Jim Tomsula: “I’m tickled to death and happier than heck that Colin Kaepernick’s our starting quarterback.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Opening comments:

“We’ll get you the full practice report afterwards. But, with the injuries here, with [RB] Reggie [Bush], we’re still working through it. I don’t know. I mean, he was out there yesterday working. Reggie feels really good and he’s smiling and he’s going. But, we’re going to have trainers look at that and know exactly where we’re at. [RB Carlos] Hyde, [WR Bruce] Ellington, [WR] Torrey [Smith], [TE Vance] McDonald, [TE Blake] Bell, they’ll all be practicing today. Now, limitations, I’m not, I don’t know for sure. We’ll get into the individuals on those guys. Don’t see anything that leads us into the weekend right now, but they’ll be out with their stuff on at practice. So, that’s what we have there. Yeah, that’s it. So, anyways, what do you got?”


When you look at the Arizona Cardinals, how tough of a task is it going to be to get to Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer?

“It’s tough. It’s tough. I mean, these two games and he hasn’t been sacked. They, between the offensive line and the protections and him getting rid of the ball quick and the way they’re playing football. I mean, we’ve got to get going.”


Are you, just what you’ve seen from your pass rush the past two games, especially against Pittsburgh, how do you feel about it?

“I’ve got a lot of belief. Again, since we started this, we’ve got a lot of work to do. I’ve never, I haven’t tried to fool anybody. We have a lot of work to do, but we’ve got guys that are willing to work and we’re working. So, we’ve got, do I have faith in it? Yeah. Am I excited about the guys we have? Absolutely. Do we have to continue to get better day-to-day, week-to-week? Yes.”


One of the mention of the injuries, brought up something as far as the Carlos Hyde hit of the knee or whatever that was. You had a pretty good view of it. I’m sure you’ve seen it on film. What did you think of Pittsburgh Steelers S Mike Mitchell coming in and going for the knees like that?

“He came in to tackle low. I mean, I put it as a low tackle. Carlos is a big, strong, physical back. That’s all I have to say on that. It’s football and it’s not a knee or a hip, it was in his leg, his quad. It was in here, the quad. So, I don’t–.”


Fair, legal play?

“Yeah, I mean there’s no flags on the play.”


He has a reputation for fighting through tackles and not going down with the first tackler. That also exposes him to some big hits. Is that a balance he needs to strike moving forward?

“I don’t think you change the DNA of a guy. I just don’t think you change a man’s DNA that way. That’s him. That’s what he does. That’s what we love about him. That’s one of the things we love about him. He’s a hard playing Jessie, but we’ve got to take care of him during the week in terms of, and he does all of those things. So, I mean, I hope that’s an answer for you. But, no, I don’t see how I try to change people that way.”


Given all that, do you have to spell him more?

“Yeah, I mean, we’ve got to do things in our, the way we rotate people and do things. So, and we have and are planned for that. But, that wouldn’t necessarily, I mean, all backs to me you need to be able to able to rotate. You need to have a stable of guys that you can roll through.”


Back to the hit, there’s talk with the league taking so much emphasis on hits to the head that other players have indicated that, defenders have indicated that they might be more inclined to go low. Was that something you’d like the league to take a look at at some point, maybe in the offseason, in terms of those low hits?

“Well, here’s what I know about the league and that. What I know, not speaking for anybody else, but from what I know, that’s looked at heavily. The whole thing that you’re talking about is looked at heavily and I know they’re on top of it. I know that the players are on top of it and they’re looking at those things constantly. So, all hits, you know, everything, open-field things like that, I know that everything is looked at hard. It’s scrutinized. But, we’re in a sport here, you tackle with your shoulders. I think it’s very clear by the National Football League, it’s very clear by the way I learned how to play football, it’s very clear by the way, how we coach football, your helmet is a protective device. It’s not a tool for contact. It’s to protect. And you tackle with your shoulders and you wrap up and you form tackle. I mean, I believe everybody in football, not just the NFL, but everybody in football is on that page. We’ve gone all the way down to the youth leagues with that. Just getting back to what we were. I mean, I’m sure some of you all played football when you were young and you were taught to tackle with your shoulder, bull your neck, keep your eyes up, run through, tackle, roll, chip the ear, whatever the terminology was. I always said, ‘kiss the football.’ And, it keeps you safe and it keeps the person that you’re hitting safe. So, in terms of targets and target zones, obviously there’s a lot of things going on there to protect players. So, I don’t have any, I guess the word I would use is scrutiny. I think that everybody is paying attention to it and everybody is. That’s why it’s a topic of conversation, I guess. I guess that’s why these questions come because there is such an emphasis on it and doing it right. And, this is a great game and we need to do it right and that’s what we’re doing.”


Just a follow up on that. You see in the NFL so much of leading with the head. The hit on Blake Bell, for example. The guy didn’t make an attempt to wrap up. His head wasn’t up. He didn’t use his shoulder. Do you think we need to move back to where that is and do you want to coach your players to wrap up every time they can and as you say, play the game fundamentally and play it safely?

“Yeah. That’s all I’ve ever coached. Honest. Every tackling drill, every contact drill I’ve ever taught. You’ve got people here that have seen me with a guy in practice, a young guy, over the years, take a guy out of practice and take his helmet off because for some reason he’s dropping his head. There isn’t a guy here that doesn’t know that. You drop your head in practice the first time, you’re coming out. We’re going to talk to you. We’re going to explain to you what it was. Might not have been intentional, but that’s a habit that’s going to get broke immediately. If you go back in and it happens again, your helmet’s gone. You’re not practicing today. That’s the way we’ve always, that’s the way I’ve always done it. Whether it was Division II football, NFL Europe, high school, Pee Wee or the NFL. We’re not going to do that. Just not going to do it. And I don’t think a lot of those things are intentional. I don’t. People want to make it intentional. I guess it’s more sensational to listen to, but I don’t believe a lot of those are intentional. I believe that. I mean, I want you to go run at something full speed that’s four times your size. I want you to run as fast as you can at it and then make sure you keep your head up and your eyes on it while you smash into it. I want to know what your reflexes are. When something’s coming flying at you, what’s your reflex? So, that’s just habits. It’s just coaching and drilling and bringing it to the forefront which from a coaching standpoint, organizational standpoint, player standpoint, it is. So, I believe everybody’s on that and that’s moving in the right direction.”


Just two games, but what do you see from DL Arik Armstead in those two games?

“Arik is progressing. I mean, we’ve talked about, he’s a rookie. And Arik is working. He’s working his tail off. And Arik is, with rookies you see that great play and then you see a play that tails off. It’s just getting it up to that point and staying there. Again, creating habits. You are what you habitually do.”


He seemed to get some pressure on Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger.

“Push, yeah.”


He did get some push. Is that progress from what you’ve seen?

“Yeah. He has that. We’re real happy with Arik. Arik’s working and growing. Couldn’t ask him to be doing anything more than he’s doing. He does everything we ask and more.”


When it comes to the secondary, are you considering any changes to that unit?

“No, sir.”


How do you approach a rookie running back like Arizona Cardinals RB David Johnson, who’s coming into a situation–?

“Talented. Talented son of a gun, isn’t he?”


How do you approach that because he’s only had a very small sample, very few touches? Do you go back and look maybe at college tape or what’s the approach like for him?

“Yeah. We’ve got all the college cutups, but we’re paying attention to what he’s doing on the pro field. The offseason stuff, obviously, you looked at him on college tape because you didn’t have any pro tape to look at. So, that’s been done. But, now we’re looking ahead. We’re dealing with the facts. We’re looking at where he’s at now and what he’s doing on the field. Maybe the one change, not change, but you know, maybe a little deeper. You look at that return. Offensively, we looked at that return. Not only our special teams. You look at the speed, you look at the, I mean, guy’s a talented guy.”


I know two games is a small sample size, but what are some of the more obvious differences you see in Kaepernick now compared to say a year ago or do you see any?

“No. What I see is, and again, because we’re not asking for the same things. It’s not the same. There’s really not things to compare it to. What we’re asking him to do and what he’s been asked to do any other year. We’re just going to, the way we’re looking at it is, we’re looking at a guy that’s come in and the things that we’ve been teaching and talking about and coaching and the things he’s been working on and we’re looking at where that’s going. It’s going well. We had 11 targets and 10 guys catch a ball. He’s doing a nice job in that sense, playing the offense. Look guys, everybody here knows how I feel about him. I’m tickled to death and happier than heck that Colin Kaepernick’s our starting quarterback. I think he’s an extremely talented individual and I’m a big fan. But, I think Kap, the way he’s playing, just the way he’s going about things and the way he’s doing things, hopefully we’re using his talents in a smart way. With a guy like that, you can become a jack of all trades, master of none because there’s so many things he can do. So, we’re trying to, from our end, from the guys with the ball caps on, we’re trying to make sure that we don’t do that. That we have just enough.”


What’s the thought process between the seven guys you’re playing in the defensive backfield? You have one guy in who comes in on nickel and then by in large, he goes off and two different guys come in for dime.

“And the line changes and the configuration.”


Why doesn’t the nickel back stay in in that dime defense? What’s the advantage of having those moving parts?

“Well, when you’re talking about, when you look at the whole thing, it’s completely different personnel groups. It is. I see where you’re going [CSN Bay Area writer] Matt [Maiocco]. You’re really focused on what the secondary’s doing there, but take a look at the front too. Those are different personnel. We’re attacking the whole thing differently. We’ve got different guys. You’ve got two outside linebackers on the field with a nose in one of those packages. In another one of those packages, you’ve got the nose, the two ends on the field, one outside linebacker. So, it’s not just the secondary, it’s everything and we’re trying to put people in positions at their strengths. And the guy that you’re referencing is [DB] Jimmie Ward right there without using Jimmie Ward’s name, but that’s where you’re going. And Jimmie, in those packages, Jimmie’s a tackler and a blitzer and he’s played on the slot. You’ve got all those things. So, that’s what we’re doing. That’s why we’re doing it.”


How would you assess that Cardinals receiving corps and the fact that the secondary’s going to have its work cut out with guys like Arizona Cardinals WRs Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown?

“I have absolutely, we have nothing but respect for their receiving corps. Obviously, Larry Fitzgerald, I’ve been here for nine years. I’ve seen Larry Fitzgerald on the football field a lot of times. They do a wonderful job. They’re extremely talented. Well coached. Nothing but respect for coach [Cardinals head coach Bruce] Arians and his staff. But, I also have a lot of respect for our secondary too. I like them. Got a lot of respect for them.”

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  1. TomD

    September 21, 2015 at 10:35 am

    Sounds like a South American soccer player is going to join the 49ers one day to boost revenue like Jarryd Hayne….I noticed the 49ers wore new uniforms in their 1st game, because no one will by them when they are 1-7…Jed sure has an eye toward the world economy.
    Seb and RaidersEatery (Razor), CKelite, Scooter, AES and ninermd, have you bought your new jersey yet?

    Jed York
    ✔ ‎@JedYork
    Tough loss. Appreciate the #49ersFaithful around the world for the support. Hats of to the @steelers….

    3:54 PM – 20 Sep 2015

      1. Razor-(& other vintage Rock lovers)-
        Remember an offering from Jethro Tull’s ‘Aqualung’ album apropos of one commenter?

            1. If this is the Mary I think it is from Facebook. You’re eyes are lying to you! I’m betting it might be. You troll the pages on there too, with the same crap you do here.

          1. Yea, but I like the Iron Maiden version better. I had that album, Aqualung. I saw Jethro Tull at the LA Collesium, I think he had the teenage son of the original guitar player as his guitarist….

            1. I saw him at The Collesium Summer ’72 the Thick As A Brick Tour. Ian said”for our first number we’d like to do a song called Thick As A Brick. They played a 55:00 version then took a break and came back. Ian said: “for our second number….” And nobody could hear the rest as the fans’ roar lifted the roof! Hella show.

              1. Good one, Razor.
                Semi serious here, my fave off Aqualung was “My God”. I’m not a church going guy, but that song always resonated with me as a grown up view,of faith. That one line (as best recalled): “…..and all the Bishops harmonizing lies.”
                This Pope Francis seems a breath of fresh air.
                OK, done with religion and apologies to any offended.

              2. You mean Wind Up? You can excommunicate me on my way to Sunday School, then have all your Bishops harmonize these lies….

                I used to go see UFO every year at the Long Beach Arena along with Iron Maiden back in the ’80’s….

              3. BT,

                As an agnostic ex Catholic I wasn’t offended by you mentioning religion. No need to apologize.

    1. Did you hear that Levis Stadium had to be resodded?

      That’s really sad when you can’t even get your own grass to root for you.

      1. Tom: when I made that joke awhile back about “the sod.” And golfer didn’t have a clue what I was talking about — he’d better add CoQ10 to his morning pill regime.

        Anyway in order to pay for Levi apparently they have to hold other events at Levi to pay for the stadium — hence the wear and tear on the sod. Just one of the many things discussed on twitter.

        1. Mary The Dunderhead,

          Your mentioning the turf was a total nonsequitir. It was obvious what you were talking about subject wise, but it was completely out of context, made no sense in the conversation and wasn’t funny.

          So you checked all your boxes with that post.

    2. Ha! This was about as funny as all your previous 49ers jokes.
      Heck, who am I kidding, your attempt at comedy was a hot mess.
      But hey, how could anyone be disappointed in someone who predicts a 52-0 Vikings drubbing over the 49ers than try to carry it over to the Pitt game… and still be miserably wrong.
      Looks like the joke is on you bud.

      1. I predicted correctly, the 52-0 was only a euphemism for the word “blowout” that occurred a week later against the Steeler’s 43-8 victory.

  2. ” But, I think Kap, the way he’s playing, just the way he’s going about things and the way he’s doing things, hopefully we’re using his talents in a smart way. With a guy like that, you can become a jack of all trades, master of none because there’s so many things he can do. So, we’re trying to, from our end, from the guys with the ball caps on, we’re trying to make sure that we don’t do that. That we have just enough.”

    Normally I am not bothered by Tomsula’s folksy rhetorical skills, but I wish he would have been clearer and delved into some more detail on the above. It is an intriguing comment.

    1. Yeah, but coaches are so careful to not reveal their precious schemes. He would be walking a fine line.

      1. Yeah, I know. Further, I believe that he consciously uses his folksy speech mannerisms to his advantage in avoiding delving too deep into an answer.

          1. That’s funny.

            See, Mary the dunderhead, that’s how it’s done. Clever, related to the conversation, and funny.

      2. I agree,

        I would hate to reveal those 4 running plays out of 3-tight end formations they hid from the media all summer. What if the Steelers or Cards were to get film on it?

    2. It’s just that his thoughts are coming to him so fast that he’s onto the next idea before he ever finishes the current idea. ;-}

        1. No. I was giving JPN a heads up on an earlier idea he had about Tomsula’s incomplete thought syndrome.

      1. I think that is true, but not necessarily with the quote I cited. Here it is not that he is skipping forward without finishing his current thought. He starts to say something interesting then pulls it back to a kind of folksy truism.

  3. I’m sure Brodie2W and others noted that Yogi Berra passed away. He’ll be remembered for a lot more quotes than I will after my time is done.

      1. Thanks, Cubus. The man was a national treasure; as many great quotes as W.C. Fields or Mark Twain.

      2. Number 36, “I never said most of the things I said” sums up a thought I have had for a long time. Anything quirky and non-sequiterish ends up being attributed to Yogi. Just like Mark Twain never said what he said about San Francisco.

        A true Yogi quote that I liked since I read it as a young kid was when he was asked about low attendance at the games. “If the people want to stay home, you can’t make ’em”.

    1. Yogi brings back memories, Maris, Mantle, Pepitone, Ford. 1962 World Series, McCovey hits a smash……

      1. undercenter,
        Arrrgh! You just brought back a painful memory (lol). My 5th teacher Mr. DeSoto threw his small transistor radio out the classroom door.
        He was in a foul mood for about 2 weeks after that heartbreaking loss and although I was only in the 5th grade, I too felt the pain.
        Three Championships in five years ain’t all that bad these days!
        Winning in 2014 was like, well “deja vu all over again!”
        Rest In Peace

  4. I would like to hear a question about the playing time of certain players. Armstead is getting in there sort of but for a #1 pick I’d like to see more then 26 out of 113 snaps. Harold so far has 13 snaps on the season. Given the lack of production(yes it’s still very early in the year) from the likes of Brooks it doesn’t seem like it could hurt to give the young pup some more game reps. The likely answer is that he hasn’t earned the confidence of the coaches yet but I still doubt from what we’ve seen from Ahmad that it could hurt that much giving Eli a couple more snaps a game.

        1. Its his new tactic to try and make people respond to him. Post random comments in other threads of conversation.

  5. Q: What do the San Francisco 49ers playoff run and the Civil War have in common?
    A: Both of them were ended by a man named Sherman.

    Q: What do you call a football team that tells the time?
    A: The 8:49ers

    Q: What is the difference between an 49ers fan and a baby?
    A: The baby will stop whining after awhile.

    Q: What did the 49ers fan say after his team won the Super Bowl?
    A: “Dammit mom, why’d you wake me up? I was having an amazing dream!”

    Q. How are the 49ers like my neighbors?
    A. They can’t pick up a single yard!

    Q: Why is Vernon Davis like a grizzly bear?
    A: Every fall he goes into hibernation.

    Why doesn’t Michael Crabtrees home have electricity?
    He’s already used to living in Richard Shermans shadow.

    Q: How many 49ers fans does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: None they are happy living in Seattle’s shadow!

    Q: What’s the difference between the 49ers and cigarettes?
    A: Russell Wilson doesn’t smoke cigarettes

    Q: What do the San Francisco 49ers and a Chick-Fil-A manager have in common?
    A: Neither one shows up for work on Sunday.

    Q: What do the San Francisco 49ers and possums have in common?
    A: Both play dead at home and get killed on the road!

    Q: How many San Francisco 49ers does it take to change a tire?
    A: One, unless it’s a blowout, in which case they all show up

    Q: What do you call 53 millionaires around a TV watching the Super Bowl?
    A: The San Francisco 49ers.

    1. Must of taken many years to assimilate such colorful repertoire that instills such earth shaking laughter. Ha, Ha.

      1. Heh, I’m sure some will see it that way.

        Its a pretty balanced analysis, recognising that a lot of Kaep’s yards came in garbage time against softer coverages with less pressure. But also highlights how Kaep is making better decisions, even under pressure, and making strides at being a passer first, runner second (‘making strides’, hehe, I kill me…).

        1. As long as he keeps developing, and a good way to help insure that development is to draft a stud OT….

    1. Agreed. I posted it earlier as part of your mini-thread with Fan. I like the discussion where Neumann points out that Kap has made progress staying in the pocket and making the throw (and at times taking a hit) rather than always taking off and running at the first sign of pressure.

      1. Ah, I’d not gone back to that thread since my post so hadn’t seen you linked it already. It certainly appears to be an area of progress so far this season.

        The only thing I have nagging at the back of my brain is that Kaep looked like he was developing better pocket skills at the start of last season too, but as the team started to struggle and the OL protections broke down more and more often, he started reverting to one-read Kaep and looking a bit lost. The OL looks like its going to struggle in pass pro again this year, and we could be in for a diamonds or donuts year on defense, so I’m worried the early season progress in Kaep’s play may once again revert down the stretch. Hopefully not.

        1. Not a problem, Scooter. Of course, you could be right, but I’ll point out that the team was playing from behind and Kap did not make any major mistakes, unlike game 2 last year. This game against AZ I think will provide us with significantly more info. Odds are we’ll be behind and it will be interesting to see how Kap performs.

    2. I’m sure I’m not the only one that notices that Kaep stares down his target in pretty much every GIF he posts. In fact in the 2nd GIF on the page you can see the LB almost get into position to make a play because he reads where Kaep is looking.

      1. Neumann points out that he does usually go to his first read, but also points out as an example the play that Boldin fumbled (but was called a drop) that Davis was his first read and he came back to Boldin. Just another thing he appears to be working to improve, and showing some signs thereof.

  6. Getting back to football, Coach Tomsula gave full coherent answers, with lots of depth and insight. There may have been areas where he falls back into Coach-Speak, but overall, I am tickled to death and happier than heck that he is the Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

    1. I’m not a big fan of the ‘should have drafted X person’ game, using 20-20 hindsight. But I will say I’m still dirty they didn’t draft Short in 2013. I really liked him coming out. And just the type of player the D needs right now.

    2. Armstead has played just 24 snaps, according to Pro Football Focus.
      PFF shows 12 snaps against the Vikings and 14 against the Steelers. 26.

    3. I want the Niners to play Lemonier and let Brooks watch from the sidelines until he learns to line up on side, and stop jumping off side so he gives them a free play.

      1. Lemonier is terrible in coverage. Ill take an offside penalty over him getting torched in pass defense every time!

        1. How often do the 49ers have their OLBs going out in coverage though? Not often. And its not as though any of the 49ers OLBs are great in coverage.

          The main issue is Lemonier is also a terrible pass rusher. But hey, based on Brooks’ ‘production’ this season, its not as if they are losing anything by having Lemonier replace Brooks!

          1. My point is that Brooks is hurting the team with his unforced errors. ANYBODY would be better. Even Harold or Lemonier.

            1. Seb, you can’t both adore the coaches and all their decisions and criticize them too. If Lemonier or Harold were better they’d be playing. If there was some body better than Brooks they’d be playing.

              I think the problem is that Brooks and Lynch both play best on the left side and they’re our best talents, Harold is undersized and developing. Other than Harold who plays the right well? I think you’ll see Harold eventually.

              1. I can too. I am just a fan, but I can second guess just like everyone else. I criticized Pears, but after the first game, I backed off the criticism. After the second game, when Pears performed so ineptly, I felt free to rip him up and down. it is just part of the game. Dont worry, they are big boys and can stand the heat. Only arrogant thin skinned coaches would take umbrage. Roman said it was just part of the job description.

              2. The problem is that when the rest of us criticize JT you defend him. I am not questioning if they can handle it or not but you jumping back and forth in your love and protection of JT and his staff.

          2. In case you guys haven’t noticed this team needs leadership and believe it or not Brooks provides that. As for going out and covering, the 49ers defensive ends/OLB do do that!

            1. That kind of leadership will cost them games. It is really simple to be able to line up on side. Jumping offside will just give them a free play, and Ben burned them royally.
              True leaders will play smart, and stop shooting themselves in the foot.

            2. Yeah, they do go out in coverage Prime. I never said they didn’t (potentially another example of you interpreting something I’ve said the wrong way?).

              However, they don’t OFTEN do it. They more often rush the passer on passing downs. And out of the 49ers OLBs, who would you say is good in coverage?

              1. What I find surprising is that Harold has only played a total of 13 snaps. Five against the Vikings and eight against the Steelers. I was hoping for more rotation.

              2. I think Harold’s snap count and Lemonier being inactive is an example of what the coaching staff thinks of the depth at the position right now. For Harold its more a case of inexperience (at least I hope that’s it).

                Without Aldon Smith the OLB group is really quite weak. Looking ahead to next season, I’m sure adding a talented OLB will be high on the to do list.

        2. Yep, that free play that gained 50 yards? Why would you want that? I thought you wanted the Niners to win.

    4. In college Armstead often won the first 50% of the play. He had the great push, like a giant coiled spring launching into the offensive linemen… but disengagement from blocks and ball location always seemed to be 3 ticks too late.

      He seems to be closing in. Now he’s winning the first 70% of the play, and doing it more often. His ball location and disengagement are improving.

      But he’s still not finishing. To even begin justifying the 17th pick, he has t get to the guy with the ball… QB or RB. I hope it happens sometime soon.

        1. That was for Grant. He listed Peters as being drafted by the Texans in his BR article. Either Grant screwed up or was accidentally going old school AFL. The Chiefs were originally the Dallas Texans.

          1. Sorry, I thought you were comparing the Armstead pick with Peters since they were drafted so close together.

    1. Grant likes the clicks it generates when the rest of the room goes all Piñata on it’s posts, speaking of Cross Eyed Mary. Don’t know if TommyBoy enjoys the same protections; but why not? A click is a click to the bean counters at the PD, even if the posts are fact free. So it’s not like anyone is going to be voted off the island on Grant’s watch.
      Ignoring doesn’t always work, because these unfortunates lack social self awareness.
      Insulting them isn’t wise because they don’t get it (anything) and the bickering can degenerate to the extreme.
      At this moment I think responding to their nonsense with gibberish comments may be a decent way of mocking them. That way if Grant wants to avoid HIS blog being filled with a bunch of delegitmizing rubbish (you know, professional pride and all that) he might make some adult decisions about who is and who isn’t making contributions to the discussion instead of coddling the provoceters and abrogating his responsibilities.
      Nawwwww! What was I thinking?

      1. Fat Tuna do really believe the drival that comes out of your mouth? I mean this is just a football site and yet you get very personal and negative and resort to name -calling and seem seem generally very unhappy. I suggest you try .5 mg. of Paxil. It might affect ejaculation — but my guess is that your wife cut you off long ago for the above-described reasons.

        1. ‘Twas brillig, and the slithy roves
          Did gyre and gamble in the wabe
          All mimsy was the borogroves
          And the mome raths, outgrabe
          Beware the Jabberwok my fiend
          The jaws that grab
          The claws that snatch
          Beware the Jubjub Bird and shun
          The furious Bandersnatch
          Avoid like Plague those teal berries
          Or you too will be like Cross Eyed Mary

          1. And TrollD, with eyes aflame,
            Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
            and burbled nonsense as he came.
            One two, one two and through and through,
            his vorpal blade went snicker snack,
            He left it dead, and with his head, he went gallumphing back.
            Oh frabjous day, calloo callay!,
            he chortled in his joy.

        2. Razor – Fat Tuna: Enjoy retirement — I’m off to work. Try to figure out a strategy for winning 1 of your next 9 games. Haha.

          1. Our team has one win under its belt while yours has whiny players looking for their first one.

    2. Why, just because they are ruining this site? Maybe the mods are asleep. Maybe they like trolls who hate the Niners.

        1. No, they clutter up the site. I just want to discuss the Niners with fellow fans in a calm, civil, respectful manner. They just want to ruin it for everyone else.
          I do not troll the Seasquawk site just because I hate what they do to this site, and it would be a huge waste of time.

              1. Trols revel in ego trips. Tell them to stop, and see where it gets you. I want to focus on football, but it is hard to wade through the putrid scum.

            1. DP,

              Do you really think that’s the tipping point? Do you believe he would be a reasonable contributor if Seb didn’t call him TrollD? Come on, you’re kidding yourself.

              1. Do you believe he would be a reasonable contributor if Seb didn’t call him TrollD?
                No, my point is that Seb becomes a troll by calling him TrollD………..

              2. I have been called a troll many times, and do admit I post a lot, but a true troll does not invite posters to ignore his posts if they want to, and actually carry on civil conversations with other posters.
                TrollD does fit the classic definition of a troll. He does not care about facts, projects hate constantly, is rude and unpleasant, is barely literate, intrudes into conversations, constantly haunts posters, and delights in ruining the site by trying to dominate with constant posts that drive away the regular posters.

              3. No Seb, you still are not getting it.
                Everyone is entitled to their opinion TomD is and even you!
                I don’t need you to tell what to ignore or what to like.
                This is Grant’s Blog and if he feels people need to go, they’ll go.
                “Sounds like you are dissing me and defending trolls, and it says a lot about you.”
                This says more about YOU than about me….
                Sorry I hurt your feelings :)

              4. Back here again? If you look at the posts, TrollD and mary have succeeded to drive away many of the regulars with their mindless trolling. It really is ruining this site for all the die hard Niner fans who want to civilly and respectfully discuss the Niners without imbecilic blather cluttering up the site.
                Trying to turn my statement around and attack me with it defies logic, because I am not defending trolls, you are. Trolls do not have any redeeming qualities, and delight in spoiling it for all by being obnoxious and rude. It really does say a lot about your values to defend the indefensible.

              5. Oh Boy Seb, maybe you are NOT an American???
                Because freedom of speech is still valued here!
                In your blind rage, you couldn’t even see that I didn’t defend just anyone but EVERYONE!!! so I’ll print it again, just for you!
                Go slow this time and pronounce EACH word.
                “No Seb, you still are not getting it.
                Everyone is entitled to their opinion TomD is and even you!”

              6. Hmm, you seem to want to double down on this.
                I will speak slowly and plainly so you will understand me.
                I am an American who is voicing my opinion. You seem to be intolerant of my opinion. Maybe you should take your own advice and stop trying to stifle my free speech rights. I am not in a blind rage , but you seem to be. I hope you can understand what I am saying since I am speaking slowly and plainly.

              7. OK Sebby, you proved your point YOU ARE A TROLL!
                To say that my words mean the opposite of what I say is what trolls do.
                Or HS kids………..
                How old are you Sebby???????????

              8. TrollDee, first you attack me for voicing my opinion, then you claim I am un American, then insult me by claiming I am a troll ( a typical troll tactic).
                You specifically mentioned TrollD by name, then take umbrage because I singled him out.( Another troll tactic). Guess what? we both know who the real troll is.
                You are defending a pure troll, and your false accusation is not going to change that fact.
                Finally you have the gall to accuse me of being a teenager, when if you had read my previous posts would know that I am much older, but you do not care about the truth (just like a troll), and make fallacious statements just to be hurtful and obnixious. So from now on, I will dub thee TrollDee.

              9. Sebby, your ego is making you do all this????? LOL You should work on your reading comprehension though, it’s stuck in sophomore mode…….
                You see, you keep on contradicting yourself while you are grasping for straws.
                Do you understand that when you write ;” then insult me by claiming I am a troll ( a typical troll tactic).”, that you are describing yourself?
                It’s very entertaining to see somebody so clueless!

              10. No, I just strung you along until you revealed yourself, TrollD.
                Great now we have Tweedle dumb and Tweedle Dee or more accurately Trolldumb and Trolldee, except it is the same Dweeb.

              11. Sebby, actually I am having a GREAT day! Thanks to your adorable attempts to produce the nadir of nothing!

            2. Seb your need to respond to almost everything does qualify you as a potential troll. TomD list of Q&A was funny, not hatefull or trolly……..

              1. I usually do not respond to posts that do not address me, but just think it good manners to respond to a post where they start by writing Seb.
                TrollD and Mary are trolls because they intrude into conversations and spew drivel.
                Sounds like you are dissing me and defending trolls, and it says a lot about you.

          1. Patrolling Seahawks is not you Seb., because yourself and RaidersEatery (Razor) and comrades alike are too busy on your new Raiders site, heretofore known as PDRCW, Press Democrat Raiders Welcome

        2. Ex-
          I’ll be dropping it real soon here, but I note that it’s hard not to enjoy getting under their skin for a change, since they revel in wasting everybody’s time.
          Do we learn anything useful about football from any of them? Anything?

            1. BT,

              I’m not trying to give the impression that I feel like I’m above sinking to their level. Clearly, I’m not, but I would be willing to try to shut them out, if everyone else was willing to give it a shot.

        3. WHAT ???….You find it so abhorrent as to join in collusion against two bloggers who are guilty of nothing more than disagreeing with you….? This used to be a football blog…now the mutual admiration society…? Who’s going to hand out the talking points ?

          1. Oregon,

            No one would be forced to join in the embargo, if it were to happen (which I doubt it will).

            Do you feel like TomD or Mary adds anything to this blog?

            1. Yes ex….a little diversity of thought….personally , I don’t want the blog to turn into a ‘Lemming factory….

  7. In my company, I’d never hire a production manager unless he had specific strengths. My department leads need to be able to come to him for guidance. Direction. If I hired two promising department leads and then hired a production manager above them who knew less than them, I’d be setting my company up for failure.

    This is what York has done to the 49ers. He put a simpleton ( Tomsula ) in charge of his coaching staff. He has a defensive coordinator who couldn’t fix the backend issues on his defense. If Tomsula had a good system in place, they would have addressed the issue after the 2nd long strike, not allow a 3rd, 4th and a 5th long pass from Big Ben.

    Offensively, we moved the ball. That wasn’t our issue. Dropped passes were mostly our biggest offensive issues. That and knowing your opponents weaknesses and attacking those first.

    My question, what is Tomsula’s strength? Specifically. Outside of butt slaps and attaboys, what is his strength. My impression of his is that he’s a simpleton. Pure and simple. And if he wants to ditch that impression, he needs to begin with winning games like this weekend. Or at least have a very strong showing. That means, showing creativity either offensively or defensively. I mean, we did an extensive coaching search and we ahem… hired the best coaches based on that search. Well a week like this is where you show that.

    1. This simpleton, as you call him, was smart enough to yell TEMPO about a thousand times, and the game management has improved dramatically.
      I think Coach Tomsula is football savvy, and is like a breath of fresh air compared to the last staff.
      Calling him names just defines you.

      1. Specifically, what is Tomsula’s strength. If you are going to defend him, what is his strength?
        Offensive strategy? Defensive strategy? Pep talks? I see a guy that stands on the sidelines and adds no value. When they did their extensive coaching search, what specifically stands out about Tomsula that helped land one of the most difficult jobs to land on the planet? He’s a nice guy, a good dude.

        This team needs someone that provides a strategic strength. Someone that his offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator can come to for advice. IMO, both coordinators are smarter than Tomsula. They have no mentor. This is a big week it week will tell a lot.

        1. Bay, you may be right but I think its still too early to tell. I liked the hiring myself but that doesn’t mean its a good hire. I got to give it a few games before I can make any conclusions about the whole staff.

          1. It wasn’t really a hire was it? It was a role change or a promotion, but it wasn’t a hire. Hopefully a hire would bring new ideas into an organization. Yelling “Tempo” a thousand times, as some are so proud of, is not new thinking, or a new perspective.

            The HC position with the 49ers is not one that is a prime opportunity unless Parcells is the mentor of an applicant. Everyone dreams of Walsh, but what we’ve had for the past ten years is Parcells, and more Parcells.

            1. You forgot: York couldn’t entice anyone from the outside to take the HC job. You fire Harbaugh and refuse to promote Fangio — one hot mess. Too bad Dan Quinn wasn’t interested.

              1. Sadly, you can be armchair coaches all you want but until the 49ers hire a well-respected head coach the team is lost. I still think Fangio was a big mistake.

              2. Bullseye…But getting Seb, Ck, and the others to admit this would be palace intrigue under penalty of a ban from this site.

        2. Coach Tomsula has identified the weaknesses and tried very hard to correct them. He has accentuated their strengths and is utilizing their skillsets to maximize their potential.. He has assembled a coaching staff with tons of experience, and he has them bonded together into a cohesive unit with everyone pulling in the same direction.
          Most importantly, he has stopped forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer. JH did that, and the result was 52 sacks. Rolling out Kaep so he can use his legs to buy time and avoid sacks is smart to me. The O line is a work in progress, but has shown potential.
          Coach Tomsula does need to get better. I want him to consider time outs to be precious, and saved for LEGITIMATE challenges and the last 2 minutes of the half. I want Kaep to never go to the line of scrimmage, look confused and waste a time out. That is on the coaching. They should have several plays he could call depending on the defense, and especially have a quick fall back play to run if the defense has perfectly countered the original play call. Wasting time outs could cost them the game.
          Coach Tomsula has talked until he is red in the face, and has pleaded and begged them to stop shooting themselves in the foot. Even with that, Brooks lines up in the neutral zone, and jumps off side to give Ben a free play that goes for 50 yards. Devey, with all the backing of JT, still had 3 drive killing penalties and allowed QB pressures and sacks.
          Coach Tomsula is a player’s coach, and that Game Ball after his first win was proof that the players like and respect him. You could not say the same thing about JH. His act wore thin.
          I agree, this next game is critical, but Coach Tomsula has galvanized this squad, has energized them, and they are focused and well prepared.
          If they win, are you prepared to back down from your simpleton insult?

          1. Seb,
            I don’t think Tomsula assembled a staff. His OC and DC were picked for him.

            And anything Kaepernick related he has no bearing on. Geep is in charge of that.

            I am talking about strategic game preparation. Period. He won in week one because there was no book on the Niners. We came in with a simple plan and executed well. In week two we needed to break out new wrinkles. Unfortunately we didn’t and we got exposed.

            Tomsula’s strength is defense. DEFENSE. Wondering what value he added as he watched his defense give up almost 250 yards on five deep passes. I know if I was a head coach and my strength was defense, I’d pull my defensive coordinator aside and tell him, ” no more deep passes. Nothing over our heads”.

            Like I said, this week will tell us a lot.

            1. One game does not make or break the season. The Niners were not as good as their first game. and not as bad as their second game. Coach Tomsula should have started with 4 receivers to spread them wide, then attacked the weakness of the Steeler defense, but for some inexplicable reason, they started out by running the ball like the first game. I posted that strategy before the game, but obviously, they wanted to run the ball to set up the pass.
              Coach Tomsula did assemble that staff. He was on the phone in the wee hours of the night and his first presser was a direct result of his not sleeping. There was not one assistant coach who did not not talk to Coach Tomsula ahead of time, so there were no coaches forced upon him. Several turned him down, so the ones on the staff now are all his choices.
              Last game was unfortunate, and those 5 passes were game changers. Big ben is also really good, and those passes were on the money and fit into tight coverages. Reid also took bad angles, and admitted he was responsible. I hope they learn from their mistakes, so they will not repeat them.

              1. Seb,

                Your description of Tomsula’s recruiting work is so vivid I have to believe that you were their holding Jim hand through out the process. Fess up.

              2. I can say with 100% certainty that Logan was his choice. You also have to realize that Baalke did all the interviews, so there was FO participation. It seems unreasonable to assume that coaches were forced upon JT.

        3. Yeah it’s hard to see how Tomsula is a step forward for the team as a whole. I do think he’s good for Kaep though. A calmer presence.

      2. Seb, he is a simpleton.

        No coach worth his salt need to run down the field, in front of the OC (showing him up) to yell Tempo, Tempo, Tempo when the ball is in the redzone for practice.

        Players should have been aware of their geopgraphy inside the redzone since highschool

        The fact that this “simpleton has to scream it out” is equivalent to yelling at Seb not to play in the street.
        Gang, we’re in trouble and in trouble now with this band of simpletons.

      3. Game tempo is dramatically better?
        Re watch last weeks game if you can stomach it. Looked like the same old 5 seconds to go and delay of games and timeouts to me.

    2. Many of the deep balls were completed against pretty good coverage. Sometimes you have to tip your hat to the offense. In part, the game against the Steelers was one of those times.

      And how about waiting a few more games to make such sweeping decisions. Shouldn’t the new coaching staff get at least a half a season, before they’re labeled as favored?

  8. Fat Tuna, Seb, Exgolfer, AES and others of like mind:

    You want to ban anyone who doesn’t agree with the drivel in your post, and I’ve read them throughout the months. Your posts generally revolve around is Lemonier and All Pro, or Kaepernick was better than Smith, ect. To acquiesce to your nonsense is to have a frontal-lobotomy or become a Stepford Wife, or a character obeying Big Brother, in Orwelll’s , 1984
    Those of independent thought s/b thrown on the book pile you’ve accumulated to be burned.

    1. Let me add one other member to the above’s book burning club so he doesn’t feel left out–RaidersEatery (Razor).

      1. The gigs up MaryD.

        Were u also Jim Harbaugh’s super bowl monkey?

        Such an unhappy person no matter what, must suck to be u.

      2. tommyboy,
        Your attempt at comedy continues to underwhelm.
        Yup, thank you for bringing so much to the table… Ha!

    2. I’m not suggesting banning you, TomDope, I’m merely suggesting that no one responds to you. That’s all.

      1. I kind of like Tuna’s nonsense response. I had pondered pointing out the logical fallacies in each offending post, but I realized that I did not have that kind of time.

        1. Not only is that time consuming but also ultimately, futile. These pests do not care about logic, or football, only antagonizing the community.

  9. So about the game this week…

    Interesting comments from Tony Jefferson about seeing tendencies from Kap on 3rd downs. To be more succinct, he says Kap looks at one read and if not there, he pulls the ball down and runs. He also said they want to force Kap to throw outside the numbers because they don’t feel he is good in that area. A) you rarely hear a player get that specific and B) it’s incorrect so far this season. Kap has tucked and ran only 3 times in 24 3rd down dropbacks. So why did Jefferson say this? Maybe a ploy to get Kap to become one dimensional by trying to do what the AZ defense says he can’t? Either that or Jefferson doesn’t think before he speaks. Either way, it makes for interesting story lines leading up to the game.

    Looking at the Cards first two games, their defense isn’t as stout as it has been in recent years. They are ranked 22nd overall and have given up an average of 290 pass yards a game so far. Last year in AZ, the Niners due to injuries at TE, went in with a game plan that involved multiple WR sets and a focus on throwing the ball, and it worked pretty well. I think they need to do that again to a degree but with 2 and 3 WR sets offset by 2 and 1 TE’s instead of the 4 wide they went with a lot last year. Time to make Vernon more of a focus in the passing game too.

    On Offense, the Cards are rolling right now, especially in the passing game, and Arians is a down the field offensive guy by nature. They will attack with the deep ball, especially after the success the Steelers had. The Niners have to get pressure on Palmer, and not get so cute with the Safeties trying to disguise coverage. If any game cries out for a cover two mindset this is it.

    I don’t expect a win but I think it’s possible if they take advantage of the pass defense and keep the big plays on defense to a minimum.

    1. Great stuff Rocket.

      I agree that Richardson is trying to get under Kap’s skin. I’ve seen a lot of maturity in Kap this season, this was another weakness of his, allowing the opponent to get in his head. Let see if he’s evolved.

      I think it’ll be a lot closer game. I gotta think with the whoopin’ that was just handed to them, that they are dead set on not giving up anything deep. I agree, we gotta stop getting so cutesy with the safeties and allow them to be in the best position to defend the deep ball. On that note, that was a terrible angle by Reid on that deep play to brown, maybe the worst I’ve seen. Anyone think Tartt could threaten Reid’s job if he continues to shine?

      1. Thanks Leo. That was a horrible angle Reid took, and I think it was because he didn’t pick up on the fact the ball had been thrown quickly enough. I don’t see him losing his job though. He’s been pretty solid for the most part.

      2. Regarding that terrible angle by Reid, you have to keep in mind he had his back to the QB as part of the play design. The angle worked out to be horrible, but I’m assuming he went to the spot the D calls for him to go to, with the assumption that a pass rush, any pass rush, would force Big Ben into throwing earlier than he did. As he had his back to the QB he couldn’t know the pass rush hadn’t even made a dent.

      1. After last week, I think Peterson gets Smith for the majority of the game although I doubt they have him following him on every snap. They tend to like Peterson on the left side of the defense.

        1. Week one they went simple and executed. The Vikings had no book on them.

          Week two they needed wrinkles and really brought none.

          Week three is a divisional game and it’s for 1st place. It is also must win territory since Green Bay is coming in to town.

          This week my wrinkle would be inserting a whole lot of Ellington. Utilizing him both in motion as well as lining him up in the backfield. I’d like to see specifically from the backfield position Ellington sprinting to a side and getting the ball on quick passes. Give the defense something else to think about instead of clogging the middle.


          Another play that was wide open in the Steelers game was the quick pass to WR. Torrey was receiving a 12 yard cushion many times. We have to take advantage of that.


          1. I like both ideas Bay. I also want to see a deep shot or two to Davis. The Cards are going to try and take away the run so it’s imperative the Niners get the passing game in rhythm early.

            1. More deep shots for sure. They are gonna blitz a lot so some max protection calls would be nice, with Torrey and Vernon running down the field.

              1. It’s tough. You can’t accomplish everything at once. I think first you spread them wide by attacking the edges. That will allow you to pound the ball.

                Once you begin pounding the ball, the defense has to respect that. Now you can play action and throw deep. In the mean time when CB’s are playing soft, you gotta throw that quick pass. It serves the purpose of letting your playmaker make a play, gets the ball out quickly so that your linemen don’t get beat and it slowly brings the CB’s towards the line of scrimmage.

                It’s a chess match. We have to stop playing checkers.

              2. Agreed. This offense needs to be more varied and unpredictable. Hopefully that builds throughout the season.

          2. Too bad Ellington did not play last week, but I agree, quick slants, fly sweeps and getting the ball into the hands of his RBs in space could be the winning ticket.
            Hope to see more of Hayne.

              1. Right there, dead give away. Not the same Bay.

                Quick, Bay, what was your avatar when you posted here before?

              2. New Bay,

                The reason I believe you to be a different person from the original BAF is that you seem to be much nicer and if someone should have a different opinion than you, you don’t call them names or threaten them.

                In other words, your not being the original BAF is a good thing, both for you and the group.

          3. Bay,
            We don’t know how effective Hyde will be on Sunday. If Hyde is at full speed it could make a difference.
            I still want to see the offense try to established the running game and use the pass prudently.

            The Cards will now have T.Smith to concern themselves with and as always, be alert to the possibility of Kaep using his legs more in this game then the last two.

            My biggest concern however is the defense. If Palmer has time to throw we could see a repeat of the Pitt score.
            Everything (imo) begins at the first point of defense and that is the front 7. I believe it’s time to occasionally insert E.Harold and see if he can get a better push then what we’ve gotten from Brooks and Lynch.
            If we hit Palmer early he can be frazzled.

            After last week’s poor defensive effort, I hope that they come out with a chip on their shoulder and prove that last week was only a glitch.

    2. Jefferson’s comment certainly seemed like a ploy to get inside Kap’s heard when I first read it, but I have wondered since then if he was just speaking of what he thinks are Kap’s tendencies based on prior experience rather than watching film from this year.

      As for what the 49ers may do against the Cardinals or how the game may turn out, I think this one is as difficult, if not more difficult, to get a handle on than the Vikings game, given how disparately the team has played in its two games so far. The one thing I will say is that if the 49ers cannot pressure Palmer early, they will need to score well above their average so far this year in order to win.

      1. What I don’t understand is; if Jefferson really thinks those are Kaps tendencies, and the Cards are going to try to take advantage of them, Why would he publicize that? Usually players and coaches are reticent to revealing info like that. Curious.

        1. Yeah, I found that curious too. That is why I leaned more toward the head game angle, but given that no one else from the Cardinals seems to have chimed in, I started to wonder if maybe he just answered without thinking.

            1. If the Cardinals really do think CK is giving into a run first impulse on third down (only after making, and abandoning his first read, of course), then their film study isn’t very good or is based on old tape. As pointed out by Rocket (I’ve read the same info elsewhere, as well), CK is most definitely not looking to run on third down, so far this year. This would be hard to believe.

              It may be that Jefferson is expressing his own belief that, despite evidence to the contrary this year, CK can be made to, or will on his own, revert to his old tendencies. Or as suggested, he might be trying to get into CK’s head.

              BTW, does anyone perceive CK to be particularly bad at throwing outside the numbers?

              1. Here’s my take. The Cards want him to stay in the pocket. Their worst fear is CK running. If he runs, he breaks down their defense and moves the chains more than likely.

                By mentioning that he runs on third down, maybe they think that he will take that as a challenge that he can’t pass on third down. Helping accomplish what they wanted in the first place. It’s like the jedi mind trick.

              2. You nailed it Ex. I think they believe they can get in his head.

                “It may be that Jefferson is expressing his own belief that, despite evidence to the contrary this year, CK can be made to, or will on his own, revert to his old tendencies. Or as suggested, he might be trying to get into CK’s head.”

  10. Back to football.
    What strategy could the Niners employ to win their next game? Putting a man in motion. A man in motion should inherently have an advantage over a player standing still. Vernon could go in motion so he could beat the check at the LOS. They could use a MIM to pin the DE inside so Kaep can roll out. The MIN could be used for reverses so the defense cannot stack one side. The worst thing would be to put a MIM, then have him stop, because that would defeat the whole purpose of having a MIM. Kaep could read the defense’s reaction to the MIM, so he could check down to the best play to beat that defensive alignment. A MIM could be used to have a player at full speed at the snap of the ball, so the long bomb could be more effective. The Arena league uses a MIM, for obvious reasons. The Niners could do the same, except not having him approach the LOS.
    I hope the coaches study that 89 SB, and watch how using the MIM just destroyed the defense.

    1. First time actually commenting on this site….but have read it for awhile…enjoy the discussions….when you guys really go after the technical side of things….I find it awesome…well done…keep it up!

      1. Welcome Florida,

        I was a lurker too before I decided to jump into the discussion. Football is fascinating to all of us. Please feel free to contribute anytime.

        1. Florida,

          Your chances of discovering the Fountain of Youth near El Dorado are greater than infol. on X’s and O’s from these bloggers.

          They still believe the reason Big Foot has never been found is because he’s the one flying the UFO through Wormholes.

              1. Calm my Damage,

                All of the above are entering your own strange and distorted lexicon,preparing to ply your unskilled writing trade at the corner of
                dimensia and alzheimers, a dimension without sight or sound….Tonights unfortunate tale in the Twilight Zone

      2. In time you will learn to appreciate the hyperbole, rhetoric, and damaging remarks to Grant’s ability to put two words together besides Kaepernick sucks.

    1. What’s funny is TD probably thinks that you’re adopting BT’s concept, responding with nonsense to his nonsense.

      1. Well, a week or two ago he posted that he had taken a logic course in college, so he should know better. However, given the data to date, I think your assessment has some merit.

        1. Ha! “Data”, that’s a good one.

          Maybe he attended Bizzaro State and took logic from Professor (Mr.) Mxylptlk.

  11. I’m enjoying this article on the Cardinals offense.


    This quote from Freddy Kitchens demonstrates the mentality I’d like to see from the 49ers.

    “We’re always going to continue, no matter what the defense is doing, to push the ball down the field,” Cardinals quarterbacks coach Freddie Kitchens told me. “That’s the way they stay off you underneath. That’s a general principle that every offense should have. We always have a built-in shot on every play. If it’s there, we take it.”

    1. I would also like the 49ers to adopt the idea of having a shot rout on all, or at least many, pass plays.

      The insight into the Cards offense makes it so I’m not enjoying this article.

      1. It’s gonna be a challenge for a young defense but I think we’ll at least see some improvement over last week. I’d also like to see the offense pick up some of the slack.

        I think having low expectations going into the season is allowing me to be a little more relaxed and appreciative of quality opponents. Good football is good football, and good info is good info.

        1. Grimey,

          I think the defense will be fine, over time. I have to believe that adopting Mangini’s more sophisticated schemes will take some time, but I’m hopeful that they will get it and it will work.

          I also don’t think the Cards are as good as they’ve been made to look so far. They’ve played two pretty weak teams. Chicago (horrible) and NO (they lost to Tampa Bay in NO – let that sink in, Tampa Bay, with a rookie QB).

          Additionally, they’ve suffered some pretty major injuries, haven’t they?

          I’m not saying the 49ers should win this game, but I think the 49ers have a better chance than i thought before the season started. This game is still on my “should lose” list, but it’s edging towards the “could win” list.

          1. The cardinals did what they should do. Beat up bad teams. Gotta give ’em credit.

            What worries about the Cardinals is a matchup advantage on offense. I think the secondary will improve, but a lack of pass rush support, and the skills of the opposing WRs and QB, could make it very difficult even if they play well.

            The offense needs to do their part.

            1. “I think the secondary will improve, but a lack of pass rush support, and the skills of the opposing WRs and QB, could make it very difficult even if they play well.”

              This is what I think as well. They have to pressure Palmer to give the secondary a chance.

              1. On the flip side the Cards have given up a lot on pass defense, but have been good against the run, so it behooves the 49ers to get to the passing game a little earlier this week.

                But what they need to do the most is cut out the negative plays. That will help finish drives and score points.

              2. You’re right on all counts: the 49er defensive secondary must play better and probably will (some of those plays the Steelers made were just perfect plays, though), the 49ers need to generate some kind of pass rush (this is more problematic, but here’s hoping), and, maybe most important, the 49ers need to be willing to take what the Cards defense gives which, based on the first two games, will be in the passing game.

                Palmer’s passing yardage total against the Bears wasn’t that good. This is far from conclusive proof that Palmer hasn’t played quite as well as it seems, but it’s the only confidence building info I could find.

        2. And you’re right about good football being good football. Good writing is good writing and there’s a lot of that on Grantland. It’s a bit like 7-11, though: Too much good stuff…

    2. Is it a purblind prank, o think you, friend with musing eye,
      who watch us stepping by, with doubt and dolorus eye, it is Seb, Grimey, Jp001, exgolpher, Raiders Eatery (Razor), TunaHelper Bro, and their creed….
      49er game vs. the Cards–be damned, they reason and agree is a lesson in humility,
      why not practice with futility, our poetry– if only we could write,
      On to Hooters, established, and erudite, and help for our literary cause.

      1. Well, butchering Hardy is not a logical fallacy, but it is as something just as maladroit. You could have at least preserved the stanza structure, meter and rhyme scheme.

        Oh, and why change “with doubt and dolorous sigh” to “with doubt and dolorus eye”? I would think the original line would fit your intended purpose just as well, if not better, than the modified one.

        1. I did not cite Carroll here, that was another. However, I did once quote Carroll in a paper on conceptual metaphors and neurolinguistics at an international conference on linguistics in a prior period of my life. Ah, youth.

          1. I was once flying blind, not by myself, over the Arctic Circle with a 40% – 60% chance of heading the wrong way into Russia. Ah, youth.

              1. I am a fan of cold war era military aircraft. I would have probably guessed B-52 given the time frame, but B-36 is very cool.

              2. I got out to go back to college just before our Wing converted to B-52s. There wouldn’t have been a job for me on a B-52 because I was a performance engineer, and spent all my time flying backwards. The two engineers on board calculated fuel consumption and monitored all other systems. That’s another reason why I didn’t fly a Sopwith Camel. ;-}

            1. My wife’s grandfather was a spotter in WWII. He said he was pretty defenseless against Messerschmidt’s, and they targeted him because he was so important to logistics. One time he got fed up and unlimbered his colt 45 and fired over his shoulder at him, but felt like he was firing a peashooter. However, he got the kill because he led the Messerschmidt in front of ground forces which shot it down. Think he crashed 3 times and was shot down once.
              He truly gave credence to the term- flying by the set of his pants.

              1. The first engineer in our crew was a Navy dive bomber tail gunner in the Pacific where he was shot down three times. He also survived a B-36 crash.

              2. The Hueys in VN were about as powerful as VW Busses and had approximately the same amount of armor. We didn’t like to admit to crashes unless the a/c was totaled, but let’s just say we had a lot of official “Hard Landings.”

              3. That B36 must have been state of the art back then. I remember in the 70s when I had to drive past Beale AFB early in the morning to get to a job, and saw an enormous black jet flying over the rice fields. I did not know what it was, and only discovered a couple years later that it was a SR71.

              4. The B-36 would have been state of the art in WWII. It was designed to do round trips to Europe and back in the event that England had been invaded.

                The B-47 with refueling capability, and the Navy’s submarines were our state of the art.

              5. A B-36 was a one way trip to anywhere in Russia. We wouldn’t have known target information until we were airborne. The plan was to walk home, or connect with special air sea rescue units.

                We did bomb San Francisco several times. That was always round trip.

                As for maximum non-combat range, our squadron flew to Guam without refueling, and after operations in that region for a month, we flew back to Rapid City non-stop. That was done heavily loaded with cases of duty free whiskey and flying very low and very slow. My job was to determine how much fuel to load and then to insure that the fuel lasted until we unloaded the whiskey. The pile under each wing was at least 10′ x 10′ x 4′.

              6. It wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that everyone in SAC related to Slim Pickens. His final moment epitomized a part of reality for all B-36 crews at that time. The plan to walk home, and what would have been at home were topics we only joked about.

  12. I’ve been a follower of this site for about 7 yrs and a semi regular poster for about 5. I have been posting less and less since this years draft. I’ve noticed many of the regulars that i came to enjoy interacting with have either left the site or like me post very seldom. I think this site has become much more about the posters than the 49ers. This has become a very unpleasant place to hang out. Is there anyone else out there who feels the same, maybe some of the old posters are still lurking about. I would love to hear from some of you. I am a strong defender of free speech and an opponent of censorship of any kind but I do wonder if there is any thing Grant or the moderators could do to raise the level of discourse around here. Grant do you have an opinion or do you feel it would be inappropriate for you step in here? Anyways everyone have a great day and go 9ers.

    1. Grant’s father Lowell reviews all posts before they are allowed into his blog. Some blogs will ban obvious trolls, but Grant’s blog doesn’t do that very often.

      Until a year or so ago I spent a lot of time, mostly answering questions about home theater (Home Theater waits > htwaits ;-}), at avsforum.com/ where they eventually deal with trolls or otherwise obsessed folks.

      There was one great troll story that I’ll tell you since this particular thread is slipping out of the current stream of posts.

      Think of the troll as the guy in the black hat (bad cowboy), and our hero in a white hat (The Lone Ranger). The Black Hat had a pet peeve (something akin to any current quarterback of the 49ers) that he would interject into any and all discussions with great verbosity (Seb I’m not referring to you.) and great pomposity. Of course The Lone Ranger would respond with extensive logically constructed rebuttals.

      AVS has a private message service that allows members to communicate directly which I used in an attempt to convince The Lone Ranger to drop his replies to The Black Hat. The Lone Ranger discussed the issue with me but couldn’t bring himself to stop replying to The Black Hat. At some point The Lone Ranger became so embarrassed by his part in the play that he ask the moderators to delete all of the posts under his user name and started a new life with a new user name. Did that end the story? Nope.

      At some point The Black Hat was banned but he would pop back in with a new user name and a dose of venom, and our hero The Lone Ranger became an expert at identifying the The Black Hat and the moderators would kill the new user name. They got so good at it that sometimes it would take only a few minutes.

      After this tactic went on for a while the moderators also went through The Black Hat’s IPO to force him to change the origin of The Black Hat’s posts. That final step ended the story and neither The Black Hat or The Lone Ranger were heard from again.

      Anyone interested in home theater or just movies in your living room should check out AVS forums. It’s an amazing example of members helping members, and of constructive debate about home theater issues.

        1. Grant wants as much activity and discussion as possible. Lowell isn’t motivated by volume. I like both of their approaches. I always have scrolling available when I need it.

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