Why the Niners should go with Kaepernick

Here’s why I think the Niners should let Alex Smith sign with the Dolphins, and then the Niners could sign Mike Wallace and Josh Johnson instead, and then let Johnson and Colin Kaepernick compete for the starting quarterback job in 2012.

Last season, Alex Smith was a game manager who played his best when he was losing in the second half, and whose best attribute was not turning the ball over.

Besides that, he threw the fewest passes of any quarterback who started all 16 games, and he was the worst on third down and in the red zone.

Colin Kaepernick or Josh Johnson could be the worst QB on third down and in the red zone for way cheaper. Kaepernick will make about $600,000 in ’12. He’d be less than one-tenth of the cost of Smith. So it would cost the Niners much less to have a quarterback throw the ball at the feet, over the head or to the side of Michael Crabtree, Randy Moss, you name him.

Spend the cap space on real talent – Mike Wallace – not on Alex Smith, the Steve-DeBerg bridge to the future.

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