Kaepernick’s diminishing returns

This is my Wednesday column.

Colin Kaepernick is in the tank. Every week he sinks a little deeper.

I picture him diving into a pool like Dustin Hoffman in “The Graduate,” swimming to the deep end, sitting cross-legged on the bottom, covering his ears and screaming inaudible gurgles while Simon and Garfunkel sing “The Sounds of Silence.”

Let’s put the plunge in context.

Kaepernick is 27 years old and declining. Every season he’s in the NFL his passer rating gets worse. In 2012, his rating was 98. In 2013, his rating was 91. And this season, his rating is 85.

Did Kaepernick peak early?

The quarterback the 49ers dumped for Kaepernick — Alex Smith — is 30 years old and improving. His passer rating this season is 92, the best rating he ever has had 13 games into a season. He still hasn’t peaked.

Let’s take the comparison further. The past two seasons, Kaepernick has played with Anquan Boldin — a future Hall-of-Famer, a go-to wide receiver. Smith has played with no go-to wide receiver. The Chiefs’ best receiver is a running back, Jamaal Charles.

With that in mind, compare Smith’s stats to Kaepernick’s stats since the beginning of the 2013 season.

KAEPERNICK: 88.4 passer rating, 59.5 completion percentage, 37-18 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

SMITH: 90.5 passer rating, 62.7 completion percentage, 39-13 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

Despite throwing to inferior receivers, Smith outperformed Kaepernick in every statistical category. Imagine how much bigger the gap between Smith’s numbers and Kaepernick’s numbers would be if Smith had Boldin and Kaepernick didn’t.

This isn’t to say Smith is a great quarterback — he certainly is not great. He has flaws. Of course the Niners would be better off with Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers instead of Smith or Kaepernick.

But Smith is better than Kaepernick — that’s a fact. The 49ers kept the wrong quarterback — that’s a fact.

Not only is Smith better than Kaepernick, Smith is a better fit for the 49ers.

When a team has a terrific defense — and the Niners have a terrific defense — all the team needs is a quarterback who won’t mess things up. That perfectly defines Smith, not the mute guy.

Smith is like Troy Aikman. Aikman didn’t mess things up. His career passer rating was pedestrian — 81.6. Smith’s career rating is 82.4. The most touchdown passes Aikman ever threw in one season was 23, which also happens to be Smith’s single-season career high.

Kaepernick messes things up — it’s what he does. He can’t even get the ball snapped fast enough to beat the clock.

And he has developed a pattern. Almost every game, it seems his first pass either is intercepted or almost intercepted. The Raiders picked off Kaepernick’s first pass a few days ago — Kaepernick threw the ball right to the defender, hit him in the chest. It’s like Kaepernick expects to throw interceptions and fulfills his destiny right away.

Kaepernick is covered in a cloak of self-doubt. It hangs over his head and his face wherever he goes. The man is freaked, petrified. I’ve never seen someone play quarterback in such fear.

Compare Kaepernick to Derek Carr, a 23-year-old rookie.

Kaepernick never will be as poised as Carr is now. Nothing bothers Carr, the kid who calmly points downfield and shows receivers where to run as chaos surrounds him in the pocket.

Everything bothers Kaepernick — the media, the fans, the haters, the pressure, the trash talk, you name it.

Harbaugh tried to boost Kaepernick’s confidence a few weeks ago, tried to pull Kaepernick out of the tank by calling him “Great with a capital ‘G.’” But that didn’t work. Harbaugh couldn’t pull Kaepernick out of the tank. Kaepernick is too far down there.

Alex Smith never went in the tank, never had the emotional problems Kaepernick has. Smith lacked confidence, but that changed as soon as Harbaugh came to the Niners. Smith needed a head coach who believed in him, who supported him publicly. Harbaugh did that, and Smith’s career took off.

Harbaugh never had to lie and call Smith great just to pump him up. The highest praise Harbaugh ever gave Smith was to call him a Pro Bowler, which he is.

Harbaugh constantly has to lie for Kaepernick. This past Monday, Harbaugh characterized Kaepernick’s regression as a “rough patch.” This is not a rough patch. This is falling into the Grand Canyon.

This is where a reporter asked Harbaugh if Blaine Gabbert is going to start the next game, and the question was asked seriously. When you’re at the Blaine Gabbert level, it’s no rough patch.

The biggest problem on the 49ers is Kaepernick. Bill Walsh always said the quarterback defines the limit of the offense, and Kaepernick diminishes that limit weekly.

We used to think of Smith as Steve DeBerg, the place-holder, and Kaepernick as Joe Montana, the franchise savior.

But Kaepernick was Steve DeBerg all along.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. Hey, surf’s up. Those drone things look great to fool with. I’m changing the oil in all three pots on the Streetglide thise weekend. Lots to do besides sitting in front of the boob tube…

    1. Sorry to read about the passing of your cat. It’s always so difficult to lose
      a pet you’ve loved.

  2. You need to put an * next to Alexs’ numbers because he played in only 15 games in 2013, sitting the last game of the season last year vs the chargers, as many chiefs starters did, so no only does Alex have 2 more Tds and 5 less Ints, he did that in one less game….smith could very easily have 41 or 42 tds to kaeps 37. And wasn’t the whole thing about kaep was that he spreads the field and makes the offense more dynamic? If anything it’s been the exact opposite.

    What will it take to get Marcus Mariota?

  3. My daughter has a knack for mis-hearing song lyrics. One day at a back yard barbeque she started singing along to the radio. This article reminds me of what she was singing: Dirty deeds… and the dumb bird cheeps!

  4. This is the garbage that will stink the rest of the year and all next year until Kaepernick decides to take out the trash or he’s thrown out with it….

    1. Razor,

      It’s a continuation of the garbage Grant has been putting out for sometime, rife with hypocrisy (Grant was calling for the change to Kap and had very few positive things to say about Smith during his time here), and antagonism to get people to respond.

      I think I’m about done reading from here on out. It’s immature junk and I have more important things to do with my time.

    2. @Razor,

      To be fair it’s not ALL on Kaep.

      The O-Line has STUNK! In both Pass Protection & Run Blocking because of various reasons. 1 of them is injuries thus not playing together for the whole season basically.


      Jimbo was suppose to be the “QB Whisperer”? I’ve seen more bad habits by Kaep in these last several weeks & they’re not being cleaned up….They’re actually get worse!

      I would love to be in the Film Room with Roman & Jimbo to see what exactly they’re doing in getting Kaep’s Bad Habits cleaned up! Looks to me NOTHING is being done.


      I’ve been preaching this for TOO LONG…..The 49ers NEED to draft SPEED on the Outside. Baalke has neglected that, or has no clue as to decipher the Young Talent in that particular area.

      Ok…I’m done.

      1. A fast, tall, long armed, leaping X is definitely what this offense needs. It won’t solve all their problems, but it would reduce the degree of difficulty….

            1. I wouldn’t touch Green-Beckham now matter how talented he is. He’ll cause problems for whichever team drafts him.

              Sammie Coates, MidWest? I find it very hard to get excited about Coates. He’s got speed and good size, but he’s a very average WR with inconsistent hands and poor route running skills. He has the occasional big day, but more commonly he’s the invisible man. I’m surprised he is even being considered close to a first round talent at the moment.

              1. DGB is the second most talented receiver behind Cooper without the cost of a top ten pick. Kinda like Roby….

              2. I wouldn’t take him. He’s a problem waiting to happen. I don’t care how talented he is.

              3. I understand your position Scooter, but if the 49ers don’t give him an opportunity, another team will. I remember the red flags on Aldon Smith. Aaron Lynch. There’s only two elite receivers in this draft. Cooper/DGB

              4. Yeah, its not a new position for me. I say this about all players with these types of red flags. If they take him I’ll be excited by the potential he has.

        1. i’ve said for years that the offense needs an option route running, zone hole finding safety blanket TE. what we’ve had (until this year) was a vertical seam threat big play TE.

        2. could very well be, razor….but the ? is, even with that tall, long armd leaping’X’, will CK see him and get him the ball…my inclination is that CK will lock on to the long armed guy and be in the same place he is now, with another receiver thart he overthrows or underthrows or doesn’t see if hes not the primary read..

      2. Before 2014 started baalke got FA wide receivers like B.Lloyd, S Johnson to give Kaepernick more weapons on the outside. Yet kaepernick still can find the receivers to throw two except Boldin most of the time to keep the drive alive and Crabtree who I think is overrated. Without F. Gore this offense cannot move, the 49ers defense had been carrying this team for the last four season and without the great defense I see the 49ers just another average team. After the next three games, I wouldn’t be surprise if their record is 7-9 at end of the 2014 season. We need another HC and OC and a new a young talented QB, that knows how to throw from the pocket accurately with consistent and that can be creative in the Pocket and intelligent.

  5. When your main receiver is a running back who is catching the ball within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage and you still have 13 ints…come on man! Smiths average pass travels under 7 yards in the air.
    You crucified Smith when he was a 49er and now you just found a bigger carcus to nail up. My question is do you ever get tired of being Negative Nancy and Debbie Downer? There is an abundance of prosac here in the US. I am sure the health coverage at the press democrat would cover your prescription.

    1. That’s 13 ints in 28 games. You act like that’s a bad number. You do realize there are 5 players this season who have 13 or more ints….just this season. Fact remains that Smith helps out his defense by sustaining drives and killing clock, even if they don’t produce points, his defenses get to rest on the sideline because his offense runs the ball effectively, look at gores numbers in 2011 and 2012 with Alex, and Charles in 2013 and this season. And he keeps the chains moving, leaving his defense rested. Colin does not do this well, he wants the big play all at the expense of the smart play.

      1. Facts? it’s all based on your opinions and petulance , Grand canyon? Grant I must state this fact, you’re nowhere close to Cam inman, Matt Barrows, Kevin Lynch or Matt Maiocco and lilely never will be, just stating the facts

    2. Alex has at least 11 passes this year travel more (or equal to) than 7 yards. Where do you come up with this stuff?

    3. I think I remember reading a post in this column when Alex was getting lambasted daily, and fans were calling for Kaepernick to be the QB, a poster wrote….’be careful what you wish for’…..

  6. Good gods, if Alex was still on the team, things would be ugly.
    THAT’S a fact…

    Frank Gore is too old to be our primary receiver.
    Check down throws alone aren’t going to solve the 49ers’ problems.

    If Alex was the QB, I don’t think Boldin would even want to be on the team, Crabtree would be even unhappier, and the locker room would be even more miserable. Tough to say the Santa Clara stadium goes through.

    Getting rid of Alex was the right decision.

    1. Hey Rev

      Where do you get this stuff? I hope it’s just practicing for
      Sunday’s pulpit….YOU need the confessional

      1. Oregon, I think he just making himself feel good about the game next Sunday between the 49ers and Seahawks at Seattle. I just don’t see us beating the Hawks at Seattle, this going to be lopsided affair. The Seahawks are picking at the right time and they got kap and 49ers number, won’t be surprise these going to be a blow out game by the Seahawks team.

    2. Rev, where do people like you come from? You have no clue or idea in what you are saying. For one thing Gore is a RB and second stopped F*ckin defending the overrated Kapernick. Alex Smith is far more intelligent than this clown and has more football IQ than Kap, Alex Smith will still be in the NFL after Kaepernick career is over.

      Btw, Letting Alex Smith leave is a mistake and Harbaugh is going to pay dearly for it. And now it back fire in his face. Go ahead and keep hoping for Kapernick to be a Quality Pocket passer and the QB to carry the 49ers to another SB championship:-)

    3. You are wrong about Alex…if Alex was under center inthe Super Bowl, the 49ers would have that 6th ring….simply because Alex is a smart QB..he would not have locked in on Crabtree during those last plays inside the 10 yd line….eventhough Alex checked down quite often, interceptions and sacks kill drives and momentum, and CK has the latter two pretty much dialed in…

  7. Grant,
    your write up stinks of lazy. There are way too many factors for Kaepernick’s slump. The reason that it’s worse now, is that it’s embedded in his head. This won’t be fixed now. It will require the offseason to work on it.

    Look at Drew Brees. Did he all of a sudden begin to suck? I can tell you that he began to struggle when his running game struggled and he lost Cook his only decent vertical threat. It happens. See it’s a team sport. Kaepernick didn’t show us 1 or 2 games that made us feel like he had potential. He had big game after big game on big stages. Unfazed. During that span, we rant the ball. We protected him, and he had guys catching balls.

    What’s changed? Hmmm, running game is gone. Not because it can’t function, but because the coaching staff has inexplicably gone away from it at times.

    Offensive line was broken this year. Whoever brought in Jonathan Martin should be hung or shot.

    Guys didn’t catch balls. Biggest drops were by Vernon and Crabs.

    And finally the QB regressed. Look this isn’t Alex who had one 300 yard game in his first 8 years. This is a guy that took the NFL by storm. Whether he comes back from it or not is to be seen.

    Greg Roman is not the OC for Kaep. It’s not a fit. Warner with the Rams lit it up. Wide open offense. Then Warner went to the Giants and for all intents and purposes it looked like he was washed up. Barely a backup. He looked bad when he did play for them. Why? The system didn’t fit him. He went to Arizona and we all know what happened there.

    I love that you pile on. Not looking at the entire story. It’s lazy. I’m sorry Kaep doesn’t speak to you and hates you and your father. You’ve brought it on yourselves. I listened to Tom Tolbert interview Bruce Miller yesterday. Tom asked very good questions. It was a very good interview. Lotta good insight from Bruce. You could tell they had a relationship. A friendship. A trust. Grant, you and your dad will never have that with a 49er player. It requires a character and an integrity and a level of trust that you’ll never EARN.

    1. if you just try reading before commenting, you may learn something…

      “Every season he’s in the NFL his passer rating gets worse. In 2012, his rating was 98. In 2013, his rating was 91. And this season, his rating is 85”

      So every season all those your factors or is it excuses you claim exist……..Bro it is in a decline……decline……decliiiiinnnnneeee

      1. Oneniner. That’s a valid comment. Except you look at the why’s. What’s changed. Kaep had Moss early. And the we’re committed to the run. And Vernon was a beast. And the offensive line was excellent. All of those elements are broken or gone now.
        Add the lack of commitment to a scheme and you have what you have.

        1. Bay,

          I agree with you, it’s not all on CK, there are, in fact, many other things at play in his apparent regression.

          Having said that, you were on the other side of the same argument a few years ago. Funny how now excuses are reasons, then reasons were Alexcuses.

        2. Kaepernick doesn’t see his open receivers bro. The first play of the Oakland game was a designed 6 yard throw to Bruce Miller to get his confidence up and like giving the retarded kid the football he ops for the risky throw and threw it right into the arms of the defensive back. No receivers? Really?

    2. While I agree Roman, the comparison to Brees is off. Brees is playing well on a garbage team, Kaepernick is playing poorly on a good team. Brees is PFF’s 2nd highest rated passer with a grade of +28.9, Kaepernick is 31st with a grade of -13.5. Brees has made a couple game losing decisions, but outside of that he’s playing well. I mean he’s thrown 28 touchdowns this year.

      1. You are right. The 49ers are a great team. They are a team that Steve Young and Brent Jones have thought was quitting in the Rams (Young) and Raiders(Jones) games. Brent Jones wants to watch very carefully this Sunday to see who is quitting when it’s really tough.

    3. Sounds like a lot of excuses to me. Man up and face reality, CK was and is a flash in the pan. You know a one trick pony that the league has figured out. Sorry Lame, wrong again pal. I told you to stick to baseball!

    4. Bay, I’m surprise you’re still riding Kaepernick until the ship sinks. Don’t worry bay after Kaepernick lose the game on Sunday you don’t need worry anymore what he does in the next two remaining games. The 49ers season is done and Kaepernick’s as well:-)

      FYI, don’t put the blame on the HC and Roman and the offensive line for Kap failure. Alex Smith had never blame the OL and the OF Coach for his failure early in his career. Kaepernick just came to the 49ers at the right, and played with talented players and the 49ers had a very good defense that carried the 49ers offense the last four season.

  8. This is a garbage article!! Alex smith is limited to his TE and running back. Alex Smith threw his first TD pass to a receiver last week. He has Dwayne Bowe hes a top flight pass catcher in the NFL. Smith cant get him the ball. Harbaugh knew smiths weakness and said throw to your TE and RB you cant throw outside the numbers. Flash back to NFC championship game 2011 1 completion to a receiver for 3 yards. Whatever I will still take Kaep over smith any day. We need to solidify the O line and get a deep threat and Kaep we regain form.

    1. Dwyane Bowe is hardly top flight, hes at best a #2 receiver on any other roster in the NFL, would you take him over Bolden or Crabtree? Exactly. The only skill player on the chiefs who would be a legitimate upgrade is jamaal Charles. Fact is that the chiefs offense of 2013/14 is reminiscent of the 49ers of 2011 minus vernon Davis and after Josh Morgan was injured. 1 wr who is a 2nd or 3rd wr on any other playoff team, a wr Corp made up of nobodies, and a legit rb

      1. MJ
        Travis Kelce has better numbers than ALL OF OUR TE COMBINED and at this point in their careers Boldin and Crab are also #2 Wr at best. so the talent level is not as far as you thik

        1. Yes, Kelce is performing well, but he is in essence a rookie and I’m sure anyone would still take a healthy vernon, he of the 13tds last season, over both travis and Anthony f. But even if boldin and crabs are #2s, like bowe, look at the other wrs both qbs have to work with. I still think boldin is better than bowe, but bowe and Crabtree are about equal, and then colin had Lloyd and Johnson as his next two wrs, where as kc had aj Jenkins, frankie Hammond, junior hemmingway… Their wr corp is mediocre, even compared to the 49ers. Neither is amazing but 1 through 4 sf wins hands down.

          1. No argument on the crappines of KC’s 2-4 receivers but Alex was never a huge fan of throwing beyond 10 yards from the LOS regardless of who was here. I mean he had Randy Moss and he still wouldnt throw long. Id rather have a young hungry beastly kelce than a 30yr old uninterested vernon

  9. Smith’s confidence changed BEFORE Harbaugh came to the 49ers. By the time he got the starting job back in 2009 and 2010 (check out his numbers), he’s stated that he no longer felt the need to be the franchise saving QB and had to make big plays. He was fine with taking what the defense gave him and not worrying about it….thus Captain Checkdown was born. He said he no longer cared even when he faced criticism from his own coaches for playing it too safe.

    1. that is true….he defined himself and didn’t do more than he could…….that is a smart football player…..

    2. > Smith’s confidence changed BEFORE Harbaugh came to the 49ers.

      Excellent point, AFFP — something overlooked by a lot of fans and most analysts. Harbaugh and Roman had very little to do with any real of perceived improvements in Smith’s skills in 2011 season. They used an offense that played to Alex’s strengths, and they happen to have the personnel and playbook for it. I had noticed that Alex had been gradually improving two of his main weaknesses (short range accuracy on slants and crossing routes, and mid-range sideline throw accuracy) before Harbaugh arrived.

      The offense that plays to Kap’s strengths in somewhat different from the one that is optimized for Alex. The same playbook works OK as long as the O line is playing well in the run game and there are competent RBs who run between tackles. Once that run attack is in trouble AND the only deep threat is having a bad year (probably because of injuries), Kap’s shortcomings are exposed.

  10. …….the truth hurts……..

    Not happy we are losing but definitely happy the Alex haters are confused in responding to this current QB debacle……

    Its like day and night….the aggression is no more, its all about being defensive now….just read up on gayBAY – its the RB, Coaches, O-Line, WR drops fault…….lol

    ninermd – you mad bro!!!

  11. Grant, I’ve always sung your praises more than anyone else, but you are getting too negative lately.

    Kaep’s ceiling is 5x higher than Smith’s.

    Did you forget that Smith was at one point considered among the top 20 busts of all time?

    Did you forget that Smith can’t throw a completion to a WR to save his life (that includes this year). Did you forget that Smith’s most famous move was to roll right and throw out of bounds?

    Did you forget that, other than organizing a training camp during a lockout, was never a leader on his team?

    How about you compare Smith’s first 3 years to Kaep’s first 3 years? That would be a nightmare scenario.

    It takes Smith 3 hours to watch an episode of 60 Minutes, that’s how slow he is in doing things. He only threw 1 touchdown his first year. Even Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell had better first years.

    All Smith has is conservatism, a great attitude, and basic game management skills, and in order to play well, he has to have an all star defense and an all star running game and an all star coaching staff. He doesn’t throw to his WRs because he’s afraid of taking the risk. He thrives on easy checkdown completions.

    He’s the kind of guy you’d love to have your daughter marry, but if you want him to win you a superbowl, he’ll help you to not lose it, but he certainly won’t play any part in helping you win it.

    If you look at his stats and even where he got drafted, he is the modern day Tim Couch, only with a great attitude and more longevity.

    Please don’t engage in this kind of revisionist history. It makes it look like you have a biased agenda.

    1. Smith’s first 3 years stats are irrelevant. This team isn’t a charity that can let their starting QB play on a scholarship and have time to develop. So the only comparisons that are relevant are current ones.

      Smith’s first 3 years with the Niners were practically with an expansion team. Kaepernick had a playoff contender to work with.

      I think at this point, the Niners would take Smith’s conservatism and some safe throws to runningbacks over what has been going on the last few games at QB. Kaep for some reason throws downfield to his wideouts (incomplete or intercepted) ON A PLAY THAT IS DESIGNED FOR A SAFE 5 YARD PASS TO THE FULLBACK.

      1. I don’t discount the three yrs….or any of the seven years he was here..Inaccurate,fumbling the ball,throwing picks,happy feet,under throwing,over throwing..eating sacks like hamburgers….shoulder issues..which he’s had 3 seperate occasions..which speaks to durability issues..They exist in my mind clearly..Unfortunately Kap is not gonna get 100yrs to prove his worthiness like our previous qb had..That’s why I laugh at some of our fanbases and outsiders..Saying we kept the wrong qb..This man was here 7+years..I can’t think of many athletes that got several chances like him..I thought the shoulder problems were the kiss of death..but he was kept around..His only attribute is doesn’t turn the ball over…ummm..you’re not supposed to.lol..That line that everyone quotes as to why he is a good quarterback..Guess he’s a good quarterback for his cleats too…….

        1. 7 yrs with dumb offensive coaches except one, injuries, and an OL that wasn’t the one Kaep had (not this year)… You can’t compare, i guess. And I be lieve Kaep has more potential. Is it OC faults or on his shoulder I am not qualified to say, someone else is doing at an other online magazine resource

        2. Shoulder issues come from 320 lb Red Bryant landing on his side during a sack, by playing behind a picket fence offensive line….durability is not a question….you can choose to include all 8 years Alex Smith was here, and include them in yuour analysis of him….bottom line is no QB would fluorish behind a bad line, with bad coaching, different systems year after year, and marginal receivers….the hatred for Alex Smith is alive and well for some reason….perhaps because the taste of crow is unappealing…

          1. Injuries are apart of the game bro.I don’t have a hatred…Im just not gettin all this love and support for an marginal Qb that really hasnt done much and never should’ve been drafted by the team in the first place..Other qb’s under the same poor regime don’t get a pass..but.he does for some reason.. ..He wouldn’t have won the superbowl..cause he wouldn’t have came back down 3scores Kap’s story isn’t fully written here..The previous quarterback is..Let it go!!! Just like the front office did last yr….

  12. Kaepernick reminds me of so much of Randal Cunningham in his early part of his career. A very talented passer that let expectations (and a Neanderthal offense and team led by Buddy Ryan) crush him after initial success. Cunningham was a broken man professionally by the mid 90’s until he made his comeback with the Vikings. By the time he got to the Vikings he no longer felt the pressure of expected super star success he felt when he was with the Eagles. He also settled down in the pocket and learned to read defenses and throw deep to Randy Moss and underneath to Chris Carter.

    1. allforfunnplay,

      I agree with you about Cunningham. I have always believed that Cunningham would have been a better player if he had played for almost anyone other than Ryan. But he was the primary offensive weapon on those teams, and he had to have the playmaker mindset or they would have had no chance at winning.

      And I agree Kap is experiencing some of the same issues, but I think they are somewhat more self-imposed than they were with Cunningham. Kap does not need to be the primary offensive weapon for the 49ers to win, the way Cunningham needed to be with Ryan’s Eagles. Yet, as things deteriorate, Kap seems to slip more and more into that mindset. He needs someone or something to snap him out of it.

      1. jpn001

        Thought the physical similarities of Kaep and Randal are interesting, I think that’s only part of it. The biggest similarities are the early big play success each player had (much do to their physical talents as well as their passing skills) and then having to live up to their own hype and expectations and how they break (or in Kaep’s case, appear to break) under the pressure when things don’t go right.

    2. I would take Cunningham in a heartbeat because atleast you could like the guy. Colin acts like an immature 14 year old….at are 27.

  13. Why in gods name are we discussing CK Vs AS? Smith is long gone. This is fricken ridiculous. How bout an article comparing CK with a QB who you believe may be available to the 9ers next yr. FA or draft pick. You used to write articles like that.

    1. Old Coach,

      While I agree that the Smith comparison seems to be low hanging fruit, that does not mean it is not a valid comparison. For better or worse, Kap’s career is tied to Alex Smith’s. And while I do not agree with the mindset that winning a Super Bowl is the only measure of success for a QB, I will say that for Kap, winning a Super Bowl is likely the only way he will be able to separate his career from Alex’s career.

    2. Grant has Checked out like Harbaugh. He used to have fire and excitement now he writes his obligatory 2 articles per week and cashes the paycheck. Peeked at age 26, much like Kaep

      1. At least Grant knows the difference between “peeked” (he peeked through the window) and “peaked” (Kaep peaked three years ago).

        Did you even go to school, Brainiac?

        1. Yeah you sure got me, spelling mistakes :(. Boston has some of the best schools in the world, check us out sometime.
          My point remains. The amount of effort put in to this blog by Grant has diminished every year

  14. Very interesting and downright depressing reference with the movie bit.
    I listened to 1140 AM with Grant Napear the other day. A caller referenced the fact that the player from Oakland (Moore) posted a picture and reminded Kaep of his comment calling him a Chump. Grant commented that any QB who goes into Lambeau in January and beats them is no Chump. You know what, I agree. I believe in Kaep and his willingness to work on his deficiencies and to make progress. It is amazing to me how much we talk about Smith and the past. Is there an actual benefit in doing this? Does it solve any problems at all? Maybe Bowman’s presence will help motivate and/or maybe the coaching staff will just let him play his style of ball and we win. I don’t know what the answer is, but I know that the negativity within this article promotes nothing positive or beneficial. I choose to stay positive.

  15. The49es should release either gabert or Josh johnson and sign B J Daniels. He can be a good QB to replace Kaeperror. Kaeperror should be benched next game in favor of Josh Johnson.

  16. Finally someone comes out and says what everyone has been thinking all along. Alex Smith in hindsight is now the better fit QB for the 49ers. Efficient, does not turn the ball over and takes what the defense gives him. Kaepernick, immature, erratic and one hell of an athlete, not QB, but athlete.

    Cue the uproar from the Alex haters, I see Bayarea has already started the whimpering. Where is Ninermd?

    1. here’s the problem with the Smith is better than Kaepernick for the 49ers talk. there were times when Smith was too conservative for the Niners. Smith would probably not gotten the Niners through the playoffs in 2012. Now with the wheels falling off at the QB position, we all look fondly back to the safety of a good conservative QB.

      1. “Smith would probably not gotten the Niners through the playoffs in 2012.”

        Yeah, it’s not like Smith could have beat Green Bay.

        1. well, he did beat New Orleans. But so far that type of performance seems to be an outlier vs. a sign of further big play development.

            1. so what do you read into those games and Alex’s continued performance? Me, I think he’s capable of bigger play games. But he still is highly conservative.

      2. Smith’s ceiling was higher than Kaepernick’s floor has proven to be. I was not particularly invested in Smith one way or the other until Harbaugh decided to bench him in the middle of his best year ever. While there is no denying that Kaepernick is the superior athlete I am not convinced he is the better QB. In many ways I think the 49er’s played better as a TEAM because of Smith’s limitations. Now it seems like they live or die on how well or poorly Kaepernick plays, which of late has been mostly the latter.

      3. That is a point that seems to come up a lot in these posts, that Smith couldn’t have gotten them to the playoffs, but it is empirically impossible to prove which makes it an absolutely useless path of reasoning. I suspect that given the opportunity Smith might well have led the team to exactly the same record, though his wins might have come against different teams. But, as I said, its impossible to know.

  17. First time commenting on a Grant Cohn article.

    Wow…..this is beyond terrible journalism. Typical for you Grant. I’m honestly surprised your still employed. If I put forth garbage like this in my job I wouldn’t last a week. If you think Smith is better than Kaep than you know nothing about football. I wish the webzone would somehow distinguish your Press Democrat articles from Barrows so I don’t open your trash. Dear lord….man you are bad.

    1. “I wish the webzone would somehow distinguish your Press Democrat articles from Barrows”

      They do

    2. They will never fire Junior. pops has pics of the PD boss with either a dead girl or a live boy so the trash continues

  18. Reason for failure? It was Roman and the coaching staff’s decision to keep Kaepernick in the pocket and not allow him to run. They wanted to mold Kaepernick into a QB the he is not meant to be. Kaepernick should be allowed to play like Russel Wilson where he is free to run and get extra yardage. Nevertheless, Kaepernick’s decision making and accuracy is horrible. He gifted Sherman the 2 interceptions by throwing directly at him (it would be 3 if Sherman didn’t drop it). It looked like Sherman was the one he targeted not the WRs.

    1. Roman’s decision to keep Kaep in the pocket? Could it be that defenses are going out of their way to keep Kaep in the pocket to pass? Guess what, when teams force Wilson to play from the pocket, the Sehawks struggle too. It’s just that they have Marshawn Lynch and an effective run game to dictate to defenses.

    2. Actually Kap is not capable of playing like Wilson who is quick and agile. Kap is strong and fast but not capable of exec aping the pocket like Wilson.

      1. this is exactly what most kaepernickers don’t get.

        wilson is elusive in the pocket. he’s shifty like barry sanders (though obviously not in the same class as barry).

        on the flip side, kaep’s a long strider, so once he gets going, it’s hard to pick out the angle. he may even have more straight line speed than wilson. but he’s not shifty/elusive. he’s like vernon (though not in vernon’s class based on the 40).

  19. Thee only guy who can pass block on that line is Staley, and he’s regressed.No receiver with any kind of deep speed so both safeties are up passing and running lanes are jammed . All he can do is force the ball into Boldin , but other teams know this. I blame Baalke for not drafting speed

    1. Staley has been played quite well overall in the last few games after an inconsistent start. The rest of the O line have been unsettled and pretty bad.

        1. I’ve said before, the letting go of Jonathon Goodwin was bigger loss
          than was anticipated. The guy was on the down side of his career. Could not over power anyone and could be overpowered. But he knew what he was doing (he was a former pro bowler) and I’m guessing made mostly the right line calls.

          1. You think so, AFFP? I thought Kilgore picked up the role pretty well after a few hiccups in the first two weeks.

            Yeah, Boone has been Ok over the last two weeks, but too little, too late, unfortunately.

          2. “I’ve said before, the letting go of Jonathon Goodwin was bigger loss
            than was anticipated.”

            Kilgore was on pace to have a better season in 2014 than Goodwin did in 2013.

            1. yes, on an individual assessment….but I was thinking of the Center position’s responsibility of making line calls and getting the line lined up on who to block once the presnaps reads have been made (heard an interesting comment about that by Miller last week).

              1. So am I. He was playing at a high level. There has been a significant drop off since his injury.

              2. in regard to line calls and instructing other linemen, how do you assess Kilgore was doing a good job before his injury (and how would and injury effect these less tangible/physical skills?)

              3. “how do you assess Kilgore was doing a good job before his injury”

                Their rush yards per attempt have decreased and sacks per attempt have increased.

            2. How has Goodwin performed for the Saints? I too worried about losing him. Aside from the QB the center handles the ball more than any other player.

      1. OLine grades from the Oakland game from PFF are as follows (by way of Niners Nation):

        Joe Staley: 1.2 overall, 1.2 pass block, -0.3 run block
        Mike Iupati: -0.3 overall, 0.5 pass block, -0.9 run block
        Marcus Martin: -3.9 overall, -2.1 pass block, -1.9 run block
        Alex Boone: 2.7 overall, 1.8 pass block, 0.7 run block
        Jonathan Martin: 0.6 overall, 1.7 pass block, -1.3 run block

        Boone and Staley were best. Marcus Martin was worst.

        I’m still not clear on who is calling the protections. Can somebody provide me with an answer. Thanks.

          1. That’s what I thought. So should we really expect a “rookie” center to be able to make the right calls. I realize that we lost Kilgore and Martin was next up, but I’ll be interested to see if, now that Martin is hurt, Looney does a better job.

            1. Well that info bust a possible theory, but OTOH, I’m glad they’re not leaving it to a rookie.

              1. Doesn’t that still create challenges along the line, having the guard call O line plays.

  20. STLninerfan I’ve been around here for a while and Grants writing at one time was much better. In fact i considered him an up and coming sports writer in the bay area. I have no idea what has happened. I believe someone got to him and convinced him that attitude is more important than writing. I have posted here many many times that i did’nt disagree with the content of Grant’s articles but his tone was amaturish. Lately I’ve not enjoyed his content either.

    1. Coach
      Its called complacency. We as a fan base are rabid. We will comment on a transcript for gods sake (harbs this week got 400+ hits) so aside from journalistic integrity and aspirations to improve why would grant spend an hour’s worth of researching and writing when he can just copy/paste or write a lazy article and still get paid. In his mind he has arrived.

  21. I don’t know why fans hound Kap for not mouthing meaningless platitudes in post-game and weekly pressers. I’ve listened to every Niners player who speaks to the TV beat reporters and not even one of them have had an iota of useful football info. Not Gore, not Boone, not Reid.

    There is only one exception. It’s Bruce Miller on Tolbert’s weekly interview. In yesterday’s interview, he mentioned how the Niners offense takes an inordinate time from the time the huddle breaks and they line up at the LoS for the snap. For me reading between the lines, this comment obliquely places the blame on Kap for not hurrying the players on to the line. Miller also gives an example of poor execution on his part where he missed a block on a run play, but Gore swiftly dodged the run blitzer and bailed out Miller.

    As htwaits pointed out in the last blog, Brent Jones’ weekly rant is a must-hear for Niners fans. In fact all the key podcasts on KNBR over the last two days including this morning’s interview with Jerry Rice were very interesting.

    1. Mood:

      I think his performance at press conferences is just another manifestation of how he lets all of the “outside noise” affect him. He’s letting opponents/tweets get into his head and he’s unable to shake off bad performances. For contrast, look at how Rodgers handled his fan base with the word “Relax”.

      My personal opinion is that he cannot turn it around this year because of his mindset. It’s going to take an offseason and new mentors.

      1. Cubus

        I’m on board with you on this.

        This season is done.

        I think the offense basically lost all sense of direction right from the training camp when Roman “cleaned out the garage” and also threw away the baby with the bathwater. Add to that all the noise about Harbs being traded to Cleveland didn’t help the offense focus on this new offensive philosophy where power run plays alternated with 4-5 receiver sets.

        All the players contend that the outside noise do not affect them. As Brent Jones asserted, they are lying.

        Kap needs a mentor as a backup QB. He is immature for his age and I don’t think Harbaugh, Roman and Chryst quite figured out how to reach out to him influence him. They may have approached working with him the same way they worked with Alex, a mature adult even as a rookie.

        A coach like Chip Kelly would connect with Kap better. Kap needs to stay away from social media completely. He clearly is influenced way too much by negative comments by trolls and fans on social media.

        If I were part of F.O., I would hire the best sports psychologist available a permanent member of the Niners staff. I can see Kelly doing that. He consults with engineering professors for mechanistic insights. A sports psychologist earning $300K a year on the Niners staff could improve the performance of players earning tens of millions per year. Harbaugh would never hire one (I say this as a Harbaugh fan!). He would hire Mangini, the anti-psychologist :)

        1. Agree. I’ve posted before that I think a sports psychologist would be a vital addition to the team.

            1. I think Harry Edwards was a sociologist, not a trained psychologist. Not just Kap, but many of the Niners could benefit from counseling ranging from Brooks to Aldon and Culliver.

          1. they have 12 offensive coaches already….now you want a sports psychologist……..

            I will make my final judgement on #7 after sunday…..the loss at home to Sea made obvious what i thought i knew all season, the loss to the raiders confirmed what I thought I knew all season……this game @ seattle will pretty much finalize what I want to know…..about #7

        2. Geep Chryst only worked with him last offseason. That is no where near enough time to go from a runner mindset to a pocket passer. We aren’t talking about something small. That’s a big change for a QB. He is going to need more than one off season to become a true pocket passer.

        3. Mood
          I gotta disagree on the season is done theme. What Walsh stressed in his first couple of years was to just keep plugging and get it right. Even if they were hopelessly losing a game, BW wanted the offense to just keep
          performing, that the benefits would come later. So if the offense can find ANY continuity as this season winds down, they would be building for next year and beyond.
          Does Colin’s new interview attitude give hope that he’ll consider a different mental approach to his challenges? Im not sure, but possibly so given the “too focused” comment.
          The 2014 Niners are toast, but there’s still important work to be done. If CK and the offense continue their hopeless lack of effectiveness the bad taste will linger through the off season.

          1. Tuna

            I agree with you. My view was a realistic one as a fan. As professional players, the Niners have to fight tooth and claw until the last play of the last game.

            As Brent Jones said, the next 3 games will tell us a lot about the individual players in the team. Maybe Kap has had an epiphany of sorts.

      2. Not new mentors – just growing up. He has the emotional maturity of an 8 year old. He has to take responsibility for his actions and attitude.

        1. Yeah, but let’s face it, what is Harbaugh’s emotional maturity. Is he really the best person to guide Kaep in these areas where he needs to grow up?

  22. The 49ers offense is so atrocious thanks to a QB that makes me yearn for the days of Tim Rattay and JT O’Sullivan. I have to play Madden and light teams up with a created QB on the 49ers so I don’t go apesh** watching the ineptitude of an dysfunctional 49er offense.

  23. Everyone needs to calm down. I will be the first to admit that KAP has not played well lately. Our offensive line is suspect. The play calling is suspect and all the turmoil behind the scenes hasn’t helped this team. Let me start out by saying I always like Alex Smith. He’s not elite but he’s no scrub. He played for a very bad Niner team with bad coaches and a new offensive coordinator every year for six years.
    Hard to succed in that position. Then Harbaugh came and and Alex found success. Now if you believe that Alex should have remained the Niners QB I’m okay with that. But Harbaugh decided to go with KAP and after what Harbaugh has do to this organization after years of incompetence makes it hard to question that. So let’s look at KAP since he had taken over.

    In his first 30 games his statistics were almost exactly the same as Steve Youngs were at the same point in his career. Let’s go to the first playoff game against the Packers. I think we can all agree that Alex doesn’t do what KAP did that night. How about the NFC Champioship an faints the Falcons. Our Defense didn’t show up in the first half and we fell behind 17-0. Does Alex come back from that many down. There is no history of him doing that.
    KAP brought us back. Now to the Super Bowl. Let’s be honest. They didn’t show up in the first half. The got punched in the face by Flaco. Now , before everyone jumps down my throat, I love our defense. They are fantastic. They are the main reason for all our success over the last three seasons but if you are honest with yourself, they didn’t show up in the first half of that SuperBowl. And don’t get me started on Special teams.I could Argue we don’t get back in that game if it wasn’t for KAP. The play calling at the 5 yard line was not on KAP. And we all have our opinion on the last play to Crabtree.

    Then the following year. ( only his second as a starter by the way). He goes into Lambeau and out plays Rodgers in 12 degree weather. Has a game winning drive. Go’s to Carolina and has a fantastic game. Then goes up to Seattle and is a great play by Sherman away from going right back to the Super Bowl.

    Then this year he has struggled. He is having some growing pains right now. He needs to work on his game but for everyone to be done with him is ridiculous. Patience everyone. I would be more concerned with losing Harbaugh than KAP right now.

    24-12 as a starter

    4-2 in the playoffs

    He has won more playoff road games than any other 49er QB.

    The future is still very bright but he’s has to improve in the pocket.

          1. Jack
            Isnt it interesting that with a competent offensive coach sanchez looks like a far cry from the stumblin bumblin but fumblin mess he was under Rex? he still has to protect the ball better though

            1. He’s certainly looked better, but I think the game against the Seahawks showed he’s still a far cry from a good QB.

              Dang good backup, though.

    1. 0-1 in the super bowl. Road playoff wins don’t mean ish. It’s super bowl rings or nothing if you’re a real niner fan, accept no substitute.

      1. MJ,

        This is a different time and very different organization. If you feel this way you should probably stop watching because you will be very unhappy about 99.9 % of the time.

        1. I was there from 02 to 2010, I know all too well how horrible losing can be, with the likes of Ericson, Nolan and Singletary as head coach. The team in 2011 was the closest to those teams from 81 to 98 that we’ve seen. Point was that if the Niners get to the SB, it’s to win it, and if that’s what’s not going to happen then don’t go, 49ers don’t go to super bowls to lose, don’t be happy with a participation award.

          1. > Point was that if the Niners get to the SB, it’s to win it,

            You are mistaking correlation with causality. Read in this link and imbibe the Wisdom of the Master :)


            ““I envisioned it as enabling us to establish a near-permanent ‘base camp’ near the summit, consistently close to the top, within striking distance, never falling to the bottom of the mountain and having to start all over again.” ”

            There are so many factors out of control of the coaches, players and F.O. that goes into finally holding the Lombardi aloft. The best a team can do is be consistent and “establish a near-permanent ‘base camp’ near the summit”.

            Niners did just that for 3 years and got very close. Again to quote the Master:
            “Luck will always play a part in highly competitive contests. However, planning for all contingencies improves the odds.”

          2. MJ,

            You can’t win it if you don’t get there. I don’t overlook wins, they are too hard to come by and can disappear quickly as we are seeing right now. You have to enjoy the ride as much as the ending or it’s really a waste of time.

              1. I guess it’s been a rough twenty years for you huh? And it looks like you’re going to be waiting a few more years from the way things are headed. Must be tough being you. Just don’t kick the dog because of it.

    2. Alex Franklin,
      I for one am not done with CK. But the word that comes to mind is “underachieve.” Kap (for many reasons) has not advanced his game this season.
      The biggest frustration is that he has yet to play at a high level since his playoff games against the Packers and Carolina. And to some degree the championship game against the hawks.

      While one hand I agree with some analyst that say Kap has been stifled from playing to his strengths, there is also the obvious issues of inaccurate passes and failed reads that can’t be placed on the coaching.

      Throw in the fact the O-line has not been consistent due to injuries and O-line players being beat by opponents, one could make a case for many of CK’ deficiencies.
      But this is football and injuries will happen. But when they do, your key players (in the case CK) need to rise to the occasion and Kap has failed in this area.

      But I hold out hope for CK because of what I’ve seen him do when he is playing at optimum level.
      This is why I’m not ready to throw out the baby with the bath water.

      Sunday’s game is one in which CK can reclaim some of his early glory or continue his frustrating descent.
      To me, this game is a character check for the whole team, but none more than for Kap.

    1. Borland continues by saying Wilson has improved. He also describes Wilson as “smart”. That’s not coaching.

      Phisically and athletically CK has it over RW.

      CK is pressing too hard. Maybe it’s pressure from Harbs.

      CK is quite capable of good football.

  24. I have theory …

    In the off season, Jed and Baalke dictated that the passing game on offense must improve. Harbaugh resisted but begrudgingly accepted the challenge. This executive order led to relationship strains with the front office and within the locker room. Harbaugh and Roman were, therefore, forced to emphasize passing in their game plans. Harbaugh also used this opportunity to show that the front offense was wrong, so he went away and stayed away from the strength of the offense – which is power run, read option, pistol which had worked so effectively in season’s past. Harbaugh knows he’s gone after this season, so he’ll leave a mess for Jed and Baalke to clean up.

    1. Nick:

      As you say it’s a theory. I might be able to buy it a bit more if there was some other evidence that in the past Harbaugh has “cut of his nose to spite his face”. He’s so hypercompetitive that it’s hard to believe that he would go away from the strength of the offense to spite Jed and Baalke.

    2. Interesting hypothesis, Nick. But I think it is incorrect. Harbaugh would show his middle finger to anyone who wanted to interfere with his staff’s viewpoint on how to strategize and game plan for his team. He’d rather walk away than tolerate and accept interference.

    3. Nick I half agree with you i have a strong feeling tha Baalke\York pushed the O change on Harbaug. I don’t believe the 9ers are failing because Harbaugh is making a point. I believe that we are failing because the new emphasis on O goes away from CK strengths as well as the strengths of the O line. Also a coaching staff has to believe in a scheme or they won’t be effective either.

  25. This article is about as composed as Kaep is in the pocket.
    “Harbaugh never had to lie and call Smith great just to pump him up. The highest praise Harbaugh ever gave Smith was to call him a Pro Bowler, which he is.” What??? Do you remember the Alex is elite quote from JH? of course you dont How about your article that Smith had to go and that CK was the future of quarterbacking? You might be bipolar. You say Smith is not a good QB and then 10 lines later call him a pro bowler.
    Did it ever occur to you that the reason his best receiver is a RB is because he doesnt throw to WR? Whether its the NFCCG in 2011 or 2014 he just prefers to throw to TE and to backs.

    You are such a hypocrite. I understand that to get hits you constantly stir the pot and there is no better way to stir up debate than to invoke Alex smith but the blog remembers that YOU grant cohn practically drove him to the airport yourself.

    Serious question. There used to be a weekly player matchup breakdown for the following weeks oponent where you actualy did some analysis and sparked good debate. Now you just copy and paste press conferences and write an article trashing CK every week. Have you mailed it in this season like JH? or are you regressing like you claim Kaep is?

    1. Bos,

      He’s mailed it in for pretty much the whole season and has turned into Lowell Jr. complete with hindsight analysis and a short memory. It’s a complete waste of time to read this stuff unless you just enjoy a kid throwing out opinions that contradict themselves every few weeks. I’m done with it personally.

      1. Rocket
        I saw ur comment above about being done. I hope you mean “done with reading his articles” as opposed to done with posting on this site. There have been competent people that have left this forum recently (adam 707 for one) and that could spell a slow death of this blog which could be horrible. We as a comunity have survived through the years no matter who the moderator was and i sincerely hope we continue to do so now. I cant talk Red Sox all year round damn it. i need this forum to vent/grieve and get excited about mu true love the 49ers

        1. Bos,

          No I’m not taking my ball and going home, unless I get banned. I’m just going to stop reading and responding to the garbage at the top. I’ll still check in to the forum from time to time and respond accordingly.

  26. Grant — You done wet the bed for all the Kaepernick lovers! You dare say Smith was the better choice? Hindsight is 20/20 but alas, c’est la vie.

    Kap had one really good playoff game agains the Packers. The Niners were losing to ATL, then in the 2nd half leaned on Gore.

    He had a nice game in cold weather against GB in Lambeau, but it took a FG to win it, not a TD pass.
    He had slow start against Caroling, an unproven playoff team. But he wet gave away the Seattle NFCCG, and was not good in the SB. Why do people think he’s so wonderful when the pressure is on?

    It’s embarrassing to be 9 point underdogs to Seattle. If I wasn’t a fan, I would bet money on Seattle, that game is going to be a blow-out.

  27. What a bunch of crap, amazing this is even published. The real question is how does something like this get online, isnt there some sort of editor that reads this stuff before letting it go, disgrace.

    1. Now there is great question……who is the editor that lets this garbage go out the door? God he should be fired as well. Is the editor’s last name Cohn?

  28. Well, you could see this post coming, but that doesn’t mean Grant didn’t deliver. Kaepologists’ heads are exploding all over the place. It’s like Scanners, but on a larger scale. That’s some first class trolling.

    Although it seems premature to write off Kaepernick, prematurely writing off 49ers QBs has pretty much become a tradition since Joe Montana set the bar so high.

    1. @Claude

      Very good point, but let’s take it back through Tittle….forty-whiners, we are for sure

  29. Since I’m fairly new to the blog, is there a way to search for words. I’m trying to find the link or reference that someone provided regarding a Brent Jones interview. I tried googling it, but nothing current came up. I’m hoping there is a search feature here on the blog?

        1. His main point is that football is a function of ALL eleven players plus getting the play executed on time. ;-}

  30. I don’t usually agree with Grant. You take away the last 13 games and Kaep almost got us to a Super Bowl. lol The problem with Kaep, is that he is a numbskull off the field and incompetent when he is on the field. We need to give him one more year, to see how this plays out. I bet that Jed is tired of his immature act.

    1. Jed is over his head, like Father like son. Really need Eddie D come in as a consultant, and figure this crap out.

    2. Real Neal, Harbaugh, Roman and Kaepernick will be on the same bus out of San Francisco at the end of the season. The 49ers will be making a lot of change in their coaching and players.

  31. When the Warriors hired Mark Jackson he met with Jim Harbaugh to talk about coaching.

    When the Warriors hired Steve Kerr he met with Pete Carroll to talk about coaching.

    1. Overlooked in all the “why does the offense stink” chatter is the collapse of the TE position on a team with a TE oriented offense.

      Start of Season we have Vernon, Vance and Carrier
      Now we have Ghost Vernon, Celek and Cleveland

      VD had 13 TD’s last season. 1 this season. That alone could be a three game swing.

    1. Interesting article and a good reminder that statistical analysis is a two headed monster. Always liked RW. Wish him the best, but not at the expense of my niners!

  32. The reason Jaamal Charles is KC’s best receiver is because their QB is none other than “Captain Checkdown” This is also the reason Alex’s completion percentage is high, because he is —- “Captain Checkdown.” Fearful of throwing the ball greater than 5 yards down the field unless the receiver is WIDE open. You know, you could put Megatron or Julio Jones on KC’s roster and they would be non-factor’s, why” Because it’s Captain Checkdown. I still would take Krappynick over Captain Checkdown.

    1. Yeah right, you put Julio Jones, Megatron, Dez Bryant or any other elite receiver on that KC team and that team is easily in the playoffs. The only reason they would not contend for the big dance is a horrible O line and pathetic run defense. Other than Charles and the tight ends, Smith is thowing to one of the worst receiving corps in the league. Bowe is decent, but at best a #2 receiver.

    2. Before Alex Smith came to K.C Jamaal Charles was already an elite RB in the NFL Yes, do take Kaepernick any day over Alex, because his not going to be an elite QB in the NFL. It doesn’t matter if your argument that Kap is athletic and has a strong arm and fast, but still stinks playing QB on the football field. The 49ers defense has won 75% of the games in the last four season:-)

        1. I actually found it encouraging…. that he’s listening.
          And loosening up.
          (he said, grasping at straws of hope)

          1. I think this is something we can all come together on:

            Asked about the image of Sherman and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson munching on turkey legs on the 49ers field on Thanksgiving night, Kaepernick had a brief and direct reply.

            “It’s not something I was necessarily happy about,” he said.

  33. Here’s an exerpt of Peter Kings article yesterday re: PeteC relationship with his player and their contract.

    Lynch became a Seahawk in early October 2010, and his first team meeting set the tone for what would become a three-season odyssey that included a Super Bowl victory last February. Pete Carroll asked him to stand. The head coach then told Lynch that during training camp that year, while Lynch was still in Buffalo, each member of the Seahawks shared a story about the worst thing that ever happened to him.

    “It’s the only way we’re going to be a team,” Carroll said, according to two players who were in the room.

    Lynch, who some friends believe has a fear of public speaking, looked around and saw solemn faces and nodding heads. An assistant coach in the back of the room shouted, “It’s a safe place, man!”

    Lynch, who grew up with three siblings and a single mother in Oakland, started to tell as heartfelt a tale as any new Seahawk before him. But he couldn’t get the first sentence out before Carroll and others interrupted.

    “Sit down!” they yelled. “Nobody cares about your sob story!”

    At first incredulous, Lynch quickly got the joke and smiled. Then Carroll addressed him again, this time sincerely.

    “Marshawn, people have been trying to change you your whole life,” Carroll said, according to the same two players. “They’re trying to make you into something you’re not. Here are the things that are important to us—our three rules—other than that, I have a ton of respect for you and I want you to be you.”

    The rules that Carroll relayed:

    Number 1. Protect the team: At practice realize you’re going up against your own guys. Or when you’re out drinking it’s your responsibility to take his keys away and find him a way home, almost more than it is his.

    Number 2. No whining. No excuses. No complaining.

    Number 3. Be early. It’s a sign of respect.

    And so began Marshawn Lynch’s second chance.

  34. I find it interesting that anytime there is an article that points out CK’s shortcomings, the same group starts screaming about how much of a hack Cohn is. Unfortunately for us, I think this article is very accurate. The fact that Smith is playing far better than CK with inferior talent is driving the Smith haters crazy. Smith is not elite, but he was a perfect fit for our team and was playing at a very high level before Harbaugh betrayed him and took his job in order to unwrap his shiny new toy. This mess is on Harbaugh. He jumped the gun. He should have given CK 2-3 more years behind Smith to learn, grow, and mature. Now everyone is paying the price for Harbaughs over zealous gaffe, CK, the team, and the fans. Cue the CK fanatics and the Smith haters. Get ready for it…..

    1. What group is that exactly? I’m not a Smith Hater, in fact I backed Smith against the same types of attacks by people that only focus on low hanging fruit. What is being said about Kap right now isn’t too far off what was being said about Smith. He was actually criticized for being too conservative, but the time count violations, leaving the pocket too quickly, turning the ball over at key moments against the Giants etc are pretty much the same. The hack in question was a vocal proponent of Kap replacing Smith and devoted many articles to disparaging Smith much the way he’s disparaging Kap right now. Actually it’s pretty much the way he approaches everything. His opinions mean nothing because he changes his mind frequently and contradicts himself regularly. That is why people criticize him more than anything and it’s well deserved.

      As to your thoughts here on Harbaugh, he made the decision he thought was best and most around the league and on forums like this agreed with it. He went to a SB and NFCCG in successive years after making that decision so it’s hard to say he was wrong. The fact Kap is struggling now doesn’t change the fact he’s won a lot of games and playoff games.

      To try and compare Smith to Kap ignores the fact that the two situations are completely different from personnel, to scheme, to what is asked of each QB. It also ignores the fact Kap rated ahead of Smith in pretty much every area for most of the season and even now the author is trying to make it seem like a 2 percent difference in passer rating is somehow meaningful. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people rush to pile on criticism. All of a sudden this guy can’t play, he sucks, this guy is better. It’s such an ignorant and simplistic view of things that aren’t that simple.

      1. Rocket,

        I’m getting worn out from this crap, too. I still scan the articles, just to see what quarter baked idea Grant has come with, on any given day and to give some kind of context to the posts below. He can’t really believe what he’s writing, or at least i hope he can’t, for his sake.

        1. rocket, exgolfer:

          Do you guys want to set up shop at Jack’s blog? I don’t think he has banned my IP address yet. He might even be willing to give you unmoderated commenting privileges.

          1. CB
            I’ve been on webzone for years (thats actually how ii found this blog in the first place) but their commenting format is gawd awful. You have to wait for comments to be approved which makes back and forth conversation almost impossible unles its done over a several day span. How about Jack just posts his article here like its a comment and we discuss among ourselves. Shame that Grant would get the trafic but the format here is just so much better.
            BTW Great Avatar

          2. Claude,

            Tempting, but after a while, I’d get just as tired of saying, “Good point,” or “+1,” or “I was going to say something like that, but you got to it a day before me.”

  35. Something that I’ve been thinking about since the Moore-Kaep incident in the Oakland game.

    I wonder if Kaep has a side to him where he truly believes he needs to dominate all competitors on the field. Instead of being a professional who recognizes that he is playing against professionals and should respect their abilities, he seeks to “bury them”. So rather than look to exploit weaknesses in the defenses he faces, he instead wants to impose his will. Here’s my justification:

    1) His interaction with Moore in the Oakland game.
    2) His insistence to try and beat Sherman come hell or high water.
    3) I don’t think I’ve ever seen him give a press conference where he gives the other team their “props”. It’s always we have to execute better.
    4) After the loss to the Seahawks in the conference championship, I don’t believe he acknowledged that they were a good team. I’m pretty sure that he stated that Peyton would have many opportunities to carve them up. And we all know what happened.

    Don’t get me wrong, as a fan I would love for us to beat up every opponent and win by 30 or more points. But this is professional competition and a professional attitude is necessary.

    My research on this thought is scant, but thought I would throw it out to see what opinion others might have.

    1. cubus ..

      yeah, sounds plausible …
      probably more plausible than what passes for
      “sports” journalism
      around these parts …

      Mary …

      I bet you’re just salivating about now

      1. MWN: Not at all. I prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The 49ers are in desperation mode. Anything could happen. The only thing is that we are in a better position to win in Seattle than our last meeting.

        What I do want is for the Rams to win.

      2. MWNiner:

        There’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask you but have been hesitant because it might be a sensitive topic (given your logo). What’s you’re impression of Vernon this year?

        1. cubus ..

          I don’t follow the college game, so, the year
          we drafted Vernon.. I went out and
          read everything I could find about him …
          and back then .. there wasn’t much to smile about
          re: the Niners .. so since
          I figured he’d become something special .. I got his
          rookie jersey …

          I’ve been following him ever since .. but
          this year .. a-hh .. I dunno ..

          Does he have a bug up his butt ?? .. or what ?

          It really depresses me when I see him short-arm passes
          he formally (routinely) caught …

          I’m thinkin’ this season is in the tank .. and,
          hopefully .. the ship will be righted once again …

          Mary …

          Yeah.. right ..

          you remind me of throwing chum in the water, just
          to watch the sharks circle

    2. I think to even amateur psychologists (what the heck, we’re all amateur HC, OCs, DCs and GMs), Kaep seems to be pressing under pressure and it is known that he acknowledges his critics (using tweets as motivation for example). But beyond the little evidence we have it’s hard to do anything more than guess at his motivations and behaviors.

      but in his most recent press conference:

      Today’s session lasted 9:15 and, as evidence of a more congenial Kaepernick, even included praise for rival Richard Sherman.

      “He’s fast, he’s long,” Kaepernick said of the Seahawks cornerback. “He does a great job covering guys. He makes the windows very small for being able to get the ball into receivers.”


      1. Yes, I posted before I knew about his press conference. I’m looking forward to hear what he had to say.

  36. To MJ.

    So if Super Bowl rings are all that matter, than in your mind Trent Diler was a good as Brett Farve.
    Eli Manning is better than Peyton.

    This whole idea that SuperBowls are everything is ridiculous. I grew up watching Montanna. He’s the greatest. Then we got one more with Young. Then since 2000 we were the laughing stock of the NFL. Then Harbaugh comes and we win a hell of a lot if games. First with Alex and then with KAP. The Niners became relevant again. You went to bed on a lot of Sunday nights having watched your team win football games. Went back to the playoffs. Won some games and came damn close in the SuperBowl. But because KAP didn’t win the big game, he’s Elvis Grbac or Tim Rattay. That’s just crazy talk.

    By your theory, in the entire history of the Niners, only 5 seasons were successful. Okay, that’s totally reasonable.

    SuperBowl of bust hey? So KAP coming up 5 yards short in the SuperBowl is the same thing as going 6-10 under Singletary. Those two seasons made you feel the same way?


  37. You have to wonder if there may something going on with the 49ers’ offense other than the QB cratering. What are the coaches doing to correct things? How are the offensive plays working to Kap’s strengths? How’s that O-line holding up?

    I suspect whether he winds up with another offensive coordinator or lands with another team he will return to form. Just not this year.

    1. playing offense in the NFL is a lot like batting in MLB. a hitter comes out and has his strengths and does well. opposing pitchers take notice and learn of holes in a hitter’s swing. they then stop throwing to where the batter likes to hit the ball and to where the batter has trouble hitting the ball. It’s up to the batter then to fix the holes in their swing.

      NFL defenses can’t take away everything from an offense. So they often try to take away what an offense is best at. In the case of Kaeperick and the Niner Offense, it’s the run game and Kaepernick’s big play mobile passing game. We all know that defenses stack the box and crowd the line of scrimmage, making running and short passes difficult. They’re also assigning spies and linebacker “scrapers” (to defend the read option) on Kaepernick. Defenses are daring the Niners to beat them from the pocket and deep. That’s not to say there aren’t shorter pass plays to be had, but it’s not easy and not as if they can just start calling screen passes (screens work well against blitzing teams, and many defenses are staying home to read Kaepernick…making screens less effective.). The same tactics work well against Wilson, but Wilson still has Lynch and the highly effective zone run game to lean to open things up and allow him to still be mobile (plus he’s better at being mobile in terms of avoiding tacklers than Kaepernick anyway).

      Or to put it simply, Kaep and the offense needs to fix the holes in their swing.

      1. the interesting question is who would be on Baalke’s list? Especially since Parcels seems to be his prototype head coach in terms of football philosophy. He seems to like big strong powerful physical players. Strong run game and a defensive mentality. It’s “old school” and I’m not sure how much old school is still out there and to what degree it is still relevant in the NFL. Obviously when done right, strong fundamental football still works (Harbaugh’s 3 years, obviously Carol…maybe Fisher). But would someone from Walsh’s coaching tree work with Baalke?

        1. This coaching tree thing can be a little misleading. The game has evolved. Successful coaches and F.O.s now adopt a blend of both Parcells physical approach and WCO. Sean Payton is a good example. I thought the Raiders ran WCO plays more successfully than the Niners last Sunday, esp, in using the TEs, a thought which would make Al Davis roll in his grave. I can totally see Baalke consulting a WCO-influenced coach for acquiring offensive personnel that the coach prefers.

          I think that the F.O. is has a serious inability to deal with the issues that Harbaugh’s unique personality creates in the organization. That’s too bad. I wish Harbaugh would stay and work with Roman to fix the situation with Kap — maybe get help from outside.

          1. oh, absolutely. there are no “pure” practitioners on any of the coaching trees. yes, Payton is interesting because he’s from the Parcel’s coaching tree but runs a variation of the WCO.

            but the question is to what degree do these variations of the physical old school offenses, the WCO and the newer spread and fast break/spread offenses work with Balke’s vision of the Niners’ offense.

    1. Anyone have thoughts on Bill Parcells’ position that Kap is not surrounded by a very good cast.

      It would be interesting to note that Roman stated that Kap was doing more than people knew. Jones stated that BW simplified things when games weren’t going their way.

      It wod be nice to see some basics well executed.

    2. Mood,

      Thanks for the link. That was an interesting read. It made me think of something. Baalke is reported to have a good relationship with Parcells and even tried to recruit him to coach the 49ers. In the article you linked, Parcells blames Kaepernick’s struggles on his supporting cast. I wonder if that’s a slam against Baalke.

      One other random thought, I wonder if the 49ers will ever go back to running the West Coast Offense under Baalke’s reign. It seems that a coaching change is imminent. Will Jed and Baalke opt for a ‘yes man’? It remains to be seen.

  38. I notice that you call out the organization for making the wrong choice but absent is the mention that even you yourself felt like it was the correct choice at the time. It’s one thing to be right now but when you fail to mention that you were also once wrong about the same subject it sounds a bit hypocritical.

  39. Point was that if the Niners get to the SB, it’s to win it, and if that’s what’s not going to happen then don’t go, 49ers don’t go to super bowls to lose, don’t be happy with a participation award.

    Looks like school let out early today.

    1. “if you’re not first you’re last”

      -Ricky Bobby

      on the other hand it would be hilariously insulting for Harbaugh to hand out participation trophies, juice boxes to the team and offer to take them out for pizza after losing the the NFC Title(s) and the Super Bowl.

  40. CfC:

    It’s one thing to be right now but when you fail to mention that you were also once wrong about the same subject it sounds a bit hypocritical.

    How long have you been reading this blog? Grant rarely, if ever, acknowledges when he is wrong.

  41. Going into the Hawks game I would like to see Hyde carry the ball 20+ times. I would like to see Ellington start and find out what this guy has. I would like Fangio to call the offensive plays.

    1. “I would like Fangio to call the offensive plays.”

      LOL. That smacks of desperation, but I think I might agree with you.

    2. Good luck. I have almost convinced myself the coaches are almost purposely throwing games. We know the Hawks struggle with small shifty WR’s. Ellington and Johnson should have been the featured receivers.

  42. Unless someone got stabbed in the eye with a fork, I gotta think that JY will see the error of his ways and JH will finally get a real OC and all will be good in ’15. He’s still under contract. There is no one out there better than him and the first three years the Niners were at the top of the league minus the Hawks.

    But heck, I have no answers for stupidity and I think it is pretty stupid to dump a winning coach unless you have someone better lined up…

    1. “I think it is pretty stupid to dump a winning coach unless you have someone better lined up…”

      My feelings exactly. But what do I know.

  43. You play to win but sometimes you lose. Everybody loses at some point.
    Claude , you say if the Niners are going to go to the Super Bowl and lose, then don’t go. It’s win or bust.
    That’s a child’s approach. You can’t win the Super Bowl if you’re not in it.
    And being in it comes with the chance of losing it.

  44. To me, it was never Kaep vs. Smith. It was that Smith wasn’t (and isn’t) elite–and it was worth seeing if Kaep could become elite, while acquiring a couple 2nd round picks for Smith at the same time. That’s taking a shot at greatness. Ok, so it turns out that Kaep isn’t elite either. That’s fine. There have been plenty 1st and 2nd round QB prospects that haven’t panned out all across the league. You simply have to keep trying until you get “that guy.” Once we accept mediocrity, we end up with…well, the record we have this year.

    Time to move on.

    1. The problems stem from not signing Jarious Byrd. Once they screwed that up it was all downhill right sully?

      1. You’ll also recall that about three games into this season I posted on this board, “Kaep is not the answer.” And I quickly became a roasted duck.

    2. that mindset is fine if you don’t have a Superbowl caliber roster. vernon, gore, justin smith, willis, etc, were wasted. obviously, the missed opportunity was Peyton.

      ppl thought i was crazy back in ’12-’13, but i advocated trading Colin over Alex. yeah, you don’t trade a young franchise QB (like Luck or a young Peyton) and i was a Shaun Hill supporter over Alex.

      so why did i want to trade Colin? b/c i didn’t believe in the read-option and the world thought that these read-option QB’s were “franchise” QB’s!

      (1) Colin’s success was 100% based off the read-option. as was RG3. Cam & Wilson maybe 50-60%. As teams have become better at defending it, Colin has become less and less successful. That’s why his rating has declined every year. there was a small chance he would progress in the pocket to counteract this effect. but outside of Young, have any running QB’s become great pocket passers?

      (2) Look what we got for Alex… Think what they could have gotten for Colin, a young QB coming off a Super Bowl season. The bidding war would have been a frenzy and all it takes is one stupid team to give up the farm x3.

      Even Baalke would be successful if he had 2 teams’ drafts to work with. apparently they liked sheldon richardson and odell beckham jr…

      plus Alex was cheap for a starting QB. That’s part of why Seattle & SF have managed to do so well.

      1. cubus:

        Yeah, having to go through a proxy server seems to mess up the placement of and responses to my comments.

        Once again, I blame Grant.

        Prime: Still winning friends and influencing people.

        1. Claude… You’ve been late during the week lately? The disgust to hard to swallow in one night?

          1. Ninermd:

            The way the team has been playing lately has sucked the fun out of this place. I can only read so many comments from armchair coaches and armchair GMs telling us that the team’s poor play is the fault of a single individual (Roman, Kaepernick, Harbaugh, Baalke) and that replacing that individual will solve everything. The problem is more complex than that, but simple minds require simple explanations.

            Plus, Grant has made it something of a hassle to post comments, so it’s difficult to have a conversation with anyone.

            1. Quit bitching about being banned. It gives Grant satisfaction. Your avatar is only poking him with a stick. It won’t get him to unblock your IP addresses. It gives him justification.
              I’ve been utilizing proxy servers as well. Try HMA pro VPN. Grants a child.
              Grant there can’t be much satisfaction doing your job. A high gschool journalism student could do your job if he had access to post game pressers.
              If you want to be respected here Grant start by managing your blog. Put out small fires before they become big ones. Be here more regularly. And quit trolling your own blog.

              1. For once, you’re right. Even I’m getting tired of my bitching.

                But I’m keeping the avatar, at least for a little while.

  45. The problem with this article, and why I actively avoid Grant Cohn’s work, is that it does not operate in any reasonable bubble. It is meant to troll. The reality is, Smith has ZERO TDs to WRs. And he struggled tremendously throwing to WRs in his time with the Niners. If the Niners ran the type of run heavy, play action pass game they used to run…not only would Smith be extremely successful, but so would Kap. In this current environment that refuses to commit to running, behind a pourous pass protection; they would be calling for Alex Smith’s head as they are Kaps. It really is an inexplicable failure of the offensive gameplan to adjust to the talents and shortcomings of the players. We all agree that Russell Wilson has great pocket awareness, but he struggled this season before the team went back to his strengths. Rollouts, read option, screens and whatnot. You have to play the hand you are dealt as a coach. Not shoehorn your philosophy onto players even as evidence mounts that it is not working.

    1. Seattle, like the Niners, has had its share of O-line injuries, too. In fact, they went through a significant portion of the middle of the season without 3 starters, probably contributing to some of their offensive struggles and passing game woes. It’s hard to make it through a season with all starters intact. Even the great Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers struggle when their starting offensive linemen are missing in action.

    2. And Colin has 0 tds in the 4th quarter. . I’d rather take the guy who can score in crunch time vs the child who can’t.

      Tell me, does a td count for more points if it’s thrown to a Wr? Then what’s your effing point?

      1. He’s only lead one scoring drive in the 4th quarter and hasn’t thrown for one. Most of the games the Niners have played have been close. What does that tell you about the offense and the leader, CK?
        That is a stat far worse then Alex not throwing a TD pass to a WR. The bigger stat for Alex and the Chiefs is their redzone efficiency. This is something he carried over during his time here.

        People need to stop the argument that Alex can’t lead the team to the SB and win it. He got them within a couple of fumbles. We don’t know what he will do in the big game, we do know that CK lost it when he had a chance to win it. That’s all you need to know. Winners find a way to make that play. Do as they are coached.

        But not Colin. He’s uncoachable and unpredictable. He thinks he can do it all.

        1. I like how u say Alex and the Chiefs and their redzone efficiency..lol.. But it’s just all and only Kap when it comes to the Niners lol..

  46. Nice balanced and objective reporting Grant.
    You have just put yourself in the same zip code as Fan77 and perhaps a couple of others that either conveniently or intentionally fail to roll-out other issues on offense that have contributed to some of Kap’ negative stats.

    I thought the Alex Smith ship has long sailed? In the words of the mafia, “what’s done, is done.”
    Oh, I’m sorry, I almost forgot that any mention of Alex Smith on here will surely attract 200-300 hits.

  47. 2 rings slipped off our fingers because of this clown. At least he looks good though right? Although I’d rather have someone kissinf his rings not his biceps.

    1. Didn’t know he was the one who wet the bed vs NY in 11. How many playoff wins for Alex since? Lol dream on. He’s gone! And thank god he is.

      1. Wait, it was Alex who muffled 2 punts? It was Alex dressed as a ref who blew the Bradshaw fumble dead early?

        Go back and look at the final score if that game, it was a 3 pt win in overtime by the Giants. Eli threw for 300 yards and only managed to win by 3. And I’m sorry but wasn’t Alex responsible for 2 td passes to vernon that game? Again, do tds and completions to wrs, Crabtree and brett mf swain, count for more points that those to vernon?

  48. rocket:

    I guess that’s what I should have done.


    I’m going to keep posting. There is a nearly endless supply of proxy servers out there that will shield my IP address. You can’t stop me, and I won’t stop posting, but I’m likely to get annoyed at the needless hassle you have caused me. Do you really want me annoyed at you?

  49. Alex:

    Reread my comment in context. I was calling out MJ for his childish view of Super Bowl losses. I tried to post my comment directly to MJ so that it appeared under his message, but I apparently can’t do that when I post through a proxy server. Sorry for the confusion, but it’s Grant’s fault.

    1. Childish? Again, you will accept a loss in the SB…. You’re okay with losing. It’s fine. Just admit it. I won’t. That loss, 5 and 1,its disgusting, its a blemish that can never be cleaned.

      1. Can’t win them all.it was bound to happen sooner or later..If we had to lose one to win the next couple of ones or more we appear in..I can live with that..All the great franchises have lost superbowls,Pittsburgh,Dallas,Green bay,Giants,It happens..Im mad how we lost..but inability to score tds in the redzone..has always been an issue..So kinda fitting ending….I thought the way the game was shaping up.we mite had to depend on Akers to win the game..during our come back..That scared me more..Scott Norwood part 2

  50. Lmao.
    Soooo much to dissect.
    Why is ck regressing?
    Well who’s running less?
    How many more times is he throwing?
    Has he ever been a pocket passer?
    Are the coaches pushing this?
    Is he struggling like 90 percent of qb do?
    Where is the o-line?
    Where is his TE?

    Alex smith. Lol
    You continue to go to the stats. Here’s some for you.
    How many playoff wind for smith?
    How many playoff teams has he beat?
    How many YAC yards are his?
    What’s the average distance of his check downs?
    Does he have a FAAAAR better running back?
    Does he have a FAAAAR better TE this season?
    Why is Bowe considered a nobody?
    Was Bowe a heavily wanted wr before smith?
    How far has his numbers plumited after smith got there?
    How many TD’s do his wr’s have?
    What happened when he came to SF this season?

    And how can you blatantly state it’s a FACT!!! With partial truth and stats? Lmao!
    Guess you want hits. I don’t care what you THINK is fact. You have been back and forth and wrong more than not. You’re an IDIOT if you actually think Alex smith would make this years team better.
    When he was here he faced pressure and sacks like this, he was still learning to be a game manager, BUT he had coaches who would run the dn ball, and a defense that would make this years defense look silly. And st!

    You have Alex smith sitting with the same record in a weaker division.
    Probably the best rb in the league and stud young TE, a sound coach, and a pro bowl caliber wr before he got there. He’s NO BETTER or NO WORSE than ck.
    Yeah he doesn’t turn the ball over but he doesn’t scare anybody either. YAC YAC YAC! Ints when the game is on the line also. It’s not always how many, it’s when. He’s a failure, chokes, and needs talent all around him. Sound familiar?
    Chiefs ran all over Seattle, SF passed.
    This blog is an official joke! Anything for hits. . Your hatred and jokes are old!

      1. Bitter? I’m not the one following others defending a qb not on this team. I’m sick to my stomach that Grant has a job covering this team. Just keepin it real. You know they made the right choice. You just have to save face because you were wrong about old blue eyes. Ha ha haaaa. He’s never coming back. Get over it. Ha ha haaa.

      2. Prime: Don’t press MD too hard, he’s one step ahead of wrist cutting. Keep in mind it is just a game and don’t you have things in your life that are more important? Family, relationships, your dog. Jesus, keep things in perspective.

    1. NinerMd, Did the 49ers win any SB in the last five years with Colin Kraphead? Getting in the playoff is not enough you need to win a SB, and in the last three years I’ll give our 49ers defense the credit in getting the 49ers in the playoffs:-)

  51. Does anybody remember how much, if any interest the Niners had in Golden Tate when he was a free agent? I can’t remember.

    Dude has like 85 catches already…..Ding-dang it!

  52. Total offense. Since you like stats.
    SF 25
    KC 27

    Rushing. KC 6
    SF 16th.

    Passing KC 31
    SF 27.

    You take strength of schedule too.
    Our defense gives up 20 points a game offense scores 18.8.

    KC scores 22.4.
    Sound like a fg huh?
    How on earth does Alex smith thrive with this years team and can’t do it with a better team he’s on now?

      1. Grant,

        Is part of your thinking that with Smith at QB the 49ers wouldn’t have moved away from their identity?

          1. I agree. On another note, how much better would this offense be if they’d gone with Fleener instead of Jenkins back in 2012?

            1. Much better, but I wish I had known about T.Y. Hilton before the draft. Nice to see Jarius Wright playing well.

              1. I remember you were a fan of Wright.

                Hilton came out of nowhere. I don’t remember hearing his name at all prior to the draft.

              2. Jack,

                I think Grant talked about T.Y. Hilton before the 2012 draft. He has talked about plenty of players who tanked, also. It’s a numbers game. If you talk about enough players, you’re go to have some “I told you so” ammo. Big deal.

              3. Jack,

                Ha! I’m not bitter.

                I just don’t see the accomplishment of getting a few hits on drafted players, when one throws out tons of names (and, as a result, has way, way more misses than hits). I honestly don’t see what there is to pat one’s self on the back over. To each, their own.

      2. Yes they are. And it’s a team game. Gore or Charles?
        Charles is probably the best all around rb in the league.
        He is Alex smiths offense.

        I agree ck has regressed anyone can see that.
        Who’s to say what Alex smith was here is what harbaugh wanted? It was simplified to get his confidence up right? So if Alex smith was still here who’s to say he wouldn’t be throwing 30 – 40 times a game?
        He got traded so it’s obvious the coach didn’t like what he saw from the offense. And it was NO juggernaut. Now in KC. Charles alone is better than this offense as a unit. Personal stats? One qb throws longer the other throws to his first read still or throws it away. Both are in the same boat. Smith has two less int’s. And watching his games this season could have been a lot more. Same as ck. They both aren’t good, and neither will be any good with this offensive team this year.

    1. NinerMD, why is Alex Smith the topic now ? It’s like your comparing Alex to Kap for the scape goat in Kaepernick’s failure to be an elite QB and the savior of the 49ers, which i don’t think he can be. Accept it Kaepernick is a bum, he’ll never turned out to be who you projected to be:-)

  53. Grant, don’t let the Kaepernick die hard hear you say that we should’a kept Alex Smith instead of Kap. !00% Alex fits very well with the 49ers west coast offense. Alex Smith doesn’t throw 40 or 50 yards bomb down the field, but he can run with the football also, the difference between him and Kapernick, is his excellent managing the football game from the pocket and very consistent finding the open receivers. Alex Smith intellectual ability running an offense on the filed is way better than Kap. Kap is athletic and fast individual. But if you rattle him and confined him in the pocket and shut the running lane, his in trouble and he can’t make an adjustment and makes a lot of mistakes, that’s why he gets sack a lot and throws a lot interception. With the 49ers defense regressing and with a lot injury and palyer problems, they the defense can’t carry the offense in their back. I won’t be surprise that the 49ers might loose the next three game Against Seattle, San Diego and to a very good Arizona defense, it’s just sad to think they might be 7-9 after is said and done for this season. If they loose in the Seattle game it’s over. There will be a lot changes come next season, with coaches and players that won’t be coming back next season.

    1. Yeah so excellent they’re sitting with the same record and one of the worst offensive teams in the league. But don’t let facts get in the way. Carry on.

      Oh an Grant. Smith hasn’t gotten better.. His rb is younger, and faster, and gets screen calls. Who else would carry a bust who has one job. Don’t turn the ball over.

  54. We need to trade for A. Smith stat otherwise this franchise is doomed for a very long time.

    1. “We?” What “we” are you talking about?
      You and Jim Mora and Darren? Go hug your Alex Smith blow-up doll and hang on the words of the great football critic Grant Cohn; until he reverses his field again on some whim and decides that Alex isn’t Johnny U after all.

  55. Now that I’ve said my piece on this highschool post.
    I have a question for the faithful.
    Does ANYONE in here truly believe they win this weekend?
    I think the coaches are gone after this one it will be that bad. I think I’ll record and ff through the score so I don’t break something.
    Gotta feeling this will cement what little faith I have in kap.
    Yes I said the whole season, but the last two games won’t matter a bit.

    1. You’ve said your piece but it’s all the same garbage. I told you you would be trashing CK and here you are saying it. You are like clock work.

      1. Lol who’s the bitter one?
        You’re following me and bay. Que the Seahak troll circus.
        Mary, monkey, 77 and onelame. Grant threw you a bone and watch you go crazy.

        You said I’d be bashing ck?
        Don’t flatter yourself. Just yesterday you called him my hero. And Nevermind I was called a hater months ago for already having him on a short leash. But you go ahead and think you’re predicting something. At least I am willing to give him a season.

        As far as my piece being garbage. Care to counterpoint my questions and facts Grant left out?
        You hate stats like me o thought an to write a column with your passer rating being your “FACT” like he did. I’d like to hear your side. On how you moronically believe Alex smith could save this horrible offense. And Gooooo!
        Onelame you go ahead and chime in too. I’m sure you will come in with one of your “idiot” and dumb comments with no balls to answer or debate.

        1. You forget how you were singing from your one bedroom apartment roof top two years ago? How CK was the next one? The guy to take the passing game to whole new heights? The guy who could stretch the field and attack outside the numbers?
          And now you have lost all faith. How sad.
          Funny how the guy who talks about being a real fan is nothing more than a fairwweather clown!

          1. Allow me to pick up the mic I dropped for a second… Again… No balls or brains to debate.
            And speaking of yelling all that… He came in and DID what Alex couldn’t do. And from the same 4 1/2 bedroom house I yelled Alex smith would light it up too. How we forget.
            No input on how Alex would do better with this team? How he’s a better qb? How ck was the wrong choice.
            Can’t do it.
            I will not pick up the mic until you can come through with a debate.
            What madden doesn’t teach you those things? Lol let’s see if I’m right. I’ll let your comments speak. Same for you onelame.

            And 77 I see your name under here and I won’t read your garbage.
            Just know this isn’t about sticking up for ck this is about how Alex smith would do better on this team.

            Oh and speaking of the past. Here’s an actual fact monkey….
            Remember when I and others wanted old washed up, over the hill, broken down manning over smith?
            Remember the fits you and onelame had?
            Now I’m supposed to listen to what you have to say? A guy who said madden is where you should get your football knowledge from? Onelame never stopped that low. Wheeeeew!

        2. Gotta be careful when you call people out bud.
          How would Alex make this offense better? And keep in mind we’re not talk about a GOAT QB either, just a slightly above average one.
          Alex would minimize the turnovers.
          He would be more consistent. He has chemistry with Vernon Davis, and possibly develop chemistry with MacDonald like he did with Delanie Walker.
          He would be throwing to Boldin, Johnson, Patton and Ellington. All upgrades over Kyle Williams, Brett Swain. And yes over his current WRs of Bowe, Avery, and Jenkins.
          He would bet much better at the Roman run offense. Remember “Let it Roll” and “Kill Kill Kill?”
          He could audible into a better play.

          Most of all he’s tough as a 2 dollar steak and alot of players on the Niners still like and respect Alex.

          Alex will have his share of bad games because he’s flawed too. But you can at least build a game plan around him. He won’t bail on the FIRST PLAY OF THE GAME!

          1. Well said Fan but the Fantasy football fans have no clue what your talking about. For them wins is not good enough. It has to be wins and 300 yards passing. Entertainment is their value. Ask Seattle Seahawk fans if they care about how they win. Or if the term game manager matters when talking about Russell Wilson.
            If the switch at QB was to produce a better result and it hasn’t, how are the 49ers better off?

            1. In mid season I was still skeptical on Kaep. He made some improvements, and played well against the Rams, but there was something about his game that didn’t gel, and now that I have the all-22, it’s clear as day that he has no clue what he’s doing. He has two options. First read, then breaks the pocket. Once he does that it’s all improvisation.
              His worst worst quality is in decision making. He’s not a leader. He’a a weapon. Maybe an seal team six elite one, but he’s not the guy you want calling the shots in the huddle.

              Players respect Alex despite his limitations. Kaep is playing himself straight to the Arena or CFL. I wonder if Bay Area will buy season ticket to watch Kaep play!

  56. Its quite evident why Grant writes these kind of articles. The two proceeding articles have a combined hit of ‘one’ as of 6:25 pm and this one is already over 200.

  57. The playoff games CK won, all of them, wonderful, played great. The fact that people are forgetting which is so important is how his game has progressed since that time. It has not.
    As a two year starter he had confidence, used his athleticism, made simple concise decisions and it worked.
    The problem CK faces now is defensive coordinators across the league have constructed defenses and schemes to counteract the things he has done well in the past. They are forcing him to make quick decisions but all within the pocket. They have stayed disciplined in run lanes and in their zone coverages, not allowing him to improvise and extend plays.
    People keep saying it will take time for him to learn to become a pocket passer or that the offense should be devised for him to play outside the pocket. My question and answer to this is since when has the NFL game not been about the QB having to play exclusively inside the pocket?
    It’s how the game is played. It’s how offenses are able to disguise play action and run the ball. It’s how offenses can throw deep, short and inbetwen to keep defenses honest. It allows offenses to utilize and attack every part of the field. If you are unable to play from the pocket, you automatically give the defense an advantage. You cut the field in half and defenses lure you into ill advised throws.

    Here is my advice to CK for the next 3 games. Take the check down. Even if the WR is open more than 20 yards downfield, take the short to intermediate throw. Manage the game. Sustain drives, use clock. The home run will come later in the game. Keep your team in it, then take your shots. Play chess for the first three quarters. No hero type throws. Stay balanced, focus on your fundamentals. Be a leader, don’t look like your beaten or agitated. It’s wasted energy. You need to win this weekend.

    1. Lol yeah fail like Alex smith. Who told you that’s what they’re telling him to do?
      Again because it was smiths bread and butter to get him out of a horrible career funk doesn’t. Mean that was the offense they Envisioned. The next year it wore out. The league knows what Alex smith is going to do. They know he can’t throw over 15 yards. Why do you think he’s sitting with the same record with an easier division and schedule? Screw your advice to a qb. How about you give some advice to the idiot OC who took away the strengths of the offense and ask him to run the damn ball more, THEN maybe just then. The pass or even option will be there.
      Watch Seattle they run lynch run lynch run lynch and that sets up the option. Nobody fears gore because they know they’re throwing 30 times a game. Defenses fear lynch because Seattle went back to their bread and butter. And running the ball. Wilson sucked big time when they weren’t. Seattle fans were calling for his head. Sound familiar? Run the damn ball. And then the check downs deep throws, and mid routes will be there. And it will probably help the protection. One thing you can’t advise is his accuracy and footwork. Nothing will happen unless he fixes those himself.

      1. You keep bringing up the fact that the Alex and the Chiefs had the same record as the Niners but are in a weaker division. Alex is on an inferior team, but the Chiefs have quality wins. They routed the Dolphins, the Rams, and oh yeah — the Patriots.
        They have way more injuries then the Niners.
        The reason they win is because Alex does as he’s coached. He doesn’t bail on a play like Kaep.

        Kaep wasn’t all that great last year either. People forget we had to go back to the drawing board and run the ball with Gore because Kaep is inconsistent.
        He’s always made stupid bonehead plays. First year we forgave him because he was a rookie. But he’s a 3rd year starter who got outplayed and outclassed by Carr.
        You say you’re not a Kaep fan but you defend him by slamming Smith all the time.

          1. Yep with over 100 yards on the ground.
            Ran on them all day. Only offense they had. What’s your point?

      2. Md, the turnovers. That’s the difference between Alex and CK. Alex plays the game, CK tries to be the hero of the game.

        1. 4? How many has smith had this season with the game on the line? Remember his trip back here? Lol he also has one less TD. And we know it isn’t from. Wr. IJS.

          Hey since you and onelame and 77 don’t want to listen to my overall approach as to who’s to blame. Maybe you missed this article that’s been posted. Read it and try and learn something. You three.


  58. The above discussion about TY Hilton being a sleeper pick of the 2012 draft inspired me to go and look at previous draft rankings. Something that caught my eye was that Walterfootball.com’s #4 rated receiver that year was Dwight Jones, I’ll wait while you go google his name since I know none of you have ever heard of him either. He went undrafted and never caught on with a team. Their #4 rated receiver. Just something to keep in mine when you’re compiling your lists and rankings next Spring.

    1. Yeah… I think that says more about Walterfootball than anything else. I’m pretty sure they were the only ones that had him rated anywhere near that highly.

      1. They also had Alshon Jeffery #2 while most had him much lower, so it goes both ways.

        1. Yeah, I was probably a bit harsh on the guys at Walterfootball there. I appreciate any service that provides draft information and player profiles for free, so I don’t mean to sound disparaging of Walterfootball. They provide a good service.

  59. MJ – you are hilarious. Don’t go to the SuperBowl if you are gonna lose.
    You are the guy who says “I only date 10’s” then ends up sitting all alone at home because he doesn’t realize he’s a 4.

    Life is about the journey my friend. You win some, you lose some but being in the game is the important part.

  60. Although I’ve been really hard on #7, I still believe there are other factors that are leading to his demise.
    I’ve been saying it since game 2. Look at #85 the quitter. Look at our record under Harbaugh when #85 plays. We’ve almost always lost when he didn’t play. The quitter is very important to this offense. He’s the only player on this roster that allegedly can stretch the field. However he quit this team several weeks ago and hasn’t decided to play since.
    Our offensive line has to be the worst in the league right now. With the injuries and holdout, we never had a chance to form a cohesive unit. How many games has our entire line been healthy? Their focus is horrible. They’ve simply not done their jobs. When your QB leads the league in sacks, your offensive line is crap.
    How can you create a football team with no speed on offense??? No speed at wideout or running back???? Are you kidding me??? What speed back in this league is great at blitz pick up? That’s why we didn’t play LMJ.
    Lastly, how many years have we allegedly said we had so many weapons on offense and still couldn’t get it done in the red zone. That fault goes to our dreaded offensive coordinator. He’s past done.
    #7 does not deserve all the blame. When he had a decent line, some speed at wideout( Moss, Kyle Williams) and a tight end with some passion( Delanie Walker, he was able to get it done. He just needs those elements back, with a little more creativity in the passing game.
    As far as Smith is concerned, I see the same guy at K.C. As we saw here. We got rid of him because Harbaugh knew he couldn’t beat the best competition with Smith. You are limited in your gameplan when you don’t threaten the entire football field. You can’t throw deep, you can’t win a super bowl. Neither Smith or #7 can get the ball deep. #7 doesn’t have anyone to throw it to and Smith just throws it up to the other team on the deep ball. Case closed!

    1. 23, these are all good points. I’m down on Kaep because he is a turnover waiting to happen, but I recognize he’s played well in the past, so the talent and intelligence is there, and it’s certainly possible he can return to prior form and even blossom into something special. Not saying his poor play is not on him — there are guys getting open, his throwing’s very off, and he’s making bad reads — but he needs a decent line and a scheme that one of the guys on this blog posted has no margin for error. (Wish I remembered his name; it was a shrewd observation.) CK is just not getting the help he needs, which I think is playing with his mind and judgement. He’s also the focus of all the disappointment, which probably makes this worse.

    2. i don’t think we should assume vernon quit. he hasn’t been as effective since the injury and he’s what, 30? either he’s not 100% and that’s affected his speed or he’s old and has lost a step.

      pff has our OL rated 15th in pass protection. the OL isn’t carrying us as it has in season’s past, but it’s hardly anywhere near the worst in the league.

      red zone = small windows. although roman’s play calling is questionable, the red zone is all about a qb’s ability to anticipate and place the ball in a tight window. once in awhile, the perfect play is called and you get a freebie, but i’m assuming that the % of td’s based on freebie’s thanks to great play calling is about the same for every team.

      Colin was able to get it done when defenses feared (’12-’13) or were still adapting to (’13-’14) the read-option.

      i agree that’s it not all on Colin. but there’s a reason the Colts sucked after Peyton and got good again with Luck. there’s a reason the Seahawks were the Rams before Russell Wilson. there’s a reason the Cardinals dropped off after losing Warner and got better with Palmer.

      yes, when Brady had elite Moss, he became super-Brady. but w/o him he was still Brady. on the flip side, ppl didn’t think much of Denver’s receiving core b4 Peyton.

      it takes 11… but a QB can make your OL look better by getting rid of the ball quicker and throwing the ball away instead of taking sacks; a QB can cover for a OC, by calling an audible into a better play or reading the def correctly at a high rate; a QB can make WRs look better by ball placement, anticipation, and touch; a great play-action QB can make LB and safeties hold up a half second longer and help the run game.

      a QB can also make your team look worse by holding onto the ball, taking sacks, getting fooled by the defense, throwing late, etc.

      it takes 11, but that 1 can influence the other 10 much more than the rest.

    3. 23Jordan you’re a tool, Where’s your Kaepernick now your savior for teh 49ers quest to the SB. The 49ers let go the wrong QB and Harbaugh is going to pay dearly for his mistake for choosing Kraphead over Smith:-)

  61. On Wednesday, Kaepernick praised Sherman’s skills, but acknowledged he wasn’t thrilled with the All-Pro cornerback eating turkey at midfield at Levi’s Stadium after Seattle’s win on Thanksgiving.

    What is he going to do about it?

    @ninermd – your comments are very dry this days…..you mad bro?

  62. now even Razoreater is ready to take out the trash.
    This confirms two things:
    Kaepernick is a hip hop… thug-tastic… loser, and
    the letter of acceptance from Dartmouth was
    wasted on him. Wasted. Wasted. Wasted.

    Time to roll back down to the Viceroy Hotel (Miami).

  63. Alex Smith is 30 years old and it took him how many years to become sort of a “good” QB? Kaepernick has played 3 years and outside of this current one, has outperformed Smith consistently. Of course, I am ONLY basing that on his regular and playoff season results (or wins). Unlike the new “GC generation”, enamored with numbers and stats, my generation is all about wins and losses. Marino always had better stats than Montana, but we knew who the better QB was. Still do. I am not comparing Kaep to Montana. I am only comparing Kaep to Smith and applying the same logic. By doing so, there is really no comparison. Kaep has been consistently better.

    In 2011, with more or less the same team (I would argue a more dominant defense), Smith lost @ home, to an inferior Giants team. During that game, he provided zero offense. It was an utter embarrassment. In fact, our offense was an embarrassment that entire year, and just as we rip Kaep today, we ripped Alice Smith then. Smith was a mostly a terrible QB for the Niner. Saying anything else is just excuse-filled reasoning. Nonsense. No great players around him? Give me a break. Great QB’s make the players around them better and in some cases, great. I cannot count the number of crappy receivers Brady has had to play with over the past 5 years. Kaep DOES NOT have great receivers, complete crap by GC. There is no number one. Crabtree is a shadow of his former (overrated) self. Boldin is old and slow. Still effective, but declining. Davis? Lucky to be on the club next year. Truth be told, we have older, slower, clones of one-another. We have possession receivers in a league that requires more and more speed. That failure sits squarely on the shoulders of Trent Baalke. I have consistently defended Baalke, then I went and looked at Seattle’s last four drafts. Makes sense to me why they are better.

    The one true mistake, the one that can never be fixed, or forgiven (especially now), was when we took Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers. Tragic. Franchise altering. I know he fell, but who cares, his college system, numbers, results (wins), everything except height, pointed straight up. Had we grabbed Rodgers, we might have three SB’s by now. Coulda, shoulda, woulda, right? True. Good thing Green Bay cannot figure out how to play smash-mouth football. Otherwise, the NFL would be a boring league.

    SO, everyone who is bashing Kaep, me included, better pray we/he does not beat Seattle. If we/he does, don’t be surprised if this “dysfunctional” team sneaks into the playoffs and makes some waves. What they lack, mostly, is confidence. If they beat Seattle, they’ll have a truckload of confidence. A lot of writers have continually attacked this organization since Harbaugh’s arrival, and they are going to look dumb. I know it’s a long shot for them to win, but GC, Tim K, Florio, all the haters (they are definitely haters) better hope the Niners continue their steep, seemingly endless decline.

    BTW – great article from KC site ripping Smith’s play… now.http://www.arrowheadpride.com/2014/12/10/7362461/kansas-city-chiefs-offense-right-now

    1. people have to get over the alex smith syndrom he is gone his play good or bad has NOTHING to do with Kaps shortcomings .

    2. DaNiners

      I have been watching your posts for awhile, and you certainly have no love for Alex Smith. I believe that losing Pro-bowl guard Geoff Schwartz, and All-pro left Tackle Brandon Albert to free agency preceding Smith’s second year in KC wouldn’t have anything to do with his performance…right? Perhaps the fact that Bowe is the ONLY decent WR he has to throw to among the castoffs on the opposite side (AJJ ?) so when the films show Bowe being double and triple covered, that probably doesn’t explain what you consider inconsistancies in Smith’s game. All the ‘haters’ as you say are down on Kaep….I think that you should check your mirror to see what ‘haters’ look like.

      As for the link that you added , maybe you should read it again….it is not down on AS, it’s very well written to show what he has accomplished despite having a poor line and an inadequate crew of receivers. You Kaepernickologists are beginning to sound desparate….

      1. You are correct. By and large, he did nothing to earn my love. Marginal success @ the end of his career. It troubles me watching Alex lovers rewrite history.

        Yes, Kaepernick is frustrating, but he has only frustrated me for 3 months, not six years. Last year, he took a wildcard team into Seattle, after wins @ Carolina and GB, and lost to the better team. Yes, Seattle is and was the better team…with the better QB. Thankfully, we are not comparing Kaep to Wilson.

        Currently, neither Smith nor Kaep are very good. Neither is playing well at the moment. Plenty of excuses. Of course, with Alex there always has been, right?. Kaep receives far less in that department. If you are going off of what they have accomplished to this point, it is not even close. Kaep has accomplished far more. Smith has basically done nothing.

        Moreover, if Kaep beats Seattle, watch out. He plays based on his confidence level and it has been rock bottom all year. Give him a reason to believe, and we will be a pain in someone’s butt come playoffs (assuming we can make it). If KC makes playoffs, they will lose.

        1. “Yes, Kaepernick is frustrating, but he has only frustrated me for 3 months, not six years.”
          ~ DaNiners

          Best description of the Kaepernick / Alex Smith posts to date!

            1. Both Alex and CK have their share of excuses.
              Just happens that Alex’ outweigh Kap’s because the football gods gave him a bad shake pre-Harbaugh.
              Still, excuses are excuses.

        2. OK…If you were indeed here for the 6 years that you claim Alex ‘frustrated’ you, you’d realize that Alex didn’t play in two of those because of the crushing he took from Rocky Bernard’s mauling. Check back and see how many pro-bowl Olinemen the niners had in those early years (2005-2009). Who were the receivers he was throwing to….real winners also. Currently, he’s playing behind 2 rookie linemen, with Donny Avery, AJ Jernkins, and Bowe as his ‘prime’ receivers, with a Rookie TE who is his most reliable receiver. By the end of this year, we’ll truly know which QB has done the most with the least…and here’s a tip….it won’t be Colin Kaepernick.

          1. Oregon, You’re absolutely right! Unfortunately for Alex Smith getting drafted by the 49ers and playing under Mike Nolan was a nightmare for Smith. A defense coordinator who became a HC and had no clue in grooming a youing #1 overall QB drafted by the 49ers in the 1st in 2005. The players in the offense around Alex weren’t very good and they literally threw this kid in to the wolves without any proper guidance or support. Singletary we don’t need to explained what kind of a HC he is and the OC is horrible. Kaepernick came to the 49ers that’s a well Coach team who already had talented players and coaches in both side of the game offense and defense was very good.

        3. Daniners keep hoping that somehow there’s a miracle for Kaepernick on Sunday at Seattle. Sorry to disappoint you, but the odds is 10-1 the Seahawks will beat us. Why I ‘d said it? Because they came here and beat us on our own yard convincingly and why would you even consider that they’ll beat the Seahawks in Seattle? Last season the 49ers came in there both occasion they got blown out by the Hawks:-)

    3. What do you mean Kap is consistently better than Alex Smith? Do a better analogy, and you might end up saying both Kapernick and Alex aren’t a very good QB’s they both stink:-)

  64. Grant

    In which version of the WCO does a QB not have a higher QB rating than he’d have in a Schembechler/Ditka offense?

    It’s a serious question. When did Jim McMahon ever outplay Joe Montana? QBs are set up for failure in Harbaugh’s offenses, and so the mentality a Harbaugh QB needs to adopt is — to just not fail. That mentality worked for Alex and worked in the plodding, physical gameplans of the Alex Era, but it just doesn’t work in the new-style offense Harbaugh has tried to implement. You curiously fault Kaepernick, when it’s fairly clear that Roman & Co. are way out of their depth in trying to design passing plays.

    Why is it that so frequently two 49ers receivers converge on the same 4 square yard patch of grass on a passing play? Is that Colin’s fault?

  65. Claude,
    I have a simple solution for you: use a different e-mail address. In the process, you may also consider changing your screen name to ‘Clause Balls’ :) You’re an attorney after all, right?

  66. MJ:

    You don’t like “childish”?

    Would you prefer immature? Infantile? Sophomoric? Juvenile?* How about small-minded? Myopic? Inflexible? Naive? Unsophisticated?

    * Yes, I recognize the irony. My avatar and I are willing to live with it.

    1. If this is really Claude.. You are the poster of the year. That made me spit out my water. Hilarious!

    1. Thanks for posting; it is an interesting article. I found it somewhat surprising that the author thinks that SF can probably get a 1st round draft pick if they decide to trade CK. Also, from a purely money viewpoint, it would seem to make sense to wait until 2016 to trade CK, if that’s what they want to do.

  67. Funny. Vernon is asking to be more involved in the offense. Does that mean Roman is not involving him?
    All season I’ve seen no accountability from Vernon. Everyone in this room ( well most people ) have given him a free pass. Grant once said Vernon was our most important offensive player. I guess we see what happens when he disappears. He cut out a very important element of our offense.

    1. I have felt for a while that Vernon — “Captain Torpedo,” that is — is a fraud. (How did that moniker work out for him, btw?) On the field he looks to me like he’s just going through the motions and, post-game, his comments a lot of bs. His attitude sucks, he is a detriment to the offense, and they need to evacuate him. How’s that for a post?

      1. The offense is not working and he’s a big part of that. I suppose they keep him in for blocking inline and downfield, and pray that he gets into it. Some of you will react negatively to what I am going to say, but so be it: I feel sorry for Roman and by extension Harbaugh. They are stuck with an oline in turmoil, a QB who as a result plays wacko, receivers with dropsy, and a TE who either doesn’t care or is taking out on the team what he perceives to be an insult to his monumental ego.

        1. A couple of days ago Matt Barrows opined in his weekly chat that, although he thinks it unlikely that Harbaugh will be traded, a trade involving Harbaugh and Vernon together has the highest probability of happening.

            1. I believe the cap savings with both Brooks and V. Davis gone are substantial. If memory serves, the cap number is around $16 to $17 million for both. The savings from releasing both would be somewhere around $11.5 to $12.5 million.

              1. Cutting both Brooks and Davis would save the 49ers $11,598,748 against the cap unless they decide to wait and split the dead money over two seasons which would save an additional $3mil.

        2. George, I’ve been saying that about Vernon since game 2. He’s a quitter and a loser. Trade him as soon as possible.

      2. George i have wondered the same thing myself. Why does VD get a pass on his attitude and others don’t. He is always quick to shed blame and I have always thought he looks for way to not take a hit. In my mind he was never physical enough short arming catches etc.

        1. This is why.. Because he has been called out on it from singletary and actually changed his attitude as a team first guy.
          Like ck’s season, he regressed. But it’s starting to get some light.

    2. Imagine what a disaster it would be if they actually extended him like Grant was calling for all of training camp.

  68. Here’s hoping all you West Coast cats are keeping dry today. I know the Niners have been treading water as of late, let’s keep that activity isolated to them.

  69. N.B.: Alex Smith is not a 49ers player anymore and has nothing at all to do with the current Niners situation. Bringing him up again and again is meaningless, futile, and a little bit on the dumb side.

    Headline in the Denver Post today: “Is age or health catching up with Manning’s greatness?”

    No-one is ever happy, it seems.

    1. He was average with us and is average without. Tough pill for all the Alex-lovers to swallow. What’s their record? 7-6? You want excuses, cause Alex always has excuses. Truthfully, we have some too, but excuses are for losers. We will see what Kaep is made of on Sunday. Hopefully, he will surprise some people. I don’t expect them to win, but as long as he competes and he plays smart.

  70. The regular posters in this place are quite possibly the biggest group of morons ever collected in one place.

    Learn to spell, punctuate and construct a coherent sentence, or set your computers on fire. Please set them on fire, now.

    1. What are those old sayings about birds of a feather and attitude reflecting leadership? I think there’s another about fools following the foolish and one about being led up the garden path..

    2. Actually, that should have been stated in one paragraph such as:

      The regular posters in this place are quite possibly the biggest group of morons ever collected in one place. Please learn to spell, punctuate and construct a coherent sentence — or perhaps set your computers on fire immediately if you lack the ability to do so.

  71. I think Smith is a better quarterback than Kap at this time. But it’s easy to make comparisons based on stats – which don’t take into consideration things like the offensive line they play behind and the offensive scheme dialed up by the offensive coordinator. Plus it’s easy to forget that Alex Smith sure wasn’t very good the first few years of his NFL experience. So while I hate certain things about Kap right now – especially his mental fragility – it’s too early to write him off. With a good offensive line and a good offensive coordinator, he might still be great some day.

    1. For me, being a better QB is about winning, not stats. In that department, it is no contest between Kaep and Smith.

      1. Daniners you’re absolutely right there’s no comparison between Alex and Kraphead. Smith might not have the Athleticism that Kraphead has, but he’s more intelligent and knows how to play football when it counts and the way it suppose to be. Who cares if you can throw 50,60 yards bombs but your inconsistent most of the time and having trouble finding the open receivers:-)

  72. Pretty much agree with everything written. Love the Smith/Aikman comparison; I’ve made that for the past year. I’ll say this, though: Kaepernick has been mismanaged by Harbaugh, Roman and Co. I’m more of a basketball guy, although I do love football. Kaepernick is like the football version of Russell Westbrook: an athletic freak who can make plays. Yet it’s like if the Niners were a basketball team with Westbrook as the point guard, they instead installed an offense better suited for, say, Deron Williams, Chris Paul or John Wall, who are more “true” point guards.

    1. Good analogy. They have a ground and pound offense and want him to manage it, but when it’s not working, they want him to win the game. But with what? Vernon’s no longer good — no speed over the top. Crabtree’s unreliable. Johnson, Lloyd, and Ellington are afterthoughts. The line is a sieve.

    1. Damn… Best me to it.
      What do ya know a report that actually doesn’t need hits and 500 comments to live by.

      Hey ck haters. Aka Smithers.
      You know who you are. How about you read this article and learn something about this great team game. It even blames ck for some things. You you love that part.

          1. Agree, I think it’s worthwhile reading regardless of your position on the current state of the offense.

        1. Unwritten 49ers fan rule.
          One can not support both or point out the down falls of both. It is one or the other all the time.

      1. Or…. I don’t want small minds to explode, but what if you were a Smither and are now a Kaeper?

        1. Key word. “Were”
          If you are bashing the new qb for sake of the old one. You’re a kap hater.
          And the three main idiots putting ALL the blame on the qb are well known Smithers. Who laced this blog with excuses for smith but refuse to see them now for ck.

          1. NinerMD, I hope after this Sunday 49ers blow out loss to the Hawks, you would still have the Kraphead rah rah rah enthusiasm? I just hope that When harbaugh leaves he takes his protege with him:-)

  73. $11,598,748 – that’s quite a bit of cap room to gain from cutting 2 players who weren’t particularly productive this year.

  74. Add Crabtrees number and Lloyds to that and the number gets even sweeter. Again to players that hardly contributed.

    1. They have not contributed because hero #7 cannot make it past his 1st or 2nd reads.
      And then when he does, he throws a pick. Face it man, CK is terrible. Figured out!

    2. “Add Crabtrees number and Lloyds to that and the number gets even sweeter.”

      No it doesn’t. Neither are under contract for next year, but they can save another $6.5M by getting rid of Stevie Johnson.

      1. Jack you know what I meant. Money we spent this year that we can spend elsewhere next year.

        Jack would you bring in Suh?

          1. Jeez, Harbaugh took affront at Kaep being called childish, imagine what he’d say if someone suggested they get Kaep a QB dummy…

            1. We need a new QB, he’s not the future and another year under a new coach or system will not show different. At the QB position you either have certain intangibles or you don’t.
              If it means another year watching so be it. To me the final nail in the coffin will be displayed this weekend in Seattle.
              Their defense is going to make a point of embarrassing JH and CK.
              Hawks 33
              49ers 6

              1. Yep, the ten thousandth time you say it isn’t making any more impact than the first, Prime.

              2. Yeah well I love this team and I’ll keep saying it til something happens. Feel free to ignore my comments horse guy. Id be happier that way!

        1. Bay,

          “Jack you know what I meant.”

          No I didn’t. We were discussing guys that could be cut to help get under the cap and you threw out two guys who aren’t a part of that problem.

          “would you bring in Suh?”


      2. Jack:

        Do you think they should get rid of Stevie? I know he hasn’t been on the receiving end much this year, but a few games back he had almost identical production to Crabtree in about half the snaps.

        I like what I’ve seen from him and think he would be a good replacement fro Crabs. But no doubt, we need a fast receiver that can challenge the DBs over the top.

        1. Not Jack, but I find it hard to believe the 49ers will bring Stevie Johnson back next year at $6.25M. Either renegotiates for a smaller salary, or cut.

          1. Scooter:

            Always appreciate your responses. If we lose Crabs, Lloyd, Stevie and Vernon, who do we get?

            Also, with regards to Vernon, there were many fans including the blogger who called for an extension. Once again, despite what we fans think, it looks like the FO knows what it is doing when they do or don’t extend guys (at least most of the time).

            1. Well, I’m not convinced getting rid of Vernon is the best idea, I’d hold onto him.

              I think the WR corps next year will be Boldin, a FA, Patton, Ellington and a rookie. This year will have a lot of good WRs available on the FA market, so I’m thinking Baalke may be able to get someone without breaking the bank.

              1. Well, you’ve got the prime guys like Demaryius Thomas, Torrey Smith, Jeremy Maclin, Dez Bryant, and Randall Cobb.

                Then a solid next tier of Crabtree, Eddie Royal, Cecil Shorts, Jermaine Kearse, Hakeem Nicks, Nate Washington, Wes Welker, Reggie Wayne.

                Plus there will undoubtedly be guys that are released due to hefty salaries, on teams with young guys knocking on the door.

              2. Scooter,
                I believe that we have good WR’s on the team at the moment. Boldin, Crabtree, Stevie, Lloyd, Vernon, are imo “good receivers” with Boldin as our #1 WR.
                What we miss is a “great receiver” that can virtually take over a game. We’ve seen Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, AJ Green, Gronkowski, and the mighty Megatron able to take over games.
                Boldin is the closest to a great WR we have that can take over a game, but those type of games have become the less frequent.

                The recent draft had a few of these type WR’s in the 1st-2nd rounds but we chose to go a different path.

                If we go FA WR next year or draft one (maybe both) we need to find one that has the passion of Boldin and speed of TY Hilton – hey, nothing wrong with dreaming big!

              3. AES, I agree with you, a game breaking WR is something the 49ers lack.

                With regards to Boldin, he is an excellent WR, but he has played the possession WR role for most of his career,and had an excellent play making WR opposite him for much of it too (Fitzgerald, Torrey Smith). The possession role is what he is best at. But those types of receivers need a big play guy opposite them for the team to play its best, in my opinion.

          1. Sure let’s see if we can get him for less. But weren’t you the one that suggested that Stevie’s snaps were low because of the conditional draft pick?

            1. Yes. I said that could be part of the reason. I’m not as enamored with his performance as others.

    3. Well, here’s another whack at the broken record I have been harping on all season. Why are we not ‘targeting’ Brandon LLoyd? I keep hearing that he isn’t helping us in the receiving department….please explain to me why CK doesn’t throw to him…why doesn’t Harbaugh activate him ? He has acknowledged that he is probably our fastest serviceable WR, yet we bellyache about not having WR’s who can get separation and catch the ball I’ll just bet that I’m the only one who wonders this (sarcasm)

  75. Of course, the troublemaker in me notes that saving $11.5 million in extra cap space is more than enough to offset the cap hit from cutting or trading Kaepernick.

    1. Man Claude you are really losing it. Young Cohn really got under your skin. He really did a number on that little man ego. I bet money you already wrote to the editor about him.

      1. Kinda like how you threatened Grant that if he didn’t ban your imposter for hijacking your avatar? Bunch a babies both of you!

    2. Claude,

      At least Kaepernick will do his part by hitting the de-escalator in his contract to save them $2 mil next year.

      1. Interesting how a supossed female named “Mary” decides to use a feminine pronunciation to put down another poster. Implying that females and by extension herself are inferior

  76. If the 49ers move on from Harbaugh, I think they should hold onto Vernon. He’ll be in a contract year, and a new offense may just rejuvenate him. I just feel that Vernon is tuning out Harbaugh’s message, and a new head coach may be what he needs.

      1. And Millard.

        But I just have a feeling Vernon would be back to his best, or near to it, with a new HC next year. Either with the 49ers or not.

  77. Prime: Sorry you don’t like it. It made me and others laugh.

    bay: I’ll take that bet for $100, and since I have done no such thing, you owe me $100. Give me an email address, and I’ll send you a bill through paypal. Also, following your advice (which you don’t seem to follow), I’ve stopped complaining about it and gotten back to posting comments.

    1. For a new name, I would suggest Claudius Spherae, (or Claudius Globuli, but I do not think that one has the same gravitas).

    1. Yeah, it’s important to realize that you wrote that article back on December 3, 2013.

      Agree with the premise. I want Kaep to manage the game more and not think that on every play he has to be a hero. Live to fight another down.

  78. I’m tired of all the Kaepernick apologists. I was screaming at the TV when Harblow benched Smith. It made me a KC and Niner fan after the raw deal Alex got. Harblow destroyed any chance we would win a Super Bowl again in my lifetime. We will be 4 million over the salary cap with a declining stable of aging allstars in 2015. We were built to win in 2012/2013 with Smith. In closing I trust the judgement people like Greg Cosell, former players and writers and anaylists who breathe this stuff not a bunch of fat guys sitting around in their underwear eating Dorritos watching TV pretending they are Bill Cower. We all know the dirty little secret, Harblow got too cute, started believing his own press and doomed the 49ers to another 8 years of misery at the bottom of the NFC west. Somewhere Alex Smith is smiling right now.

    1. Alex Smith was never going to be the long term answer at QB. He should have known that when the team tried to get Manning and signed somewhere else. How many other teams offered Alex Smith a contract when he was a Free Agent in 2012? I know he was talking to the Dolphins that year but was a offer made?

      1. Alex was the answer in 2012 maybe not long term….but unless you are Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning you are not long term. NFL stands for Not For Long. Our defense was perfect our O line was perfect. Our game manager would have managed to win us the Super Bowl. I would have rather had 1 Super Bowl win with Smith than the loss with an inexperienced gunslinger. All the Kaepernick jock sniffers are going to say we never would have won with Smith. I disagree..Its awfully hard to prove the counterfactual especially to those who are intellectually dishonest and don’t want to be confused with facts that contradict their preconceived notions.

          1. Oh… by the way Ultimate Niner fan, gaurdian of all NFL knowledge instead of looking for heratics within the ranks of 49er fandom why don’t you look for converts to your ideas? Put up the numbers…do a year to year analysis of the numbers between the two QBs..do you even know the name of the play call that was called for Kaepernick on the first play in Oakland? It’s called TE High stunt and it’s one of the simplest and most easily convertable throws when coverage is a soft zone. I have been a 49er fan since I was 11 years old in John Brodie’s last year…I own and have read Bill Walsh’s book “Finding the winning edge” twice. Just because I think Harbaugh made a huge mistake and thought that doesnt mean Im a not a true Niner fan. What it means is I am an intense Niner fan. Why? Because I am a fan of the team and I have every right to be angry at a pretentious know it all coach who put a bicep kissing gunslinging rookie into the middle of my championship team in 2012 instead of leaving in a seasoned no-mistake, football smart veteren QB therby destroying the chance of a winning Super Bowl in the next 8 years. I don’t follow coaches or players blindly…especially if they blow up my team.

    2. And after this comment you mean nothing on here. Hit the bricks fair weather fan. You are NOT a 49er fan. Or a KC fan. No matter how many times you say it. Your cred is lost.

      1. In 11 the ball bounced off delany walkers leg on a punt return and the Giants picked it up and scored bro. The game came down to that. Until then we were ahead and Smith put us there. Hit the bricks?Really? You just made my point in my previous post…..people don’t like to be confused by facts that contradict their pre-concieved notions

        1. Again this is why you’re not a 49er fan. Nice try.
          Delaney walker huh? I’ll let that sink in. It’s tv internet so you have a chance to actually look it up. But a niner fan will never forget who fumbled and let the ball hit them in the leg to seal the horrible game by Alex smith.
          I remember watching a ball sail over the head of Kyle Williams (hint) when he was runnin wide open downfield, I rememeber seeing Crabtree open a lot without getting a look, I rememeber balls hitting the ground more than receivers hands, I remember seeing #11 rollout and throw it away time after time. It’s easy to blame “Delaney walker” lol
          For losing that game, but why was the super duper hero Alex smith and his offense that close?
          This is old news. If to hadn’t of mentioned that you’re this supposed 49er and KC fan and naming the wrong guy for the most infamous boneheaded plays in SF history. I would have stuck to just the first post. Now you’re really irrelevant. Good luck in the future Patna.

          1. Alex Smith threw 2 TDs and 0 INTs against the Giants in the NFC Championship. When did Colin Kaepernick ever throw 2 TDs and no picks in an NFC Championship game?

            1. Never… And how did that work out Grant?

              And since you live the qbr so much.
              How about the Atlanta NFC title game. 127 rating. 1-0 TD to int. And they won that game. With clutch drives IN ATLANTA. #1 seed mind you.

              Keep dreaming Grant. Alex smith would look just as bad with this team this year.

              1. The Niners would have a better record right now if Smith was the QB. He probably wouldn’t have given away those two home games against the Bears and Rams.

              2. “He probably wouldn’t have given away those two home games against the Bears and Rams.”

                Agree. For the most part Kaepernick has done nothing for this team this season that Smith couldn’t do.

              3. Smith was slowly putting it together before he got hurt. The Buffalo game when they had 600 yards of offense was a good indication of the offense this team could have run. He had some bad games in 2012 too, like the Vikings and Jets. I think the Giants game in 2012 was unfair because that’s when they started to insert CK as a weapon.
                During the SB run, Kaep was great in the GB game, but Smith also beat GB in Lambeau. ATL is not a champion caliber team like the Giants. The Giants have a ring and there’s something to be said about that.

                Alex was never a franchise QB but the team could have one a SB with him.
                The team needed to see what CK can do, the question was when. Harbaugh went all in that year. I think Baalke probably never wanted Kaep in the first place, he would have stuck with Alex or picked Dalton, but Harbaugh wanted Kaep in there.
                Harbaugh did a lot to bring the franchise around in 2011, but he overplayed his hot hand and missed in 2012.
                Oh yeah — Kaep started really slow in ATL, and the SB too. I don’t get the hero worship for those games. He earned it in the MNF Chicago game, the NE game, and the GB playoffs. But the rest he’s been — ahem — INCONSISTENT.

              4. The team could have won a Super Bowl with Alex Smith and they could have won a Super Bowl with Colin Kaepernick. But they did not. The current QB came up short in the Super Bowl and NFC Championship and the former QB came up short in the NFC Championship game. Three great years of football.

              5. NinerMd, for the loved for Kraphead you’re defending him right away your analogy sucks. Speaking about the N.Y Giants NFC game why the niners loss to the Giants, does this name Kyle William ring a bell? Wow! short period time you forgot that this dude Williams was the reason we loss the NFC game because of his 3 rookie mistake that could’a been avoided if he’d used his common sense. The 49ers would’a won the SB that year with the great defense we had and Smith would’ve done very well in the SB:-)

            2. Funny I remember a guy named Grant that was not very happy with Alex Smiths 12 of 26 for 196 yard 2 td 0 int performance in the NFC Championship game. All I kept hearing was he completed under 50% of his passes and only ONE short pass to a WR and he was 1 for 13 on 3rd downs. The ONE third down conversion coming on the final play of regulation. He took a sack on the first offensive play of the 2nd half when there was a receiver wide open and the offense went 3 and out their last 4 possessions of the game. Maybe I have the wrong guy, but I thought his name was Grant.

              1. I was too hard on Smith when he was here. I feel bad about that, and I’ve learned a lot since then.

              2. Grant, How can I possibly trust you now. After all these years bashing Alex Smith. I’m not sure if I even know who you are anymore.

              3. Grant you are not the only one. What a lot of people remember about Alex was he didn’t throw the deep ball well. But what he did do was not turn the ball over. He also was a perfect fit on how the 49ers wanted to set up their defense and special teams.
                Harbaugh’s ego made a bad decision there thinking he could reinvent Kaepernicks game to be accurate and a pocket passer. Well now we are talking about how and what the 49ers should do moving forward at the QB position. Big mistake. Kaepernick needed to sit and learn another year to develop.

              4. and I was hard on Smith too….not really understanding why he was having problems and then, unlike Ninermd, being the intellectually honest person I am (and Grant) I dug into why I didn’t like Smith, figured out he had more offensive coordinators than seasons as a rookie and then watched him get better, learn, work. According to Parcell he has one of the smartest football minds in the game. Who do you think was coaching Kaepernick on the sidelines when Kaepernick was good?….take a minute and look it up.

              5. You forgot to mention why the 49ers and A. Smith came short winning the SB? Let me refresh your memory how about KYLE WILLIAMS does it ring a bell, his three rookie mistake cause A. Smith and 49ers to go on to the SB and they might had won it, and the 6th SB championship for the 49ers.

            3. lol. Name the games Kaepernick didn’t throw a pic in a game then name the games Smith didn’t throw a pic this year…the Kaep lovers answer lies within

          2. I replied immediately to my own post correcting the error. Something Harblow and people on this website don’t do. Alex throws it out of bounds instead of into the hands of the other team. I’ll take that any day. I am a Niner fan, always will be. I am not a Kaepernick fan nor a Harbaugh fan….I am a FAN OF THE TEAM…..what don’t you get about that? The difference between you and I is I admit when I’m wrong and correct it immediately

  79. Grant, thanks for being the first person in the media to admit what I have been saying since 2012 (although Jim Kozomore was on the same page after they made the switch). You get it. So did Koz. Now it’s time for everyone to admit that they were wrong…and it starts with Harblow.

    1. Mike, I don’t see Harbaugh coming back next season. Greg Roman will surely won’t be back either. I just hope they try to draft a young talented QB that can throw consistently in the pocket and knows how to play the game of football. Kaepernick is athletic and can throw 50, 60 yards and can run pretty fast, but in the NFL intelligence and the feel for the football game is the main ingredient which Kaepernick doesn’t have. I’d hope when Harbaugh leaves he would take Kap with him. They both belong to each other:-)

  80. Kaepernick… Kaepernick…
    help me out here…
    Was that the guy who tried to “kiss his bicep”…?

    what a poseur/punk/pretender/_______
    (think of other appropriate P-words…)

    remember those silly press conferences when
    Kaep and Boldin and Crabtree played 3-stooges…???

    1. lol…I got it. Maybe Keapernick keeps getting delay of game penelties because he can’t hear the play through his “Beats”

  81. And let’s not forget….Keapernick has these wonderful recievers and Alex at KC has about…..none. Ya’ know kind of like when Alex was here…not having any recievers? Now…let see….. how is it possible that Smith out performed Kaep when he was here with less of a recieving corps and now in Kansas City he can out perform Kaepernick in every phase of the game with even less tools than he had here?….let’s be intellectually honest….you know you want to admit it…c’mon..it’s easy. Once you admit it the healing can begin.

  82. Hey all you Kaep lovers….Did you defend Smith when he was a rookie? Did you defend Coach Erickson? Did you defend Garcia? Did you defend Shaun Hill? Did you defend Mike Singletary? Did you defend Mike Nolan? Just curious if you were true Niner fans….because according to your logic, if you didn’t defend all of the people I mentioned according to Ninermd you are not a true Niner fan…lol

  83. @All right, Mike!

    I appreciate the bloggers on this site who actually ask questions seeking understanding or knowledge….the one’s who post just to argue, I can do without. Their logic is flawed, but they just charge on until they end up displaying their overall ignorance of the game. As to QB’s…? I believe that Alex’s day is coming….CK’s has come and gone…oh, and that other QB..JH…he’ll be going back to college. Again Mike, good posting….

    1. Oregon Niner — I think you bring up a great point. After the last Seattle game followed by the Oakland game, even though I’ve riding Kaep hard I hoped in the darkest hour he would turn it around. But those games just showed he doesn’t have it. How’s completely lost and he’s 27.
      Crazy as it sounds Alex could still have a shot with the right pieces and a little luck. Get him one decent WR, and all the pieces bad on Dee and they could do it next year.

      Kaep’s besst chance to win something is in the CFL. What do they call it? The Grey cup???

  84. Thanks Oregoniner. I have never just tried to antagonize. I learned over time that being humble, admitting when your wrong is the key to true understanding. I wanted to like Kaepernick and I still might if he evere gets humble, puts down the beats, learns what it means to be a true pocket passer because he wont suceed as a ‘read one and run’ QB. The NFL defenses (thanks to Jeff Fisher)are lining up 9 across with lightning fast outside linebackers…that’s why the Pistol/Read is dead. Your offensive line can’t protect you when you are scrambling around like a squirrel on a California freeway….your defense will circle their wagons around you and give you time if you have the patience…right now Kaepernick doesn’t. 45 games into is roll as QB he should have patience and be able to read defenses. I hope for his own carreer he develops those things. Coach Hothand gambled and lost what would have been number 6 for us on a rookie with underdeveloped skills.

  85. On balance, it is pretty clear by now that taking Kaep over Alex was a key mistake made by Harbaugh. And he knows it. If your team is in the red zone where it counts and you are in Seattle against the best and the clock is under 2 minutes, you want Alex under center, not Kaep. That said, people have given up on Kaep too soon. It is completely possible that Kaep will come back to where he was. The negativity expressed here is wrong and over the top. The Niners are not nearly as bad as what is written here. This team could still win its last 3 games and I think we all know that. I will always be with them.

    1. I agree with that. Kaep could develop into a pocket passer which every fan with minimal knowledge of the game should know. What bothers me is Harbaugh should have known it when he decided to try to “change the game’ by “changing the Quarterback” in the middle of a winning season under Smith. What he did to my team was catostrophic. I really hope Kaepernick gets humble, stops acting like he is to cool for school, stops believing his own press and tries to become a ‘real’ NFL QB. He has weapons. With Harbaughs gamble in 2012/13, us being over the salary cap by 4 million next year, losing a minimum of 4 good players to Free Agency, Gore being on the down side of his career and having 4 first round pics that went ‘bust’…..well…I don’t think I need to say any more.

      1. What I meant to say was ‘Every fan of football should know that in order to suceed in this game you need to be able to consistantly throw from the pocket…in other words, be a pocket passer

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