Lott on the 49ers: “Did they really have the faith in understanding how to win a championship?”

Ronnie Lott spoke about the 49ers Friday on KNBR. Here’s what he said.

LOTT: “The fascinating thing about faith and champions and knowing what it’s like, which I think the 49ers have, is all of a sudden they know they can get back there. Then the question is can they close? Can they finish? That’s what I’m trying to look at right now.

“I’m looking at the characteristics of what I think it takes to close. Last year when you think about them closing, everybody thinks about the last four plays. When you look at the body of work of that game, did they really have the faith in understanding how to win a championship game? I don’t know that they had that, but I think this year they’re capable of getting it and taking it all the way and having the faith and understanding at the time how to execute in certain situations.

“I’m talking about this right now because it’s about the halfway point and these are things that they’re going to have to work on. They’re working on bringing out a lot of different things, changing their offense. They came out and did the Kaepernick last week. Now, it’s about understanding how to win moments, winning moments in games and having the faith to understand when you call it up, that play is going to happen. Certain plays that you dial up even though you haven’t practiced them, you can win it at that given time of any moment in any game. I’m trying to get them to see that that’s maybe where they’ve got to go.”

Does Lott’s observation hold water? Why or why not?

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