Jim Tomsula: “Glenn (Dorsey) got hurt there, and I didn’t like our body language. OK? We have to address that.”


I asked San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula a question at his Wednesday press conference. Here is his answer.

ME: “The team seemed lethargic early in the game against the Seahawks. Afterward, I spoke to Ahmad Brooks and asked why the team seemed lethargic. He said he couldn’t speak for anyone else, but it did take him a while to get going in the game. How do you account for that lack of energy coming off a bye week?”

TOMSULA: “Well, I’ll tell you – and one of the things that we addressed head on was just the fact of…when we come out defensively…you know…Glenn (Dorsey) got hurt there, and I didn’t like our body language. OK? We have to address that. You know, it was like…the guys coming in there…it was that idea of attacking that…to make that tackle, attack it. Don’t come up and worry about missing. Just go tackle, OK? Let it go. And that’s what I saw. OK? Along with some fit problems, where we weren’t tuned up in the fit there. And, again, there was that counter play happening that hit us a couple times – and it’s not really new. It was just a little bit different. You know, just fitting that up, being detailed in those fits was where I saw our biggest problem.”

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    1. sebnynah

      September 9, 2015 at 2:54 pm
      I still predict 10-6, and will never lose Faith.


      September 8, 2015 at 3:35 pm

      Yet Tomsula does it so you dont mind. JH made it look like he was being tortured.


      September 8, 2015 at 5:27 pm

      Hmm, Jim Tomsula was measured and forthright. He seemed more comfortable answering questions one on one. I also gained new perspectives on his coaching philosophy. He praised the Walrus, so Ray should be floating on air. What a master stroke of good PR.

    1. R u serious. …..ok……seriously. ……ok okay, am I watching joe pesci in leather weapon……..okay okay okay

  1. What a hypocrite. How can he expect his players to attack their jobs with confidence when he doesn’t attack his job with confidence, or show the confidence in his players to make plays?

    Down 2 TDs, 4th and 3 in the red zone? “I’m afraid to fail so let’s kick a field goal.”

  2. Dude is having fits about his fits, meanwhile he’s not fit for the position the organization has tried to fit him into. Ok?

    1. “You know, just fitting that up, being detailed in those fits was where I saw our biggest problem.”

      No parody does the original justice.

  3. Who’d a thunk that Tomsula’s introductory press conference would be the high point of his tenure?

    I’d call him an incompetent boob, but I have too much respect for boobs……..

      1. Hah! Short for respectful admiration…….
        In an ode to the feminine form Bob Seegar sang:
        “I do respect her but
        I just love to watch her strut.”

  4. You know..the fit, and the well… and the I have no clue what to say up here and the you know the fits and the lets go, and the what don’t they fire me already.

  5. It is truly demoralizing to know the HC is in over his head and there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Maybe we can seek out a Bengals fan from 10 years ago and we can get some advice as to how to handle this?

  6. What a waste of a good D line coach… If you can’t put together complete sentences how the hell can you lead a professional outfit

    1. The thing is maybe looking back Tomsula was not such a great dline coach. He had Justin Smith, R Mac, Aldon and maybe the best linebacking tanden in NFL history. Follow that up with Vic Fangio and I think all he was, was a puppet and mole for management.

    2. Maybe Coach can’t communicate without cuss words, so he’s at a loss in a public setting? Am I being facetious? Sure, but one of my DI’s was like that. A digression follows:
      My parents came down to Perris Island for my graduation from Boot Camp and we were talking and my Dad asked Sgt. Morin a question. His stock answer to that question was not repeatable in front of my Mom. He hesitated, then elbowed me in the arm and told me to answer the question for him. I found a suitable translation for his p.o.v., and he nodded. Later he saw me, slugged me in the arm and said ‘Good Fing job, Ya lil Fing numbnutz’

  7. And at the very least if your specialty is Dline you better not let some rookie RB look like Jim Brown against you

  8. Jim Tomsula will end up as DL coach for the Rams, Hawks or Cards next year all because lil’ Jed York decided Tomsula would be a great HC (really?). Nice going Jed… Tomsula will return to haunt you year after year while you continue losing cautiously with class in the stadium Harbaugh built.

  9. The heck did he say? How can he be an effective leader of men when he’s talking some other language.
    Way to go Jed!

  10. “Don’t worry about missing. Just go tackle. Let it go.”

    Well they missed a lot of tackles, so maybe they should worry about. Or, maybe they can fall back on their training, their technique, the things they do in practice.

    Oh lordy..

  11. Maybe he should be on the CS instead of the PS.

    Eric Branch @Eric_Branch
    #49ers QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson, a SF native, was serving as offensive coordinator at Balboa High before 49ers signed him this week.

  12. We were all wrong ……..

    about the new Levi’s fields. They have been our great defensive equalizer. A slow field is our friend. Embrace it.

  13. Last year if you asked any 49ers fan what they thought about Jimmy Tomsula pretty sure they would say good guy, good coach.
    If you asked those same 49ers fan what they think now, probably they would say good guy, worst coach ever.
    Man is the NFL a ruthless business. You can go from hero to zero real fast!

  14. I know CfC posted this in the previous thread, but something I want to highlight:


    Trust David Neumann to put together such objective analysis. This is exactly what I’ve been saying about Ward. He doesn’t do anything flashy, and he occasionally has the glaring error, but by and large his play is pretty darn solid. He isn’t the impact player we hope for in a first rounder, but he’s also a decent player in his own right. Hopefully with more experience (and potentially a future move to FS) he starts adding more impact plays and develops into one of the better starters on the team.

    1. Ward is not a good player. He is a weak link in an already weak defense. Teams find him and it’s an advantage. They just haven’t had to find him often because there are holes everywhere.
      Like all Baalkes picks “hopeful but unlikely they become good players”

      1. So you keep saying, but I disagree. So does David Neumann, for whatever that is worth to you. Not much I’m guessing.

        1. I just don’t see the value for where he was drafted to the production. He’s also small and doesn’t matchup well against big or quick WR’s. I’m calling bust!

          1. He’s not producing the impact plays we hope for from a first rounder. But as Neumann outlines, that masks the fact he predominantly plays sound football. So really comes down to what you consider a bust.

            1. I don’t see how anyone can really judge this secondary with that pass rush they have.
              If it wasn’t for holding and grabbing every play the craphawks would look the same. They are getting waxed in penalties this year and look what’s going on. They are human.
              Point is I can’t seriously judge anyone in the secondary when qb’s have 50 seconds to throw the ball.
              And where is the press coverage? Coach or player? Who’s at fault with this?
              Something I’ll be looking at from here on out!
              Happy Turkey Day guys!

            2. Maybe the answer is to lower my expectations everything and all 49ers till we get a new regime in place. As far as I’m concerned, nothing or no one has impressed me so far on this roster. Maybe Hyde and Tartt but that’s pushing it!

        1. Merton Hanks might be a good example of moving to free safety when an outstanding DB replaced him

    2. If you are looking at Ward as a first round impact player, then no he hasn’t lived up to that standard yet, but he’s gotten progressively better while recovering from a foot injury and has contributed. I’ll take that right now considering the picks that aren’t working out at all at the moment.

  15. I think Domsula is the perfect HC for the nines right now! With a 3-13 record, we might pick #1, with Kap going we might get another high pick. Most of this because of Domsula!!!
    I don’t think Kap would have slid this far with JH around, Domsula even got him to say that he now can play more like who he is…..

    1. I remember Razor use to call me Tom Dumb…I almost feel bad that Tomsula has taken my place, Razor, can you send coach T a thankyou , a win one for the Gipper for trying.

      1. TrollD, Tomsula is not stupid enough to take your place.
        Thank you for reminding everyone what an apt name you earned. Tom Dumb has a nice ring to it.

    2. Getting the first pick in the draft is a long shot, and getting a “high” pick or any pick for Kaepernick is just wishful thinking. Colin will be a free agent by April Fools Day.

  16. Whew! I just had a Dramamine moment trying to read Tomsula’ answer. And did he really actually give Grant an answer?

    1. Baalke just signed his own hitman. Baalke wants to blow up this team so badly, he hired a player with the rep for injuring his own team mates. What a genius move.

  17. I recall a post several weeks ago acknowledging Tomsula’s fit as a Little Caesar’s manager…somewhere in Stockton?

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