Jim Tomsula: “We’re moving forward with Blaine.”


Here is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Opening comments:

“Good morning. The injury report here; [LB Aaron] Lynch, [CB Marcus] Cromartie, [DB Jimmie] Ward, [CB Keith] Reaser, they’ll all be full go. We’re in great shape there. [CB Kenneth] Acker will be go. He’s finished up and finishing up, but we expect him to be on this week. As far as [WR Anquan] Boldin, [RB Carlos] Hyde and [CB Tramaine] Brock, we’re still working that. None of those guys have gone full speed. Nobody’s done anything at full tilt yet. So, we’ll see where that is. We’ll keep you updated on that. We’re going to open up [G/C Daniel] Kilgore and [WR DeAndre] Smelter today, or this week. So, they’ll be practicing. In terms of the bye week and our health, it was a good time for us. The training room went all the way through Saturday and actually had a couple of guys in here yesterday. So, that was, we took full advantage of that and feel really good about where that is. Questions?”


What about your health? How did the bye week help you at all?

“Well, the bye week was great for us in terms of us having a week to look at us. We spent the first part of the week, obviously with the guys and then we had some of the younger guys here a little longer. But, the self-scout and going through all the stuff coaching-wise, staff-wise on what we’re doing schematically and who we’re using where and what and all those things. So, it was good. It was good. It was needed.”


You don’t take that time to breathe or you just headfirst in, going harder because of the week off?

“No, I mean, coaching-wise, we took Saturday. Made sure the guys got out of here Saturday. So, a little bit of breathing there but we’ll breathe when the season’s over.”


You look at the standings in the NFC and it seems like there are a few teams that are ahead of everybody, but then there’s a bunch that are kind of together as far as their records. Do you kind of communicate that, still a lot of the season to go for your team and for all those other teams?

“Yeah. I mean, there’s a lot to go, for everybody. Again, our approach here is us and this week with the players. Coaching-wise, we look at things a little bit lengthier on the open week, but with our players it’s us and it’s this week.”


Is the expectation for Smelter to just get him a taste in these three weeks?

“I don’t know what the, you know, the full expectation, let’s get him out, let’s get him running around and let’s see where we’re at. So, in terms of a definite expectation right now, I don’t want to give you one because we just want to get it open. He’s cleared through everything. We’re going to get it open and get him out there and see where we’re at.”


With Carlos Hyde dealing with that foot, he’s been out for almost, what, four weeks now. Is that the optimistic time scenario that you figured that he needed to rest that foot?

“Yeah. Well, that was just the plan that was put in place through our medical staff and obviously with Carlos. So, we’re going to see where he’s at and see how it’s going. He’s obviously been doing things for conditioning. He’s not running a ton, but we’ll see where he’s at this week.”


Do you know whether the pain has diminished over that month period and is he feeling better as far as putting weight on–?

“Yeah, he’s feeling better with all those things. But again, he’s not, you don’t know until you play. You know, you’ve got to make some cuts and get moving on it.”


You talked about evaluating everybody and what you do. Do you anticipate some changes and also, we haven’t spoken to you since you decided to go with QB Blaine Gabbert again this week, could you address those two?

“Yeah. Changes, we’ve got some guys that we feel like have earned, we’ve got some secondary guys we feel like have earned some opportunity. We’ve got offensive line, I mean, there’s no doubt that we’re tinkering right there. As far as Blaine, I like what Blaine did, I like where he’s at and we’re going to continue with Blaine.”


When you talked about secondary guys, do you anticipate the guys who started that game against the Falcons to remain in those roles?

“No, I mean, they’ve earned more opportunity. So, we’ll look and find ways to get them on the field and as long as they continue to practice and the way they’re working and things like that.”


With Blaine Gabbert, I know you said it’s a one-week thing, you only made a commitment for him starting. So, is this something that you’re prepared now just every week to have that same conversation with the quarterbacks and let them know who’s going to be the quarterback for the following game?

“Yeah. Well, yes. I mean, yes and no. Blaine did a nice job and I liked where he was. I liked the way he handled the game. I liked the way he played the game and I want to move forward with Blaine and we’ll go from there. That’s all I have for you going into this game.”


Are you looking to do, at right tackle with T Trent Brown and G/T Erik Pears, what you did at right guard as far as alternating series and giving Brown some additional reps?

“No. Well, no. We were looking there and obviously that was part of, I wanted to get Pears down to guard too. We’re looking at combinations, the combinations of the guys. I mean, I’ve said it with the offensive line; it’s the sum of the parts. We’re getting the guys together and working together to see where we can get the best results.”


How much more time did Blaine stick around during the bye week or what extra work did he do since he’s now the starter?

“He was here. I mean, some of that stuff, again, it’s CBA stuff. So, you know, if he wanted to stick around, he could.”


So, did he?

“I don’t have any comments other than that. He’s doing all the things that we’ve asked him to do, and more.”


With the way you guys have played against Seattle in recent games, what kind of different look can Blaine present just to mix things up a little bit?

“I’m not sure exactly what you said there [Associated Press writer] Janie [McCauley] or how you meant that.”


What does Blaine, what can he do against Seattle just to kind of give them a different look than what they’ve seen? You know, they’ve had QB Colin Kaepernick’s number in the last stretch.

“Oh, OK. Blaine’s, and again, the San Francisco 49ers have not played up to their potential or capabilities in playing the Seattle Seahawks. So, I’d like to say it wasn’t one guy. It was a team effort. But, Blaine’s a different guy. He’s his own player and he’s going to go out and play football the way he plays football within the structure of our offense.”


What can you pinpoint as far as what’s different about your team on the road this year as opposed to the way it’s played at home?

“You know, that is something that we talked about this week and you know, we started talking about when we leave, you know, you talk about all the different things. But, we just haven’t, whether it’s been, and I don’t put it on crowd noise, I don’t put it on those things, but just coming out rolling. Just go. And that’s our focus this week. Just, let’s go. We’re leaving on Saturday. Let’s just full-steam ahead. We don’t need to sit back and pause and this and that. Let’s just go. Let’s start this week and take it all the way through the game.”


I get the sense you don’t love all of the quarterback questions. But obviously, as CSN Bay Area reporter Matt Maiocco alluded to, it could be a weekly kind of discussion. Does Blaine have to string together a couple of good games for you to say, “You’re our guy,” and just have some more clarity?

“Yeah, Blaine just needs to play football. He just needs to continue playing football.”


The Boldin injury, you guys have described it as a hamstring. He said it wasn’t an alignment issue. What do you know about what’s been keeping him out?

“I’ve been told it was a hamstring and it was low. So, you know, the first one was up higher and now it’s down lower. And I know that our training staff doesn’t like when those move around. So, they don’t want to mess around with something like that. That’s all I know about that.”


What was the decision to release RB Pierre Thomas and bring RB Travaris Cadet in? I guess, what was behind that?

“Well, they’re different backs. Cadet’s shiftier. It’s just the style of play, kind of having a one-two type of thing. We’ve got some bigger guys and we’ve got some guys that, he just brought an element that I like.”


If that’s the case, why bring in Thomas in the first place?

“Well, we wanted, where we were at the time, he’s obviously a good running back. He’s obviously played a lot in the NFL and wanted to make sure that we had ourselves in a position there.”


Is Cadet going to be an option to return kicks?

“He may be.”


Just to clarify on Matt’s question, you said yes it’s still a weekly assessment on the quarterback but you also said we’ll move forward with Blaine. I just want to make sure–?

Yeah. We’re moving forward with Blaine. We’re going to practice today. Blaine’s the starting quarterback and we’re going into Seattle, Blaine’s the starting quarterback.”

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  1. The 49ers are in position to get the seventh draft slot today. They’re moving forward into the “soft” part of their schedule. If they win two more games where do they draft?

    1. I don’t know if there is a soft part of the schedule anymore. The next game they look like they have a chance of winning is in Cleveland, but maybe Cleveland views that as a soft part of their schedule.

      If they finish 5-11 They will likely be picking in the 6-8 range. The Bears picked 7th with a 5-11 record last year.

      1. So what’s your take on their remaining games? So best long shot options I could even imagine is 3 more wins finishing 6-10 beating the Bears, realistic option they win 2 more 5-11, pessimistic they only beat the Lions 4-12.

        Hawks L
        Cardinals L
        Bears L
        Bengals L
        Browns W
        Lions W
        Rams L

        1. Wilson,

          I’d say 3 wins is the max for the remaining schedule but I can’t see them winning more than 2, or at least I hope not.

          I think they drop the next 3 for sure and then it’s anybody’s guess because they’ve been terrible on the road and the Cleveland and Detroit games are on the road.

              1. Gabbert’s already exceeded the teams game scoring average in his first outing. The sky’s the limit on this offense now.

            1. your all wasting your time, hoping for a high draft pick. as long as york/baalke are making the picks, niners are doomed.Do you realy think Tomsula and his staff would out coach Holmgren and his? York does. That, and the last 3 years of draft picks tell you all that you need to know. STOP GOING TO THE GAMES! York/Baalke are the problem.

              1. Brodie,
                You said it best. It doesn’t matter where they draft, Baalke will find a way to screw it up. The only area Baalke has consistently done well is in drafting defensive backs. He is more suited to be a DB scout, definitely not GM. Meanwhile, Jed York is still hiding under his desk. What a hypocrite.

              2. This has gotten so old. No one’s going to stop supporting our team because fairweather fans want to find something to whine about. No one had a problem with York/Balke 3 years ago. You want to side with Harbaugh, go be a Michigan fan or literally a fan of any other team please.

          1. I guessed at the beginning of the season they’d be between 4-12 to 6-10. I think Rocket’s point about losing in the road is significant. They’ve not done well. There’s always the upset game like the Falcons. Maybe they beat the Rams at home? 5-11 feels about right for this squad.

            1. As we’ve discussed previously, the D has been improving on the road. I don’t think they go 0-8 on the road this season.

              1. I wasn’t saying they would. The offense has to show up too, that’s the real question. My point was those games are a gimme. The Lions are bad. I’d be surprised if we don’t win that one. I think the Browns play tough on defense and their offense is struggling.

              2. I don’t think they’ll go 0-8. but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Both Cleveland and Detroit are on par with SF in quality of play so them winning in their home stadium shouldn’t be a surprise if it happens.

                Losing in Seattle and Chicago should be expected. That leaves AZ, Cincy and STL at home with the only game they have a shot to win being the final one against the Rams. At that point neither team will have anything to play for so it’ll be a toss up most likely.

              3. The 49ers were ripped off in the NYG road game. On both of the screen passes to Vereen that went for big gainers (40 or more of the yards on the winning drive), the Giant center was blocking way down field prior to the pass (even noted 49er hater – his own words, btw – said that the Giants “got away with one” on both plays).

                Of course, they ripped themsleves off by not stopping the Giants themselves (dropped picks and missed tackles), as well.

                In any case, that game was a road game the 49ers should’ve won.

        2. I think the Browns are about the only team remaining on the schedule that we can win against. Both the Bears and the Lions have the type of RBs that have been the defense’s Achilles heel this season.

        3. The bears and lions match up well against SF. Those seem to be harder games than a qbless rams team and Manzep at QB for the Browns. They play a one loss Bengals team, a hot AZ cardinals team, a Bears team who beat GB. And A lions team that should be getting healthy by the time they play SF. I don’t see anything soft.
          Does SF sign Cousins this off season if Gabbert struggles mightily the next 4 games? I don’t see a scenario Kaepernick returns in.

    2. There really is no soft spot for a team as weak as ours. It is not like we are markedly better than the Lions, Browns or Bears. In fact, considering that every one of those games is on the road, I’d say we are the clearly the underdog going in.

      More than likely be at 3-8 after next three weeks. We will then be going to an improving Chicago team, then right back to Cleveland, then home for a week and then back to Detroit. Wow, that does not sound like a winning formula to me. That is a tough month and last I looked we have played terribly when heading east this year.

      Here is what I see…
      Hawks L (will get pummeled)
      Cardinals L (will lose)
      Bears L (pummeled)
      Bengals W (surprise victory)
      Browns L
      Lions L
      Rams- Toss up (both team will be mathematically eliminated)

      Best case: 5 – 11
      Realistically: 4 – 12
      Worst case: 3 – 13

  2. The way Tomaula keeps juggling the O-line makes me wonder if he knows the preseason is over.

    1. Yeah, coming into the 10th game of the season and still rotating OL to figure out the best combination. Ridiculous. Either bench a guy or don’t.

        1. Yeah, but that’s why I say either bench a guy or don’t. None of this rotating OL in and out. If the OL you start the season with isn’t working, bench the guys that are the biggest problem and insert the next guy(s) in. Continual mixing and matching just shows they really weren’t sure of the OL depth chart by the end of preseason, and are still figuring it all out.

          1. Meanwhile they’re still trying to find a role for Tank, snaps for Ellington, etc. They look so incompetent.

            1. Ellington hasn’t done himself any favours by getting injured a lot. Makes it hard to win more snaps.

              But Tank is a strange one. They’ve seen him all last year. They saw him through TC and preseason. They had the time to make the decision that 3-tech wasn’t the right fit for him and try him elsewhere prior to the season starting. Now deciding to do so mid-season isn’t a good time to really get a feel for what he can do out on the edge, as he’s spent all this time getting his body shape and training for a 3-tech role.

              1. Tank was one of Baalke’s reaches. No one would have drafted him where Baalke did (40th overall) and I’m sure Tomsula is not allowed to even talk about cutting him. Baalke can’t afford to miss on many more reaches.

                It’s possible that Tank could lose 15-20 pounds and play outside LB in the 3-4, but I’m skeptical.

              2. “No one would have drafted him where Baalke did (40th overall)”.

                Just like nobody would have drafted Dominique Easley at #29. Oh wait, the Patriots did…

                Tank was considered by many to be a possible first round pick despite his knee injury. Saying nobody would have drafted him where the 49ers did is pure conjecture, and goes against what many “experts” (if there is such a thing when it comes to the draft) indicated.

                Baalke missed on him. But it wasn’t a reach.

          2. I beg to differ. I think that rotating players in will keep the line fresher.
            In many of the Seahawk games, they gave up leads in the 4th Quarter. Maybe it was because the defense got tired at the end of the game.
            I would rotate the WRs to make the DBs constantly sprint.

            1. Your plan looks awfully similar to the 49ers existing plan, then. Time to stop criticising the coaching staff for you! :-P

              1. Yeah, maybe you are right… I was so overjoyed that Roman Left, I pledged to give the new staff lots of leeway. But after a 3-6 start, I have become grumpy.;(

            2. There’s a pretty big difference between a deliberate rotation to keep guys fresh, and rotating because in week 11 you still don’t know what the depth chart should look like.

              The first can be an important aspect of coaching strategy. The second is a cause for concern.

              1. ANY 3-6 team is a cause for concern. The time to stay timid is long past. They should be rolling the dice to make points, not crap out.

    2. Are you looking to do, at right tackle with T Trent Brown and G/T Erik Pears, what you did at right guard as far as alternating series and giving Brown some additional reps?

      “No. Well, no. We were looking there and obviously that was part of, I wanted to get Pears down to guard too. We’re looking at combinations, the combinations of the guys. I mean, I’ve said it with the offensive line; it’s the sum of the parts. We’re getting the guys together and working together to see where we can get the best results.”

      Has anyone ever been so contradictory? So what is it? No or getting guys more reps? He says so little with so much. JH was messing with the press and combative, I feel like JT has no idea what he’s doing up there.

    3. Tomsula should juggle better. I like Staley, Boone, Martin/ Killgore, Tiller, Brown. Hopefully, they can stop the pass rushers from having free runs at the QB.

  3. There seem to be a lot of team aspects that JimmyT prefers to not know about, or so he says frequently.

    1. “I didn’t come her to catch passes from Brock Osweiler! And who the f— is Brock Osweiler?!

      1. There’s a guy who got 32 snaps and only been in the offense 2 weeks and he’s complaining?

        1. If he didn’t complain he wouldn’t be Vernon. Now VD is the Broncos problem. Until free agency anyway…

          1. Knowing the culture in Denver of the Broncos, complainers don’t do well under the current management. Seems like the team captains will get in his face on this one. He’s so entitled.

      2. He was traded. Crimeney! He was shipped; discount! He didn’t have any say. He’s a narcissist.

  4. I think I’m nearly as sick of questions about how long Gabbert’s leash is as Tomsula is.

    1. I think Tomsula is an honest man in job that requires that he lie constantly. I think he’d be more articulate if he didn’t have to constantly self censure.

  5. Okay no hyperbole here — just straight up wondering what everyone thinks. With the Seahawks really vulnerable after the loss to AZ, and all the teams falling around the 500 mark, and crazy as it sounds, the Niners are not out of it — would you rather the Niners start Kaepernick or Gabbert for Sunday’s game?

    On one hand this could potentially be the game where he finally beats Seattle. Carson Palmer had two fumbles and they still won!

    Or do you think Kaep is just a shot boxer so to speak, and that Gabbert might be a better choice to win the game.

    This game is for the taking, a team with competitive players, who have the intangibles will find a way to win against Seattle. It doesn’t need to be pretty. It just needs to be a win.

    Obviously I would go with Gabbert. I think the team will rally around him more.

    1. Well, I predicted losses to the Vikings and Ravens as well as a blow-out loss to the Falcons so here goes:

      Gabbert gets stomped into the ground. Kaepernick comes in and nobody notices. 49ers lose 31-9.

      1. Nice job, CFC. I hope your prediction works.

        What the hell is going on in “The Leftovers”? I’m still riveted, but they have a lot of things to explain / pay off in the last 2 or 3 episodes.

        1. Lindelof has managed to capture a lot of the mystery and mystique that the original book material provided for season 1 in season 2 while having to come up with completely original story lines. I miss a lot of the gut punching scenes that season 1 provided; Carrie Coons(Nora) interaction with the gun and the prostitute in season 1 is probably a scene I will remember vividly to the day I die and those kinds of moments haven’t really existed in the new season. That’s not to say that I’m not still loving it and totally pulled into the mystery of the show.

          I anxiously await each episode.

          1. Oh and it’s a small niggle but even though I’m a fan of Iris Dement I’m not a fan of the new opening credits.

            1. Where did the grandfather shooting himself hit you?

              I guess he didn’t win his battle, after all.

              1. Well, before you go any farther and I have a feeling you’ve already spilled the beans and that’s OK, but I’ll be watching this past Sunday’s episode today so no more spoilers!

              2. CFC,

                Dude, sorry about that. Very bad on my part. I usually watch “The Leftovers” later in the week and I didn’t even consider how soon after the original air date I watched it this time.

              3. No worries, not your fault to assume I hadn’t already watched it. We’ve all done it.

              4. Dang I knew I phrased that wrong; “not your fault to assume I had already watched it.

              5. CFC,

                That’s very gracious of you.

                I’m interested to hear what you think of the latest episode.

              6. That was probably my favorite episode of this season. That’s the good stuff I’ve been missing.

              7. One thing I can say for sure is that it’s too bad the Jill Garvey character wasn’t one of the girls that disappeared in the second season because what a selfish little see you n tee. That’s an actress that I wish would have a contract dispute and get written off because she does nothing for the show.

                Beyond that I’m glad to see the show move back towards the more fun and interesting aspects of it’s story and away from the whack job neighbors and residents of this new town.

                Justin Theroux is pretty impressive at times and I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t start picking up movie roles. Some of my favorite moments from season one involved Kevin and Patty’s interactions and I was really glad when she showed back up and to see her involvement now has made the show even more entertaining for me.

              8. CFC,

                Yep, I felt like things were building up to this episode. I hope they keep the momentum up to finish the season.

    2. Kaep is done in San Fran, and hasn’t been able to get the offense going for much of the year. No reason to think that will change against the Seahawks. Start Gabbert, lets see exactly what the team has in him. Most likely not much.

      1. Scooter,

        Logic says you’re right not to expect anything much out of Gabbert against the Seahawks, but something tells me that Gabbert and the 49ers will put up a fight, at least. It makes no sense, but…

    3. Fan, Like last game, Kaep may need to go in after Gabbert gets smacked in the head. In his 2 plays, he threw a nice arcing pass that hit Vance in both of his hands. Too bad he dropped it.
      Being the eternal optimist, I am positive that the Seahawks will get to Gabbert several times. After one play, Kaep may become starter once again. I hope Gabbert survives, but the challenge is daunting. Seahawks are hurting, and they want to stomp the Niners to feel better.
      If Coach Tomsula sits Devey and Pears, the Niners might have a chance.

      1. The pass to McDonald from Kaep was high, more of a line drive than an arcing pass, and its a good thing McDonald actually got up and got his hands to it because otherwise it was coming back the other way – it would have fallen right into a DBs hands.

        Should McDonald have caught it? Sure, he got both hands to it. But it wasn’t an easy catch to make at full tilt, leaping in the air. It wasn’t a good pass.

        1. Have you re watched that play Scooter. I haven’t but I’d like to. My initial impression was that it was nearly as bad a pass as some are saying it was. Vance seemed slow to look for the ball and to me it seemed well placed, slightly high but catchable. Like I said I saw several that Palmer threw high to Fitzgerald that he had to extend and jump for. Not even sure Vance left the ground to catch that one.

          1. I’ve rewatched it. It was thrown with a fair bit of velocity and over Vance’s head. He had to jump up quite high to try and catch it. It wasn’t an easy catch. For a WR like Fitzgerald, who still has amazing body control and excellent hands, it would have been a catch. For a guy like McDonald, it would have been a minor miracle if he held on.

            McDonald was not late to locate the ball. He did everything right bar catch it (which is of course no consolation!).

            1. Great thanks for the break down. Do you think Celek or Anderson could have caught it? Seems like Boldin has caught quite of few of those.

              1. I’d have given Celek more chance than McDonald, but it would have been a tough catch for him too. Haven’t seen enough of Anderson to know how he might have gone with it. But even Boldin probably would have struggled to hang on. It was arms fully extended for McDonald at highest point of a pretty high jump. Boldin might not have even reached it.

            2. Scooter,
              VMac would have muffed it even if the ball were handed to him.
              Let’s face it, Celek makes that catch. Another TE no longer on the team (which is a shame), Derek Carrier easily makes that catch.
              The ball was high and fast, but it clanked off VMac’ “hands” not hand which has sadly become common place around these parts.

              1. Maybe, but I doubt any of the 49ers TEs from this year’s roster (including those no longer on the roster) make that catch, other than maybe Carrier. And I only say Carrier because he has better body control and leaping ability, so could likely have made it an easier catch than McDonald did.

                Catching a pass, even with two hands, when your arms are fully extended and body is at its highest point of a leap, is difficult for anyone. You’ve got little give in your hands when fully extended to soften the catch. I’ve yet to see Celek make such a catch, so not sure why you think he would have caught it.

                A lot of receivers in that situation would have tried to catch it one handed as you have more control to soften the catch one handed when fully extended (e.g., Odell Beckham).

              2. Scooter, thanks for finding that play. Kaep did not throw a fastball. He arced it over the LBs and in front of the safeties. It hit Vance in the worst possible place, in both his hands. I thought he was paid to catch the ball.

              3. Seb, the pass had a little bit of arc to it, but it was a fair way downfield so it naturally has some arc. It was still thrown pretty flat for where the pass went. It should have been lofted in so it dropped into his basket, but the arc on the football prevented that – as you can see in the replay the ball was going to hit the DB standing about 5-10 yards behind McDonald right in the chest.

                If you believe that is an easy ball to catch you clearly haven’t tried catching a football like that. Body 90 degrees, fully elevated and arms fully outstretched. Doesn’t get much tougher. Doesn’t matter if he had two hands to it. In fact, as I said, many receivers would have gone one handed for that one as it likely would have made it easier to cushion the catch.

                For someone like McDonald who has bad hands he never really stood a chance.

            3. Scooter,

              I’m happy you clarified CK’s pass to VMcD. On the radio (no TV in LA), Robinson’s comments led me to infer it was more of a drop. I later heard / read (?) that it really wasn’t that good of a throw and was left wondering which perspective was more correct. Thanks.

      2. You know I saw Fitzgerald haul in several passes like that yesterday and wondered why in the world Vance can catch his.

        1. Yeah, lets face it, McDonald is no Fitzgerald. Expecting a 270lb TE to make acrobatic catches is asking a bit.

            1. Some, but outside of Gates, Gronkowski and Graham, most of those guys tend to be smaller than around 270lbs.

              1. Scooter,
                I watched to play and it looked as if VMac tried a snatch and protect catch.
                He knew that the defender was quickly converging and he tried a quick snatch type catch so that he would have enough time to bring the ball down to his body.

                I believe that Celek can make this catch because there was not a high degree of body adjustment except for jumping to high point the ball.
                And the fact that Carrier (no longer on the team, just an example) could have made this catch does not bode well for VMac since Carrier was a 3rd string TE.

                Yes, the ball could have been placed in the numbers but we’re talking about CK here and those type of passes as we know only come around like a solar eclipse.
                Certainly not a perfect pass, but far from uncatchable imo.

              2. I think you have high expectations. I very much disagree it wasn’t a high difficulty catch. The pass wasn’t uncatchable, but it would have taken a great catch.

              3. Scooter, I think AES has the best assessment. While not perfect, it was catchable.
                I will go to a football axiom; If it hits both his hands, the receiver should catch the ball. Robinson was right, Vance dropped the ball.

              4. Of course you do, Seb. Kaep can do no wrong. Its always other people’s fault. :-P

                I know the saying, but it really was a difficult catch. And it wasn’t a good throw. It was a similar throw to the one he made in the SB over Moss’ head for Reed to intercept, just a little closer to the mark. This one at least gave McDonald a chance to get up and get his hands to it to prevent the INT.

    4. Neither option will win in Seattle, but Gabbert played a lot better than Kap did in the previous couple of games so he should start, and he will.

      1. Wow what a bunch of pessimists!

        The Seattle Offense is about as bad as the Niner Offense. The NIner D could keep them under wraps.

        I think it really comes down to the game-plan if Gabbert is the QB. Simple one read, complex whatever, if he comes up with a way to attack the cover 3 and slow down the rush, they have a chance to win the game.
        Or is everyone rooting for a big fail so that the coaching staff gets fired, Jed eats egg in his face?

        FYI — I don’t think the Niners will beat the Cards, but this game looks winnable. If they show up, play hard, build on last week’s game, don’t give up. Just hang in there until the 4th quarter.

        They will move the ball a little bit and flip some field position, unlike last time.

        1. Not pessimists, realists. Who’s d is better, Cardinals or 9ers? Who’s offense is clearly better? Not even close. It will be closer but their OL is going to get after us all game.

        2. I agree, if the Niners utilize all their weapons, and play smart, they might win.
          About the Cards game, If Iupati is out still, his replacement may be targeted.
          Otherwise, its gunna be a tough game.

    5. Not a chance. Arizona played a pretty flawless game under tough circumstances. And had to hold on.
      Palmer was on the money all night. Could he repeat that again? Idk.
      It’s in Seattle and they are playing for their lives. They own SF, and we play scared up there.
      Seahawks blow us out!

        1. Cardinals offense was averaging almost seven yards per play before the Seahawks game. Arians offense is like a Ferrari and Tomsula’s is like a Jeep….

          1. Some would say Tomsula’s offense (or Chryst’s, depending on who you blame) is more like a train wreck.

            I don’t expect the 49ers to beat the Seahawks. But the Cards should have won that game far more comfortably than it ended up being.

            1. I don’t think the 49ers are as mentally or physically as tough as the Seahawks, and it could be a product of a kinder, gentler training camp….

              1. Maybe. I think the loss of a lot of veterans might have something to do with it too.

                But when you say they aren’t as tough, I often equate winning/ losing close games with toughness. So far this year 49ers have won 2 and lost 1 game that the final score was within 7 points. I think the bigger issue has been lack of skill (QB, OL, pass rush, LBs in coverage) and execution (bad plans, young players making young player mistakes), rather than toughness.

              2. Where’s the development? I haven’t seen any from Tomsula. From the quarterback position on down. He hasn’t even been able to figure out who he wants along the offensive line….

              3. There is zero toughness on the Oline. The only development we’ve seen has been in the secondary. There has been a lot of talk about how bad Baalke’s draft picks have been, but some of that may also be on the Coaching staffs inability to Coach them up. In hiring Tomsula and then ultimately Mangini and Chryst, Baalke may have inadvertently ruined his own picks.

              4. They say a good team takes on the personality of their coach. Seahawks lost a little swaag on defense thanks to the departure of Quinn. I see no swaag from the 49ers….

              5. One thing that’s missing from Baalke’s type of draft picks is that high intensity, big play capability. A ferocity, meanness type guys. Guys willing to inflict a big hit or turn on the jets and take it home.
                I’m totally exaggerating but to me, they seem to be all good, safe type of guys.

              6. Sure, player development hasn’t been as desired, especially on offense. But that’s not toughness.

                Rocket, why do you say the OL isn’t tough? Is it because they suck? What makes a “tough” OL?

              7. Toughness and physicality are developed through attrition in training camp. Tone setting mentality is lacking….

              8. From a mental aspect, intestinal fortitude and imposing your will on the opponent. Physically, wearing down the opponent through strength, endurance and technique….

              9. Scooter,

                Rocket, why do you say the OL isn’t tough? Is it because they suck? What makes a “tough” OL?

                Pretty simple actually, it’s about beating the man in front of you from start to finish. The running game sets the tone for being physical on the Oline and this group is soft. From C to RT we have 3 guys who get beat in the running game and in pass blocking, and yes they suck, but it’s also a mindset when it comes to running the ball and they don’t have any of it. Even Boone and Staley have struggled in that regard this season.

              10. Physically yes I do, although I believe the mental distractions were an added weight. Clearly, they were physically breaking down, but that’s where the “reload” through “teaching” and development should have transpired in this years training camp….

              11. Razor and rocket, I think the performance last season and this season of the OL has been quite bad. So when people say Harbaugh set a “tough” tone but Tomsula doesn’t, and that is the difference, it doesn’t really mesh with what happened last year.

                What happened last year is there were injuries, and the guys that stepped in weren’t as good. This year they’ve lost even more players and the replacements are terrible. The OL sucks because the players aren’t good.

                You can attribute that to “toughness” if you like. But to me it is fundamentally a player talent issue. If they had Staley, Iupati, Kilgore, Boone and Davis as the OL, even with Tomsula at coach I’m betting the OL looks a lot better, and a lot “tougher”.

                Saying even Staley and Boone have struggled, well, Staley is still grading out very highly and Boone also struggled last year. So what has changed?

              12. It’s up to Trentsula to assemble the staff, players and scheme to establish their “run the ball” (toughness) mentality through training camp….

                Rookie 20 year old Center last year looks to have regressed this year. Thomas has been developing a sore bum from sitting on the bench. Whatever they really liked in Pears hasn’t come to fruition. Last years offensive line wore down through physicality, but the “reload” never came….

              13. Scooter,

                Even with the injuries on the Oline last year, the Niners didn’t fall out of the top 5 in rushing. This year they are currently 20th. As I said it is a mindset that Harbaugh instilled in this offense that never wavered including last season. This year whether it’s scheme, personnel, Coaching or all of the above, it’s clearly not a unit that is tough to play against in the running game.

              14. “Rookie 20 year old Center last year looks to have regressed this year.”

                Not really. He was terrible last year, terrible this year.

                You can say what you like about the recruiting and coaching not being good enough, and I’ll agree with you. I just don’t agree on the toughness point of view – or more accurately I am undecided.

                Rocket, they finished in the top 5, but they had Gore and Hyde healthy most of the year, and had Iupati at LG. I imagine our running game would look better with Gore and Hyde healthy and Iupati at LG this year too. And sure, they were no doubt tougher (or harder) to play last year than this year. They had better players.

                My idea of toughness clearly differs from you two. To me toughness is being able to take a hit and keep going. Its about being able to come up with the play in key moments. Its mental and physical fortitude to keep going even when things are hard. It differs from physical strength, skill or technique.

                The best ways to see how tough a player or team is comes when the game is on the line, who is it that wins through? Or when the game or season is lost, who keeps trying? We’ll know more about how tough this team is over the next 7 games. If they fold with the season over we know they are a fair weather team. If they keep pushing even though the season is over (or all but over), that is a sign of a tough team. At least it is to me.

              15. Nice use of an old football axiom. Another axiom is rubbish in, rubbish out. If Martin is rubbish, is that Tomsula’s fault?

                You can be upset/ annoyed with the recruiting and calibre of the coaching all you like. I won’t argue, at least not strongly. Plenty of reason to be disappointed in both.

                I’m just not buying the idea the team isn’t performing due to a lack of toughness, and that Tomsula is responsible for that lack of toughness. Not yet, anyway.

              16. Scooter,

                Iupati would help but the Oline was in a state of flux last season too with the injuries to both Martin and Kilgore at different times and Martin playing RT. I think being tough can have a number of different meanings but when it comes to the Oline play, to me at least, it means domination in the running game first and foremost.

              17. On the Oline being good is a by product of being tough imo. There have been a lot of Olinemen who lacked physical skill but were difficult to play against due to their mental toughness. We are splitting hairs here I guess and it comes down to what your definition of the word is in football terms. I grew up playing and then Coaching with the mindset that you won by being tough in the trenches and winning the LOS. That is what my definition of football toughness is.

      1. Hammer,
        I want to drink what you’re having!
        If we had an above average OL and Hyde running at full speed perhaps I jump on the Blaine Train. No knock on Gabby, but he would have to do monumental carrying the team on his back to reach that record with our current lineup.
        5-11 is my number.

      2. Jack,

        I’m jogging along side of the bandwagon. If the 49ers somehow beat the Seahawks and Cardinals, I’ll jump on. Save me a seat.

    1. I’m not completely sold on Goff, but then again, I wanted Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers so what do I know :- /

    2. I’d rather trade up to get Nkemdiche or draft Treadwell in that scenario.

        1. Big no on Shaq Lawson from me.

          Is it just me, or is this draft looking pretty threadbare on top end talent? For example, Nkemdiche is widely regarded as a top 5 pick and top DT in the draft. But he’s no Aaron Donald or Suh. Looks like a good player to me, but not really dominant. And I feel the same way about a lot of the “top” guys.

            1. Atm I have Jaylon Smith right up there as well. But I’m not 100% sold on any of them. Bosa as well, though I think he’s more a Justin Smith type player than an explosive edge rusher.

              Ramsey I like but not necessarily at CB. I think he’d be an excellent safety.

              1. Yeah, I think I’d prefer Smith to Nkemdiche, for example. He looks a great fit at ILB for a 3-4, and a real impact player.

              2. Oh Jesus if the 49ers draft an ILB in the top 10 Grant will become insufferable. He still has a problem with Kuechly being drafted at #9.

            2. Treadwell is a player that I think you have to draft if he falls to where you’re drafting no matter if you have needs elsewhere.

              1. Disagree. To me he’s another of the really good but not truly dominant players in this draft. I’d say Amari Cooper was a better prospect last year, and Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans and Odell Beckham were better prospects in 2014.

              2. I like Sophomore Jordan Villamin, but I don’t know if he’ll come out. Thomas looks pretty good to me….

              3. I’ll give you Cooper and Beckham, but not Evans. Treadwell would be the perfect type of WR to have opposite of Smith.

            1. Yeah, I’m starting to think that is the way to go, even though I’m not the biggest fan of either Goff or Lynch (I like them both, but not as top 10 picks).

              1. I’m finding it very difficult to trust this staff with a first round quarterback. No way, no how….

              2. I agree. It’d be an Alex Smith situation all over again where the front office would draft a first round QB without the coaching staff needed to teach and develop him.

            2. What do you think the threshold is on that thought Rocket. At what point in the standings does the team become QB centered?

              1. CFC,

                If they finish with a top 5 pick I think they go QB. Below that, the QB’s will likely be gone and the direction goes elsewhere. Getting a QB will be priority one, and I can’t see them bypassing a QB like Lynch or Goff for any of the players currently ranked in the top ten. Some good players for sure but not elite blue chip players, and some of the best options are at CB and S which should not be on the teams radar.

              2. It was my own ranking and not a prediction of what the team might do. With that said I have to wait and see how bad the QB(s) are for the remainder of the season. If either plays OK then I will have a hard time convincing myself that Baalke will take a QB in the first round. If they’re forced to reinsert Kaepernick and he also continues to struggle mightily then I’ll be feeling the round one QB vibe a little more.

              3. The first part of that response was in part of what I mention below and not directly to what you said. The mind strayed a bit there.

              4. CFC,

                Makes sense, I think I’ve just jumped to the end where we have one QB who has fallen apart mentally and another who is not good enough to build around on the heels of a 5 win season. If by some miraculous stroke of luck Gabbert has a light come on and starts playing like the top ten pick he was, or Kap gets his mind right and comes back with a vengeance, then all bets are off, but do you see any way either scenario actually transpires?

              5. If by some miraculous stroke of luck Gabbert has a light come on and starts playing like the top ten pick he was, or Kap gets his mind right and comes back with a vengeance, then all bets are off, but do you see any way either scenario actually transpires?
                Yes, I’m not jumping on Jack’s Gabbert bandwagon but I do believe that this team can win 3 or 4 more games with a game manager for a QB and I think both Gabbert and Kaepernick are capable of being that player. At 6-10 or 7-9 I’m not yet convinced that Baalke goes QB.

            3. If we are picking in the top 5 my first two choices would be Tunsil or trade down. If we’re picking in the 5-10 range then I’d consider Tunsil, Elliott, Hargreaves or a trade down. Elliott is likely the only one of that group to be available after #5 so that’s probably an easy choice. If we’re picking after #10 be it by trading down or natural draft spot then the choices really start to open up.

              1. I agree with Scooter – there are no clear-cut dominant players in the top 10 coming in the draft.

                As I said earlier, I’m not completely sold on Goff. And even if we pick a QB with our first pick who is going to protect him given our OL woes.
                It’s tantamount to buying a million dollar race horse and putting up a weak and rickety fence to keep him in.

                The last time our offense was good is when we drafted Iupati and Anthony Davis to shore our OL.
                I would love to trade out of the top ten and perhaps garner two late first rd picks and go for two OL studs.

                This team is not going to get good over night with a high QB pick. But with a stout OL being established by the end of 2016 we could look at our future QB in the 2017 draft.

              2. I think they should target the 10 best players and select out of that pool. Tunsil Stanley are obvious needs. Nkemdiche, Bosa Ramsey or Smith would all be nice choices. Buckner might be a good fit.
                However, the locked down choice would be Myles jack and his bum knee special. Baalke could not resist.

              3. I agree with Scooter – there are no clear-cut dominant players in the top 10 coming in the draft.
                I’m just curious, has anyone said that there are?

          1. Looks like a good player to me, but not really dominant.

            He had to have three guys block him during one of his games Scooter. How is that not him being dominant?

            1. So did Glenn Dorsey at LSU. So did Kawann Short at Purdue. Nkemdiche is producing along the same lines as Dorsey, but less than Short. Short produced more sacks and TFL in college than Nkemdiche on a more regular basis. Is Nkemdiche another Dorsey, or Short?

              1. Strong, low base. Hard to move, and can push OL back. I like him. But I think he’s best off as a 1-tech or 0-tech. Pass rush is limited.

              2. He could be a monster NT for New England or Pittsburg. I like the idea of reuniting Buckner with Armstead if Tank is moving on….

              3. I don’t recall Short or Dorsey taking on three guys at once Scooter. You’re also putting an emphasis on sacks which is never a good idea in regards to a DT. It’s whether they can being the pressure, knock guys out of the way so another defender can get to the QB or RB, and be the anchor of the DL.

              4. I like the idea of drafting Buckner Razor, but I think this team will agree with us.

              5. “I don’t recall Short or Dorsey taking on three guys at once Scooter.”

                Then you are recalling incorrectly. Both dealt with double and triple teams.

                “You’re also putting an emphasis on sacks which is never a good idea in regards to a DT. It’s whether they can being the pressure, knock guys out of the way so another defender can get to the QB or RB, and be the anchor of the DL.”

                I’m looking at TFL and sacks. You are right, it is an imperfect measure. But there isn’t much other hard data to go on.

                I recall watching film on Dorsey and thinking to myself this guy is good, but he’s not as disruptive as he’s made out to be. Probably why I mis-remembered his TFL and sack totals. Nkemdiche gives me a similar vibe. Good player, gets some penetration, but not as disruptive as you expect a dominant DT to be.

                Short on the other hand was a constant presence in the backfield. Highly disruptive player. Same with Aaron Donald. Same with Dominique Easley. Same with Suh and Watt. Nkemdiche isn’t in that class.

              6. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how he’s not a disruptive player if he has had to be triple-teamed. I’ll give you the stats argument, but that by far is a bad argument when it comes to what Nkemdiche can bring to the table.

              7. I didn’t say he isn’t disruptive. He is. Just not as much as the guys that have gone onto to become the more dominant interior rushers in the NFL. Good player. Not great.

            2. Actually, my memory hasn’t served me well regarding Dorsey. Dorsey produced much better stats in college than Nkemdiche despite being double and triple teamed often.

              Nkemdiche is a good player. The best DL on his team. He gets treated as such. But guys that are truly dominant players find ways to impact the game anyway. Nkemdiche does not produce many TFL and sacks compared to other highly touted DTs in the past decade or so.

              1. Still doesn’t. 

                That’s kind of my point Scooter. Stats don’t always tell the whole story when it comes to what a player can bring to a defense. Look no further than Justin Smith.

              2. Justin Smith put up stats. Sacks, TFL, pressures.

                Lotulelei… not so much.

                Nkemdiche does generate pressure. I like him. He’s a talented and good player. But he’s not as good a prospect, at least as a pass rusher, as guys like Suh, Watt, Short, Donald or Easley were.

              3. The main reason I like him is because he also appears to have the speed to become a capable run defender as well, which would come in handy against backs like Peterson and Gurley. I don’t want just a pass rusher at DT.
                Also Cowboy didn’t put up the type of stats that most want out of a DE, but he was a massive factor in other ways.

              4. Justin Smith put up excellent stats for a 3-4 DE/ 3-tech DT, which he played for the 49ers.

                If the 49ers take Nkemdiche I’ll be happy. I agree he’s good against the run and pass. But I don’t think he’s as great a talent as is made out. As I said, I find the “top end” talent in this draft a little underwhelming atm.

              5. I’m not arguing that Cowboy didn’t put up good stats Scooter, but they weren’t the type of stats most want out of a pass rusher, especially one drafted as high as he was.

                As I said, I find the “top end” talent in this draft a little underwhelming atm.

                To be honest, I think free agency and the draft for the 2016 off-season ARE underwhelming.

              6. Until we see who re-signs and who is tagged it is hard to know how strong FA will look. As it currently stands there are a few top line players that could become available, but some of those headline players are likely to be off the market by the time FA begins.

    3. They need a QB so taking Goff there would be a strong possibility, although I don’t see him being taken that low. Problem is there is no one to develop him on the Niners currently.

      I think Goff will be the best QB in the draft. He is by far the best pocket QB I’ve seen this season.

      1. Goff needs to stay at Cal for one more year and further develop his craft. He hasn’t looked too good against tough defenses.

        1. Mid,

          I strongly disagree. Goff has started since he was a freshman and has little left to gain by coming back for another year. He had one bad game against Utah, but other than that has been very good this year. One thing to keep in mind is Cal doesn’t stack up talent wise with most of the teams they play so Goff is forced to play a high risk game to give them a chance. He plays behind a terrible Oline and the defense is so bad they are almost always playing from behind against good teams. I don’t know what he’ll do, but he is clearly ready to move on.

          1. Don’t get mad at me cause I’m just teasing but I’m going to have to order you a new “bad offensive line” button cause you’ve worn the letters off of yours.

            1. Completely different topic Mid. We were talking about his readiness for the NFL; not how well he would play behind our Oline. My guess is he would fair as well as what we have or better because he’s used to it with what he’s had to deal with in College, but I have little hope he would be developed properly with the Coaching staff we currently have.

  6. I saw a commercial where the Great Jerry Rice is wearing Dallas Cowboys attire how sad is that? What do you think???

    1. We’ve gone undefeated since he put it on. If that’s what it takes I’ll buy Jerry a new Cowboys jersey every season.

      1. It sure was satisfying to watch Frank Clark miss his tackle so it sprung the RB for the game winning TD. Seahawks draft FC, and they are 4-5, after getting to the SB last year. Women beaters are scum, and the Seahawks deserve to lose because they tolerate them.

  7. Gabbert is a full two years younger than Kaepernick. How come we never hear “Young Blain Gabbert?”

    1. Inspector Gabbert, go, go Gabbert arm! Go, go Gabbert legs, and go, go Gabbert head on a swivel….

    2. Does quarterback Blaine Gabbert stand a chance against the Seattle Seahawks? – Only if Hyde an play 100%. I don’t see Gabbert sucessfully moving the chains with dink and dunk passes because Seattle’s closing speed is too good. Pounding the rock with occasional gouge passes might be a way to win.

      One exception is Ellington. Quick hitters. Little dribble out routes.

      Can the 49ers Stop RB Marshawn Lynch? – Yes. I don’t know if they will. They certainly won’t if the 49er offense can’t sustain a few drives.

      Will WR Bruce Ellington Be an X-Factor? – He better be. It would be nice to lay a double-dose of the Ellington family on Seattle. Ellington’s issue’s been health.

      Will C Daniel Kilgore Return to the Starting Lineup? I don’t think he’ll lay this game.
      Do veterans that spend a year on IR fail to “accrue” a season the way NFI rookies do? If so I don’t expect to see Kilgore (or Smelter) this season. Why waste an added RFA season?

      Will Head Coach Jim Tomsula Make Up His Mind About the Offensive Line? – Tomsula already knows it sucks. I think he’ll continue to tinker because he needs to asses which players to keep, and which get cut… so they are clear what they need before the 2016 draft and free agency.

      Will the 49ers Be Ready to Play? – Yes, but if Hyde isn’t 100% the Niners will get their hides whipped. Ready or not.

        1. Razor,
          As we saw with Crabtree, foot injuries for a player that has to consistently plant to push-off is not a formula for success.
          Hyde may have backed himself into a corner with this type of injury – he could very well have a hit-n-miss type career if this injury persist.

          We should draft another RB on the 2nd day of the draft. I like Mike Davis but he’s only a change of pace RB. We need another workhorse.

        2. Hyde should not play until his foot heals fully. Gaskins is big, but slow. The Seahawks are too fast for him.
          They should demote Gaskins and elevate Hayne, then throw quick outlet passes to him so he catches the ball with space to move, and hopefully make the first tackler miss.
          Niners should do what the Cards did and attack the edges, like that draw that went down the side line for the game winning TD.

  8. Publish lowell’s stuff too….the Cohn family has good content during the season

  9. Gabber’s play has a certain Smithian quality to it. BTW, who was the last 49ers QB to win in Seattle?

        1. Oregon,
          Everything I said is true. I don’t consider Smithian qualities a positive attribute in a QB. Looking back at how talented the roster was during Harbaugh’s first couple of seasons, I think quite a few QB’s would have been successful in SF. Franchise QB’s need to make the players around them better. That’s not something Smith, Kaepernick or Gabbert do. I hope Gabbert does well but I’ve seen enough of his career to doubt that ever happening. I expect reality to rear its head over the next couple of weeks and turn this blog into Draft Central soon afterwards.

    1. The same QB that completed 14 passes that day with no TD’s. Who was Seattle’s QB, Tavaris Jackson.

        1. In both of those 2011 games Jackson put up similar numbers to what Russell Wilson has against the 49ers.

          Neither of these teams are what they used to be. They’re only 1 game apart for Pete’s sake.

              1. Wilson is much more agile and physically tougher. Did Jackson take more sacks in the same amount of snaps?

            1. “Seattle became a much better team both offensively and defensively in 2012.”

              And Smith still beat them

              1. Yeah he beat them the same way Kap did a year later: by relying on the defense and running game.

              2. True, plus being efficient and not turning the ball over.

                Don’t get so stuck on the name of the QB. I’m more referring to the style of play.

                As bad as last year was in the second half they still played Seattle tough up there and even had the lead at halftime.

              3. Yeah you’re right the second game was hard fought up there and that style is a reason why. Problem is I think they need more than that to win.

    2. Smith’s 3 games against Seattle under Harbaugh were all low production and reliance on defense. He did however have one big play to Crabtree in Seattle that helped win that game. The biggest difference was Seattle didn’t have a QB at that time.

      As far as style of play goes, Gabbert and Smith were both products of spread offenses, but Smith was used as a runner much more than Gabbert. Both also struggled making the transition to the pro game. Not sure there is much to compare beyond that.

            1. Oh, yes I would be surprised by that. In the 19-17 snooze fest that denotes our last win in the Pacific North West we had a better run game and defense. Although our defense isn’t horrible it’s not as good as that one was and neither is our run game. I don’t think the loss is hinged on whether it’s Gabbert or Kaepernick but whether the offensive line can make holes for the run game and whether the defense can put pressure on Wilson. Neither seem likely so neither does a victory.

            2. I think it’s going to a close game. the Seattle Offense is struggling. If Gabbert manages the game and actually makes a few plays, that’s the difference.
              You can tell that the players were frustrated by the QB play. It’s one thing to have to go against another team with a good defense, but that to be so hand tied by the QB’s play has to be demoralizing,

              Even if Gabbert struggles, the expectations are so low. It’s only his 2nd game. Kaep wasn’t getting the job done against Seattle anyway.

              1. Fansince77 I expect the same tenacious type of criticism for Gabbert as you did Colin Kaepernick if he plays poorly. I also would expect great praise if Gabbert plays well. Otherwise you might just get labelled a hater on here. Just sayin…..

              2. I was pretty tough on Alex Smith after the NFCCG against the Giants.
                I’ll give Gabbert a few games to see what he does.

              3. I love how people like to judge what Gabbert did as a rookie on a really bad team.

                The book is still out on him, for crying out loud. You want jittery Kaep back there?

                I do expect Gabber to make a difference on the offense, which will carry over into the defense and special teams.

                Keep’s big problem was in inconsistency and failure to develop.

                If Gabbert doesn’t freak out, play within the system, game manage, then the Niners can keep the game close.

                It really doesn’t matter if he has a few TO because Lord knows Kaep had a bunch. He just needs to be competent back there.

                Like — Alex Smith. Last Niner QB to beat Seattle in Seattle!

              4. “I love how people like to judge what Gabbert did as a rookie on a really bad team.”

                People love how you ignore what Kaep did on a good team. It wasn’t just as a rookie, Gabbert had a 5-22 record with Jacksonville over three seasons.

                “Even if Gabbert struggles, the expectations are so low.”

                Why are your expectations so low for Gabbert but so high for Kaepernick? Kaepernick can do no right in your book but you’ll trot out preemptive excuses for Gabbert? Who was the first round QB bust with a 5-22 record?

                – Makes excuse for Gabbert’s THREE horrible years in Jacksonville.

                – Claims expectations are so low that he doesn’t care if Gabbert struggles.

                You can’t have it both ways. Gabbert was a high first round franchise QB failure who has had ample developmental time during his second chance and now he needs to capitalize on it. The next couple of weeks will show how far he has progressed. Stop making excuses and stop trying to plant seeds of manipulation in people’s minds.

              5. It’s really simple. Kaep is being to be a franchise QB. He can’t be one of the worst QBs in the league at that price. That would be the first thing.

                Gabbert was awful in his first year, there’s no denying or sugar-coating it. He also was hurt a couple of years. Not all First round QBs pan out, like DeMarcus Russell.

                Since the pre-season he’s looked good. He’s put the work in and looks better. The expectations are low now because he’s really only played one game. The promise is there, because KAEP SUCKS SO BAD. All i want from Gabbert is to do better then that loser.

                Let’s not even bring up KAEP from 2012. That only happened once, like the one time with what’s her name in High School. It’s not going to happen again, unless he goes play for Chip Kelly.

              6. Fan,
                Kaep isn’t a loser. It’s pathetic that you would say that and it just highlights your overwhelming hatred for him. Gabbert has a 6-22 career record. That is the definition of loser in the sports world. You can spin it however you like, but you have issues with Kaep that go far beyond football. I don’t have a problem with Gabbert but the expectations should be the same for him. He was a first round pick.

                Don’t worry about Kaep’s salary, it doesn’t affect you. You aren’t writing the checks. “The promise is there because Kaep sucks so bad.” No, the two things have nothing to do with one another. Gabbert has had a horrible career. Kaep has had a horrible season. Gabbert has made $2,666,666 per victory during his career. At that pace, he will have made $72 million dollars by the time he reaches Kaep’s win total.

                “Let’s not even bring up KAEP from 2012. That only happened once, like the one time with what’s her name in High School. It’s not going to happen again, unless he goes play for Chip Kelly.”

                – SB and NFCCG during his first two seasons playing. It wasn’t just 2012.

                – If it only happened once for you with what’s her name from High School, that would explain the frustration. Nobody likes to look back at their life and realize that their peak was during High School.

                – I like how you claim he will never play like that again and then immediately contradict yourself in the same sentence. Lol, it never gets old. It’s just more seed planting in case Kaep goes somewhere else and does well.

              7. BigP,

                No matter how hard he tries to deny it, he always comes back to personal insults of Kap because deep down he just doesn’t like him. He want’s credit for being right about Kap when all he’s done is hate on the guy for the past 3 years. If he had ever given Kap credit for playing well during the time he was winning, it might be a different story, but it’s been non stop derision from day one.

              8. Big P I think Colin Kaepernick is a “loser” because he never did the necessary things to get better at his craft. Yes he went to AZ and worked on his mechanics then publicly stated he doesn’t think they are important. To me that’s a “loser” statement.
                Now I don’t believe he really is a loser. I just don’t think he did not do what winners do to get better. He never became a student of the game. He was more focused on the physical component of football rather than the technical. At the NFL level, everyone is a good athlete. But not everyone is an intelligent athlete. That’s why he is the back up now.

              9. And what happened in both the SB and NFCCG???

                Failure dude! When it was all put on him to do the one thing that QBs are supposed to do — make a pass to win the game, he didn’t get it done.

                Need I say more? Yeah, he’s so bad that some QB with a 5-22 record replaced him.

                I said he can go play with Chip Kelly. I didn’t say he would be a winner there.


              10. Gabber is going to be fine. Judge him off what you’ve seen from him as a 49er, not as a Jaguar. He’s 2 years younger, a lot less expensive, and has more athleticism than folks want to give him credit for.

                I’ll hold him to the same standard I’ve held Smith and Kaepernick to when critiquing his play. His 1 start so far was better than what we’d seen the previous few weeks.

              11. It’ll be curious to see how he performs when he isn’t going up against the Washington Sentinels.

              12. Rocket,

                I told you what I felt lacking in Kaep’s game. I ignored his stats and said these are his issues as QB. You disagreed. If you look back, you will see I’ve said the same thing over and over. Prime did too. I told you repeatedly the issues that I felt would prevent him from winning. I wasn’t the only one. You chose to argue the opposite. You insulted me, called me stupid — blah blah blah.

                It would be one thing to say I got lucky, but it is all the shortcomings that I didn’t overlook — that’s what he’s a back-up now.

                Your only counter-arguement is to insult me, accuse me of being a hater, because the facts won’t support your argument. I didn’t overlook the things he’s done, because he hasn’t done anything. Alot of QBs get close and don’t pull it off, and then history remembers them for their short-comings.

                Remember Steve McNair? One inch line. But at least he made a pass. Look at RW. Won the SB one year, threw the losing pick the next.

                And you somehow want to award Kaep for almost winning the SB? and giving the game to Seattle with all those TO’s in the 4th quarter? How come you never bring up those stats? Oh yeah, they don’t support your argument. As a stats person, I wouldn’t call you a loser, but I wouldn’t cal you a winner. But maybe in your case you can feel happy because almost is good enough for you!

              13. Rocket,
                I know. I just like to back him into a corner and make him choke on his own words. When someone calls somebody a loser, it’s pathetic unless that person did something to warrant it. The guy is so confident in Gabbert that he is making preemptive excuses for the guy because he is worried that he will crap the bed. I want Gabbert to do well and I have no animosity towards him at all, but every excuse made for him is an Alexcuse. I’ve heard it before, from the same people. These guys would have a problem with Kaep even if he had won a SB, unlike Alex Smith, who was given credit for a SB victory during his only career playoff victory over the Saints.

              14. Have you ever heard me call Alex Smith a loser? I have never said that or anything even remotely close to that. I like Alex Smith a lot as a person. I’ve met him and he was extremely courteous to both me and my son. My friend Mike saw Kaepernick at a grocery store in Sunnyvale and asked if he and his son Caden could take a picture with him. Kaepernick eagerly obliged, talked with them for a couple of minutes and autographed a couple of stock photos. Smith is very generous with his charitable contributions and is a very good person. Kaepernick is very generous with his charitable contributions and a good person as well. I wrote a lengthy post thanking Smith for his service as a 49er upon his trade to K.C. because I respect him. The same things can be said about Kaep if you don’t have an agenda against him. Neither are very good QB’s. Both of them can be successful if surrounded by a talented team. Both of them have proven that they are incapable of carrying a team. Both of them are overpaid relative to their production, yet they are middle of the pack in terms of salaries. Kaep has a 4-2 playoff record. Smith has a 1-2 playoff record. Smith is in the ideal system for his skill set, but it hasn’t translated into success. He is who he is as a QB. I think Kaep will catch a second wind in a year or two, but it won’t be here. I’m not saying he will ever be a great QB, I don’t think he will, but like Smith I think he can be an adequate QB for a team. His play has mirrored the decline of the roster and staff much like Smith’s level of play improved with a talented roster and Harbaugh. Fans were screaming for David Carr to replace Smith at one point, does that make him a loser?

              15. Fan, if you parse the semantics, there is only 1 winner, and 31 losers.
                Please do not paint all Kaep admirers with the- Alex is a loser- brush.All I have ever said is that AS will never win it all. He might have a career like Marino, Kelly or Tarkenton, who never won it all.
                I know you dislike Kaep, but your main criticism may not be that he is a loser, but that he is not a good leader. Other than accuracy, many of your slams pertain to his leadership skills.
                I still want Kaep to succeed, and I still think he could lead the Niners to wins, but we will will just have to agree to disagree.

              16. Seb,

                Fair enough. I have said many times that while I may not approve of Kaep’s play, I never rooted for him to fail.

                If he gets a chance to start on another team, no matter where it is, I hope he does well.

              17. My biggest fear is that Kaep moves on, and haunts the Niners for years like Haley did. Maybe if he is coached properly, he will shine.
                I just hope they allow him to roll out as much as they allowed Gabbert last game.

      1. Yup !

        Just more and BETTER game management….He just out-managed Denver on Sunday….just keep kicking those deck chairs…sooner or later you’ll admit that you were wrong…

      2. ‘couldn’t just answer Jack’s question could you ? Couldn’t even utter his name…nice that he did help win that game….

      3. True. While Smith didn’t put up big numbers in those 3 games, he was efficient and only turned the ball over once.

          1. It just never ceases to amaze me that Alex Smith is still talked about so much on here. He’s been gone for 3 years, and really didn’t achieve much here to begin with, and yet his name comes up daily. I understand the references back to the days of Montana and Young, even John Brodie for that matter, but Alex Smith? I like Alex and supported him but holy sh*t has there even been a more revered QB who has done less?

            1. Nah. I only bring him up because his game was the style needed against Seattle. Efficient and eliminate mistakes/turnovers.

              1. Mistake free football is always in style no matter the opponent, and efficiency doesn’t need to come with limitations….

              2. I don’t think he was that efficient, but I agree that the lack of TO’s is big. In the games the Seahawks have lost this year it’s taken more than that to beat them from the opposing QB as well.

              3. Jack, the Niners could have mistake free football without AS. AS does not have a monopoly on that factor.
                AS does have a throwing problem, too. He never threw the ball farther than 20 yards. Took him over a year to throw a TD to his WRs.
                Smithian? Is that like being drafted number one and failing for years?

      4. Both also struggled making the transition to the pro game. 

        That comparison is invalid since Smith has a constant turnstile at OC for all but his last 1 1/2 years with the team.

        1. Mid,

          Alex Smith had one of the worst rookie seasons in NFL history. He had a hard time transitioning to the pro game from taking snaps under center to the size of the ball.

          1. He also had a turnstile at the OC which probably played a role in that Rocket. He also didn’t have any receiving threats around him and played behind one of the worst OL during his rookie year.

            1. His first year was with Mike McCarthy Mid, and no matter what he had around him 1TD to 11 Ints is awful. He had to learn to take a snap under center and play from the pocket much like Kap did. Gabbert had more experience in the pocket but was a one read and throw guy who struggled when that didn’t work at the pro level. They all had a difficult transition to the pro game because their College system – especially Kaps – didn’t translate to the pro game.

              1. His first year was with Mike McCarthy Mid, and no matter what he had around him 1TD to 11 Ints is awful.

                That same Mike McCarthy agreed with Mike Nolan that Smith was the better QB coming out of the draft, and Smith was lucky to get a TD out of one of the worse offenses in 49ers history.

                I think we’re discussing two different viewpoints here Rocket. Are you referring to both Gabbert and Smiths’ rookie seasons or the early part of their career in general?

              2. Mid,

                We are talking about the comparisons between Smith and Gabbert and there really weren’t many other than they had difficulty transitioning to the pro game. You said above that it was invalid and I disagreed because the OC was not an issue his first year. His lack of being ready for the pro game was his biggest problem.

                You and CFC are both right in regards to the lack of talent around him, but a 1-11 ratio goes beyond the talent around him. It speaks to a College QB who was nowhere near ready for the pro game. Gabbert had a similar start to his career, but he was a different style of QB than Smith was in that he was more of a pocket passer.

              3. But again Rocket, are we just talking about their rookie seasons or the early part of their careers in general? I would agree with you here if we’re talking about only their rookie seasons.

              4. Thank you. The reason I ask that is because of both their respective situations at that time and also that Smith’s draft profile said that he needed a couple of years to develop.

          2. McCarthy’s departure was seen as a good thing at the time, his offense was heavily criticized. Ha, some things never change around here.

            Smith had nobody to learn the position from. He was surrounded by names like Dorsey, Rattay, and Pickett. Which one of those guys was going to act as a mentor? Nolan in terms of a head coach was only a step or two above Singletary, neither were cut out for the job. The two best receivers on the team were Arnaz Battle and Brandon Lloyd. Jonas Jennings and Kwame Harris were our starting tackles. I mean it reads like a 49ers horror story.

            Yes he had one of the worst rookie campaigns ever but he was also surrounded by garbage. Frank Gore was one of the few exceptions.

              1. Hold on now :) I was just addressing the comments regarding Smith’s first season. I haven’t really read your guys’s convo so I really wasn’t talking to any of those points.

              2. I was just addressing the comments regarding Smith’s first season.

                And I was agreeing with you on that.

              3. That was the old Smither in me coming out. Felt good to dust off some of the old Alexcuses.

      1. Technically the Giants were the team’s kryptonite well before Smith even started playing football.

        1. Mid,
          Actually, pre-Alex almost every team was our kryptonite. There’s a reason why we had the number 1 overall draft pick when we chose Alex.

  10. John Roberts

    November 17, 2015 at 5:02 am

    What language does Tomsula speak? It isn’t English.



  11. In response to: Jed York loves David Lee, Trent Dilfer and Jim Tomsula.

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 13h13 hours ago

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Ben Godfrey
    That’s actually the plan for the 49ers’ 2016 front office right there.

  12. I’ve been writing about this possible trade, months before this guy. Carmen Policy or Bill Walsh would have made this work for multiple draft picks, stocking the 49ers for the future like the historic 1986 draft did.


    Colin Kaepernick obviously has talent. He has been to a Super Bowl and periodically shows signs of promise. He is well worth signing in the $4-7 million range, especially for a quarterback needy team. The Philadelphia Eagles, in particular, may be a good fit with Chip Kelly at the helm running his trademark fast-paced offense.

    1. Of course, this current 49er regime is historic for running the Jim Tomsula’s out during a press conference to glance in the direction of the 49er PR Dept. before answering each question.

      The rest of the time it’s crickets…Fans have the feeling upper management is not pro active–that they’re simply rearranging deck chairs aboard the Titanic.

    2. Tom no is going to give the 49ers more than a 6th rd pick for CK. He will more than likely be released at the end of the year and then clear waivers where a team can sign him for a whole lot less money. Neither Walsh nor policy could have pulled off the kind of trade you are talking about. Come on man.

      1. Old Coach,

        You are obviously not a coach or you would know whereof I speak…Pay attention to history coach, as Harbaugh (the Quarterback Whisperer) just coached up Alec Smith for the Niner’s and acquired draft picks for him. You may remember (but probably not because you’ve entitled yourself “old”) NFL teams were not interested in Smith prior to H’s arrival. Another example of a WCO coach improving the value of a quarterback, who on this very site was labeled as an inferior talent, was kirk Cousins (RG III’s replacement), and improved by Jay Gruden. Gruden was the coach I suggested the 49ers hire during the Tomlsula hiring farce…Moving forward, folks thought Steve Young was washed up, until Bill Walsh acquired him for a 4th round pick from Tampa…Do you see where this is going coach???…Walsh coached up Young, having him learn behind Montana. In short, and as I have repeated ad infinitum here, hire Mike Holmgren and Mike Shannahan as consultants/GM to the owner, coach up Kap, trade him for value picks…There’s still plenty of time to increase Kap’s QBR, however, not by the current staff. Expecting this from novices without a track record in this area is like asking them to design pass patterns to get Torey Smith the football.

        1. Tom unlike you who states he has worked within the “industry” but when questioned never reveals his resume I’m very comfortable sharing my coaching resume. I coached varsity high school basketball for 25 years. I coached varsity high school baseball for 5 years. I was a varsity high school asst. football coach for 5 years and I spent 1 yr as a Juco asst football coach [on a team that was runner up to state champions] So yes I am a coach. Would you like to share your experience?

            1. The K you may be right but I have been posting here for about 6 years. I have had disagreements with some of the most hard headed disagreeable posters here. I have had my opinions and knowledge questioned but one thing i’ve never had questioned [whether its worth a nickle or not] is whether I really coached or not but I guess I should just consider the source.

          1. Coach, I recognize your football acumen. You have good insights and wise arguments.
            Seeing you argue against TrollD is just a lesson in futility. Please do not even respond to him. Feeding the trolls just will make him post ad nauseum.

            1. sebnynah November 18, 2015 at 9:11 am
              Seeing you argue against TrollD is just a lesson in futility. Please do not even respond to him.
              Holy crap there’s hypocrisy if I ever did see it.

              1. CFC, I am different. I have invited every poster to overlook and ignore my posts if they want to. Trolls do not say that.

              2. Maybe, though I can still find it funny that the person that argues with him the most is telling others to ignore him.

  13. I was just scanning the practice squad and an answer to the question of what to do about a 3-4 Rush LB is probably already on the team.

    Rush’s 10 yard split is a blazing 1.59 which is equal to Lynch’s which is considered one of the fastest in the league. I’m not going to go into how he looked in preseason because you know, preseason. However he did look like he belonged and that the NFL wasn’t too big for him.

    Here’s one persons opinion of the player that may or may not help you get excited about him: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2420336-2015-nfl-draft-why-msus-marcus-rush-is-the-best-player-no-one-is-talking-about

    Anyway, I’m feeling a little bit better about the draft class and the idea of picking up another OLB in the later rounds rather then earlier.

    1. Coffee I had completely forgotten Rush. I loved him at Mich St. and was really impressed with him in the preseason. I believe his only possible weakness is his size. I thought the 9ers should spend a 1st or 2nd rd pick on a OLB but with Rush coming back maybe not,

      1. He’s of a good NFL olb size. 6’2″ 245. He can play at that size although he’ll probably beef up to the 250-252 range once an NFL trainer gets his hands on him. You’d like your OLB’s to be in the 6’4″ ish range so they can see over the tall tackles but it’s not a deal breaker if he has speed and skill.

    1. Took them long enough to make this decision. I am assuming this is based on past incidents, not a new one.

      1. Second on the team with sack and most pressures. I’m sure they will
        Miss him. And that’s with two less games.
        Watch their secondary really get torched now.

          1. Well if that’s second that means they suck bad, and they will
            Miss what little help they had.

    2. That year off will be a life altering challenge for him both personally and professionally.
      Vaya con Dios, Aldon.

    3. Reports say this one year suspension is for an unreported Aug. 28 incident, three weeks after he was kicked off the 49ers.

      He hasn’t even gotten his suspension from the Aug. 6 incident that caused Baalke to cut him loose on Aug. 7.

      All Done could be out of football for a long, long time.

          1. Eric Branch – “ESPN has edited story. Aldon Smith’s suspension is reportedly related to Aug. 6 arrest which led to his release from.”

      1. AES,

        Great young player locked up through his prime. The Giants are a smart organization.

        If only Jed would look at the Giants and W’s and restructure the 49er FO using those teams as models.

        It seems he’s so clueless that he looks at them and thinks, “Hmmm, everyone there seems to like each other and get along. All I have to do is hire people I get along with and, voila, we’ll win Super Bowls.”

        1. Exgolfer,
          The first problem is that when Jed looked at the Warriors, he convinced himself that Tomsula was his Steve Kerr. The second problem is that he wants credit for the teams success. That’s a recipe for disaster and how good things come to an end. It’s like how Jerry Jones thinks he’s responsible for the Cowboys of the early 90’s. His ego ruined an incredible run. If he doesn’t run off Jimmy Johnson, they might have won four consecutive SB’s. I think they would have. Harbaugh didn’t have Jimmy Johnson’s success, but he was an excellent coach. Jed got rid of him just like his father got rid of Mariucci. Those coaches took the team to the playoffs 7 out of the 10 combined seasons they coached. There were 8 straight years of missing the playoffs sandwiched between the Mariucci and Harbaugh eras. They only care about the money, which they make whether the product on the field is good or not. It sucks.

  14. On PFT:

    “Free agent RB Kendall Hunter worked out for the Seahawks on Tuesday.
    Hunter worked out for the Jaguars four days ago. The Seahawks are four deep at running back, so they’re likely just updating their emergency list.”

        1. Do you think either of those guys are better than Cadet or Draughn? Seems like both those guys played better, but what do I know.

      1. Oh no! Now Seattle is going to have an in depth breakdown of what our training room looks like.

        1. Seattle tried to get the same information out of Kentwan Balmer, but Kentwan couldn’t remember what the 49er training room looked like.

      2. Good thing Hunter was released before the gameplans involving the Hayne multiple lateral attack were implemented.

        1. Laterals can move the ball quickly to avoid pressure and attack weaknesses. There are frequent multi lateral sequences in a rugby match. Hayne, being a rugger, would have intimate knowledge and tons of experience using laterals to gain an advantage.
          Too bad the Neolithic approach of the Niner coaches ramming the ball into the teeth of the defense has produced a 3-6 record. I think they can do better.

          1. Laterals sure can move the score fast too. Like in the 2012 Ram game from around the 49er five yard line. Touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            New coaches in 2015 are smarter. No lateral in a similar situation and they saved five points. Progress!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. Smarter? These coaches do not have a clue how to design a play with laterals, much less multiple laterals. I finally saw them put a man in motion last game. The innovation is so lacking I bet they think the read option is just a gimmick.

              1. Either you don’t remember, or you’re missing the sarcasm, or something else.

                Rams scored their only touchdown after Colin lateraled (pitched out) to LaMichael James and rookie Janoris Jenkins returned returned it two whole yards for the points that killed the 49ers in that game.

                Colin was also gave up a safety too. That’s something the current crew understands.

              2. I well remember that play. It was way too obvious so it was well defended, and poorly executed so it cost them the game.
                I hope the coaches could design better plays, but with these present coaches, I have my doubts.

              3. I’m not gonna give you guys a hard time about your memories but the pitch was to Teddy Ginn.

                A toss sweep, or toss crack to Hayne could be a good play. But we’ll probably never see it, knowing Baalke and Tomsula.

              4. Yep, it was TG3. That play! I was standing and collapsed backwards onto the couch not sure which made me puke more; the play call, or the non-execution. Lawdy!

              5. GrimeTime,

                I tried to search for who was on the receiving end of that misdirected lateral and failed. I originally thought it was a home game, but it wasn’t. Both games were screwed up.

    1. Cubus,

      I have a plan.

      My thoughts have turned to shoring up the pass blocking, since Seb beat me to the “multi-lateral attack” idea (although, since Hayne is the only former Rugby player in the team I never did quite work out who would throw Hayne the initial lateral, and who would Hayne throw the subsequent lateral to, etc. no matter, being the well thought out fellow that he is, I’m sure Seb has this covered.).

      I digress. In a word, telescoping night sticks (shoot, that’s three words, but know what I mean). Pears, Devey, Martin, and Tiller can tuck them in a cleverly concealed pocket in their jerseys or pants, whichever allows the player in question their quickest draw. As their man beats them, and you know they will, they draw their nightstick and flick it to full extention in one motion, and with the next, whack the in rushing lineman in the back if either knee. They’ll go down like Ronda Rousy.

      1. Since you think I have that covered those situations, I have brainstormed on how best to utilize Hayne’s skills.
        How about this play? Gabbert under center. Kaep deep in the I. Hayne lined up as the FB. Gabbert takes the snap, and pitches to Kaep who is rolling left. Once the defense focuses on Kaep, he laterals back to Gabbert who hits Hayne streaking down the right side. Kaep acts as a decoy and Hayne takes them by surprise because no one considers him as a WR.
        Another possible play would be to run the wishbone a couple times, with the lateral at the end to help the trailing back to turn the corner and attack the edges.
        Of course, this is predicated on the assumption that the coaches do not go conservative and run right into the teeth of the defense.
        I hope the Niners go bold, not settle for field goals, use their time outs wisely, reduce the unforced errors, Negate the crowd noise by running the hurry up with quick snaps, and have crisp, efficient execution.

    1. Dang. Martin has a negative record, but our PS center was poached by another team.
      Niners should sign Chris Barker to the PS. He was just released by the Pats.

        1. Instead of rejects from a loser team like the Browns, Barker has been on that perfect winning team. Maybe he will impart some of that winning mojo to the Niners.
          2 different players. Dumping Devey on the Niners just meant Baalke got schooled. Pats fans were jumping for joy when he was traded. Now we know why.

          1. Usually when the Patriots dump somebody their useless or used up. He could be better. The Browns are loaded with high picks after years of poor play.

            1. Or, maybe the Pats need to fill a spot due to injury, and they trim their depth to fill a need.
              I am sorry, Browns players do not excel, even on other teams.IMO

              1. Seb the reason Patriots players perform is because of the coaching. Teams like the Browns are loaded with talent from drafts but lack the ability to use that talent. Its like our team was after all those losing seasons. Davis, Willis, Gore, Staley etc. A good coach got the best out of them. Sometimes teams like the Browns have bad draft strategies too and you can get players cheap. We don’t have the coaching right now save maybe Mangini to get something out of our players.

              2. Wilson, if a player cannot make such a dreadful team as the Browns, he is not elite. Players who escape the Browns through FA do seem to do well, but for every Joe Thomas, there are the Josh Gordons and Trent Richardsons.
                I do concede that the Browns have first round talent, but they seem to never play to their potential. The Browns screw them up until they are dysfunctional, and it would take a team like the Pats to resurrect their career with competent coaching.

              3. Never said anyone was elite that was on their practice squad. Mostly just pointing out you’re making some big presumptions that someone from the Patriots is better than someone from the Browns based on the teams record. Not the best criteria.

      1. So Seb, is it coaching or players? Theoretically watch our PS center’s ratings over the next few games with the Panthers and compare them to Martin’s. Or Easton that we traded to the Vikings. I know its not a totally fair assessment.

        1. Sometimes, greatness is thrust upon us. If he rises to the challenge, the Niner coaches will look silly, playing a bad player while a good player sits.

    1. Mid,
      This is a tough one to gauge given the fact that Aldon has only 3.5 sacks in a raider uni.

      Aldon’ best stats came when he had “Cowboy” who was playing like a lead blocker for Aldon to have free access to the QB.
      When “Cowboy” got injured Aldon’ numbers suffered.

      The raiders version of Aldon Smith is a far cry from what he was his first couple of years as a 49er. Watching a RB blast Smith a couple of games ago let me know the Aldon is a shell of what he used to be.

      1. “Aldon’ best stats came when he had “Cowboy” who was playing like a lead blocker for Aldon to have free access to the QB.”

        Thanks to Tomsula for being the creative mind behind that scheme

    1. Imagine, inserting a player who was sitting on his couch 6 days before the game, and declaring that he had total command of the playbook, then he whiffs on two thirds of the time pass blocking. That is genius coaching.

    2. How exactly does a guy that has yet to take a snap on this being classified in the stock up category?

      1. I guess he got another RB cut and fills the role Bush was supposed to play? His stock is up for a few days till he plays on Sunday. Mostly hype?

        1. Bush may make enough money from the pending lawsuit against St. Louis Stadium to never have to put on a uniform again.

    3. Aaron Lynch and Tank Carradine should be the 49ers edge-rushers on passing downs.

      In that scenario do you have Lynch moving to the right side and have Carradine rushing from the left? The only reason I ask is because after going back and watching the Atlanta and St. Louis game there wasn’t a single instance where the team put 4 defenders on theline with their hand on the ground. Every time a player rushed from the right side he did so standing up. Do you envision Tank rushing, standing up, like an outside linebacker? The only player, at least over the past two games, that ever rushed from outside the tackle spot from a 3 point stance was Armstead in the past game against the Falcons. Every other time their edge rushers have done so from a two point stance. Even Jonathin Martin could block a 300 pound edge rusher coming from a two point stance. If they want to use Tank as an edge rusher in their current scheme he’ll have to share reps with Armstead on the left side.

      1. The only player, at least over the past two games, that ever rushed from outside the tackle spot from a 3 point stance was Armstead in the past game against the Falcons
        I needed to add to that that he did so from the left side of the line. The 49ers never lined up an edge rusher on the right side with his hand in the dirt.

        1. Matt Barrows ✔ @mattbarrows
          Tomsula said Tank Carradine, who will be playing more on the edge from this point on, is now in the 280-pound range. Listed at 295.

          1. Foof, big difference. That does change things. Still beefy but it does bring it more into the realm of being a possibility.

            1. It doesn’t mean that he’ll rush from 2-point stance necessarily. But hopefully he’ll be a little more versatile. Also I’m not sure he was ever really 295, that may be why he got pushed around inside.

              1. It would make sense but inflating weight values on rosters never made much sense to me.

  15. Grant its always curious to me when you say Johnson fell behind Reaser on the depth chart. Reaser’s played only 28 snaps and Johnson has 133. Even if you pull out the Atlanta game I am not sure he’s lower than Reaser. What am I missing?

    1. Good point Wilson. Johnson was the nickel CB to start the season (though he played on the perimeter), with Brock moving to the slot. That changed though because Brock was getting abused in the slot, so Ward was elevated to the slot duties full time again in week 3.

      Reaser was the backup dime back, behind Tartt. When Reid got injured against the Giants, Tartt moved to FS and Reaser became the dime back, getting his first snaps of the season. With Tartt at SS following Bethea’s injury, Reaser was the starting dime back in week 8.

      Different roles was the main reason for Johnson being “behind” Reaser.

      1. Gotcha. Johnson doesn’t seem like a good fit for a nickel DB to me. He plays well on the outside. It says something that even Grant likes Ward’s play this year as to our slot DB. Johnson stays healthy which neither Acker, Brock or Reaser seem to be able to do. He seems more physical than any of those other guys too. Why don’t you think we see more of him?

        1. What surprised me about the way Johnson played against the Falcons was he was actually quite effective when they brought him inside as the dime back (I believe with Craig Davis on the perimeter), close to the LOS, like a LB. The role Tartt used to play. Only happened a handful of times during the game. He mostly he bailed into coverage in these instances but looked like something he could handle more of.

          1. I keep forgetting Bethea is out and Tartt is playing his position. How’s he grading out these days?

        2. I think the reason we haven’t seen more of him is because they prefer quicker guys in the slot, and the perimeter CBs have been healthy up until last game. I think we’ll start seeing more of him now though. As I mentioned in my above post, he looked surprisingly effective as the dime back against the Falcons.

          1. Yeah he played well. I guess as a former saftey that’s a better fit for him. With Ward, Reid, Tartt and Johnson they have a lot of options.

            1. Old Coach,

              You are obviously not a coach or you would know whereof I speak…Pay attention to history coach, as Harbaugh (the Quarterback Whisperer) just coached up Alec Smith for the Niner’s and acquired draft picks for him. You may remember (but probably not because you’ve entitled yourself “old”) NFL teams were not interested in Smith prior to H’s arrival. Another example of a WCO coach improving the value of a quarterback, who on this very site was labeled as an inferior talent, was kirk Cousins (RG III’s replacement), and improved by Jay Gruden. Gruden was the coach I suggested the 49ers hire during the Tomlsula hiring farce…Moving forward, folks thought Steve Young was washed up, until Bill Walsh acquired him for a 4th round pick from Tampa…Do you see where this is going coach???…Walsh coached up Young, having him learn behind Montana. In short, and as I have repeated ad infinitum here, hire Mike Holmgren and Mike Shannahan as consultants/GM to the owner, coach up Kap, trade him for value picks…There’s still plenty of time to increase Kap’s QBR, however, not by the current staff. Expecting this from novices without a track record in this area is like asking them to design pass patterns to get Torey Smith the football.

  16. Coaches do make a difference, and until the 49ers hire an offensive presence with an IQ Baalke is threatened by, they will never no how good Kap will or could have been…All we have to go on now is the coaching acumen of a person who never coached a on in his life, and another coach whose last gig was 15 years ago and even back then was a lower echelon coach.

     Tim Kawakami Retweeted

    Jeff Dickerson ‏@DickersonESPN · 5h5 hours ago
    Five reasons why Bears’ Jay Cutler is thriving under Adam Gase http://es.pn/1X7huW2

    1. sebnynah

      November 17, 2015 at 7:17 pm
      If I have to resort to quoting Seb, I will…Baalke stated at Tomsula’s hiring press conference: “I think somewhere in there he said we will run the ball.” Expecting this staff to increase Kap’s quarterbacking ascent/curve and design pass plays with the esteemed aforementioned coaches I’ve sent letters to 4949 Centennial to hire over a year ago, is like asking the York’s to allow one of Walsh’s coaching deciples into the building…Have you not recognized the York’s want to create their own dynasty leagacy w/o them, and are purposely distancing themselves from these coaches (Kawakami writes on this frequently)

      Smarter? These coaches do not have a clue how to design a play with laterals, much less multiple laterals. I finally saw them put a man in motion last game. The innovation is so lacking I bet they think the read option is just a gimmick.

  17. sebnynah

    November 17, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    Smarter? These coaches do not have a clue how to design a play with laterals, much less multiple laterals. I finally saw them put a man in motion last game. The innovation is so lacking I bet they think the read option is just a gimmick.

    1. Coach, Kap was not this bad under coach H. And if you read my posts seconds ago regarding coaches of yesteryear and presently who have coached up previously thought of inferior QB’s and made something out of them another team wants was my point…
      Really, not wanting to copy and paste several articles by local writers who say Chip Kelley wants Kap, and that the Philadelphia mayor wants Kap…All it would take would be for Jed to for once, be pro active like Eddy, pick up the phone, Call Holmgren and Shannahan ASAP

        1. Jesus, Joseph and Mary,

          Thank goodness for Baalke’s Bemidji connections and he was on speed dial as soon as TE, B. Leonhardt of Bemidji was available. With the other F/A talents in the NFL, and the 49ers 15 million below the Cap, the York’s opened their wallets and showed they really want to be competitive the 2nd half of the season.
          Leonhardt has talents no other NFL player can boast–All American 2nd Team, and Super Region #3, 1st Team. Go 49ers, beat Seattle…

              1. TomD

                November 18, 2015 at 12:35 pm

                What’s is scarier days after these photos of Halloween haunted mansions, or Seb, lecturing us on safety precautions at NFL stadiums:


                Please, fans, for your own safety, watchout for Sebo-Lanterns, twin to the Jack-0-Laterns but scarier by a factor of 1,000.

  18. TrollD, since I have dominated your psyche so much that you have started quoting me, I will respond. You have such imbecilic rants, I almost feel sorry for you. I notice how you beg for some acknowledgement, it is such a pathetic plea to try and find some meaning to your life. Too bad you are shunned like a foul piece of Offal that posters want to scrape off their foot after stepping in it.
    I find you amusing. Trying to argue against Old Coach is like the water boy sassing Bill Walsh.

  19. Totally off topic, but relevant considering that they are cancelling matches in Europe.
    I hope all football games have security that includes infrared monitors. Terrorists may try to conceal bombs, but thermal imaging will reveal them, so they will be stopped even before they can enter the stadium. They should scan all cars near the site, too, because thermal imaging will reveal car bombs, too.
    Just want to prevent another Paris style tragedy.

    1. What’s is scarier days after these photos of Halloween haunted mansions, or Seb, lecturing us on safety precautions at NFL stadiums:


      Please, fans, for your own safety, watchout for Sebo-Lanterns, twin to the Jack-0-Laterns but scarier by a factor of 1,000.

  20. Joe Fann @Joe_Fann
    Jim Tomsula said DeAndre Smelter looked good in an extended workout on Monday. Team did a competitive session for 3-year and less guys.

    1. /bounces

      Feels good to be this excited about a player. Hope he doesn’t disappoint.

          1. Maybe, but we’ll have no idea until he actually plays.

            What I find curious about Baalke’s WR picks is; Smelter is the first guy Baalke drafted using his typical criteria. He likes guys that have great size and big hands and are very athletic, but when it comes to WRs, he drafted AJ jenkins over Alshon Jefferey, and Ellington over Martavis Bryant. Not following his own formula has hurt him in this department IMO.

            1. He likes guys that have great size and big hands and are very athletic,
              I’m not necessarily refuting the thought but what is it that he’s done that makes you think that. He drafted Jenkins but one player doesn’t denote a preference type? Baalke drafted both Kyle Williams and Ronald Johnson who were identiacl in size before Jenkins and neither had great size, not sure about the hand size though 5’10” guys usually don’t have big hands. After AJ the receivers have all looked closer in size to Williams and Johnson . So I’d have to guess that Baalke likes receivers that are about 5’10” 185-190 pounds. That’s pretty smallish in my book.

              1. That’s what I’m saying, although maybe I wasn’t clear enough. For every position except WR, Baalke looks for big guys. Why not look for the same thing at WR?

              2. My new strategy is to base my expectations off of his scouting report weakness section. If that’s my expectation then its likely he’s who we thought he was or he’ll be better.

                WEAKNESSES Suffered an ACL tear late in season and timetable for 2015 return is uncertain. Average foot quickness for his size, which could lead to some slowness in release against press coverage. Takes an extra step to gear down into breaks. Played just two seasons of college football. Limited exposure to full route tree in Georgia Tech’s triple-option offense. Overly reliant on size and body control for catches. Ability to separate from athletic cornerbacks is a concern for scouts and has been exacerbated thanks to ACL tear.

              3. @Coffe, no worries.

                @Wilson, All of those weaknesses can be improved upon with coaching, work and experience.

              4. True I agree, but if my expectations are on his real weaknesses rather than his imagined success there’s less unnecessary frustration and disappointment.

  21. Interesting news. Tomsula’s saying Tank’s dropped into the 280 lb range. It looks like they really do want to use him in more edge rusher ways since he can focus on his best asset which is pass rushing. I’m curious to see if this will allow him to start producing more at the level we were all hoping for.

    As a reminder, Aaron Lynch is in the 270 lb range so I wonder if they could get Tank down to the 270 range as well in a few more weeks? Could Tank actually play OLB opposite of Lynch if he got down to that same range?


    1. It only took the 49ers 3 years to figure out Tank is a 4-3 end. I wonder when they’ll figure out that the NFL is a passing league.

          1. We used top play a 4-3 under with Fangio, or not. It was quite a debate a few years here.

      1. I think it is ridiculous that its taken them this long to make this change. To then have Tomsula saying he thinks Tank is a more natural edge rusher… why the heck did they try and make him a DT in the first place?

        1. The bigger question is why a guy who is labeled as a DL guru took this long to figure that out.

  22. TomD

    November 18, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    What’s is scarier days after these photos of Halloween haunted mansions, or Seb, lecturing us on safety precautions at NFL stadiums:


    Please, fans, for your own safety, watchout for Sebo-Lanterns, twin to the Jack-0-Laterns but scarier by a factor of 1,000.

  23. Interesting, but unsurprising.


    I know a lot of people want the FO and CS blown up at the end of the season, so no doubt would prefer to see the team ‘nose dive’. But as I’ve said before, I’d rather see the team play good, competitive football over the remaining 7 games, with the young guys getting some valuable experience and showing they have NFL potential. If that means the FO and Tomsula are back next year, so be it.

    1. it’s disappointing but unsurprising. If Tomsula is brought back it’s another season of mediocre to poor football, and just more time wasted before finding the person to lead this team back to prominence. I’d like to see young players improve obviously, but we are going nowhere with this Coaching staff long term imo.

      1. I still think if the 49ers start poorly next year then Tomsula won’t last long into 2016. I also still think there will likely be some changes to the offensive coaching staff this offseason.

        The best option may well be to have the 49ers play well the final half of the season and change coaches. But if the options are play well and keep Tomsula, or play poorly and lose Tomsula, I’d prefer option A as at least that shows there is some talent on the roster. A good coaching staff can turn around a talented team that was previously coached badly very quickly, but its rare to see a good coach turn around a talentless team quickly.

      2. You get what you pay for. Jed went cheap, with cheap results. Jed needs to throw money at a successful college coach to entice him with a competent staff.
        There is no salary cap for coaches. Jed should get the best coaches money can buy. Promise him more input on the personnel selected, and get some one who is hungry for success.
        However, Jed probably promised Tomsula that he would not fire him because of the hand dealt to him. The mass retirements, FA busts, and going cheap with ACL players, Coach Tomsula had a herculean task. I hope Tomsula stays as the Niner HC because he has shown extraordinary leadership, and the players would run through a brick wall for him. It has been a learning experience for him; painfully so, but I think he has learned enough to succeed in the future.

  24. I like how some fans were “faithful” when Kaep was the QB, but now that Gabbert is under center they are all negative. Just listened to both Cosell and Lynch on KNBR. Cosell says it’s a winnable game if the score is 13-10, and Lynch says that you couldn’t evaluate the offense when Kaep was the QB because the minute the game started his brain would go blank. And oh yeah he did this last year. Remember the Raider game when he threw a pick on the first play of the game?

    Lynch also said that players are playing for Jimmy T. Go figure. If Baalke actually gets some players could it be possible the team is not was bad as we think?

    1. “If Baalke actually gets some players could it be possible the team is not was bad as we think?”


  25. Since you never come out and play with us anymore Grant are you going to at least give us a new BR article to argue over soon?

  26. Here are some prospects from the offensive skill positions that I like so far. They’re ranked by how I like them not how I see them getting drafted.

    1. Lynch
    2. Goff
    3. Wentz
    4. Brissett

    1. Ezekiel Elliott
    2. Devontae Booker
    3. Kenneth Dixon
    4. Josh Ferguson

    1. Mike Williams*(if deemed healthy) otherwise Michael Thomas
    2. Josh Doctson
    3. Laquon Treadwell
    4. Tyler Boyd

    1. Jake Butt
    2. Hunter Henry
    3. OJ Howard*
    4. Evan Engram*
    * Probably better WR prospects then TE’s.

        1. He’s a little skinnier then you’d like to see for a kid that tall so I question is strength and ability to get off the line against NFL CB’s.

        1. He’s so injury-prone that he’s amassed 143 receptions and nearly 2400 yards in two seasons. If he’s missed any significant time due to injuries he must be a god when he actually plays to still have those kinds of numbers.

          1. As far as I am aware he’s only had this wrist injury that will end his season.

            His frame is a little concerning, but he’s a playmaker.

    1. Oj Howard and Evan Engram remind me of Kevin Benjamin. Too light to be NFL te’s and almost too big to be NFL WR’s but if they have the right set of speed and skills they can probably become the latter.

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