        1. Yes.
          I think that they have just enough fire-power to get the job done. If Arizona can score at least 20, they have a good chance with their defense.

          1. AES,

            Anyone has a chance of beating Seattle if they can score 20. Arizona scored 3 up there the first time, and that was before their best RB went on IR.

            1. Seattle will win out and roll their way to another Superbowl. It burns to say that but that team and specifically that defense, is really good, almost unbeatable.

              1. I’m looking forward to watching the Seahawks defense finally go up against a QB that isn’t a backup, which won’t happen until some point in the playoffs.

              2. What QB left could give the Hawks trouble?
                Aaron Rodgers but their run game is not a factor.

                Tony Romo beat them already?

                Matt Stafford, lots of weapons and a decent but not great running game?

                Who’s left?

  12. Off the subject…but If you can get it, the NAIA National Championship game has just begun, and Southern Oregon U is in it…If you want to see a QB who can pass, tune in. His name is Austin Dodge, and he just set all of the NAIA passing records

    1. Those are the leagues conventional QB’s will come from. Unfortunately the speed of the game at the NAIA level is super slow compared to Division II and most definitely Division I football. I played at an Division II school that dropped down to NAIA. After playing against Southern Illinois University it helped me realize how fast those guys who play at top schools really are.

      1. @KY49er

        When you come down to the end of the season, You are playing good football; through elimination you come down to two teams, the BEST two teams. The NAIA is well represented in the NFL, and there are more schools in NAIA than in NCAA. Overall quality isn’t the same, but NAIA schools play several NCAA Div ll schools. The Saluki’s break the rules…they have over 50.000 students, more than most Div l schools. That’s why Southern Illinois’ trophy case is overflowing.

  13. Read the following Eric Branch story on Frank Gore.


    Two comments… how much he appreciates Harbaugh and the other is who’s name did he leave off of teammates he really respects. Hint:He refers to one QB no longer with us and leaves out the current QB.

    BTW didn’t EB get his start at the PD. There may be hope for GC. Nah wishful thinking

    1. You are reaching with that comment. He said he respects Kendall Hunter and not Carlos Hyde. I believe it’s more of a, these guys have put in the time. The guys he left off of his respect list really have not. You can not compare a guy who has been in the league 8 years to someone who has only been in the league 4 years. Smith has put in his time. With that said, he’s not better the Kaep.

      1. I look at the guys he mentioned with the exception of Goldson and Crabtree to be the guys he considers leaders. Nothing more nothing less. To be honest I didn’t pay much attention to the Hyde Hunter reference, it was more on the list a few questions down.

      2. Isn’t gore CK’s bodygaurd at most of his press conferences after te game?
        Hard to believe Frank doesn’t respect ck as much as anyone else. Dude is the best thing that’s happened to this franchise Bryant young.

        And if KC’s defense steps up and Alex smith makes the pass down the right sideline they win. Just to keep it real.

        1. Alex made the pass, the RB was a 3rd stringer and didn’t run the route. At least Alex had the faith to run the play.
          Try again loser!

  14. Fran Tarkenton: “People said they hope Kaepernick is going to get better and he’s not. That’s what you got and it’s not good enough.”

      1. I might enjoy it more if it wasn’t for the fact that Fran is of the type of ex-player that seems to think everyone from their generation played it right and everyone today plays it wrong.

        1. Yeah but he also has a point. This is who Kaepernick is. I think will do well with an unorthodox coach like Chip Kelly.

      2. Good Ol Fran seems to be using the current and ever popular pile-on Kap routine.
        There is no news worthy story or revelation that Tarkenton presents that all of us don’t already know.
        Just add Ol Fran to the growing list of Kap detractors. One thing is certain, good Ol Fran will be an instant cult-hero to some 49er fans around here.
        btw, how many SB’ did good Ol Fran win?

            1. He described him as the most talented player on the planet before last season. He’s just another one of many who has soured on him due to inconsistency this year. Next season will determine Kaps future as a player most likely.

              1. Tark has been a supporter of Kap until this season. Last season he was criticizing the team for not letting him play his game. Now he’s just piling on with the others.

              2. Yep, if they bring in McDaniels and Kaepernick does not ascend throughout the year, they’ll move on in my opinion….

              1. CFL although not even in comparison to the NFL would be great for CK to develop his game. It worked wonders for Garcia, Flutie and Warren Moon.

  15. ICYMI from Adam Schefter:

    “49ers HC Jim Harbaugh’s family and friends have been encouraging him to take the Michigan HC job, but he is torn because his heart is in the NFL, per sources close to the situation.
    Harbaugh first would like to see what head coaching opportunities come available – and he is likely to be a top choice for a handful of teams – before getting back to Michigan with an answer, per sources.
    Harbaugh also is aware of the fact that Michigan might not be able to wait for him, especially when it might not even land the coach who is believed to be the school’s top choice. Plus, college football recruiting is in full swing, and the longer a school waits, the more of a disadvantage it can be. It leaves both sides, Michigan and Harbaugh, in a tough and delicate spot, even though they have mutual interest in each other, per sources.
    Harbaugh would like to finish coaching this season, go through the players’ getaway day on Monday, Dec. 29, and then make his decision as quickly as possible. As another source said, Harbaugh’s agent, Dave Dunn, already “has a good sense of realistic NFL options already.”
    But as one Michigan source wondered Friday, “If he wants to stay in the NFL, who will pay him $8 million per year?”, an indication that Michigan is prepared to go hard after Harbaugh.
    There is an undisputed emotional connection for Harbaugh, who played at Michigan, is an iconic figure there, and has been hearing from family and friends about returning as the prodigal son. Harbaugh’s father, Jack, is influential with his son and he has made it known that he likes and admires Michigan’s interim athletic director, Jim Hackett, whom he got to know in the mid 1970s, when he was coaching the defensive backs at Michigan while Hackett was playing center at the school.
    Harbaugh’s wife also is said to be open and on board to him going back to Ann Arbor if that’s what he wants, per sources.
    While some have pointed out that recruiting would be a challenge, it is one that does not concern Harbaugh, per sources. Harbaugh believes he has successfully recruited before and he would do so again if he returned to college.
    But his family and friends have voiced their opinions to Harbaugh, and made it known that it would be an ideal match. Now, likely by the end of the month, Harbaugh must make the decision that will shape his professional and personal life for years to come.”

    1. If true, it sounds like Harbaugh has already been informed he will not be wanted at the 49ers next season.

        1. Maybe, htwaits. Regardless of whether he’s been told outright or whether he is just seeing the writing on the wall, my underlying point was simply that if this is true then it sure sounds like he knows he’s out.

          Not a revelation, but some people have been saying he’ll still be back next year, but this would make it seem very unlikely.


  16. Matt: There’s really nothing in Seattle’s defense to exploit. We’re not a complicated team. I think everyone agrees who watches the games. Our defense is allowing 272.4 yards per game and 17.3 pts whereas NE is allowing 352.2 yds p/game and 20 pts., plus they’re in a weak div. Seattle’s #1/total Def., #1 Rushing, and 11 in Total Offense although our O-Line is thin w/injuries. Run first, protect the ball, keep the defense on the field, wear them down and the clock, explosive plays — win in the 4th.

  17. Borland, Johnson, Hyde, Brock all out on saturday. I know its not his fault and all but has anyone that was counted on contributed less to this season than Brock?

      1. True the Davises have been disappointing but at least they were on the field (VD more than AD). We got like 100 snaps from Brock all season and most of those he was getting toasted by Den

  18. Some interesting tweets from Jeff Deeney (analyst and 49ers media correspondent at PFF):

    1) Over the last six weeks, Joe Staley is PFF’s top graded tackle

    2) Quarterbacks who are sacked the most often this year when pressured. CK7 is #2.
    Name Pressure % Sack %
    Blake Bortles 32.90% 28.70%
    Colin Kaepernick 37.30% 25.00%
    Tony Romo 29.2 23.1
    Kyle Orton 30.6 22.4
    Cam Newton 35.2 22.1
    Alex Smith 35.8 21.6

    1. Sorry for the horrendous formatting. First number is the pressure% and the second number is the sack%.

  19. More information from Jeff Deeney;

    “Colin Kaepernick’s QB rating when blitzed this year is 105.4, 76.8 when not blitzed. However his sack rate when blitzed is 15.6% (2nd most).”

      1. Yeah. I remember telling a friend after CK was promoted that we would definitely see more turnovers but that the offense would be more exciting. I got the former but not the latter.

  20. thinking out loud, maybe it’s Harbaugh that doesn’t want to be the Niners HC. Maybe the FO doesn’t align with his vision and with him holding the cards he says to himself f… It I can go elsewhere and do it again in a better situation. I hope not cause I happen to like the guy.

  21. When looking for a Head coach shouldn’t a GM try to find someone he can work hand in hand with? Shouldn’t those two have the same vision as the type of players they want to put on the field? In my mind, which isn’t always right, the coach should tell the gym what type of players he wants.

    1. I’d agree with all of those things. The GM should hire a coach with a vision for the team that aligns with his own, and should provide players that fit what the HC wants. If the two have a vision that aligns then the GM should have no problems taking players that fit what the HC is after.

    2. Everything is indicating that Baalke will go after a coach that won’t challenge him or the front office. Translation: screw what’s best for the team and stroke that little ego of yours.

        1. I was driving down the road and bypassed a business sign that read, Self Storage. I wondered aloud how many units would be required to contain the ego of Trent Baalke….

          1. And a coach that gets along with the FO can’t help the team get better?

            Not meaning to hound you on this Mid, but a few weeks back I posted about how important it is for an organisation not to have distractions at the top, as it filters through the team. I’ve never seen it work out long term, and I have seen some great sporting clubs torn apart due to infighting at the top.

            As good a coach as Harbaugh is, his personality creates drama and discord. I know everyone wants to paint Baalke as the bad guy in this, I assume because Harbaugh is a good coach with a good record, so therefore it can’t be his fault. But Harbaugh has a history of rubbing people the wrong way. If reports are accurate, it isn’t just Baalke that Harbaugh doesn’t see eye to eye with. While nobody talks about how Baalke can’t along with anyone except Harbaugh.

            He’s done a great job of turning this ship around. But he has a shelf life, in my opinion, and you are better off moving on before it expires.

            1. I agree with this take, Scooter. I was pleased when they signed Harbaugh, but I distinctly remember smiling with raised eyebrows in anticipation of better team play and who-knows-what’s -next? with Harbaugh vis a vie The Press. I may have mentioned it here at the time; not sure, but I was thinking it. I rambled long a week or two ago about how Outlier Performers in all endeavors can frequently be abrasive to others in their self-confidence.
              At least one writer at the time of Jim’s hire, I wish I could recall which one, predicted a relatively meteoric tenure for JH with the Niners

              1. Actually it’s more to do with everything that I have read Scooter. I’m hoping it’s not true, but then this franchise has shot itself in the foot more than once in since 2000.

                The front office tells John Fox to just concentrate on the defensive side of the ball and let Peyton Manning do whatever he wants so they can win a Super Bowl ring. I don’t know if this is true, but it wouldn’t exactly surprise me if it was Razor.

              2. It’s been various articles articles Scooter. Whether they are true or not is still to be determined, just as everything else is in regards to our coaching staff.

              3. I’ve read most of the articles around this issue, and I’ve never seen anyone confirm or provide any compelling evidence to suggest that Baalke wants a conformist HC. The only thing I’ve seen is speculation to that effect, and generally because it is the antithesis of Harbaugh (i.e., don’t want another Harbaugh, therefore must want someone that will be a “yes sir” man).

                Baalke has been around football a long time, I like to think he’s smarter than that. If he wanted a yes man, why did he hire Harbaugh, or chase Bill Parcells, in 2011?

              4. Scooter, if you trust Baalke in this matter, why not trust him to hire McDaniels if he believes he’s the man?

              5. Because the only success that McDaniels has had is with a QB named Tom Brady. He hasn’t done anything at his other stops.

            2. In my opinion there needs to be a middle ground Scooter. I don’t want a coach that constantly fights with the front office, but at the same time I don’t want a coach that just goes with the flow. Everything that I have appears to indicate that the team wants the latter, and that isn’t good.

              1. What type of relationship do you think would best describe John Fox and the Broncos front office?

              2. I agree with everything but the last sentence. You are assuming the latter simply because it is the antithesis of Harbaugh.

  22. Courtesy Eric Branch:
    “The 49ers have scored 23 points in their past three games, their lowest three-game total since they scored 22 in 2005 (Dec. 4-18).”
    Will they be able to score a TD tomorrow if Gore does not play?

    1. Idk. But I have a feeling VD is going to have a big game. Even though it’s to late. That should give some doubt whether to trade him this offseason. Smh

    2. I put that up here earlier in the week in a comment.

      Could be a sign that Roman will eventually be a Super Bowl winning head coach.

  23. best way to make everybody happy…..

    Extend JH contract one year ……
    Sign a Top Free Agent CB or best DB in the 2015 Draft
    Let crabtree go and sign a top 3 WR (Dez Bryant, Gordon, …..)
    Sign a Ginn Like Special team returner
    Fire Roman and bring in someone who can make #7 dynamic
    Trade V.Davis NOW…….
    Draft a 3-4 round QB with potential to grow
    Let Mike Iupati go…..
    Keep J.Smith – 2 yr contract
    Keep Gore – 2 yr contract
    Draft 2 speedy WR’s

    1. Why sign a top cb? Or draft one that high?
      There was virtually no pass rush this season, why sign two aging players to two year contracts? When you already have younger guys that look like they will fill in nicely?
      Gordon is signed so it would have to be through trade. SF tried before and didn’t get him, so that ship is probably sailed. Unless Cleveland sees some behavior problems coming in the offseason. And with Harbaugh still aboard what makes anyone think Gordon will get his act together here?
      Whoever the OC is would have to fit the same style harbaugh runs. The o-line is not a WCO o -line or a good passing one for that matter.

      They should revamp the line with quicker o-lineman. Cut down half of the offensive staff, get a speed guy to backup Hyde, and pray to goodness CK works on his game. And becomes a good pocket passer.
      They do need some competition for him.
      And of Baalke is gm. There should be no problem in drafting a speedy receiver… But can they play nfl football effectively?

        1. I reckon if Fangio is no longer at the 49ers, its a very strong chance he retires, if Fangio is still at the 49ers, still a good chance, but some hope he returns.

    1. Lol. My defensive coordinator in college got pissed at us during an early morning practice because we were going through the motions. He called the entire defense to stand around him. He tells us about the time he whooped his little nieces arse in hungry hungry hippo. Some people are just extremely competitive. lol.

  24. As I start thinking about the 2015 draft, below is an article from 6/2/2014 by Maiocco regarding the number of draft picks for 2015. He assumes that the 49ers will net two compensatory selections based on the loss of two qualifying free agents. Since it looks like Stevie Johnson will not meet the conditions requiring the 49ers to give Buffalo a third round pick, it looks to me like Baalke effectively traded a 7th round pick for Stevie Johnson (when you factor in the Denver trade)

    In 2014 we had 12 picks and in 2013 we had 13 picks going into the draft with 11 players selected.

    Of course we may still get additional draft capital for trading some players, like VD.


  25. Really hoping Crabs sits a ton this game and that Patton gets his reps. Also hoping that Ellington gets 4-6 targets today.

    1. I get a high level of anxiety when thinking about watching us play. They will find a way to not play Ellington or Patton. So frustrating.

      1. I agree. I can’t remember which analyst, reporter, or writer said it but his words were something like, “Peyton Manning makes all of his offensive coordinators look good.” The same can be said for Brady. Talk about fools gold

        1. PFT quoting Mortensen as saying that McDaniels and Gase are leading prospects. He mentioned McDaniels first. Rumors at this point.
          I wouldn’t be too happy with that choice personally, but then I’m not too happy with this year’s Offense…….

    1. Here’s a tweet from Maiocco regarding Josh McDaniels:

      Matt Maiocco @MaioccoCSN · 2h 2 hours ago
      Agree with @mortreport that top outside candidate to replace Jim Harbaugh as #49ers coach is Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

      1. I am always okay with being proven wrong. I have no issues with admitting that, even though it’s rare on here. But I just do not know.

        1. “We are the products of our own environment” Josh McDaniels had a shot in Denver, and got sideways with his QB, a strong-armed rifle who might be the next Jeff George. He traded him off to the Bears who thought that he would be the ‘second-coming’. Folks in Denver didn’t like that, so McDaniels term there was short (two years) I believe. This last week I saw that Cutler has been benched and that the Bears would be entertaining trade offers. Somewhere deep in the Patriots locker room, there is uncontrollable laughter happening. I think that Josh McDaniels would be a great HC for the 49ers….let the bashing begin!!

      1. Relax mate. I’m not sure he’d even want the job considering Kraft may have told him if he sticks around, the job is his when BB retires or is moved upstairs….

        1. Sorry Razor. I’m just not seeing a viable replacement for Harbaugh, and having a guy who wasted a first round pick on Tim Tebow rumored to be his potential replacement doesn’t exactly raise my hopes.

          1. Chew on this. He was looking forward to implementing some read option into his offense by selecting Tebow, and he did some good things with Tim. I’d really encourage an interview with him and hear his plan on how he would turn this offense into a scoring machine….

            1. And yet Tebow is out of the league. That’s all I need to chew on.
              McDaniels’ only true success has been with the Patriots, primarily with Brady as the QB. He’s had other chances and couldn’t capitalize on them.

    2. If the Patriots get to the Super Bowl then there is five weeks gone for implementing a new HC. I am not in favor of this hiring.

    3. While he wouldn’t be my first choice, I can see the logic in hiring McDaniels. He’s had a taste of being a HC in the league and turned down HCing offers to stay in NE the past couple of years. That tells me he has decided to keep working on his craft while waiting for a good opportunity.

      His stint in Denver was a disaster, but I’m guessing it was a hell of a learning experience. This team has to hire an offensive minded HC imo. Tomsula is a great guy and Dline coach, but he’s not a great HC candidate.

    4. I posted why I think he’d be a terrible choice in another thread.

      In summary, his relationship skills with this players is astonishingly poor. He’d be a great hire if we want to make sure some of our starting offensive players get traded away.

      1. With the way the offense performed this year that may not be a bad idea.

        I understand your point Scooter. I’m guessing McDaniels may have learned from his mistakes but that would be up to Baalke to decide.

        1. If he has learned from that, then he may be ok. I fear it was more to do with his personality in general, that he’s not adept at dealing with player egos, but the way he handles these things in future can be changed if he’s willing to acknowledge where he’s gone wrong in the past.

          His first order of business in Denver was to try and replace his QB and get his own guy in. Would he look to do the same with the 49ers? Would he want to work with Kaep?

            1. Was leadership the reason he got rid of Cutler? I thought it was made quite clear the reason McDaniels got rid of Cutler was simply that he wanted Cassel because he knew the system, and in the process completely soured the relationship with Cutler to the point they could no longer keep him.

              1. I hadn’t realised Urlacher played for the Broncos.

                I’m not questioning whether Cutler is a bad leader. I just find it very hard believe that was the reason he got traded by the Broncos.

              2. Why’s it hard to believe. Do you believe Cutler wasn’t himself in the high elevation? Quite likely it was part of the equation mate….

              3. It all started with a proposed three team trade that would have seen Cassel go to the Broncos, and Cutler go to the Lions. This was all done behind Cutler’s back, not long after McDaniels took the job. Not exactly a great way to start a relationship.

                When it went south, McDaniels had to try and mend fences, which he failed to do. Feel free to blame Cutler for that, I’m sure he deserves some of it, but from what I have read the conversation between the two was far from placatory, but rather McDaniels explaining why he did it, that he’d do it again, and an ultimatum from McDaniels on whether or not Cutler could move past it so they knew whether they needed to find someone else.

              4. I don’t blame Cutler for being a baby and throwing a hissy fit. After all, it is his nature….

              5. Right, so you think it is Cutler’s fault for being a princess, and that McDaniels was in the right?

              6. I think Cutler is the same person he was in Denver and I’m confident McDaniels was able to discern his true nature, however poorly he executed his move….

              7. Pretty scathing, but I’m betting there were more of the same type of articles and gnashing of teeth when BB was ushered out the Browns door….

  26. Tomsula would be a tremendous mistake. He just doesn’t appear to be a strategist. He appears to be a more humble likable version of Mike Singletary.
    He also doesn’t seem like he is respected enough to have good intelligent up and coming coaches come work with him.
    I’m on board with both McDaniels and Hue Jackson. Hue is my number one. McDaniels is my number two. And Norv is my number three. All with the stipulation that Fangio is our D coordinator.

    1. I know everyone is in distress about what “might ‘happen with the coaching staff, but really ,how do you Know that Tomsula is not respected enough to have good intelligent etc. or for that matter any of the stuff you are talking about!
      Let it play out.

    2. What worries me about a tomsula hiring is. I think it would mirror an Al Davis move. You coach, and I’ll do the rest. This would mark it’s Baalke’ team. And EVERY decision would be his and his only. I don’t like the tomsula hiring. If Fangio leaves. Promote him up to DC. We’ve seen this story before. Except this time with the core of this team we don’t have another 4 years. Get someone who can win now.
      This message was approved by mike holmgren…..

  27. Disagree MD. I think that McDaniels is a brilliant offensive mind. He made young mistakes his first go round. I think this second time through whoever gets him gets a get that will have learned much from his mistakes…

    1. I dunno. Norv Turner has a good mind and can coach offense. Didn’t make him a good HC in a few tries. Who knows though, Eddie hired a guy with offensive philosophy who worked out pretty well one time……BW.

    2. Great offensive mind, but with the trouble off field this team seems to like. I’m itching for a commander in chief type with a good offensive mind. Don’t know how these vets will buy into a failed head coach. At least harbaugh played so I think that gave him cred.
      This team is talented and to gamble on a failure from before doesn’t sit well with me. OC?? I’d say yeah.
      We already have a cutler with legs.
      I’m still hoping for holmgren.

  28. Claude,
    hope you don’t mind. Thought we could share an avatar. Maybe start up a club called ” The banned club “.

  29. Yup, the “Bad Boy’s” of the – IT49ersPD club.
    There’s an illustrious membership that grows each season

  30. Many are saying that Harbaugh won’t go back to college because his job in the NFL isn’t finished (i.e. he hasn’t won a superbowl). However, his job in the college ranks wasn’t finished, either, when he left Stanford.

  31. Adam Schefter is saying that the Bears may have to give up a draft pick in order to trade Jay Cutler.

    He is owed quite a bit of money, but, if the Bears were willing to give up their 2015 first round draft pick, would we consider it? Of course, it would mean getting rid of Kaep (maybe a swap of Kaep for Cutler and 1st round draft pick).

    Just to be clear, I’m NOT advocating this, but for a 2015 first round draft pick I’d at least want to consider some possible scenarios.

        1. Lol Cubus. I don’t have to since his play speaks for itself. He has one of the better set of weapons around him and yet he still can’t deliver.

    1. Bay Area Fanatic tries to smack the troll77 but has Kaepernick like accuracy which means he misses and instead ends up punching an old lady holding her granddaughter.

      Instead of being a man and admitting he was in the wrong. Bay Area Fanatic flees the scene. When the cops confront him in his cave, he says he was watching the Birdcage on Netflix.

      Cops find a bunch of bootleg Kaepernickering dolls and would have arrested him, but they’re not worth much since he’s going to be playing in the CFL soon so they let him go.

      1. @Fan77….still laughing…about 2-3 years ago, Bay posted some football stuff…REAL football stuff. ‘not sure just what happened to expose him as the immature precocious child who is posting here under his moniker. Oh, this is about the REAL Bayareafan

        1. Bay Area was the biggest Kaepernick lover on his site. Instead of standing tall by his man, he resorts to his usual childish tactics.

  32. When Ray was released this past week, there was some chatter about how the 49ers could have saved $3 million if they had waited, I think till the end of the season, to release him.

    Does anyone know if this is true or not? And if there were savings to be had by waiting, does anyone know how much?

      1. Trivia? With a team up against the cap and the need to sign some quality free agents, how do you figure that $3 million is not important. Do you actually have an answer to the question?

      1. Jack:

        If true, then my opinion of Baalke is changing. They could have benched Ray in order to send a message to the other players. Then release him at the earliest opportunity that allows for saving the $3 million.

        Do you have a citation or article link? I’m sure some beat writer would have picked up on this and written an article.

      2. Do you think they have another personnel move that will offset that cap hit, or did they just eat it exasperated?

        1. Message move, IMO. Harbs claimed it was a consensus decision, which I assume includes Jed. I’m pretty sure the Cap hit was considered; brought up by either Trent or Paraag. So I’m guessing more resolve than exasperation. The Hammer has to strike once in a while to be a credible deterrent. For Ray it was a DFU ultimatum; and he fu.

          1. I think the message could’ve also been sent by suspending him without pay for the final two games and then releasing him afterwards.

      3. Sorry to continue to beat this horse, but I can’t find any corroboration of the additional $3 million cap hit. Can someone provide a link which explains this situation (I just can’t believe they would be so stupid and if they were, I am truly dismayed). Thanks.

        1. They released Ray in less than two hours. That sounds like an owner’s edict that no one apposed. The fact that you can’t find any corroboration may indicate that it’s not a significant feature in this weeks 49ers story. (i.e., trivial).

      1. Nick

        my bet would be a short pass for five yards on the first or second play…then back to your gameplan

  33. Frank The Tank back on his tracks for tonight.

    After tonight there is only 1 more game for the heart of the 49ers.

  34. @Jack

    I have been known to bet my heart over my head…but I think (and hope) that both Frank and ‘Cowboy’ are going to give it another year if we can come up with a QB that will take pressure off the running game with good accurate passes, and the D by extending some long drives…CK must go…sorry Bay

    Chargers 30- Niners 7

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