Kenneth Acker picks off two passes, Devon Wylie beats Jimmie Ward three times in team drills

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out to me during Wednesday afternoon’s padded practice.


1. Colin Kaepernick. Completed 22 of 32 pass attempts during team drills. He threw two touchdowns during an 11-on-11 goal line drill – one to Anquan Boldin and one to Asante Cleveland. Kaepernick also got intercepted on a deep pass in the end zone – Perrish Cox jumped and caught the ball over Quinton Patton – and Kaepernick fumbled a read-option exchange with Carlos Hyde.

2. Michael Crabtree. Returned to practice after missing the pass two weeks. Participated in individual drills but not team drills.

3. Tramaine Brock. Same as Crabtree.

4. Brandon Lloyd. Same as Crabtree and Brock, but Lloyd participated in team drills and caught one pass.

4. LaMichael James. Returned to practice, participated in team drills while wearing a blue no-contact jersey and caught two passes in the flat. Also dropped one over the middle.

5. Justin Smith. Practiced for the first time this offseason. Same for Ray McDonald and Ian Williams, but Justin Smith stood out. On one play, he knocked down Carlos Hyde in the backfield.

6. Ahmad Brooks. Sacked Colin Kaepernick on third-and-seven during team drills. Brooks blew by Ryan Seymour, who was the starting right tackle because Jonathan Martin didn’t practice and Anthony Davis still is hurt. Brooks also recovered the ball and ran it all the way for a touchdown after Colin Kaeperick fumbled a read-option exchange.

7. Perrish Cox. Intercepted a deep Colin Kaepernick pass. Cox has intercepted Kaepernick four times during camp.

8. Kenneth Acker. Intercepted two passes during team drills. First, he intercepted a Blaine Gabbert pass intended for Bruce Ellington down the left sideline. Next, Acker intercepted a McLeod Bethel Thompson pass intended for David Reed.


1. Patrick Willis. Did not participate in individual drills or team drills. He watched from the sideline while wearing shorts and no pads.

2. Daniel Kilgore. Gave up a sack during a two-minute drill. Tony Jerod Eddie, the nose guard, tossed Kilgore to the side and easily tagged Colin Kaepernick.

3. Marcus Martin. Botched two snaps during team drills. One time he snapped the ball five feet over Blaine Gabbert’s head.

4. Jonathan Martin. Did not practice. Did not watch it from the sideline, either. He was not present.

5. Mike Iupati. Limped through practice, even had to sit out of team drills for a few plays.

6. Jimmie Ward. Gave up five catches, three to Devon Wylie. At one point, Ward gave up three catches in four plays. But it wasn’t all bad for Ward. On first-and-ten during a two-minute drill, Ward, blitzed from the slot and “sacked” McLeod Bethel-Thompson.

7. Stevie Johnson. Caught two passes and dropped one. A standard day for Stevie Johnson.

8. Quinton Patton. Caught three passes and dropped one, but Patton’s drop was embarrassing. He turned his head around late in the red zone and got drilled in the face by the ball.

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  1. I heard one report that Martin was excuse because of a death in his family.

    Is the offense taking extra snaps in the redzone?
    I’m a little concerned with Kap’ INT’s in the endzone. Seems like that been happening a little too much for my liking.
    But I guess that’s why they continue to practice it.

    1. Not really, but i still enjoy reading about it. I mean surely only the dozy would form a concrete opinion based solely on practice stats.

      1. Hahaha. Training Camp reports are like listening to radio broadcasts; they create an impression that is flavored by our personal reactions to the semantics of the storyteller. And Overreaction Mondays must be like the panic caused by Orson Wells’ “War of the Worlds!”

    1. Either that or change it to where the passing of Martin’s grandmother is mentioned.

  2. When I hear Gabbert being picked off now it’s a no reaction. Clearly he has lost his confidence as a NFL QB and he is on the road to early retirement.
    Granted it is early in camp and he still could improve. However if he is not the best player Sunday against the Broncos, Baalke better be scouting potential backups QB’s around the league.

    1. Blaine has to show me something. I was shocked and skeptical when he was signed. Then cautiously hopeful during OTAs and Minnies. Last Thursday was underwhelming.
      Maybe he’ll turn around my opinion. I wonder what Cody Pickett is up to these days……?..?

      1. I still have some hope that Gabbert will shine sometime soon. But if he fizzles in preseason, Harbaugh may already have his Backup QB in Josh Johnson.
        That being said, it’s still to soon for any changes.

        We’ll likely have a better view of the Backup situation by the 3rd preseason game.

        1. The Backup QB ratings just came out for all 32 teams and Blaine Gabbert didn’t let us down. The whole league knows what Harbaugh doesn’t – he sucks. Blaine finished #32!

        1. Truly? There’s no embarrassment in that, my line of work wasn’t earth-shattering or even interesting, but I raised a kid, paid off a mortgage, and not govt-dependent in retirement.

          1. BT, sorry but I was joking. Not much of a joke in hindsight. It’s my cynical (and bad) sense of humor. I don’t know what Pickett’s doing. I was just thinking about the fall that happens for some of these guys after the NFL. Managing a SuperValu is a good job for lots of people. I sell insurance, for which you don’t even need a high school diploma. Like you, it’s put food on the table, paid the bills and taxes, and, in my case, raised two kids. Again, sorry for the bad joke.

            1. Good Morning George-
              No worries friend, I took no offense, I was just commenting; hopefully not sermonizing. Glad to learn things are good with CP.
              As I age I appreciate the simple things in life more.

              You can’t always get what you want
              You can’t always get what you want
              But if you try sometimes
              Well you just might find
              You get what you need
              -The Stones-

    2. “Clearly he has lost his confidence as a NFL QB and he is on the road to early retirement.”

      Yep. Unfortunately he’s going to “retire” with $2,000,000 of the 49ers money without earning a penny of it. Too bad they couldn’t just give that money to Boone instead.

    3. Josh Johnson will win the back up QB job. The question is, will Harbaugh be stupid enough to cut him again so the front office does not look stupid for wasting 2 Million on Gabbert. Everyone on this blog knows Gabbert has been and still is a BUST!!

        1. Given jordan’s exemplary track record as an astute evaluator of QB talent, Gabbert’s days are numbered.

            1. MWD:

              Under which theory?

              A. Even a broken clock is right twice a day
              B. Even a blind squirrel can find a nut now and then

              It would have to be B because, if jordan were correct about Gabbert, it would be the first time he has been right about a 49ers QB.

              1. How exactly is that two names Jack? Would it have been better if I put Alfred Alonzo “A.J.” Jenkins?

                That player is an example of misplaced faith in Jim Harbaugh, and the same applies to Gabbert.

              2. You’re going to have to help me out here Jack because the last time I knew, a person’s full name didn’t constitute as more than one name.

              3. MWD:

                We were talking about QBs, and I have faith in Harbaugh’s ability to recognize and develop QB talent. Please enlighten me as to how that faith is misplaced.

              4. … and how A.J. Jenkins is relevant to Harbaugh’s ability to recognize and develop QB talent.

              5. Because he isn’t worth developing Claude. Harbaugh loves to challenge his self, but this is one challenge that he can’t meet. Gabbert’s terrible play in Jacksonville was no fluke. I have nothing against him, but he lacks the skill set and (more importantly) intangibles to be an NFL QB.
                I was giving an example of a player believed to have had talent and it didn’t pan out. I didn’t realize that you wanted the options only limited to the QB position.

              6. Because he isn’t worth developing Claude.

                You’ll forgive me if I don’t take your word for it. If Harbaugh thinks there’s something there, I’ll defer to him. He knows more about NFL quarterbacking than I. He also knows more than you, even if you don’t want to admit it.

                I didn’t realize that you wanted the options only limited to the QB position.

                Really? That’s what we were talking about. Until you brought up A.J. Jenkins, the conversation had been solely about QBs.

              7. You’ll forgive me if I don’t take your word for it.

                I could care less whether you did or didn’t. My thinking on Gabbert is based off of watching him in the Big 12 where his limitations couldn’t expose him yet, and there has been no evidence to suggest that I’m wrong.

                If Harbaugh thinks there’s something there, I’ll defer to him.

                And Harbaugh has never wrong prior to this?

                He also knows more than you, even if you don’t want to admit it.

                Weak argument with zero substance.

                Really? That’s what we were talking about. Until you brought up A.J. Jenkins, the conversation had been solely about QBs.

                Yep, I’m the first one to alter the course of a thread on this blog. Stone me.

              8. MWD:

                You think you know better than Harbaugh when it comes to NFL quarterbacking? Talk about misplaced faith in an ability to evaluate talent.

              9. What part of ‘weak argument with zero substance’ are you not getting Claude? The ‘weak argument’ part or the ‘zero substance’ part?

              10. I must admit I’m not really getting it either MidWest. How is that a weak argument, or without substance? You have said Gabbert is not worth developing, and agreed with Jordo that he shouldn’t be on the roster. Harbaugh, however, continues to work him as the #2 QB in practices. Somewhere in there you are at least strongly implying that you know better than Harbaugh… and Baalke.

                Nothing wrong with having an opinion though. Hard to find someone on here that hasn’t said something to suggest they think they know better than the professionals.

              11. MWD:

                What part of ‘weak argument with zero substance’ are you not getting Claude?

                The part where it’s allegedly weak and without substance. Harbaugh has a track record of recognizing and developing QB talent at both the NFL and college level. You have a track record of watching games on TV. I think that’s a sufficiently substantial basis for concluding, strongly, that you don’t know as much as Harbaugh about recognizing and developing QB talent.

              12. Didn’t Harbaugh cut Josh McCown?

                Yeah, and he kept Smith and Kaepernick. I’m confident he got that right.

              13. Actually, the 49ers didn’t sign Tolzien until after they cut McCown.

                Look, I’m not saying Harbaugh is perfect or that every decision he makes will pan out. I’m saying that his record on QBs is such that if he sees something in a QB, he’s entitled to the benefit of the doubt.

                And he’s entitled to double the benefit if jordan disagrees with him.

              14. Now that’s funny.

                I agree with giving him the benefit of the doubt. I guess I just have a higher tolerance for guys like Gabbert.

                Perhaps he turned a corner this week. In the past he’s been know as a good practice QB but bad in games, so he’s trying to change it up.

              15. Jack:

                Gabbert may never get it, but I think it is too soon to dismiss him the way some commenters have. The circumstances in Jacksonville were not good for QB development. Give Harbaugh, Roman and Chryst some time to work with him, and let’s see what they can do for/with him.

  3. I have not heard a single thing about Eric Reid. How has he played Grant? Sometimes no news is good news but it also means you’re not making plays.

    1. The two Matts report he’s doing well, better than last season, more confident, continuing his development. Sounds solid to me.

  4. So, it’s early, plenty of TC left, but how about Acker? The numbers are tough to make the 53, but he doesn’t survive the waiver wire; not this year.

      1. Cox? Morris? They’re both ahead of him, I think, but they better keep working. Could be like Cooper.

        1. That’s the drawback of a stacked team having 12 draft picks. Woe is we. At least they have Reaser stashed on the NFI.

          1. I think they have ways for more mysteriously “injured” players they want to keep to make it on the list. Maybe Acker comes up lame somehow too…

  5. It seems like Ward has been up and down all preseason. Hopefully he can work through the inconsistencies.

    1. Really? This is the 1st I’ve heard of him being on the not-so-good list. He missed all of OTC and is learning two positions, and as played pretty well for a rookie.

      1. I also think Grant tends to highlight Ward’s failures and to his credit this time he did note a success too. Maybe he’s the only one noting them? The other writers seem to over look those things and they don’t show up in their blogs. At some point there are other DB’s not succeeding too but those don’t seem to get reported in the same fashion as Ward’s. Everytime Kap throw’s a TD or a completion somebody’s getting beat.

        I’d be interested in what Grant’s seeing that other people aren’t writing about or if other people are seeing Ward’s development proportionally to the other DB’s with more perspective. As always its hard to tell since none of us are actually watching practice. But you are right others aren’t reporting this.

      2. I seem to recall him not performing great against the ravens. On the other hand I recall accolades for him in the early days of camp.

        1. Jimmie’s grade from bleacher report.

          Jimmie Ward saw time at both slot cornerback and safety, and made a couple of plays for his highlight reel in the San Francisco 49ers’ preseason opener against the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday.

          Ward’s most significant moments in coverage in this game both came against veteran Ravens wideout Jacoby Jones while Ward was working in the slot.

          Early in the game, Ward got beaten by Jones for a 12-yard catch on a slant over the middle. The No. 30 overall pick from Northern Illinois bounced back in the second quarter, when he went up against Jones on a go route, established tight coverage and broke up a Tyrod Taylor pass intended for Jones.

          Ward also made a big play against the run. When he went unblocked on a corner blitz off the edge, he showed his impressive acceleration as he closed quickly on Ravens running back Bernard Pierce and buried him in the backfield for a four-yard loss.

          The rookie defensive back will have to further prove his mettle in coverage over the course of the preseason, but he got off to a solid start against Baltimore.

          Grade: B

  6. Stevie Johnson is demonstrating stone hands again. He had 7 drops before this and seems to lose his focus. He’s Boldin’s backup so he may not see the field too often. On the other side, Lloyd continues to demonstrate great hands and will be a reliable backup to Crabtree, especially given Crabs’ fragile nature.

    1. Be careful what you say about stevie J. His mistress frequents this website and doesn’t take kindly to criticism.

    2. To me drops at practice only matter if they show up in games. Vance for instance is pretty consistent dropping both places. SJ faired well in his first outing and I want to see him in the next two pre season games before I am ready to draw the stone hands conclusion.

        1. What about Patton’s performance last week? “Somewhere Quinton Patton (0 rec. on 3 targets) is like, “Really? Where was that for me last year?”” PFF’s website. My point is simply sometimes things are suggested and then become reality in people’s minds. Nobody’s really talking about him not making a single catch but we are focused on SJ’s drop.

          Here’s a good detailed look at what SJ’s production might be next year.

        2. Jack:

          Are you talking about Kaepernick’s first throw to him? I hardly think you can call it a drop when the DB commits pass interference.

          1. Claude,

            No. It was from Gabbert. He ran a curl, the ball was a tad high and went right through his hands.

  7. Good to hear that James is back. Sounds like he may possibly see some playing time in our last 2 games. I’m excited to see a Gore/Hyde/James combo, hopefully coaches utilize this.

    Grant – I’m hearing that Ian Williams participated in team drills; How’d he look?

  8. Word on the street is Lattimore has been looking good working on the side….hopefully he gets activated soon

  9. Percy Harvin feels as though he’s made of bulletproof glass. I get a headache when ever he opens his mouth. The PED’s are definitely running rampant through his veins…

    1. Nice little bargaining chip. You report, we’ll forgive your fines and begin work on a new deal…..

      1. There’s little to no chance that the 49ers seek to collect those fines. Whether they redo Boone’s contract, they trade him, or he simply reports, those fines will be waived.

        1. If they come to agreement, his agent will have to negotiate away those fines with some concessions in the deal; but only a portion of them. Possibly settling for a little less guaranteed on the front end.

        1. He should have 1-800-LAWYERS on speed dial, already,
          George ..

          Boonie .. Get back to work !!

          1. Missing tens of thousands of dollars might not be an issue, I understand that. But once you cross that $1mil mark, it has to hurt. He wasn’t making money like that and if he misses the season opener it’s $85,000. He’ll be in debt and should fire his agent. Someone should slap him as well.

  10. So I see that A&E, the folks who brought us Duck Dynasty, are now promoting some new show called “Wicked Tuna.” Guys, I have nothing to do with this, I swear!
    I get a little grumpy, but not wicked.

    1. BT
      They fish out of your old stomping grounds of Gloucester MA, but generally give us massholes a bad name. 1 dimensional stereotype, A&E might as well have named the show ” Hi how ahh yahhhhh”

      1. BOS
        Hah! Yeah, they’re milking the old Gloucesterman Mystique. The thing is hanging a camera over the shoulders of some nerds in the eastern Mass tech industry wouldn’t be that compelling TV either. : >)

  11. Stevie Johnson is a gamer. Always has been. Some players are great practice players, some are gamers, and some are both. Johnson makes plays. Period. If you take away last year, a year he was injured, he has been one of the most consistent pass catchers in the NFL…with awful QB’s to boot. Seriously, I would be focusing on others, like Looney, Kilgore, Smith, ILB’s, etc., before worrying about a proven commodity like Johnson.

      1. What is the highest number of catches a #3 WR has had in the Jim Harbaugh regime?

        That may be a better measurable as the number of catches Stevie has to overtake.

          1. Thanks Hammer.
            Although an argument could be made that a #2 WR was never really established the year (2012) RMoss was here.
            Ted Ginn Jr
            Randy Moss
            Kyle Williams
            A.J. Jenkins
            Mario Manningham

            Manningham was the #2 WR and finished the season with 42 receptions.
            RMoss finished with 28 as the #3.

            On a team with Crabtree and Boldin, S.Johnson may be hard pressed in getting 40 and beyond.
            If GRo utilizes the swing pass (w/Hyde) out of the backfield and VD gets his share, Johnson’ chances decrease.

            I give Stevie a “strong” 30 receptions. Strong in the sense that his catches will be well calculated and productive.

      2. It will also be interesting to see how many catches Boldin and Crabtree get. Kaep’s career has so far typically consisted of having one WR far more dominant than the others. Crabs and Boldin put up more than 80 catches in 2012 and 2013, respectively, but if both stay healthy will either get to those lofty heights? Both? Will one of them become the dominant receiver, or will it change on a game by game basis?

        Then you throw in Stevie Johnson (or whoever wins the 3rd WR job). If he starts taking some catches away from others, it will be interesting to see the stat line put up by the 49ers leading receiver this season. And I haven’t even mentioned Vernon and potentially a more prominent McDonald.

    1. Stevie Johnson drops some passes. So do a number of other top WR’s around the league. He ranks along side guys like Brandon Marshall and Victor Cruz in this area. In other words the drops and effects on the game are highly exaggerated. .

      1. Megatron, Vincent Jackson, Wes Welker and Josh Gordon also have fairly high target to drop ratios.

        1. Rocket and Bar none

          All of the receivers that you mentioned are ‘go to…’ guys when plays break down, the QB’s fling it their direction hoping for a miracle reception. Stevie and Brandon Lloyd would fit nicely in that company.

  12. When asked who was faster, Morris or Ellington, Barrows says that’s a race he’d love to see….

        1. Razor
          Catch me if I didn’t remember this right, but wasn’t it Duke who Grant described on a 9 versus D.Johnson who went to another gear to get separation and took it to the house? If so, that extra gear I think qualifies as fast.

          1. Correct on both counts. I think anyone who would dispute his speed at this point is just in denial…..

          2. If so, that extra gear I think qualifies as fast.

            That’s not true Brotha. Various players have the ability to switch gears but that doesn’t mean that they’re fast. It just means that their starting speed isn’t their final speed, or or in other words, that they have a second gear (which I have noticed about Ellington).
            One other thing to keep in mind is that Johnson is a raw prospect. He was dinged during the time leading up to the draft for stiffness in his hips and a grip in his backpedal, both of which negate any advantage to his straight-line speed, and both of which were noticeable against the Ravens.
            Like I have said, the games during the regular season will tell whether I eat crow or not in regards to Ellington’s speed IF he gets to play on offense.

              1. “It’s just that I don’t see Ellington as fast”-MWD

                That’s because he’s just a blur…..

              2. Then I must have the most amazing eyesight because I could see that blur with ease.

            1. To be clear, I like both players. They’re both showing flashes as they develop.
              Way back in the olden days I remember some of the old gunslinger QBs used to say they liked their receivers to run routes at 3/4 speed so that the QBs could throw them open. That supports what you said. But who runs a 9 that way? 90% speed perhaps with a boost in reserve, but some CBs have a reserve to match.
              One thing that caught my eye was Barrows thinking Duke vs. Morris would be a good race, cuz Morris can scoot.

              1. One thing that caught my eye was Barrows thinking Duke vs. Morris would be a good race, cuz Morris can scoot.-Exactly!

              2. I do as well Brotha. It’s just that I don’t see Ellington as fast, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I now believe he has the physicality to make that a moot point either way.

              3. I don’t care if Ellington can run a 4.3 40 time in underwear or not, he looks plenty fast enough on the field to me. I don’t think speed is going to be an issue for him.

    1. Straight line speed in a foot race will work wonders for professional sprinters.
      As a WR in football, your job is to get open by using a variety of skills.

      Bob “Bullet” Hayes (Olympic sprinter) considered the fastest man in football made the pro-bowl 3 times in his 11 years.

      Jerry Rice was not considered a speedster coming out of college, but his quick twitch and explosive burst off the line of scrimmage more then made up for the lack of sprinters speed. JR used a variety of skills to get open is my point.

      Sometimes our infatuation with a speed WR skews what a receivers job is – get open.
      BLloyd has made a career of using his skill level (rather than speed) to get open. Perhaps Ellington will do the same. BTW, it doesn’t hurt that he also has some respectable speed to add to his repertoire.

    1. Amazing comments from the peanut galery. And the jerks bagging on Colin there are all rooting for teams that the Niners have mugged over the past three years.

  13. Man, I hope Chryst and Mangini show tape to their guys of Cutler’s 1Q TD pass to Zach Miller from Preseason week#1. CK has the arm strength to duplicate the throw, but it required anticipation and finely tuned reading by both the QB and the TE. Object d’Art.
    VMac, please watch it several times. Thank you.

      1. Actually, I think the influence of Trestman may trim Cutler’s overall INT rate. Against Bears the 49ers will be w/o Aldon & Navorro and I think pass rush will be the key to beating Cutler. Even so, 1 or 2 picks by the Niners could happen.

        1. His 14 INT’s in 2012 was good for a 3.2 INT% and in 2013 his 12 INT’s was good for a 3.4INT%. Sack rate went down dramatically though. 2012-38

    1. SeaChickens won’t sniff another Super Bowl for
      the next 30 years, MidWest ..
      (unless they buy their tickets early each year)

      Someone throw Mary a crying towel

  14. Baushad Breeland. Remember Baalke’s visit with him before the draft?
    “Redskins fourth-round DB Bashaud Breeland was cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession in Richmond, Va. on Monday.
    Breeland was on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University and was stopped by a university police officer at 10:40 PM. He was issued a summons and will have a hearing on August 26. Breeland had pre-draft concerns due to “several run-ins with the law.” It’s not a good start to his NFL career. Breeland has been working as a second-team corner and occasional nickel back.”

    1. Too bad. He should have stayed in school another year, but I really liked his skill set coming out….

  15. The latest reports I’ve heard about M@M are disappointing. Still injured, mistake riddled, and out of shape. Not what I expected…..

    1. Keep the faith, Razor. For what it’s worth, I just reviewed five draft profiles on him Only one (Walter) mentioned conditioning. But no one thought he was an overachiever, all thought he would become a quality starter, but all said he needed development (improvement in his technique). It could be his knee is the reason he’s out of shape. Which raises the issue of how bad his knee really is, though.

  16. M@M = Matt Maiocco???

    Jaguars are gonna be real good in a few years. They are really young and hungry…

    1. At the practices with the Ravens Fangio highlighted two areas on D that he thought were playing well. The safeties were the first thing out of his mouth and then OLB’s were the second. One would assume he’s speaking of Reid and Bethea. But not much mention of Bethea other wise.

      1. I’m just going on the scouting reports that he needs development and is starting late because of injuries (knee and ankle).

      2. I hear you razor, I really wanted Martin to make an immediate impact, partly due to my USC bias, but also due to the lack of trust I had in Kilgore. While I still have my USC bias, it seems like Kilgore is looking very solid at the position. Kap seems very comfortable with taking snaps with Kilgore, and he has been in the offense a few years and should have great command of the calls at the line.

        So I think at this point I’m good with Kilgore running the show while we develop Martin at center and possibly guard. He provides very good depth.

        I just hope he doesn’t end up like the last USC linemen we drafted high.

          1. The most Chilo ever contributed to a 49er win was when he played for the Bears and Aldon was beating him for 5.5 sacks on Monday Night Football.

        1. Let’s say that Kilgore wins the spot and excels. Let’s say that Looney excels at right guard. (Keeping my fingers crossed on both.) Let’s say that Marcus blooms. That means that he’s the heir apparent to Iupati next year, doesn’t it? Starting left guard and backup center. I know we drafted Thomas, but he won’t be active for another year.

  17. Interesting article. They tackle the 49ers offense from a fantasy football perspective. They see Kaep as a top pick talent that is on an offense that has too heavy a run % to make him a valuable pickup. Their slant is that Kaep’s only problem is lack of attempts.

    Running backs in the Niners offense are also not coveted. They don’t catch enough passes. Jamaal Charles caught 18 balls in the first three games last year. Frank Gore and Kendal Hunter caught 19 balls between them all year. Charles finished with 70 catches. ( guess it helps when your QB is captain checkdown )

    WR’s. They said that it doesn’t matter if the Niners are in a one receiver set, two receiver set or three, it just means they are going to run the football 53% of the time out of that set : )

    Earlier this year someone asked Greg Roman why they don’t pass to the backs more. His answer was, ” I like throwing to running backs”. No Greg, you don’t. I wish one of the beat guys would have taken that moment to delve into that subject further. I hope if any changes occur in this offense, that this particular change is made….–no–14–the-san-francisco-49ers-162120931.html

    1. I can understand their position. SF has good receivers, but has a number of them to share below-average number of attempts. Gore will be sharing time with Hyde.
      Personally I’m not interested in FF beyond that the scrutiny of individuals (and team D) provide some insights into the real game. Lots of friends think I’m odd that way. I did note the other day that Peyton M. was being interviewed after practice and some guy asked a question from the FF perspective. I can’t remember PM’s actual words, but to paraphrase, he said that he personally has such a team oriented mentality that he can’t get into FF. That’s pretty close to my feelings.
      I remember a HS teacher who I got along well with asking me after class why I acted so hostile in discussions of poetry; did I hate poetry? Why? I said I liked it, but I hated dissecting it. Its like looking at a painting and only focusing on one color at a time. He said “Humor me.”

        1. MidWestD
          As a 16 year old? No I did not. Look, I’m so old that when I was 16 there wasn’t any ‘talk back’ in me to any teachers; it just wasn’t an option. I could think what I wanted, but I minded what I said, or at least where and when I said it. Then I’d go hang out with my friends and we go tipping Mastadons and Wooly Mammouths.

          1. I was kidding about that Brotha.

            Then I’d go hang out with my friends and we go tipping Mastadons and Wooly Mammouths.

            Man, my generation always misses out on the fun!

          2. BT ..
            you’re only as old as you feel ..
            (and the last time I heard that ..
            I fell off my pet dinosaur)

            Yeah.. a different time bak then ..
            we were taught something long since forgotten ..
            “respect” …

            but ..
            we did listen to BOTH kinds of music, in those days
            Rock AND Roll !

            To that end .. here’s something I sadly missed =>


            (crowd count = 49,000 .. coincidence ?)

            1. and the last time I heard that ..
              I fell off my pet dinosaur)

              Dang it! You guys never allow me in on your fun.

        1. ok, I see that, now, MidWest ..

          I was really hopin’ they would give
          him a pass.. cuz he always made going
          to the game a lot more fun !

          Article sez he always played “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”
          but, when he appeared at our tailgate .. he told me
          of his new hit ..

          It was called .. “SeaHawks Suck”

  18. One of the most important sports events in years… KNBR upgraded the irritating “1-800-Cars For Kids” song. The new version doesn’t grate the nerves like the old one. Lets hope the old version stays gone.

  19. Harbaugh challenged all 49ers beat writers to the ALS ice bucket challenge before today’s practice. Who thinks Grant takes the challenge?

      1. LMAO
        Har-Har has them all fooled again, He’s the only one wearing a sweatshirt and a cap!
        He doesn’t feel the immediate impact of the ice………..

  20. No practice report? Not even a tidbit I can overreact to about a WR I never heard of? I suppose these light public practices don’t justify a report.

    With the running back shortage I’m expecting a ragged offense through the whole preseason. Lots of whiffed blocks by feature back Jewel Hampton. Anyone hear the “mic’d up” Harbaugh at the joint Niners/Ravens practice telling Jewel “Pass Po… pass po…”

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