Kirk Cousins’ negotiations aren’t hopeful sign for 49ers


Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins throws a pass during practice

Let’s talk fantasy and reality — and economic reality, too.

Here’s the fantasy: Kirk Cousins will sign with the 49ers next offseason and become the team’s best quarterback since Jeff Garcia.

Is this scenario even realistic? Is there a legitimate chance Cousins will leave the Redskins and sign with the 49ers?

Let’s address the fantasy first.

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  1. I like what you did there, Grant. It seems Gruden is happy with Sudfeld, because the Redskins passed on Peterman and Kayaa. I can’t imagine Snyder paying Cousins 34 LARGE for one year, but my imagination isn’t as dysfunctional as Danny Boy’s….

      1. I’m inclined to agree, Grant, however, won’t the other owners give Snyder an ole fashioned blanket party if he were to make such a move?

          1. Hecares more about his franchise than the other owners.

            He’s more careless with his franchise than the other owners. Fixed it for ya, Grant;>)

          2. He cares more about pointlessly interferes and derails his franchise more than the other owners.*

            * Except the idiot in Cleveland.

      2. Grant – i think you just like being the contrarian. The negotiations fell through because of the following reason. It doesn’t preclude that “Kurt” Cousins could land up here. In other words, Cousins was already in line to make a minimum of $52.7 million over the next two seasons without sacrificing the leverage of going year-to-year on his contract. Allen and the organization wanted him to give up that leverage and leave nearly $40 million on the table for an additional $300,000. Even if you want to believe that Cousins should take a conservative approach in a league in which the attrition rate is perilously high, there’s no way to make that math credibly work. This wasn’t the sort of record-setting, no-brainer offer the organization is suggesting in Allen’s statement. It’s barely a credible one given Cousins’ current leverage

  2. The only owner stupid enough to franchise tag his QB for a third time is Snyder. I don’t see it happening though. I think they will apply the transition tag. Marathe will draw up a front loaded contract that the Skins can’t match.

    1. If Washington is willing to pay Cousins $35 million next year (which I doubt) under a franchise tag, they can have him.

      If they do pay him, I wonder how his teammates will react. While players no doubt accept the fact that QBs get paid the highest salaries, $35 million would be roughly 40% more than the next QB. Will the other players on Washington begin to grumble and also want big pay raises?

      1. Yup. 35 million would be 10 million more than the highest paid QB. It just doesn’t make sense. We’re talking about Snyder, but 35 million? I think the transition tag is 27 or 28 million. At least that is somewhat palatable.

      2. The other players want to win. They will resent Cousins salary a lot less than they would if they had Colt McCoy as their #1 QB.

      3. They’ll have the money. At least $54 million IF the cap doesn’t increase. So there’s plenty of room for Snyder to **** it up again…

        1. The hilarity in such an action is that the Shanahan hating Snyder could have signed Kirk for 3 years at a fraction of the cost of a triple franchise tag awhile back. Should Danny I got money to burn Snyder comically FT Kirk for a 3rd straight year Guinness would have to open up a new category for the biggest fool on record. Snyder would be enshrined for eternity. Nobody will every surpass him…

  3. Grant, think Cousins plays for the 49ers in 2019? Think Cousins plays for a team other than the Skins in 2019?

    1. That depends on whether the Redskins draft a replacement in 2018. Cousins said he wants to play for one team, so the Redskins seem to have the inside track.

  4. Yeah, I find it hard to believe Cousins won’t be a Redskin next year, one way or another. Regardless the 49ers can’t just assume he will be there for the taking.

      1. Hey mate!

        I’ve been floating around a little, just not commenting much. Thought I would take a bit of a break until TC starts. :-)

    1. Scooter, I don’t think it’s the 49ers brass assuming anything. It’s the fans doing all the assuming. Just read the past 2 columns and you will see all the assumptions.

  5. The big winner is Cousins, especially if he gets a third franchise tag. Just under $74m fully guaranteed 2016-2017-2018 . Then 2019 a new contract with millions more guaranteed. Some speculate up to $60m guaranteed.

    Cousins could be looking at securing $120m-$134m (fully guaranteed) in a four year stretch. He gets all that loot even if he has a career ending injury in 2019.

  6. Would the skins get compensation (third rounder is the max i think for comp picks) if they just let him walk next year without a Tag?

    1. Yes. But if they use a transition tag, and fail to match an offer, then they lose out on a compensatory pick.

  7. So Grant makes it sound like if possible the top QBs should play under a franchise tag. But isn’t guaranteed money for the risk of injury the main reason players want to sign a long-term deal? Cousins could probably get $50 to $60 million guaranteed in a long term deal.

      1. Do you recall the numbers for Kap’s policy? Wasn’t it something like a $20 million policy with a premium that was around 10% of the value ($2 million per year)?

  8. Interesting concept with the salary cap. I know Agents definitely know an individuals share of the cap and they try to project that over time but they definitely don’t put language in a contract to that effect. If I were an NFL GM I would NEVER agree to put that type of language in a contract. The NFL Salary cap is published in March (I think) for the upcoming league year based on last years revenue. That means I don’t know what I’m paying my QB for the following year until March. How can I re-sign players if I don’t know how much I have to spend?

    1. Houston, I agree with you. But doesn’t Hollywood work that way? Big stars are paid regardless of how much money the movie makes (unlike NFL teams which always make money regardless of performance). More and more sports stars consider themselves to be entertainers, ergo……..

      1. 2 of my favorite examples of hypocrisy is Ben Affleck complaining about income inequality after he was paid $17M for the movie Gigli and Hollywood executives, specifically Harvey Weinstein, complaining about the tax code even though the movie industry receives billions in tax breaks.

        Point being, I don’t think you can compare anything to how Hollywood works. That’s a universe all to itself.

        1. complaining about the tax code even though the movie industry receives billions in tax breaks. .

          As does the gas and oil business. And people in those industries have nothing to say about the tax code, do they Hou? But talk is cheap, they’d rather invest millions in politicians who would rig the code more to their benefit.

          Point being, I don’t think you can compare anything to how Hollywood works. That’s a universe all to itself.

          You can compare Hollywood to any profit making endeavor. Especially ones whose employees and product are one and the same. Such as professional sports.

          1. You’re kind of in my wheelhouse here Ribs. You should stop now. You might be able to guess why I left my beautiful home in Santa Rosa to live in the energy capital of the world. It’s true there are quite a few tax incentives for oil & gas exploration. Those tax incentives have allowed US consumers to literally save tens of billions in reduced energy expenses. The tax rate paid by oil & gas companies is the highest in the world BY FAR. The Federal Govt receives approximately $85M EVERY DAY in tax payments from oil & gas companies. The tax incentives are used in a way that has helped the US nearly gain energy independence which has greatly improved lives of millions of Americans. The industry employs almost 10M Americans and investments in Energy companies is the backbone of many million retirement plans. Of course the industry has a huge gripe against the US tax code. It absolutely is unfairly punitive specifically to the energy industry that is unparalleled in any other industry including the movie industry. Tax incentives for oil & gas exploration are justified by the enormous social good that is derived from the projects enabled by those incentives.

            Having said all that, I have nothing against the movie industry. Many of my family members live in SoCal and are part of that industry. But to try to compare movie industry tax incentives/payments to the oil & gas industry would be comical if it wasn’t so sadly ignorant.

            1. Yea, poor Germans are paying 39 cents a kilowatt for electricity due to intense fiscal support for green energy, while here in America we are paying around 10 cents per kilowatt. No thank you!

            2. Too bad you ignore the fact that the oil and gas industry obtains a lot of their oil and gas from federal lands, Now they are even going to exploit a National Wilderness on the North Slope, and deprive the Native Americans of huge profits that will go to a select few. Now, Trump wants to give away the reserves, which should be saved for future emergencies.
              The gas tax, which amounts to 20 cents per gallon, was 20% when gas was 1.00 dollar per gallon, but now that gas is around 3.00 bucks per gallon, it constitutes to be around 6%. Instead of 20 cents per gallon, it should be determined to be 20%, but the powers that be will not allow that to happen, which allows the industry to reap huge profits.
              Luckily, many people are investing in renewable energy, and with more mass transit and electric vehicles, the stranglehold the oil and gas industry has on our economy will be lessened.

              1. Seb, when it is cost effective and efficient, the oil and gas will become irrelevant. Until then, please don’t make me pay like the Germans. And for the love of all that is green, find a new spokes person instead of Al Gore. He just has no credibility and hurts your cause. The inconvenient truth is his book was wrong. Not only that, his hypocrisy is over the top with his air travel, and his mansion that consumes 20 times more than the average American home….

              2. All I can say is it must be a significant burden to go through life as Seb. SMDH.

              3. Yuck, Al Gore. The only green thing he cares about is money.


                “Environmentalists and human rights activists are accusing Vice President Al Gore of hypocrisy over his shareholding in Occidental Oil, a company that plans to drill in Colombia’s rainforests over the objections of local indigenous communities. Gore owns up to half a million dollars of the company’s stock.”

                “And Gore is also facing heat for his involvement in the sale by the Clinton administration of thousands of acres of oil-rich, publicly owned land to Occidental in 1997. The area is known as Elk Hills and it is located in Bakersfield, California. It is known as an ancestral land for Native American communities.”

              4. Similar to Houston9er, I am Louisiana – a lifelong 49er Faithful forced to transplant due to economics & made a 40 year career drilling wells all over the globe.
                Inconvenient truth is there are more $$’s in taxes paid both Federal & State than is earned in profit on gasoline/diesel & the difference is considerable.
                But as an acknowledged expert in my chosen profession, my opinion pales in comparison to a liberal talking point based upon abject deliberate ignorance.
                It aint like Jed Clampet, you don’t shoot a bullet in the ground & millions sprout from it.
                Research the corporations & companies that are spending the most money on alternate energy sources & you will discover that they are – Oil companies.
                Frankly, if you despise oil companies, walk or bicycle everywhere, disconnect yourself from the electric grid & generate your own power, purchase only locally grown/raised foods.
                Hoping Brian Hoyer duplicates Rich Gannon & has a Pro Bowl season.

              5. J,

                I’m not sure if your comment was directed at me, but it was a reply to my post so I will respond.

                My post was about the hypocrisy of Al Gore, nothing else. Gore has frequently criticised the fossil fuel industry. But he is an Occidental Oil shareholder.

                I’m not an expert in oil, accounting, or taxation. It’s funny how many ‘experts’ happened to show up at this site, at this time.

              6. I took a course in petroleum economics, and one graph showed how the consumption of oil over the history of the United States started in the 1850’s and peaked in the 1970’s. It was steadily declining, but new extraction technology from fracking has given the industry a new boom. However, that will also start declining if the US does not rapidly implement conversion to more mass transit and electrical vehicles.
                So in less than 200 years, the US will have exploited and exhausted the oil resources of America. The waste and inefficiency of the oil industry was mind boggling, They flared off trillions of dollars worth of gas because it was so cheap. Oil gushers and accidents like Santa Barbara and the Deepwater Horizon blowout wasted millions of gallons. The auto industry colluded with big oil by fighting tougher mileage standards, because they wanted to use and make average Americans consume more oil. They targeted the Red Line in So Cal, and used unfair business practices to drive it out of business so people would be forced to drive cars. Now mass transit in So Cal might cost a trillion dollars to build.
                Yes, Oil and Gas have been the backbone of the economy, and has paid billions in taxes while employing a large segment of the population, but computers may be changing our way of life.
                I started my working career out of college, helping repair drilling rigs, so I, too, had worked in the oil industry. It helped me pay off my college debts.

              7. Razor, I agree that Al Gore makes a poor spokesman for green technology.
                People who influenced my thinking include names like Amory Lovins, who wrote -Brittle Power, who predicted that the US would get into wars to try and protect MidEast oil. Another was Ernst Schumacher, who wrote -Small is Beautiful. He was a visionary who proposed human scaled, decentralized appropriate technologies and pointed out the unsustainability of the current oil consumption. Currently, I look towards Elon Musk, who is another expert who is trying to change the world.
                Al Gore is passe’.

          2. We are both in the same wheelhouse Hou. I work at an energy commodities trading house so you can save the API public relations spiel. The point is, every entity that pays taxes, and is in a position to do something about it, will endeavor to work it their own advantage. In that respect the energy sector is no different from the entertainment one.

            1. Yeah, I highly doubt you had anything to do with Oil & Gas tax code based on your comments so I don’t really think you know what your talking about. Not API spiel. I did M&A and tax work in energy and financial svcs for a few decades. That is my experience. The amount of money the federal govt takes in from Oil & Gas companies is astronomical. Energy companies make up the greatest portion of US GDP and it isn’t close and pays the most in taxes and it isn’t close.

              Of course every business entity attempts to navigate the tax code to their benefit. I very clearly pointed to the hypocrisy of guys like Harvey Weinstein who criticize tax incentives for O&G exploration while applauding Obama’s proposed budget that literally took away every single one of those incentives. And then in the very next breath Weinstein complained about the lack of tax incentives in the Movie industry in CA and complained all the film shooting was going on in Louisiana because of their favorable tax code. Clearly, I wasn’t making an argument about the equality of the tax code. I was pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of men like Harvey Weinstein.

              1. I was pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of men like Harvey Weinstein.

                Men like him? Why stop there? How about a certain chief executive lauding American made products while he and his family have built their empire on foreign produced goods? At least Harvey is in an industry generating two million jobs in all 50 states, paying $134 billion in wages, and contributing $43 billion to over 300,000 American businesses every year. See, I can produce my own PR. The film and entertainment business will be going strong long after the fossil fuel industry has left this world.

                In any case, working the refs is not hypocrisy.

              2. I almost went to the University of North Texas to get my PhD in Oil & Gas taxation. But I decided the MS in Taxation was a enough and went into private practice for the next twenty years before retiring in 2010. But I ‘m no so out of touch I don’t know about the current state of Oil & Gas taxation.

                So reading what you said about their tax burdens was straight LOL. The statutory tax rate for large C-Corps is 35% Fed plus State. The Oil & Gas C-Corps, on average, were obligated pay about 24% thanks to all the credits and benefits they get. Making it worse is that they get to defer and actually only pay about 11.7% Fed thanks to all the loop-holes & deferrals they enjoy here in the US.

                And that’s the big oil companies. The small companies get so many benefits and breaks that it’s 3.7%.

                Meanwhile the API lies and says they pay 44%. They don’t. And you can see the truth of it right there on their financials. They have to disclose in their annual reports. It’s right there i black and white (in the footnotes) and the math is simple division. Tax/Income = 24% and 11.7% after their deferrals.

                They’re not the only ones of course. Big agriculture does the same thing. MFG does the same (especially auto). The entertainment and software industries do it. Basically, every large economic segment and Fortune 500 company is doing it.

                Anyway, don’t play the ‘poor oil company’ game. They’re not poor, benighted corporations barely eeking out an income under the horrible tax burden they suffer. Rather, they get tons of credits and incentives whether directly, like with the IRC, or indirectly in all the tax-give-aways you see municipalities fork over left-and-right.

                So when people criticize they’re not paying the same as other industries. THey are correct. The Code has been, since 1916 when it was first written, been very favorable to Oil & Gas. It’s just the way it is.

                (FWIW, I actually don’t care. I’m not some silly-billy who thinks higher taxes (or lower taxes) is some panacea. In the end, the consumer will pay one or another whether it’s back-door tax subsidies or at the pump/register through higher prices. That’s how it works. My only interest in the issue is that it skews things and maybe we skew a different way.)

              3. Houston is right. I don’t know what I’m talking about as far as O&G taxation goes. But it doesn’t take an expert to know that when one industry has their sacred cow breaks they will fight like hell to keep them. Multiply that by every other industry and their pet subsidies, and you will never come up with anything resembling equitable taxation code. To single out one guy (Weinstein) in one sector (entertainment) is just specious.

              4. @Moses. You are simply wrong. You guys seriously don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t want to attack your integrity but the crap you just spewed is directly out of Think Progress and it’s 100% false. I have a very hard time believing you have an accounting degree and you just posted that nonsense. It’s simply false. To try to claim small energy companies pay a 3.7% tax rate is absurd in the extreme. Perhaps if you had losses that offset the tax burden then you could manipulate the data to arrive at that conclusion but 3.7% is simply not the norm for any energy company regardless of size. In terms of real dollars, the O&G industry pays hundreds of billions in taxes. Large oil companies are the #1 corporate stream of tax revenue and it isn’t close. We can sit here all day and argue about what to include or exclude to arrive at the effective tax rate but energy companies pay a very high rate. That is not disputable.

                “As far as Lew’s claim that the oil and gas industry pay far lower taxes than other industries, he would do well to take a look at an analysis for The New York Times by S&P Capital IQ, which found that while the average effective corporate tax rate was 29 percent, energy companies paid 37 percent. The analysis also found that the three big energy firms paid the most taxes in absolute terms, with a combined total of $289 billion.”


                Also read this one:

              5. Call it specious all you want but the point was and continues to be that Hollywood is a horrible comparison to any industry. The people and the economics don’t compare to anything in any other industry, including sports.

            2. You are a conservative, I get that. And every politically correct conservative worth his stripes has to disdain “hollywood elites”. But I have no idea what you mean by “The people and the economics don’t compare to anything in any other industry, including sports.” Hollywood’s product is one of America’s biggest exports, adding over $500 billion to USA’s GDP.

              1. It never ends with the libs. They’re ALWAYS miserable about something-either hyper outraged or offended by something, or their victims of this, that or the other.
                Communists and Socialists cry the same song, all their lives. After all the smoke blows away, its roots are in jealousy, envy–coveting your neighbors goods.
                Then, in so many words, they tell us its because they are smart, you are dumb.
                In his day, JFK was considered a liberal-but that kind of liberal is long gone.

              2. I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as a conservative. More of a libertarian. I think the govt should only legislate/regulate those very specific duties laid out in the Constitution. For example, I dont think the fed govt should have any say whatsoever in abortion, marriage, healthcare, etc. Those things should be left to the states to regulate which is how the Constitution is designed. The beauty of that approach is the flexibility it gives citizens. If the majority of a state such as in CA are super liberal then their state laws can reflect those values. If the majority of a state is super conservative like TX then their state laws can reflect those values. Citizens would then have some flexibility in where they live that would fit their values. We have that to a certain degree but the fed govt interjects itself into social issues to a greater degree than I think appropriate. We can have an argument over my opinion about what should be allowable in each state but at least the citizens get to decide as opposed to the Fed govt deciding for them. Having said that, I don’t disdain “hollywood elites.” I have great respect for the amazing talent of many of those people. They are true artists. I do however disdain hypocrites. Someone attacking tax breaks enjoyed by 1 industry and then complaining they don’t get enough tax breaks is obviously hypocritical.

                On the economics point, Hollywood films are quite unique in how they are valued/funded. A typical credit facility functions similar to other industries in terms of covenant compliance but the underlying collateral value and the physical storage of the film production is actually fascinating. Not my specific area of expertise but our firm was in that business with City National who is a major financier in the film industry. It’s a different world than pretty much every other industry.

            3. I am also a retired CPA and while I admit that I have no particular expertise in O&G taxation I also obtained an MBA in Taxation from a fairly well respected institution. While Moses has demonstrated his acumen when it comes to football related issues, with respect I must disagree with his ability to take information published by public corporations as far as their payment of corporate income taxes. While public corporations do present their Net Income, is it is not their Taxable Income, on with corporate income taxes are based. Net income for financial reporting purposes is based on generally accepted accounting principles (almost always with “accepted adjustments”). While I would not expect everyone to understand the finer concepts of others’ occupational specialties let me just state that the Net Income reported in public corporations’ financial statements is merely a summary of whatever they want say to the public and even my former profession has very little say about it. On the other hand, Taxable Income is defined by the Internal Revenue Code and no one, or should I say NO ONE can determine that from publicly filed financial statements. That said, those who say that O&G corporations pay a lot of tax are correct. The taxes consist of highway taxes, excise taxes, sales taxes and ever with way you want to name a tax – they pay a lot. This is not a particularly unique situation. It’s like the Beatles said in the Tax Man: “If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street, If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat, If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat, If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.” So, as is all too common on this board, many who argue are really arguing about distinctions without a difference based on faulty assumptions about almost any given topic. This site has ventured way too far from being a 49ers football site into a forum for constant bickering. Now for something that we can all agree – what’s the over/under bet on how long before I’m called an idiot.

  9. I clicked this by mistake on Can you put your name in the headline so I can know it’s Grant Cohn BEFORE I click it. Would rather never read anything he writes.


    1. Thanks for leaving. Some one who is computer illiterate probably cannot conjure up a cogent thought, anyways.

  10. That’s not a bad click bait topic…but, there’s no chance in hell that’s happening and the letter throwing he and his agents under the bus is confirmation it’s over. And they are preparing the fan base for that. And this isn’t about money — he’s already made $50M guaranteed. This is about playing for a man and a team who actually respect and want him (by way of a means other than kidnapping) and who can actually pronounce his named…Kirk.

    1. The letter shows the Redskins want to sign Cousins long term and Cousins would rather sign one year deals.

      1. The letter was deceptive about the extension about. The actual extension offer was $29m guaranteed (not $53m). $29m is half the estimated 2018 market.

        But Cousins is being a good (and smart) boyscout. He’s talking nice about the Redskins this morning.

      2. The letter shows what the Redskins want you to believe. Why would Cousins want to re-sign with a dumpster fire of an organization like the Redskins. When he says its not about money I believe him to an extent. He wants to earn a lot of money but he also wants to win.

        I give Washington about a 5% chance of re-signing him. The president couldn’t even get his name right.

              1. Don’t take your love away from me
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              2. You are completely ignoring the fact that the Redskins front office IS crazy. It is crazy (and historically unprecedented) to use the franchise tag on a QB twice. It is crazy to spend two years failing to lock up a franchise QB. It is crazy to offer a franchise QB who is guaranteed $52 million over the next two years a five year deal that guarantees $53 million. And it is crazy to issue a hit piece on said QB after your most recent failed negotiation.

                The Redskins front office has bungled this situation worse than any player negotiation in history. They are not going to pay Cousins $58 million for this season and next (only to lose him in 2019 for nothing) after refusing to go that high in guaranteed money on a FIVE year extension.

              3. Wasn’t a hit piece? When was the last time a GM issued a public statement regarding a contract negotiation that included details of what was offered (in a totally misleading way, no less) for the sole purpose of making the GM look good and the player look bad?

                If you don’t think Allen’s unprofessional statement wasn’t a hit piece you probably think the Niner front office never leaked any negative statements about Colin Kaepernick. Allen’s statment was an FU to Kirk (“Kurt”) and 100% intended to make Cousins look bad.

        1. “why would Kirk want to sign with a dumpster fire”? Well isn’t that what you and more than a dozen posters said about this team in January. And right after they hired John Lynch, and kept assuming Kyle wasn’t coming here??? My point is, everything isn’t always as it seems!!!

          1. Wanting him, and owning his rights are two different things. I think this is more about spite, than desire….

          2. No. I know people in marriages that hate each other and won’t get divorced so they can make the other one suffer. People are crazy.

      3. The letter shows the Redskins want to sign Cousins long term and Cousins would rather sign one year..Grant

        Or gen wants out of Washington ASAP. Didn’t he ask to be traded? And if you’re sayin it was bait for a bigger contract I’m not buying it. The redskins have enough money to sign what they or he feels he’s worth. Obviously a falling out happened, he’s not happy there and wants out.
        Was it coincidence he asked for hat trade right after the niners hired shanny and there was rumors flying all over the place about him going there? It was so obvious Cleveland got mad at our draft move up and contacted Washington to try and take Cousins to hurt us.
        No way Sneider tags him again, he will translation tag him to drive the price up on the 49ers and will not match what sf will give him.
        This insurance on ones self isn’t what he’d be getting with a long term contract. He obviously wants his guaranteed money and a job for more than one year.
        He gets injured and he will still have a chance at his starting job with a multi year contract. He gets injured signing these tags and his stick goes down throughout the league. If he’s as smart as you say he and his agent are. He’s looking for that long term contract. Wash? SF? We aren’t world beaters but you’d be a fool to pick Washington at this time. Again he WILL be a 49er next season. And yes it will be expensive.

  11. I thought Cousins would be sour about Bruce Allen’s written statement sounding like the $53m was in addition to this year’s $24m. But the 2017 $24m was actually folded into the $53m. The actual extension offer was $29m guaranteed. About half the estimated 2018 market.

    If he extended, he would have left roughly $30m guaranteed on the table.

    But Cousins said today Allen’s statement didn’t “rub him the wrong way.” He said he knew it was coming. Cousins really likes Gruden. He gets along very well with coaches and players.

    Most DC insiders like John Keim think 2017 will be a two way evaluation. Allen will evaluate Cousins play. Cousins will evaluate Allens commitment to how the team’s doing on the field and in the FO.

    I subscribed to John Keim’s twitter feed since the Cousins chatter started heating up in March,. He’s one of the few doing the math.

    1. Too much bad blood between the two. $34 million might go a long way to stop the bleeding.

        1. Moving aside the pleasantries, I think there’s genuinely bad blood between the two. Snyder mortgaged the franchise for RGMe , and Full Shanny took out the Cousins’ insurance policy. They saved him from himself. Meanwhile, Cousins had to endure the BS that went along with it. How does Snyder show his gratitude? Is he humble, and admit his mistake? Nooooo, he fires Big Shanny. If you dig into Cousins background, you’ll find he’s a simple man. Had to overcome disbelief every step of the way. Nothing was given to him, he’s earned everything he’s got right now, but there’s something to be said for loyalty. Full Shanny doesn’t need to prove their love for Cousins, because they already have. The mutual adoration has been documented ad nauseum. Snyder doesn’t know what love is. He’s like the unfaithful husband that strings along his girlfriend, promising to one day put a ring on her finger….

          1. Very nicely said Razor. That’s one of the things I like most about Cousins. He’s had to fight every step of the way and he has done it successfully at every level. He is mentally tough which is a big factor if you are going to become a top player in the league.

  12. You forgot about the possibility of Washington using the transition tag on Cousins.

    1. That would be irresponsible, because with an expected $100 million in cap space, the 49ers could literally outbid all other suitors….

      1. Not really. Allowing another team to offer Cousins a deal with an intention to match it might be the best route for Wahington to retain him if they cannot reach a deal on a new contract before free agency.

          1. Nothing. What part of match did you miss? Too many fans are jumping the gun on Cousins.

            1. Dude, you cannot match what you do not have. Ever go to an auction with said amount, and outbid by the deep pocket sitting next to you? Ever have to fold in a poker game because you’re tapped out, even though you feel you have a winning hand?

              1. And who says Lynch will be inclined to do that? Again, stop jumping the gun on Cousins.

              2. And who says Lynch will be inclined to do that?

                That wasn’t the question. The question is the risk involved in applying the transition tag would be irresponsible, because Snyder does not have the cap space to match the kind of offer Lynch could make. IF he were so inclined. Nice try moving the goal posts, though….

              3. ? I am not really trying to win, but merely point out that it way too early to talk about whether the 49ers should go after Cousins. Let the upcoming season play out and then pick up the discussion after the Super Bowl.

              4. I am in full agreement with you on it being too early to speculate with any accuracy on what will transpire between the 49ers and Cousins in 2018. However, I still maintain my original point that applying the transition tag to Kirk Cousins would be irresponsible if you’re planning on not losing him….

              5. FWIW, Shannon Sharpe said last night that the Skins had only about $35MM in cap space next year. I see that Grant said $50MM in his article, so perhaps it means that Shannon is more ignorant than Grant.

            2. Mid:
              Assuming a transition tag scenario, my understanding is that if a team front loads a Cousin’s contract with roster bonuses and not just a signing bonus (which is spread out over the life of the contract as a salary cap hit), then such a scenario would make it very difficult or almost impossible for Washington to match said team’s contract offer. I believe that the roster bonuses are hits to the salary cap in the year that they are paid. If it was just a signing bonus, Washington would have a better chance of matching the other team’s offer, but it could be crippling.

              1. This whole transition tag option brings to mind the fleecing SF did to Chicago over a QB the media and coach staff said positive things about. Queue the theme music for the next fleecing over a QB sf is not interested in.
                Lynch is not about to overpay Cousins. I will accept all beta that Cousins is not signed in SF in 2018 2019-2030… Pick the year. Not happening.

    2. Yeah, he didn’t mention it. But the transition tag could be readily “beat” by a team with a lot of cap space. Simply front load the contract.

      1. In the old days you could use that poison pill. But poison pills were removed in 2011 so you’d have to right a real contract.

    3. They could save a little face with the base. They can say we tried, but Cousins wanted too much money. Cousins was greedy. Didn’t Allen already imply that yesterday?

      1. Allen’s letter was deceptive. The “$53m” he noted had this year’s franchise tag fully guaranteed folded in.

        Allen’s actual extension offer was about half Cousins estimated 2018 market value. Cousins would have left $30m fully guaranteed on the table if he extended now instead of after the season.

  13. But Cousins and Shanahan seem to love each other, and you can’t put a price tag on love.

  14. The owners are idiots letting it go this far! Could have locked him in much cheaper years ago ?

  15. Your analysis of QB compensation is only of their gross total dollars. but what is really important is the guaranteed money and the timing and type of guarantee behind that money (signing bonus, roster bonuses, guaranteed salary etc..). Anytime a player signs a contract, in theory they’re taking less than if they hit the market as a free agent in the subsequent years of the contract. That’s the cost of taking some guaranteed money and some agreed upon in the future unsecured money.

    I believe the Niners are projected to have nearly $100M in cap space next year (assuming they roll over most of this year’s cap space). They or any other team with that much space could front load a contract and knock Washington out of the picture. Weather or not the Niners should do this is a different story. But it is possible. And it’s not improbable given that so far Snyder has been hesitant if not miserly in giving Cousins large chunks of money that are beyond one year commitments.

  16. Regardless of compensation, fair or unfair, Cousins is not the answer for the 49ers. At 30, he is just another stop gap. Whether it is $10 million or $40 million it just doesn’t make sense for the team long term or financially for the short term. The major percentage of drafted QBs fail to become franchise savers. The franchise saviors are either immediate or groomed over a period of years. Mariota and Winston could be called draft day starters and Brady and Rogers waited to become QB icons. Montana, Young, Garcia all waited for their chance and the results were obvious. With this years draft class QBs you could draft a couple that could be franchise QBs and still have draft picks left over. I believe that is what this management package will do. Of course my guess is as good as yours.

    1. At 30 he’s in his prime Mavin 1 and could play 5-7 years at a high level which is not a stop gap. Your point about drafted QB’s failing is actually a reason why you sign somebody like Cousins. The percentages are not in your favor when drafting a QB to be your long term answer so why not sign a vet who you know fits your system and will perform well in it?

      This does figure to be a great class for QB’s, but it’s still a crap shoot at the end of the day and there are so many variables that could affect it. Somebody could get hurt, one or more could decide to stay in school, and then there’s just the cold hard reality that you could draft a bust which pushes back the rebuild and keeps the team non competitive for x number of years. There are a of teams in this league that have fallen into that hole for a long time. If the Niners finish in the bottom 3, and everybody declares then sure there is a good chance they will draft one of the top guys, but if they finish in say the 6-10 range, there is a very real chance the top choices are off the board and you are now gambling on lesser prospects when you could be drafting the best player available at another position of need. They sign Cousins and they immediately become a better team, but they also then can use every resource at their disposal to improve the team as a whole and don’t have to wait 1-2 years for the QB to adjust to the pro game and system. They hit the ground running with Cousins.

      1. Your points are valid and they apply to Cousins as well. Nothing says that if you pay $35 million for him that he won’t get a permanent injury that won’t allow him to play again and it could happen in a preseason game. You have 2 competent QBs with Hoyer and Barkley. If they stay healthy and take you to the playoffs or the SB how important does cousins become. Not saying that they can, just putting out the supposition. Because you miss the top draft picks doesn’t mean that the QB you get won’t be a franchise QB. Brady went in the 5th round and Montana in the second and Rogers was the last pick in the first round as I remember things, the draft placement could be off a little but not much. So the pick of a QB is dependent upon those making the selection. If you believe that Shanny and Lynch are capable of doing that, than my way seems the best as far as I can see.

        1. You can never predict an injury but at least with Cousins you’ve seen him perform at the NFL level which is the advantage you have over going into the draft. Obviously great QB’s have been found in every round throughout history but the odds are low that you find a franchise QB in the draft at all never mind in later rounds. That’s why multiple teams have gone back to the well numerous times picking QB’s high in the draft and never find one. I believe in Shanny and I believe he wants Kirk Cousins if he can get him. If he can’t then they will draft somebody and hopefully wind up with a great QB.

          The scenario you proposed with Hoyer and Barkley has little to no chance of happening imo, but if it did then you have more options which is never a bad thing.

          1. Whether it’s Beathard, Cousins, or a 2018 draft pick, their numero uno priority is finding the next Tom Brady. We need the next great quarterback, and go on another dynasty run. No question about it!

            1. As others have pointed out, mid and late round drafted QBs are a crap shoot and first round picks (Kilmer, Spurrier, Druckenmiller, Smith) are often snake eyes. These are the QBs drafted in the entire history of the franchise:

              Bob Celeri
              Hal Ledyard
              Earl Morrall
              John Brodie
              Bob Waters
              Billy Kilmer
              George Mira
              Jim LeClair
              Steve Spurrier
              Dennis Morrison
              Tom Owen
              Scott Bull
              Joe Montana
              John Paye
              Elvis Grbac
              Jim Druckenmiller
              Tim Rattay
              Ken Dorsey
              Cody Pickett
              Alex Smith
              Nate Davis
              Colin Kaepernick
              B.J. Daniels
              Jeff Driskel
              C.J. Beathard

              We luckily got the GOAT and one other franchise type, Brodie. (Tittle already had pro experience when he was “drafted” in ’51). And unless lightning strikes twice with CJ, that’s it. So to think that the next franchise is just sitting there in round x waiting for the team to snap him up, develop him for a couple years and take us to the promised land has, historically, about 1 in 25 odds of happening.

              Outside of tampering, the team needs to do whatever it can in acquiring a proven player like Cousins. The sooner the better.

            2. You are right, Cassie. How could I forget Carmazzi? (Easily). Make that a 1 in 26 chance.

  17. That was essentially my argument a few blogs ago. If Cousins is so good why would Washington let him go and for nothing at that. Question can you trade a player that is currently franchised?

    1. Sure can. Remember when BB tag n traded Cassel to the Chiefs? I expect him to do the same thing with Garappolo, minus the trade part. Maybe…;>)

    2. UC,

      They don’t want to let him go. That should be pretty clear now with what they offered and what they are going to pay for his services this year. The way the rules are set up they can’t keep him beyond 2018, so Cousins knows he only has to play 2 more years max under DC control to reach unrestricted FA. That’s why he was in no hurry to accept or negotiate the last offer he received.

  18. Good piece Grant and I agree with a lot of what you say in it. QB’s are undercompensated for the most part and percentages would solve that but I don’t see it happening and I also don’t see playing under one year deals becoming common place either even though there is some merit for it.

    The first reason is that one year big money deals take up so much cap space that teams then have to drop other players. QB’s want to get paid but they want to have good players around them to and this type of system would restrict high ticket contracts at other positions.

    The second reason is that no matter how lucrative a one year Franchise tag can be, it doesn’t protect the player long term. This is a sport where your career can be over in a second so getting more money guaranteed over x number of years will usually be preferred over a one year deal.

    I don’t think Cousins and his agent were focused on one year deals either. From everything I’ve read, this comes down to the Redskins offering him under market value on a long term extension. I would imagine now that he’s in this position, Cousins doesn’t mind the fact he has played on two straight one year deals, but I doubt he would turn down a long term offer that guaranteed him 60 mill the first couple of years.

    As for the Skins tagging him a 3rd time, it’s possible but there are a couple of reasons why they probably won’t go that route. The obvious problem is that it’s a 34 mill hit on the cap. That is going to cost them players somewhere no matter what the increase is. The second issue is, they can only tag him one more time. If you are going to pay that much and lose the roster depth involved knowing the player is likely gone after the season it might make sense to accept that he’s not in the long term plans and focus on replacing him now instead of later. The literally could tag him see him get injured and pay him 34 mill while he never plays for them again. I guess you can never say never especially with Snyder involved, but I don’t think they will Franchise him next year. They’ll either give him a fair market value long term deal or let him go imo. The Transition tag is pointless due to the fact they don’t have the cap room to match a front loaded deal offered by another team and don’t even get the compensatory pick if they decide not to match.

    If I had to bet on it right now, I’d bet on Cousins being a Niner in 2018.

    1. The Transition tag is pointless due to the fact they don’t have the cap room to match a front loaded deal offered by another team and don’t even get the compensatory pick if they decide not to match.

      I made the same point to MWD, but it zoomed right over his head. Maybe your statement will resonate with him.

      Remember us having this discussion regarding Mr. Snyder’s degree of spite, oh about 3 months ago? 2018 should prove to be an intriguing, drama filled year of 49ers football….

      1. I do Razor and the L’il Danny factor can never be dismissed. He is definitely the type that could ruin his own team out of spite.

      2. The Transition tag is not pointless if they want to maintain the illusion that they want him to appease their angry fans. As others have mentioned, Allen’s comments were deceptive. Like last year they offered a contract that they knew Cousins wouldn’t sign. Also, I’m sure they know that Cousins said he wouldn’t sign an extension with Allen running the show. Snyder’s motivation is to keep Cousins from reuniting with Shanny and not have the fans revolt even more than they are now.

        Here are the pointless moves.

        1. Franchising him again. Giving a guy 34.5 million that will certainly leave the next year is ridiculous.
        2. Letting him become an unrestricted FA in 2018.
        3. Trying to trade him to a team other than the Niners. Cousins would have to agree to a contract in principle for another team to trade for him. The Rams would be the only other team Cousins would consider.

        Cousins will not sign any long term contract with the Skins. Both sides know this.

        1. Their fans are already pissed off, and have been for quite some time. Check out their forums.

          1. I did say they would revolt even more. Their best bet is to trade him, but they don’t want to trade him to us. They don’t have any good options. Cousins won’t accept a long term deal with them. Cousins won’t let them trade him to a team like the Browns. The Skins are screwed no matter what. Applying the Transition tag would allow them to continue their spin that Cousins is greedy, but they really wanted him.

        2. If the Redskins up their offer, Cousins will sign with them. It’s not personal. It’s business.

              1. Yea, if he wants to remain upright, he has to say the right things. Technically he’s probably speaking the truth, but he probably prefers that one team isn’t being run by Snyder/Allen….

              2. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of his career. So will that day be when he leaves the Skins and goes somewhere else. I’m sure grazing on the greener grass will ease the sting. My preference was to marry a rich, adoring supermodel, but I’ve done more than all right nonetheless.

          1. “If the Redskins up their offer, Cousins will sign with them. It’s not personal. It’s business.”

            Completely agree. Cousins won’t mind staying in Washington if he is compensated as he wants. And even if he is letting some of the personal conflict interfere, while he may not love the FO, he seems to get on fine with the coaching staff.

            1. Cousins is playing the business card. Good for him.

              But he is still not a franchise QB and to be paid 25 million by us, a 4 win max team.

              Lynch and Shanny will be a draft and develop franchise.
              There will be no lavish spending by this leadership group for at least 3 more years.

      3. I pay attention when it is not obvious fan boy vomit Razor. The reality is that it is way too soon to even broach the possibility of Cousins becoming a 49er. We have an entire 2017-2018 NFL season to go through where an injury could drive the price on Cousins down or force the Washington franchise to realize that they need to take a crowbar to their wallet and make Cousins the highest paid QB in the NFL. This is just one example of several possibilities that could happen.

        1. Transition tag is fools gold because the 49ers pockets are deeper than the Redskins. What that has to do with fan boy vomit, or the obvious noting of a season to get through is beyond me….

          1. Plenty because it is one of several scenarios that could happen. Choosing to ignore it in order to sate your fandom and paint the Cousins situation as very favorable to the 49ers is nothing but fanboy vomit.

            1. I think you’ve lost your mind. I’m simply stating a fact. It has absolutely nothing at all to do with my artistic skill(which I have none) or fanboy vomit….

              1. And so I am Razor. Teams have done stupid things before. Hell, the 49ers fired Harbaugh in favor of Tomsula, and then they followed up that one year debacle with Chip Kelly! So you honestly cannot say a team is not dumb enough to transition tag their starting QB.

              2. Snyder might be 2 beers shy of a six pack when it comes to operating a NFL franchise successfully, but he’s nobodies fool….

              3. Smart people have been known to make foolish mistakes though. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Snyder could fire Bruce Allen after this season and tell the new GM to get a deal done with Cousins at any cost.

              4. Article by IH8dallas which won’t allow posting the link:

                Bruce Allen is Donald Trump, Jr. He’s in a position of power because of his father. He has the haircut of an 80’s movie villain. He’s breathtakingly stupid. And when he’s completely f*cked into a corner he releases idiotic statements to the press.

                Bruce Allen has a worse record as a Redskins executive than Vinnie Cerrato. He pretends to be the “adult in the room.” Cerrato never pretended to be anything other than what he was, an unapologetic yes man. Allen is a yes man, but only to his own ego. His mask, made of a salesman’s smile and a senator’s hair, have melted away to expose the petulant, spoiled man-baby he is.

                Bruce Allen is an ineffectual leader. A good executive doesn’t worry about taking all of the credit, rather, heaps praise to his subordinates when a job is well done. Scot McCloughan and Kirk Cousins, the two constants of the Redskins only back-to-back winning seasons since I was in middle school, are now painted as the raging alcoholic and the unreasonable money-grubber. Meanwhile, Bruce Allen was probably seven Coors Lights deep when he hit SEND on that back alley abortion of a PR statement.

                Bruce Allen is a conman, a liar and a coward. Bruce Allen has conned Dan Snyder into thinking he needs his services…for…something? A stadium deal? Cities and states practically bend over and call you daddy for the right to have you screw over their taxpayers. Go to a used car lot and get the first sales guy who smells like Cool Water and Parliament Lights, there, you’ve got someone who can get you a stadium deal. Oh, by the way, they won’t turn your beloved GM and Pro Bowl QB into the football equivalent of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian.

                Bruce Allen said Scot McCloughan would be back at work after he dealt with his grandmother’s death. He lied.

                Bruce Allen said getting a deal done with Kirk was easy. He lied.

                Bruce Allen said Scot McCloughan would be in charge of personnel. He lied.

                Bruce Allen was jealous of the praise Scot McCloughan received. He’s a bitch.

                Bruce Allen thinks Kirk Cousins is a product of his own hand-picked coach’s genius and his roster building acumen, not worthy of top dollar. He’s an idiot.

                Bruce Allen had a good run of gaslighting the fanbase from 2009-2014. With a friendly smile he’ll assure you he has nothing to do with the RGIII drama. With a wink he’ll shake your hand and tell you it was in the team’s best interest to part ways with the alcoholic GM. With grey chest hairs popping out, he’ll try to convince you that the reason we don’t have a QB is because he’s dealing with an impossible agent and malcontent money-grubber.

                Bruce Allen is not and has never been the victim, or bystander of drama-filled days in Ashburn. He’s the fire starter. He’s the silver-haired straw that stirs the poisonous drink we all chug by the gallons.

                The last remaining piece of the veneer has chipped off. The rotten root of Bruce Allen is finally, at last, completely exposed. There’s no one else to throw in front of the bus now, Bruce. It’s just you, your lies, your cowardice and your ego. May they serve you well in your next endeavor as ex-Redskins team president.

              5. Razor, don’t you think that your description of Allen fits pretty much everyone in DC?

              6. Whine, it was an article by I8dallas on Hogsheaven’s website. For some reason, it will not allow me to post a link from their website.

              7. Wasn’t meant to criticize anything you said. Just trying to point out that Allen seems to be in the dominant personality type in DC – and accomplishing just about as much as everyone else there.

              8. Whine, it seems to be the prevailing feeling towards Allen, and their forums are reminiscent of ours prior to Jed’s Mutiny On The Baalke….

              9. WC, I agree that Washington DC is filled with characters of that stripe.
                Razor, you left out the fact that Allen did not give an interview to a media guy because he said the guy would diss him behind his back.
                The media guy said he would not do that, he would tell Allen those things to his face, but Allen is such a coward, he could not handle that.

    2. They won’t let him go without a replacement, and they don’t have a replacement.

      1. They have Colt McCoy ;)

        They could make a run at Garoppolo, draft somebody, sign another vet. Alex Smith may be available next season. Whatever the case I don’t see them taking on that cap hit for one more year knowing he will likely be gone the following season. At some point you have to accept it and move on.

        1. Cousins says his preference is to stay in Washington. They’ll work it out.

          1. He also said he’d never do a deal with Allen. I also remember reading that Cousins and Shanny made a pact while they were together to reunite if/when he became a HC….

          2. He has to play for them this season so I doubt he’d say anything else, but actions speak louder than words and he did not negotiate with them. Didn’t even respond to the last offer. That tells me he is not all that interested in sticking around longer than he has too. Anything is possible of course, but right now I’d say the odds are higher for a divorce than a reconciliation.

            1. I’m sure he wants to see how the organization reorganizes itself after firing mccloughan, but i’m also sure he’d be more than happy to sign the franchise tag next year.

              1. Oh, I think he’s seen enough. You bet he’d sign the franchise tag, and who would blame him? 2019 would then belong to Cousins, and there wouldn’t be a damn thing ole Danny Boy could do about it, except take the next flight out for the cuckcoo’s nest….

              2. Of course he’d sign it, he’d be crazy not to. One year for 34 mill followed by his pick of where he wants to go with no restrictions. I’m sure he’d be able to come to terms with that.

          3. He has no choice but to say that. If he were to say otherwise a number of bad things could happen:

            1) He would be vilified by the Washington fans
            2) Some teammates might take the Lawrence Philips approach to protecting him
            3) There would be a constant verbal/twitter/news press battle between the FO and Cousins

            I’m sure I’m missing some others.

              1. I think Cousins will get the Baalke treatment from Allen. Force them to play players out of position, and play favorites. Devey was Baalke’s favorite. So much so, he signed him as the sole second FA acquisition in 2016.
                I expect more leaks and smears.
                I cannot believe that Allen gave Cousins a single offer months ago, and did not bother to present any other offer. That was obtuse.
                Allen is a piece of work to call Kirk- Kurt.
                I think they are intentionally tanking to get as low a first round pick as possible. I wonder if Allen will be as mad as Baalke was when Kaep beat the Rams, thus losing out on the first pick.

              2. Seb, if they wanted to tank, they would have just let Cousins go after last year and gotten a 3rd round pick.

              3. No, because Cousins would have gone to the Niners to be re-united with KS. They kept Cousins to keep him away from KS, and by extension, MS.

          4. Lol. This has been the line for two straight years. The only way Cousins has no say is if they franchise him again and pay him far more over the next two seasons than what they guaranteed over FIVE (this is not going to happen). So, given the choice to negotiate with anyone, why would Cousins elect to stay with the team that has consistently undervalued him and now taken the unprecedented step of trying to smear him with a public statement about negotiation terms? Whether you are looking at contract offers, coaching, or the trend of roster talent, San Francisco will offer the more compelling choice for Cousins next year.

              1. You said “they’ll work it out.” Forcing him to stay by franchising him again is not “working it out.” Working it out means agreeing to a contract extension, which is something they haven’t been able to do for two years but NOW they’re going to get it done? Unlikely.

              2. Leo, they’ll sack Bruce Allen if they truly want a long term contract. He’s been a cancer, and Snyder will realize that surgery is required….

          1. Funny way of showing it if ya ask me. Maybe Snyder’s ole man never showed him love….

          2. That doesn’t make sense to me Grant. Are you saying they selected a less capable rookie QB because they want to keep their starter?

              1. I’m still not understanding. Are you saying that if they brought in a more capable rookie QB that Cousins would get the notion in his head that Washington is planning to replace him?

              2. Look at the Brees/Rivers situation when Brees was the starter for the Chargers.

              3. I seem to remember a transition kerfuffle with a player by the name of Steve Hutchinson. I believe the parties involved were the Vikings(they got screwed)and the Seahawks(they won).

  19. Jimmie Gilbert was an UDFA pickup of the 49ers out of Colorado. He received the second highest UDFA guarantee on among the 49ers players, getting $62,000 …

    This would demonstrate the team’s belief that he could amount to something as an NFL player.

    Gilbert played every game in his four year career, but it wasn’t until his senior year that he became a full time starter. He nevertheless exploded as a starter, recording 51 tackles (37 solo), including 10.5 sacks and forcing six fumbles. He had a fantastic performance in his bowl game, recording five tackles, including two for losses and a sack, along with a hurry against Oklahoma State. 33 percent of his plays in college were made behind the LOS, demonstrating his playmaking abilities at that level. He was particularly effective at forcing fumbles by attacking the quarterback’s throwing arm.

  20. Look for the Niners to scour the waiver wire, camp cuts, etc to improve the OL with an aging star.

  21. Prime Time says:
    July 17, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    I wouldn’t take him too seriously Oregon. He’s got small man syndrome. He’s never wrong about anything and he’s got the stats to prove it.

    I stopped taking him seriously once he proclaimed Kaepernick a franchise QB. To this day he denies but I’ll never forget it.

    TomD’s Take:

    That’s why Seb has nowhere to go and all day to get there; nothing to do and all day to do it….He’s stars as the guy impressing at the local Sebastopol tavern while those hands you see are the bartender’s, stealing Seb’s NFL betting money.

    Styx – Too Much Time On My Hands

    1. TrollD, when you write- ‘TrollD’s take: ‘ it sounds like you are talking to yourself, which is essentially what you do.
      TrollD, you need to get a clue. Prime was not referring to me at all. He was referring to Rocket.
      Why? Because he mentioned that Rocket once proclaimed Kaep to be a franchise QB, and Prime will never let him forget that. I, on the other hand, have proclaimed Kaep to be a franchise QB many times, and thinks he still should be a franchise QB.
      You are really trying too hard. In your obsession to try and counter me, you just keep looking pathetic. Your incessant screeds just means I am dominating your thoughts and actions.
      If you really want to find the fool on the hill, the big nowhere man, look in a mirror.

        1. Nope, I only do that when they devolve into spewing expletives.
          TrollD can be as clueless as he wants. He is a loser in every sense, but I will not claim victory.
          Sniff. Yup, the stench of Baalke still permeates this blog.

    1. I rarely read TK anyways, so I will not notice the loss at the Merc. Guess Inman will get more opportunities.
      Wish him luck. He will need it.

    2. I don’t have as much faith in the subscriber model as TK seems to have. It’s not like TK was the Bay Area’s favorite sports scribe, willing to fork over hard cash to read his musings. I give his The Athletic endeavor one, two years, at most.

    1. That would require a team to gut their draft capital for the next two to three seasons, and I highly doubt any team is willing to do that.

    2. Can’t trade him unless he signs off on it. No team will trade for him if he doesn’t want to be there.

        1. That has to be the most poorly written article ever. Loads of mistakes. Doesn’t even talk about the Kirk/Kurt slipup.

  22. This does seem surprising:

    David Neumann

    Hyde/McDonald/Torrey/Kerley/Patton group averaged 6.77 yards per play, which ranked 9th among groups with at least 75 snaps together. 

    9:04 AM – 18 Jul 2017

    When Celek replaced McDonald in this group of five, they ranked 51st.

    1. Interesting, but the only way this makes any sense to me is if it was mostly third downs, and they needed 7 yards.

    1. Is attendance restricted to season ticket holders? I think they should do another Kezar open practice too.

      1. After rereading the article to double check myself, indeed it is open to the general public. Season ticket holders will be able to reserve up to 4 tickets per prior to allowing the general public access to the event.

        1. Dang, sounds interesting, but I swore never to attend an event at Levi’s.
          Oh well, I guess I will have to just rely on Grant’s observations.

            1. Sorry, they cannot bribe me with stadium food.
              However, if they had AT&T Park crab or lobster sandwiches…..

              1. I heard they’ll have fresh oven baked chocolate chip cookies, and ice cold glasses of milk.

  23. With Lynch and Shanahan, I’d imagine the 9ers will continue to focus on this season and the installation of their system–tailored where needed to fit their players. The Cousins matter will take whatever course it does and the 9ers will assess their QB needs as the months and games go by. All options will be considered during the off season to address the position. Will be interesting to see what the QB draft class looks like.

    Entertainment abounds!

    1. Cassie – You seem to be saying that the future is so unpredictable that all this speculation is pointless. Hmm. I think you’re on to something. Let’s turn our focus back to insulting each other.

        1. You will notice, Cassie………..Sebs STILL wont tell us what he knows about the QB position that KS does not.

    2. I am still hopeful, because John Lynch is a very smart man. He allowed himself to be convinced by KS to change his mind about Joe Williams, KS should be amenable to Lynch’s overtures if he wants to upgrade the QB position.
      Hoyer certainly is not the answer. He is a statue in the pocket, and the NFC West has 3 other teams with ferocious pass rushers. Hoyer will become injured because he is not mobile enough to avoid the pass rush. He is a journeyman on his 7th team, and may even be out competed by Barkley. He also missed wide open receivers in the practices, so Hoyer may just pull a Gabbert, and bench himself with his play.
      KS stated that he did not want to bother with Kaep because his skillsets are so different than the others. However, if Kaep’s skillsets are different because he is clearly superior, being a mobile QB with dual threat possibilities, maybe KS should allow Lynch to convince him to change his mind.
      One blogger mentioned that KS likes mobile QBs. Maybe KS should obtain one of those.
      Now that Cousins did not fall into their laps, they should become pro-active and upgrade the QB position. They should sign Kaep on a -Prove it contract, and let there be a fair competition.
      Jed said he would do everything in his power to help the Niners win. He should not be afraid of a mean tweet, and welcome Kaep back with open arms, because he would give the Niners their best chance to win. Lynch stated that Kaep has done some amazing things in the league. KS likes mobile QBs. Lynch has not burned any bridges by his apology for the leaks, and he has left the door open.
      To all the posters who think the present QBs are superior to Kaep, I will just question their football acumen. None of them can deny that Kaep is a SB QB who has set records, and has a 4-2 road playoff record. Hoyer had a horrendous playoff game and single handedly lost the game, while all the other QBs have not even sniffed the playoffs.
      The main reason why I think Kaep may return, is because they fired the true cancer in the organization. Now that Baalke was fired, I have hope.

            1. I will question your football acumen, but that is an easy thing to do because your hate for Kaep clouds your judgement.
              However, I will also question the football acumen of any poster who had bet that the Niners would draft Trubisky, and question his character for welshing on a technicality.

            1. Lets see how many stupid posts and youtube videos you can post today. I think you can break the record today?
              You need a job sir!

            2. Sure wished the US would have behaved morally and with principles, but when they started torturing prisoners, they descended to the levels of the enemy.
              Case in point, North Korea just followed past American behavior by waterboarding Warmbier, which caused his oxygen deprivation and subsequent brain damage.
              Maybe you should say that they should start smoking some of our stuff. I fully believe that the Vietnam War was halted because some American soldiers smoked ganja, and they refused to commit atrocities while under its influence. Before, they plied them with alcohol, which lowered their inhibitions, so they would perpetrate more My Lai’s.
              Justice denied anywhere is justice denied everywhere.- MLK

              1. Now you are bringing politics to the blog in addition to your feminine products?

              2. Razor like always, you are out of your element and have no idea what you are talking about. Stick to heavy metal songs son. This is way above your intellect!

              3. The Khadr family is an Arab family living in Canada noted for their ties to Osama bin Laden and connections to al Qaeda.

              4. Prime, this is a blog site where posters can comment on all sorts of things. I certainly did not bring up the subject, but when addressed, I feel perfectly fine to comment about it, especially since this is the down time before TC.
                BTW, I wish Speer’s widow could have won her lawsuit and blocked that terrorist from receiving a dime, because any judgement going to Khadr may just go back to the Taliban.

              5. Seb shut your mouth! You have no idea what this blog is about. Since arriving all you are is a rash.

              6. “noted for their ties to Osama bin Laden and connections to al Qaeda”

                What an idiot!

              7. Prime, I do know that this blog site allows a lot more than most other sites, because they have protocols and restrictions against personal attacks. Most other blog sites have rules against foul language and bad behavior, but you seem to push those boundaries to new levels, here.
                Telling posters to shut up says a lot more about you, than me, and it is counter productive, because it just makes me want to post more.

              8. It’s really appalling what Canada has done, and I’d like to express my sincere condolences to the American families that have suffered.

              9. Seb you and your other alias Razor both need to shut it. And Ill be there week one if you want to talk about it!

              10. Razor,

                The Canadian Government really didn’t have a choice. The Supreme Court ruled in Khadr’s favor which meant they were going to have to pay him eventually. A terrible irony for sure, but the laws are put in place to protect everyone’s rights. Even a terrorist in this case unfortunately.

              11. Rocket, did you read the link I provided? There’s much more history between Canada and the Khadr family, which is very disconcerting….

              12. Yeah I did Razor and the whole thing is absolutely disgusting especially the support given to his Father. The problem is the Courts ruled in his favor, so there really is nothing that can be done other than continuing to delay and spend more money. This is the proverbial between a rock and hard place scenario. If the Court system had any kind of morality they would have put in a stipulation that some of the money had to go to the Soldiers widow, but morality doesn’t seem to come into play very often in matters like these. Strictly by the book of inane rules.

              13. What a bunch of losers. Bringing nonsense and politics to the blog, a football blog mind you.
                I expected this from d bag Sebrazor but now you Rocket? F me!

                Keep reading American newspapers and be mis-informed, idiots!

              14. The part where it’s a football blog and you should take your boring a$$ life elsewhere if it’s not football related.

                I can’t believe you guys bring that stuff on here. Do you not have friends and family to discuss world issues? No instead your life is so pathetic you bring that crap on a 49ers football blog.
                Holy cow are you guys in need of human interaction!

              15. Rocket, the American lives that have been altered by that family is staggering to think about, and I find it shocking some Canadians would describe it as nonsense. That is so disrespectful, and I suspect if the shoe were on the other foot, a sense of clarity would quickly overwhelm them….

              16. I lead a pretty good life Prime and talking about the odd non football story is not out of line imo. No one is forcing you to read it and you seem to get a lot of enjoyment from non football talk in your continuing school yard arguments with Seb.

              17. Rocket, you have said so yourself that this blog would be better off without SEB what do you think I’m trying to do?

                If you think bringing politics onto anfootball blog is a good thing you’re stupider than I thought.

              18. Initially, I was disturbed the courts didn’t force this man to pay the families he’s destroyed. I understand the ruling though I do not agree with it. The court was not prepared to support charging the terrorist through torture for his transgressions. As he was award monetary compensation for enduring torture at the hands of American Soldiers, the courts did not believe the exchange rate should be honored and opted to rule in the terrorist’s favor.

                In the interest of a higher level of thinking, this court dropped the ball and set back the legal system of two countries.

              19. Prime, I am planning on sitting down with a cool refreshing beverage, with people I like and love, and root for the Niners to win their first game. I certainly would not waste a nanosecond trying to meet with a foul mouthed troll that rooted for the Niners to lose because he hated the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers.
                Hmm, implying violence. Maybe Trump should exclude all terrorists, even some from Canada.

              20. Cassie, It is just my opinion, just like your assertion that there are Nazis on the moon.
                Maybe you did not know this, but waterboarding does lead to oxygen deprivation, and the North Koreans are so cult like and paranoid, they easily could have employed those tactics to force some kind of confession. We will never know, because Warmbier died, but I think they had nefarious intentions.
                Cassie, sounds like you are an apologist for the North Korean government. Typical Baalke stunt.

              21. Nice try, Seb. Are you humble enough to talk about your failings, real or supposed? Or is your hate blocking that part of your life out?

              22. Hey, Sebs…..

                Why wont you act morally? Want to challenge me on this one? Better think about it before you start lecturing………………

              23. Saw, you are trying too hard, and failing miserably.
                Try thinking before spewing.

              24. Sebbie — If you do reside in the United States, then by your standards you live in a deeply flawed, evil nation. Given that you’re an individual with unusually strong moral convictions–and crystal clear objectivity–I’m at a loss as to why you are not playing a larger role as an agent of change. When challenged in the past you say you’ve helped a few people cut lawns here and there, but that’s it…so seems. Does it bother you that you don’t take the next step and become a committed give-all activist or true revolutionary, or are you comfortable just sniping away on a sports blog? Feeling guilty, or smug, or nothing?

                Your talk (in this case posting) is cheap. What are you doing to end (as you have asserted) the reckless and morally bankrupt behavior of the nation you live in–have raised your family in? By not acting on what you rail against seems hollow. Guess you have to live with that. Of course, we live in a nation which allows for expression of thought, so you’re welcome to yammer away… Unfortunate that you cannot rise above yourself. Try self medicating and listening to Les Miserables “Do You Hear the People Sing?”


                Will you join in our crusade?
                Who will be strong and stand with me?
                Beyond the barricade
                Is there a world you long to see?
                Then join in the fight
                That will give you the right to be free!

              25. No, Cassie, I do live in the United States, a country with a flawed past and could be better, but I also live in a country that does not require people to think only one way. You must be thinking about North Korea.
                While I do say that the US was guilty of genocide against the native population and condoned slavery for half its history, I will also say that the US has made huge strides in becoming a better nation, and Trump not withstanding, has championed human rights, freedom and democracy.
                The United States is such a powerful nation, it could fight fascism on 2 fronts and win within a few years. It has become a shining beacon for others to emulate, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights, while not perfect, is a huge step in the right direction.
                The United States may be declared to be evil because of the misdeeds of a few people over torture, but that should not smear an entire nation. The wrongs of the past were rectified and atoned for when we elected a black president who decried and stopped those practices, but the journey has some mis steps and regression when we allowed a racist sexist demagogue win the presidency with a minority of popular votes.
                Dissing me for not doing enough? Why dont you start by declaring what YOU have done to make this place a better world. Certainly, your family practice of cutting players on the team bus is not something to crow about.
                Talk about wasting time. Your ad hominem ad nauseum ad infinitum attacks against me is the biggest waste of time I could think of.
                Trying to make this a more perfect union, I have done my part. I have helped build a school, protested against injustices, and created beauty. I am proud of the fact that I have raised 3 wonderful kids who will be an asset to society, and have worked hard all my life and paid my fair share of taxes.

                What have I done recently to make this a better place? I went to a store to give flowers to an acquaintance, in memory of a co worker who passed away last year. An elderly woman paused to remark how gorgeous my flowers were, so I gave that total stranger those flowers. Her eyes lit up, and she thanked me profusely. I guess I made her day. I then went home to get more flowers.
                You may think I have no redeeming qualities, but you are just like your daddy. who likes to stab people in the back.

        1. Casie-

          Very, very few Seb-onian types put their money where their mouths are………Oswald, Jim Jones, Karl Marx………very few. Above all else, they do not want to be put in Siberia, or its equivalent. Thats why they badmouth this country-think they would do it N. Korea? Cuba? China?

          1. Besides, Seb…………

            YOU do the bitching about this nation……….so the ball is in YOUR court. What burdens have you taken on to make this a better place? Your a citizen, aren’t you? So? Paid taxes???????????? BFD. Even some politicians do that.

      1. See says…..

        Hoyer certainly is not the answer. He is a statue in the pocket, and the NFC West has 3 other teams with ferocious pass rushers. Hoyer will become injured because he is not mobile enough to avoid the pass rush. He is a journeyman on his 7th team, and may even be out competed by Barkley. He also missed wide open receivers in the practices, so Hoyer may just pull a Gabbert, and bench himself with his play.

        I was just wondering what Kaps stats and win loss looked like vs these same “ferocious” teams in the NFC west.

        1. Not good. The Seahawks and Cards swept the Niners last season. The Rams defense played well, it was just their offense that was so inept.
          Pete Carroll declared Kaep was a starter in the league that could lead his team to championships. Arians said that Kaep was scary, but also said that he was not utilized properly.

          1. Actions speak louder than words, Seb. Who the hell cares what Carrol says? Its what he does that bears monitoring.

            Kap has not done squat for 3 years. And now he’s traipsing off to foreign lands and stating, “now I feel free”………….

            He’s gone, seb-skov–and may never do a meaningful thing in the NFL again.

            1. I use Pete Carroll, because he has coached against Kaep, and has won titles, so he knows a lot about football. Unlike you, who is a nobody but a gadfly.
              Your hatred for Kaep is palpable, and declaring he will not play again is just wishful thinking.

              1. Shall we go over what YOU have declared in the past? Or is it in your best interests that we move on from that subject……

          2. Seb says….
            Pete Carroll declared Kaep was a starter in the league that could lead his team to championships. Arians said that Kaep was scary, but also said that he was not utilized properly.

            And yet had in there for a visit and let him walk away unsigned. I don’t know about you, but if I were a coach and had a golden opportunity to sign a “Super Bowl” caliber QB as my backup he wouldn’t leave the place without a contract. Those type of QB’s must be a dime a dozen I guess.

            1. No, Pete Carroll said he was a starter, but he already had a starter.
              He also has salary cap restrictions, due to 10 players eating up most of the salary cap. So he signed Davis for the league minimum. PC assumed Kaep wanted to be paid like a starter, but did not have the money.
              Many of the the Seahawk players said they wanted Kaep, and knew he was being blackballed by many teams because Kaep was clearly superior to QBs like Gabbert, Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Hoyer, Osweiler, Savage, McKnown, Sanchez and Davis. However, they could not fit a backup QB who wanted a starter’s salary, under their salary cap.
              Kaep wants to play, not sit. He wants a fair chance to compete for the starting position, and is confident with his skills to be able to lead his team to victory. The blackballing of a talented player due to his social activism is just another black eye for the league, just like their overt homophobia, denial of concussion problems, and lack of care for the health of former players.

      2. Interesting………when we look at the mid-day sky and see the color blue….and Seb sees something completely, entirely different. There is some psychology involved here……….

        1. Saw, you seem to say ridiculous things to try and diss me, but just amply display your trollness. Obsessing about me, and never saying anything about football, just means you are probably a shadow account from posters like TrollD or Cassie, who does the same thing.

          1. No Seb…..

            Its because your a zealot who disses his country while living off its systems and never coming up with ways to make it better. That sanctimonious act does not go over in bars fequented by, say, Marines. But it will make you a star in Frisco, parts of L.A………..and other peoples republics. Hollywood, for sure.

        1. Ore, maybe you should wise up and realize that you can parrot the same old screed, but it will not make any difference.
          I actually agreed with you about AS being a better QB than KC, but I will disagree about KC being a superior choice over AS, if we are talking about who would be best for the Niners.

  24. I would ask the question what NFL team has campaigned for a player under contract then landed that player in Free agency?
    Cousins is the same song and dance Dallas did with Peterson. The same dance as Peyton Manning. The same song and dance as Revis 2xs.
    NFL teams do not tip their hands. Fans hyperbowl for things but executives do not typically campaign and land their dream player in the media.

    1. After sleeping on it, and reading Redskin forums, I am now of the mind that Mr. Allen will be relieved of his duties, and Snyder/New Team President will sign Captain Kirk to a long term contract. Especially if he has another All Pro year. The pressure will be too much, similar to the Mutiny On The Baalke….

      1. Yep. A lot can happen between now and next season. If Cousins has another good season they will find a way to keep him.

        1. Is it possible for Cousins to purposely put up below average stats this season to help expedite his departure next year?
          Everything is conjecture at this point. Perhaps Hoyer or Barkley catch lightning in a bottle and one of them becomes our franchise QB.
          Who knows, maybe C.J.B. is the next Cousins of Matt Ryan.
          Too many if’s an maybe’s at this stage to put teeth into.

          1. Is it possible for Cousins to purposely put up below average stats this season to help expedite his departure next year?

            I don’t believe that’s in his DNA.

    2. That’s a possibility for sure Razor, as is them just tagging him a third time. Will be interesting to see how it plays out, but I hope he winds up here some how some way.

    1. Tempting to suggest karma for the skinflint Chargers ownership, but if Williams back is a long term issue its tragic. I’m hoping the best for him.

    2. Another reason not to draft a WR, because they tend to get injured. In this case, he was injured while playing in college. Wonder why the draft doctors did not pick it up in their examinations.
      It is better to draft a battle tested and battle hardened WR. Glad the Niners signed Garcon, Goodwin and Aldridge, although I wanted Alshon Jeffrey.

  25. The following analyst sees Hoyer throwing for 4,000 yards.
    Hmmm, Seb, Kap never did that, with his Super Bowl star studded roster and according to Grant, Hoyer has, if you add up 2, one half football seasons, equaling a whole.
    Also, Bruce Arrians says that Kap is a read option QB and that’s the offense you would build around him….

    Last I heard, Shanny runs a WCO, so Hoyer (a WCO QB) would be the bridge QB to mentor our eventual QB of the future….Hope that resolves your unremitting Kap angst you subject this blog to.

    “It’s Possible Brian Hoyer Could be a Fine QB for 49ers.

    Though the chatter will be about Kirk Cousins coming to the team in 2018, one analyst sees Hoyer throwing for 4,000 yards in 2017”

    1. Let’s toast now to Hoyer’s 4,000 yard season, eh, Seb ?

      Will you be rooting for him to pass Kap’s mark in his 1st year with the 49ers and if he does, I guess your view of Hoyer being the lesser QB would be resolved in real competition….Afterall, Seb, you’ve always stated you’re all about the competition.

      1. TrollD, sounds like you are delusional as ever. Considering a talking head’s prediction of a Hoyer 4,000 yard season as an established fact, is precious.
        Actually, I think Barkley will out compete Hoyer, so he might not even play.

  26. In yet another example of how unpredictable the draft can be, Mike Williams is likely to miss the season with a herniated disk. Huge blow for the Chargers.

    1. They could be “ok” if Allen can stay on the field this year. That dude when healthy is a monster.

  27. Anyone care to speculate what we’ll be arguing about on 7/19 of 2018?

    — Seb insisting that Kaep will return to the 9ers because Lynch will finally discover that Kaep is the answer…

    — What will happen with this blog when Grant leaves for Bristol Connecticut on 1 August…

    — ??

    1. Cassie will try to ridicule me incessantly, but continues to fail miserably. Guess she is as stubborn as Baalke, and is a chip off the old block.

  28. If Cousins wants to play for Shanahan, he’ll get his chance, assuming lunkhead owner Snyder doesn’t franchise KC again. If he does, he’s setting a very dangerous precedent his fellow owners are sure to take issue with. As for Snyder caring for his team more than other owners, that’s hogwash. If he cared so much then why did he allow the ‘Skins to fork over so many draft picks to get RG III…and why did he allow his team to sign Haynesworth for $100M? Get real.

  29. “Essentially, the Redskins publicly crapped their pants on Monday and tried blaming the chef instead of themselves for not making it to a toilet quick enough”.

    Now that is funny!

      1. Prime, maybe you should count your own posts. Too bad they are all bombastic and vacuous.

  30. I could see the Redskins thinking that if they franchise tag him again next year, they have obviously paid much more than they would have in total, had they signed him to a long-term deal a couple years ago. And that egg on the face gets someone fired.

  31. Wow. OT, but the Giants just signed Pablo Sandoval.
    Guess they are really desperate.

  32. Best QB since Jeff Garcia?? Garcia had 1-2 good years in SF & 1/2 decent year in Philadelphia. Alex Smith was & is better than Garcia by miles. And for a couple of years Kaep was better than Garcia. Garcia was a Walsh pet project that was more like a poor mans Hoyer than anything. Yet I’d say even Hoyer is better than Garcia was.

  33. Florio is agreeing with Grant when he suggests that one year deals under the franchise tag is the wave of the future for star players.

    Consider Stafford’s situation. With a cap number of $22 million in 2017, Stafford would be eligible for a franchise tag of $26.4 million in 2018. By rule, that would move to $31.68 million in 2019 and then to $45.6 million in 2020.

    1. I think it is counter productive. If a team wants to value its star player, they will offer a fair long term deal.
      However, one year deals are more lucrative, and gives the player more money.
      Looking at the Washington situation, they should have locked up Cousins long term 3 years ago, but Snyder is obtuse and Allen is an unctuous boor. That is not how a trustworthy and principled organization should be run. Now they seem to be throwing ‘Kurt’ under the bus.

  34. sebnynah says:
    July 19, 2017 at 9:11 pm
    Actually, I think Barkley will out compete Hoyer, so he might not even play.

    Seb, we plowed this barren field last year and………..I WON !

    When it comes to losing you renowned short term memory loss is the only thing consistent about you….Well other than your crazy popping up at weird times.

    You may recall that I correctly predicted Gabbert would beat out Kap as starter for Chip Kelly due to Kap’s absent time off the field preventing him from learning the offense, and that it would give Gabbert a huge advantage come September……..Yet, “The Seb (who refers to himself as ‘the salmon of knowledge’) yammered on about Kap being the eventual starter all summer.

    I win.

    Just above, I’ve quoted your prediction (excuse me while I laugh at your ridiculous football acumen) about Barkley beating out Hoyer.

    Once again, Seb. Hoyer has a year’s head start in Shanny’s offense, having already been coached in it once by Kyle, himself, personally, hands on.
    Shanahan, around NFL circles hasn’t made many mistakes when it comes to RB’s or QB’s, Seb, and is known as an offensive genius.

    You, on the other hand, in this wild prediction of Barkley beating out Hoyer, with no experience in Kyle’s offense, are an offensive dunce, a clown, in comparison.

    Hoyer exudes confidence. He did not have to invite Barkely to ‘Camp Hoyer’ if he was worried about Barkely overtaking his job. However, in a selfless show of a ‘team first’ mentality, he invited Barkely, who took place in the SMU practices so the 49er backup QB’s would be ready when Sept. rolls around.

    You, Seb, on the other hand, have a gigantic Achilles heal that screams, ‘player first’, over
    ‘team first’, with your undying Kap over the 49ers proclamations, and is why you will always be the loser in any ‘team sport’. That is, your ego could never be pushed aside for the benefit of any team, and an underlying symptom I recognize that has prevented you from participation of any organized team sport, unless it’s typing on the computer making sport of someone ….

    Via ESPN:
    San Francisco 49ers enter training camp looking to lay winning foundation:

    “QB depth chart: Brian Hoyer is the starter and clearly the most comfortable in Shanahan’s offense. Matt Barkley is the favorite to be Hoyer’s backup, allowing the Niners to groom third-round pick C.J. Beathard. Beathard could pass Barkley at some point, but so long as Hoyer is healthy, he’s the guy who will lead the offense. ”

    Participants revealed as 49ers break player-run offensive camp

    By Matt Maiocco July 12, 2017 9:03 AM

    1. Seb as ‘salmon of knowledge’? Perhaps more along the lines of ‘Spongebob as savant’.

    2. No, TrollD, you are a loser in every sense of the word.
      I just want the Niners to win, and think Kaep gives them the best chance to win.
      I also saw how Kaep was stabbed in the back so much, he wanted to leave, especially since they retained the leaker, with more leaks forthcoming. Lynch may have apologized for the leaks, but he is powerless to stop them, since the hatred of Kaep runs so deep.
      I see you are doing more cutting and pasting, but that does not make you any smarter. Declaring that Hoyer will throw for 4000 yards is like you declaring that you wanted the Niners to trade Kaep for Tebow. I am not impressed, since Hoyer was missing wide open receivers.

            1. Probably because it wasn’t all bloody. You know, that reminds me of an incident back in my studly years. This girl had one of those just prior to copulation, so I pulled on her string and threw it. Ended up hitting the wall and sliding down. We carried on…;>)

    1. Can’t get here soon enough. I want Grant to comment early Aaron Lynch’s weight.

  35. Amazing material spawned on this particular topic–provocative, diverse, and occasionally deep. Wonder if Grant, or anyone else at the Press Democrat reads this stuff. Maybe a few print some of the posts and pin them to cubicle walls…like cartoons.

    1. It’s an eclectic group;>)

      That’s why I feel a group meeting every year at the combine would be so much fun.

  36. sebnynah says:
    July 20, 2017 at 9:51 am

    I also saw how Kaep was stabbed in the back so much, he wanted to leave, especially since they retained the leaker, with more leaks forthcoming

    Seb, you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill…..Leaks against someone whose no longer associated with the 49ers (you should get down on your knees and thank Kyle for what Grant called the 11th ranked QB–Brian Hoyer).

    Shanahan’s late start due to his Super Bowl participation prevented him from assembling the team he wanted. The talent was snapped up by other teams, so the Niners were lucky that Hoyer waited.

    I commend Shanahan and Lynch for showing the courage to mend Jed’s leaking ways.
    Not much has been tweeted from 49er headquarters and few would stand up to their boss in such a way.

    We are lightyears ahead of yesteryear, a fact that was proven when the leaks stopped prior to the draft.

    It’s only you, Seb, who felt “stabbed in the back.” No other Niner fan did, but no other Niner fan plays the Robert DeNiro character in “The Fan” but you.

    The Fan Movie Trailer 1996 – Robert De Niro, Wesley Snipes

    1. And Seb, you can call me friend.

      How many others on this site spotted you as the DeNiro Character in the Fan.
      His job was as knife salesman, you use a chainsaw…

      DeNiro’s crazy shows periodically throughout the film, as does your’s, here.

      Seb, a I was the lone wolf in the wilderness who recognized the DeNiro/Seb connection, however, I thought you would use the DeNiro film (The Fan) as a learning experience to end you Kap infatuation over your love for the 49ers.


      Instead, you doubled down on your Kap postings to this site, proving to all, once and for all, that you could care less about the 49ers.

      1. TrollD, with friends like you, who needs enemies?
        I do not need to prove my 49er fandom to the likes of you, who roots for the Raiders.
        The pure unadulterated hatred you had for the former starting QB last season, just proved that you do not care about the team, and your constant trolling , while tiresome, just defines you.
        Believe it or not, there are 49er fans who want the team to win, and I just think Kaep gives them the best chance to win. When you deride Kaep as unfit to ever play in the league, it just smacks of intolerance and bias. When you puff up the present QBs, and call them superior to Kaep, I just question your foot ball knowledge. Then again, you are the troll who wanted to trade Kaep for Tebow, so you are not a challenge to me, but some one to be pitied.

  37. The only one’s with a knife on this site are Seb’s DeNiro Character and Seb.

    Lynch and Shanny had Jed put his away.

    1. What’s that now? 10 posts for the day?
      Loser posts and a loser with nothing better to do.

      1. Prime, you are obsessing about posts. Try to use your little mind, and think of something else. The number of posts just shows his relevance, and many posters on this site like his comments.
        When you type-‘ Loser posts and a loser with nothing better to do’, you are really talking about yourself.

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