Jim Harbaugh: “Jed stopped by today. We had a real good talk.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is the full transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Anything jump out at you after reviewing the film of that win?

“Yeah, lot of things. Where would you like to start?”


Let’s start defensively. What did you think just of how well they’re tackling and the way they made adjustments in the second half?

“Well, that would have been point number one would have been tackling. We’ve tackled well all year. That’s been a positive for us, a big positive for us. When you’re talking about football, tackling is always right there number one or number two. But, we’re doing an excellent job tackling, leveraging. We only had the one explosive play of 26 yards and I thought once we got settled down after the first three possessions, thought we did a very good job stopping them, getting them off the field, limiting the first downs, accumulation of first downs on the drive. Got them off, three-and-out at critical times. Good on short yardage. Stopped the two third-and-shorts. Good again in the two-minute. That’s great to see our defense line up. Offense has a chance to drive the ball and have it a one score game, one possession game, and win the game and to be able to thwart that is big.”


Is the defensive line with NT Ian Williams, DT Justin Smith and DT Ray McDonald, is that where it all starts? We often look at the defensive line production from the sacks standpoint, but in terms of getting that run defense started, is that where they’re excelling?

“Yeah, you can say that or it starts with all 11 playing together. Both are extremely important and happening. But, the way they leverage, the way they get off blocks and tackle, we’re seeing good play, improved play, ascending play from several players. [S] Antoine Bethea again, another good game, another solid game. I think [LB] Ahmad Brooks’ play is ascending. [LB] Aaron Lynch, ascending. Good things to talk about defensively.”


How about the offensive line, particularly your tackles and what they were up against, going against Chiefs LB Tamba Hali and Chiefs LB Justin Houston?

“Well, I knew we we’re going to have a big task, a big challenge ahead. Those are two great pass rushers. Special rushers. Our tackles did a really good job. Our offensive line played extremely well I thought. [T] Joe Staley again sucked it up, toughed it out against a great pass rusher. [T] Jonathan Martin, ascending player. He’s not only getting the job done, but getting the job done well. [C] Daniel Kilgore really needs a special mention because he was playing against a special player. [Chiefs NT] Dontari Poe is a special football player and he was playing very well. This was a real positive game for Daniel Kilgore. All the things that a center has to do and then to have the physical challenge of playing against a player like Poe is daunting and he stood up to it and I was really, really pleased with the way he played. [G] Mike Iupati, thought he was playing his best football of the year and [G/T] Alex Boone had his best game, I thought, and also the leadership that he provides. There’s a grittiness, a toughness, a mentality that he brings and as a group, they played extremely well.”


In the past two games, seven trips to the redzone, but only two touchdowns out of that and speaking to some of the players, they’re like, ‘Yeah, we need to get in the end zone.’ When you look at it, what is it? Execution, play calling? What have been some of the reasons?

“Well, there was a couple there where I really thought we were going to knock it in. Starting from the last drive, I really felt we were going to knock that in and Tamba Hali made a great play. We were at the 9-yard line. Cut the fat, skimmed the edge, went straight to the running back and got [RB] Carlos Hyde at the line of scrimmage. Really, when you talk about pursuit, that was pursuit at the highest level. And then the next play call was mine. I really felt if he was going to pursue like that, then we could run the quarterback keep around the edge and Tamba played it different. So, that hurt us on that last attempt to really get the ball into the end zone. He played it different. [QB Colin Kaepernick] Kap made a spectacular effort of not losing too many yards, but I got outsmarted on that one. And then, I thought we made a really good throw and had a chance for the touchdown with [WR] Anquan [Boldin]. We were attacking. We were calling and executing the plays that we thought would get us in the end zone. Earlier, go back to the first drive of the game, we called the reverse pass and Anquan Boldin does everything great, I mean everything great, but there’s a tendency when you’re throwing a reverse pass or a halfback pass, for the back or the receiver to turn into … they forget that it’s a run-pass option. Wish I would have done a better job coaching that and alerting – don’t forget to run if it’s there. Do a better job of coaching that. Something happens to the mentality of football players when they’re in that, if they’re a receiver or running back and you call for the halfback pass, boy come Hell or high water, they’re throwing a halfback pass. Call a reverse pass with a receiver, come Hell or high water, seems like they just throw it. Anyway, again, could have done a better job coaching there.”


WR Michael Crabtree was open though, wasn’t he?

“He was. He was open for a quarterback that’s into the game, loosened up that’ll make that throw on the run, but a receiver or a running back, I don’t think he was open like he’s open for a receiver or a running back that would make that throw. That’s just something I’ve noticed back to peewee football. Whether it’s peewee or high school or college or even pro football, come Hell or high water, they try to drop it in there on a dime. Anyway, I take responsibility.”


WR Stevie Johnson is the one that caught the red zone touchdown passes each of the last two games, but he hasn’t seen a lot of time. Was he limited this week also by the bug that he had last week?

“There was just a little bit more [WR] Brandon Lloyd in the game plan in those situations. But, the options that are presented are really paying off for us. I think Kap hit eight different receivers, maybe it was nine, could have been seven, but different guys. That speaks, one to the volume of guys that he can go to and also to the fact that he’s going through his progressions and is getting to the open guy. And, I thought both of those things were evident. I thought Kap played extremely well in the football game yet again. I also wanted to mention [TE] Derek Carrier who’s very much an ascending player at this point. Made a great grab on the naked rollout and then got his shoulders squared up field and got us critical yards on the sideline. Played good physical pound on the sideline was good to see. His blocking has improved a lot. He is a trusted agent out there. Special teams wise, [LB] Chris Borland had three tackles on the kickoff. He is an ascending player, played very well on the teams yesterday. [WR] Kassim Osgood, again, he’s our best player on special teams, especially on the coverage units he’s doing a great job. [S] Craig Dahl from Mankato High School in Mankato, Minnesota, a great play picking up the 4th down conversion. Don’t know if you know this or not, but he had 57 touchdowns as a high school football player. He was a good running back.”


Was that taken into account when that fake was dialed up?



That was good coaching right there.

“Great coaching. [Assistant head coach and special teams coordinator] Brad Seely does a tremendous job. We have so much coaching talent, and I exclude myself from that coaching talent pool. These guys, our coaches, do a tremendous job and the coaching talent is there on our football team and evidenced yet again. That fake was dialed up, worked on and was suggested and pulled off. Players executed it and coaches coached it. It was a big play in the game.”


Who suggested that play, was that Brad?

“Oh yeah, that’s Brad. Brad suggested that.”


If that doesn’t work, it was at the 29-yard line, instead of brilliant, you look really stupid. Any trepidation about doing that or did you just trust that that was dialed up correctly and it would?

“Yeah, seen it practiced and felt good about it. Yeah, can’t play scared, refuse to coach scared.”


Only two penalties yesterday I believe for 10 yards. What finally clicked for the team as far as just kind of getting the penalty situation under control?

“It was good emphasis by our players. They take it upon themselves to play a style of football that is good. They want to play good football. They know that that was hurting us. You could see where some of those penalties, the pre-snap penalties on both sides of the ball, but defensive pre-snap penalties and post-snap penalties were costing us. And, we had one pre-snap penalty yesterday on defense, I believe, no post-snap penalties and players have taken that upon themselves to get that corrected.”


The punt coverage team gave up a long return to Chiefs RB/WR De’Anthony Thomas. It seemed to happen around the same part of the field that you gave up a touchdown last week to Philadelphia Eagles RB Darren Sproles. What are you seeing from the punt coverage team?

“Well, we’ve got to do a better job. We’ve got to do a better job of covering those punts. Need a little more hang time. And, that’s always been our best unit. We’ve set records around here on the punt team. [P] Andy [Lee] does an incredible job punting the football. Right? We’ve set a record there I’m sure of it. I think going back to 1938 in the punt coverage, in the net punt. So, we’re extremely capable and I know we’ll get it done.”


The players have tomorrow off. Are you going to take a personal day or do you come in and work still tomorrow?

“Yeah, we’re onto the Rams. We spent the day, spent the morning so far getting onto the Rams. Big game.”


It seems like each game, a different wide receiver has a big game. Is that predetermined going into the game or does that sort of happen based on the defense? Do you have an idea of whose going to have a big game as you’re heading into Sunday?

“You really want everybody running, everybody alert on every passing play, and our guys do a great job of that. You don’t see our receivers taking a play off. There are intents in pass plays. They know what the intent is, or the second read or the third read. On all routes, everybody running, everybody alert, anybody could get the ball. That’s the mentality that you want your offense to have.”


WR Brandon Lloyd has a history of being a good leaper, but I’m wondering if during the evaluation process when you guys were looking at him if you guys had him do any vertical jumping tests or anything like that?

“No, we didn’t. [Offensive coordinator] Greg Roman put together a great tape of Brandon Lloyd. It was about maybe 80-90 plays. And what showed up continuously was how good he was outside the numbers, contorting his body, making plays wherever he had played. He’s special with the way he can keep his feet in bounds or, like you said, contort his body. I’ve seen some really good ones. Can’t recall seeing one better than the one he made in the ball game, the way he gained the leveraged back and made that reception. Kap threw a heck of a ball to him. That was special.”


Was it former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Lynn Swann-like? Is that a fair comparison?

“That’s a fair comparison.”


Do you remember that?

“I do. That’s good, [San Francisco Chronicle beat writer] Eric [Branch]. Nicely done. Some football reference. 1977? 1978?”


Super Bowl X —

“Cowboys. Yeah, I can picture it down the right sideline.”


CEO Jed York talked to NFL Network host Rich Eisen today. It was very overall positive about the situation with you. He said you can rub some people the wrong way, which he’s kind of fine with. Are you aware of that, that your personality can, perhaps, bruise some feelings inside the building?

“No. Not so much. But Jed stopped by today. We had a real good talk. Moving forward, moving onto the Rams. Everybody in the organization is doing their job. Everybody is working hard at the craft of helping us be the best we can possibly be as a football team and that’s all you can ask of anybody. They’re doing their best. Nobody appreciates that like I do. I know that’s what Jed appreciates. We work at the pleasure of the York family and the San Francisco 49ers organization and that’s our job. Do the best we possibly can and I see everybody doing that.”


Was that just a typical meeting you would have with him or was that in response to all the noise?

“Oh, yeah, it was typical. Sometimes in my office or his office or the cafeteria. Good. Everybody’s doing their darndest right now, and that’s all you ask.”


I heard some of the camaraderie from the post-game comments from Colin saying that he would go to war with you at all times, to a couple of other players. How does that make you feel as far as a head coach knowing that your guys have some camaraderie and have your back?

“I think you know how I feel about our team. It’s an enjoyable team to be around. The way they play, the way they fight, the way they play together. [Jack Harbaugh] Dad mentioned it when he was here for two weeks. The feeling he had for our team and how they interact. But the evidence is how they play. This is a team that plays. Also want to complement [head strength and conditioning coach] Mark Uyeyama, our training staff, [assistant strength & conditioning coach] Kevin Tolbert, our strength and conditioning staff. That was a hot game out there on Sunday. Guys looked like they were strong and getting stronger, in great condition and we appreciate that. That’s a lot of hard work that goes into that.”


But I had a sense like they were, felt like they were protecting you. They had some pride with you and their relationship. Do you feel that way?

“Yeah it feels good. But I want to make the point I made yesterday. Please don’t ask them. That’s not their job to protect the head coach. That’s not their job to defend the head coach. Their job is to do their jobs – to play football, have each other backs, and that’s what I’ve always seen out of them. Love each other, that’s their job as well. So, hopefully, you can let them do that.”

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  1. The Yorks mission statement, Rubbing people the right way is more important than winning now that Harbaugh built their stadium and sold it out. He’s a winner that rubs people the wrong way, but you knew that when you hired him…..

      1. Mr. Sanders, did you know that run dependent, one read, headphone/sunglass wearing punk named Kaepernick had an average depth of target rate of 11 yards yesterday, compared to just 6.6 for Smith?

    1. And that’s why many 49er fans such as myself will never watch the 49ers on TV when they do dumb things like that courtesy of Jed I am Shane O McMahon York. Jed York is the biggest pompous twit next to his family that the NFL should have banned, locked out, denied, the opportunity to own the 49ers and ruin the Bill Walsh legacy we had. no matter how many games we’ll win with inept CK that can’t pass, this team will never ever surpass what Montana and Young had brought.

      1. you should quit watching this team and you should do all of us a favor and stop coming here. You make zero sense.

      2. You should not only stop watching the 49ers on TV but also stop coming here too,

        You need some Alone Time with yourself.

    2. You have the CEO saying Harbaugh is the HC now & the foreseeable future,

      You have Baalke stating on the radio that Sanders & Dilfer are not on the inside,

      You have Team Leaders saying how much they care about their HC,

      And yet Tiny Man Glazer says the Front Office doesn’t get along with Harbaugh?

      Who are these people in the Front Office? The Secretaries?….The Mailroom Boy?…The Janitor?

      Please Tiny Man Glazer who are these people you speak of?

  2. I think back to Vince Lombardi, and his coaching style. He inherited a group of players in the Green Bay Packers, and turned them into Champions. Today, the Yorks would have required Mr. Lombardi to attend anger management classes. He would have eaten these sensitive players alive and made Champions out of the strong ones. Harbaugh layed the foundation in 2011 and he brought this franchise back to the top after a decade in the toilet. Sometimes the devil you know, is better than the one you don’t, especially when that devil is a winner….

    1. Ya kno, Razor ..
      way back when The Harbs was playin’ for
      Iron Mike … he rubbed me the wrong way, too !
      I really didn’t much care for him ..

      And when Jed showed Singletary the door.. and
      hired Harbaugh .. I wondered if it was a backwards move..
      or at the vary least .. a sideways move …but,
      after what he did for the organization … I’ll readily admit..
      that I wouldn’t want anyone else to head up the team …

      Kinda reminds me of being the only doofus calling for
      Jerry Rice’s head.. (halfway through his rookie season) ..

      Then came his 2nd season… and I told anyone who would listen ..

      “… Boy, I’m sure glad Bill Walsh never listened to me !…”

    2. Today Huntley would have repeated something Brinkley repeated from Howard Cosell who was repeating a quote from Wayne Walker who just happened to mention something he heard from the a woman that dated a member of the 49ers janitorial staff 5 years earlier who repeated that Dick Nolan…

      Today 90% of sports reporting is reporting on the reporting itself. That’s not freedom of the press, that’s Freedom of Echo Chamber.

  3. this is really unbelievable to play into these rumors. I’m sick and tired of the mighty stance the 49ers are doing, first the thing with McDonald, now the thing with Harbaugh. What’s the big deal? How do you know that the next coach will be a flop? HOw do you know that maybe the next coach will talk to the media, will honestly want to establish the passing game, will want to make the 49ers a smoother team. I don’t understand how anybody can think that what Harbaugh is doing is working. Where’s the Superbowl trophy at then? All I see out of Harbaugh is Marty Schotenheimer, good for the playoffs, not good for the Superbowl because the QB can’t pass. The whole thing with Jed York is smoke and mirrors, another example of why I want the York family to sell the 49ers! The Yorks should be ashamed of boondoggling Santa Clara like that. That stadium must’ve felt like a UC Davis football game, lots of heat and no shade.

    1. ya know, Short Bus ..

      I’m gonna hope and pray for you … (really !)

      I hope your mommie finds our you got her computer
      in the basement … and..
      I’ll be prayin’ … she’ll take it away from you

      1. Shrimp Boy, I am still praying that Harbaugh will one day be a real coach, stop getting it with the media, stop lying in general, have CK be a real QB, have Gore quit imitating other RBs, and the 49ers will actually win a game right.

        But in the meantime, I hold on to hope that we will make the playoffs and disappoint everybody once again as GOre will be stuffed and CK won’t be able to pass.

  4. Seattle defense is the best in the league and their QB does it all. I think they are better this year!

    1. Prime: I’m kind of concerned b/c our defense is allowing more pts. than last year and so far we’re not taking advantage of turnovers. I don’t know that Maxwell is as good as Brownier and Thurmond. O-Line has to clean up the penalties. That Dallas game will be important.

        1. I think your honey Alex and Kansas City wins the super bowl this year. That’s right, my bad. You can’t win the bowl if you don’t make the playoffs! Lol

          1. Just what I thought. Another coward.
            MD, 23clown, Razor Shaver, and Lameareafanatic, all a bunch of big mouths with no stones!

              1. Hey, hey, my, my. Behind every keyboard is a tough guy. This one calls himself little prime. Word…

              2. Prime doesn’t have a team. He’s an Alex Smith fan. He waits for KAP to fail so he can hammer him. Alex Smith, 58 yards passing in the 2nd half yesterday. That’s what the Chiefs got for 17 million. Wow. Alex Smith with the JV stats. K.C. blew that cash on Smith. He can’t get it done but I guess he’s better than Chase Daniel??? Or is he?

            1. Two things I never do.
              I never say GO (My team) a day before the game.
              And I never bet on my team.
              I’ll bet you your chiefs won’t win it. How about that bet?

              1. My Chiefs? MD you will be dumping on CK right after a bad game just like you did Smith but meanwhile you run around here questioning every else loyalty. Please!

              2. You call it dumping. I call it keeping it real.
                I’ve stated the problems ck has just like I did Alex. Problem is there isn’t a support group ck like ol blue eyes.
                I didn’t disagree with some of your comments you made about ck. Because some are true. Problem is Alex smith never had problems in your eyes.

              3. Talk about no balls. You are willing to put your Fanhood on the line buy trashing our qb because the ex lost but won’t bet on that ex? C’mon big man. Let’s make a bet. Alex smith and the chiefs won’t win the Super Bowl.

              4. Md your small way of spinning things makes me laugh thinking you can put words in my mouth.
                Why would I bet the Chiefs would win the SB?
                You and 23 moron have lived for this moment. The chance again to degrade Smith and feel all big again.
                Let me tell you something, you are the big mouth around here who can’t let go of blue eyes. You think everything in football is black white and call yourself a realist. You sir are a bandwagon fairweather fan. Things are good in 49er land you bleed red and gold. When they lose you cry and piss and moan. Get serious.
                And don’t pull this smack me around crap. You are a joke and when CK has another bad game, and you know he will, you will be jumping all over him, Roman and anyone else you can think of. Talk about being a fan, you can’t even spell fan!

              5. Lol that’s all I can say about your jibberish. You have no idea what a 49er fan is. After all you are mad because other fans are talking crap about an opposing qb. Think about that bud! Smh
                And now you’re on seattles nuts.
                Mary/DS has your back on here. What’s that say??? Ha ha haaaa.

            2. Haha I called it! Says he would leave the blog for webzone and not even a day goes by and he comes back. Pathetic!

            3. Razor him and that moron have always been smith nut huggers. The only issue they’ve ever had with each other is which one gets the left and which one gets the right. Prime has been a good boy over the past year and staying off my porch. How did I know an Alex smith topic would get him all tough again.

            4. Don’t let 49er fans get to you. They’re today’s 49er fans that love lower expectations on the 49ers.

            5. Grant, when you are done with your consultation in the Niners offensive strategy room, can you come by here with your banhammer? Some of the regulars (and newly returned ones) have gone way over the line here.

            6. Q: Whats the difference between a smart razoreater and a unicorn?

              A: Nothing, they’re both fictional characters

          2. You gotta have a back-up team or you’ll be a bitter guy by the end of the year. Root for your division at least.

        2. Mr. Sanders, please shut your pie hole. You’re pissing yourself and you don’t even know it.

    1. Well, time for good little 49er fans to switch to MONDAY NIGHT RAW baby. Seattle is sending a message.

  5. “The seahaks look sharp”
    Lol 15 days off and the redskins. Uh oh Super Bowl city. Lol

  6. Hawks have a classy guy at QB, and scumbags at the other positions. Niners just the opposite…

      1. Can’t wait. Drumstick in hand in Santa Clara. Pancakes an drumsticks for thanksgiving dinner.

  7. All I know is Roman is a bonehead and Seattles playcalling looks light years ahead of us..

    1. Play calling light years ahead? If they didn’t have that slippery SOB this wouldn’t have been much of a game.

    1. Razor,
      If I’m lucky tonight, the highlight of the game would be Trent Williams giving Sherman another smack-down.

    1. Hmm, 24 to 10 Seattle, oh yeah, they must be getting beat up. Let’s see, R Wilson must be gassed out running for oh 100 yards or so that CK couldn’t do in his dreams, their TE is not playing…gee, and people say my viewpoint is misguided. Seattle 24 Wash 10 doesn’t seem Seattle is getting beat up, except maybe for your Madden game probably.

      1. It was 27 to 17. Who holds the record for most rushing yards in a game by a QB and that was also in the playoffs. Won’t expect you to answer because you have no football knowledge.

      1. If Washington’s defensive end isn’t so undisciplined tonight, Washington wins.

          1. Russell Wilson is a winner and makes his average supporting cast look like playmakers.
            Kaepernick is Scottie Pippen. Without superstars around him, he’s average.

              1. Primetime,

                Ummm….No they don’t. Those players are there for a reason. If you want to make a comparison to illustrate how “average” Kaepernick is, than you should try using someone who isn’t in the NBA Hall of Fame.

              2. CK is actually Dennis Rodman, I remember all sorts of antics Dennis Rodman was doing. LEast Rodman was never kissing his bicep and proclaiming how great he was on Chicago Bulls. Let’s guess on how many yards CK will throw for Monday Night: I got CK down for 235 yards, Gore probably runs…90 yards, Rams could win, but I’m not counting on it with no Qb at the helm. RB isn’t that impressive either.

      2. Thought you’d be at web zone with your fair weather fan friend MD? Hypocrite, crybaby and now liar. Full resume of pee on.

        1. I’ll make a bet with you prime. You go back and show me where I said I was leaving this page all together. To stupid to comprehend. Lol

        2. Ninermd October 5, 2014 at 6:57 pm
          You’d think. But don’t hold your breath. I should have went Claude and skipped this whole week of Alex vs Ck talk. You got onelame and DS with their 3 different names posting trash talk all week and Grant allowing it. I think I’ll get an account with the webzone and get back to MM and MB. Until Grant actually takes a little pride for this blog and his writing.
          Then again I’ll probably still be back. Switching from forum to forum. Lol I know reading is hard for you Prime.. And you say I spin things. You’re a joke.

      3. Boy, you are a desperate 49er fan. Myself, I want to Seattle take the division. I want the 49ers as the 5 or 6 seed.

          1. Harvin has a grand total of 1 reception on throws over 10 yards and half of his receptions have been behind the line of scrimmage.

            1. Mary,

              Well, that’s clearly an objective, unbiased article. Maybe I need to rethink my position on Harvin. On second thought, not.

  8. Well, Seattle just topped the 49ers.
    they pulled a fake FG on the Redskins. Guess the fake punt the 49ers did was all for naught. I rather have it come down to the Qb trying to win it for the team instead of cheap tricks. Sad way to ruin Alex Smith’s career as he won’t be facing the 49ers unless he becomes the Rams’ next QB.

    1. I must have missed that play, what I saw was Pete Carroll icing his own kicker by calling a timeout.

    1. But if you go to Seattle, it’s outdoors, weather is fierce, bad conditioned field. Seattle doesn’t get Santa Clara beneficial weather, plus, I feel the 49ers got a big yellow streak down their back to kick a FG rather then have their QB try to be a man out there passing the ball like he should. I wouldn’t put the 49ers on any prime time TV if CK is not going to pass.

      1. Stop it already… “niners need to ignore the run and pass the ball, running and great defense never won anyone anything” what are you trying to do? convince people 2+2 =5? Repeating it over and over doesn’t make it true.

  9. Lol yep those seahaks look great. Nice gift they got on that throw to lynch. They are not scary. Thanksgiving day we will be healthy and ready to continue the winning ways at home vs those road bums. I’m sure prime will be wearing his glowstick colors even though it clashes with KC colors

  10. Last time 49ers played Sunday/Thursday, they lost.
    Same thing could happen again. Seattle is more fierce then the Bal Ravens.

    I just wish CK was passing the ball more.

      1. You are such a tool. Between the 3 AFC opp, 2 NFC E, 5 of our div, and the Saints game, sooner or later, the opposition will stop Gore, and then what?Teams need to force CK into passing situations.

        1. Wilson 201 yards passing tonight
          Kaepernick 201 yards passing last night against a better team.

          1. Wilson also had over 100 yards rushing. Seattle winning least keeps the 49ers frustrated that they win for nothing and other teams won’t do them favors.

          2. But NO the 49ers win close ones and it’s over. A fully healthy Seattle team wins close an they’re Super Bowl champs. Go figure.

        2. Don’t forget about the 3 TD to passing PercyH called back b/c of penalties. They’ll get those cleaned up by next week.

            1. Who’s this DS person you keep mentioning? I’m just a 49er fan that doesn’t like CK when he can’t pass, Gore that hogs the ball, Harbaugh that embarrasses the team, and Jed York that needs to sell the team. Wins are like war and peace, it was the best of wins, it was the worse of wins, and in the words of Jerry Helper:

              That was a really awful win right there by the 49ers. Just pathetic, Piers Morgan would buzz this team to death. So many things were done wrong in that game that it took a fake Punt to win it. CK needs to pass the ball. Looks like a low rated Monday Night Flop next week, maybe Monday Night Raw will be great.

              1. Jim: Some not all think I’m this alter ego that terrorized them last year. Others think I’m really a guy pretending to be a woman. They just can’t seem to comprehend that about 3 years ago b/c my beloved Hawks were doing so well that I actually decided to learn more about the game. They think a woman wouldn’t use football terminology or stats, I guess. I was interested in this site b/c they actually talked about football.

  11. Russel Wilson is obviously the most elusive QB in the league. That element makes him a top 5 QB in this league easily. Maybe top 3. He’s clearly separated himself from KAP by quite a bit.

      1. Hey Grant,
        What’s that smell? Oh never mind. Someone decided to come back to your blog. Guess he wasn’t well liked over there at the zone.

        1. Isn’t comprehension difficult? I guess it is for smith fans. Could have swore you agreed to putting more time on other blogs not leaving this one all together. Am I right Bay? Smh

      2. I agree that Alex Smith was openly robbed. sometimes I feel an NFL game should be like a Pro Bowl. Then again if it was a pro bowl, Smith and CK would take turns handing the ball off more then passing it. Still, to have the game end on an INT is just terrible. Smith should’ve had that opportunity to try for the win. Defense and secondary is not impressive or fearful at all on the 49ers.

        1. “Smith should’ve had that opportunity to try for the win.”

          I’m sorry did I miss something….I’m pretty sure that pass picked off by Cox was during that “opportunity”

          Secondary is “not impressive” – Maybe try asking Foles or Smith what they think of our secondary.

      3. Bay,

        Russell Wilson is definitely ascending. Yes, the Skins defense wasn’t very difficult on the defensive end position. However, Wilson is quicker and much more elusive than Kap. Kap is fast but not quick. Therefore, he does not escape pressure as well. He also does not anticipate pressure very well either. Wilson sees the pressure and makes decisions quicker. Wilson may very well be the best in the league at the position by seasons end. I hate the Seahawks with a passion but it’s hard not to like Russell Wilson. That being said, I hope we sick him 12 times in each of 5 he games we play them!

    1. Actually, we try to not pay any attention to Jordan. I see him on a dozen 49er sites saying the same thing like a broken record.

    2. All of that from one throw and a hold that wasn’t called? Vs the redskins? He’s good but he NOT top 5 in this league bra.

  12. Cohn and his father run a great blog. That’s why some 49er or NFL blogs are not popular because of the iron fist syndrome that needs no explanation. But this is a great site. I only question what Harbaugh is doing to what CK can’t and is wasting the time of 4 WRs that had 1000 yard seasons, be lucky if 1 has 1000 yards in Boldin, Mr. Gimme the ball next to Gore that also wants the ball. Oh thank goodness a Peyton Manning can throw to 11 different players.

    1. I’m not a big Harbaugh fan. he’s definitely manipulative and even a little shady, Having said that, I don’t think he’s as conservative as we think he is. He’s definitely smart. He sees the make-up of this team and is utilizing the best “weapons” to put together a winning formula. He’s does like to be a bully, and bully other teams. He leans on Gore because initially that was his best weapon. Then he realized he had a strong defense, followed by a QB who could be efficient and a game manager. He could win with that. When Colin came along he thought he could fool everyone and use his new toy to win the SB. But the team came out flat in the SB, then they stunk for 3 quarters. But God intervened with the black-out, or Goodell wanted a close game. So into the 4th quarter we go with a lombardi on the line. And he had the right play called, but his QB wasn’t up to the moment, and had to call a TO. And on the next down he audibled to the only play he knew, and the rest is history.

      In 2013 he wanted to open things up for Colin, but he cheated on his wonderllic, so now we have to take all these baby steps while all the stud players get one year older.
      In 2014, same thing.

      If we had a half decent pocket QB with the weapons, we can easily have a diverse passing attack. But our QB ain’t there yet, so we go back to Gore and using our QB as a runner.
      There are probaby 7-8 QBs in the league that can be a decent passer with the WRS we have. One of them is named Blaine Gabbert!

      1. So let me ask u this fan? Since Kap is the root of all the team’s problems like u say.. Who do u want to qb this team then?

        1. It’s like this — When Kaep was made the starter, he was Kaep 1.0. Since then, with his minor improvements, he’s Kaep 1.5. Meanwhile Seattle’s Russell Wilson, who is one year younger, is playing like Russell Wilson 3.0.
          So if keep was playing at Kaep 3.0. I would be fine with him. But he’s not and I don’t think he should get any slack. He landed on a championship caliber team with good coaching and teammates. I don’t want to get rid of him, I want him to at least get to Kaep 2.0.
          If he doesn’t make that jump, then the Niners are will never catch Seattle unless Russell Wilson get hurt.
          His limitations is his throwing motion and ability to read defenses. While he has this great upside, he might not figure it out. If being competitive and entertaining is your thing, then you keep Kaep. Or you lower those expectations, make him a game manager, and build everything around him, much like the guy he replaced. Just don’t say he’s elite or he’s even in the top 15 QBs in this league. He’s Kordell Stewart/VinceYoung/Daunte Culpepper right now.
          We’re stuck with him for 2-3 more years, but I’ll keep my eye out for some young dude and get him ready.

          1. Russell Wilson is a playmaker..no doubt about that..All that running around til a man becomes open will come to pass eventually tho containment..containment..containment

            ..Im eager to see Aaron Lynch on one side Aldon on the other..Justin up the middle.patrick.bow.brooks, doin they thing when he tries that sh!t…Jimmy ward may have to come up and hit his a$$ too..speed and quickness with speed and quickness..But I hear ya..Marshawn lynch is the key to the offense..he gives them a td a game..or gamebreaking first down every week..U know how valuable that is with a reliable..dependable running game each week..not to mention..u will get more possessions back..because your defense stifles opponents offenses each week..altho San Diego and the Broncos showed u how to beat em with designed passing attack and keeping them off balance..win that time of possession..I know we can beat them..I think too much is made about us versus them..It may not even come to that..Any given Sunday..Seattle is not invincible..Kap is progressing..which I like..the offense doesn’t suit him..Cause it doesn’t really take advantage of his arm..as much as his legs…When kap runs..he’s gotta be a passer..Wilson runs..wow he’s a great qb..double standards are at play….

            1. I’m sure they will have some designs for PH, ML and Michael and/or Turbin. The scenarios are endless. FWIW I don’t see any of these coaches (which all teams would love to get their hands on) leaving next year. Seattle is the most creative team around. Still doesn’t mean we will win it all.

        2. Dee:

          Remember when you said taking Lynch out of the equation was the answer to beating the Hawks? But how do you game plan around Lynch, Harvin, the other receivers and keeping Wilson in the pocket? And if that’s not enough, there’s that pesky defense.

  13. http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/jim-harbaugh-alex-smith-peyton-manning-49ers-rumors-locker-room-100514

    I never liked what they did to Alex Smith: lied to him, benched him for what, bad trade to KC for him and the end of his career as Smith will never get a rematch with the 49ers.

    Alex Smith story should’ve included Harbaugh lying to him and having no trust in him. Smith was going to take the 49ers to the SUperbowl, but Harbaugh tried to mold CK into Kurt Warner, and it failed miserably in the Superbowl.

    1. No it did not fail “miserably” in the superbowl. There were some blatant bad calls in the game, one obvious was the 2nd half kick-off in which two 49ers players were being held by the Ravens. Bruce Miller was held for about 10 yrds in front of a referee.

      And there have only been a hand full of QB’ who have brought their team back from a deficit to win a superbowl in the last series of the game. The fact that CK put the team in position to win was quite a feat for a player with only half a season of playing time.
      You also, conveniently forget the big games Kaep had the Packers and the Falcons to get us to the superbowl.

      Not making any excuses for some of CK’ boneheaded plays, but I would not close the book on him after a few years as a starter.
      This team is starting the shake off the moss and will be hitting its stride and will only get better when Aldon and possibly Bowman returns.

      Jimmy Ward is improving with each game and Cox has been playing exceptional and soon we’ll be getting Brock back in the fold. Add to that, the emergence of Aaron Lynch and this team could very well be the team no one wants to face come playoff time.
      It’ all good bud, no worries on my end.

    1. Lol you keep coming with that one. Again different capitals in the name. Strike two onelame. Believe it or not I wasn’t the only one who has that name. You see GoldxBlooded booted off then you have a case. Smh

          1. Ninermd… Name I’ve used for years. I’d bet you probably went on there and tried to use my name but was to dumb to leave the remaining letters in small caps. Nice try onelame. But you and I and a couple of others know about the past. Keep on pushin little guy. Smh.

  14. Quarterback Summary:
    Seattle vs Redskins…Russell Wilson
    201 yards passing, 2 TDs……no ints.
    122 yards rushing and one TD.

    Niners vs Green Bay (1-12-13) …Kaepernick
    263 yards passing, 2 TDS, one interception
    181 yards rushing and two TDs

    Addendum (more number crunching):
    Wilson … 11 yards per carry average
    (plus one Super Bowl ring)
    Kaepernick… 13 yards per carry average

    ” Stay thirsty, my friend. ” (Dos XX commercial slogan)
    …February 1, 2015 … the only game that matters, Colin.

  15. note to Razor.eater…
    You learn something new every day;
    I was unaware that any of the Corleones
    played in the NFL or ever “stood over center”.

    A year or two from now, if Coach Harbaw
    has not yet brought home Lombardi trophy #6,
    will you be suggesting that he go out on the lake…
    in a rowboat…? …will you yourself pull the trigger?

    Maybe sooner is better than later, hmmm?

  16. This is a terrific forum. There are other forums if people don’t like it here. Grant Cohn should be praised for running a great forum such as this. Obviously, some people are like the ones that got the Bayinsider 49er forum shut down.

    1. That’s a great question….

      I left for a week and return to this….

      there goes the neighborhood

    2. rocket:

      I came in and had the same thought.

      Part of the problem is Grant’s not-so-benign neglect of the site. We have obvious trolls like Jim Mora/Darren (hat tip to E for correctly identifying JM as Darren) posting with impunity and a group of regulars who can’t bring themselves to ignore him.

      At the same time, you have Ninermd, bay, jordan, oneniner and Prime being more interested in settling old scores with each other than in reflecting on the 49ers’ encouraging win against the Chiefs.

      Speaking of which, was anyone else as impressed as I was with the way the 49ers were able to flip the switch at halftime and take control of the game with a punishing, clock-eating ball-control offense? I know the Chiefs’ defense is somewhat depleted, but it was still impressive. Can you imagine what the offense could do if Frank Gore wasn’t finished?

      Oh, and Brandon Lloyd’s catch was amazing. If he had merely prevented Sean Smith from intercepting that pass, it would have been a good play, but catching it the way he did was fantastic.

      1. Claudey Balls,
        In the first half the Chiefs looked like the better team. They controlled the clock with long drives. And you’re right, in the 2nd half the Niners dug in and had long drives of their own. They decided to pound the rock. The Chiefs couldn’t get back into the Offensive groove and Alex always plays his worst when he presses.
        KC made some pretty bad decisions, the Niners caught the officiating breaks on this one (Lloyd’s first great catch could have easily been challenged and Stevie Johnson pretty much punched the CB to get open for the TD).)
        That said, the red zone offense is still pathetic. 5 FG??? And it took a fake punt to change the momentum, along with a completely stupid 12 men on the field penalty.
        Colin still iffy in the pocket but he played a simple efficient game. That’s all we should really ask of him if we want to build an offensive ID.

        1. Fan:

          I have no problem with the way Kaepernick played Sunday. He played largely mistake free (and Lloyd bailed him out on what I thought was his one big mistake), distributed the ball well and was more than merely efficient in his management of the offense.

          1. And that’s all we need from Kaepernick right now. Mistake free, leadership, smart QB play. This defense is getting better and better and the special teams needs to make some plays and we will be just fine.

            1. FDM thats all well and good for now, but we need CK to become a better QB to win it all. Safe is death. Did you see Russell Wilson last night?. He was spectacular when that offense needed him to be. Calm, safe, cool under pressure when also needed.
              CK and I’ve been saying this for months, needs to elevate his game to a point where others around him play better. Instead others around him are pressed to make plays to make him look better. For example, Gore is running like a rookie. That catch by Lloyd and the other one by Carrier were plays they made which makes CK look good. We need it the other way around where he delivers the ball to spots where these guys can just catch it and run. Instead they are having to twist, leap, contort just to make a simple catch. He has to deliver the ball in spots to make some YAC and beyond.
              If CK didn’t have this defense, the NINERS are 1-4 right now!

              1. Prime I will agree with some of that but what I wont agree with is the 1-4. The reason I say that is because this defense is so underrated. They have whole bunch of new guys. Fangio is using a lot of different packages and a lot of different guys. Don’t forget they are missing two of their best players in Smith and Bowman.
                As for Kaepernick, yes he needs to become more accurate. Not rely on the strength of his arm, or his ability to run when things look to break down before they actually do. I just want to see more maturity in his game and demeanour. This is the area I want to see the biggest improvement.

              2. Right now the Niners need to play catch up to Seattle. It starts at the QB spot. I didn’t watch the game last night but I’m reading on how RW played, and that’s clearly the difference between the teams. CK can do it, but it starts with fundamentally rethinking his game and his rewiring his instincts. Be humble. Learn and get better. Don’t get me this crap that abut taking Crabs 10x out of 10. No, you take Boldin and Johnson, and Davis.

                The Defense has the heart of an aging warrior. Time for young players to step up. Lynch is looks promising. Brooks made a smart play to knock down Alex’s pass, but he’s a liability now with the pass rush.

                Gore is running great but we know he’s going to tire and slow down. Not having another back besides Hyde is going to be risky.

                O-Line will get better. Left side run blocking is where it’s at.

                So if we were to set achievable goals for improvement. I would say do a lot more quick 3 step passes for Colin. If the first read isn’t there immediately go to the 2nd, then chuck it away. It doesn’t help that he thinks he can scramble his way out of anything.
                If he’s taking a 5 step drop, then let him do his thing.
                No gimmick plays. No read option. Maybe a bootleg or two.
                Every game take a shot down field. Unleash that cannon arm and see how had he can throw it.
                Chuck it up for Lloyd.
                I stated this before — here’s the WR pecking order:

                Lloyd is catching nice underneath routes but can stretch the field and make some crazy catch.
                Johnson can out-tough Sherman with a forearm shimmy!

                Here’s to Troll-less Tuesday! (Maybe Lame Area loses his wi-fi for an afternoon and we can discuss in peace!)

              3. Fan,

                It’s truly ironic to read a post like this praising Russell Wilson and yet he does the same things you bust on Kap for.

                His biggest offensive contribution was running for big gains on read option plays and after escaping the pocket. His biggest passing plays happen when he breaks contain and hits a receiver who adjusts his route. He is not sitting back there in the pocket going through his reads and throwing darts. He is playing almost exactly the same game as Kap is with the biggest difference being he is able to see down field a little better than Kap while scrambling right now, and also has wide open outlets to throw too on almost every play he runs. The Seahawks system almost always has a safety valve he can dump it off to.

                WIlson’s game is more polished than Kap’s right now, but there is very little separating their style and Kap doesn’t have that far to go to reach that level. The final two games with the Seahawks last year were one possession finishes that came right down to the end. These teams are very close.

              4. Rocket,
                Russell plays a way more complete game than Kaepernick. Did you watch the game last night? He manages the game, he keeps his eyes upfield. He LEADS that team. He has intangibles that Kaepernick doesn’t have yet. He has one less year as a professional but plays like a cagey vet. Russell has way better footwork and pocket presence. And I don’t see Russell making BONEHEAD plays.
                There ya go!

              5. Fan guess you missed R Wilson’s delay of game penalty in the red zone. Seemed like the same boneheaded play to me.

              6. Wilson,
                I didn’t get to watch the whole game. You can take CK over RW if that’s how you feel.

          2. Yeah I just don’t like his game when he feels like he’s the damn star and tries to do it all. He made safe simple throws. He made a few bad ones too but all QBs do that.

      2. Claude, OMG didn’t you and Jack say Grant was incidental. That last year he was on vacation and he wasn’t even missed. You want this site to be strictly 49ers . . . but things in life evolve.

        1. Marty, what Claude was addressing was the lack of moderation recently on this blog. Whether that is Grant or somebody else, well, the job isn’t getting done. Trolls like Darren, aka as Piers Morgan, Savage Nation and a multitude of other names he used on NFL.com (where he was banned for making threats of physical violence and stalking women fans) are being allowed to run wild. Not the kind of company that should be allowed on any blog. Also, the personal attacks that have been going on recently would not be allowed on any other blog. Moderation is not a part-time job. It must be consistent across the board with no favoritism.

          1. Spacebon I believe the problem goes a little further than just lack of moderation. I believe that the tone of Grants writing encourages much of the garbage that gets spewed by a few of the contributors here. Grants style is passive aggressive and he makes it okay for others to attack. I hope the Press Democrat is paying attention and cleans things up very soon. This blog is rapidly becoming not a very pleasant place to hang around.

          2. Spaceborn:

            +2 for reading comprehension
            +1 for your summary of the problems caused by Grant’s’s neglect
            -1 for engaging Mary the troll =
            +2 for a good comment, overall

            1. >>> the problems caused by Grant’s neglect

              I also blame neglect for the lack of an edit button. It can’t be that difficult.

              1. And an “ignore poster” button.

                Considering the archaic layout and zilch feature set of this forum, I amazed it gets the traffic it does. It’s a testament to the resilience and (most of) the content posted by the regulars.

                Grant, with his adversarial columns and recent lack of moderation is in danger of letting it all slip away. I hope PD is taking notice.

          3. Space idiot: I disagree. The only rude folks on this site are the “Niner Fans.” Most of you constantly insult Grant — you call it constructive criticism and constantly insult other fan bases and tell them to leave. Grant says he welcomes diversity as long as people are respectful to one another. And then you don’t have anyone to insult you turn on each other.

            1. Space idiot, huh? I’m sure Grant will allow that, but wouldn’t if I had been the one calling you an idiot. That is what we’re talking about. Those who share Grant’s views seem to get a pass on things like that. It shouldn’t be that way.

              Well, Marty, when did I ever tell you to leave? I have never asked Grant to ban you as others have as well. When have you heard me put down another fan base or their team? You can’t because I have never done that.

              I have only warned you that as a Seahawk fan, trolling a 49er blog could be rough. Was I wrong?

            2. Oh, and Marty, since you took such a strong stance against domestic violence, how is it now okay with you that there is a person on here that threatened to shoot another fan at a football game, then threatened to beat another until he was in the hospital bed next to Brian Stowe, the Giants fan that was beaten nearly to death at Dodger Stadium? And I’ll give you a little warning, he’s going to now try to be your buddy on here, but will turn on you later. He always does.

              1. Space:

                Sorry, but I have to ask. To whom are you referring?

                To the best of my recollection, the only commenter who [implicitly] threatened anyone with a gun would never buddy up to Mary.

                I also don’t remember the threatened beating.

              2. Claude, that happened with Darren on NFL.com. You know the name he is currently using on this blog, a name he also used on NFL.com.

                As for the buddy-up with Mary, he always would try to befriend those whom he thought might be an ally. But when they finally realized that he was on his own mission, he would then become their worst enemy and would then stalk them on both private and public message boards. According to the moderator at NFL.com, he was one of the main reasons they changed their commenting format because of the way he created multiple accounts and would use them to harass and stalk other fans. I have remained in contact with the former moderator at NFL.com via email though she no longer does football blogs. She has taught me a great deal on how trolls operate, especially Darren.

              3. Claude, the reason I do not call him by name on this blog is because my moderator friend has warned me not to address him by name specifically. Maybe you shouldn’t either. He will go on an email assault to the PD and Grant if you do trying to get you banned. That was one of his tactics on NFL.com according to the moderator.

            3. Mary you say grant welcomes diversity”as long as people are respectful of one another” thats the problem here there are a whole lot of people not being respectful to each other and Grant as the moderator is doing absolutley nothing about it.

            4. Mary,

              Would you classify the act of adamantly but ignorantly and incorrectly claiming that another poster is a liar with respect to his profession to be a rude act? Personally, I do, so I cannot concur with your assessment that “[t]he only rude folks on this site are the ‘Niner [sic] Fans’.” Unless, of course, you are a “Niners” fan.

              1. Well, it looks like you’ve got your pantie all in a twist. You want me to feel sorry for you b/c I said in essence you were not a hard-core litigator. That’s my opinion and I still stand by it. If you say your an attorney I believe you. People accuse me of being a different personality every day so get over it. You’re really quite thin-skinned . . .

          4. The Sacbee 49ers blog (Barrow’s site) also had a similar invasion of trolls last season,likely involving the same crew since the content of the screeds are similar.
            The last I checked, the comments section of that blog is now closed.

            IMO, the post-Eric Branch era of this blog has usually given a free reign to the trolls so, I would be surprised if there will be any changes to the current moderation style.
            There are still enough posters whose perspectives I appreciate, I hope they continue to post.

          5. Spaceborn: Oh by moderator you mean a person or persons Grant should not allow to post on this site. I’d like like a list of the criteria for being blackballed. .

            1. You really don’t know what a moderator’s function is on a blog?

              Here’s the standard list of what a moderator looks for in comments to either remove or ban after continued abuse:

              1. Foul language
              2. Personal Attack
              3. Disruption of Blog
              4. Continued off-topic comments

              1. Space, I’m going to ignore this entire post of yours and Rules 1-4, which are subjective, (based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions) because everyone who posts here on a regular bases would have been blackballed.

    3. Yep, right there with you rocket, leo and claude, wondering the same thing. It was already going to hell in a hand basket, but the past week has been ridiculous. Too many trolls being given carte blanche to invade the site, and no moderation on the inevitable bickering between the Smith vs Kaep brigades.

      1. Thank you space, but I’m interested in your opinion. You would really like to set in motion a criteria of rules like that? I think I heard MW say he really enjoyed all of the off topic things that were discussed.

    4. Deion Sanders is tweeting that Grant is losing the blog. Wonder if we’ll get any comments from Moss on the subject, or maybe Anthony Davis.

          1. rocket:

            How short does she have to be for that to go over her head? Tyrion Lannister literally would look down at her.

            1. Hey I love game of thrones. . .It was a good line, I ran with it. You all get too serious in here. bad karma.

          2. And this from someone that last week purported to be able to clearly see Alex Smith’s comments about Andy Reid were actually a subtle attack on Harbaugh… Wow. Just wow.

            1. Scooter you are twisting things as usual. A reporter asked ASmith to describe the KC Chiefs organization — and it was pretty clear that AS is VERY happy with the KC Chiefs. Harbaugh’s a nut case.

              As a coach his last 4 jobs Harbaugh hasn’t lasted 4 years. Harbaugh’s son works with the Raven and his uncle,JH. That tells me volumes.

              1. Mary, you keep accusing me of twisting things you say. I am not. You took Alex’s comment about what he likes about Reid as an indication of Alex’s thoughts on the 49ers locker room and Jim Harbaugh, despite neither the question or Alex’s answer having anything to do with either.

                When I called that out as a massive leap in logic you asked me my opinion and I gave it, to which you said “Scooter: You’re wrong and I’m sorry you can’t see the clear distinction that AS subtly made.” Those were your words, not mine. There really isn’t any other way to take that sentence but as a condescending jab at my ability to understand subtle statements.

                Now you have missed a not very subtle joke by CfC. Nice work.

            2. Oh Scooter I thought cruelty was beneath you, guess not. Well’s here’s another opinion I have: The mood in here definitely has changed and it’s because the 49ers have dropped to 3rd place. Now chew on that.

              1. Mary, you truly are a strange cat.

                This blog is a two way street. If you can’t take people calling you out, don’t do it yourself. Any time I query something you say you come back with either false accusations, insinuations about my lack of intellect or understanding (while also insinuating your greater intellect or understanding), or a passive aggressive insult.

                Its not just me, either. You do it to pretty much anyone that doesn’t agree with you. That conversation with JPN a few weeks back was a classic example.

                I’m not sure if you are (1) taking the mickey/ intentionally trying to rile people, (2) just can’t handle having your ideas challenged, or (3) are simply self unaware and oblivious to how some of your comments come across to others. Or maybe its a combination of the above.

              2. Scooter:

                I think the correct answer is:

                (4) a troll

                I guess that’s just another way to say (1), but I like to label things correctly, particularly when the label fits perfectly, as it does here.

  17. This place goes south when 5 particular posters show up to fight and insult each other instead of discussing football. On the flip side, it gives Grant increased web traffic.

    “Jim Mora” is definitely Darren/Guest49er. Same erratic (to put it kindly) posting style and incomprehensible logic. His favorite line in years past was calling Harbaugh’s choice to start Kaepernick an “illegal move” (lol). Just enjoy the unintentional comedy he provides.

  18. Not sure why I’m bothering at this point but I’ll post a breakdown I did of all Kaps passes to see how efficiently or not he performed this week after all the crap thrown at him by a few in here.

    1st Possession:

    2nd down – 21 personnel: Pass incomplete as Kap throws ball low due to good coverage on Boldin.

    3rd down – 11 personnel (bunch to the left): Kap completes pass to Lloyd for a 1st down after looking right, sliding to his left to avoid pressure and then spotting Lloyd. Clearly he cannot go through progressions.

    2nd down – 21 personnel: Pass to Boldin for a 1st down.

    3rd down – 11 personnel: Kap throws a slant to SJ that is almost picked much like last week against Philly. The problem is play design as there has to be a slot receiver to occupy the Safety for that play to work and there isn’t. Niners are forced to kick a FG.

    Second Possession:

    2nd down – 21 personnel: Kap has a mixup with Lloyd he cuts off his route while Kap throws it deep.

    3rd down – 11 personnel: Niners come back with the same call out of a different formation and Kap throws a perfect ball to Lloyd down the right sideline. Lloyd stumbles and falls
    as he catches it or he might have scored.

    1st down – 21 personnel: Kap rolls right on a bootleg but play is well covered so he throws the ball away.

    2nd down – 11 personnel: Quick dump off to Ellington which is pretty much a pitch play to the left.

    3rd down – 11 personnel (bunch to the right): KC brings a corner blitz, Boone completely whiffs on his block and Kap is forced to throw the ball away.

    Third Possession:

    2nd down – 12 personnel: Boone and Staley both give up inside pressure forcing Kap to throw ball away after he had looked right and come back to his left. If he had been given one more second he would have had a chance to hit Crabtree on a busted route down the sideline.

    3rd down – 11 personnel: Kap is flushed to the right due to Martin getting beaten by Houston, Kap pulls the ball down to run with Gore in front of him, but Gore doesn’t block closest defender who pushes Kap out of bounds with just enough for a 1st down.

    3rd down – 11 personnel: Pass to Boldin crossing the middle left to right for a big gain. This play was there all afternoon.

    1st down – 12 personnel: Quick pass to Miller for a 1st down

    2nd down – 21 personnel: Quick pass to Carrier who fumbles and then recovers for a 1st down. This is not a penalty as the blogger tried to pass off.

    1st down – 21 personnel: Kap gets pretty good protection, but pulls ball down after pump fake and runs up the middle for minimal gain. He had more time to stand in there and left too early in this case imo.

    1st down – 21 personnel: Kap sails one over Carriers head. Poor throw but KC is called for roughing the QB.

    1st down – 11 personnel: Kap throws to a wide open Johnson in the endzone for a TD. Contrary to popular belief by some around here, Johnson did not commit offensive PI as the CB initiated the contact within 5 yards and Johnson is allowed to push off in that 5 yard area.

    2nd Half in next post.

    1. Well done Rocket. The biggest thing now for Kaepernick is to string together 5-6 games in a row of consistent play.

    1. Jack:

      In the end the 49ers won this game with a total team effort. They pounded the ball at the Chiefs on the ground, hit clutch throws, played strong defense and took advantage of a couple mistakes by their opponent. The same basic formula that has carried them to 38 regular season victories since 2011.

      That’s a very apt summary, and I’m not saying that just because it lines up with my opinion of the game. Well, I am saying it partially for that reason, but not only for that reason.

  19. Space Idiot and I will refer to you as such until you drop the “t” in my name. That’s disrespectful.

    And with regard to the rest of your post and these alleged threats and gossip –why don’t you all stick to what originally brought you to this site, football. If anything causes me to leave here it will be this nonsense.

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