Kaepernick on playing in Seattle: “You have to try to project your voice.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here’s a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


Let’s ask you about the commercial on EA Madden. Those are great. Is it a real deal? Are somebody’s eyebrows coming off after this game?

“I’m going to let to you ask [Seahawks QB] Russell [Wilson] about that one.”


How well do you know him? How did you get to know him?

“Just spent one day with him while we were shooting.”


That’s it?



What was your take?

“He’s a good guy, a good football player.”


Did you talk a lot about football?

“Little bit here and there.”


Was the eyebrow thing one of your ideas or was that something they threw at you and you went for it?

“Not my idea.”


His idea?

“I don’t know.”


Was that in LA?



As you go from Green Bay then looking at their DBs, CB Richard Sherman and back there, very physical. What’s the biggest change for the 49ers offense going up against Seattle’s D?

“Our receivers have to be more physical. As an offense, we have to be more physical. They’re a great defense.”


How tough is it on a quarterback with that noise up there?

“You just have to be prepared for it. You have to be on top of everything that you’re doing.”


Do you have to yell a little bit louder in the huddle or just use less words in the huddle?

“Yeah, you have to try to project your voice, make sure everyone’s hearing what’s going on.”


Did the deep run in the playoffs help you prepare for the noise in a road environment?

“You have to be ready for noise any road game.”


This is one of the most intense rivalries on the West Coast. Do you guys talk about that in the locker room or is that just the next game?

“Next game for us.”


That’s it?

“Need it to win the NFC West. That’s what we’re worried about.”


Speaking of WR Anquan Boldin, he said that the Green Bay defense gave the looks that he saw on film. When you go up against Seattle, do you see more improvisation against a defense like that where they’re more physical that you’ll need with your receivers and in this passing game?

“I’m not worried about our receivers. Our receivers have been doing a great job. They know how to get open, they know how to be physical.”


Do you enjoy this Seahawks week though?

“I enjoy every week. It’s football.”


What kind of relationship were you able to strike up with Russell Wilson?

“Just had a few brief conversations in between shooting.”


Has that continued since the shoots? Do you text each other, anything like that?



Do you kind of admire him from afar, what he’s been able to do up in Seattle?

“I watch a lot of quarterbacks. I have a great appreciation for what a lot of people are doing.”


What do you like about his game?

“He makes plays. Ultimately that’s what it comes down to. He goes out there and he helps his team win.”


Do you have a confidence in Anquan that even when he’s being covered, if you throw it to him, he’s going to be the guy that comes down with the ball?

“Yeah, I think he’s proven that time and time again that he’s that type of receiver where if you give him a chance, more than likely he’s coming down with it.”


There was a play in Sunday’s game where you had to roll out right and find Boldin and RB Frank Gore threw a block to help give you some extra space. What does Frank mean to the offense overall?

“Frank’s an animal back there. He’s one to do anything and everything for this offense to try to help us win.”


Who do you think is going to look better with one shaved eyebrow?

“I’m not thinking about that. I’m worried about getting the win.”


When it comes to play clock management, preparing for this week, is it something that’s lightening the offensive calls that are going in or how are you addressing that this week?

“We just have to be more efficient in getting calls in and getting to the line of scrimmage. That’s not going to affect how we call plays.”


You don’t have to tell me, but do you have ideas about how to do that that you’re sharing with offensive coordinator Greg Roman?

“We just have to be faster.”


Those guys aren’t the only team that has guys that like to chirp and chatter during the game, how do you respond to that in big games?

“You play. You go out and you make plays, chirping stops.”


Did you ever get caught up in that as a kid or anything?

“It really depends.”


Your game up there last year wasn’t obviously your best. Was that a function of what they were doing defensively or what led to that?

“We performed bad as a team. We played bad that game. We’re going up there to try to prove that’s not who we are.”


On another note, your coach had a few words for Packers LB Clay Matthews, he said that his slap was not too manly, I’m paraphrasing. Do you appreciate the fact that he obviously has your back in those situations?

“You always appreciate when your coach and teammates have your back, any situation.”

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