Kaepernick on Crabtree: “He’s out here doing everything he can to help this team win. That’s the vibe I get.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Wednesday interview, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

You can go back just to the fourth-down completion to WR Michael Crabtree, what made that play work so well?

“Our offensive line did a great job of blocking up front. Crabtree did a great job of making a play down the field staying alive.”


Did you think that that ball was going to get to him or was there any question in your mind whether it might drop in?



Do you think defensive backs have a tendency to just look at the distance and kind of just drop off that play like that figuring that a quarterback won’t be able to make that throw?

“The safety jumped someone else that was in a scramble drill coming across the field, so it’s really just a matter of what they see.”


Did you notice that that play became available because of that very case of it was just such a long throw to make?

“It’s a scramble drill, anybody can be open.”


There have been more drops this season than in the past. What can you guys do as an offense to work on that, to get rid of yourselves of them?

“It’s just practice.”


Are there a lot of drops in practice too?



So why do you think it’s happening in games?

“You would have to ask them.”


Ask the receivers?

“I guess so.”


Is it surprising to you though, that it doesn’t happen in practice, but then in a game there are drops?

“Games are difficult. They’re not catching balls on air. They have a difficult job to run a route and make plays in tight coverage. So, things are going to happen.”


What did you think about WR Anquan Boldin made a pretty darn good touchdown catch there on a ball you threw, just what you saw from him on that play and what you’re seeing from him all the time?

“He’s one-on-one. We’re going to give him that shot every chance, every time.”


And did you see how he was able to turn his body? Did you think he was going to be able to get his feet in bounds on that?



How comfortable have you gotten with him over the last two years and just how reliable of a target is he to come through?

“Very reliable. People are talking about drops. He still went for almost a hundred yards in the game. So, he’s a playmaker. That’s why we’re going to get him the ball.”


What was your motivation on your Instagram post that you did on Sunday?

“Just talking.”


Who are you trying to silence?



Do you know who your critics are? Who do you feel are critical of your play?

“Half of y’all probably right here.”


Let’s talk about running the football. Obviously, the more RB Frank Gore is involved, the better this team is and we saw it on Sunday with the Saints. With the Giants being last in rushing defense, is that the kind of game where this jumbo-package, power-running attack we might see a lot of?

“Depends on what we come out this week with as far as our game plan. Frank’s a great running back, so we’re going to get him his touches any time we can.”


When Michael Crabtree was asked about his 51-yd. catch, he called himself a third-down receiver and a third option in the offense. That was his response. Do you feel like he’s not happy with his role in the offense?

“You would have to ask him.”


Well, based on what he said, it doesn’t sound like he is. Have you gotten that vibe as well?

“He’s out here doing everything he can to help this team win. That’s the vibe I get.”


Do you have any extra juice going in to play New York in such a big market and just the specter of going there?

“Just need another win to try and get into the playoffs.”


You guys have been facing tough defenses as you have in the past games. Any strategies to try and avoid that? Can you buy yourself enough time? You said you saw Crabtree was like the third or fourth player you saw. What other options would you have? Would you just go for it or throw it out of bounds or–?

“On that play?”


Not on that play, but just when you’re getting blitzed hard like you guys have been? Do you have an option to make a decision or is it just the play calling?

“It really depends on what’s called, what we have going on.”


LB Patrick Willis gives these pre-game speeches and gets you guys fired up before games. What kind of an emotional lift does he provide to offensive players that might be missing from here on out?

“He’s a physical player. He’s the leader of this team. His presence will be missed, but that’s something that we have to battle through.”


Do you ever give those pre-game speeches at midfield? Have you done that in the past?

“A few times.”


Do you think you’ll do more of that with Patrick not playing now?

“Time will tell.”


How does that get decided who does that? Is that–?

“Pat’s normally the one that does it. If he’s not there, someone just fills in.”


Just arbitrarily? Just Impromptu? Have somebody jump in and, ‘Hey, I’ve got something to say.’?

“Yeah, we don’t game plan all that. We’re worried about winning games.”


What kind of lift does LB Aldon Smith give this team coming back? Again, defensive side of the ball, but the suspension is over, he’s back ready to go. What kind of lift does that give the entire team?

“A big lift. He’s a freak of nature on the field. He’s a huge component to our defense. So, very happy to have him back.”


What do you see out of the Giants defense when watching film, what Seattle did by running all over them?

“They’re a fast, physical defense. They play good coverage. Their DBs are talented. We have to be ready.”

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  1. the press asks the stupidest questions. it is like they are trying to get him to nark on crabtree and create a controversy to write about and get clicks.

  2. Man I have to say it. The beat reporters covering the Niners were not attendees at a school for the gifted. And, those like Kawakami wonder why they get scammed and have to start squealing like a little kid when they didn’t get there way.

  3. “Half y’all right here.”
    Funny. But for CK, he’s got to field questions from a room full of critics who don’t understand the game or this offense half as well as he does.
    As to the drops: We saw ’em, he saw ’em. We know it was addressed in the WR & TE meeting rooms, but probably not in the QB room. He’s going to call out or even analyze in detail the drops? Pffft. Lots of QBs were known to get on their receivers: Marino & Fouts come to mind, but you’d see them jawing on the field and in the huddle, but there wouldn’t be any public discussion.

  4. Anyone else noticing that Iggy doesn’t comment as much as he used to?
    C’mon Iggster!
    You’re like Roman just sitting up in the sky box calling plays instead of being out on the field with the boys.
    Put the headset down and get in the game!!!

  5. lol @ the reporters and beat writers, just lol, surprised how players just stay clam and dont headbutt some of these morons

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