Colin Kaepernick’s understudy

Who will be the 49ers’ backup quarterback next season?

Probably not Blaine Gabbert or Josh Johnson, a couple of free-agent retreads the 49ers should not re-sign. The Niners need to find a quarterback worth developing, a quarterback with a future.

I count five quarterbacks who fit that description in the upcoming draft:

Tier 1: Marcus Mariota. A dual-threat quarterback who is quicker and faster than Kaepernick.

Tier 2: Jameis Winston. A pro-style quarterback who is a better pocket passer than Kaepernick.

Tier 3: Brett Hundley, Bryce Petty, Bryan Bennett. Athletic, strong-armed quarterbacks who are not yet better than Kaepernick in any one area, but could be after a year or two of development.

Which quarterback do you think the 49ers’ should target? My vote goes to Bennett. The Niners could wait until the fourth or fifth round to draft him. He has the best value.

Mariota and Winston are expected to get drafted in the first round before the 49ers pick, but, if one of them drops to No.15, should the 49ers draft him? Why or why not?

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  1. None! It’s a terrible QB class after the top 2. If QB becomes an issue, which it won’t, next year is the year to invest.

      1. To late for what? Kaep lead this team to a SB appearance and an nfc title game. How bout improving the O line and getting him some explosive Wrs.. That would help. There is no QB in this class that has even close to kaeps skill set.. Mariota is fast but has a noodle arm compared to kaep. This time next year you will be writing an article about how good he has become. You and your daddy.

          1. You can’t come up with that assessment. He hasn’t played in the NFL where the windows are a lot smaller. You put kaep in chip Kelly’s offense he breaks nfl records.

            1. Balls are different too. Speed is different. No way you can factually say he’s more accurate when he hasn’t thrown a ball yet.

          2. Hypothetical of course, but is for some unknown and unexplained reason either Winston or Mariota fall to 15 why would the 49er draft them unless they want to throw in the towel on CK.

            Trent and JT have said that Kap is their QB going forward and Baalke has been positively vocal about CK’ ongoing offseason training.
            To bring in a 1st tier QB (at this point) only disrupts the trust factor between CK and the FO which took a little hit after Harbaugh’ departure.

            While Jameis and Marcus may have some aspects of their game that are better than CK’s that doesn’t necessarily translate to success in the NFL.

            Does anyone recall the six QB’s who were drafted ahead of Tom Brady? These QB’s had very good college numbers and obviously were regarded as better than Brady at the time.

            1. Chad Pennington – good college numbers and a WR named Randy Moss that didn’t hurt him either.

            2. Who could forget the great Giovanni Carmazzi drafted by the 49ers. Strong arm, ran a 4.6 40, was 6′ 2″ 220 lbs and a Rhodes scholar – all the ingredients for a “can’t miss” QB right? Aaaarrrgggh!

            3. Chris Redman finished 3rd on the NCAA all time passing list at the time. Never got it going.

            4. Tee Martin won a National Championship for Tennessee after Payton left to the pros.

            5. Marc Bulger found some success with the Rams and made All-Pro two times but never had sustainability.

            6. Spergon Wynn was and probably still is Dwight Clark’ nightmare pick when he was GM for Cleveland, ouch!

            Point; we see these types every year come draft time and although they have ringing endorsements coming out of college no one can say for certain how they will transition to the pros.

            CK had a disappointing season, but so did the entire team. How many of our players made the Pro-Bowl last year?
            Staley and A.Bethea. In previous years we have had much more.

            I give Kap another year to see if he can right the ship. I would go with Hundley, Petty and Bennett in that order as development projects that can eventually make an impact – but can not disrupt CK’ flow right away.

          3. No scouts are saying that Mariota has a strong arm. I don’t know where you got that from. He has a strong ENOUGH arm, is mobile, & accurate. I’d take him > Kap.

          4. He comes from a gimmicky offense that has not produced quality NFL QB’s. Mariota’s stock is bumped by the fact that Winston felt compelled to apply the five finger discount to some crab legs. The only way I see him being successful is if Kelly moves up for him.

        1. Gotta correct you again? Sheesh! His play was so poor in the first half of the SB, and then he gets a gift black out. And he still couldn’t close the deal.
          In the NFC title game, Aldon Smith cause a TO on the first play of the game. And then all those TO in the 4th quarter. And then he makes the same mistake in the 4th to cost the game. Russell Wilson had a horrible game against the Packers this year, but somehow he put it together and made a great throw when it counted to win the game.

          He’s in his 4 year, and you can argue he’s pretty much the same QB after he took over. That’s a bad sign. He still has a lot of work ahead of him and the team should look at a replacement, create competition. And if he earns it, then great. Let’s raise the bar, not lower it.

      2. I would go with a veteran back up, these rookies will not have much playing time to be a back up, if Kaep gets hurt.

    1. A little off topic but what I’ve been bothered about is the quality of the articles the 49ers journalists seem to be putting up. Barrows and maiocco seem to write the exact same articles sometimes. For others you can wait a week for only sn uninspired piece that could’ve been written in 5 mins while sitting on the toilet. . I get that it’s downtime regarding the season but to me it seems like the perfect time to do a little research and just write about something different or interesting. It could be anything – profile a 49er player with more depth, the trajectory of ticket prices for the 49ers over the past 10 years and compare to other teams, an evaluation of the free agents that would most fit in for Niners, etc, etc.

  2. None of them. After the top two QBs none of them are really that good of an option, and they shouldn’t use their first rounder on a QB.

    Sign a FA QB (or two). If Bennett is available in the later rounds then sure, he could be worth a look, but late rounds is where I see them taking a QB.

      1. They already have their starting QB in place. You don’t draft a QB in the first round without expecting them to start one day. By drafting Mariota or Winston they aren’t giving Kaep a backup and some friendly competition to motivate him, they are telling him they don’t believe in him.

        Given they also have other needs, it would be a waste of a pick unless they traded Kaep as well.

        1. They already have their starting QB in place.

          They do? Kaepernick ranked below the league average in completion percentage, touchdown percentage, yards per attempt and passer rating last season.

          1. Baalke and Tomsula have both said Kaep is the starter. No question, no debate.

            As to whether he’s a good starter is up for plenty of debate, but no doubting he is the starter.

            1. So if Mariota is available at No.15, the 49ers should pass on the best player available because they already have a below-average starting quarterback?

              1. If he’s available at #15 the 49ers should be fielding some pretty darn good trade offers to move down. I’d take the trade down at that point.

              2. The whole team was below average around him. No QB is going to succeed with that line and that group of Wrs. If mariota is there you attempt to trade the pick.. Mariota couldn’t hold kaeps jock. Maybe grant you should stop evaluating Qbs entering the nfl cause you have done a horffic job.. From fales, Tyler Wilson etc… Just stop man.

              3. Kaepernick had a better line and better receivers than Russell Wilson and Teddy Bridgewater.

              4. If Mariota slides to 15, then swindle the Eagles out of a high pick for next year’s draft.

              5. Same principle for Winston, Grant. You know I really like him as a QB prospect, but Kaep is the starter and you don’t draft a QB in the first round without expecting them to start for you in the near future.

                Last year I suggested Bridgewater at #30 wouldn’t be a bad choice. But that was before Kaep had signed his deal. Kaep is heading into the second year of a big, long term deal, so it doesn’t make much sense right now to add a QB you expect to beat him out in a year or two. You pay a QB that sort of money then it shows you believe in him, and you shouldn’t be willing to move on from him after one mediocre season.

              6. Just because the 49ers hope Kaepernick stops regressing and starts improving and becomes an above average starting quarterback doesn’t mean that will happen. The 49ers very could need a new starting quarterback in 2016. Why not be prepared?

              7. Those two QBs that you mentioned we’re coached better and put in good spots that matched there skill set. Roman and haurbaugh did a terrible job last year with kaep. Tried to make him a drop back QB with an injured line..We will see what happens this year. I wasn’t aware that bridgewater his first year starting lead his team to the SB.. I know kaep did..

              8. Lol and a better running back too?
                Wilson would have failed with this offense too. Oh wait…. No lynch… No wins for wilson. Period

              9. Your right grant let’s give up on a 27 year old all world skill set QB cause of ONE off year.. Makes a lot of sense.

              10. “The 49ers very could need a new starting quarterback in 2016. Why not be prepared?”

                Ideal world they have a young QB backing up Kaep that could take over if he stumbles.

                The issue is you don’t take a young backup QB with potential starting qualities that could take over if Kaep stumbles in the first round. By taking a QB in the first round you are taking a guy you expect to be a franchise QB. You’ve already moved on from Kaep.

              11. Rodgers sat for three years. Rivers sat for two. Mariota needs to sit. If Kaepernick proves he’s the franchise quarterback, trade Mariota. If Kaepernick continues to produce below the league average, you have a good replacement.

              12. The Favre/ Rodgers situation was a very different one. The Packers were drafting knowing that Favre was getting on in years and nearing the end of the road. Not because they had question marks over his ability.

                When you sign a young signal caller to massive starting QB contract, you don’t move on from him after one year, and you don’t draft a QB in the first round unless you’ve already decided to move on from your starting QB.

              13. The Brees/Rivers situation was similar.

                Kaepernick’s contract is really just a series of one-year deals. It’s not a massive commitment.

              14. Its interesting you bring up Rivers. He’s a great example of a team moving on from their young QB too early. Despite having Brees for two more years after drafting Rivers, and despite him playing well over that period, they had already decided he wasn’t the guy they wanted for the future so let him go in favour of Rivers after the 2005 season. That’s what you do when you take a QB in the first round.

              15. Rivers went 14-2 his first year as a starter. And the Chargers didn’t let Brees go. They offered him 5 years, $50 million. Is that what you do when you take a QB in the first round? Brees ended up taking 6 years, $60 million from the Saints.

                He had an injured shoulder which gave teams pause.

              16. I’d forgotten the Chargers tried to re-sign him, I thought they had let him go. Interesting.

                Still, that supports why I thought taking Bridgewater last year before Kaep had signed his big deal made sense – if they couldn’t re-sign Kaep or he played poorly in 2014 they would have had Bridgewater waiting in the wings.

                Since they have signed Kaep to big money contract it doesn’t make much sense making a move that basically says they don’t believe in him just one year into the deal.

              17. Maybe Kaepernick needs competition right now. Brees posted a 104 passer rating the season after the Chargers traded for Rivers.

              18. I would seriously consider replacing Kap with Winston. But in the real world, the only reason Winston would fall that far is a serious red flag beyond what we already know about.

              19. Kaepernicks contract doesn’t facilitate drafting Mariota and letting him sit for a couple of years.

              20. I need to finish that thought. Kaepernick’s contract and current level of play don’t facilitate a draft and sit approach. At his compensation level Kaepernick needs to be producing at a level that would negate the need to draft Mariota so if Kaepernick isn’t playing at that level he needs to go asap and that doesn’t allow any time for Mariota to sit.

              21. I agree CfC. Given what they are paying Kaep, if they are going to take a QB in the first round they may as well bite the bullet and trade Kaep.

              22. The Niners mostly likely will pay Kap $10.4 million next season. Mariota would make about $1.7 million next year at the 15th pick. Plenty of teams pay more than $12.1 million for quarterbacks.

              23. I really think the first thing to establish is, what are the actual chances of Both Winston and Mariota making it out of the top 10? The next question is, how far would Baalke be willing to move(i.e. how much is Baalke willing to give up for a QB) to get Mariota because you’re not going to convince me that Winston makes it out of the #2 spot. If there’s no likely answer or scenario then lets just move on from both of those two players in this discussion.

              24. Zero chance Coffee. And zero chance of anyone besides those two even being competition for Kap this year.

              25. Kaepernick is below starting average now???? Wow.. what a silly statement.

                Kaepernick has single-handedly won and kept us in playoff games the past two seasons, leading this team to a Super Bowl.. but he’s below average? Kap has flaws in his game and inconsistent, but he’s shown time after time.. there are simply throws and plays that he’s the only QB in the NFL can make.

                The trolling is in full effect!

              26. Grant: You don’t draft a QB in the first round if you have too many other pressing roster holes to fill. The teams that follow that pattern are perpetually at the bottom in the standings. It’s about priorities. To make a pick just because you MIGHT have a need next year is just plain stupid. Unless of course you are a sports writer who is trying to create an issue to promote an existing agenda. Or you have the opportunity for a sure thing like Luck. If a QB lasts till the 15th pick they are definitely not considered a sure thing. The only other way this would make sense is if could get a good deal for Kaep, but his trade value is at it’s lowest point due to the results of last season. The odds of those results repeating themselves are very slim, so the odds are that they would not get what he is really worth.

          2. Oh Grant. A few years ago you were arguing FOR kaep in the great kaepernick/alex smith debate. You also told us that outside of cam newton, kaep was the best qb of that draft. What happened?You

          3. Grant,

            Sometimes I think you really believe some of the dumb things you say. Kap is 3-0 vs. Rodgers, threw 4 TDs on the road when we beat Brady, threw for over 300 yds in the Super Bowl, ran for 181 yds setting an NFL record for a playoff game, and has 4 playoff wins, and you cite stats from the lost season when Harbaugh sold out his team and praised Roman’s game planning and play-calling. Amazing. Not only has America been dumbed down but it appears they targeted so-called “sports writers” as well…

          4. Grant, you and your eye-opening stat references are always so enlightening.

            You’re right, Kap was below the league average in completion %, ahead of Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton, Nick Foles and one spot behind the golden boy Andrew Luck (61.7 to 60.5).

            Yards per attempt, ahead of Newton, Foles, Alex Smith, Jay Cutler and one spot behind the great Tom Brady (7.06 to 7.05).

            Passer rating, ahead of Stafford, Dalton, Foles, your buddy Teddy Bridgewater and Newton.

            I can get extemely frustrated with Kap’s inconsistency too and no question he had a horrible year with an oft injured line and questionable (putting it kindly) play calling throughout the year but your stats fall short in proving how horrible you think he is.

      2. Why? because they have way too many holes to fill and after Mariota and Winston there’s not 1st round talent at QB position, if they used their 15th overall to draft a QB ill personally drive to SC and slap Baalke, 1st rounder should be a CB or WR

          1. Your newspaper has a HUGE HOLE to fill and it’s yours. I liked your reporting at first, especially in contrast to your dad’s, but you have come full circle and are now like a gossip columnist. Grow up.

          2. You second sentence is the reason that they should not draft a QB in the first round. Drafting a QB for value is seldom a sure thing. It always a big MAYBE we are getting a good one. You statement that MAYBE Kaep will fill it, or maybe not says it all. Whether any QB in the draft would fill it is also a MAYBE. But the MAYBE that is Kaep is one that will not cost a draft pick that could be used for another position of need. You draft a MAYBE in the first round if you don’t already have a MAYBE on the roster already. The cost of doubling up on MAYBEE”S is too high for a team that has other pressing needs.

    1. Yep, there’s a group of UFA’s bunched together at the bottom to pick from. Guys like Bennett, Bridge, Fajardo, Carden and Halliday….

    1. Ryan… I would love to draft Garrett Grayson or Bryan Bennett in the 2nd or third round…Todays responses are totally laughable to me…WE’RE IN TROUBLE WITH CK STARTING. I would rather start J Johnson or the best QB available in FA. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear….O.K., let the ‘troll comments’ begin….

  3. it makes no sense that draft a qb tht high for a team who believes they are championship ready. We dont have tht luxury. As far as signing a retread, tht makes more since because they’ll know the offense and will more than likely be more competent than a rookie. If Kap doesn’t pan out the coach and gm will be gone and tht pick(if its a qb) more than likely will not survive when the new coach and gm comes in and decides to go with “their guy”. Go with WR Parker at 15 or trade down a couple spots maybe to get DGB or the kid from ASU Strong!!!

  4. Grant,

    Do you think that the past working relationship (Tampa Bay 2009-2011) between Steve Logan and Josh Johnson could play a role in bringing JJ back? I think there is a fit, inexpensive contract and similar QB traits – so minimal adjustments to play book or game plan. I think he would be a veteran with experience in the system and allow them to focus on finding a young (draft or FA) QB to develop long term. Your thoughts?

  5. 1000% Bennett…Love the smooth way he throws and he looks relaxed on the field. No happy feet either.

  6. Garrett Grayson. The team spoke with him at the Senior Bowl and they wouldn’t have to adjust the offense too much for his skill set if Kaep goes down.

    1. Between this and RJF, it’s looking like Baalke is going to have some direct competition in implementing his strategies – because he and McCloughan appear to think a lot alike.

      1. McCloughan appears to be a little more willing to outbid/overpay in FA. Maybe that’s Snyder’s influence. Either way, I say let them.

    2. Grimey – Iupati could be great if he had a mean streak in him. Unfortunately it’s not something that can be taught. He is such a menacing looking figure on the outside but a choir boy on the inside IMO…..Too bad man.

      1. I’m not too concerned with his mentality but he’s missed a lot of time to injury and I think it’s likely he misses more.

        Scherff may end up being a great pick.

    1. Something like that is way overdue. There does not appear to be much innovation in QBs training. I recall the QB guru at the Niners camp chasing QBs with brooms to simulate pass rushers.

    2. I made that simulator suggestion on here 2-3 years ago. All those game designers in Silicon Valley, you’d think they’d be out in front on this. The learning/training technique is well established. Its kinda like flash cards, for those old enough to remember them. Graphics and sound can add in pass rushers, LBs and DL dropping into zones, DBs passing off receivers, all of that. No, the QB won’t get knocked down by the sim, but he can get ‘sacked’ if he hesitates, by being timed out. Wearable devices allow the user to take a snap and make his drops too. In a day & age of CBA-limited practice reps this would seem to make sense.
      In my vision the template would be programmable after market (thus preserving team confidentiality) by user teams for their Playbook and opponents’ schemes. It could be applicable for defensive players too in recognizing formations and predicting routes.
      > 10,000 reps to master a task <

      1. BT— All good idea’s but the NFL is a league that changes very slowly. They are still not making the players do their time drills wearing full football gear on actual turf. Duh! I mean that should be a no brainer.

  7. Kap is a Schlong Tease Bust (STB) – The contemporary Jeff George.

    Big, strong, athletic and can run like a 400meter star, but last time I checked none of those skills correlate to winning Super Bowls.

    Precision, Poise, coolness under pressure and a gritty determination to outwit/outstudy their opponent is most prescient at the QB position. A platoon leader calmly and effectively rallying his troops outside Bastogne in the face of overwhelming odds.

    Was Joe Montana the strongest, tallest, most laser armed QB of his era? …NO

    Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Peyton Manning? …NO

    Eli or even Johnny Unitas? NO

    Championship QBs don’t get in rap style arguments with rookie Linebackers at halftime in the Raiders Colosseum tunnel.

    Championship QBs don’t lose their cool and call their opponent the “N” word.

    Championship QBs don’t stoop down to Twitter trolls and get over-agitated like an 8th grader at a rec dance being called a name. So Justin Beiber’ish

    Championship QBs don’t treat the media like a immature juvenile in court when they are down.

    Championship QBs arent obsessed with the way they look or how flat brimmed their hat is or what kind of fresh miami vice suit look to post on Instagram

    Championship QBs don’t lob soft tosses into double coverage against the NFLs best CB in the last minute of NFC championship games.

    Championship QBs calm their breathing, mentally are a step ahead of their opponent and don’t frenetically call timeouts or heave desperation rainbow arcs 3 times in a row to the same WR when on the 5 yard line in the Super Bowl with 2 minutes to go. Hello John Candy and John Taylor

    Can you see Joe, Tom, Drew, Johnny, Eli, or Peyton caring about Twitter trolls, Instagram, calling opponents the N word, getting in halftime arguments with rookie linebackers in Oakland, or falling apart in the last minute of Championship games? NO!!

    …and that is why they have 12 Lombardis amongst them.

    Kap is a puerile farce with a nice-to-look at body but lacking in mental acuity for the position or leadership. Kap’s platoon would be over-run and sent to Germany as POWs.

    Thanks Grant for telling it like it is and not being drunk with the 49er PR machine!

    1. Kap threw for over 300 yards in the Super Bowl and it was only a stupid time-out call by Harbaugh followed by the asinine play calling by Roman that prevented the victory. Take your meds.

      1. Depth guy? He was a beast and now will be extremely motivated within the division. I always liked his tenacity.

        1. He’s been a great player but the questions are: Can he play? If so when? and how much does he want to get paid?

          They should definitely talk to him.

          1. Yup, if he’s willing to come in on the cheap he would be a strong consideration at a 1-2 yr deal.

  8. Oh and by the way in regards to QB in this draft. Find the unpolished gem in the mid-late rounds. A QB that has the desire and fire to be the next Tom or Joe despite they hype or measureables. A QB that has a HUGE chip on his shoulder because 6 other QBs went before him. A QB in 2-3 years that will let his inner fire blossom into being the starter/leader. The gym rat that wont go away and will fight you to the death in horse or checkers. A platoon leader ready to defend his bridge with 12 against 1200….

    Sean Mannion looks the awkward Tom Brady out of Mich part but I dont know about his personality. 3 year captain though and tough as nails

    1. Jro3- Makes sense to find an unpolished gem in the middle to later rounds but Sean Mannion is not it.

  9. is that what Bill Walsh or any other savvy talent evaluator would say?

    find the Leader and groom him/put him in a position to lead

  10. Kap is a viscous competitor and hard worker. He is still young. I like him leading this team. As for a number 2, I’d sign Jake Locker. Could develop into a solid back up. Definetly not starter material but I wouldn’t mind him as a back up.

      1. Locker for backup,take a flyer on Conner Halliday in the 7th and let him rehab this year.Meanwhile ,keep an eye on Jared Goff as our target in 2016-Go Bears!

        1. Lockers main short coming is being injury prone, but that would play less of a role as a back up. He has the same basic skill set as Kaep and could run the same plays. He was really doing well these last two years before he got injured. Came back too early last year as well and his stats dropped because of it.

  11. yeah I will give you that he is still young and seems to be hard working competitor. I just hope he learns some poise and precision from Kurt. Locker is interesting backup

  12. Yes the only QB’s that win are calm and respectful at all times like Van Bocklin, McMahon, and Namath.
    Montana would have never screamed at the Cowboys to “respect *#!@#? that” after he threw a touchdown pass against them. Young would never have screamed at his head coach after being pulled from a game. Brady would never be caught on National TV screaming F*** over and over.
    Kap has issues has a QB, but he works hard and wants to improve. His attitude is not the problem.

    1. being a fired up competitor is one thing.

      demeaning and calling an opponent the N word is way over the line. He gets agitated toi easily.

      Montana said that comment after he threw TD / they won…Kap says these things in the heat of the battle and gets all short circuited.

      your comparison of VanBrocklin/McMahon/Namath is weak. Chicago won because of their D and McMahon was an idiot. Those QBs cant fit into the jockstrap of the crew I illustrated (Tom, Joe, Peyton, Drew, Eli,…etc). You mention 3QBs over 25 years ago. In todays NFL you have to be Tom or Drew…not Jim McMahon.

      working hard still does not make you a Championship QB

      Kap calling out the twitter troll for having 6 followers illustrates that Kap thinks Twitter is central to being a normal accomplished person. Hellooooo

      1. Montana was known to cuss out D linemen during the game. I believe it was Harris Barton who told him to stop it because he had to block that guy.
        So Yes, Montana did this in the heat of battle as well. The simple fact is, if Kap had a superbowl ring, nobody would be saying his attitude is the problem even if he did the exact same things.
        I believe he focuses too much on the wrong things… and needs work on tightening his delivery and reading a defense but his attitude is fine.

    2. 49er42- Over time the myth replaces all reality. Most of the posters who use Montana as an example are too young to actually remember the player he actually was. All they remember is the hype that is often repeated over and over.

      1. Championship Rings>”Myth&Hype” ‘kay?
        P.S.-as Faithful, I predate Montana & Walsh & EddieD & John Brodie. ‘kay?

  13. Grant. I think you are right on. QB is the most important position on the team by far. If your team has an average rated QB, of course you have to consider an upgrade if your goal is super bowl or bust. To not consider that would be plain stupid.

      1. I think a very encouraging sign is what Kurt Warner said regarding working with Kaep (or perhaps it was a paraphrasing from the writer – unfortunately, I don’t have the reference anymore). Warner basically said that they would be working on having Kaep “take” and “make” the easy throw, which, I think, mostly means finding the open receiver. If he can just do that, this offseason will have been a major step forward for him, IMHO.

    1. I read a comment that he struggled at the Shrine game practices. That might mean something or it might be nothing, I’d like to hear what the specific criticisms of him there were. He has outstanding metrics but I have to wonder what was the caliber of the defenses he faced.

      When I look at the stats I wonder why isn’t he being mentioned more, hard to imagine he’s being that overlooked. Not being a college guru my guess is that he played in a weak conference and his stats aren’t being given much credibility.

      I like my QB’s a bit taller and again I’m not sure if you really need to spend a draft pick on him but as a UFA he’d be interesting to see what he can do.

      1. He played FCS level his first few years, which puts his stats into some perspective. This past year was FBS, but still not a great level of competition.

    2. He could be the back up punter too.

      Seriously though I haven’t even heard of him until now. To what would you attribute the significant statistical dip his senior season?

    1. I read the entire article and saw all of the videos. It seemed like the author was fairly well balanced in discussing the pros and cons. Bonner does appear to have good pocket awareness and resets his feet well. Needs work on this throws and touch. I didn’t get a feel for how well he reads defenses or goes through progressions.

    1. It seems equally unlikely that they would move down and take anyone so I don’t see the 49ers in the first round QB conversation.

      Try and guess the likely landing spots for the QB’s in the 2-4 range if you want a name that is going to push Kaepernick. Just how high can you imagine Baalke deciding to draft a QB. We know when he took Kaep so there is precedent for them to take one in the early 2nd round, which prospects do you see in that range? Where will the run(if it occurs) on the mid round QB’s take place cause you’ll probably go through 2-3 names on the list when it happens.

  14. None of those guys. Hundley is the most overrated. He won’t do anything in the NFL. My vote is for Shane Carden from eastern Carolina. He’s gonna be the QB steal of the draft. Watch.

  15. Seems to me the bigger question is: who will be backing up Kaep this year. Someone mentioned that Josh Johnson was on the Buccaneers the same year that Steve Logan was the running backs coach; so maybe there’s a possible connection there. Blaine Gabbert could be a possibility at the right price. Colt McCoy could be another possibility but I suspect he’s looking for a starting gig. But all three have the “scent” of Jim Harbaugh on them, so they might be rejected out of hand.

      1. There’s really not much out there about him, so hard for me to really judge.

        His highlights package obviously looks good, but that’s what highlights packages tend to do. But, based on the highlights package, here are my thoughts:

        – He looked a class above the players he was playing against, which is what you want to see in someone playing in a lower level of competition.
        – He’s got good size to him.
        – He isn’t a blazer, and against better athletes he’d probably have somewhat average speed for a WR. He didn’t really sprint away from people in the highlights. But he has running back like moves and instincts with the ball in hand.
        – His running instincts make him a dangerous PR and KR, and should make him a guy OCs try to get the ball to on short passes and in space at least a few times per game.
        – His routes tend to be quite rounded, but he has a nice, natural burst out of his cuts. He may not be fast, but he doesn’t lose speed making a break.
        – Matt Waldman made a good point that while he doesn’t do many moves to fool a DB and win in his route running, he does a good job of staying steady paced and smooth in his stems, which doesn’t tip the DB off to the route and allows him to create separation with his speed out of his cuts.
        – He looked like a natural hands catcher and judged the deep ball quite well.

        The issue with a highlights package is it won’t show any of his drops or bad plays, so we don’t get to see where he struggles.

        1. There’s a lot to like about him, but I might contend that he’s got some consistent speed that’s more than adequate. He looks like a 4.5 guy to me when he shifts into second gear. I like his feet and his body control. When he runs routes, he looks like it comes natural to him….

          1. I reckon he’d be more mid-4.5s than low 4.5s, but that is just based on him having guys being able to make up ground on him when he’s in the clear in these highlights.

            In terms of route running, I think he’s got a really nice subtle shift one direction just before his cut to get the DB slightly cheating the wrong way, then plant and go the other way to burst out of his break. And he does a good job of keeping his pace steady and staying upright in his stems so as not to tip off the defender where he is going beforehand. What I didn’t like is how rounded his routes were.

            It is worth keeping in mind he was playing against a weak level of competition, and the DBs made his route running look a lot better than it probably is.

  16. 5 writers that are worse than Grant Cohn…
    1. My 4 year old niece, but not by much.
    2. Grant Cohn, his articles get worse by the day.
    3. The writer of 50 Shades of Gray. Thanks for making me watch that crap.
    4 and 5. Sorry i can’t really think of anyone worse.

    1. Well.. no one is making you read the articles n00b

      You don’t like ’em ? ..
      Don’t let the door his ya on the way out

      (Oh.. in case you haven’t noticed ..
      it’s about the “community”)

    1. Mark- Amazing how simpletons always come up with simple explanations for a teams poor play by focusing all the blame on a single player. Also very convenient when it also serves a parallel agenda.

      1. Willtalk I agree with you –you are right and I am wrong, but I find it rude that you call all the people who focused all the blame on alex smith as simpletons

  17. I actually agree with Grant. If one of the QBs was to fall to us, especially Winston, you grab him because of the value and the need. I like Kaep but he has NO tough on the ball. I could throw a better screen pass.

    1. Im in the minority but I wouldn’t touch Winston.

      He has been in college for 2 years and couldn’t stay out of trouble. Alleged sexual assault, Allegedly took money for signing footballs, Stood on a table and yelled for someone f a girl right in her you know what, got caught stealing crab legs, and was involved in a BB gun battle on campus.

      In my experience, giving money to an idiot typically exacerbates their problems, it doesn’t make them go away.

  18. Niners are expected to release Stevie Johnson! Saving 6 mil in cap space. According to Diana Rusini!

    1. Should come as no real surprise. Could see when the trade was made that it was likely a one year rental.

      1. Likely Logans’ timing routes doomed him, because he’s not that. Also likely they have some confidence in the Duke, but I’m guessing they’ll be drafting a WR early and perhaps again later….

    1. Hmmmmm, I’d trade Congress for a bag of sand, but no takers. Might as well just cut them.

      1. Brotha Tuna- Would that be with the sand already bagged or just the bag and the sand separate?

  19. no mention of Cody Fajardo, comes from the same system lap came from, faster than kap, and even though Cody came from aults system, Cody can go through his reads better than kap. Let him ride the bench and learn a pro offense, and should he need to come in, and play Cody can. I say the niners grab him, in third or fourth round.

    1. I liked Fajardo’ combine performance, but I didn’t like his 18 TD’ to 11 Int’ ratio in 2014.
      I think that Bryce Petty could drop to the 3rd and maybe 4th rd and would make more since imo.
      Petty also threw for 29 TD’ to 7 Int’ and close to 4,000 yrds.

      1. cody dealt with allot of injuries on the offense this year. From his o line to his best wr. If the team didn’t have so many injuries, I truly believe his numbers would of been allot better. I saw just about every game, since I have a kid on the team. I was lucky, to see the games. Give Cody some coaching time on the bench a team who is familiar with his play style Cody will succeed.

        1. I liked Cody quite a bit as a college QB, but I disagree that he will translate to the NFL. Further, I disagree that Cody makes reads better than Kap did in the Pistol. Cody often appears to make one read down field and then dumps it to an outlet option, sometimes even when his first read is open. He rarely looks for a second down field read. His willingness to dump the ball off makes it look as if he is going through his reads. In ways, it is similar to how Alex Smith plays. That is not a bad thing in and of itself, but Smith is a much better game manager than Cody, and given Cody’s arm limitations and his tendency to become skittish under pressure, I do not see him as more than a career backup, at best.

  20. I still don’t understand why they try to make a pig out of a cow. When they drafted him, they knew damn well that he was a runner type of QB with strong arm. Instead of developing the scheme to take advantage of him, force him to stay in the pocket to read and then throw. Basically, they try to change what he has been good at.

    Let him run around and throw if he sees fit.

    One of the problems is his fumbles. He tried to read but the pocket collapsed on him. With the ball loosely held by him, any hit from the defender will make him fumble.

    Let him do his normal read. But, he should be to sense the pocket around him and then run around a bit with eyes looking down field or any outlet. The WRs and him have to work together knowing that he may run around to dump the ball to any open receiver.

  21. Collin Kaepernick is garbage niners need to stop wasting time throw the trash out admit they made a mistake and start with a real quarterback who can throw under center move around in the pocket pump fake look off safeties fundamentals, Grant is right niners need to start looking for a viable backup right now potential starter and if any of the quarterbacks he mentioned above are there they have to take one of them

    1. Four-Nine—- And the mistake you really want them to admit is that they should not have replaced Alex with Kaep. lol.

  22. Kaep is fine, IMHO. What they have to do is to use what he is and take advantage of his skill. Not all pocket passers are successful. To me, a QB with good mental but ok physical is better than a good physical but no so OK mental. Unitas, Montana, Young, Brees, etc prove the point. Nowadays, they judge the QB by their arm strength, height and speed – wrong things. The mental thing is not easy to teach.

  23. Can’t wait until kap gets back in gear, tired of hearing all this nonsense about him being below average. Warner is helping him with a quicker release with touch and getting through progressions faster. He’s gonna be a beast, but they need to get him outside the pocket more frequently this year.

  24. I think it would be in the 49ers best interest to take a QB in the later rounds. I like Petty over Bennett, but agree Bennett likely will be more of a value pick. And despite my earlier negative assessment of Cody Fajardo, if I were planning to incorporate more pistol formation sets in the offense, I would sign him as an undrafted free agent if he is available. I would not draft him.

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