Jim Tomsula: “Be a flat liner, man.”

This is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Opening comments:

“Injuries; you’ll get the status report later, but [CB Kenneth] Acker and [TE Garrett] Celek are still going through the protocol. [RB Carlos] Hyde and [WR Anquan] Boldin, again, they are day-to-day. That’s going to be day-to-day. And, [G/T Alex] Boone, yesterday he was with the training room, sore and they did the stretching and put him in the pools and all that. He’ll be out there going today, so just trying to make sure we take care of that. I believe that’s all I have injury-wise.”


Do you have a sense after just a couple of practices of the running backs together, how things are going to shake out on Sundaywith RB Shaun Draughn and RB Pierre Thomas and RB Kendall Gaskins?

“Well, Kendall has obviously been here all the way through and we know who he is and what he’s about and the way he works and his intelligence and how good he is at those things. And, he’s a bigger, thicker guy. So, he’s done very well. And, Pierre Thomas and Draughn, those guys have come in, obviously vets, we’ve seen them play. Draughn, you’ve seen play recently and the way they’ve come in and [running backs coach] Tom Rathman, they’re in there with Tom and it’s into the night and they are here and they’re rolling. They were out there yesterday. I don’t think we had any MA’s out of those guys. So, they’ve got the skill, they are both good backs. So, the stuff that they are doing and the way they are conducting themselves is really good, really impressive.”


I’m sure Pierre has been training obviously, but he’s a guy that hasn’t been to training camp and all that. How much in football-shape can he be and ready to play Sunday?

“Hopefully he’s not a guy, we’re not looking for him to go for 70 plays. But, what he’s done here, he’s obviously in shape and he’s obviously kept himself in very good shape, but football-shape is a different deal. So, it would be concerning to me if I thought he had to take every rep, but as of right now I don’t feel like he would have to.”


Would you expect all three of those guys to be in uniform and getting some percentage of the snaps on offense?

“I would expect that. But again, I am going to wait and see exactly what is going on with Carlos. We’re going to see with him.”


If he sits out this game and then comes back say for the Seattle game November 22, that’s a full month since he last played. Is that enough time for that fracture–?

“Now you’re getting into questions I can’t answer. Wouldn’t even touch it. I just listen to what I’m told when it comes to the medical side of things. I just trust [vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson] Fergie and the guys with what they say.”


Is the sense that that duration will help him? He’ll feel better having sat out a full month.

“Yeah, I mean, there’s discussions every day. There’s discussions on all of the different scenarios on where he can be and Carlos is obviously a big factor in that too. He’s a gritty guy that wants to play ball.”


Has Anquan been here all week?



I know he had some family stuff.

“Yeah. Anquan’s here and was on the field all day yesterday. Yeah.”


What have you seen out of the quarterbacks in practice, starting with QB Blaine Gabbert?

“I’ve seen two guys going to work every day, really working hard, good teammates and that’s been very good.”


It could be that WR Quinton Patton gets a lot of playing time. He and Gabbert spent all of last year together, working on the scout team a lot. Do you see in practice a chemistry, a connection between those two because they have been playing together for so long?

“They’re all teammates, you know what I mean? You’re talking about the practice squad, or the look teams, but they’ve all been teammates. So, I see the ball getting spread around to where it’s supposed to be. I wouldn’t categorize it that way. I think you’re looking for, you know, like that’s his go-to guy. I haven’t seen that. I’ve seen the ball going where it should go and spread around.”


What do you need to see out of your defense against the Falcons?

“Obviously, a big thing that we’re, they had three big plays against us last week. You’ve got an explosive offense coming in here. So, we’re putting a lot of emphasis on that. They do have a good running game, a good running back, a really good running back, backs. So, this is a good offense. We have to play consistent. The way I have always termed it is more of a flat line. Be a flat liner, man and play consistently down in and down out and strain through everything. Obviously, we want to limit the explosive plays.”


What were your impressions of S Jaquiski Tartt’s first start and is he continuing to progress as you’d hoped?

“Yes, he is. He’s progressing. I think Jaquiski is a talented, young football player.”

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  1. Offensively if I’m the Falcons, I attack with Devonta on the ground and defensively I blitz Gabbert frequently….

    1. I doubt any of those players or coaches is going to risk there own job, on purpose, to get the team better draft picks.

      I put nothing past 49ers management.

  2. QB7’s sideline behavior and performance will signal the relative strength of his mental state. I strongly suspect the GM, President and CEO will be hawking him from up high looking for any weakness. For his own sake QB7 better attach himself to Logan’s hip and display interest in the game. The wise guy act no longer plays.

          1. I predict that Blaine will have more fans after Sundays game. Primarily from the fact that, win or lose, he will look like a professional qb.

  3. Grant,
    How about an article on Paraag Maratha and his role in this dysfunctional organization. He is the President of the 49ers and seems to spend much of his time hiding from the press. He must have something to say? It has been reported that he talks to the national media why not the local press? If he won’t talk, report that and tell us what you think it means. I think this would be a great story.

    1. Wow, only a moron would think of that. You must be the biggest fool in the world.That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard.
      Of course, with York, he may be the only option since no one else would want the job.

    2. We just changed QBs because nothing could be worse. We can’t change the OL because we got nothing, Rathman has too much respect for himself and the team to want to be head coach unlike the incumbent.

  4. Be a flat liner

    That sums up the state of the franchise. And yes I know that I took it out od text.

  5. Every time I watch some footage of Carson Wentz I am surprised we aren’t hearing more of him as a top QB prospect for next year. And the only reason I can think of is the lower level of competition. I’d be more than happy at this point if the 49ers draft netted a top OL prospect in round 1 and Wentz in round 2.

    For those that aren’t familiar with him, I recommend this read:


    Also check out his game film at draftbreakdown.

    1. That article only points out the positives, so I can’t come to a fair conclusion by utilizing just it.

      1. So go onto draftbreakdown and watch some of his film. There’s plenty of it. There are other scouting reports you can read to.

        1. Look at any QB against weak competition and what do you see? If they are good at all, irrespective of NFL standards, they will be comfortable. Cal’s QB may be an example of how things go when the quality of the opponent takes a jump up.

          I know, picky, picky, picky. But it can also be pick, pick, pick.

          1. No doubt. I’m not saying he’s going to be a great player, but when I see him play I see a guy that has a lot of excellent fundamentals that aren’t that different from current favourites Goff and Lynch. He isn’t perfect by any stretch – he makes mistakes and has his weaknesses. But so do the other guys.

            And you are absolutely right that it may be the lower level of competition is making him look a lot better than he really is.

        2. I’m on my phone right now so I can’t do that at the moment.

            1. Nope. Every time I tried to get a hold of him, I get this message: “Hi. You’ve reached Jed York. I’m hiding like a coward right now, so leave your name and phone number and I’ll add you to the numbers I need to block.”

    2. Scooter, drafting a QB will not help if the O line continues to be putrid. Niners also need a pass rusher. QBs who look great against Division 2 competition may find the pros to be a lot harder to succeed in.
      I would wait until the third round to draft a QB. That seemed to work for Walsh.

      1. That’s probably why I said “I’d be more than happy at this point if the 49ers draft netted a top OL prospect in round 1 and Wentz in round 2.”

        A draft strategy based around finding the franchise QB in round 3 is a pretty good approach to making sure you don’t find a franchise QB. Turning this around in one year is not going to happen. The reason I’d be more inclined to go a top OL in round 1 is it looks like they’ll have a shot at a guy like Tunsil or Stanley, while I think Goff, Lynch and Cook all look good but not great QB prospects and probably shouldn’t be top 5 picks.

        1. It may take three years to get enough quality players to overcome the current talent level and attrition. Without better leadership, I don’t think projecting a turn around will be possible.

          1. I should have added that I agree with you. A QB with the “right” potential and three years of high draft choices will work under better management and leadership. That’s not much to ask. Ha!

        2. I agree. Tunsil or Stanley should be available, but Wentz is not the answer.
          I just brought up Walsh and third rounders because he chose Montana with a third.

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