Harbaugh: “I get a kick out of every week, watching our team compete.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent Wednesday afternoon. Here’s a transcript, courtesy of the 49ers.


WR Kassim Osgood is back on the team, what do you expect from him?

“He is. I expect major contributions on special teams.”


Will he be a gunner?

“He’ll be a core player.”


What weighed into the decision to put LB Nick Moody on short-term IR rather than maybe save that spot for an offensive or defensive starter down the road?

“We decided that that was in the best interest of the team, replace his, Moody a core special teams player, a very valuable player and we wanted no drop off. With Kassim’s proven ability and experience we feel like, that he’ll do a great job.”


How long do you expect Moody out?

“He’ll miss seven games.”


You talked on Monday about it’s the most important game because it’s the next game, this game against Seattle. Do you think your team buys into that as well?

“I hope so.”


Do you sense that this is, because of everything, the rivalry that’s developed here, that it means more than just the typical game?

“10 out of 10 your next game is your most important game of the season. So, I don’t know if you can make it 11 out of 10 you know, it’s 10 out of 10. Every time you play the next game that’s the way we look at it.”


Are you guys doing anything different to prepare for the noise?



Than you would in a typical road week?

“Very similar to how we prepare for all road games.”


And that’s bringing in speakers and working on the hand signals and things like that?

“We’ll have crowd noise yes.”


If memory serves, you guys struggled on third downs up there last season. You seemed to do OK in Sunday’s opener on that and obviously a big point of emphasis this offseason to improve in that area?

“Well, there’s definitely some improvement. We did a good job on third down in our opening game, and we’re working very hard to continue that.”


Back in the old days, like when you played, they always said that quarterbacks took two to three years or more to develop from when they came into the league they just couldn’t just, and yet now however many years later that offenses are more sophisticated, defenses, why do we see so many guys coming in like QB Colin Kaepernick and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and just instant coffee?

“Instant what?”


Instant coffee, they’re just really good right from the, there’s no break-in?

“I think a lot of the people have talked about that, have done a really good job in talking about that. I think you’re seeing a time where there’s just a lot of good young quarterbacks coming into the league. You know the names and they’re doing a fabulous job right from the get-go, talent.”


Do you think some of it is like the better coaching like the high school and college level to get here do you think, quarterbacks?

“Probably, yeah sure it does.”


When you have trouble getting the play off and end up getting a penalty, typically where is the breakdown? I’m sure you’ve analyzed this.

“I think you guys have done a great job of analyzing that as well, and we’re working hard to improve it.”


You’ve been obviously on that sideline two years now, is the noise at Seattle, how difficult does it make it on an offense to function?

“In terms of communicating, it makes it harder, yes.”


Is it the loudest spot in the NFL?

“I don’t know. It’s very loud. They do a very good job of bringing a lot of noise up there. Not to compare it to anywhere else, but should be right up there.”


Do you have to limit what you do because of it?

“We strive hard not to.”


There have been allegations over the years that they artificially enhance that noise. Do you have any opinion on that, whether the loud speakers are contributing to the din?

“I really don’t know anything about that.”


Not to sell special teams short, but it’s played a big role in your games against Seattle over the years, is that a point of emphasis as well this week?

“Every week.”


When you look at the film from Seattle against Carolina, what did Seattle do differently that struggled in their running game with Seattle RB Marshawn Lynch that you noticed?

“I think Carolina’s got a very good run stopping defense, a very good defense overall. We know that Seattle’s a outstanding physical, running team. Outstanding up front. Outstanding physical backs and we will have our hands full. That’ll be a great challenge for our run stoppers.”


So much of your production in the passing game was two receivers, TE Vernon Davis and WR Anquan Boldin. Do you guys have the weapons, you think, to complement those two guys with the other guys on the team?



Who in particular, do you think, can step up and make plays to pick up the slack?

“I’m not noticing the slack that you’re referring to. So, you know the names, [WR] Quinton Patton, [WR] Marlon Moore, [WR] Kyle Williams, [TE] Vance McDonald, [TE] Garrett Celek and our running backs. I’m glad I listened to your radio show last night. I just know exactly what you’re going to ask. I got to do that more often. I got to find out what –?”


Good prep, huh?



Quinton Patton only had four snaps, do you expect him to get more involved in the offense, more playing time, more –?

“I do.”


ME: Is there an ideal amount of time you’d like left on the play clock when the offense arrives at the line of scrimmage?

“I wouldn’t say that, an ideal amount of –, you’re saying an ideal amount of time when the offense goes to the line of scrimmage?”


ME: An ideal amount of time you’d like left on the play clock when your offense arrives at the line of scrimmage. 15 seconds? 14 seconds?

“I like it to vary, I would. I wouldn’t like it to be just, this is the time we’re going to be at the line of scrimmage, this is the time that we’re going to snap the ball, on the play clock. I like that that varies for our offense.”



“Because the defense doesn’t know exactly when the ball’s going to be snapped. If we announce a time, ‘It’s always going to be snapped at 5 seconds on the play clock, or 2 seconds on the play clock, or 12 seconds on the play clock,” then they would know exactly what time the ball’s being snapped in the play clock. So, I like the variation.”


But when you arrive at the line it obviously gives the quarterback more time to do things. So, is there an ideal time you like arriving then?

“Not necessarily, because sometimes we like to get up there and just snap it and not do anything at the line. Sometimes we’ll have the snap count vary, have the doing things vary.”


You get to speak to him until 10 seconds left on the play clock?



And up to that point, are you constantly in his ear talking about defensive formation possibilities and different play calls?

“No, not constantly in his ear.”


On Monday you touched on this rivalry just a little bit and what it does for everybody involved. Do you get a kick out of this Seahawks week or do we make more of it than you’d like?

“I don’t know what you’re making out of it, but it’s the most important game on our schedule because it’s the next game on the schedule. I get a kick out of every week, watching our team compete. And very much looking forward to this game, big game.”


You might be aware, CB Richard Sherman and WR Doug Baldwin have had comments, it doesn’t seem like they’re too fond of you these days. Do you share any animosity towards those guys?

“Again, I don’t know what you’re talking about there. No, I have long and good memories, fond memories of both Richard and Doug when we were teammates. I understand now that we’re competitors, but I wish them both long and healthy careers.”


Are you aware of this eyebrow bet between Kaepernick and QB Russell Wilson?

“Just heard about that on Matt Maiocco’s show.”


Will you get one going between you and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, shave an eyebrow?



What’s your reaction to the bet?

“I don’t have one. I didn’t have one when I heard it on Matt’s show. It’s irrelevant to me, in terms of the game.”

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