Kaepernick says the NFL fined him more than $11,000 for the inappropriate language penalty

SANTA CLARA — Here’s a transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Wednesday interview, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Arizona this week, big test, divisional matchup, what are you seeing so far?

“Have a great defense. We have to be ready for them.”


The referee or the official in question made a comment that he heard what you said to draw that inappropriate language penalty. What did you say? I know you said you didn’t say anything, but it sure appeared like you said something.

“I didn’t say anything. [Bears DE] Lamaar Houston said I didn’t say anything. We’re going to leave it at that.”


Have you been fined by the league or will you be fined for that?

“I have been and it will be appealed.”


How much did they fine you?

“Over $11,000.”


How do you prove to them that you didn’t say anything?

“Well, the player that I supposedly said something to has been quoted saying that I didn’t say anything and I don’t know him. So, it’s not like he would have a reason to just randomly stick up for me.”


What did they allege you said?

“I don’t know.”


It wasn’t in the letter?



Obviously not your best game of your career on Sunday. What’s going to be different this week?

“It’s a new week.”


Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson, what do you see out of his play? He’s been actually quoted as saying he feels like he’s better than Seahawks CB Richard Sherman. What do you see out of him?

“He’s a great player. Has all the physical tools you’d want in a corner.”


What do you think of that new rule that the league put in place in terms of the language? Does it have a rightful place in the National Football League where a lot of stuff can be said whether you said something or not?

“I’m not speaking on that or I’ll get another fine.” [Laughter]


Well, I don’t know if you’re going to want to speak on this either, but I don’t know if you heard in the last couple of hours that the Vikings have changed course on RB Adrian Peterson. Do you have any thoughts on that or–?

“It’s not my business.”


What’s your impression of just the Cardinals overall? This team started out 2-0. They played you guys tight the last couple of years even though you guys prevailed a lot. How seriously are you taking them?

“Very serious. They’re a great opponent. They have a great team. Do a lot of things well.”


Do you know much about Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians and just the style he’s brought to the Cardinals?

“We have a little bit of information on him.”


When you watch the game film, what did you take out of seeing that 4th quarter and what went wrong?

“We have to play better.”


What do you like about TE Derek Carrier’s game?

“He plays fearless. He goes out, he’s going to give you everything he has and he’s willing to go and make a play. I think he showed that on Sunday.”


Do guys in the locker room rally for a player who worked his way up from the practice squad and see his success story like that?

“I think he’s very well respected around here. Everyone has noticed and has seen what he’s done and the work he’s put in. So, it’s great to see him go out and make plays and contribute.”


What have you seen out of TE Vernon Davis this week? Do you feel like he’s getting back and do you feel like he’s going to play on Sunday?

“I’m not going to talk on another man’s injury.”


In the 3rd quarter, that 3rd-and-six down by the goal line, Jim said it was a run-pass option. I’m assuming that means you have the decision to run or pass based on what the defense shows. What did you see and was that the right call?

“Yeah. The run was called for the look we got and we ran it.”


Why do you think it failed?



Is it strange that your passer rating on Sunday night was so much better when you were being blitzed as opposed to when you had time to sit there and go through your reads and things?

“I guess that’s really dictated by what the defense was doing.”


But as far as what the result was, you don’t think there’s anything to really glean from that as opposed to when you’re getting blitzed where your passer rating was?

“We just look at plays as far as whether they’re good or bad.”

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  1. It’s not hard to comprehend that CK’s rating as a passer is higher when blitzed because he has a “cleaner field” into which he can throw as long as his protection holds up. W/o the blitz and zero coverage CK must determine closed middle, open middle, strong rotation, weak rotation and then sort through progressions.

    1. If what is being reported about Kaepernick’s words is true, then he owes the gay community a huge apology. Words he allegedly used are just not appropriate under any circumstances, and I am outraged.

  2. Grant why didn’t you ask CK about the Cover 1 vs. Cover 3 on the last play of the game against the Bears?

  3. Message to Colin Kaepernick. The next time you have the ball in your hands with the game on the line throw the damn ball to ANQUAN BOLDIN

    1. Not trying to argue with you on Kap throwing to Crabtree. With that said however, Kap has not shown the ability to drop a ball in the corner of the endzone… see superbowl and last years championship game. For Kap the throw he made was probably the easier throw for him.

  4. Since CK does not have to acknowledge what he said that got him fined, nor does the official have to reveal to the media what he heard, why not get a lip reader to view the footage and see what he or she has to say. California School for the Deaf and other institutes has staff and students who can read lips. then, nobody can dispute what the czameras caught.

  5. It might be time to take Roman off the hook for three straight run plays inside the ten
    Moving forward I would be concerned AZ will bait SF into similarsituations. Its pretty evident SF’S LINE is having some issues with execution . They can simply go to the tape of that 3rd and 6 play with confirmation that that defensivefront is what SF will run against and prepare accordingly.

    1. I like the idea. I remember Deon Sanders wanted to play offense as well. However, SF is pretty deep at TE.
      I don’t want to pretend I know who the Texans have for TE’s, but I am sure Watt is an upgrade on a depleted team.
      The problem here in SF is that the team has Davis, McDonald, and Carrier. They have exotic blocking schemes and subbing in Lynch would do more harm than good.
      From a fantasy perspective it would be fun if those sort of substitutions counted as points for the defense. However, I think the razzle dazzle isn’t coming to SF for the reasons stated above. Depth. Blocking assignments.

        1. Lynch can’t really even play D yet.
          You want him at TE?
          Maybe for the scout team…in STL.

          1. Kauai Rob

            I would say that Lynch has been playing pretty well. In fact, I think he’s been on the field for the majority of the Niners’ sacks this far. That’s just an observation, but I think he’s already more disruptive than Lemonier and Skuta as a passrusher, and also more than Brooks when Brooks’s head isn’t in the game (which seems like pretty often).

            On that note, I wonder if Brooks has a bad attitude this year. I wonder if the team trades him when Aldon returns. Just a thought.

            1. Lynch is a piece of trash. Unless we want to be the Bengals or Raiders, guys like Lynch have no space on this team.

  6. I’m going to predict Kaepernick wins his appeal, and if the NFL keeps this ridiculous rule, they might want an instigator clause inserted….

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