Jim Harbaugh: “We weren’t able to run full speed, so it physically impacted us quite a bit.”

This is the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ p.r. department.

I’m assuming you guys had to change things up a little bit yesterday as far as the practice plan with that small enclosure that you guys were in. Did that impact you guys much as far as how you normally have a practice week?



In what ways?

“We weren’t able to run full speed, so it physically impacted us quite a bit. But, still got some good things out of it. Felt we were full speed mentally and had good work in that regard. But it does impact you, yes.”


How do you measure that? How do you go full-speed mentally when you can’t be full-speed physically?

“Your concentration on your alignment, your assignment.”


The fact that it was indoors, did that allow you to kind of simulate the noise better than you could, maybe, outside?

“No, not better. It was simulated pretty good outside.”


Did you do that at all yesterday? Were you able to bring speakers in, do anything like that?

“Yeah, there were some speakers there.”


How did C Marcus Martin look as far as being able to play on Sunday?

“Still determining that. He’s done some limited things.”


And T Anthony Davis?

“No. No for the game.”


He’s out?



Does that mean that he was still experiencing symptoms this week?



At what point does this become a bigger concern than maybe previous concussions that you’ve dealt with over the years?

“When does it become a concern? It’s always a concern when you’re talking about the head, or about the spine, the heart. Those are always big concerns.”


We’re almost a month away from the initial blow. Does he have to go in and take additional tests? I’ve never covered somebody who’s been dealing with it a month out from it like this. Uncharted territory for me at least. How are you guys handling it?

“He’s in communication with the trainers and the doctors. The professionals are handling it.”


Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had a lot of complimentary things to say about you, including that there’s no one he would rather play against in regards to the way you coach and the way you prepare your team. Do you feel the same way about playing the Seahawks?

“He’s a great competitor. He’s a great football coach. Been in a lot of big games. Very much look forward to playing against their team because they’re such a good football team. Always well prepared. At the highest level every time you play against them.”


What do you see in their defense? Their defense has really picked it up the last three or four games. What do you see that’s allowed them to take it to the next level defensively?

“Well, I don’t know if they went to a next level. It’s always been at the highest level defensively. Number one defense. That’s not a new level for them. Just really good. Really good. People talk about the noise, the crowd noise. That’s at the highest level as well, but it’s the team, it’s the football team that’s the highest level and the biggest challenge.”


Pete also said you had some good coaching magic and he said you’re a stud.

“[Laughter] Did he?”


That’s a lot of praise. Does your antenna go up and you want to kick him in the shin when you hear stuff like this?

“I feel the same way about him.”


He’s a stud?


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      1. Where, oh where, are all the pompomers on this blog who were predicting 13-3,
        12-4, or 11-5 seasons for the 49ers this year? There were a bunch of them, to
        be sure. But now they all seem to have vanished into the mist over the Bay along
        with any chance of a 49ers’ playoff appearance.

        1. I predicted 11-5 as did a lot of national publications and media heads (not just the pom pomers) and the fact that people here are so bitter is because we had great expectations. So rob if ur here to tell us that you knew all along that our D would have 4 starters (Ward is basically a starter) on IR and our starting corner would play a total of 6 quarters, Vernon would disappear, our O Line would be in flux and Kaep would struggle like he has CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU.
          No one is talking about the raiders because most expected them to suck, and they do so its par for the course. The 9ers however are as big a disappointment this year as the bears or saints, but I am still a fan and always will be

          1. The o line hasn’t really been that bad. And despite the injuries on d the d has played very well. I think what this season has come down to is that we have found out that this qb is not what we thought he was. Any starting qb in this league with the exception of rg3 could have led this team to a playoff season. Yep even colt.

  1. Does anyone realistically think we can go up to SEATTLE who has the number one defense and win with Colin Kaepernick as our QB?

    1. “We” ??

      Kaepernick realistically was within a play of doing it last year. No need to approach it from a defeatist attitude….

      1. Give me a break. Kap was MUCH better last year than now. He’s just going through the motions, now. They all are and I don’t blame them.

      2. He has always been a play away. He has all the physical abilities to be a great QB. The problem that he lacks the mentality. Montana, Young, Brody and other good QBs had the mental capacity to react to the situations on the field as the developed. CK doesn’t seem to have that capacity. It is one look and out.

      3. …going with a defeatist attitude could at least soften the disgrace we are facing right now……

        Would be really lovely if #7 just snaps out and just give us the minimum ……no turnovers, no delay of game……just basic average QB play…..

        1. …going with a defeatist attitude could at least soften the disgrace we are facing right now……

          A defeatist attitude by definition is a disgrace, and you can’t win with it….

      4. Um, that was last year. This year? He has as much chance of having a good day at quarterback as I do.

    2. Prime it is going to take all players and coaches wearing red and gold to have the game of their lives. Stranger things have happened but this game will be a huge turning point of the season and or future of everyone involved coaching and playing.

    3. With the line the way it is, it’s hard for me to see a victory. The only way I see it happening is if —
      1. They go strictly with a move-the-chains offense.
      2. Kaep has a great day running and/or Vernon relapses into a difference-maker.
      3. Our defense shuts them out.

      IMO, I don’t think we can do it. Last year’s team was just better.

      1. George: I see your point. And we’re not so great in the red-zone. You know who the Hawks activated off their practice squad on 12/6: Chris Matthews. He’s a 6.5 WR who played Canadian ball. So far he’s been unremarkable. I have a feeling he might be in Sunday’s game.

    4. Hardly anybody would take that bet, which is what probably gives SF a hope of an upset, and why they play the game. Realistically, the Seatards are heavy favorites.
      I however, favor (not predict) the Niners. Yep, I’m a Homer and not sorry about it.

  2. Anthony Davis is out.
    O-line is still horrible especially without him..
    We don’t run the ball enough.
    Our receivers aren’t getting open.
    Our defense is tired from the offensive woes.
    Our OC has zero adjustment ability
    Our qb wets the bed vs this team especially up there.
    And since prime monkey is part of the team and blames one player. They will be dehydrated by this dumb waterboy. Especially the qb.

    Seahaks 31 SF 10.

    1. MD ..

      While I share your lack of enthusiasm, I’ll
      watch the game, anyhoo …

      Who knows ..?

      Just maybe … Niners squeak out a win ..

      … and Mary won’t come back posting
      SeaChicken links for awhile …

      (or.. is that too much to hope for ?)

      1. Good luck that hillbilly lied once through her tooth abou leaving. Then when the seahaks got close again here she came.

        She’s part of a gang now. She can’t leave again. Blood in blood out.
        Troll gang reppin.
        Ck haters all day

      2. I think if she does, we should retaliate on the Seattle Times site and post pr0n links. I know I will.

    2. I hate to say it, but I see them scoring as much as that and I see us scoring zilch. This could be our worst loss in three years.

      1. George don’t feel bad, the truth hurts a lot of people on here who jumped into the CK pool without really looking closely. He’s not the QB everyone thought he was or was going to be. Sad but true!

        1. Prime, it’s not just CK. He’s played better in previous years. But it’s unfortunate timing to make him a pocket QB when his oline is in shambles, his best threat — Torpedo Head — has checked out, and Crabtree is having issues. Realistically, he’d have to be Clark Kent to get the job done. Is he slow to get the ball out, is his accuracy off bigtime, is he more likely to throw an interception? All yes. In a better I think we’d be talking about his getting the ball out, but not the other two. Is he immature on and off the field? Yes. But he’ll grow out of it. I am hoping he’s turned the corner on that issue, but we’ll see. Put Brady or Manning on this team and I’m not convinced our record would be that much better.

          1. I agree but Manning and Brady are experienced leaders 35+. I heard something interesting in one of your Pressers — a question was asked of Harbaugh. Apparently your Rookies and your Veterans have separate locker rooms and someone wanted to know if that could have any affect. Sounds like a valid question to me. Any thoughts.

            1. I don’t see how that could be a factor for what we see on the field. Several of the rookies are playing well. As I see it, the problems are related to injury and attitude, poor protection for a young QB given too much responsibility for winning, and schemes that expose his current flaws and don’t take advantage of his mobility. The latter two have gotten into his head, making his performance worse. This is a simplified explanation, I know.

              1. Yeah. It’s going to be interesting when everything shakes down to see what the FO will say vs. the players, etc.

            2. @Mary

              WOW! ….Is that true.?….Do we have separate locker rooms for the vets and rookies ? How in hell can the coach allow that ? That is a two-class system….the old dogs get the steaks and the ‘puppies ‘ get the bones and leftovers….I never heard of such a thing! I’ll bet that the next coach grows a pair and lays down the law and puts an immediate stop to that. You win and lose together; you fight and die together….not in separate locker rooms…!

  3. My hope is that Kaep runs. That’s when they are at their best. If he sits in that pocket, it’s going to be ugly.

      1. And why is that genius? Did he all of a sudden get slow and forget how to run at 27 years old? Or has he committed to becoming a pocket QB behind a terrible offensive line?
        You’ll see a repeat of two weeks ago and what sealed the deal is Jonathan Martin starting again. Martin doesn’t even warrant a spot on the practice squad and he’s been forced into action now many times in big spots now? Oh and to boot our starting center who is a rookie and a downgrade from Kilgore is also Questionable. But go ahead and try to sound intelligent by bringing up Kaeps drop in yards per carry. Brilliant…..
        You are beginning to post to the level of your posters. By that I mean Prime and Mary….

        1. You had very few problems with Grant back when the negative stuff was about another QB.

          Your comments are starting to be on the level of other posters, and by that I mean DS9 level.

          1. How’s that Jack? Alex smith never had an O-line this bad with harbaugh. I personally have Alex smith 3 years of stinking. These trolls who want to be right so bad can’t even give this kid 3 full seasons. What did bay say that isn’t true? The Niners offense will get killed on Sunday. And yes it starts with the O-line.

            1. CK doesn’t get the time that the old QB did: he’s on a much better team than the other guy had his first three years and has better coaching around him. He was brought in as a replacement for the old QB because he was supposed to be better than him: bring a new dynamic that would help the team win more games. He did do that for a while, but he’s regressed and is now statistically worse than the old QB many areas, most notably rating and INT’s:

              Completion %: CK – 60.6%, the other guy – 65.3%
              Yards: CK – 2910, the other guy – 2657
              Yards/Game: CK – 224, the other guy – 204
              TD’s: CK – 16, the other guy – 16
              INT’s: CK – 10, the other guy – 6
              QB Rating: CK – 85.1, the other guy – 92.2

              So he’s got the lead in yards and yards per game, but that’s not by much and neither one is in the top 20. His INT’s and other turnovers have been back breakers this year, as has his game management. Frankly this should not the performance of someone who is supposed to be not only one of the teams superstars, but who has also been propped up as one of the NFL’s as well.

              1. CK also has more sacks than the other guy, 43 vs. 38. Even with the poor o-line play this year, one would think this number would be better because of his mobility…what happened?

            2. “Alex smith never had an O-line this bad with harbaugh.”


              2011 Pass Blocking Efficiency Rating: 76.3
              2014 Pass Blocking Efficiency Rating: 77.2

        2. MD,
          This has been a crazy year given the high expectations at the start of the season.
          There have been countless issues that this team has endured since last year that has had to have an effect on the play this year.

          1. NaVarro – injury
          2. Harbaugh / FO unrest
          3. Aldon – suspension
          4. T.Brock – injured
          5. P.Willis – injured
          6. O-line – injuries and underachieving
          7. Kap – underachieving and not playing to his strengths.
          8. WR’s – too many drops
          9. O-Cord – questionable calls.

          Injuries are always going to be a part of a contact sport so that is a given.
          But the defense has been able to hold its own considering the key personnel losses.

          The offense has been virtually non-existent over the season with little hope in sight over the next few games. Kap’ game is in flux and the O-line is simply not right.
          In the loss last week I saw a team (49ers) without urgency and fire. It’s as if they want to just get the season over with and are merely going through the motions.

          Tim Kawakami’ recent article about the change of atmosphere at Levi’s Stadium (not a TK fan, but some good points) revealed that some players are still using the older locker room facility while some players are using the new stadium locker room.
          Call it what you want, but this smacks of a breach in team chemistry.
          This has been the season of discontent when it should have been the season of enjoyment and comfort with the new digs.
          The new digs adjustments, the FO/Harbaugh saga and other negative element have come to roost.
          The Seattle game on Sunday may give us a better gauge on the direction of the team.

          1. AES
            Don’t forget
            10 We are down to our 3rd string NT with Dorsey and Williams on IR

            11 Mr Jamba juice more focused on preserving his brand than with catching balls and taking a hit in key situations and his backup targeted a total of 7 times this year.

            12 Special teams being anything but (maybe with the exception of Dawson)

            Despite all of that, the game this sunday is our superbowl the way we were Oakland’s. Although we still have a mathematical chance to sneak in to the playoffs it appears unlikely. This game is for professional pride and to keep a hated rival out of the postseason.
            Even if Kaep breaks his leg scoring the winning TD, I will consider this game a sucess

            1. BOS49er,
              Yup, there may be some more entrees to add to the current 12 as well.

              The recent report by Kawakami raised some red flags for me.
              If you get a chance (if you haven’t done so already) read his latest article on the effect of the new stadium has had on players and headcoach.
              As I said earlier, I’m not a big fan of TK but some of the incidents/adjustments he mentions about the new stadium and it’s effect on some of the players and headcoach carry (at the very least) a modicum of value.

    1. Yeah I agree totally if he doesn’t see anything hes gotta get outta there because the o-line cant handle Seattle’s athleticism. The only chance I can see the Niners having this weekend is Seattle under estimates them and they start quickly like they did last year. The D did a decent job against them last time and should do better this time around.

  4. We are going to need to lean on guys that haven’t helped us all year. Hyde, Vernon and X factor Ellington will need to be utilized to win this game offensively.

    1. Yeah Bay we are going to need an entire 2 years worth of hall of fame inductees to help us win because you know who will be rattled. Oh but wait, let’s blame it all on Roman and the Oline right?

  5. It doesn’t look good….

    I see it either niners 3 Hawks 0; or
    Niners 3 Hawks 42 in any case….niners 3

  6. The X-factor in this game is definitely Kaep. Can he put the offense on his shoulders if they need him to? Can he avoid the poor judgment interceptions? Will he fizzle yet again when it counts? The are other factors that will come to play, but at the end of the game Kaep will either be praised or spat upon by the fans.

    Niners 17 Seahawks 28

  7. Ten QBs — including Mike Glennon and Josh McCown — are averaging more yards per carry than Colin Kaepernick this season (min. 10 attempts).

      1. Dude, get over it, your girlfriend isn’t coming back. You need to find another girl to have a crush on.

      1. It’s relevant. Kaepernick’s running was a big part of his explosive plays in 2012. Teams have taken those away along with the explosive plays.

        1. Either they’ve taken them away or he’s being programmed to run less. Which one do you think it is?

              1. Because there is no fear of being thrown over the top. The Ni ers offense is easy to stop. It’s very elementary and lacks explosiveness. Unless they run the ball.
                Wilson’s option runs work because the defenses are focused on stopping lynch.

              2. And CK can’t throw and will not throw the check down intermediate throw because he’s not accurate and it’s not a hero type play.
                That summarizes CK’s entire career!

          1. In an interview after the last Seahawk’s game, Bobby Wagner specifically said that they assigned a spy on Kaepernick to avoid having him run all over them like he did in the NFC Championship game.

            Many teams also assign a “scraping backer” when they ID the read option. they go ahead and send the DE to crash in which tells the QB to run outside which then has the scraping backer run parallel to the line of scrimmage while keying in on the QB.

    1. Grant – don’t you know your AP stylebook? Spell out one through nine, use numerals after that. as in

      “10 QBs.” #smh

      1. I believe that’s the type of thing you learn in journalism school, and clearly Grant skipped a lot of those classes

  8. Alex Smith has won his last five games against the Seahawks. Colin Kaepernick is 1-4 against the Seahawks in his career.

      1. Yeah but thought you said the “midget” was overrated Bay?
        When Grant was dissing Alex you were his greatest fan. Now that he is being real about CK it’s insult after insult.
        Can you say hypocrite much Bay? Or is it just the small man syndrome in you?

          1. So what? It’s a win and right now Colin could not beat Seattle if it was played on planet Mars.
            Why? Inaccuracy and impatient. Your hero is flawed and requires an offseason with Montana, Young, and Brett Favre teaching him the NFL game. Not in some hotel room with a hooker and a guy named Riccardo!

            1. Why do you keep talking to me like we are friends Primetrash? Or is it Axel Foley. I get that Grant has allowed you to speak poorly of the kids on my team, make sexual comments about my wife and racial comments directed towards me. I get that you’ve made comments directed towards cancer patients and that you’ve welched on bets and double posted in this room. None of that is appealing to me dirtbag. Trail someone else’s nuts. Your comments are not wanted. That’s about as direct as I can be with you.

              As for you Grant, you chose to ban IP addresses for myself and Claude but you leave this dirtbag untouched. Reflects real nicely on you Jr…..

    1. Grant, what’s your point with these constant Alex Smith references? Sure, he’s better than Kaep. But so is just about every other pro QB.

      We took a swing on the better talent and it didn’t work out. But that doesn’t mean you should accept a slightly above average starter at your team’s most important position, and avoid taking swings out of fear… You keep taking them until you land a stud.

      I’d be pissed right now if we we’re stuck with Alex Smith for the next 5 years at $75 million. At least with Kaep, we can ditch his contract at the end of this year and continue our search for the next Montana or Young.

  9. I do not think teams take away Kaeps running ability. I think it’s Kaep and the coaches. I think they want him to become a pocket passer and he’s trying. Regardless if it’s the o line or you think he’s incompetent, in the middle of those two lies the problem.

    If they want to save this season and “their jobs”, I expect to see him running. If he’s not running, I assume this coaching staff isn’t going anywhere and they are determined to make him play from the pocket.

    1. That’s nothing. Check out his rating when throwing into Sherman’s coverage. It’s under 10 I believe.

        1. I was thinking that. Kansas City did beat the Hawks this year. The key, Jamaal Charles ran 20 times, Alex Smith threw the ball 16 times the entire game. Sound familiar.

          Niners are most successful when the run the ball more than 17 times, and don’t throw the ball more than 30 times.

          1. And when you don’t turn the ball over. Something CK’s has done in all the loses this year.

            1. That’s because we rely to heavily on his arm and abandon the run. As you see the Chiefs only allowed Smith to throw the ball 16 times against the Hawks. There’s reason for that. And it’s not because he’s good.

              1. No it’s because Smith is a smarter QB. He realizes when to audible into pass versus run. He takes what the defense gives him and puts his team in a better position to win.
                Instead CK forces throws into coverage. He panics when his first read is covered and wants to improvise instead of being patient and letting plays develop.

              2. And he threw 16 times for an avg of around 1 yard. Pfft. Useless.
                Prime is bitter and doesn’t care this team is struggling just so he can say ha ha to the smith trade..
                Grant had turned full kawakwami and needs any attention. It being negative is better than nothing.

              3. I don’t think Smith got enough credit for his ability to read defenses and audible out of a bad play. Sure, he may have only thrown 16 times in that game, but playing QB is more than just handing the ball off or throwing it: you’ve got to be able to recognize what the D’s giving you. Is it possible that in that game he audibled out of a passing play and into a running play that was successful? How many times has CK done that this season. I don’t have stats so maybe Jack can pull something, but from my armchair it sure seems that there have been a lot of plays where CK has yelled “Kill” at the line, then had the new play went nowhere.

  10. This is the Niners’ 2014 super bowl game. Good weather. I think we’ll come out strong. In fact, I see us leading at the end of Q1.

    But once a few plays go Seattle’s way, will all the air come out of our balloon? I don’t know. This could be the one game where we fight to the death.

  11. This would be a good week for the 49ers to finally give the ball to Bruce Ellington on the fly sweep.

    1. I read that Patton may get a lot of playing time. What’s the chances of him seeing significant playing time.

      1. Well that would be great but CK does not trust anyone but Crabtree and Boldin so he won’t be getting the ball.

    2. “…a good week for the fortyniners to finally give the ball to Bruce Ellington..”
      Well, he probably is better than Gabbert, but not better than Colin.
      What? Oh, “..on the fly sweep.” Oh, OK then.

  12. I believe management wanted to protect Kap once they gave him the big buck contract. So they decided the best way to keep him from getting hurt, is to convert him to a pocket QB. The problem is, kap isn’t a pocket QB, he is a run-Kap-run QB, and the OL is beat up, so that leaves Kap like a deer caught in the headlights, mind frozen from panic and can’t think logically.

    Kap has a big ego, he probably hasn’t gotten over Richard Sherman burning him in several games. I’ll bet Kap has been steaming the past few weeks about the interceptions he threw to Sherm in the last game. I wonder if Kap is seeking final season revenge, and has this scenario built up in his mind to burn Sherman deep in this Sundays game??? I’m Sherm will be waiting for Kaps revenge.

    1. Sherman might be one of the most intelligent football players on and off the field. The bravado and cockiness is pure genius. Outside of being a decent athlete he has built up a reputation to not throw at him. And now teams wont throw at him.
      So what does our QB do? Throw at him twice and get picked off.

    2. I wonder about CK’s ego at times…it’s like he thinks he’s better so he’ll take that risk. Things like “Sherman’s not that good, we’ll show him” so he forces a ball that he shouldn’t have. Same thing when facing rookie DB’s. There have been at least two games this year where the TV commentators have made it a point to say that a rookie DB was out there and the 49ers should be challenging him…then that rookie gets an INT. It happened in the Bears game with Fuller (I think) then again against Washington. It makes me wonder if CK just thinks he doesn’t have to be as precise when going against a rookie because of his ego.

      Speaking of precise: Harbaugh repeatedly mentioned that word in one of his pressers this week. I wonder if he was trying to hint something to his QB.

  13. The 49ers problems this season are so sordid and deep: from the dysfunction in the front office, to the injuries, to the pre-season holdouts, to the lack of offensive creativity, to the rest of the league catching up with the 49ers, and on and on.

  14. While we’re analyzing statistics, I’d like to see the 49ers ratio of cash in the bank to players’ and coaches’ compensation! Kawakami says the 9ers are now in the top few regarding cash coming in yet we have have seen what seems like a tight fisted approach to paying players and, yes, Harbaugh. What’s up with that? Harbaugh, Iupati, Crabtree, V. Davis, Boone…all gone next year because of…money. One thing to talk about motivation but these are PROFESSIONAL athletes and coaches after all.

    1. I’m talking about the impact on the players THIS year. Which one on my list would you like to send packing right now? The players attitudes and motivation are affected by things like this. The fact that Jed stiffed Harbaugh on an extension sends a very bad message to the troops. Also, according to the public sources, Kaep signed a particularly cap friendly contract so that lots of money could be used for his teammates. So far ….. ah …. nobody has got any but Jed. Wise asses like you guys are what ruins this board? Nobody but you knows anything but you. Yeah, right.

  15. Ninermd:

    Why do you keep trying to rewrite history? In 2001, Smith’s RGs were Chilo Rachal and Adam Snyder. And Smith didn’t stink under Harbaugh, even with that line.

    You deny being in the tank for Kaepernick, but then you constantly buy into bay’s fan boy excuses. You’re sending mixed messages.

    1. Not excuses Claude. Facts. You conveniently use them when YOU need them and Ignore them when you feel like talking nonsense.

      1. bay:

        You took great delight in calling them “Alexcuses” when they were applied to Smith, but have no shame in using the same arguments to protect Kaepernick from any criticism. It’s yet another hypocritical position in a long, long line of hypocritical positions, statements, and arguments that you have posted over the years. It makes me laugh that you think you shouldn’t be accountable for your prior statements. At least Grant had the balls to admit he was wrong.

    2. Excuses? You’re telling me this offensive line is ok? You’re telling me the identity of this offense is OK? (Coaches)
      You’re telling me the recievers are ok?
      I think like anyone who knows common knowledge of football.
      It’s ck’s fault too. I’ve never denied that. But I’m not going to say it’s all his fault, and I really don’t believe Alex smith with this makeshift offensive would do any better.
      You throw out names. You’re telling me Boone isn’t playing to the level of those names? That you can’t put Martins name in their with them? That O-line smith had was healthy that year.
      Alex smith wasn’t burning up the league that year. Have you forgotten? He was mediocre and had a way better running game,st, and defense.
      Is it hard to imagine that, that offense wasn’t harbaughs style?
      That he was teaching smith that season. Teaching some comfindence that was shot, how not to turn the ball over, to rely heavily on Gore? When did Alex smith this much?

      It’s not all about having his back. Although I think the same as he does. This isn’t just the qb. And that Alex smith who again is sitting with the same record and failed last season with a very good team wouldn’t do any better here. He’s never proven it in the past. So why believe it now?
      Take out the past Claude and try to see another point of view.
      Bottom line is. This whole offense stinks an in ck’s green career right now he needs the support and players around him to make HIM better. Like Alex smith needs. Harbaughs offense doesn’t consist of short throws every drive. That’s obvious. You may have liked it, itah have worked a little better. But it’s not his offense.
      Don’t call me out for actually being fare this time.
      I admit I was hard on smith due to frustration. But like I sai I have him 3 years. And I said the same about ck. I’ll let this season finish out before making my final opinion on him. Is that not fair enough? Trust me I’m very frustrated with his play of late.

      1. Damn sorry for the misspells and such. Wished this had an edit button, in a rush leaving for Tahoe. I’ll check back in later to see your comment Claude. Other than that have a great weekend Faithful.
        Think it’s gonna be a rough Sunday. :-/

      2. Ninermd:

        I have never denied that there are non-Kaepernick-related problems with the 49ers’ offense. Unlike you, bay and jordan in 2011-12, I’m not blaming everything on the QB. But you can’t blame the offensive line for all of Kaepernick’s poor play and you certainly can’t blame it for Kaepernick’s bad decisions and errant throws.

        Btw, giving Smith “three years” under the sh!tshows of Nolan and Singletary is hardly the same thing as giving Kaepernick three years under Harbaugh. It’s not even close to a fair comparison. Smith played better in 2011 and 2012 than Kaepernick is playing right now. I also think Smith is playing better now than Kaepernick. Try to separate your animosity towards certain “Smithers” from your analysis of Smith’s play.

        As for bay, I understand why you won’t call him out for his blatant hypocrisy, and I don’t expect you to do so, but you don’t have to jump in every time someone calls him out for being a hypocrite or for defending Kaepernick in a DS9-like fashion (hat tip to Jack).

    1. Claude
      Did you and GC make up? I loved the avatar u used for the past few days, but then again I have been accused of being immature before

      1. BOS49er:

        Did you and GC make up?

        I don’t think so. I haven’t seen any apology yet.

        I loved the avatar u used for the past few days

        I made the point I wanted to make, which is that Grant can’t stop me from posting. He can only hope to contain me.

        1. CB
          Taking the high road I see, Sigh well it was fun while it lasted. Got a real laugh out of it though thanks.

  16. ninermd is a dolt….he always tries to rewrite history when he is on the defensive on a topic….

    his latest excuse for #7 is now the O-Line.

    I wonder if he preferred the O-line during Alex’s time….

    LT Adam Snyder
    LG Justin Smiley
    C Jeremy Newberry
    RG Eric Heitmann
    RT Kwame Harris

    LT Jonas Jennings
    LG Larry Allen
    C Eric Heitmann
    RG Justin Smiley
    RT Kwame Harris

    LT Adam Snyder
    LG Larry Allen
    C Eric Heitmann
    RG David Baas
    RT Joe Staley


    LT Joe Staley
    LG David Baas
    C Eric Heitmann
    RG Chilo Rachal
    RT Adam Snyder

    LT Joe Staley
    LG Mike Iupati
    C David Baas
    RG Chilo Rachal
    RT Anthony Davis

    LT Joe Staley
    LG Mike Iupati
    C Jonathan Goodwin
    RG Adam Snyder
    RT Anthony Davis

    LT Joe Staley
    LG Mike Iupati
    C Jonathan Goodwin
    RG Alex Boone
    RT Anthony Davis

    LT Joe Staley
    LG Mike Iupati
    C Jonathan Goodwin
    RG Alex Boone
    RT Anthony Davis

    LT Joe Staley
    LG Mike Iupati
    C Daniel Kilgore + M. Martin
    RG Alex Boone
    RT Jonathan Martin + Anthony Davis

    1. Lol onelame good job looking all that up. Those were healthy lines. Harris an Rachal are about the same as Boone and Martin. So what’s your point?
      You bashed them like no other in Defense of smith.

      And Claude after three years of horrible passes and ints. That’s when I stopped. Like you’re all saying and I agree with. Can’t blame the line for bad throws and ints.
      Thank you come again.

        1. Are you? Do you watch these games up in canada? Boone is dreadful, Martin is dreadful. What part of that don’t you understand? You’re in love with the name not the play. Figures coming from a guy who gets his knowledge from a video game.

          1. No MD, we don’t have televisions or satellites, or any type of technology up in Canada. The games remember you said you watch live are different than the ones being televised. So what’s the point?
            You are truly a moron, I feel bad for how stupid you sound most days!

  17. This is the only reason I still have hope

    W L L W W W L L W W W L L

    3 more Wins to complete the pattern…The gods are with us….

      1. Remember a few weeks ago when you had in your comment that you’d take kap over Montana and young?

    1. When you said committed 11 turnovers I thought you were talking about the Chicago game alone.

  18. An article on PFT today quotes A. Peterson as saying he may retire from the NFL and pursue Real Estate interests and/or try out for the US Olympic Team at either 200 or 400 meters. So just for fun I read through the 90+ comments. They were fairly predictable and included the usual spattering of WTF? moronic statements.
    Then I visited here and what do I find? A few characters continuing their pedantic 5 years old spitball fight and piddling contests with each other. CK’s performance and the Offense’s lack thereof are legitimate and obvious points of interest, discussion, and inevitable debate; that I get. All sorts of criticisms can be made, but I haven’t seen much new insight or advancement of understanding of the problems; mostly just rock throwing and cherry picking to fit agendas.
    There was a time on here where we could wade through the trolls and and the tit4tat squabbling to find a few worthwhile insights. A few stalwarts persist but their voices tend to get drowned out. Have we on this blog become the dysfunctional locker room we accuse the 49ers of having? Inquiring minds want to know…………

      1. Fan Dude. I think you’re kidding; I hope you are, and if you are, then that thar is funny.
        We are perhaps at our best when we can step back and poke a little fun at ourselves.

    1. Always start at the top Tunameister……for the Niners, the culprit’s last name is York.

      Ergo, the issue with this blog starts with the blogmaster.

    2. Brotha:

      I accept responsibility for my contribution to the pedantic piddling. I’ll try to do better, but I may just be a pedantic piddler at heart.

      That said, I think it’s difficult to offer many worthwhile insights into the 49ers’ current situation. It’s a morass of front office intrigue, hidden agendas, inscrutable coaching decisions, inexplicable player regression and untimely injuries. Plus, there’s too much going on out of our presence, which makes it impossible to offer much of an informed opinion.

      1. All good points about the team and our viewpoint from here, CB. I guess that’s why some folks assertiveness in support of their arguements baffles me. Who the heck knows, LOL? There are as many questions about the Management as there are about the Offense, and as many different reasons for the dysfunction.
        >To SactGreg’s point about the team I’ll agree. When the stories broke publicly about friction in the building Jed needed to call the parties into a room and turn the firehose on them like you’d break up a dog fight. ‘Stfu and I don’t want to hear about it again!’
        > To his point about the blog: well, yeah, that sentiment has been offered previously.

      1. Jack:

        When you’re done looking up “pedantic,” see what it says for “piddling.” I may have misunderstood brotha.

        1. That’s a “Dubya-ism”; just make up a word that sounds vaguely like what you mean and won’t get rejected by the filters on the blog! : >)
          BTW; joining those two words the way you did makes for an oddly amusing alliteration.

      2. If it hadn’t been used once in a Family Guy episode I doubt they would even know what it means.

  19. The following is taken from Matt Barrows:

    ‘“We have been behind and things just haven’t been right for us,” Gore told the Seattle media. “It’s just been a different year for us this year. As a guy who’s been here for 10 years, I’m blessed and I’m just trying to finish it out right. Hopefully we get out there and give them boys a good game.”’

    Gore’s last statement suggests that the 49er players don’t have much hope. Not a surprise, I guess, but I’m disappointed.

    1. cubus:

      For me, the big takeaway from that quote is that Gore was saying this is his last season in SF. Did I miss an earlier announcement?

      1. CB:

        As far as I know there is no announcement. The general consensus has been that he won’t return. But I believe that Barrows mentioned in his weekly chat that he now believes there is higher chance Gore will stay (albeit the chance is still small). Don’t have time to look it up now.

        1. cubus:

          Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but the following sentence reads like Gore is saying that this is it for him.

          “As a guy who’s been here for 10 years, I’m blessed and I’m just trying to finish it out right.”

          1. I think he’s said before he’s keen to keep playing, and that he’s looking to use this season as an opportunity to show other team’s he still has something left. I think he believes its it for him in San Francisco.

        2. Here’s what Barrows said during his chat on 12/9:

          “I think the players who could be gone next year are Crabtree, Iupati, Ahmad brooks and, depending on who the new coach is, Justin Smith.

          Boldin has one more year remaining on his deal. Gore? At the beginning of the season, I would have said he’s gone for sure. Now? LaMichael james is gone. So is Marcus Lattimore. Kendall Hunter is coming back from an ACL. The 49ers probably won’t offer Gore what he thinks he’s worth. But they need him a little more now than they did four months ago. i’m saying there’s a chance …”

  20. It’s sad that the real interest of the Niners will be after the season is over. Wish we could be talking about the game more, but it does not have the same impact as the end of the year will be.

  21. I’m watching the ESPN All-America Team show.
    It’s sort of like Christmas shopping on 5th Avenue; you know you can’t have everything you want. Rashard Higgins reminds me of John Taylor in limited viewing.
    A friend is hosting tomorrow for the game. His brother in law is coming, a Seatards Fan. He’s setting up a lawn chair for him under a sun shade just outside the family room window with 2 quart bottles of Rainier Ale and an over-salted batch of smoked salmon and a little portable radio. His wife has no sympathy for her brother!

      1. Perhaps a pull cord on an overfull rain gutter? You know, dunk him on the offhand chance 9ers score a TD!
        : >)

    1. Smart move. No sense in them risking another injury or a setback in what will most likely be meaningless games after this next one.

    1. When I think about Kaep running it’s more during a pass play and he’s improvising. He drops back, sees green pasture, and decides to pull the ball down and run. He’s fighting that instinct to me. They want him to become a pocket passer, he’s trying to become a pocket passer, but his neglecting his football instincts in doing so. Football is all instics. Hopefully he will develop awareness in the pocket but right now you have to go with what got you here.

      As far as those designed run plays, they do not matter. We’ve seen Kaep outrun spies many times. The issue is our OC doesn’t know how to set plays up. Everyone on this blog and our opponents know exactly what is coming and when it is coming. That’s why he isn’t having success on design run plays.

  22. BOS:

    That was my comment. I’m not sure why it disappeared.

    Actually, I know exactly was it was deleted.

  23. heard from someone who is friends with paraags wife and she said that york and baalke do not like jim harbaugh. Harbaugh will be gone along with kaepernick.

    1. Firing Harbaugh puts a huge bullseye on Baalke first and foremost. If things go sideways after a new hire and a less than stellar draft, Baalke will be served up like roasted lamb.
      Little Jed better put aside his feelings and think this through. Firing JH and not having a perfect replacement could put the organization back a number of years!

      1. Pfft take your friend of a friend & go shove that up a blog that might actually believe that crap for half a second

  24. Lowell has a thoughtful column today with a somewhat unexpected (for me anyway) angle on Harbaugh’s situation.
    I’m not in full agreement with LC’s “didn’t get a fair deal” theme because yes, everybody did or should’ve known who and what JH is when hired, but Jim bears responsibility for the effect his style has on people around him. A HC has relationships with players, coaches, GM and owner; relationships take work.
    Harbaugh is a good coach; he can be difficult.
    Haley was a Hella good DE; but he was difficult.
    That was an unhappy ending for SF; Harbs probably will be also.

  25. Anybody that thinks the Niners are going to win well….I do, upset in the making.

    Oh also is sure nice to see Mariota win the Heisman. Nice young man and he seems to be sincere. Good for the Oregon program, one of the top teams this century and the top team this decade. How does his skills translate to the NFL. Coming into this year I didn’t think he would do well in the NFL other then Chip Kelly’s team. Actually there are a few team out there that I think he could play on. Other then the Eagles he would be fine as a Packer, Saint, and Chiefs. If the Eagles get a hold of him, look out. He could start day one under Kelly and look like a veteran out there, much like Luck did. Go Ducks bring the National Championship back to the Pac 12.

    Niners I just don’t know what to say, its been a tough year, with really high expectation. There is optimism and there is negativism. For us old farts there is also experienced optimism. And what that mean is we look to be
    positive and yet we know that s–t happens. Nothing changes for me next year I will be there thinking SB here we come.

    Fans – don’t let your high expectations diminish practical thinking.

    1. @undercenter

      That last post was n’t aimed at you, it was intended for the kerfuffle Bro Tuna and C4C just below…(?)

      Yes! congrats to Marcus Mariota and the Heisman….a very deserving winner!

        1. @undercenter

          ….not sure if you noticed, but that rookie ‘Duck’ WR DeAnthony Thomas for KC just returned a punt 81 yards to paydirt….too bad we don’t have a ‘Duck’ kick/punt returner ….oh wait…..

  26. Funny how terrible Carr loocks. As terrible as he’s looked all season. Our pass rush deciding not to show up last week is responsible baffling especially against the Raiders.

      1. Sure he did. To a true hater. Was it you that said David Carr looked like a star last week? Wasn’t even touched last week. What a clown

    1. It’s all his fault this week. Lol
      Running for his life and what do ya know… He looks like crap.

      My favorite part is the time meter they have up for te last time smith threw a TD to his recievers. Classic. Even got it to the minute.
      But because he threw one 40 comp out of 3 the Smithers are going to lose their minds. Even with his better o line

      1. He’s winning games and not turning it over. But you keep looking at the box score as your saving grace!
        Meanwhile hero#7, your guy looks like Bambi in the woods.

        1. Winning games? Same record dummy!
          Clock still ticking. Lol
          You keep tryin to save face by ignoring the o-line.
          Yeah KC’s looks horrible. Lol

          1. Yeah same record but he’s not throwing it to the other team and giving games away.
            Who’s got more talent? Who was suppose to take the top off defenses, stretch the field?
            You forget all your hero promises of how great he would be. Keep clinging to playoff games years past. After today you will be on your regular hate train.

    1. Don’t like that idea. Earn your keep and get in the old fashion way. None of this add two teams crap.

      1. He seems like a better candidate than some of the others people have offered. He was on in Seattle and not great in Cleveland. Does he still have what it takes?

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