Kaepernick: “I saw the coverages. I went where I wanted to go with the ball.”

Here is a transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s post-game press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Colin, how do you evaluate your personal performance in the game?


Turnovers…Were you trying to do too much you think maybe?

“I mean, I made the throws I wanted to but they made plays on the ball.”

Your two interceptions to your left, what did you see on those two passes?

“We had off-coverage on the one to Crab [WR Michael Crabtree], the DB made a great play. The other one, we had cover three and tried to hit a seam route.”

What changed in the second half? You guys started off so strong in the first.

“We hurt ourselves. We weren’t executing the way we should have been.”

Colin, what did you say that got you the penalty after the interception?

“I didn’t say anything.”

You didn’t use a slur of any kind?



But were you shocked when he announced that it was inappropriate language?


It seemed like Bears DE Lamarr Houston was trying to bait you into something that was…You didn’t say anything back?


Colin, when you have a game like this, a bad game, and people obviously are going to have good games and bad games, do you get down on yourself? What do you do? Do you say, ‘Hey, I’m going to come back’ as opposed to telling us what you are going to do?

“You have to come back, that’s your only choice.”


Sometimes a player feels more confident than the stats with their game, than the stats might show. Despite the four turnovers, did you feel you had control of your game tonight?

“I’m not going to say I felt good about the game or what I did but as far as my decisions, I mean, I saw the coverages. I went where I wanted to with the ball. We just didn’t make the plays. I didn’t make the throws.”


A couple of your offensive teammates said that they thought you guys kind of took the foot off the accelerator a little bit. Did you feel that way offensively that you didn’t continue to press when you got that lead and go for the jugular?

“We didn’t execute the way we should have. I think that was the biggest thing.”

Were the penalties what might have caused what took the gas out of you guys?

“We can’t allow things like that to affect how we play.”

On that final pass to Crabtree, was he your first read on that play?

“He was one of.”

Colin, what did you see on that play?

“They had cover three, we got the look we wanted. We just have to make that play.”


Colin, on your fumble, was it a matter of Bears DE Jared Allen just getting his helmet on the ball? Is there a way to prevent that from?

“He did get his helmet on the ball but regardless, I have to protect the ball. I can’t turn it over.”

You guys got such a slew of penalties. Did you discuss that at all with your teammates or the coaches?

“Well, we can’t worry about that. We have to worry about what we are doing and executing.”

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  1. “I mean, I made the throws I wanted…”

    “We just didn’t make the plays. I didn’t make the throws.”

    Say what?

    1. I believe he meant he went to the players he wanted to go to. He targeted the right players. He made the throws he wanted to make. He just didn’t make them as well as he wanted too.

  2. We’ve played 4 halves so far and 3 of them were pretty good but throw in one bad half and you all are throwing out the baby with the dish water.

    I think I’ll wait to see how the remaining 14 games turn out before I go firing the coaches that have served up 36 wins over the past 3 seasons.

    If you want to lay blame put it where it belongs, at the feet of #7.

    1. I think you mean bath water….but maybe you wash your babies in the dishwasher. I think AP does that too

  3. Wow this guy is just not smart. You’re qb needs to have a brain not just an arm and legs and this guy clearly doesn’t.

    1. “You’re qb?”
      Obviously you are not a 49ers fan. I don’t recall ever seeing your moniker (sanfranbob) on here before.

      So try coming around when the team is actually playing good ball, which is usually 80% of the time rather then being a Negative Nellie who only comes out to wail when things don’t look very good.

      1. Yeah so I’m new here but im a lngg time niner fan. Yes I said YOUR qb as in the teams qb not mine. I do not play for the 49ers I root for them. Therefore he’s not MY qb. I guess you’re one of those guys that goes around saying “we” when speaking of the niners like you play for them or coach them….maybe you work in the front office….you seem like a tool

  4. The 49ers will not win many games with Kaepernick dropping back 42 times. Combine that with his 5 designed runs and Kaepernick has the ball on 65% of their snaps. Not good.

    1. That’s funny to me, since most of the QB that are considered elite probably need to drop back around 35-40 times to win their games. Teams with great QB’s would love to put the ball in their hands 65% of the time, someone needs to let the 49ers know they don’t have one of those QB’s.

      1. Cfc
        And yet they had a 17 point lead when throwing a lot more than running. The second half wasn’t all ck fault. Horrible conservative calls, zero pass rush, some well timed penalties, had a lot to do with this choke job. I don’t think it matters how many times he threw, it matters when and how bad he threw the ball. I think the win big of they kept throwing the ball in the second half.

    2. Do you know the pass to run ratio in the second half. I could be wrong but it seemed like we abandoned the run.

  5. Niners are now 4-0 under Harbaugh in the first game of the season, and 1-3 in the second game. Not a whole lot from this game for the players to dwell on. Different matter for the coaches. They need to help the players clean up some stuff. Brent Jones once commented that players do not remember early season games when heading into post-season. The O line will get better as the season goes on. Jonathan Martin was clearly tired in the fourth quarter and Boone is still not where he needed to to be in game preparedness. The left side of the line was careless. I thought Roman called some really nice plays in the first half, some of which were not executed well. Those three consecutive runs in the red zone in the second half was a head scratcher. Boldin had an uncharacteristic bad game.

    On D, it was good to see the run defense get back to its regular self. I am beginning to think that the Niners should rotate Lynch for Lemonier on third downs. Even a raw Lynch has better pass rush instincts than Lemonier (esp. use of hands) who seems to be more of a Manny Lawson than Aldon Smith.

    Well, time to move on to the Zona game. Niners should win that slugfest but uncle Fester and his coaching team will be studying last night’s game tape to exploit D’s pass rush weaknesses.

    1. Id be shocked if we beat Arizona.
      Matchup wise its a very bad one for us… they have a very good defensive line that can shut down the run and get pressure on the qb. And we have an offensive line that hasnt been able to push around 2 of the worst defenses in the NFL.
      I expect it to be close for a while until our Defense just breaks from being on the field to long.

    2. Niners are now 4-0 under Harbaugh in the first game of the season, and 1-3 in the second game.
      Interesting, coincidence or meaningful trend?

      1. Kaep will not have two bad games in row.
        If Roman is force-feeding Kaep on every call than Harbaugh needs to start loosening the reins of Kap and allow him more freedom to change plays at the line of scrimmage when he (CK) sees something in the defensive alignment that he can attack.

        As bad as CK was on Sunday there was still an air of hope that he could pull it out until the final drive. Again, I don’t see Kaep having another game as bad as last evening for a long time.
        Arizona may scare some people and that’s fine, but I prefer to feel sorry for them because the 49ers are coming to town with a huge chip on their shoulder.

  6. Kaepernick is a wild card right now. I see the coaches as being perplexed as to how much to give him. They want to open it up more in the passing game but look what happens.
    They know they can’t be run orientated to win it all so it is head banger. I guess this is why Harbaugh gambled on himself for a new contract or not.

  7. Colin, how do you evaluate your personal performance in the game?

    They all know he’s going to bunt but they still just lob in slow balls.

    Are reporters scared to ask meaningful questions for fear of not being invited back or because they don’t always get picked to ask a question they don’t bother having one ready until the moment coach actually does pick them?

  8. Stevie Johnson was on ROME this morning and indicated he should be a bigger part of the offense. Yes. Maybe. Our offense is boring, vanilla and predictable.

    Is there another team in the league who does less with as much. We have so much talent I cant believe we aren’t averaging 35 pts per game.

    1. maybe he is not a bigger part because he is not that good. bouldin should be the one saying that. Vd should be the one saying that. but stevie “run over the corner” smith just be quiet.

    2. Our offense is boring, vanilla and predictable.

      Yeah, the pass play to run play allocation (42 designed pass plays to 23 designed run plays) was clearly the boring, vanilla and predictable offense that you complain about so often on this blog. By the way, the boring, vanilla and predictable power run plays with Gore were productive (4.8 yards/carry), and none of the turnovers came on those plays.

      Maybe the problem was that the 49ers strayed too much from the boring, vanilla and predictable offense that you like to criticize. If Gore was averaging almost five yards/carry, maybe he should have had more than 13 carries.

      Is there another team in the league who does less with as much. We have so much talent I cant believe we aren’t averaging 35 pts per game.

      Armchair coaches. Smh.

      1. Claude, Claude, Claude we’ve been through this. Frank Gore’s legs are tired, he lacks burst and he’s also worthless on the read-option and out of the pistol. When will you learn that his actual game production doesn’t matter and only the tired over-used euphemisms about running backs over 30 count.

      2. Did you watch the game yesterday? I was referring to hand off to gore on 3 and 6. Or lock in on crabtree on the final play of the game for an incompletion. wasn’t that what happened on the final play of the season the last two years in a row.

        smh indeed.

        1. The 49ers had not been giving the ball to Gore very often during the game (13 carries for the game), so it was hardly predictable that he received the ball on that play … unless you have a different definition for “predictable” than Merriam-Webster.

          Unless you know that Crabtree the only read on the final throw, you can’t blame the play call for for being predictable. There were other receivers out there.

          Even if you were correct about those plays, and you weren’t, the best evidence of “boring, vanilla and predictable” you can come up with is 2 plays out of 65? The 49ers went with 42 designed pass plays and only 23 designed runs. Face it, the game did not play out as you have suggested, unless you think the 49ers should have thrown more and run less.

              1. Apparently not very pivotal because they didn’t occur on boring, vanilla plays. Only boring, vanilla plays that don’t work are pivotal.

              2. Dude, please. The point here was the play calling. The ints were a backbreaker. I am talking about that which can be controlled prior to the snap.

              3. I’m not saying we were boring or exciting on play calling. We had turnovers on the passing side, but when we passed more we did put up 17 points. Second half when they went more balanced (close to balanced) we mustered up 3 points. My beef is with the play calling at the goal line in the third. Way to conservative and to me only shows what I said last week (again) this staff sits on leads and refuses to put teams away. You can’t always slow the game down and wear the clock out. Sometimes you gotta put up more points and use that way to end the game. Reasons why they lost???
                1 horrible qb play in the second half..

                2 horrible effort by the whole team in the second half…

                3 horrible flags thrown and penalties in the second half….

                4 horrible play calling and execution in the second half…

                It’s obviously a team choke job, BUT a good qb or any other player will execute the plays called, and ck did not in the second half. IMO his real test was going to be vs the cards… Well he couldn’t even beat a second string squad. He has ZERO touch on his passes still.
                (Opening drive and end of game where he missed a wide open S Johnson).. And that’s a HUGE part in his flaws.

            1. Don’t over think it rollo. 4 TO’s combined with over a 100 yards in penalties is why they lost. Not because of a perceived vanilla game plan on your part. which Claude has clearly shown you is not the case.

        2. MC was open, and nobody else was. This was the only pass he’s thrown to him late in the game that could be justified. By the time he threw the ball MC had an open window. Quit with the only throws th MC stuff. It was a good read and good throw. 9/10 times that will be a TD.

      3. C’mon Claude, you should know by now that unless the team scores a TD on a drive, the play-calling on that drive was vanilla. Simple. Get with the program.

  9. I don’t really care about what Colin says in a press conference. What he says in a press conference is meaningless. The thing that concerns me more is that Colin does not appear to have progressed in the slightest as a QB. He is not disciplined in his footwork. He is missing open receivers. He is staring down his receivers. I said in the offseason that CK needed to devote himself to his craft. That does not appear to have happened. He seems to enjoy living the life, making commercials, and partying with friends. Unless he works at the technical aspects of his job then CK has reached his full potential and this is it. He’s been pretty good so I’m ok with it but I think the idea that he will reach an elite level is fading. He’s an athlete playing QB right now and not a QB with great athleticism. Maybe that’s all he will ever be.

    1. And then down goes Harbaugh because as of this year, if CK doesn’t improve, the NINERS faulter, Harbaugh leaves for another team and we are stuck with CK. Unless Paaraag added something in that contract that let’s us out.

      1. Unless Paaraag added something in that contract that let’s us out.

        He did. The contract pretty much allows the 49ers to cut ties with Kaepernick without much salary cap damage.

          1. I think it’s far too early to start playing that game. Why don’t we let the season play out before we start upheaving the roster and coaching staff.

      1. He wasn’t running for his life much last night, I hate to burst that bubble but the Oline pass protection was pretty solid most of the night.

        Kap just made some bad mistakes and it cost them. It was a big shift from the previous week when he looked calm and in control. Last night he looked a little off from the start and never got into a rhythm. He tried to do too much in the 4th quarter much like he did in the NFCCG and we got the same result. Kap needs to trust the system and not ad lib into poor decisions like the late pass running to his left.

        He can do it; we’ve all seen it. He just needs to be more consistent.

        1. The big word there Rocket is trust. He either does not trust the system, or he does not trust his decision making. He went away from Boldin the entire 2nd half. Then he started to try and do too much.
          As the Bears showed, football is a patient game. Don’t turn the ball over and you have a fighting chance. CK did the complete opposite. He got frantic, panicked and showed immaturity. People say don’t panic it’s week 2? Pardon me, that’s not what I expect from a franchise QB!

  10. Here are two problems that don’t go away, one is Greg Roman, who the hell calls a running play on third and six in the red zone. Oh wait Greg Roman does.. Kaep throws did not bother me as much as he is still clueless when the clock is running out. Those are inexcusable. Also every one knows he used the N word. Which stands for naughty word.

    1. I agree with many of the offensive complaints. The defense has to stop the other team from scoring. Leaving Ward 1on1 with Marshall, in the red zone, 3x was a death wish.

      1. There were 4 series in which the defense should not have been on the field. I don’t think we can blame the d

  11. Nice to see one bad loss has the sky falling again. Personally I think the picks were great defensive plays. Conte with a diving pick, Fuller taking the ball out of Crabtree’s hands and then peeling off his man to jump the 3rd one. Troubling is the lack of killer instinct when you have a team on the ropes they seem to get conservative and still taking delay of game penalties.

    1. And those TD passes by Cutler were thrown either with exceptional accuracy or excellent play by Marshall. Even with the meltdown and referee brain camps, the Niners could have pulled this one off but the Bears played really, really well in the second half.

      1. Exactly. With all the shooting themselves in the foot with penalties(not all of them were legit calls either) and turnovers they still had a chance at the end to send it to OT. They’re still a good team and those mistakes are fixable.

    2. The picks happened because they safeties have zero respect for the deep ball. They sat and baited.
      Line Ellington or VD and take one shot a game so its in the back of their minds….

  12. I think Steve Young said it best when he said that the first four weeks in the NFL are almost an extension of the pre-season (with the shortened camps and restrictions on how much teams can practice). If a team finishes 2-2 its not a bad thing. At 1-1, it’s hardly panic time.

    My takeaways are:

    1. Kaep had a bad game – if he bounces back next week then we’ll know it was just that, a bad game. Not an indication that he should be benched. Besides, who’s going to take his place….Gabbert? Be careful what you ask for.

    2. Roman is who we think he is – ultra conservative w/a lead, too gimicky at times, and seems to over-think the play calling when it should be simplified. For example – “let’s call a run on 3rd and 6 in the redzone – they’ll expect a pass, so we’ll run…oooh, look how smart I am, they’ll never see it coming!”. If anyone has to go on this team, it’s Roman.

    3. Harbaugh is not perfect, but he is better than most. After a decade of crappy coaching, shouldn’t we celebrate the fact that we’ve been relevant ever since he took over? Three NFC championship games and one Super Bowl appearance – that’s nothing to scoff at. As a Sac Kings fan, I can tell you that getting rid of the guy who hasn’t quite gotten you there (Adleman) in favor of the unknown (every crappy coach since) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Again, be careful what you wish for when you’re calling for Harbaugh’s head.

    4. Carrier is going to be good – kid showed a lot in that game! That catch he made over the middle was the highlight of the night for me!

    5. We need Anthony Davis healthy, and Boone needs to get in game shape fast. The o-line was awful at the end of the game – getting some of these guys back will help.

    6. The entire coaching staff needs to go back and review Bill Walsh 101 – Halftime Adjustments. Everything indicates the Niners are a first half team – if they don’t start making half time adjustments that are better than their opponents’, they’ll lose a lot more of these close games. This is my least favorite part of Harbaugh’s regime to date (outside of Roman), but I think they will get there eventually.

    7. It’s only the second game of the season – after all is said and done I think the team will be just fine and should make the playoffs for the 4th year in a row. It’s not time to hit the panic button, we just need to be patient and see how everything plays out.

    1. Just like a girl to not panic. ;) Careful, you are making the stoic male gender look bad.

      I’m in agreement with most of what you said. But replace Roman? I give this season’s New York Giants as exhibit A in replacing one scheme for another.

      1. In all fairness, I’ve been a proponent of replacing Roman since year one – I think he’s the weakest link on the team. He may come up with some great schemes and makes some good calls, but his consistency and ability to plan an entire game and make adjustments when needed haven’t been impressive. His tendency to go conservative when the Niners are up 14+ points rather than step on the opponents throat also give me pause.

        1. His tendency to go conservative when the Niners are up 14+ points rather than step on the opponents throat also give me pause.
          This line of thinking I think is something that people need to give a moment of reflection on because I hear it too often. What is being called conservative with a lead is called not giving other teams tape to prepare for. They’re not going to open up the play book and give away their money plays just to extend a lead. Also, what is statistically more likely to occur, a fumble or an interception? In 2013 there were 502 interceptions versus 312 fumbles that resulted in a turnover. So why with a lead should they show more plays to teams they’re about to play and run plays that have a higher risk of resulting in giving up the ball?

          I’m not what you would call Roman’s biggest fan either but attacking how he calls the game with a lead isn’t where I would start the conversation.

          1. Can someone identify all those games in which the 49ers had a big lead and lost because of Roman’s* alleged failure to step on an opponent’s throat? Btw, he called 42 passes and 23 runs last night.

            * Every play call goes through Harbaugh, so it’s curious that this alleged problem sticks to Roman.

            1. 42 passes and 23 runs against a team that came into the game struggling against the run.

              Our strength has historically been the run game – with Gore and Hyde coming out of the backfield why not just run them over when they have the talent to do so? Why go “finesse” all of a sudden and call 42 passes (except on the one run play on 3rd/6 that should have been a pass)?

              Is your stance that Harbaugh is the problem and that Roman should stay?

              Personally, I get the impression that Harbaugh let’s his staff do their jobs and runs under the assumption that they know what they’re doing. He may override Roman from time to time, but for the most part lets Roman call the game without too much interference.

              1. 49erGirl:

                Our strength has historically been the run game …

                All of which suggests that the problem last night had nothing to do with being too conservative. If anything, the problem was straying from the team’s traditional conservatism.

                Is your stance that Harbaugh is the problem and that Roman should stay?

                No. my stance is the same as Old Coach’s. It’s Harbaugh’s offense, and Roman gameplans and calls plays the way that Harbaugh wants him to. If he didn’t, Harbaugh would have already replaced him. Moreover, the team has been very successful with that offense, and I see no reason to change it.

              2. “Moreover, the team has been very successful with that offense, and I see no reason to change it.”

                Well said Claude. I think after a loss like that, it can be very frustrating for the fans and we tend to forget that this team has been very successful the last 3 yrs.

            2. I think those penalties often put the team in a hole so that they were forced to pass rather than run. They had a lot of third and second and longs.

            3. It was obvious to me early on that Kaep was not going to be at his best when he sailed that pass over Boldins head. It wasn’t that his accuracy was terrible either. It was just off enough to make easy catches difficult catches which the WR couldn’t seem to step up and make yesterday. I mean Marshal made a very difficult catch for that TD. That didn’t happen for the Niner’s. A lot of chances for difficult catches were not made. Take it back on was by Carrier.

              A QB can have a less than steller game and get away with it if the other team doesn’t make great plays ( which they did ) or his teammates make some great plays as well. Add to that fact the Niner’s making players being responsible for some stupid penalties along with the phantom ones and it all stacks up to a loss. Gore ran hard in the first half but those holes that were there just totally disappeared in the second. I don’t think it would have mattered if they ran the ball more the Bears adjusted and took that part away.

              I think taking the foot off the pedal has a negative psychological effect on players. They just tend to naturally let up in their effort and shut down the adrenaline. It only works if you can shut down the other teams offense. This is not the Niner’s team of the past and their is no lead that is going to be safe.

              1. “With the fact that he’s calling the game the way that Harbaugh wants him to.”

                Is that really a true sentence, and if so, do you have a source for your inside knowledge of how Harbaugh manages his staff/team?

                He could be doing Harbaugh’s bidding…or Harbaugh could be trusting him and letting him do his job – are any of us really privy to that answer?

              2. 49erGirl:

                Roman’s been doing calling games for Harbaugh for 3+ years (longer, if you count their time together at Stanford). I don’t think there’s any chance Roman would still be Harbaugh’s OC if Harbaugh didn’t approve of how Roman was doing his job. Do you?

              3. If Harbaugh was unhappy with Roman’s playcalling he’d replace him. This is Harbaugh’s offense no matter how many want to make Roman the scapegoat. There are some head scratching calls at times, but it’s hard to say a 2-1 pass to run ratio is conservative. They are obviously working on becoming a better passing offense and last night strayed too far from their bread and butter. Hopefully Coaches learn from this as much as the players.

              4. I don’t disagree with that, Claude – I do believe Harbaugh trusts Roman and does not disapprove of how he does his job. I just don’t think it means that Roman is doing what he’s told – I think he’s probably given high-level direction and it’s his job to come up with the details on how to get it done.

                I also think Harbaugh would have a hard time asking Roman to leave given their history/success together.

              5. If Roman is the perfect puppet for Harbaugh and does and calls the game exactly how he wants, why would he replace him?

              6. I would like to know who called those last plays in the super bowl and the last play in the conference champion ship game and the last play last night. The QB was not
                able to put the ball where it should have been on any of those plays. Need a long reliever in the 4th quarter.

            1. We may get our wish end of this season. Roman leaving. Unfortunately I think it would mean Harbaugh was leaving as well. They are tied at the hip. I don’t think Harbaugh is the easiest to get along with. A part of the reason Roman may be there is because they successfully co-exist.

              1. I agree Bay, Roman could not get another offensive coordinator position without a coach named Jim Harbaugh. Even if we win the Super Bowl, Roman won’t get a head coach position. Maybe Cal would take him.

              2. Harbaugh is not gonna get rid of Roman..That would mean his system doesn’t work..Harbaugh isn’t gonna admit that seven..eight years with greg going back to Stanford..Loyalty can bind and blind some people..It’s up to Jim..he seems to be happy with this bs offense..so…it is what it is

              3. Loyalty can bind and blind some people..It’s up to Jim..he seems to be happy with this bs offense..so…it is what it is

                And what is it? Oh yeah, a bs offense that has only gotten the team to one Super Bowl and 3 NFCCGs in its first 3 years. If Harbaugh wasn’t so blind, the team might actually have accomplished something.

              4. Thanks claude..u proved my point..Harbaugh hasn’t accomplished sh#t!…I see three losses there…

              5. Deezybee: I’m certain that Harbaugh is far more accomplished in his career than you are in yours, but you don’t see him telling you how to make the fries.

                Fake Neal: Keep trying.

              6. Uhh uh..Let’s not get personal claude..This is about Harbaugh and his offense…good enuff to win..not good enuff to win it all..U can hail him all u like..But I know better..I seen this show before..Our team’s season is not over by any means…but I don’t have faith in Harbaugh like u do..couldn’t put the giants away in 2011..let eli hang around..got up 10-0 last year in Seattle..let em back in..Don’t even get me started on the superbowl….And this is who u have almighty faith in??This offense??Better wake up claude..

              7. Deezybee:

                I gave your argument (Harbaugh hasn’t accomplished anything) the amount of respect it deserved. If you’re going to make arguments worthy of a fry cook, then I reserve the right to reply to you as such.

              8. I wish we could put all these Harbaugh and Roman whiners in a groundhog day scenario that starts season opener 2003 and ends season ender 2010. Erickson, Nolan, Singletary. repeat Erickson, Nolan, Singletary. repeat Erickson, Nolan, Singletary… for eternity.

                Just deserts for being the true fans they are.

              9. Yeah ribico..we should be happy with almost winning championships..because the other guys u named..couldn’t even sniff second best..like Harbaugh does..Gotcha.Theywere good for one thing tho..all the first round picks and higher round picks..that..Harbaugh got to build upon..and win with.lol….Different doesn’t necessarily mean better..

              10. So Deezy, let me give you a list of coaches and you tell me if you think they were/are “great” or not:

                Jimmy Johnson
                Mike Ditka
                Bill Parcells
                Tom Coughlin
                Sean Payton
                Tony Dungy
                John Harbaugh
                Mike McCarthy
                Mike Holmgren
                Weeb Ewbank

                Meh? Maybe not “great”?

                Oh, then how about this list?

                Chuck Noll
                Vince Lombardi
                John Madden
                Hank Stram
                Tom Landry

                Know what they have in common? Super Bowl winners? Yes, ding ding!

                Know what else that have in common? It took every last one at least 4 years into their head coaching gig before they won the Super Bowl. And you are going to throw out Harbaugh because he hasn’t met whatever schedule you have in your mind? Come on, man.

              11. Ribico…We had three cracks at it already..You only get so many..The schedule in my mind..been ticking since feb this year..u let the giants hang around,,u let ya brother outcoach u,,u let the Seahawks back in..i see the same offensive flow and direction in all three instances. 3 and outs..red zone ineffectiveness..Still hasn’t changed…I watch this offense and I get depressed and angry..We’re just setting ourselves up to fail again..

            2. I would start with how he doesn’t seem to be maximizing the skills of his players. It feels like he calls the same plays regardless of the people at the position rather then taking advantage of the individual talents.

              1. It would be fair to point out that they’re not going to run the read-option if Gabbert is in the game, or at least I sure as hell hope they wouldn’t but beyond that one play and it’s variations I think he’s too limited in scope.

        2. 49ergirl If the 9ers replace Roman i gurantee you we will get someone as conservative as him or even more conservative. Harbaugh runs the offense and Roman is giving him exactly what he is asking for. Bill Walsh had a # of OC’s but you can bet they were giving him what he wanted, it was his O. If you wa’nt to replace Roman over running a conservative O, who you really need to replace is Harbaugh. Not that i would recomend that.

          1. Old Coach,

            Bill Walsh was not a conservative coach like Jim Harbaugh is. Mike Holmgren and Mike Shanahan were much better offensive coordinators then Roman is and they were actually better head coaches then Harbaugh is as well. Yes I agree that Harbaugh would pick a conservative coach, a guy who loves field goals over the risk of getting a TD type of guy.

          2. I think the whole “conservative” speak is meaning we should have ran the ball instead of passing it. I’m all for becoming a better passing team. Lord knows eventually we’ll need it. But when Gore, who Grant and others think is pretty much washed up, is get close to 5yds per carry, you run through them. I’m sure someone will watch the game again. I’d like to know what type of defense they were running. They were loading the line giving one look but it seemed to me they would drop in to coverage. I think that’s what had Kaep so dumbfounded.

        3. Good points 49ers girl. I was not happy with the draw play on 3rd and 6 but if it works, no one is talking about it.
          You guys keep talking about Roman, Roman, Roman, but this was a great test for the 49ers offense. Having to stay aggressive, come from behind, and not rely on the defense. Its a huge work in progress but like everyone else has mentioned, the delay of game on the final drive and the 4 turnovers absolutely justify panic, concern, and head scratching. Only reason being, he does this in pressure packed moments of games.

    2. Excellent comments.

      This game is more of a wake-up call for the coaches than for the players. Niners have been outscored 35-3 in the second half in the two regular season games. The lack of a killer instinct is on the coaches.

      The O line play did not really worry me. Martin played quite well except late in the Q4 when he got tired. Davis will be back and the O line will be fine. The lack of pass rush is a different matter altogether and should be worrying. Lemonier has not improved over the off-season. Aldon Smith’s resigning is a bigger priority now than Crabtree.

    3. Nice post although I’m not sure I agree with #6. They’ve been a 2nd half team from my impressions. They play conservative in the first to see what the other team is doing and then they adjust. That’s just my take.

    4. Great stuff 49r girl.

      It was just a sloppy game overall. I really do agree with Young’s statements. Lost count of the penalties but that was just inexcusable. Those made it nearly impossible to establish any kind of rhythm on offense. I was excited to see our run-D back to par. Now the pass rush was a different question. Was Tank active this game? I’m thinking we’ll see him soon.

      Kaep was sloppy. Some of those pick were just great defensive plays. He held on to the ball far too long. Not sure if its because no one was open, lack of a check down, or he just kept looking for the big play. We need faster passing and better decision making out of him. But i’m confident he’ll get it together. I’m a bit worried about Davis, but Carrier and McDonald seem like they may be able to hold it down.

      I’m glad the Hawks lost, that lessens the sting a bit.

      My wife and I will be at the Cards game this week, so I’m excited to see Kap play in person for the 1st time. We better not lose though.

      1. Maybe he held on to the ball longer to go through his progressions.

        I repeat when he get a lot of penalties it eliminates the run to get the first downs. You are almost forced to pass to make up the extra yardage.

    5. 49erGirl,
      Point #6 gets to the heart of what really bugged me last night. In his mentor’s (BW) fashion, Trestman made the half time adjustments. He and Cutler gradually found the weaknesses in the Niner defense and adusted accordingly and it payed off big.
      Roman seemed to never make any serious adjustment or change up. When what was working in the first quarter stopped working then make the changes a la Trestman channeling Bill Walsh.
      Even our defense seemed to stick with the same plan of focus on the run because the WRs are hurting. Well they weren’t hurting that much and yet the plan stayed. My observe — out coached on this game.

    6. 49erGirl,
      Point 1 for me is like deja Vu all over again. We have been there before, CK has a bad game; CK bounces back; CK wins some and CK losses some; CK never quite steps out of that level and goes to the next.

  13. Its a game that is very simple to evaluate. CK was terrible [it happens to all QB’s now and then] i’m sure he will be better next week. The O line was terrible, i’m not sure they will be better next week. The pass rush was abysmal and i’m even less sure that will improve. Penalties are a sign of lack of discipline and that had better improve drastically by next week or we may be in big trouble. I questioned whether Harbaugh was losing the locker room this summer and lack of discipline is a sure sign of a locker room going south. imho

  14. Jim Harbaughs & Greg Romans micromanaging “play to not lose” philosophy has been the problem from the start. Harbaugh has conservative, Midwest football roots and it shows. The 4 wide receiver sets are always 3 step, predetermined, telegraphed passes. Its mundane and predictable. Kaepernick suffers from tunnel vision by attempting to brute his way to victory. Wheres the nuanced progressions, adlib impromptu changes on the cuff?? Pete Carrols from Marin and runs a dynamic system that is predicated on tempo, feel and has a pie in the sky aura that permeates through the approach on down. albeit with lesser talent.

  15. A blown opportunity to go one up on Seattle.
    I’m still hanging my head.
    Don’t know what else to say…

  16. Ask yourselves this question:

    If Alex Boone wants to be paid like a Tackle instead of a Guard, why don’t the Niners play Boone at RT and Looney at RG until Davis is healthy enough to return?

    Jonathan Martin was a turnstile last night. Willie Young, or was that Lawrence Taylor?

    1. Don’t know what you are talking about. According to Rocket, the pass protection was not bad last night. Has more to do with the QB not trusting his offensive line.
      ( No offense Rocket but in the 2nd half the offensive line was offensive. )

      I think your suggestion is a good one Pork…

      1. Bay,

        I’m not saying they were perfect, but the idea Kap was running for his life all night is pure fiction. The Oline had some breakdowns, especially the final drive when Martin seemed to be fatigued, but overall the protection was pretty solid most of the game. He threw it over 40 times and was sacked twice until the final drive and one of the sacks was on a play he had enough time and didn’t get rid of the ball.

  17. Ask yourselves another, obvious question:

    Why do the Niners lack an uptempo offense, a no-huddle offense, or even a two-minute offense? Is this because Kaepernick lacks the mental capacity to run such an offense (37 Wonderlic) or rather because Harbaugh loves a Neanderthal Offense?

    1. I don’t know if you are familiar with the wonderlic testing but a 37 is actually a pretty good score. I work for a college and students don’t come close to that.

      1. I believe E was trying for irony there. He was attempting to juxtapose Kap’s high Wonderlic score with the seemingly common perception that Kap is not intelligent. His purpose in this was to show that the common perception is unwarranted and therefore that the problem must be Harbaugh’s “Neanderthal Offense”. Unfortunately for E, his execution was not as effective as he might have wished.

        1. And I guess I should have called him ‘N’ instead of ‘E’ as he seems to have changed names yet again.

          1. If you know what E stood for then, you know what N stands for.

            And if people don’t make the connections that you make, JPN, that’s fine with me. I aim for a certain audience; to be utterly incomprehensible to most is intended.

        2. Unfortunately for E, his execution was not as effective as he might have wished.

          Well, that, and his misdescription of Harbaugh’s offense.

          1. Claude

            Slow, plodding, predictable offense; can’t get the play off in time offense; can’t go uptempo offense; can’t find the mismatches offense; full-bore bully offense; in the end, it’s a Neanderthal Offense because it is a Schembechler offense that lacks sophistication in the passing game, which is a shame given the Niners own the Walsh Vault.

            1. Some of the alleged flaws you mention may be the result of poor execution rather than poor design.

              Moreover, the offense features what may be the most sophisticated running game the NFL has seen. And, at a time when most defenses in the league are designed and built to stop quick passing offenses featuring 3-4 WRs, Harbaugh’s contrarian approach would seem to be well-above Neanderthal level thinking.

              But you’re the former NFL scout who was able to retire early due to his stunningly successful second career as an advisor to Fortune 100 corporate executives, so I probably shouldn’t be correcting you.


          2. That is true, Claude. I thought about pointing out that E (aka N) had set up both a straw man argument (the Neanderthal label) and a false dichotomy (the implicature that the problem could only be the offense design if it is not Kap’s mental acumen), but I decided to leave off with the more subtle comment regarding the effectiveness of his execution. Perhaps my own execution needed improvement there.

            1. But to correct you, Monsieur Claude, Harbaugh’s “sophisticated” running offense is smoke and mirrors predicated on trying to fool the defense with strange alignments. It worked in Year 1, but it’s been figured out. And by being contrarian, Harbaugh does not avoid being “Neanderthal” in his thinking. While you’re correct that the other 31 teams in the league are more geared toward passing the ball, unfortunately so is the league, and its rules, its officials. Harbaugh’s offense is “Neanderthal” because it is based on the idea that teams and the league will go away once a lead has been secured.

              But as the officials showed us in both the last two games, this mentality is flawed, because the league can now keep passing drives alive with 5-yard holding penalties. If the Niners don’t see that Cheffers and McAulay both pulled out the flags in the 2nd half to allow the Cowboys and Bears to get back into the game on passing downs, and react accordingly, the Niners have no chance.

              1. If the Niners don’t see that Cheffers and McAulay both pulled out the flags in the 2nd half to allow the Cowboys and Bears to get back into the game on passing downs, and react accordingly, the Niners have no chance.

                Yes, and 9/11 was an inside job.

              2. Claude

                I’ll accept your apology once the 9/11 Commission Report’s redacted pages are declassified.

                But seriously, now you’re getting to another gripe, which is why Seattle hasn’t had more than a couple of 5-yd penalties and we’ve had hundreds. Harbaugh needs to respect the league’s direction and coach accordingly. Apparently Donatell is a horrible coach, since his players can’t learn how not to foul.

            2. JPN

              There was no straw man or false dichotomy. If it’s not Kaep, it’s the offense. Or, as you so fastidiously illustrate, perhaps it is a combinati

              1. combination of factors (of course it’s a combination). But let’s just remember this offense has ALWAYS been flawed in this way. Harbaugh runs a conservative, Schembechleresque offense, and the team is not well-suited to play quickstrike football. Unless you recall last week, when the Niners scored from 79 yards away on 3 plays. Or unless you recall that Kaepernick can throw the ball 70 yards on a rope. Or unless you see what Arizona is doing with its Ellington. Or unless you realize you have three 1,000 yard receivers AND the most physically dominating TE in the game.

                There are so many factors in the equation; so many ingredients in the soup.

                Can you imagine what this team could accomplish if it had Reid or Kelly or Payton or even Bevell running it?

                Good Lord, we have all the talent in the league and yet we get a 7-0 lead and a 17-7 lead and we settle for field goals.

                EXPLODE ALREADY!!!

      2. Average score in the NFL by position

        Though used in a variety of settings, the Wonderlic test has become best known for its use in the NFL’s Scouting Combine. According to Paul Zimmerman’s The New Thinking Man’s Guide to Pro Football, the average score of a NFL player according to position is the following:

        Offensive tackle – 26
        Center – 25
        Quarterback – 24 (Most teams want at least 21 for a quarterback.)[22]
        Guard – 23
        Tight end – 22
        Safety – 19
        Linebacker – 19
        Cornerback – 18
        Wide receiver – 17
        Fullback – 17
        Halfback – 16

  18. I am no football expert. I am the casual fan who reads the posts here and learns an incredible amount.
    My observation was that Kaepernick called two plays in the huddle. He’d read the defense and kill a play if he needed to. I don’t think the team stopped when they were on the 7 yard line.
    It appears that Kaepernick made the wrong decision when it came killing three straight running plays. I’d love to crucify Roman for this loss. I just think there were two plays and our QB perhaps should have killed the run play.
    Its week 2. Win or lose, I felt like I saw growth in Kaepernick. The throws weren’toff target . I feel like what I saw was lazy receivers who didn’t want to fight for the ball.
    Its ironic that Crabtree talks about a killer instinct but the interceptions and the missed TD were on him.
    Just my opinion though as a casual fan.

  19. I will not be shocked if we do’nt start this year 1-2. The O line needs to be quite a bit better and thats something that usually happens over time. I see us scoring 14 pts next week. Our pass rush needs to improve big time. I do’nt see that happening for about 7 more weeks. If Carson Palmer plays he will tear our D up. My biggest concern is the penalties or general lack of discipline, that needs to change next week or it could be a sign that Harbaugh is losing the locker room. Is there a bright spot? Yes the recent change of emphasis in pass D rules returns Seattle to earth. They could lose 5 games this year. If the 9ers can get their problems worked out they could win their last 7 games [including 2 with seattle] and still contest for the div.

  20. Kaep still has the same problems:

    -He doesn’t anticipate routes or throw his WRs open.
    -He zeros in on his target and the DBs read his eyes and break earlier.
    -His strong arm aside, his elongated delivery gives the DBs more time to react.
    -His happy feet are starting to come back again.
    However, it did look like he was going through his progressions.
    I dunno…I’d like to call this simply a bad game for Kaep.
    But it really looks like he hasn’t taken that next step in his development.
    I’m usually not one of those panickers…but I’m a little worried after these first two outings.

  21. By the way…on that INT that Fuller got on that throw to Crabtree…didn’t it look like Crabtree fell down on purpose?
    Watch the replay in slow-mo–it looks like he dives to the ground.
    No effort at all at pursuit after the INT???
    Maybe it’s just me, but it looked like he punked out on that one.

  22. I have been consistently in Kap’s corner ever since Harbaugh replaced Smith with Kap. I believed (and still believe) that Kap is a special, once in a lifetime talent who gave us the best chance at Lombardi #6. However, this lastest fiasco has me thinking that maybe I over estimated Kap’s ability to be a top notch QB in the NFL.

    You can have a gun for an arm, you can have the best legs in the game, but unless you learn to read defenses, scan the entire field, and not make critical mistakes in the 4th qtr, you will never be a great QB. I always thought that Kap winning games with his legs was a gimmick which could not be sustained. However I was expecting Kap to grow as a QB so that by year 3, his legs would be a bonus which would be used as a surprise two or three times a game. I certainly did not expect that in year three we would still have games with Kap as our leading rusher.

    Yesterday, it was obvious that in the 4th qtr, the Bears pretty much decided they were not going to bite on the read options. They had one guy in position to tackle Kap every time he kept the ball. The Read Option can only work if it is used sparingly. You cannot make it the staple of your offense in the NFL.

    I think it is put-up or shut-up time for Kap. He needs to show the fans that he can win games as a classic drop-back QB and not merely with his legs and a rocket arm which has so often allowed him to get away with bad decisions.

    1. Rick,
      The read option can work but needs to have all three arms of the (pistol or shotgun) law in its belt. To change metaphors, some here like to call the read option a two headed hydra. But it really must be a three headed hydra or to paraphrase you it may work for the first two or three plays and that is it.
      Carlos Hyde gives the Niners a really good fit at read option back. We know that CK can scramble left or right to spread the field latterly. So that is two threats or two heads of the hydra. Translating that to the field, those are the lateral and down hill between the tackles threats. But you need the third dimension of the field; you need respect for the down field threat. You need to tie up every last defender, left right, center and most of all deep or they will box you in and they will add a rover and/or LB wide. Last night Chicago subscribed to the strategy of disrespect the third head of the hydra. They used the same strategy that has now a sordid history of succeeding against the Niner offense when in read option. Put your numbers on the run, worry less about the passing game.

      CK and CH give the Niners a unique opportunity to mess with a defense if CK can just take his passing game to that next threat level. Now he has the back and WRs so he just needs to find the QB within himself. Then the read option will work again and again and again.

  23. I remember how a number of us here wanted the Niner’s to draft Kyle Fuller. Apparently the game plan last night was to pick on the rookie or at least not worry him. Man did he have the last word.

    1. Our Ward did get a lesson on his early professional career and Fuller made a great play on those two interceptions but let’s also factor in that Fuller wasn’t going against a physically dominating WR like Marshall.

  24. I was in a noisy location where the TV sound was obscured.

    Anyone has a sense of how loud Levis stadium was? I was expecting a noise level just below Seattle’s sound machine… maybe like KC. Lots of false starts. Panic for the Bears offense near the red zones.

    From what I saw (but couldn’t really hear) that didn’t happen. The noise level seemed on par with a typical sleepy September game at The Stick.

    1. My take was that the 12th man / woman was only a fraction of his / her former Candlestick self. Certainly did not see the 12th effect on the field last night.
      That has been a big worry of mine all along that I am hoping will not play out. This stadium may not have a 12th man. Lets face it, among a whole lot of other factors I won’t go into, one whole side of the stadium has been replaced by people silenced behind glass.

      1. Kezar – Blue collar, industrial types rolling straight out of pubs in the Inner Sunset.

        Levis – Glass encased oligarchs chauffeured straight from the McMansions of Silicon Valley.

        Less crown noise?

        The great philosopher Whoduh Thunket once wrote “The most surprising part was the surprise itself. Everything else was sadly predicable.”

      2. Asked: “…Louder, not as loud as Candlestick?”

        Harbaugh: “I don’t know that I’d compare them. I noticed at times it was good and loud, yeah. And other times it could be improved.”

        Sounds like a total fizzle.

  25. Guys, Is this the first time in the Harbaugh era where the Niners had lost a game when leading with 13 or more points?

  26. I’d like to share a little something that happened to me over the summer – mostly because I want to change the subject to something a little more lighthearted than last night’s game….and I’m at lunch and slightly bored (and also because I’m hoping you’ll appreciate it as Niner fans).

    I was sitting at a Pai-Gow table at the Peppermill when a familiar looking face came and sat down next to me – I knew he was an NFL player (there were several in town for a golf tournament) but couldn’t quite place him. Then I noticed his SB ring and thought he kind of sort of reminded me of Marcus Allen (but didn’t really think it was him).

    I decided to break the ice with an ultra creative opening of “is that your SB ring??” I was hoping he’d elaborate with the year, team,etc so I could figure out who he was, but he just smiled big and said “Yes, it is.” He wasn’t shying away from the attention, and I didn’t get the vibe that he just wanted to be left alone, so I decided to follow up with another question.

    Still feeling a little awkward because I felt like I should know his name, I took a gamble and asked – “You look really familiar, you’re not Marcus Allen, are you?”. He laughed and said “Noooo – I’m waaaay better looking that that guy!”. I laughed too, and quickly responded with “Yes…. yes, you are!” (Whew!! Hopefully that made up for calling him by the wrong name!!”).

    Now I had no other option but to ask the direct question that I had been avoiding (in hindsight, maybe I should have started off with this approach)….”So, if you don’t mind me asking, what is your name?”

    His response – “My name is Dwight Hicks”.

    Are you freakin’ kidding me?!! How lucky/random was that? He’s one of my all-time favorite players (no wonder he looked so familiar!!!). I actually got to sit next to him and talk for a few hours….getting to pick his brain about the days of Walsh, the Montana/Young debate, and everything Niners past to present was awesome. He was very nice, down to earth, and forthcoming with his opinions/feelings on things – which were fascinating coming from an ex-player of his caliber.

    All of that, and I won about $300 at the table, too!

    1. Thanks for sharing, and glad it payed to be in the right place, at the right time, in more ways than one…..

    2. Sorry but Marcus Allen and Dwight Hicks don’t look at all alike. Maybe it would have been better it you had said, you like an older version of one of my favorite all time 49er players.

      1. To paraphrase – he said Montana should have never worn anything but a Niner jersey and didn’t care for how things went down (even though he was no longer with the team when it happened). His comments were more about how great he thought Montana was and less to do with anything negative about Young.

    3. There is no “Montana-Young debate.” There never was. There was only the greatest QB ever to play the game (Walsh’s words much later) and a happy-footed athletic marvel who choked on the biggest stages for most of his career.

      One guy had a ginormous set of brass balls, and the other guy never took off his towel in the locker room.

      Charles Haley had it right.

        1. Monsieur Claude

          I think not. In the offseason, I voyaged to the Himalayas, and went past where the blue flower grows. There I found a purity of joy that few if any ever attain. Nothing can sully my Prozacian bliss henceforth, not even a freedom-loathing Frenchman like yourself.

          Good day, Monsieur Claude.

          1. I have to admit, I find the blog a bit more interesting when you are around, N. Your combination of erudite references and, for lack of a better term, wacky logic is always entertaining.

            1. Erudite?

              You’ve been reading children’s serial novels again?

              See Divergent …

              It’s director must have been very much a stickler for pronunciation


              1. I have neither read nor seen Divergent, I am afraid, and I doubt I will be doing either. The last movie we discussed with respect to a point you were making was Sharknado, and I found I was not much a fan of that one.

              2. JPN

                Sharknado was a joke of a film, as in just a great white laugher!!! I never bothered with that film, to be honest.

                Divergent is the latest in a long line of a Harry Potter-like genre of books for kids that adults inexplicably also read occasionally, much like Hunger Games. I saw Divergent one night when I had the house to myself. I thought it was poorly conceived, but charming because it stars Shailene Woodley, who also started as the disaffected daughter of George Clooney’s widower in the rather worthwhile film, The Dependents.

                Sorry to have steered you wrong with Sharknado. I honestly wouldn’t ever watch a movie like that. I was probably going tongue-in-cheek with that one.

  27. What a disaster! The further they got into the game the worse he played. Kaepernick does not know how to win. He has shown it many times in the past – scheduled games, title games and Super Bowls. What brilliant person gave away Alex Smith? With Harbaugh, he was just getting into the 49er swing of things and had them winning. Like Montana, he never got a chance to get his job back. I’m afraid keeping Mr. Kaepernick on the field will not result in any title. His frivolous play and poor decisions will get him hurt and a stack of “L” for this year. Sit him for a couple of games and let him run the “clipboard and comms.” It might wise him up to realize he not god’s gift to the NFL. Arrogance means nothing to fans who pay good money to see such buffoonery. jn

  28. Kaepnernick lacks composure. Getting hit for a personal foul for language. The delay of game. The constant unravelling when the game is one the line and he needs to make a smart QB decision to win the game, not get the team in position to kick a FG.

    All great QBs have bad games but what you don’t want to see is that lack composure. He’s not playing scared, but he sure isn’t playing like he knows how to win the game with the right play that doesn’t rely on his ability to run.

    My one game appreciation for Kaep just ended. Back to calling out the obvious bad spots in his game.

  29. short and sweet,
    kap doesn’t throw interceptions we win. by now he should know he has to look off his designated received before he throws it. like to boldin. he started out hyper–first two passes–badly misses boldin & crab has to jump high for the catch. ugh quadrupled

  30. reflection begets moderation. kap’s last pass to crabtree was accurate; crab just did a stutter step at the last minute and thus he couldn’t catch it. then all we would have needed was a 2 pt conversion, nothing assured, of course. so kap cannot be blamed for crab’s mistake

  31. Regardless of the outcome of this last game, it is crystal-clear that the Niners are the most talented offensive team in the NFL. That is, by roster.

    On the other hand, this is the most mismanaged offensive coaching staff since Singletary and Yoda, and that’s saying something. With the talent this roster possesses, the team should punt no more than 20 times in the entire season. The Niners should average 45 points per game.

    Why is it that on third down last night, on the ones that were converted, Stevie Johnson and Michael Crabtree were open by 10 yards? Did the Bears just fail on those plays? No!!! The Niners are indefensible when coached properly.

    Here’s who should be on the field every snap:


    If you want more speed, add Ellington. If you want more possession, add Johnson.

    Jim should pull a John and fire his OC mid-season. Tired, tired, tired of this same old pathetic offense.

      1. Claude, I thought they did when he was an NFL scout? And all players he got the team to draft have all went to the Pro Bowl and will be future Hall of Famers, lol.

  32. This “ceiling” talk with respect to Kaepernick in the pocket is ludicrous. A starting quarterback usually does not hit their peak performance until year seven in the NFL…

  33. Memo to: Colin Rand Kaepernick
    Subject: Anger Management
    From: Executive Suite Team Tattoo Placement Division

    “The insight of a man certainly slows down his anger, and it is beauty on his part to overlook an offense.”- Proverbs 19:11

    Please report immediately to the ESTTPD for scripture design and placement. Thank You.

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