Manning to Broncos. Alex Smith or Mike Wallace to Niners?

Peyton Manning chose to sign with the Broncos this morning, according to Chris Mortenson.

What a bad choice by Manning. His chances of winning a Super Bowl in Denver are modest at best (the team is no big deal), and the chances of reinjuring his brittle neck soar in the mile-high cold (To read my dad’s take on Manning’s decision: click here).

But, those are the Broncos’ issues. Now the Niners have their own problem. Should they:

1. Sign Alex Smith.

2. Or sign WR Mike Wallace and start Colin Kaepernick?

Signing Smith is the obvious choice. The Niners are a Super Bowl team – they owe it to themselves to start a quarterback who is experienced.

But, Mike Wallace is a better player at his position – wide receiver – than Alex Smith is at his position – quarterback. It would make the Niners better going forward to sign Wallace.

I’d gamble on Wallace and Kaepernick. My dad would take Alex Smith, and here’s his reasoning. So, it’s Cohn vs. Cohn at the dinning room table of the Cohn Zohn in our media empire.

Who would you take, Smith or Wallace?

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